if i could id study these too

Dear 1037148,” wrote one admirer to a golden elm in May. “You deserve to be known by more than a number. I love you. Always and forever.

Email-a-Tree Service Doesn’t Go As Planned in the Best Possible Way - The Atlantic

Melbourne gave their trees ID numbers and email addresses so residents could report downed branches or other problems. Instead, people starting writing their trees love letters. 

Sometimes, the trees even write back: 

To: Green Leaf Elm, Tree ID 1022165   29 May 2015   Dear Green Leaf Elm, I hope you like living at St. Mary’s. Most of the time I like it too. I have exams coming up and I should be busy studying. You do not have exams because you are a tree. I don’t think that there is much more to talk about as we don’t have a lot in common, you being a tree and such. But I’m glad we’re in this together. Cheers, F”

29 May 2015  Hello F, I do like living here. I hope you do well in your exams. Research has shown that nature can influence the way people learn in a positive way, so I hope I inspire your learning. Best wishes, Green Leaf Elm, Tree ID 1022165

I am so completely charmed by this. 

Wrong Time, Wrong Place

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Pairing: Gabriel x reader

Words: 1200+

Warnings: Angst (with no happy ending this time)

Summary: With Lucifer catching up to him, Gabriel has to abandon you as a last resort

A/N: This is something I wrote ages ago but didn’t post. I wanted to post something but I didn’t want to rush my current WIP. Sorry!

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You were at Bobby’s, on your phone before it happened, scrolling through some form of social media. You smiled when you heard the familiar flapping of wings announcing the return of the archangel.

You got up to say hello to Gabriel, but he ignored you and walked straight ahead into the study.

“Gabe? What are you doing?” You asked.

“Lucifer is hot on my trail.” Gabriel said, still focused on his work. “I can’t let him find you.” The archangel snatched some things up and threw them in a bowl. Gabriel dipped his fingers in the red paste, and began to paint symbols on the far window.

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ID #33392

Name: Dhru
Age: 20
Country: United Kingdom

I’ve not had a penpal before so I thought this could be cool!
I live in the UK and I study History at Uni :) I’m a massive nerd - I love Harry Potter, Comics (I’m big on DC, especially Batman) and a whole host of TV shows such as Sense8, iZombie and Brooklyn 99. I enjoy talking about politics too and am quite left wing in my political opinions. I enjoy creative writing and am trying to learn to draw better :) Music wise, I’ll listen to anything though my favourite genre is probably indie rock, especially from the early 2000s (Naive by the Kooks is still one of my favourite songs) and I have a lingering love for Green Day and Paramore from my 15 year old emo days.
Come say hi! :)

Preferences: Open to talk to anyone really :)

Ok guys so here is a super quick post on how to write formal e-mails and it is (as usual) inspired by @studyquill ‘s 30 days of summer challenge 

Also I know most of you started school recently and I am starting next week so you’ll probably need these to mail teachers and staff. I have been using these tips a lot lately because I’ve had to mail a few politicians from my country and believe me, this is useful af. 

  1. Use a “formal” username/address!!!! Ok so we all have those e-mail addresses we created back in 2006 which probably look like “emoprincess123@email.com” DON’T USE THEM. Create a new address with your real name and make it look adult. Also, having two addresses is so good to avoid spam on your formal one. 
  2. The subject is actually important. When I mail close people I usually avoid including a subject but please please put one if you are mailing someone important. Just include key words and keep it simple. 
  3. Greet like an adult. We are talking about formal issues here, don’t start your mail with a “hi” or “hey”. Start with a “To whom it may concern” if you don’t know the receipient or a “Dear Mr./Mrs./Sir/Madam/Dr/etc” 
  4. Introduce yourself (if it is your first time mailing the person of course). Start by saying your name, the place where you study/work (if necessary), how you found the person’s e-mail address.
  5. Thank the receipient. Before you state the purpose of your mail you should thank the person beforehand for reading/replying to your mail. I feel like this is a polite way of saying you expect a response. 
  6. State the purpose of your mail. Use indirect questions for this part: “I would like to know if you could…” is a good choice. Remember you should not be making a demand but asking for a favor. 
  7. Close like an adult. Include a phrase like “Thanks in advance” before you end. I don’t recommend phrases like “Yours truly/faithfully” because it sound too romantic in my opinion but there are alternatives like “Sincerely/Best regards/Respectfully”. 
  8. Sign. After you have closed with a nice phrase, include your full name, your job title and the place you work/study at (in case it is necessary, it really depends who you are writing to). You could also include and ID and phone number if you feel like it is necessary as well. Include each category in separate lines, separated by a comma.

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cause i can't let my eyes be tired cause i need them to study. which is pointless cause i now i wont be able to remember shit

im so sorry you’re going through this - ive been there too, and nothing really compares to the helplessness i felt at the time. my heart really goes out to you.

id say to not be too hard on yourself, if you can. cry if you need to. rest when you need to. your oral is important, but not as important as your health.

if you can, could you contact someone to let them know you’re having mental health issues and ask to reschedule? it’s of course not always possible, but it’s worth a shot. if phone calls are hard, an email should be fine. if it turns out you absolutely have to take this exam, the best thing you can do is believe in your ability to remember the material, as hard as it is. if you think you fail you probably will, you know? give yourself a chance, love. you’ve made it these 5 years, and you can make it now.

peace to you. let me know if you ever want to talk or want help finding resources for the future - studying while depressed is awful, and you shouldn’t have to cope alone. five years is a terribly long time to have untreated depression, and i’m so proud of you for making it this far. i hope you can feel a little bit of that compassion for yourself - it’s no small feat.

you’re in my thoughts, dear anon. please take care of yourself and know you’re worthy of help and recovery and peace of mind, no matter what happens on this exam. ❤️

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for the college au thing, got7 please!!!!

  • college!au jackson who is majoring in choreography but keeps getting recruited by film majors to be in all their film shorts because he’s just so…..charismatic 
  • actually got casted in a blockbuster film when the director saw him busking outside campus??? and honestly everyone’s like ‘switch to acting’ but jackson just loves dancing and he’s torn,,,,,he wishes he could do both
  • bambam voice: double major hyung!!!!!! jackson: good ide- bambam: major in the nae nae and then the dab!!!!! XD jackson: BOY 
  • college!au jb who’s studying ancient history and knows way too much about a bunch of dead kings and queens but like can anyone complain when he’s walking around campus looking Hot in round glasses and a slightly unbuttoned dress shirt reading like aristotle i mEAn
  • college!au youngjae who is majoring in food business management alongside jin. they’re both passionate about cooking and join the cooking club and for some reason after that the cooking club got soOO many new members hmmm wonder why…..maybe it’s because the food is hot and so are the…..chefs wOO 
  • youngjae was considering doing tourism and hospitality management also but working in a hotel didn’t appeal to him especially since he was like what would i do if i had guests like jackson and bambam.,,,,,,jesus
  • college!au junior who is doing ethics and public policy because at some point he got sick and tired of the way the law treats people in extreme situations and he’s always had this question about morality and so it was only natural for him to study this
  • is considering going into public law as well but he’s nervous about like actually having a stake in people’s lives but all his friends are like dude you should do it!!!! by friends i mean support club college got7 lmfao
  • college!au bambam is surprising a biochemistry major and everyones so impressed when he says it and he’s like yep yep im smart as hell
  • in reality his interest in it comes from the fact that he’s like “this is a major where i bLOW UP THINGS for academic purPOSES” 
  • not very trusted alone in the lab LOL
  • college!au yugyeom is an applied mathematics major with a minor in computer science. he’s basically a human calculator even though he looks like an overgrown fifteen year old who accidentally stumbled onto campus 
  • he never talks in class but scores 100% on every test and the professors are always baffled they’re like he’s a genius and yugyeom sipping on his coca cola eating his poptarts that he got from film major hyuk this morning is like “im not a genius. i like numbers, they make sense.” 
  • college!au mark whose doing english language and everyones like WOW so fancy english language and mark is holding a copy of moby dick like i have 5 essays to write dont talk to me 
  • does dance team w/ jackson and jimin and jungkook !!! 
ID #46018

Name: Rati
Age: 18
Country: South Africa

My name’s Rati and I love getting to know people which is strange because I’m a total introvert too. I’m busy studying medicine and loving it.

My interests include reading, whether it be novels (fiction, YA, fantasy) or poetry because I can’t write any to save my life - I love it and if I could I’d probably live in a library.

Much like any other teenager or human being (because who are adults kidding?), I enjoy watching Tv. I’m into just about every show and if I were to list them we’d be here forever. Chances are that if you watch something, I probably do too - maybe - hopefully - and if I somehow don’t, I’m always open to being converted.

Then we have music. I love indie, folk, anternative and sometimes a little rap when I’m in the mood. I’m also a guitar player so that’s something.

Lastly I’m also pretty crazy about comics and anime. I don’t know if you can tell but I’m kind of a nerd. A sarcastic nerd (you’ve been warned).

Basically I’m just looking for someone to talk to and maybe learn new things from. I like to think I’m a very open and nice person. Thanks for sticking through this long and painful post.

Preferences: I’m open to just about everyone, preferably not younger than seventeen though.

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that's so cool. i wish i could learn japanese too. where do you study?

oh u have asked the right person friend. i use/have used several resources

Im fine. ( Weasley twin imagines)

Requested: Can you have the imagine be about being in class and you start breaking down a little and one of the twins notice a tear in your eye but before they could say or do anything you run to the back of the library and cry a bit and they come and comfort you and you try to play it off but they know you're sad. Please?❤️

id love to write this.


  The class was about to end, and was happy to get out. I needed me time. Time to sit and just breath. All of the class was becoming too much. The studying, the fact that i just need someone.   I tried to stop thinking about everything but it became overwhelming. I looked around hoping no one saw what i was about to do. I looked around the room to find everyone at work, getting to tonights homework or studying. I a book up and began to slowly let it out. One tear at a time. I tried not to sniffle. 

  But i failed

   The book fell down due to my shaky hands and The twins sitting across the room from me looked over. I quickly tried to put the book back up,but it was too late.I sniffled and wiped the tears away and started to grab all of my belongings.  The class was dismissed and i was the first one out of the room. I could hear chairs scratch against the floor. I began to walk faster.  The library wasn’t far and thats a place to go. I moved my feet faster swiftly moving though  the large crown hopefully losing the twins. 

   I climbed the stairs to the hallway and got to the library. I snuck to the back into the pile of pillows and blankets we call the fort. Me and a couple of students made for emergencies. It was behind the last bookshelf. It was hard to find with all the books and such, but it was the best seat in the house. 

  I crawled over dropping all in my hands to get under the pillows. If you glanced, i would look like just a sack of  nothing. 

 I let it out once again but im not gonna hold back. I pulled my knees towards my body as close as they can get. I sighed and rested my head on them feeling no pain. I heard joined footsteps of more than one person. I closed my eyes and slowed my heart rate. 

“y/n. I know youre in there. I can see your feet.” Fred spoke up. I looked down at the end of the blanked to see that my shoes poke out no more than an inch. I pulled then in without a word.  

  The blanket behind me was moved and a hand grabbed mine. It was a gentle touch. No more than a a second, my other hand was being held. Both of the boys crawled their way under on  their bellies.  the didn’t speak .They just laid there holding my hands. I son got on my belly and just laid there with them. It was warm. And just what i needed. 


get yours here. Seriously im writing a lot today i feel accomplished. 

requests are open 24/7 

anonymous asked:

I want to write about a girl who falls in love with a boy she meets during study abroad, but I'm lacking ideas for a main conflict. I have ideas for plot devices, like missing a flight or getting pickpocketed, but those feel too contrived. She wants to go around and see new places and enjoy new experiences; I can't come up with good obstacles for her goal. Any ideas that can help point me in the right direction?

So you’re looking for obstacles to a girl traveling? 

  • A stolen/lost passport could be huge obstacle. Especially if she doesn’t have other valid forms of ID. This could get her stuck in a country for while, make her lose flights, miss events she was planning to go to…it could also be how she meets the boy. Maybe he’s fighting with someone at the consulate when she goes to get a new passport or maybe he offers her a “faster” way of getting a passport…
  • Weather/power outages/security problems can all ground or delay flights, trains and other forms of transportation. If she had planned out all her travel dates and everything was already booked, that could be pretty hard to deal with. 
  • Medical issues could make her lose a flight (so it’s not too contrived) or if she does get on it could make her feel even worse and force her to miss out on things she had planned.
  • Since this is for studying abroad maybe something goes wrong with an assignment or test and she has to redo it all. Or the teachers involved have strong rules about where she is allowed to go and what she can do.
  • A misunderstanding gets her put on the no-fly list.
  • An emergency/mistake makes her to spend a lot of her money. She doesn’t have enough now to keep traveling and still make it home.
ID #51276

Name: Anouk
Age: 19
Country: The Netherlands

Hello wonderful people! I am a creative, curious, bubbly girl from Europe! People generally say I am always busy with something and they aren’t wrong. I guess you could say the word no isn’t written in my dictionary. Focusing on just one thing is incredibly hard since I simple like too much :s My life is basically an organized chaos.

 I am currently in the second year of the study industrial engineering and management, but besides that I do a lot of projects that have nothing to do with my study such as theatre, volunteer work with refugees and statusholders, following extra lectures and joining brain storm sessions about the innovation of the educational system. Besides school I have two part time jobs: a very exciting job at the supermarket and at my own school for promotion things.

In the free time I have left I like to write in my journals: from stories about daily life to poetry. My journals are the place for my overload of thoughts and basically tell my life story. I like to watch series such as NCIS, Elementary, Dr Bull, Bones & Castles. Besides that I like reading. Reading for me is entering another world and forgetting everything that is happening around you. Music is a thing I can’t live without: it gives me the words I can’t find myself. This means that I always have my earphones with me and that it’s seriously a disaster when I don’t have them. 

 I am a huge culture and language lover. I am fascinated by all the different cultures that live together on this world and I wish to discover this by traveling. My native language is Dutch and I am quite fluent in English. My German and French are okay and I am learning Portuguese. I am literally open to every language. I see a language of a piece of art: each language is unique and has its own story.

I am looking for a penpal to talk about anything and I generally write a lot so long letters/messages are very welcome. I try to give my letters a special touch by adding little gifts, dried flowers, postcards and fun lists. If you didn’t fall asleep yet reading this terribly long post (I am a bit sarcastic from time to time too) shoot me a message :)

Preferences: Let’s say around the age age of 16-21 and if you want to write letters preferably from Europe since snailmail hasn’t always worked out for me outside Europe, but we can always try. In september I am perhaps going to study in Denmark for a half year, so if you are from Denmark, definitely shoot me a message then ^^

ID # 36022

Name: Azul
Age: 20
Country: Argentina

Well, my name is Azul (Blue, it’s ok too) I’m a Biology student and… Mostly a fangirl. I love reading, music (pretty much rock, but I like other genres too), animation (like Steven Universo, Ladybug, SvtFoE, OtGW, Voltron), superhero’s stuff… And tv shows (like sense8, stranger things, GoT). I love lenguages, spanish is my first lenguage but I studied english for a lot of years and I’m currently learning french. I’m looking for someone to fangirl with, we could through emails, facebook, tumblr or whatever. I’m super shy at the start but I gain trust quickly.

Preferences: I’ll prefer someone between 18 and 26 but feel free to talk to me

ID #19996

Name: Isabel
Age: 18
Country: United States

I’m a high school senior living in the united states. I am pretty nerdy- interested in literature, art history, linguistics, music, and ancient history/classics. I take latin and plan on studying ancient greek in college (If I could though, I’d be interesting learning many more languages). I also do lots of art, especially embroidery and drawing. I would be happy to send embroidery to my pen pal too!

Right now I’ve been reading Dostoevsky and D. H. Lawrence. When I become interested in a certain author I tend to go crazy and read as much by them as I can! I love reading and would be interested in discussing/ getting recommendations about books too! I also read some graphic novels and sometimes non fiction, especially about women’s issues. I also enjoy watching almost any kind of movies. My favorites are The Graduate, Doctor Zhivago, or any 80’s movie with John Cusack in it. I listen to a wide range of music too, and would love to talk to someone about it.

I would like to have a pen pal because I want to have someone to exchange mail with. I would love to exchange drawings with someone too! I hope to be able to continue letter writing when I go away to college.

If you are at all interested in any of the things I’ve mentioned, or just want a pen pal and you happen to see my submission, please contact me! I haven’t done anything like this before, but I really excited to start writing letters to someone.

Also, if you loved Bill Wurtz’s history videos, we
should get along!

Preferences: ages 15-20 would be best probably
people who want to write real letters

lauren’s eyes (aka its likely you’ll have heart palpitations reading this)

so as we all know, lauren has some god damn killer eyes and i thought id make this masterpost bc quite honestly i wanted something to scroll through to see some pics of my girlfriends eyes and i wanted to share it w/ the world! here we go:

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