if i could sew i would make this

doesn’t will’s ghostbuster outfit seem more self-made than the other boys’? the other ones have like a ghostbuster emblem or something on the arm and will’s doesn’t and also the colors of the outfits are different, which makes me think that mike, lucas, and dustin’s are bought from a store and joyce maybe sewed will’s because they couldn’t afford buying one for will? which… i don’t know. it makes me feel so much love for joyce, that she would want will to be able to be a ghostbuster too but couldn’t afford to buy the outfit for him so she made one for him. or maybe will did it himself, but i’d like to think it was joyce (if it is another outfit, i could be wrong) maybe someone already talked about this but i haven’t seen anyone mention it, it was just something i observed?

I wish I could make my gums stop bleeding but
Will my hands be delicate enough to sew the right stitches?
And that’s only if there is a sterilized needle, a length of good thread, and
Gauze pads in the medicine cabinet.
And even then, the color of the thread won’t match
The color of the insides of my skin. But still,
I would not be swallowing so much blood, if I could
Thread that needle,
And then red shadows would not always be staining my shirt
When I open my mouth to speak.
Though maybe I should let my mouth bleed more; maybe
Bleed all over the tablecloths and the silverware, all over
The ocean and the whole sky.
Maybe I should cauterize the tearing skin with a Bic lighter and
Say a Hail Mary. Or maybe
I should just let the blood run off my tongue when I talk,
Since I am only ever apologizing.
And that is Not a Good Habit.

Last year, it was my eldest sister. This year, it's my turn.

I didn’t have what most people would call a normal childhood, at least not by modern standards. My Mother and Father raised me and my two sisters in a very old school sort of fashion.

Children were to be seen and not heard. There was no laughing or playing. We spoke when we were spoken to, unless we were alone with each other; but even then, it was only hushed tones and hushed voices.

Our mother made our dresses on the sewing machine until she wasn’t afraid that our fingers would get caught in the threads, and then we learned to make our own. We would get beautiful cloth of all colors, except for white. When I asked for white so I could make an Easter dress, I was told that white was only for “My Day.”

I didn’t know what that meant, and she wouldn’t explain any farther.

Our Mother was also our teacher, we were taught how to read, basic arithmetic, and how to cook. She would smile when everything was perfect and say, “You will make him so happy one day.”

The one time I asked who he was, I was spanked with the wooden spoon so hard, I couldn’t sit down for two days. My eldest sister, Julie, would sneak ice while my youngest sister, Anna, would keep an eye out. If they were caught soothing or comforting me, they would suffer the same, if not worse.

Our Father had a very good job. When he would come home, our Mother would hand him a drink, take off his shoes, and give him a foot massage. He would watch the news while she served him dinner, his slippered feet propped on the ottoman. He would sometimes ask us to show him what we did for the day, be it sewing or penmanship.

One day, when I was 16, I caught my Mother in the kitchen, weeping. She was clutching her pearl necklace, her mascara running down her face, her curls not as tight as they normally were.

“Momma?” I said, timidly. She looked at me and cracked a smile.

“Abigail,” She crooned. She wrapped her arms around me, and sobbed into my shoulder. She stroked my hair, “You know, you were always my favorite, right?” I looked around, hoping none of my sisters had heard that.

That day, Father came home with a few different lengths of white cloth for my sister with a pattern for a beautiful wedding gown. Julie had just turned 18.

“It’s time you became a woman!” Father declared, “It’s time for you to be married. You have until two days to finish the dress.” Our jaws dropped. That was a short amount of time for the delicate pattern.

“Father,” Julie said, timidly, “Can Abby and Anna help me?” He looked at her for a moment.

“Of course,” Father kissed her on the cheek. This was new; he had never shown any affection to any of us before.

We got to work, taking turns on the sewing machine. Father and Mother came into the room. Mother was wearing her travelling coat, something that I don’t recall her ever doing in my entire life. She was no longer crying, but smiling despite the tears in her eyes. She was wearing her pearl necklace.

“Your Mother has to go see your Grandma back in Oregon. She’s very ill.” Father stated, “I’m taking her to the airport.” We nodded in acknowledgement, and went back to work. It wasn’t until later that I realized that my Mother had no suitcases with her.

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Working on D.va’s Palanquin costume with Emmy, who will be cosplaying her at Katsucon. This is her first sewing project, so I’m mostly just guiding her and doing her custom fabric and accessories. Today she made the mock-up for the skirt!

(The top here is an actual hanbok top; we are using a real one to pattern the cosplay one.)

Also, would anyone be interested in this fabric or these accessories? I’m just 3D printing these ones, but could make more if anyone else wants some.

- Jenn

Who You Gonna Call?

So this summer the cross stitch bug bit me HARD. I haven’t done it since I was eight, but my brain just went “Hey. Hey remember the thing where you count tiny squares for hours and stab yourself and swear at knots? LET’S DO THAT!”

And then I figured out I could make my own super-nerdy patterns and WHELP!

Circles are hard.

Pattern: Me!
Measurement: 3″ x 3″


Garth is enjoying a baked sweet potato with butter and brown sugar for dinner tonight. He is pretty happy that i was able to use towels to position him so he could eat sitting up like a normal rat would. He would really like it if I would sew some more positioning pillows for that purpose since they are all dirty right now, but make his life better when we use them.

I promise I will try to get to that soon Garth, but spoiling you is a 24/7 job and I still have to go back to work tomorrow! #rat #petrat #love

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today at joann’s I noticed they have a new section of ‘cosplay’ fabrics, including one that has chainmail printed on it. (now personally, if I were to cosplay someone that wore chainmail I’d just Make Some because it’s not that difficult and looks badass when you’re done, but it’d also likely be expensive so I Get It) 


It’s spandex. 

and I just had the most glorious idea.

If someone could link me to a pattern for making a chest binder, I could (when I have the money to spend) buy the fabric and other necessary things, and sew a chainmail-printed binder. Like… how fucking cool would that be???

A few stores here and there sell handmade spandex binders so I KNOW there must be a safe pattern to use out there somewhere.

ayamicross  asked:

Send in ✉ for my character's reaction to getting a sext from yours

The doll was in a business meeting with a new cilent when she felt the strange comm go off. When she saw the message she was completely horrified. “Aya is such a pervert..” The doll shook her head to delete the message and return a warning of her own.

“ Aya.. You should be more careful on when you send pervert messages.. I don’t you you want my penis inside you.. I don’t even have a penis.. Do you know how long it would take to get one.. I mean sure I could rip one off and sew it onto myself but it wouldn’t be my penis it would still be someone else. Then that means we would have to be naked too. Yuck that is gross… We can’t do that nope nope… I wouldn’t do it anyways.. You want to make babies with a girl you see Foxxie for that. Dirty pervert…”

@ayamicross / @forgottenvixen

“The Way I Am" 

 If you were falling, then I would catch you. 

You need a light, I’d find a match. 

Cause I love the way you say good morning. 

And you take me the way I am. 

If you are chilly, here take my sweater. 

Your head is aching, I’ll make it better. 

Cause I love the way you call me baby. 

And you take me the way I am. 

I’d buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair. 

Sew on patches to all you tear. 

Cause I love you more than I could ever promise. 

And you take me the way I am. You take me the way I am. You take me the way I am.

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Hello! May I please have some help with Kade's skirt? I have no idea on how to go about it and how would I get the pattern on there and where would i even start like is there a decent skirt I could buy and try to put the pattern on there or would I have to make it from scratch

If you aren’t buying a premade skirt, you’re gonna want to make the whole thing yourself. Getting a pattern on an already pleated skirt is way more effort than it’s worth. Plus, pleated skirts aren’t that hard. They’re really not. They’re just a rectangle that you fold a bunch of times. They’re a great first project if you don’t know how to sew.

As for getting the pattern, the easiest way would be to look for white fabric printed to look like a musical staff. There’s a lot out there, the challenge is finding some that has the staffs far enough apart. Make sure you’re getting a fabric that’s either all synthetic or all organic, not a blend, and dye it purple. Easy peasy. If you can’t find the right fabric, look into custom printing from somewhere such as Spoonflower. You could also buy purple fabric and print the design onto an iron on transfer.

–mod p

Dangerous pt. 2 // C.H.

part 1

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As it turned out, I had a few classes with the number 10 boy. I could feel him stare sometimes and it almost made me jump out of my seat but at the same time it felt weird, comforting, almost.  But it was only science. 48 minutes of near-sleep and then back at it to the next class.

The bell rings and I shoot up, trying to gets far away from this boy as possible. My mind warned me of him every second.

I seemingly escaped him, and for that I was calm, walking down the empty hall towards the very back room. My best friend always had her sewing circle at lunch on Wednesdays and I promised I would go with her.

Suddenly, a familiar voice had cut into my thoughts.

“Y/n.” It spoke as I turned around.

“Calum.” I say nervously. He flashes another one of his smiles that could make me melt of fear and admiralty.

“I know I’m like 6ft and you’re literally like, 5’5, “ he begins, “But I’m really not that scary.”

I smile, feeling as if I was somehow making this conversation awkward. My eyes wander, as I really didn’t get the chance to see his full form hours before.

“Are those real?” I ask, pointing to the black tattoos on his arm.

“I hope.” He grins and I can’t help but smile wider. “Are you going to lunch?” He asks.

“Oh,” I say, remembering my bestie, “My friend had a class, I was going to-“ I stop, my thoughts becoming too loud.

maybe I should go to lunch with him.I mean he isn’t really a bad guy and maybe he’s a ten for a different reason. I just have to be on high alert.’  I remind myself.

“Actually, yeah. I am.” I tell him and he lights up.

“Can I join you, cutie?” He asks in a cute tone, and I say yes, feeling a feeling in my gut that I’ve never felt before.

Instead of walking to a table, he leads me outside, where I actually was surprised that he knew how to find the way out.

“Alright, sweetheart,” He nicknames me as I lay on the grass, “I wanna know more about you. Let’s play a game.”

I roll my eyes, laying back. Enough guys had played a stupid game with me that usually ended with ‘are you a virgin?’ or ‘what size are your boobs?’. I hated them.

“Fine.” I say, looking towards him, “But I start.”

“What’s a nickname that you have?” I ask and he replies with a, “Cal.” Fair enough.

I couldn’t help but feel some sort of connection towards him. It was like a pulling force as you both answered random questions about yourselves.

You were now laying sideways as he faced forward.

“First kiss?” You can’t stop yourself from asking. A guy like this? Definitely a player.

He chuckles, sneaking a peek at me as I look up for his answer.

“To be honest, cutie, I don’t remember.” He answers.

I would feel horrible if I couldn’t remember my first kiss. I’ve never kissed anyone before, but when I do, it’s gonna be damn rememberable.

“You?” He asks and I shake my head, “That can’t be true, Y/n, you’ve kissed someone.” He speaks, sliding a box out of his jacket pocket.

“Never.” I mumble as he take a cigarette out of the box swiftly, holding it between his lips as he feels around for his lighter.

“Woah, Calum. That’s not good for you.” I tell him and suddenly I feel stupid at making such a remark.

He looks towards me. “That’s the point.”

“Please don’t do that around me.”I say out of the blue. I wouldn’t care if it was any other guy, but something inside me screamed at him to stop. “Please, Cal.”

He seemed surprised, but i couldn’t tell whether that was because I had asked him to not smoke, or the fact that I had used his nickname.

“Whatever, sweetheart.” He shrugs, putting the cig back in the box. It’s quiet for a moment and I contemplate if I had just completely ruined the relationship we had.

“So you’ve never kissed anyone?” He finally speaks up and I nod, “Never had a boyfriend?”

“I’ve had one. But I never kissed him.” I say and you could feel the tension growing. He hums in response.

Moments pass as we think. Suddenly I was noticing thing about him I’ve never noticed before. His jawline, his lips, his beautiful brown eyes. I wanted to melt right then and there. What was happening?

Suddenly, he pulls me close, his hand cupping my cheek. His eyes travel over my face and stop at my lips.

“Can I-“ He stutters, “Can I kiss you, cutie?”

It was all so fast and sudden, that my instincts clouded over and I nodded, feeling his lips press against mine, his head tilting slightly so that we moved in sync. I’ve never kissed anyone in my life, so I felt as if he was doing all of the work and damn did it feel good.

He pulls apart as the bell rings, staring into my eyes.

masterlist // request


With a little help from the boys I’ve gotten a lot farther on my little Van Gogh sunflower. I had the thought that to make the curvy strips for the swirls I should cut on the bias. It probably would have shredded if the back didn’t already have fusible web on it, but it worked well.

I am now out of the “scary messy” stage and into the “I wish I didn’t have to go to work so I could stay home and finish this” stage.

Oh well, the weekend is almost here, and I’ll be off!

When you have mental illness, society tells you 
your only power is your invisibility.
Tells you that they would save you if only they could see you,
but of course they cannot see you,
of course they will not save you, no matter how bright you sew your cape.
Invisibility is not a superpower,
it is the best weapon of a broken system 
desperate to make their streets look clean,
 but if you think I am brave,
just wait until you see me out of costume.
I know what it is to fight monsters.
I know how strong an ordinary human has to be.
—  Brenna Twohy

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm in need of some help (Google has failed me). I'm sewing a REALLY simple pair of pants (pattern is Kwik Sew 3345). I totally understand the directions, that's not the problem. The problem is that my pieces aren't lining up evenly like they should or as pictured. I triple checked and I cut out everything just fine. Front and back pieces are both the same size so I don't know what I'm doing 'wrong'. If anyone could help, that would be great. Thank you in advance!

When you’re using the pattern, there are usually little notch marks (triangles) that help to make things line up properly. You can cut those into the fabric so when you match the pieces, you’re matching the notches. This is a great guide that explains the function of these markers.

Tip: my mom always suggests cutting them outward rather than inward, because it gives you a bit more room to work with if you need to let it out.

So first, are your triangles / notches matching up? If not, then that is likely the problem! If there are large gaps, make sure to read the pattern directions to see if you’re supposed to baste stitch the area (like with a sleeve) or otherwise make one piece smaller. 

If your notches are lining up, then it might be part of the pattern, and something that gets resolved later. However I have come across patterns that just didn’t make sense lol. It helps to make your first draft in mock-up fabric so if you come across something weird, you can test out making alterations (like cutting off the extra) and not worry about messing up your good fabric. 

Lastly, are you using a fabric that was suggested by the pattern? If it’s for stretch fabric and you’re using a non-stretch fabric – or vice versa – it can cause issues with sizing and matching. Especially with lining up notches!

All the best!

If you are falling, then I would catch you
You need a light, I’ll find a match
Cause I love the way you say good morning
And you take me the way I am
If you are chilly, here take my sweater
Your head is aching, I’ll make it better
Cause I love the way you call me baby
And you take me the way I am
I’d buy you Rogaine, when you start losing all your hair
Sew on patches, to all your tear
Cause I love you more than I could ever promise
And you take me the way I am
You take me the way I am
You take me the way I am
—  @allyhills

iamhalsey: Sometimes, in moments of fear I think about my father. I think about him, younger than I am right now, holding a six pound baby in his hands and realizing his entire life was about to change. I think about how relentlessly he worked my entire life to make sure I always had everything I wanted. All of the interests he nurtured by working extra hours to buy art sets and violins and sewing kits. How I never knew we had ever struggled because he protected me from ever feeling afraid. I think about the rented apartments for 20 years. Every move we made and new elementary school I started so he could get a better job. I think about how he never objected to wanting to paint my walls pink or purple or blue even though he knew it meant the landlord would keep the security deposit. I think about all of the things he sacrificed and the opportunities he missed out on. I think about the hell I put him through, trying to figure out who I was. When I am scared, I think about my father. Because he brought me into this world without a single clue and somehow he managed to figure it all out. Happy Father’s Day dad, I love you.


DIY Member Invents a Super Compact Tent Using PVC Pipes - Assembles In Less Than 5 Min!

“There was a local inventor’s contest for kids and I wanted to enter. I love building and making a tent came to my mind. I wanted to make a tent that could be put up very easy. 

I talked to my dad about things I could use and we came up with pvc pipe. I drew designs and we thought this one would work. My dad helped me by cutting the pvc pipe. When it came to the cover I knew I wanted something heavy, so this is the material we settled on. My grandma helped me sew it.

In the end I was really happy and proud because I worked really hard and the final product really worked! You can really put it together in less than 5 minutes! The backpack it can fit in is cool because it has wheels, but I can carry it on my back. I have the umbrella on top (I didn’t make it, we brought it) because there is a little hole at the top when you put up the tent frame and cover. I like the hole because you can look at the stars at night, but if it is raining you can just stick the umbrella on top.”

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