if i could only edit all their pictures

Take the smiling titan’s smile away and you will see Dina’s sad face before she was turned into a titan

The Smiling Titan as we all know it is Dina, Zeke’s mother and Grisha’s first wife.

when I was rewatching the episodes  I saw a few shots where you could really tell it was Dina, but the only thing I could focus on were her sad eyes.

I edited out the smile, and as you can see in the first picture she looks like she’s about to cry and in the second one she looks asif she’s worried.

however the part that had me really interested was this part in the anime, right before the titans all devour her

these eyes really reminded me of the moment where she cried and told grisha that she would find him no matter what, even if she became a titan

I wish they had turned Grisha in a titan instead!

did a redraw of this picture. You cannot tell me that Kirishima doesn’t not only love Sailor Moon but all shoujo manga. (Usagi is manly af!) Poor Bakugou just wants to study. 

Edit: The shirt was inspired by a post that I saw the other day that I can’t find for the life of me. If anyone knows which post I’m talking about and sees it if you could link me to it so I can credit the op I’d really appreciate it!

simvy  asked:

hiiii! wcif the blushes u use? specially the one in the woman w long hair on "I think I’m keeping these hair :P" post? i am on mobile so idk if you already answered it.. anyway i luv ur blog. ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

Hello and thank you!! 

I have only answered about the old blushes a while ago, but I haven’t about current ones yet so no worries~
I’m just going to answer all of their blushes in case someone else wanted to know too :D

ALL are using chisami’s blush.

1, 2 and 3 are also using mochi029′s matte foundation.

4, 5, 6 and 7 are using a mixture of these blushes along with chisami’s blush.


Edited because I thought the first way I answered to avoid confusion could cause confusion itself haha :P


Mission: VegasCon was a success!

Four days is a lot of con, like a lot, but it was a blast as always.  Got to hang with my ESB, @torn-and-frayed and got to see the fantabulous @mrsjohnsmith - who is an absolute delight in every possible way.  She hooked me up not once but twice with a better view of the con.

Once again, I come away with love for this cast and this SPN family.  It’s clear they love each other and they love us.

No major stories to report, just a few fun highlights.

Steph and I attended the first ever PJ Party with Kim and Brianna, it was a ton of fun.  I think the ladies weren’t quite sure what to do, but they definitely made time for each person at the party, made them feel included.  These ladies are amazing and I ADORE THEM SO MUCH.

My Jensen photo ops were awesome.  He smelled AMAZING.  He always smells good, but the musk was particularly potent this weekend.  I got my standard hug and a Charlie hug and I couldn’t be happier. (He’s even sticking his tongue out a little bit. Be still, my beating heart.)

My Mishalecki op was SO MUCH FUN.  Jared had a few drinks in him, and he gets super touchy feely after drinks.  I told Jared and Misha to do whatever they wanted…and this happened:

There was nothing innapropriate, but here were a lot of HANDS.  One of them was rubbing my back and Jared rubbed my arm for an extended length of time before giving me a hug and a “Thanks, darling.”  (’Darling” is his favorite word, I think.  He’s called me ‘doll’ before too.)

Last but not least was autos.  They took FOREVER and Steph and I were almost last in line.  I brought two boxed of Girl Scout cookies, one for each J2.  We had Jared’s auto first.  I said, “Hey, I brought you cookies.”  He proceeded to grab both and kind of smash the boxes while gripping them tightly to his chest.  I told him he could only have one, so he threw the Thin Mints at me and kept the Samoas.  Steph predicted accurately that this would happen.

Jensen was all smiles and the best part of his autos was watching him interact with a baby, giving her high fives and making her laugh with his over the top reaction.  She even tried to bust back into line to see him again!

Oh…and got a no-makeup selfie with Gil McKinney, who is a total sweetheart.

So all in all, great weekend.  I’ll be editing pictures a little later, after spending some time with my family, so keep an eye out for pics.


So Recently I bought this super cute miramichi sweater online and I wanted too wear it in game.

unfortunately no one had made a long sleeved floral shirt (or at least from all the nothing I could find when I searched the web) so I decided to make my own! or at least edit my own.

I made the Template for a black jumper and just added floral detail from Glossless’ awesome design pictured above 

you can find glossless’ animal crossings blog here

their main blog is here

Both are equally awesome and I suggest following them

either way I just wanted too post this in case anyone was interested in using it.

thanks for reading!

Edit: just in case if the original creator would like me too take this down you need only say.

a message for jack

congrats on 16 million subscribers. i know that i wasnt here for so long, but im so proud of how far you have come. ive went back to watch some of your old videos and i told myself, “i wish i found out about him sooner, bc he’s honestly an amazing and genuine person.” you are always able to put one of the biggest smiles on my face and you are always able to brighten up my day. youve helped so many people and youve made so many people smile every single day. there are so many reasons why i look up to you and why you are my most favorite youtuber out there. you care for us so much that you are willing to spend hours and hours preparing two videos for us every single day. youve created friendships. i love going on my fan page of you every single day to not only share my love for you, but to also make so many friends. we should also be thanking ourselves, bc we also make jack happy and we always support him. i want to meet him so badly and just tell him how much he means to me. i will never stop loving you, i dont think i ever could. you make me so happy. whenever i see a picture/edit/video of you or just hear your name, i get so happy. through all the times you could have let fame get into your head, you still continued to consecutively make videos for us and always interact with us and thats something i will never forget. i will also never forget all the messages youve told us and the reasons why i appreciate you so much. thank you so much for everything, and i mean it. we love you so much. so congrats on 16 million subscribers and many more to come in the future.

“Remember your training Weiss. Head up, shoulders back, right foot forward…”

just realized had the scar and hair part on the wrong side the whole time 🙃
Still these pictures are beautiful n i love them but i still can’t believe i messed that up. i swear i pulled up a ref but i still manged to get it wrong. honestly though i’ve always been bad w right vs left lol
little things like that really suck it notice only after it’s all said an done

also i love how i posed in this bc it looks so graceful but also i wish u could see my other arm in it bc it looks a little off when u can’t haha

📸 & editing: feiyuphotography (Flickr)/feitography_(IG)

Art Thieves: A Summary
  • Artist: *draws a picture and posts it* Please enjoy only on my site, thank you for all your support! (^-^)
  • Art reposter: Omg it's so good, I'll share it on my site!
  • Artist: D: Um, please don't do that. I can't control what people might do to my picture if that gets spread to other sites. They may edit it or even sell it and that could get me in trouble ;; I might get fined, or lose my job, or main source of income, or even worse..!
  • Art reposter: What, how could you be so selfish? Art is meant to be shared! We're helping you gain exposure and more fans! You're lucky we even think it's worthy enough to be shared on our site! If you didn't want it to be spread, don't post it online!
  • Artist: ): But I was never even asked permission...and the quantity of my fans don't really matter as long as my art makes my followers happy. I'm happy that you like it so much, but please be reasonable...
  • Art reposter: Well since you never put anything like 'Don't repost' we ASSumed you'd be chill with it. But fiiiine if you want to remove it you'll have to come to us directly.
  • Artist: But I don't have an account on your site...and I don't understand your language..?
  • Art reposter: Tough shit then. *keeps reposting artwork*
  • Artist: ... *closes account* I'm sorry, but it's gone too far and I don't want to risk legal problems... I hope my followers understand. m(_ _)m
  • Art reposter: Holy shit does anyone know what happened to ____? Their art was so good and I totally loved their work! Hope they come back :'''(

“Closing my eyes, I allowed myself to pretend he was really there, only inches way as we spoke.

I could perfectly picture the exasperated shake of his head that would earn me.

But I knew he’d smile anyway, and the look of pride and encouragement he’d give me as I headed toward the field would be all I needed to get through the tests …”

Model- Dylan O'Brien Smut

Warnings: NSFW Smut

Word Count: 1.7k

Disclaimer: Kind of want to do a part 2 and maybe more to this so request and post your comments/suggestions. Ily

External image

Being a model was great. The stereotypes you see in the movies are nonexistent in the real world. All models look a lot different and you have great piece of mind. One big plus was you got to go to so many amazing places and meet some amazing people. When going in to the modeling business you were pretty confident. So that brings us to present day. Slipping your tight black dress over you’re your butt was a struggle to say the least. When you got it completely on you put your knee high grey pumps on and got your semi- long coat, just enough to cover your bum and keep you warm because you were wearing a pretty revealing dress. The L.A weather was pretty chilly for L.A but you were used to worse living in New York. You came to L.A for some dumb premier that you agency wanted you to go to get exposure.  So now you were waiting for your car with your three friends.

When it finally arrived, it was a sleek and black limo and looked like it already had one person in it. You knew who it was, it was you manager Keith. He was the smartest and talented gay guy this side of the Mississippi. When each of you got in he greeted you one by one with an air kiss on the cheek. When you all were in a settled you decided to ask “Why am I being forced to go to this?” A groan escaped your lips and all the girls ignored you because you were known to be the one if you didn’t want to do something you would try your hardest to get out of it. “Y/n, honey I told you already. We are going to a Movie premier for the new Hunger Games now stop complaining and sit there and look hot.” You rolled your eyes deciding to let off some steam by opening a bottle of crisp champagne and pouring a good amount of it into the glass provided in the limo. It was a party and this is the only way you are going to relax.

Arriving at the venue was just like any other venue. The stars, in this case you, were to walk the red carpet and take pictures for the paparazzi and then go in to the venue area where the premier is being held.  After the thirty minutes of pictures and waiting everyone to be done you headed to your seats and started to order your drinks and meals for the evening. That was one of the only reasons you loved premiers, the open bar and food at all corners of the place.

“Hey I’m going to go find the bathroom, I’ll be back.” You stated just after the waiter left from taking your order. Everyone nodded then got back to their conversations so you decided to leave on just that. There were a lot of very well known stars there so on your way to the bathroom you mingled with a bit of people. Walking out of the venue in to the main hall you noticed that there was on ‘out of order’ sign on both the girls and the boy’s bathroom and an arrow pointing to the elevator. This meant that you had to use the restrooms on the upper level. So you spilled into the elevator with about 7 other people. Getting done, you walked over to the full sized mirror to smooth your dress out and take a few bathroom selfies. As you walk out you notice the doors to the elevator just closed so you’re going to have to wait for the next. While editing your photo with a few filters you sense someone behind you and you stiffen up a little bit. “Nice picture.” Said the deep seductive voice from behind you.  You glanced back with a smirk playing on your lips but when you saw who the comment came from you were shocked. A quite ‘thanks’ and you locking your phone was the only thing that you could do at the moment. You were practically trembling. “Uh. I’m Dylan” He stated. “Yeah I know.” You cut him off. You didn’t mean to come out bitchy but you were nervous after all. He chuckled. “And your name would be?” When you turned back you finally saw all of him. He was dressed in a white button up with the sleeved rolled up to his elbows. His pants fit him perfectly and his hair was tossed messily but in a clean cut kind of way. He looks amazing. You realized you were staring. “Oh, yeah- I’m Y/n.” He looked taken aback. “Oh you are that really famous model, wow it’s a pleasure.” His kind words rolled of his tongue out of his lips and made you blush. “The pleasures all mind O’Brien.” When you said that he licked his lips. You watched and wondered what it would be like to kiss his soft pink lips. The elevator doors opened and reveled no one inside. “After you.” He was such a gentle man. You smiled strutting passed him.

The elevator was painfully uncomfortable. Not from awkwardness but from sexual tension. Ever since you first saw Dylan in Teen Wolf you had a mega crush on him. After a silent ride, the doors opened and you flew out of there. You couldn’t deal with anymore silence.  For some reason you had no confidence around him, he made you very nervous, but in a good way.  Getting back to your seat you calmed down just a bit. “Jesus did you die in there?” Said your best friend Ashley. “No but I almost did when freaking Dylan O’Brien commented on the selfie I took. Then he said it was a pleasure to meet me!” You exclaimed. Everybody went silent at your table. They all at once started asking you questions. You were just as overwhelmed as they were. Then your food came and the movie started right after.

After eating you all decided to go get a drink and since you were pretty alcoholed out you stayed at the table as most of them left. When you had the feeling of eyes on you, you looked up and striated ahead was Dylan. His friend Tyler was yapping his ear off but his eyes were on you and so as his mind. You seductively smiled while taking a slow and painful sip of your white wine. He winked and licked his lips once again. You bit your lip and got up and moved to the direction of the open bar. Getting thee you ordered their fruitiest drink they have and waited to see if Dylan got the hint. You almost gave up 5 minutes after leaving your table, but a hand coming to rest on the small of your back and him telling the bartender for vodka on ice made you think otherwise. You smiled trying to act as coy as possible.  As you tuned to him he didn’t look at you, “Your ass does things to me.” He stated. He was pretty blunt but you liked blunt it made things interesting. “What things are we talking about?” You moved closer. “Well it makes me want to do things to you.” Licking his lips again you smirked. “What things?” You liked making him confess. “Things I can’t do in here.” This sent a ting to your core. Whispering up in his ear “Then let’s get out of here.”

You made some dumb excuse to your friends that you weren’t feeling well and you wanted to just go back to your room. They apologized and said there goodbyes. Walking out on to the busy L.A streets you were grabbed by the waist by large hand. You yelped. “My place or yours?” He whispered into your neck and sucking on your sensitive nerves. “Yours baby.” Was all you could choke out? Grabbing you by your hand he brought you to his amazing white Lamborghini. You were shocked when you got in. This was a dream and you were living it. The drive up the Hollywood hills was fast and of course he lived in a huge house.  Walking in it was very cleaned and well organized for a bachelor’s house. He noticed you confusion. “I haven’t been here lately; I’ve been in London shooting a movie.” He said pouring wine into two glasses. You nodded. Right now all you cared about was him.

You decided to be a little brave “How about we swim.” You suggested. He looked at his pool then back at you. “Well what about your swimming suit?” He asked. You slowly unzipped your dress down and stepped out of it. He looked up and down you, but your panty cover pussy was what he wanted. You smiled taking the glass from him and strutting out onto the back patio. Sitting slipping two feet into the pool you could tell he was near you and when he started to undress into just his boxers was when you got really excited. As he hopped into shallow part of the pool he moved towered you. His abs flexing as the cool water inched up his dry now wet torso.  Getting to you he moved between your legs and cups your ass from the back. You squealed in response and wrapped your legs around him to pull him closer. That’s when he surprised you with a kiss, his lips were soft. You moaned and his hand wrapped around you to unclip your strapless bra. It fell off your torso his hands then moved to groap and grab them. His skillful hands worked wonders on your breast as he sucked them and licked them. It surprised you when you were suddenly yanked into the water and turned so you were facing away from Dylan. As he pulled your now wet panties down he rubbed his finger through your soaked pussy. “So wet for me baby, naughty girl.” Once he finished his sentence he rammed his huge hard dick into you giving you no time to adjust. “DYLAN!” “Yes princess?” He asked. You moaned in response.

You were nearing your third and final orgasm when you told him you needed to come and he let you. It was like opening the flood gates and it was for him too. As you both came down from your highs you were wrapped around his torso holding on for dear life. You got a liking for being in his arms so he carried you to his bed and you both feel asleep from just having mind blowing sex.  

I have way too much time on my hands

So, you’ll have probably seen that a few days ago I made a few Myu picture edits where I put my favourite cast in one picture. Well, someone said that they thought it looked super legit and that they could see it being in an actual program book, which gave me an idea. And so, I have spent about 4 hours of today making my own fake Sera Myu program book XD (not an actual one lol just like scans you’d see online). The picture above is only the cover, there’s a link here to a Google Drive folder with it all in:


I might add Tux in at some point, but I didn’t have his picture done already and I wasn’t that devoted XD

Calyum’s 2016 Rec List

I read some amazing fics/blurbs/imagines etc. latst year and while I’ve only just really thought to document them in the last month or so, I’m going to try my best to list some of my favourites here! Check these out and laugh and cry and have all the feels just like I did! These writers are amazing and I wish I could recommend everything I read! 

(edit: it didn’t occur to me i should sort these by boy so enjoy this lucky dip) 

Look, there are so many more that I’ve read and should have listed but either can’t find them or I’ve simply forgotten. But I hope you enjoy these just as much as I did! Big love to all the writers, to all the readers and to all my awesome followers xo 

For more of the things I read check out my AU Tag on my blog - for non-5sos related Aus try my Harry Potter AU Tag, Marvel AU Tag or Criminal Minds AU Tag. 

anonymous asked:

I'm so here for multi-character templates! But like, nothing explicitly shippy because that could get chaotic. Just something nice and neutral with both characters in the same template (so it's up to the viewer to decide the nature of the relationship). A poll sounds like a good way to decide. Don't overwork yourself making five million templates with every possible character combo! (I wish I could offer to help make templates, but image editing really isn't my forte.)

Thank you for telling me!! As for the templates, it will absolutely be just two characters on the same template. Whether you want to see their relationship as romantic or platonic will be entirely up to you (after all, this blog is open to all ships). I’m actually thinking of just taking the same pictures I’ve used for the other templates and put them together, the Keith & Shiro one will therefore probably stay an exception. But so far only you and two other people (maybe just 1? if you are the same person that sent the first ask) asked for multi character templates, so nothing is decided yet^^ 

Sherlock: The Final Problem - rant

I am so glad I watched the last episode of Sherlock in the cinema in a great company as it gave me some resemblance of enjoyment of this shitty episode. It felt like I was watching a compilation of ‘highlights’ instead of a full episode, which would explain why there were so many plotholes and loose ends. I mean, it is kind of entertaining if you don’t think much about what you are watching but the moment you start processing, it hits you with how absolutely dreadful it is. And even Mrs Hudson hoovering cannot save the mess it is. I mean, I am quite impressed that Moffat managed to combine every single one of his flaws as a writer into one episode, from prolonged exposition, leaps of logic, inability to let dead characters just go, and cliches… cliches everywhere.. oh, and things are true just because we say so - this must be my favourite one, why show that someone is clever when you can just say they are, or explain how this mind control thing works when you can just say it does. what a great way to tell a story! Oh dear…

Before I start the list of the thoughts that went through when watching the episode, I should really mention that I really liked the performances, especially Molly, Moriarty, Mycroft and johnlock. 

Despite the fact I sort of enjoyed watching it with a great audience, I still had some pretty “ranty” thoughts: 


1. It’s all about Mary? Why? 

2. So when will the film start?

3. It had no information that I found remotely interesting, nothing about creation of Mary as the character, no comparison with the books, nothing about her relationship with John, Sherlock and others. How pointless!


1. How are they doing the paintings crying blood? Oh, ok. I guess I’ll never know.

2. So he wasn’t properly shot. OK. But the psychologist + family were still dead somewhere in the cupboard or whatever of that house. How has Mycroft not been informed about dead bodies found in a place Sherlock was picked up from an episode earlier. He was watching his every step so this is just bizarre.

3. Oh, exposition. Great! It’s a sign of a truly wonderful storytelling when you have a character just sit and explain someone else’s backstory for 5 min.. Riveting. 

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avedonxsque  asked:

Drabble: Kiss Edition

for a playful turned possessive kiss

     It started out with a selfie, kisses pressed to cheeks and and flash.
     Numerous pictures now scattered the area around them, and once it
     was all said and done with, Max spotted a favorite, picking it up and
     showing it to Victoria.

      Y’know, I think this one is my favorite, she comments, observing
     the polaroid picture in which Victoria had her eyes wide and cheeks
     puffed out as Max planted a kiss on either said cheeks. It resulted in
     a scoff from Victoria, and Max could only laugh as Victoria attempted
     to snatch the picture out of her hand. Max leaned away, holding the
     photograph just out of reach, and leaning forward to press a kiss to
     Vic’s lips in an attempt to distract her.

     It was a little too successful because the next thing Max knew, she
     was being pinned down on her girlfriend’s bed, and could already
     feel Victoria’s lips start to travel downwards.

     This sparked a bit of mischievousness in her, and Max somehow
     managed to flip it around with her hovering above Victoria. With the
     corners of her mouth turned upwards, she lowered herself, bringing
     her lips back to Vic’s– a bit rougher this time. She lightly bit down
     on the blonde’s lower lip, resulting in a satisfying sound of surprise.

     Unexpected, but not unwelcome.

          // @avedonxsque

hey! so, in the past i’ve tried to start multiple studyblrs but somehow i couldn’t grow with only reblogs (and i know this isn’t about followers but it definitely is more motivating to have asks and people reblogging your stuff). the thing is, i don’t really know how you all take astonishing pictures and edit them so beautifully. so, if you could give advice, i’d appreciate it so, so much!

laylienn  asked:

Some are saying private ver. has the pics taken by themselves ;-; don't know if that's an official statement??

My only thing is, is the private version a limited edition? Like once it’s gone, it’s gone? Or, can I get it later? I’m trying to budget and can only get one album this time around and that includes repackage (because you know how much Baek kept insisting it in the v live) ;_; what to dooooooo [AND LIKE IF LAY ENDED UP HAVING PICTURES IN ALBUM THEM OFC I NEED IT HAHAHAH Imma need all the Yixing things I could get since no promos]

Originally posted by yixingsosweet

Because it looks like a lot of people like my wallpapers XD

This isn’t all of my edits, but it was all I could find on my messy computer haha (I forgot that Tumblr minimizes pictures to 1280X800 no matter how big the original picture is XO)



Facebook cover photo:  

NOTE: You can use these as your wallpapers/icon pictures etc. BUT DO NOT REPOST. I don’t care if you have a disclaimer or whatever.  ONLY IF YOU INCLUDE A LINK TO MY BLOG, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO REPOST THE WALLPAPERS.  You probably recognize the hearts that are bolded because they have been stolen too many times. I will hunt you down along with those users that support me.

Water Gun (N.M)

|based on the request: Hey, can I have and imagine with Nate where we’re at their house or in NYC for the Digitour and the boys are having water-gun fight, I’m talking to Nate’s fans and Nate will sneak behind me and spray the water on me and it will be all cute? Oh, and could you do it with the name Maggie, please? thanks!|

|•I only do Y/N, sorry!, 1.5k words, it’s boring af tbh lol it’s 2am and I need to upload something for yall so, it’s cheesy as and I’m sorry it’s so bad hahahahaha pls don’t hurt me, it’s not edited lol, masterlist is in my description homies•|

“Hey, Y/N!” A girl calls from behind me, making me whip around instantly and probably attack Emily or Andrea with my hair. “Can I get a picture with you?”

The guys are in New York for Digi NYC, so being the good and supportive girlfriend I am, I came along with them to cheer Nate on the loudest from side stage.

“Just attack my eye then, Y/N, yep, that’s cool with me, I’m fine being blind in one eye.” Andrea mutters, wiping her eye in pain yet still managing to roll her eyes with her intolerable level of sass.

“I’m sorry!” I can’t help but laugh at her misfortune, it wasn’t meant to happen, but what can I do, I have long hair. “I apologise on behalf of my hair.”

“You better watch your damn back-” She gets cut off by the shouting fans repeatedly calling my name. “Go ahead, Princess.” I flash her an innocent smile before carefully, avoiding hitting anyone, flipping my hair back over my shoulder.

“Hi! Of course!” I excuse myself from my conversation and skip over to the small group of fans. “How are you guys today?”

“We’re all really excited!” One girl answers, clutching her phone to her chest with a big grin.

“Who are you anticipating the most?” I ask, resting my arms on the metal barrier and looking at each of the girls.

I think Skates fans like me, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s always going to be mixed opinions because not everyone is going to like you and I accept that, but for the most part, I think I’m well liked.

I’m a huge fangirl myself (Nate hates it but he’s learning to love it) so I can relate to all of the fans on a more personal level.

“I’m excited for Sammy and Skate and the Jacks, but I’m more excited to see Demi!” Another girl answers, flashing me her Demi Lovato shirt and bracelet.

“You don’t have to say you like Nate in front of me because I’m his girlfriend, you know that.” I grin, raising one eyebrow with a laugh. “I mean, I don’t like him all too much, he’s really annoying,” I sarcastically drag, rolling my eyes in a jokey way. “But yeah, I’m always the one who cries backstage so.”

“I saw Emily’s Snapchat of you crying during sound check.” The girl who called me over comments and I instantly flush red.

Nate put his heart and soul into sound check just a few hours ago and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. I’m very dedicated to him and his music and he has so much talent and he’s so under appreciated!

The others really liked taking the piss out of me and publicly humiliating me by taking photos and videos and posting them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine.

“Yeah, he honestly put so much effort into making those songs and he deserves so much more attention! I’m so proud of him, I just couldn’t help it.”

“I thought it was really adorable!”

“Yeah, Nate is really lucky to have such a supportive girlfriend who is there for him and his dreams and not his fame and fortune!”

“That honestly makes my heart swell, you guys are so sweet!” They’re the first of any of the boys’ fans to say anything like that to me! I don’t really know how I’m supposed to respond to it, but it makes me feel so good, honestly.

The group of girls introduce themselves as Sarah, Kelly, Morgan, Alisha and Sapphire and I take selfies with each of them individually and a group selfie. I get to talking with them about different things about the boys and what it’s like to travel around with a mass number of boys and only having one girl constantly by my side.

It’s a struggle, definitely.

“Where’s Nate now?” Morgan asks after we take another photo, locking her phone and holding it in her hand.

“Uh, I’m not actually sure.” I scratch the back of my head awkwardly. “He’s off with the boys somewhere around here, they’re probably messing about, annoying some staff and causing trouble.” Yep, sounds about right.

All 5 of the girls laugh to themselves and make small jokes about what I had said. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were hidden in the food tent, stuffing their faces before the event has even started.

Sapphire clears her throat and quiets down her group of friends, “What’s your favourite Nate song, Y/N?”

“That’s a hard question…” I rest a finger on my chin in a ponder, even though I already know the answer. “Ride Wit Me feat Jack J, also known as Outro.”

“Why that song?”

“Because him and Johnson rap so well together and I know that he put a lot of effort into it.”

Also because Johnson is featured on the track.

The girls then tell me their favourite Nate song and why it’s their favourite, and they do delve into such great detail! One of them even told me their favourite line in the entire song.

“Have you met any of the guys before?” I ask the girls, resting my chin in my hand. None of them bother to answer, they just look at me awkwardly. “Is there something wrong?”


They don’t answer my question, just watch me. Did I say something wrong? I don’t think I did, I’ve been really nice to them and even offered to get them Nate follows, but I’m being swerved…


That’s when I feel a huge spray of water all over my back, a big pressure hitting the centre of my spine causing me to arch my back in shock and whack my hips against the metal barriers.

“What the fuck?!”

It wasn’t even that much water but I can feel my shirt sticking against my back and going transparent against my skin, and little drops of water trickling down the back of my jeans and into my pants.

I don’t even have to turn around to know who it was, it’s pretty damn obvious that it’s my extremely mature boyfriend with a cheesy, guilty grin plastered on his lips.

“Nathan Montgomery Maloley, I am going to kill you!”

I whip around, without attacking anyone with my hair, and face my boyfriend with a pissed off look. I rest my hands on my hip and raise an eyebrow at him. He does nothing but shrug his shoulders and smile.

What a cheesy ass bastard.

Ugh, he’s so adorable.

“You don’t really want to kill me, your amazing, loving boyfriend, do you?” He asks, ‘hiding’ the massive water gun behind his back and taking a step towards me.

I scoff a laugh, “Oh, believe me, I will.”

“No baby, you won’t.”

I completely deadpan into a resting bitch face and blankly stare at my cheesy boyfriend. Of course I wouldn’t literally kill him, not in public anyway.

I look down at his body and notice that he’s completely wet through, his black jeans are a shade darker, they’re going to be a bitch to get off, and I can see his entire torso through his shirt. These girls behind me must be having a field day right now.

“Can I have a hug?” He asks, taking another step forward and raising his arms out. “I want a hug.”

“Not when you’re that wet you can’t.” I take a step away but he follows me, only taking one step at a time.

Nate grins at me with a playful glint in his eye, he slowly pulls the water gun out from behind his back and aims it at my stomach, silently threatening to pull the trigger and completely soak my front like he did to my back.

“Nathan, don’t.”

“Don’t what?” He asks, stepping closer and pushing his finger down on the trigger harder than before. “Am I not allowed to show my baby affection?”

I roll my eyes and mentally start to freak out as my back hits the metal railing. “Soaking me with a water gun isn’t affectionate, Nate.”

“But babe, it’s so fun!” He grins, pushing the trigger down again and lightly squirting some water at me. “See! It’s just a bitta fun!”

“I haven’t got any spare clothes with me and this is already spreading to the front.” I whine.

“You can wear my flannel.” He says quickly and wraps his arms around my body, pulling me tight into his chest to make sure that I’m completely soaked, just like he is.

“Oh for Gods sake, Nate!” He rocks me side to side and quietly laughs in my ear. “Why do you do this shit to me?”

“Because I love you,” He cheeses, kissing the side of my head and pulling me against him tighter, I’m near to suffocation, I swear. “And because it’s fun to annoy you.”

“You’re an ass, babe.”

He pulls back a little bit and wipes his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand. “An ass that you love.”

“Unlucky for me.”

I look down at my top and cringe, it’s completely transparent and anyone can see my bright pink bra. Why didn’t I colour coordinate my outfit completely?

Oh, yes, right, I didn’t know that I would get attacked by a damn water gun so I didn’t dress for the occasion.

“Just shut up and enjoy my hug, love bug.”

I tilt my head and raise my eyebrows again, “'Love bug’, really, Nate? You’re starting up on the cheesy nicknames again?”

“Of course I am, pumpkin.”

I can’t help myself.

“…Spice latte.”

“This is why I love you and why I wanted to attack you with my water.”