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The lake froze solid and the Weasley twins were punished for bewitching several snowballs so that they followed Quirrell around, bouncing off the back of his turban. The few owls that managed to battle their way through the stormy sky to deliver mail had to be nursed back to health by Hagrid before they could fly off again.

No one could wait for the holidays to start. While the Gryffindor common room and the Great Hall had roaring fires, the drafty corridors had become icy and a bitter wind rattled the windows in the classrooms.

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Oh god I love you. I love the colors. I love your art style. I love your kindness when you answer all those asks. I just love everything you're doing here. And I think you need even more love, so I'll love you until you love your art as much as we do.

I…. how do I thank you enough??? omg…
I’ll just share my favorite screenshots, please look at this cute yuuri

“You’ll never truly understand a verse until something in your life makes you see it and appreciate it in a whole new way.”

I was feeling so down for the past week because of something. Today, i opened the Qur'an to a random page and subhanallah. Of all the surah’s in the Qur'an it could’ve opened to, and it opened to Surah Yusuf. And i found myself crying because of the ayaats i was reading.

Sometimes, things don’t go the way you wanted it to and it hurts. But you just have to find the strength to push the pain aside and remind yourself He is the best of Planners. And He will never leave you empty handed.

What is to come is better than what was.

“So patience is most fitting.”

[Surah Yusuf: 83]


During today TOUCH Talk via V Live, everybody including me could see that Kim Dong Wan was not really him today T^T
He didn’t talk.
He didn’t laugh.
He didn’t smile.
He didn’t pay attention.
He was not the Kim Dong Wan I know…

Suddenly the other 5 members accidentally found out the way to make Kim Dong Wan laugh and they knew it that it was his first smile since the broadcast started 45 minutes ago ^ ^ Andy’s weird ‘Tonight’ choreography made him bursted out laughing and everybody wanted Andy to do it one more time because they just wanted Kim Dong Wan to smile once again. Andy was willing to do it with more intense choreograph xD

Isn’t their friendship beautiful? They are Shinhwa everyone. They are Shinhwa, the longest-running idol group in Korea.

It’s time to say goodnight, but it’s not over

My eyeballs are about to pop out of my head and I’m going to have to quit for the evening.

Before I go I really want to say thank you. Thank you so much. I wish I could hug you all in person. Today started off with such unease but then this silly idea sparked and has significantly lifted my spirits. I hope it did the same for you. 

Because so many people have participated I’ve decided to let Kitten “Day” slide until Friday. So if you haven’t seen your drawing re-blogged yet or you’d like to have time to draw something there is still time. 

Thank you again everyone. Be safe and be kind out there. Goodnight and happy drawing ❤

Steve wishes he could just smash the virus with his shield so that his (boy)friend would feel better immediately.

Some hurt/comfort Stony for myself ; w ; I got acute gastroenteritis yesterday and kept throwing up and I can’t even sit up straight for nearly a whole day. I ate nothing at all and could only drank very little water even though I felt extremely weak and thirsty… I can’t even start describing how terrible I felt. Luckily I can consume a small amount of food today and I feel much better and at least like a human again.

So yeah, some cuddling Stony for myself.

I saw you today in the Walmart parking lot, my sister pointed out your car as we were passing by. As I turned my head to look I made contact with your eyes. I wish I could say I was fine after, but I wasn’t. My heart started to beat faster and my stomach churned. I remembered all the terrible things you said the last time we spoke and I thought of all those years of friendship I wasted. I almost lost it right there, sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s Scion. Then my mom told me that you weren’t worth the tears and usually I hate the fact that she isn’t more sympathetic, but I realized she was right. You don’t deserve my tears. I waste too many on people who don’t give a damn about me. One day you will realize that I was worth fighting for, but that day will be too late.
—  Lily Evangeline
Taking My Life Away Part 14

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Summary: Reader gets a new job in a new city, forcing her to leave her best friend behind. Or not. 

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1577

A/N: Well.. I feel like the Summary doesn’t go anymore.. Haha whoops! Also, I will be starting the Lance Oneshot ASAP, I just wasn’t feeling well today. AND @sebbys-girl said that Gabe reminded her of Nigma, and now I can’t un-see it.. Please let me know if you want to be tagged (or untagged!) :) Also, I guess this part is a little angsty..

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                                         MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                         HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

                        ❝ Probably the reason we all go so haywire at Christmas time
                           with the endless unrestrained and often silly buying of gifts
                          is that we don’t quite know how to put our love into words. 

The holiday season has officially started and since today is Christmas Eve, I wanted to write a little something for all the people I’ve met during my first year in this fandom; everyone of us had ups and downs, everyone of us had happy and sad moments and yet, somehow, we’re all still here. I made so many wonderful friends and more than once, I’ve been given affection and support and virtual embraces that helped me to stand up again whenever I fell - You could almost say that I’ve received my Christmas presents throughout the whole year. 
I personally love this period of the year !! I don’t know why, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, especially when I see that the people I care about are also happy and joyous - This is why I’m writing this little, super lame post with a very ugly edit ( I’m sorry, but I’m still sick and I seriously didn’t want to spend too much time on photoshop orz ) . 

I really hope that everyone will have a great holiday season, with a lot of warmth, happiness, fun and food !! I hope all of you will get to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones and I hope that we can all stay together even during the upcoming year - I’m really thankful for meeting all of you !! It doesn’t matter if we started talking months ago, if we just started or if we’ve never interacted just yet, your presence on my dash and in my life is extremely important and I’m genuinely thankful for meeting you all. I hope we’ll manage to stay together in the new year as well !!

I wish you all nothing but the best !!

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Karasuno babes as what they're thinking constantly

Daichi: OMG SUGA touched me he’s so warm and he smells so good and I just

Suga: daichi is giving me that weird look again wtf

Asahi: *birds singing and Mozart playing*

Nishinoya: I should have reblogged that Pepe meme, this is why I failed that test

Tanaka: is now an appropriate time to start screaming? No? Okay 1 2 3 ahhHHHHHH

Hinata: o lord Jesus please let us win the next game God is good all the time all the time God is good

kageyama: *crickets* do I have enough change for milk today

Tsukishima: JFC I hate all these peasants rn I could just-…hehe that leaf looks like a dinosaur print

Yamaguchi: oh shit everyone is looking at me- just nod and smile it works Everytime

sherlock series 4 episode 4

firstly me: no, they fucked up so much its not possible to make things right

then me: *reads theories* yes!!! its fucking real, so real, you’re right people!

me: but what if… *hopes while giving up hopes*

once again me: its so possible, everything is so shitty, too many questions, the apple tree yard premiere is not fitting… there must be 4th episode

and then theres me today: its so possible, and so impossible, it could happen but also can not…what am i doin with my life, im such a mess *starts collecting tissues and preparing shock blankets for ATY*

12 days of Christmas: Day 1 (Luke)

A Night to Remember

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12 Days of Christmas Masterlist

A/N: Hello and welcome to ‘12 Days of Christmas’. There’s going to be an imagine every other day until Christmas eve. We’re starting off with Luke because I’m in love with Luke. And no, this isn’t smut, although the title does sound like it could be. Anyway, enjoy…

I pulled up to the hotel with my kids in the backseat. They were oddly well behaved today, probably just the anticipation of seeing their dad again for the first time in a month. My daughter, Madison, fiddled with her pale blonde hair that I had styled into pigtails for her. My son, Xavier, was staring out of the window with his fingers in his mouth. I stared at the tall hotel, hearing the Christmas music blare from inside. My husband, Luke, was the CEO of his own business, and we were attending his Christmas party.

“C'mon, kids.” I cheered, getting out of the car. Maddie was four, so she was perfectly able to get out of the car. However, Xavier had just turned eighteen months old, so I had to carry him inside. The doorman recognized us immediately and cheerfully let us inside. As soon as the door opened, a cacophony of Christmas music was released into the outside world, and submerged us into the hotel lobby, that had been decorated with gold tinsel, silver snowflakes and a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the room.

“Daddy!” Maddie yelled, running over to Luke as soon as her eyes landed on him. She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her, her silky white dress trailing behind her.

“Princess!” Luke exclaimed, taking the tiny blonde girl in his arms and spinning her around. Maddie was the spitting image of Luke, with her bright blue eyes and cheekbones I envy. Luke’s eyes landed on me and I walked over to him, holding Xavier on my hip.

“Hello gorgeous.” He whispered to me, hugging my shoulders because he didn’t want to squish Xavier.

“Hiya, Xavier!” Luke cooed, bending down to kiss him on the forehead.

“You look gorgeous tonight, Princess.” Luke blushed, kissing me firmly.

“I missed you.” I mumbled into his shoulder. I was so desperately in love with Luke it was hard for me to be away from him for a few minutes, so a month alone was basically torture.

“Are you okay.” I asked, looking up at him and seeing his eyes tear up.

“I missed you too. So, so much, oh my God.” He replied. I pecked his lips and rested my head on his shoulders.

“We’re here now.” My heart pounded into his chest.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.”

The things we do for love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret. This love burns you and maims you and twists you inside out. It is a monstrous love and it makes monsters of us all.


Belated Sunday Progress Update…and other things:

It got COLD in Texas this past week. I do not like to move much when it’s cold!! So, movement did not happen all seven days this past week. I’m not proud of that, but thankfully the weather is back to beautiful again!! So, I’ll aim for an extra active week this week! I went to work extra early today so I could get off early–went biking for an hour and forty-five minutes and then ran two exhausted miles in this crazy wind.

Got home and Conner asked what was for dinner. I started getting out ingredients and he got so excited. He and the husband love “the sauce.” I like it, too, except that it means if I’m ever busy and just make a jarred pasta sauce I get all kinds of sad faces about it. 🙄 Side note: is there any better smell than meat browning with onion, pepper, and garlic!? I think no!

Also pictured, one of my favorite snacks! I also brought a super healthy breakfast AND lunch to work today. I’m so going to make this week amazing to make up for last week! 😊


You can email me at goodknight2sday@gmail.com

I’ll accept it if it covers all areas: visual reference, line type, and the options of extra character, or shading, or both!

  • as it says above, the base price is 15$
  • additional characters are and extra 15$

  • and shading is an extra 10$

You send me an email with everything you want covered, plus your paypal email, I’ll send you an invoice, and one I get the money I’ll start, and depending on what and how your character looks you could get it back today, but no promises.

Thank you ahead of time for you consideration and signal boosts are appreciated. You’re always told how like a wait there is (how many people are ahead of you) but again depending on what you give me it could be pushed ahead because of inspiration!

if you could also boost my normal commission post I would be even more grateful! here

Prompt 4: You get insecure about your looks (Haechan)

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(For anonymous)

You were sitting in front of your mirror trying to get your makeup right. Sighing you put the brush down, frowning at yourself. If only you could look like a kpop idol, they had perfect skin and perfect figures… 

You heard a knock on your door and stood up to answer when you heard Haechan outside, “Y/N let me in or I’ll tickle you again!” 

You started to panic, you weren’t feeling great today and didn’t want him to see you like this. You stood at the door and said, “I’m feeling kinda sick today, can we cancel our date?” 

The sadness in his voice made you heart ache, “Oh no way! Are you okay? I can get you chicken soup or something… That’s what you get sick people right?” 

“No I’m fine I just…” You wiped the tear from your cheek, feeling stupid. Why am I so upset, you thought to yourself. 

“Y,N please let me in, it’s okay I won’t get sick I have a great immune system.” 

You smiled at how silly he was and opened the door. He came inside and smiled at you, then he looked to the makeup on the floor and back to you. “I’m sorry.” You said.

He shook his head, “Don’t be.” He reached for your arm and pulled you in for a hug. He held you close and stroked you hair, “You shouldn’t get upset over these things when you look so beautiful I just don’t understand it.”

You smiled and rested your head on his shoulder, “Thank you, I just can’t help it.”

“Well, you know how I feel. You’re so gorgeous it hurts.” He said while pretending to cry.

You laughed and looked up at him, “We can go out, just let me finish my makeup okay?”

He shook his head, “Nope. We are having a movie night in, it’s been decided. Get in some comfortable clothes and I’ll get the Disney films.” 

You smiled at him, “You are the best.”

He kissed you, “Well of course I am.” 

Don’t Get Caught Up

in things that don’t matter. Recently, I’ve been really wondering if someone I’ve gotten close to doesn’t like me; they’ve started to pull away and just really don’t seem to want to talk to me anymore. And for a week or so I’ve been wondering what I could have done to make them feel this way, and earlier today it dawned on me: it doesn’t matter. I didn’t change a thing about myself when we got close, so why would I change myself to keep them in my life? Exactly right - I wouldn’t.

And then, I started thinking about a lot of things that have happened in my past regarding this same thing. Over and over and over again I’ve let myself get caught up in other people’s opinions and… for what? To make myself feel like shit at the end of the day? To let people know they can walk all over me? To show people everything affects me? No. It’s over.

My friends’ opinions matter to me. My parents’ opinions matter to me. My opinion matters to me. That above anything is the most important. Try not to let what others say get to you. If your friends like you, then you must be doing something right. 

So if you meet someone new, and you suddenly become friends and get really close and then they suddenly pull away, that’s okay. Some people flow in and out of our lives and that’s okay. The person that you’re going to know your entire life is only you. So put yourself first. Don’t get caught up in the opinions of people who don’t matter to you. Don’t think you’re doing something wrong if someone starts to pull away. We meet people and we lose them; it just happens.

Of course, if everybody starts to disappear, then ask someone you trust why that’s happening. But one person, I think that’s okay.

Trust your gut. If you want to keep a friendship, fight for it. If you don’t want to change, then don’t. Do what makes you happy, only you. Do what makes you happy

Guess who is having a great day! I got two (2!!!) raises today. I got my merit raise this morning–which I wasn’t expecting since I just got an off cycle raise in the summer. Then I got the offer for my promotion an hour later.

I was hoping for 2-3k. But I also thought it could be 0 since again I just got two raises. I also know I make more than most starting managers. Anyway, I’m thrilled with the offer. It affirms my decision to stay with my current company. They did right by me.

So who wants to sign up for races?!