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Quartet Night LIVE Evolution full report

Written by me who have short-term memory and is really biased to QN

(PLEASE TAKE ALL OF STUFFS WRITTEN HERE WITH GRAIN OF SALT; there’s no way i could remember all stuffs exactly at it was. I would be happy if you could just ‘take the feel’)

First of all, it was awesome. I can’t really describe how overwhelming it was. If you’ve watched any of utapri live before, i just want to say that for me this is the best utapri live i’ve seen so far. If you think 5th and 4th live was awesome, this was on different level. The hall was definitely too small for a group who got #1 weekly oricon and more than 100k sales (which was made up by hundred of cinemas live viewing), but it was really well-planned. Probably the most well-planned utapri live ever.

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How they would react to their s/o being depressed

~shower you with compliments everyday
~tell you not to give a damn about everyone else
~would beat the livingg daylights out of anyone that dares to hurt you
~remind you every day how lucky he is to have you and how important you are to him
~every time you say bad things about yourself he’ll be like “what are you talking about, all I see is perfection” or something like “I wish you could see what I see everyday cause if you did all you’d see is an angel”

~would be confused at first beacuse he would never thought that someone as beautiful as you would hate themselves
~would no will try and comfort you the best he can
~cuddle and make out
~give you compliments about yourself every chance he gets
~he’s be extra possessive towards you
~will never stop looking at you like he’s looking at a masterpiece
~tell you stuff like “you know that you’re beautiful to me right?” and even like “trust me when I say you’re amazing”

~like leo he’d be confused as to why you feel this way
~would probably give you a scientific explanation telling you how amazing you are and saying that you shouldn’t feel this way
~being the adorable dork he is he’d say “I love you” shyly to you
~remind you every freakin mili seconds just hoe much he loves you
~he would spend more time with you
~would tell you cheesy pick up lines to cheer you up
~say stuff like “well technically speaking you have no logical reason to feel this way”

~he would immediately tightly embrace you
~tell you words of comfort
~kiss your face like a million times
~he’d say “aww, angelcakes you don’t need to feel this way you’re so pretty and amazing”
~after a while of him panicing he’d say “just know that no matter what I love you ok babe”
~he would really be there for you no matter what the problem

Dear Evan Hansen Reverse AU: The Evan Project

The poem went viral and now Evan Hansen and Connor Murphy are subject of major American news centers everywhere. This does not go unnoticed by Alana, who while not best friends with Evan, knew enough about him to find his friendship with Connor off. Evan could barely talk to girls, let alone the king of all jackasses himself Connor. Even worse Jared finds out and at school goes up to Connor and angrily yells at him for lying about Evan. Ghost Evan freezes up having completely forgotten about Jared for the past few days. Seeing Evan on the verge of a breakdown Connor snaps at Jared.
“It’s not like you’d notice, if I had to deal with you everyday maybe I would have killed myself too!”
Everyone goes quiet as Jared pushes past Connor holding back tears.

Life is Fluff: Everyday Heroes

Art by iminchains

Chasefield Fluff in the AU where Max turns in her photo.

“Now, I know this isn’t how any of you wanted to win or participate in this contest. You may feel that an opportunity was taken from you among the struggles our campus has undergone this week. But I just want to thank each and every one of you for participating in the Everyday Heroes contest, for representing yourselves as well as Blackwell Academy. It is with great pride that I see how you have continued your academic pursuits while supporting one another through turmoil. As the principal of this school, I would like to say that you are all every day heroes, and you all show a potential that fills me with pride for this school and its students.”

Principal Wells was not many extraordinary things. He was not a great administrator. He had not been a great husband in either of his two marriages. He was not a particularly great man. But he was quite a decent speaker, for though the class of eight photography students knew this was a pre-designed speech for the school and city newspaper, many of them did stand up straighter to hear his acceptance and appreciation, his eyes bouncing around to settle on each and every one of them for a brief moment, never letting them wander onto Juliet’s camera or the journalist on the other side of the room from her.

“But now, I think it’s time to announce the winner of this contest. I hope we can all accept this personal victory as a communal one as we send the winner to San Francisco this Friday.” Principal Wells took an additional moment to look at everyone briefly one last time. “The winner of the Everydays Heroes Contest for Blackwell Academy is Maxine Caulfield. Congratulations, Max.”

Max’s eyes widened in shock, and the applause began before she even had the chance to take a step forward. On the other side of the arc of students was Victoria, and Max saw her lips purse into a fine line as she followed Daniel and Kate’s lead and began to clap. Then, she stumbled forward, removing her hands from the pockets of her hoodie, and found Principal Wells’s hand outstretched. She fit her tiny hand in his for a brief moment, and he guided her to turn towards the cameras to smile for a moment as they shook. 
Michelle Grant took a few steps forward, and offered Max a rectangular frame wrapped in loose brown gift paper, which she gingerly accepted. She peeled off the paper, taking sure to dispose of it by handing it over to Wells, who dropped it onto Jefferson’s former desk before the two both held the frame, revealing the print of Max’s photo to everyone.

More camera flashes, and more applause. And Principal Wells was speaking more, something about Max, or the contest, or something, but now it was Max’s eyes that flickered around the room, watching everyone’s expressions.
Kate practically cheering.
Hayden just sort of grinning, clearly not very invested.
Taylor clapping loudly, then quieter when she realized Victoria probably wouldn’t want her to be too excited.
Stella clapping regularly, and being one of the first to cut off.
Alyssa smiling like she rarely smiled the whole while.
Victoria’s lips slowly curling into a bit of a smirk the longer the clap continued, but clapping as long as anyone but Kate.
Juliet pausing from taking shots to give Max a thumbs up.
Daniel clapping slow, as if he were uninterested, but still smiling supportively the whole time.

Principal Wells was done speaking, and handing off Max’s photo print entirely to her. “Thank you so much, Principal Wells,” she said, and bowed a little, not wanting to hold the photo with just a single hand, and held it out to be clearly viewed a moment longer before stepping back into the crowd of her peers.

In the minutes that followed, virtually everyone in the room stopped by to talk to Max individually - not so much about her photo, but about going to San Francisco. Yes, I was am so excited! No, really, I thought you were going to win, I loved your piece Taylor - and fellow tardy assignment doers, right? Oh lord, Kate, no, I couldn’t do any of this without you, you’re an actual hero.

But there was one person who stood near the corner of the desk closest to the door, leaning on it and watching this little procession while talking to Wells, or Juliet, or whoever was close, shooting Max direct looks and smirks when she could. Victoria, of course. They weren’t threatening, exactly, but they made Max a little uneasy. At least … well, they made her nervous. But she was too flushed with victory to let it get to her.
When Victoria finally turned to leave, alone even, that made Max especially nervous, and she broke away from her friends with a, “I’ll be right back, I just wanna talk to Victoria for a sec.”

She saw Victoria several steps down the empty hallway, and hurried after her, calling, “Hey, Victoria, wait.”
Victoria turned aroundfolding her arms over her chest, face already stuck in its smirk. “Oh, hey there Max,” she said with no hint of actual surprise. “Congratulations on your win, though I’ll still contest that it has more to do with your whole involvement in taking down a serial killer than your photography, but I suppose if you hadn’t, I might have won and been going to California with a serial killer, so I guess I’m all right with you getting this one.”

Max just chuckled, aware of this rumor, though pretty sure there was no substance to it. “I don’t think they were influenced by school rumors - at least, I hope not. I just, um. I wanted to see how you were doing. I know this could have been a big break for you, and we both know you really deserve one.”

Now Victoria’s hands fell to her hips instead. “Oh, well, how considerate of you, Max Caulfield. But my work will be in a gallery without school sponsorship soon enough, don’t you worry about that. In fact, I need to go check on a possible deal via e-mail, if you’ll excuse me,” she replied, turning to stride away.

Max made a quick step, reaching up to grab Victoria’s shoulder a little, not sure how to properly communicate what she was doing, but it was enough to get Victoria to turn around, really confused and a little unnerved.
“I really like you,” Max blurted out.
Victoria blinked. Many, many times, her head shaking minutely as she tried to process what she’d just heard. So she tried to clarify aloud, “Um, what?”
Max froze, realizing how fucked she was. So she just went with it all the way. “I. Uh. I think your photography captures an artistic rendering of yourself through its symbolic self-projection. I look at your subjects and I think they are beautiful, not just because they are, but because you captured them in a way that reflects your own beauty and vulnerability. You are strong and smart and really goddamn funny, even when you’re kind of being mean. And when you’re not being mean, or just playing at being nice, I think you are wondrous, and I really like you.”

Victoria took a long, quiet moment to process, to collect herself, just to find words. But when they came out, they were almost scripted, or rehearsed in some way. “When I look at your photos, I know, though maybe half of them actually feature you, that they’re largely meditations on adolescence, and chaos, and all sorts of pretentious bullshit you pretend you don’t subscribe to. But you capture them as if they are not the focus at all, like you’re ironically pointing out one’s vanity and self-centeredness amidst something so confusing and powerful, like you are the fool, or the vanity, but you’re actually the wise man. And I think that is unique. I think you have a gift. And I admire you. And I’m so glad that you choose yourself as a subject, because I think you’re beautiful, and I like that you give me an excuse to look at you and get to know you all at the same time, because if I looked at you half as much as I’ve looked at your photos, you’d know how I felt about you.”

Max was crimson by this point, so confused on how to express anything more that she began to go further and further off script. Not just her verbal script, but her total script for behavior. She offered out her hand, palm upward, and looked up at Victoria’s lips for a moment before nervously looking away from even that closeness.
She was amazed when Victoria’s hand settled over hers, her wide, warm fingers over Max’s wrist.
“So, do you want to tell me how you feel now?”
Victoria nodded, the word small between her lips, “Yeah.”
And she took that step still between them, and bringing a hand behind Max’s neck, and pressed her lips to Max’s. Max’s hand turned so her own fingers could lace with Victoria’s, and she stood on her toes to make kissing Victoria easier, her other hand reaching up into Victoria’s hair.

So, understandably, Max was a little stunned when Victoria pushed her back a little, taking a moment to understand that this was playful. But Victoria was grinning. “I feel like I really fucking like you, Max Caulfield, and like you should find some showy way to ask me out again so I can make out with you some more.”

Victoria turned and started down the hall.
Max sputtered, “I could turn back time, kiss you right in front of Jefferson, take a picture of it, and turn THAT in for the contest.”
Victoria actually laughed out loud as she went. “Now that would have been cool. Call me when everyone’s done praising you, and we can talk more about how much you like me.”
Max cupped her hands together to form a megaphone: “MY BODY IS READY!”
Victoria just kept laughing.

You know how they say “not all heroes wear capes” ? Well this is a case just like that. This man helps so many people, I’m not sure if he quite can imagine how many. All the way from San Fransisco, U.S to New Zealand.

I sadly don’t know this man in person, but I can only imagine how many things he has to do. His days are filled with job and being a father and husband. He got days were he’s on set for over 24 hours but despite all he have to do, despite his busy schedule, he sits down almost each day to write to his enormous fandom. He sits down and actually dedicate some time of his day to help others.

In 2014 this man startet an Always Keep Fighting campaign. Dedicated to mental problems and for those who battle depression. And he raised so much money to importaint organizations. He also shares pictures every week with #motivationalmondays #alwayskeepfighting

He does everything in his power to help, and that makes me think. How beautiful isn’t that? And everyday I read stories in the comments, people who have struggled and shares their story to help helping others. This thing he has started is so huge and fantastic.

And I know that if this man actually had a possibility of answering everyone. If he could help every single one by talking to them. If he could call everyone and listen to their stories. If he could manage to hug all of us. He would.

So, Jared Padalecki, please, never ever change. Thank you for everything you are and everything you do. I admire you. You keep telling us to keep fighting, and we thank you for that. But don’t forget yourself.

I hope I one day get the honor of meeting you. You are wonderful.

I also promised myself that I would never totally fan girl in public or but darlings, this is not fan girling. This is actually thanking a human being for being exactly the person he is. He most likely will never ever see this, but that doesn’t matter, I still wrote it.

And to the rest of the #SPNfamily, I love you all.


- Namitha

anonymous asked:

What is the cutest thing your tc has did around/with you? ❤

I’ve literally held off answering this question because how could I choose one thing? I’ve thought it over and there’s just so many wonderful things he’s done with me or around me. So I’ll just say ONE story. It’s not the cutest, I’m sorry I just couldn’t pick. But it’s one of many.

So towards the end of the year, I guess he had pretty much stopped giving a fuck. Movies all day, everyday. Stopped teaching. His free period happened to coincide with my blow off class. Often, I’d text him asking if it was okay to drop by so we could have some alone time. I mean that in the most innocent way. We genuinely just wanted time to ourselves, away from our idiot peers. Away from everyone. Just us. Talking, joking around, venting. Well he knew my schedule pretty well by now. However, I would often miss class a lot due to being sick or family troubles. He’d get really upset when I wasn’t there because 1. he missed me and 2. I would miss movies he really wanted me to see. This day particular class day, I missed Dead Poets Society. This was a movie he had been begging me to watch but I never got around to it. Naturally, he was disgruntled I once again missed class and could not watch it. So he texted me “Ms. Insert my last name here, would you like to go to the movies with me during our free period?”. I squealed. I thought it was so damn adorable. And I accepted it of course by saying “Omg! This is all so sudden! Yes, I would love to go to the movies with you.” He thought that was adorable. The next day, he texted me to come to his class so we could have our “date” as he called it. Unfortunately, I had to bring a friend along so it didn’t go as planned. He didn’t mind but of course I was pretty bummed. But it was such a heartfelt gesture. I’ll never forget it.
Thanks for the question and hope I didn’t bore you!❤️

I really don’t have many followers, so I’m not sure how much good it will do. But I hope that if you stumble across this, you’ll take the time to read it. It really would mean a lot to me and I know Girls with ADHD doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but please hear me out.

Growing up, I thought I was smart. My teachers told me I was smart. My parents told me I was smart. Even classmates told me I was smart. So I believed them. Throughout elementary school, I often got in trouble. Usually it was for talking or laughing during class, nothing major. My parents and teachers just assumed I was bored because I was so “smart”.

But I finished third grade, and I moved campuses. The school I went to (and still go to now) has two campuses in town, and I moved to the much larger one. The one I had attended from kindergarten through third grade was very small - it had about 40 per grade and only went to elementary school. The campus I moved to had about 140 per grade and went elementary through high school.

My fourth grade year, the minor behavioral issues began to worsen. My grades had been great all through elementary school, but my math grade suddenly plummeted. I didn’t really care much, and just attributed it to changing to a much bigger school.

I have few memories from fourth grade, but I remember it being an awful year. I remember talking back and constantly disrespecting the teacher. I didn’t mean to; the words just seemed to fly out of my mouth before I had a chance to control it. I remember this was when an anxiety began to form. I had to be early everywhere. If I wasn’t the first one to field hockey practice, or to a friend’s house, anxiety would take over.

Fifth grade was similar. I was in recess detention weekly. The talking and laughing in class had turned into back talking and sassing the teacher on a regular basis. My math grade dropped again, and so did my science grade. I still wasn’t too bothered. I was 11 years old, and I was having fun making my friends laugh. 

Sixth grade was when it all took a turn for the worse. Every grade fell. I talked and laughed in class even more. I liked all of my teachers, so the sass and disrespect was put on hold for a year. The first time I remember thinking that I was stupid was sixth grade. I began to get horrible stomachaches everyday on the ride to school, which I later found out it was anxiety. I just thought it was acid reflux (which I do actually have) and tried to ignore it.

Seventh grade was when I realized I wasn’t like everyone else. I would burst out laughing when it was dead silent in class for no reason at all, unable to control it. I could never stay in my seat. I’d get up and run/walk around the room while the teacher was talking. I constantly was moving seats, staying after class, and having my parents emailed. I was totally unable to do my work. I remember sitting at my desk, in 5th period English class, actually trying to do work for once. I was trying to write about Greek mythology, but I couldn’t remember a word of what I had just read. All of my classmates were done and were talking among each other. Every word said by my classmates drove itself into my brain; I was unable to ignore it. I covered my ears, trying as hard as I could just to write down the answers and just to focus. But I couldn’t.

My dad would help me with my math homework every night. He’d tell me a formula, and as soon as i went to write it down, I’d forget. I forgot every formula, every word, every idea spoken to me. No ideas were able to stay in my head for longer than a second. Every thought I had was whizzing through my brain without giving me any time to reflect on them.

Eighth grade was the year that changed my life. By that time, I already knew I was stupid. I knew I was a bad person. How could I not of been, with teachers always calling my parents and giving me detentions? I hated myself more than I could imagine. I didn’t work. My brain didn’t work like everyone else’s, and I hated it. I began to have panic attacks if I wasn’t at least 22 minutes early to everything.

I began to laugh constantly. I’d laugh for minutes straight at a time daily, for absolutely no reason. I was unable to have conversations because my attention span was so awful. I lost friends because I couldn’t have any serious conversations. My whole body shook constantly during class. My grades fell even further. I would get out of my chair and crawl around on the floor in the middle of lessons. I spent most of my class periods sitting in the hallway after being kicked out, and I would just sit by myself outside and laugh until class ended. The mischievous back talking turned into me calling my teachers stupid, threatening to sue them, telling them they were wrong, and just being evil towards them. But it wasn’t intentional. I was unable to stop myself from saying it. The words would fly out of my mouth, and as soon as I said them, I would think to myself “I shouldn’t of said that.”. But I always thought it too late.

But in October of my 8th grade year, my mother took me to get ADHD tested.

I went and talked to a man once every two weeks for a couple of months. There’s an official test for ADHD that takes 6 hours, but is only required if you want extra test time in school. I didn’t want it, and so I never took the official test. But the man told me he already knew that I had combined type ADHD.

In January, I started my meds on the lowest dose. By the time July rolled around, I was on the dose I currently take today. The first semester of my 8th grade year, I had C’s, D’s, and low B’s. The second semester of my 8th grade year, I had straight A’s.

My homework and study time never increased. The only thing that changed was the ability to actually think and to use my brain.

Because my first semester grades were poor, I wasn’t eligible for the honor’s classes for my freshman year. I have been in the regular classes all this school year, and I’m so glad I have three days left. The only thing as awful as every class being too hard is every class being too easy.

My anxiety is still here. I still like being early. I occasionally have panic attacks. But I don’t feel like I’m going to puke everyday on the way to school. I don’t cry if I’m not 22 minutes early. I still work with my anxiety daily, but it is incomparable to how it was before.

 ADHD isn’t just for boys. Everyone knows what the signs of ADHD are: kicking and hitting people, running around constantly, never sitting still, always energetic, and of course they’re always so funny. Those are the symptoms of male ADHD. Female ADHD isn’t like this. Girls with ADHD are more likely to be unable to focus, unable to remember facts, unable to stop daydreaming, unable to do homework. They can be verbally aggressive, always interrupting and rapidly switching from topic to topic. They have no filter, unable to control what comes out of their mouth. They can’t sit in their seats; they can’t hold conversation.

Boys are almost three times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls. But studies have shown that the number of girls and boys with ADHD is equal. So surely this can’t be right.

I’m not saying this like “Boys are treated better than girls! No one cares about the female sex! They only want to diagnose the boys!” because that isn’t true. Most female ADHD is the inattentive part - which is near impossible to see in someone if they don’t tell you that they can’t focus. I didn’t realize I couldn’t focus until I was 13. 

ADHD isn’t a made up disorder. The medicine doesn’t turn your kids into zombies, or ruin their personalities. It isn’t just an excuse to sell drugs to your kids. It’s real and it’s causing tons of people to suffer, not reach their full potential, and hate themselves. Because of my medicine, I got most of my friends back, made even more friends, went from panic attacks daily to not even monthly, and make A’s without much effort (this being said, I was unable to be in the honor’s program this year. Next year I will be, so who knows if my grades will be as good).

The point is that I wasn’t stupid, or a bad person, or dysfunctional. No one with ADHD is. We just work differently, we have a chemical imbalance, and we need a pill to help us get through the day. Female ADHD needs more awareness, and my goal is to raise it. 

i believe the only reason Levi is short in canon is purely because of malnutrition of living in the under ground (assuming hes been their most his life) and since caffeine doesn't stun growth i cant blame the black tea but then again i know nothing about tea or if the rumor of caffeine stunting growth is true or not and i don't think Levi had any tea till he joined the scouts anyways lol.

BUT I like the idea that modern!au Levi would actually be around Eren’s canon height (like around 5'6") that is if the au has Levi being properly raised with descent everyday meals growing up and so on. basically if Levi isn’t a ‘street rat’ digging through garbage i think Levi would be a decent height while still being shorter than eren (not talking about fanon!older eren because that’s a different topic/headcanon/theory i have that involves eren not being the 6 foot whatever everyone makes him to be at 18-20+ years.) 

MAGCON IMAGINE: High School Affair Part 10

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Part Three     Part Eight

Part Four       Part Nine

Part Five

“I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.”

I ran home that night.

I ran home, and I just packed up as much as I could in such a short amount of time. I convinced my mom that I needed to get away. After a long conversation of disapproval, she caved. 

I remember looking over at her as she drove me to the airport, I could tell she was worried, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her. 

I couldn’t let her see how foolish I had been. I hated myself for falling so quickly.

I said goodbye to her before boarding a plane to live with my father for the rest of the school year. I couldn’t stand to go back to that school and have everyone talk about me again. 

To be honest, I didn’t think I would be able to take it this time. Let alone, have to see Taylor everyday. Seeing him with a different girl everyday. 

For about two weeks, he sent me texts. He apologized numerous amounts of times but I didn’t respond. 

I didn’t know what to say. 

With all of my heart I wanted to forgive him, and come back, but I couldn’t. 

Anyway it had been three months and the school year was over now. My mom wanted me to come back home, at least for the summer.  

My plane had landed and as I was exiting the terminal, my eyes fell to three familiar figures. My mom, Matt and y/b/n. 

Y/b/n screeched as we ran toward each other. We collided into a messy hug, which forced me to drop my bags. 

“I MISSED YOU SO SO SO MUCH!” She said as we jumped up in down. 

I laughed as we pulled away. “Where’s Jack?” I questioned looking back and forth between Matt and Y/b/n. 

“He snagged a girl, and she had a volleyball game so he couldn’t make it.” I frowned, as Matt gave this explanation. “But we’re here, and we all missed you.” He smiled, pulling me into a hug. 

I pulled away, stepping back to look at my mom who spread open her arms. 

“I missed you mama.” I giggled into her chest.

“Missed you too baby bear.” She squeezed. 

We let go of one another and I took a step back, placing my hands on my hips. “So what’s first of the agenda?" 

"Well, I thought we’d spend some time together by going to lunch, and then you’d have your nigh free to catch up with your friends.” My mom concluded. 

“Everyone’s going to a bonfire at the beach tonight if you’re up for it?” Y/b/n suggested. 

I nodded in approval. 

I had a much needed lunch with my mom, at which we were able to catch up on everything we’d missed out on. Than we headed home, where I showered and made myself presentable for tonight. 

Matt and y/b/n arrived at my house soon after and we ventured off to the beach. 

Matt pulled his car into a vacant space. I took a deep breath, as I fidgeted with my seat-belt. 

“Hey, there’s nothing to worry about.” Matt said, turning back and placing a hand on my knee. 

I nodded. 

We walked down the beach to the already roaring bonfire. The grains of sand were getting under my sandals so I stopped to fix them. I waved the others to go ahead. “I’ll be there in a second." 

I sat down on a nearby rock, undoing my sandals, I dumped the sand back into its former position on the ground. 

I decided to just keep them off, so I began to stand back up. 

I bumped into a semi-wet body, which caused me to drop my sandals on the sand beneath me. 

"Oops, I’m so sorry. I’m such a klutz.” I shyly admitted, not looking up to see who I had bumped into. 

“It’s no problem.” A deep voice chuckled. “It was probably my fault anyways. I should be the one apologizing to you.” He admitted. 

“I’m just so-” I looked up seeing that it was Taylor. Both of our faces dropped almost in unison. 

Speechless we stared at one another. 

His face was solemn. He finally spoke. “When did you get back?” He placed his surfboard into the sand beside him, and looked at his feet. 

“This morning.” I said studying his face. “I’m sorry I never called..” I looked off into the distance at the ocean roaring behind us. 

“No, it’s ok. I deserved it.” Taylor spoke, looking up at my eyes. “I should have never done what I did. I hurt you.” Tears were forming in the corners of his eyes now. 

Without saying anything I moved forward and pulled him into a hug. He wrapped both of his arms around my torso, pulling me closer. I couldn’t help my run my hands through his wet hair, it came out of habit. 

A coughing noise came, and we released each other. 

JJ stood in front of us, her arms crossed. 

“Look who decided to come back.” She laughed, moving over to Taylor and grabbing his hand. 

I looked at him in confusion, but he avoided my eyes. 

“Didn’t you hear? Taylor and I have been dating since the week that you left.” She smirked. 

“Actually, no one seemed to mention it.” I spoke quickly before walking away, toward the bonfire. 

I walked over and sat down next to y/b/n. 

“Hey- oh what’s wrong?” She frowned looking at my saddened features. 

“Nothing!” I tried reassuring her by plastering a fake smile across my face. 

“You say Taylor didn’t you?” She questioned. 

“It’s not a big deal.” I gave a fake laugh. 

“Well good!” She smiled grabbing me by the hand. “Because I know some people that want to see you.” She pulled me over to a group of familiar faces. 

I looked around seeing Cameron, Nash, Gilinsky, Aaron, Carter, Shawn, Hayes, Johnson, Matt, Jacob and a couple of girls who I assumed we’d went to school with. 

“Y/N!!” They all screamed jumping to their feet. 

One by one I was hugged and told how much I’d been missed. Jack Gilinsky even introduced me to his new girlfriend whose name was Tessa, who seemed like a really nice girl.

Finally Nash and Cameron approached me. 

They pulled me into tight group hug before letting go. 

“We’re sorry for everything that happened.” Cameron spoke, rubbing the back of his neck. 

“Yeah, we should’ve known Tay would fuck things up.” Nash said chewing on his bottom lip. 

“Guys, it’s not a big deal.” I laughed. “Just wasn’t meant to be.” I shrugged. 

“Ok, but just tell us you didn’t meet anyone while you were away.” Nash laughed. 

“Nope. I’m still as single as ever.” I shyly admitted. 

“Good.” Cameron winked. Stepping closer he whispered. “Because we thought you might be up for some fun?” His breath was hot on my neck. 

Stepping back he and Nash shot each other glances. 

“Maybe I am?” I smirked back at both of them. 

Maybe I was ready to have a little fun. And to get over Taylor. 

TCA and Troyler going cannon (One Shot)

So hi I wanted to write a one shot and here it is hope you like it. English is not my first language so it may have mistakes anyway enjoy.

I shifted on the sofa nervously.
Today was the day we were to lay all the cards about us on the table for everyone to see.

I breathed out slowly.

We talked about this for months now waiting for a good moment to come around to come clean to everyone, and here it is.
Today finally We, I will tell everyone the truth that Tilly is the man of my dreams, that I would take a bullet for him anytime, that everyday when I wake up I choose him allover again knowing he is the best thing that could happen to me.

They will all see that we are more then best friends, that we are partners, lovers, companions.

That we are each others soul mates.

I stood up to glance at the mirror for the last time before We leave. I looked good, really good

I should wear collared shirts more often - I said out loud to my reflection in the mirror

They make you look sexy as fuck Sivan - I heard Tyler whisper in my ear. I was so busy with my thoughts that I didn’t even realize that he entered the room.

I rolled my eyes in the response and gave him a peck on the lips.

That’s all you got Sivan huh I’ve seen you do better - he snorted

Oh Shut up Ty - I pushed him away playfully
We have to get going anyway I don’t want to be late

He grabbed my sweaty palm on our way to the door, and squeezed it gently.
You know everything is going to go smoothly right - he gave me a questioning look full of concern

I know - I said quietly my eyes pierced on the carpet
And I want them to know, they deserve to know - I said firmly
I’m just really stressed about all of it Ty. You know me, that’s just how I am, I can’t help to stress over every single thing no matter how big or small I just can’t help it my brain automatically overthinks it all to the sky rocking point. - I was out of breath I heated this about myself I hated how I was vulnerble to my own thoughts, a victim of myself.

I felt Tyler’s hands wrap around my back hugging me tightly, as we waited for our uber to arrive.
He didn’t say anything but I knew he understood.

We got out of our Uber, and I let go of Tyler’s hand knowing that we have to wait those couple more hours, till we make everything clear hopefuly on stage when we receive our award for the troyler collab our viewers loved so dearly.

I wasn’t stressed for the red carpet I had experience with it already and so had Ty.

Do you want to pose for the pictures together? - I heard him ask

Umm yess - I blurted out quickly because it was to late to make a change now
It was our turn.
As soon as we stepped onto the carpet I heard our viewers that came to watch the carpet scream TROYLER really loudly.
The thought of them not knowing what they’re in for tonight made me smile like a doofus. Suddenly I didn’t feel stressed and worried about how the announcement was going to go down, I finally managed to relax and focus on having fun with my friends tonight.
I felt Ty elbowing me and I realized that I completely froze in the middle of the read carpet standing there just smiling widely at the ground.
I automatically fixed my posture and started waking down the carpet again.

You look good in those red colors Troye Sivan - I heard Tyler cackle

Oh fuck off Tyler - I spat trying to hold in a laughter

He swinged his arm over my back in a friendly gesture guiding me to the entrance, stopping only for couple of selfies on the way.

The fun was just about to begin.

We walked over to our assigned sits just to see Zoe trying to explain something to Bethany Mota very enthusiastically.

The sight of my best friends all here smiling at me made me feel like I’m on the top of the world like life it’s so amazing and it just can’t get any better.
Lately with all the work with TRXYE being released and all I haven’t had much time to spend with my friends or anyone in that case just interviews, writing, recording and traveling so this change felt good real good.

Troyee - I heard someone yell into my ear

I turned around to see Zoe jumping up and down greeting me with the biggest smile.
I missed you so much Troye you have no idea - she shouted
I pulled her in for a tight hug I loved that munchkin a lot she’s just the kind of person you can’t not adore with all your heart.

Are you and Ty going to do it? - She whispered into my ear

I nodded my head quickly realizing that I have no idea whee Tyler has gone

She pulled away and grinned at me with this witty suspicion smile of hers

What - I asked trying not to laugh

Nothing you know just imagining all the deaths troyler going cannon will cause among the shippers - She started to laugh
But hey I’m happy for you two I’m a number one troyler shipper after all - she quickly added

I laughed

Nope, I’m pretty sure nothing and nobody beats my dad sorry Zo

I have to give you that - she agreed

Come sit next to us - she took my hand and guided me to the chairs in the corner

I exchanged hellos and Hugs with everyone and sat at my assigned sit. I searched the room for Tyler and I saw him coming over to us with drinks in his hands. Oh well that’s really self explanatory mama loves his drinks after all.

Tyler I’m pretty sure I can’t drink in public in this country - I said while he handed me one of the glasses with orangey looking liquid

Then bottoms up before the cameras go on it will do you good it will relax you a bit bub

I downed the liquid in one go cringing at the burning sensation it left in my throat

Everyone was so excited for the show to start, we didn’t really care which one of us is going to win the awards as far as we were concerned we were all winners already, winners for the team internet .

When we wear about an hour into the show I felt a buzz in my pocket and I saw that Tyler was pulling out his phone already too.
I knew what that meant we won the best web collaboration, I didn’t have to look at my phone the way Tyler’s eyes lit up when he read it just assured me of it.
I went to squeeze his hand smiling as wide as I could from happiness.
I loved seeing him smile you know there’s something in this smile that’s contagious, you just can’t not smile back.
I guess it’s happening Sivan you ready to kill the whole fandom in couple of minutes - he whispered to me
I nodded slightly laughing
Shall we give them a warning or something? - I asked
Nope Tyler replied let that be a complete surprise to them.
And that’s when we heard the host of the TCA say that it’s time to find out who the winners of the best web collaboration of 2014 are.

They were going to say our names any second now, I fixed myself in the chair getting ready to stand up and walk to the stage with my Tilly, yes ,,My Tilly" I will finally get to tell everyone that he is main.

The winners of the best web collaboration of 2014 are
I could here the crowd go wild screaming troyler troyler troyler
We stood up and made our way over to the stage.

I kept telling myself in my mind just not to do anything stupid and for god sake not to fall off the stairs.

It felt surreal to accept an award for our video, but we couldn’t be happier and it couldn’t feel more right to stand on that stage with Tyler

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! - I shouted into the mic
Well me and Tyler we have something to tell you, so bare with us for a second okay.

I gave Tyler the mic, He was always better at speeches in front of the crowd.

First of all thank you to everyone who voted for us that means so much to Troye and Me.
We’ve been best of friends for more than a year now. We traveled the world together, reached our goals and dreams in life together I couldn’t imagine having a better person standing right besides me every single day.
I want to be with this boy for the rest of my life, I want to be able to look into his blue eyes every morning and see the sparkle inside them, I want to keep seeing this incredible smile on his face whenever I make him laugh.

The whole crowd just kinda died I can’t explain it differently everything looked hazy thru my eyes that started to build up with tears due to Tillys speech.

He is more then my best friend.

He is my partner, my companion.

He is the love of my life, and I could never imagine my life without him. He is the sunshine to my gray clouds, he inspires me to be a better person he means so much to me and I know that no matter what happens I will always love him because he truly is my soul mate.
So I guess what we are trying to say is that Troyler is cannon everybody - I heard him shout the last sentence in a very Tyler Oakley kind of way

He turned to look at me, and I was standing there in a puddle of my own tears, cursing myself for getting all emotional on stage. I warped my hands around him.

We walked of the stage holding hands with the biggest grins on our faces. I couldn’t wait to continue this journey I call life with the boy of my dreams, my soul mate my Tyler.

No seemed to be Jack’s word of the day. He couldn’t figure out why every girl at his new school wanted to be with him, it kind of annoyed him, but he didn’t let it show.

The only girl that showed no interest in him was one of his new friends, Merida. She also happened to be dating Hiccup, his other new friend. He was grateful for this girl not hanging all over him.

She would even help him out. When someone would start making their way towards him she would step in front of him and tell the girls to back off and that he was off limits.

But when Merida wasn’t around it was another story. Girls would crowd around him, sit by him, follow him, throw notes at him, all of them asking him out, and he’d tell them all no, that he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend.

He was walking through the halls, making sure the cost was clear before he turned every corner. He was looking for the library for some book report he has to do. His first day and he already has a dumb project.

He finally found the library, pushing the door open and looking around. He had seen libraries before, but never one like this. It was two stories high, the shelves were to the ceilings with books. How in the world was he supposed to find what he needs?

He was wandering around looking through all the shelves when he heard someone humming. He didn’t even realize there was someone else in here. He sighed when he realized it was a girl, great, another girl to throw themselves at him.

He looked around the corner at the girl that was humming. She has long blond hair, some freckles covering her face, and a pair of glasses. Jack smirked. He hasn’t seen this girl around. He stood there watching her for a minutes before she started talking “Are you going to just continue to stand there?”

Jack shook his head. He had completely forgotten he was there to find a book. The girl was looking up at him now and he gave her a smile “Sorry, I just got distracted.”

“Do you need help finding anything?” she asked with an arched eyebrow, shutting her book.

“Actually, that would be nice. I have to do a report on some Sherman guy”

She stood up and motioned for him to follow “As in Sherman’s march to the sea?” Jack nodded and she led him to one of the shelves “I’m Rapunzel, by the way. I spend all my free time here.”

Jack smiled at her “Jack.” he watched as Rapunzel reached up and grabbed one of the books, handing it to him “Why do you spend time in here?”

Rapunzel smiled and shrugged “I don’t exactly fit in with everyone else.”


Jack spent everyday of the next week meeting Rapunzel during lunch in the library. He was glad to find someone other than Merida that wasn’t throwing themselves at him.

He liked talking to her and listening to her. He loved the sound of her voice, and if he could, he would listen to it all day.

She told him about her family, how she was adopted when she was just a baby and how she has an older brother who’s in his first year of college.

And Jack found it in him to open up to her, telling her about the death of his parents, his relationship with his sister, and his foster father, North.

After that day, the two became close. They were always together, and he even introduced her to Merida and Hiccup who took a quick liking to her. Her and Hiccup got along great over their choices of books, and Merida discovered that Rapunzel was actually fun to talk to.

They were sitting at lunch the day that Jack realized he wanted more. He turned to Rapunzel and leaned on the table “Say Punzie, what do you say about going out this weekend?”

anonymous asked:

Okay everyone is always talking about Louis' thighs but Liam's thighs are so important!!!!!!!!!! Im obsessed 🙈

I appreciate all of Liam’s parts. LOL But yes, nonnie. Let’s reflect upon his thighs for a moment. 

You’re right, they are nice. Look at that muscle tone.

The full monty of thigh shots here. Niiiice. I would brush the entirety of his leg hair with the finest all natural bristle brush I could find, no joke.

You like the way that wet suit hugs his thighs, dontcha nonnie?  I know you do.

A lil everyday denim swaddled thigh here. It’s working for me. 

Mmmm…concert thigh. Very squeezable.

Australian snake habitat thigh madness. Never forget. 

Wet Liam is good Liam. Do you wanna bite those juicy thighs? With bonus nass wedgie!

This post has been informative and important. :P

Hello everyone! :)

I would love to invite you all to my “Firework Show” (maxing party :P)! :D 

I know I don’t talk to many of you. I’m a pretty shy guy :s

But each day I go through all the posts under the #runescape tags 

and feel like I get to know each one of you post, by post! 

All the level and xp gains I see on tumblr everyday 

truly does inspire me to make my RS character the best that it could be.

So here I am today, about to reach my “5 years in the making” goal :p

I am finally maxing out! :’) 

This saturday, 5/10/2014 I will be getting Five 99 capes! 

and 1 Max Cape :) !! 

For anyone who sees and reads this, I would love to invite you to share

this amazing moment with me! We will watch the sky

as fireworks fill the air :D 

Blue! RED! GREEN! It’s like christmas, but with loud BOOMS! >:D 

I hope to see some familiar names there :’) 

Oh and if you could reblog this, that would be very much appreciated <33

He's Your Teacher (Part 5)

He’s Your Teacher (Part 5)

So this was requested AGAIN! And um yeah I guess you guys are really liking this so uh again enjoy…


Niall: It came to your attention that yes you were trying really hard to reel in Mr. Horan and yes you did actually like him and wanted to be the teachers pet. So you decided to stay after school and talk to him about a meal you would like to prepare for your family. You knew he would have some great ideas. You’re so giddy and ready to go but when you opened that door, your whole heart stopped, your mouth was just wide open at the sight. Your very own best friend and teacher, were getting it on.

Zayn: “Alright class have a nice day,” as the other students stalked or ran out of the class you stayed behind. You have been meaning to talk to him about your relationship. When the two of you were alone you slowly walk up to him. “Um Mr. Malik? Can I talk with you?” He looked tired but tried his best putting on a happy face. “Yeah what is it Y/N?” “I’m sorry and I’m a fool. I just feel like everything that was to happen would some how go for the worst. I have feelings for you don’t get me wrong it’s just I don’t want this to turn ugly.” He nods his head solemnly biting his lip. “It’s fine I understand really.” “No Zayn, lets try. I’m serious.” “Really?” “Yeah, really.”

Liam: You didn’t talk to him. Try to talk to him or even look at him! It was so hard to do since you see each other everyday, but you knew this would be for the better. You could still call and text him but would have to put his selected tone on silent or vibrate. This was a challenge that neither of you could break. If you did, and everyone found out, all hell will break loose.

Harry: After you got done putting the decorations where he asked you two decide to take a break. “That’s a lot of stuff, why so much of it?” “Eh, they think I should brighten the place up. You act like we’re building a house!” “Hey, you never know,” you took a swig of water almost droppiit when Harry pulled you I’m for a kiss. You smiled deeply at his eager actions. He was so cute and adorable when it came to kissing and touching because he hasn’t had relations with a student before . But you understood. The door knob rattle with two knocks following it and you both jump apart! “Uh come in.” “Hey Mr. Styles oh hey Y/N!” “Hi Mrs. Rogers.” “I just came by to drop these off for you.” “Oh thank you,” you saw her eye twinkle as Harry smiled at her. You roll your eyes taking a swig you couldn’t get in before. “Alright well bye!” “Bye.” “That was close.” “You don’t say.”

Louis: “Hey babe come here,” as you were walking down the hall on your way to hang out with your friends, your boyfriend/teacher called for you. “Yeah what is it?” “Come here I have some great news,” you walk into his classroom after he closed the door. You sat down in a chair as he sat in front of you. “Ok guess what I just found out?” “What?” “Well apparently Coca-Cola is giving out huge money scholarships I mean around four grand.” “Woah, four?” “Yeah and I thought you’d be the perfect candidate for it.” “Wait what?” “Babe they are only giving scholarships to five people in this class. I chose you for the highest one.” “Louis! Oh my god!” “I know, I know just think about it and-,” “No I want it!” “I know, you should get it your grades are perfect for it.” “Thank you so much.” “Anything for you baby girl, anything for you.”