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do you really think agt was that scripted? also do you still think babygate is going to end? I feel like you try not to give many opinions but will you say what you're thinking, at least a little bit?

Listen, when i was growing up there was a live tv show where fans could go and be in the audience while celebs were there being interviewed. I went to a few tapings. They had fans that they “randomly picked” from the audience who got to ask their faves a question. Now get this.

In order to be in the audience you had to be there 2-4 hours before the show started, so you probably had to skip school to get there. In the waiting room you were instructed where you were supposed to sit, how you were supposed to sit, you were told that you would prompted when to clap, laugh, cheer etc. 

The people who got to ask questions were picked and interviewed before hand, you were only picked if you were outgoing and could keep your cool. Then you were told what question to ask, and you were told how to say it, and you had to practice it until they felt it looked natural enough.

this was for a tiny, low level after school show. AGT was not only that scripted, it was probably scripted more than we know. That’s not me crying becuase I don’t like what Louis said, that’s just the reality of reality tv shows. If you watched that and thought it was just him saying what he was thinking and feeling, well that’s nice but it’s naive and just not true. Those back stage bits were staged, he was for sure coached on HOW to judge, if not told exactly what to say (i.e. you say this about this contestant).

Reality shows like this are about the show, it’s not about what’s real and true. These things are rigged, he probably knew he was to put the girl through before she even performed. And as I say this, go back and watch clips. You can see in his face and his tone of voice when he went off script and what he was saying/feeling was genuine.

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(Nac) (all relate to MH) who is your favorite doll (ghoul)- Favorite doll (guy)- Least fave (ghoul)- Least fave (guy)- First doll- Last doll you got- Most rarest Mh you have- Oldest doll you have (like wave 1 old)- Favorite Movie- Least fave movie- Anything you regret not getting- If you could have only one wave (Dawn of the dance,Ghouls Rule, Sweet Screams ect.) what would you pick- If you could have all of one doll who would it be- And if you could replace anyone who would it be- Enjoy!

Hi there!

Thank you for asking! I really like getting questions. :3

Who is your favorite doll (ghoul)? Oh that’s hard.. I’m really fond of my Vandala Doubloons and my first wave Lagoona. I love my pirate and water babes. :3

Favorite doll (guy)? Neighthan Rot! I’m really happy I own him, becuase I really wanted him for my Frankie doll. I ship them! I also want a Holt doll, because I like that ship too. :3

Least fave (ghoul)? I don’t really have one.. It’s more that I want too see particular Ghouls more, haha. I really can’t think of any Ghoul I dislike, sorry!

Least fave (guy)? Hm.. None I can think of either.. I would like to see Gil less insecure tho, because he really hurted Lagoona when he decided it was better that he listened to his parents, than fight for what he loves..

First doll? Vandala Doubloons! I got her for a celebration. ^^

Last doll you got? Let me think.. First wave Cleo & Deuce!

Most rarest MH you have? I think that would be my first wave Cleo & Deuce or or first wave Ghoulia. I got them second-handed, but I’m so happy I have them! Cleo with purple eyeshadow was so hard to find…

Oldest doll you have (like wave 1 old)?: That would be my first wave dolls: Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Cleo, Deuce, Lagoona and Ghoulia.

Favorite Movie? Escape from Skull Shores and Freaky Fusion. Both with my two favorite Frankie ships. :3

Least fave movie? I like them all. ;P But if I had to pick.. Boo York, Boo York. Not that I don’t like it, but it there suddenly were a lot of people who could sing and I think it was a bit too much. I think I’d more enjoyed it if it were only Pharaoh and Catty.

Anything you regret not getting? No! I still have a whole list of which dolls I want and someday I’ll have them. ^^

If you could have only one wave (Dawn of the dance,Ghouls Rule, Sweet Screams ect.) what would you pick? Hmm.. I would say Gloom Beach or Sweet 1600.

If you could have all of one doll who would it be? Lagoona, because she is my favorite Ghoul!

And if you could replace anyone who would it be? None, I love all my dolls. And if you’re talking about the series, none either. Although I wish that some particular Ghouls and Mansters had more screentime…

Again, thank you for asking! I really enjoyed answering them. ^^

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52, 53, 55, 58

52   Favorite AU tropes?

Oh so many, and all the trashy rom-com ones. Long-term pining, fake relationships (I LIVE for these), soulmate!AUs, blind dates, famous!AUs, and my all-time favourite: the way overdone coffeeshop!AU.

53   Least favorite AU tropes?

Hmm. I’m not really a fan of ABO but tbh any and all AUs will be A-Ok with me

55   Do you like crossovers? If so, favorite crossover?

I have yet to read a crossover actually. Although phan in the HP world can be cute

58   Favorite AU fic?

That’s like asking me to pick between my children, you can’t ask me that. No. I could literally give you hundreds. But some of my all-time faves: Notifications by @insanityplaysfics, anything by The-Blonde over on AO3, Jesus Christ That’s a Pretty Face by @phansdick, First Impressions (perhaps I was wrong) by @phanbliss, Jump a Lil Higher by @snsknene (and there are oh so many more but there are a few for now)