if i didn't i'm sorry

ok guys i’m still sosoSOSOSO hyped for all the spoilers and new ship content we’ve gotten……………. but it’s late and i really need to sleep now. BUT GOD FEEL FREE TO SCREAM AT ME ABOUT ANYTHING I’M MORE THAN HAPPY TO SCREAM BACK TOMORROW THE SPOILERS GAVE ME LIFE AND KILLED ME AT THE SAME TIME


Tucker’s just really glad Wash is okay.


Commissions here! again! I changed a few things around and updated some of the pics

Prices are in USD

Do’s and Dont’s:

  • Maybe something suggestive, but no straight out porn
  • No full nudity, but partial is alright
  • Nothing discriminatory or offensive
  • I’ll need proper references for OCs
  • Pretty much anything else goes (animals, people, gore, monsters, couples, robots, mecha, fanarts, etc)

If you’re interested, send me a message or ask on tumblrPayment will be done only though paypal, and with invoices

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some of yall: “thanks to all my followers who stuck with me and supported me while i started a bunch of needless drama :-) thanks for asking if i was ok after i yelled at people without provocation xoxo i love my fans”

Sometimes I wonder what some of y’all think BigBang have been doing for the last eleven years (more if you count trainee time) - I saw a post yesterday saying “I can’t wait for BB to bully Seungri about his name being Richard this is so funny” like, uh, pretty sure it’s not news to them just because fans are only now finding out.  Also why would they bully him?  Why is anyone acting like this is some ridiculous joke?  It’s just a name?  It’s cute, it’s interesting info to know…why are people making fun of him about it?

syntaxeme  asked:

Okay so imagine. A 2A Sapphire trying really hard to tell a joke and she's just completely flopping, can't remember how it goes, oh god help her But Ruby is doing the 1D thing really hard to try to make her feel better like HOLY SHIT THAT'S HILARIOUS

and then they fuse into Garnet


a blessed fancam.

  • Wade Wilson: The best way to someone's heart is punching through the ribcage
  • Wade:
  • Wade: Okay, so, apparently this is illegal but don't let it stop you

this is a call out post for isak valtersen: you’re always on your phone but u never check your fuckin messages babe