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Yesterday I saw an anti ironpanther post on my dash and surprise, surprise, spite is a very good motivator for me to start writing again. So have some courting, and arc reactor issues and getting together, since that is what @ir0nshield asked for. Watch out for the cut since this is almost 3k words long.

Dealing with T’Challa after the whole mess with the Accords was easier than Tony would have thought.

Sure, T’Challa, and T’Chaka before him, had been for the Accords in the first place, but T’Challa was also housing the rogue Avengers and Tony wasn’t sure what to expect from him.

But T’Challa was nothing if not polite, and Tony tried to be the same in return. After all, T’Challa was a big force behind the Accords and Tony could need him in his corner if Ross suddenly decided that Tony belonged into the raft as well.

Tony was rubbing at the skin around the arc reactor, the cold always made it hurt, when T’Challa entered the conference room.

“Mr. Stark,” he greeted Tony and Tony almost flinched.

“Let’s stick to Tony, Mr. Stark was my father, King T’Challa,” he said and T’Challa thoughtfully tilted his head.

“Only if you can forget the king,” he gave back and Tony huffed.

“Nothing easier as that, Mufasa.” Tony wasn’t sure if the Lion King was a thing over in Wakanda, but going by the tilt to T’Challa’s mouth it definitely was.

“I think I am more Simba than Mufasa, wouldn’t you agree,” T’Challa said and proved Tony right.

“If you say so, Simba,” Tony replied with a smile and then stilled when T’Challa’s gaze fell onto his chest.

“Is it still hurting from the injury?” he asked and Tony forced himself to lower his hand.

He never liked it when the attention was on the arc reactor.

“Maybe. It just hurts sometimes,” he gave back, not willing to tell T’Challa that it was the injury and the cold and the reactor in general. He didn’t need to know that.

T’Challa obviously noticed Tony’s hesitation in talking about the reactor and thankfully dropped the matter.

They were talking about Rhodey and his recovery when the other members of the Accords came in and from then on it was only business with them.


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A/N: I’m trying to kill three birds with one stone, so to speak. Hope y’all don’t mind. Also, as always, I do my best to keep things gender neutral and open enough so that everyone can enjoy the feels, but if I’ve slipped up and included a specific pronoun, please let me know so I can change it.


Word Count: 1,218

Title: Surprise!

Long distance relationships were hard. That was something everyone had told you and Tyler when you announced that even though he was moving to L.A that you were both still committed to each other. So many people had told you that long distance put a strain on things and that things wouldn’t be the same when you saw each other again, but you both were determined to make things work.

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Individual Success Part 2 (Fred Weasley x Reader)

i strongly advise you to go reread part 1 to refresh your memory

“Miss Y/N, it is time you take your medicine.” The nurse from the nursing home said to the lady with the greying hair.

“I have to take medicine?”

“Yes, you do.”

“Oh, okay.”

“And right after you have a visitor.”

“A visitor?” Y/N asked perplexed, she could not think of anyone who would want to visit her.

“Yes a visitor. Fred Weasley.”

“Who’s Fred Weasley?”

And the nurse did not reply, just looking down at Y/N with sad eyes.


“Miss Y/N, your visitor will see you now. Would you like to go meet him outside or shall I get him to come in?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to go out?”

“Well, you don’t like the cameras much.”

“Cameras? Why would there be cameras for me?” Y/N asked.

The nurse led her out to the front door of the home, where two journalists were indeed standing.

“Ex-minister! Y/N-“

“Now now, she is not in shape for questions gentlemen, quit wasting your time here.” The nurse said to them protectively.

“Hi.” A man approached Y/N, a tall man with kind eyes behind the wrinkles on his eyelids, and flaming red hair.

“Hello.” Y/N responded, shaking his hand.

She couldn’t quite grasp it, but there was something in this man’s eyes when he looked at her that made her feel oddly at home.

“Shall we go in?” The nurse came in between them and walked them slowly up the steps into the garden of the nursing home.

The two sat down at a small table. Fred merely looked at her, a small smile on his face.

“So. How are you today Y/N?”

“Oh I’m fine. And you? Um what was it again?”


“That sure is a nice name.”

“Thank you.”

“I love the color of your hair! And it hasn’t faded with age?”

“Us redheads don’t age.” Fred winked.

As much as he smiled, there was some unknown pain in his eyes, Y/N thought. She wondered why.

“So, what brings you here?” She asked the stranger.

“Just came to visit you.” He replied.

“Have we met before?”

“Oh, it’s complicated.”

“Interesting. So what do you do?”

“I used to run a joke shop.”

“A joke shop! How fun.”

They sat there for a little bit, gazing at the afternoon sun.

“It’s awfully boring here.” Fred huffed.

“Yeah. Why don’t you tell me a story?” Y/N suddenly asked Fred.

Fred looked at her.

“I can’t think of any.” He said.

“Anything, just tell me any favourite story of yours.”

“Well there is this one. It’s my favourite story of all times.”

“What’s the name? Maybe we have the book here at the library.”

“Oh no need. I know it by heart.” Fred said with a twinkle in his eye.

“There once was this girl. Who was in love with a boy. They both went to Hogwarts.”

“Is Hogwarts a school? I think I’ve heard of it.”

“Indeed.” Fred continued.

“They were very much in love.”

“I swear to God Fred if you push me-“

Fred picked Y/N up by the waist and leapt into the lake with her still in his arms. Y/N mounted to the surface of the water, sputtering and coughing.

“God, you little-“

But Fred interrupted her probably inappropriate words by planting his wet lips on hers.

“Get a freaking room!” George bellowed a few meters away, interrupting his water fight with Ginny.

“That sounds very cute.” Y/N hummed.

“Oh yes. That couple was very very cute.”

“Did they end up together Fred?”

“Oh, it’s very long and complicated. But we’ll get there my sweet Y/N.”

“So. They were very much in love. But they were both very very ambitious. The boy wanted to start a business. And the girl, wanted to become minister.”

“How good for her!” Y/N exclaimed. “But the boy’s business sounds a little bit risky no?”

Fred smiled.

“Wow, that’s very ambitious.” Y/N says. “And um, this shop you will open, it’ll be just like Zonko’s?”

“Yep. Better.” Fred adds.

“Well, that’s a lot of work for you guys to do then.”


« Eventually, their dreams lead them apart. » Fred continued the story. “So after the boy left school, the girls stayed and passed her exams. However, when she graduated she went straight back home and for a year they did not see or talk to each other. There was a war you see, so as much as they wanted and longed to see each other they could not. After said war, both of their careers were blowing up and they once again could not have seen or talked to each other. They were too busy to even write.”

“Then what?” Y/N asked, captivated by this story.

“Then, the girl became Minister. And the boy opened up his shop. It was actually very hard for the boy, now that I think of it. For months he couldn’t even look at a newspaper in fear of having to see her picture in it.”

“Did he ever get over it?”

“Well, you see he was so depressed that one day his brother came and set him up with an old school friend, Angelina. And they got along very well and decided to be together.”

“So the boy moved on from the girl?”

“No, not really. The girl got engaged; but I think both of them still would never be able to forget about each other. Anyways, so one day the girl walked into the boy’s shop, for ministry business.”

Y/N grasped the golden orange doorknob, pulling it; not showing any emotion.

Counting the Galleons, Fred’s gaze was on the counter in front of him. The little bell on the door gave a tinkle, as someone opened the door.

Y/N stepped in, her head turning to look around before stopping at the cash register.

Hearing the sound, Fred looked up, expecting just another customer.

Their eyes met, and the room filled with tension and emotion.

“After that brief encounter, for some reason fate kept bringing them together. They ran into each other in shops, at restaurants… for some reason they kept seeing each other.”

“And then?”

“Well, one day coincidentally they both visited their old school. Without consulting each other or anything, they just both went on the same day. And they obviously spoke to one another.”

Hello.” Y/N said politely, the tension in her throat killing her.


“How are you?”

“Good thanks.”

“I’ve seen your shop, it really is a phenomenal success.”

“And you too, not a day goes by without me seeing a picture of you somewhere.” Fred chuckled, awkwardly attempting to hide the pain of having to see Y/N’s face everywhere on papers.

“Well good. I’m happy to hear you are doing well.”

“Me too.”

They both just nodded to each other, looking deep into each other’s eyes. They felt their heart give a painful jolt at the feeling of getting lost in each other’s irises.

“Fuck it.” Fred breathed and cupped Y/N’s face to kiss her. Y/N returned it, and so forcefully they backed into the old broom cupboard they used to visit quite often in their student days.

“Oh I’m so happy they kissed!”

“Well actually a little more than that.” Fred smiled his old teasing smirk. “After that, it all went by so fast. The boy couldn’t live without the girl and after realising that fact, he broke up with Angelina.”

“And, the girl?” Y/N inquired.

Fred smiled, his stare piercing into Y/N’s soul.

“What do you think?”

“She left her husband for him?”


“This story sounds familiar.”


Fred looked at Y/N, as if he was waiting for something to happen. But all Y/N did was look down.

“Well, thank you sir. I think I’m going to go take my afternoon nap.”

“I-it was my pleasure.” Fred said, his voice breaking slightly.

Y/N nodded and smiled at him politely as she walked out. Fred sighed. He made his way out to the front door where his family was waiting.

“Well?” George asked.

“Not today Forge, not today.”

“One day, don’t worry.” George said, clapping his twin brother on the back.

“I know. One day, she will remember. Remember me.” Fred said, looking up at a window, the sun reflecting on his glassy eyes.


It's What's Best For You, Sweetheart- Newt Scamander x Reader

It’s What’s Best for You, Sweetheart
Request: Newt scamander x reader. They have been dating since hogwarts and its only now that the readers parents get involved because they don’t like Newt
A/n: I am by no means against parents or families. Parents and families are lovely, but for this plot, the parents may seem a bit harsh and against the reader. I am not trying to portray families in a negative light or trying to make family disagreements look fun or romantic or anything along those lines. This was interesting to write because I often deal with this kind of stuff, not in terms of relationships, but with what I want to do in life and how my mental state is and etc. Basically, if your parents don’t really understand you, that’s okay. You aren’t’ strange or weird or anything like that. Sometimes families are quick to judge and don’t really see us for who we are. I’m always here, and I understand. This probably makes no sense, but I hope you all know that you are loved and there’s no one as special as you are. You have your own life to live and you need to do what makes you happy, regardless of what others want. Do what YOU want and what makes YOU happy. Thank you all again for the amazing support and I love and appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. You are all special and amazing and awesome and beautiful and unique and intelligent and all around individual and spectacular.
-Alyssa (aka unscriptedtimetraveler)

Warnings-Family disputes/mentions of insecurities, still fluffy though

Newt’s grip on your hand tightened as you sat in the living room of where you spent your childhood. Your parents had wanted you to visit to have a ‘talk’ about something, yet you were baffled as to what it could have been about. The relationship you had with your parents was about as smooth as ships on the sea during a summer storm. The waters would lay calm and normal, but as soon as something stirred them up, the fury would be released to its full potential.

Your parents weren’t terrible, they just didn’t really understand you in a sense. They were often too wrapped up in their own roles in the world to really lend an eye or ear to you, unless of course, the family name was at stake. Your family like to maintain a successful image, which might have explained why your cousin was arranged to marry a wealthy Auror. You had lost count of how many ‘We’re doing what’s best for you’ talks you’ve endured over the years, and when they found out during your years at Hogwarts that you in a relationship with someone out of their standards, they sent a small selection of uninviting and lengthy letters for you to review. Of course, you didn’t care though. They may not have seen him the way you did, but that wasn’t going to change your mind and cut all ties with him. He was different, unique, passionate and considerate. He was none other than the frantic Magizoologist who was still squeezing your hand.

You never really expected to fall in love with Newt, considering you had only viewed each other as best friends for years. However, the bond between you two began to grow and change, which ultimately led to a confession of feelings under starlight by the lake. You two had been inseparable, constantly brushing your hands against one another in class and giving innocent kisses of luck before exams or games. Everything about Newt was everything you had asked for, which is why you were upset when you had to let it all go.

The night he was expelled still remains as one of the worst things either of you had experienced. He had apparently “Endangered life,” but you knew him better than that. He was gentle and caring, he wouldn’t hurt anyone. The school had other perceptions of him though. He was being sent away, and the two of you knew your different lives would change your relationship. With a heavy heart in both of your chests, you went your separate ways. You promised to write as often as you could but you were both alone now, with nothing but your mangled hearts to keep you going.

It would be years before you two would finally meet in person again. He had written you a letter explaining that he was in the area, and you didn’t hesitate for a second to rush to meet him. You agreed to meet in a nearby park, and after wandering around in search of him, your eyes met, allowing all of the memories to flood back. He had changed a lot since Hogwarts. His hair was longer, muscles broader, and his height was definitely taller, but it was undoubtedly the same man you had been in love with from the letters. With a passionate kiss, you both knew it would all be alright.

However, this still didn’t mean that Newt wasn’t scared of meeting your parents face to face. He wasn’t oblivious to the way they felt about him, and he wasn’t exactly begging to come with you today, hence why he kept gripping your hand out of nervousness.

“Y/n you know they don’t like me. I don’t even think I’m supposed to be here,” he whispered closer to you.

“Newt, we’ve been dating for years. They should have expected that I was going to bring you,” you assured him, “Everything is alright, Alright?”

Newt let a worried groan as his face squinted into a nervous expression as you kissed his cheek. Your father walked in accompanied by your mother lose behind. Their faces were not exactly readable, but from what you could pick out, they were not at all thrilled that Newt had come here. They had put off actually meeting him until this moment, and you could tell that their eyes might have some daggers to throw.

“Y/n, it’s nice to see that you visited us today, but I thought you were supposed to come alone dear?” asked your mother as a faint and fake sense of happiness glossed over her smile. She hadn’t even addressed Newt’s existence.

“Well, Newt and I have been together since I was a teen. I’d like to think that we are serious enough to come together,” you spoke as politely as you could before your father chimed in.

“Yes but Y/n, we were thinking about the future and perhaps this isn’t the best for you right now.”

You felt your cheeks boiling. Why would they even consider bringing this up if they knew that Newt was sitting right in front of them?

“Think about it Y/n. There are lots of other men out there. My friend Mason has a dashing young lad who is a part of the ministry-,”

“But Newt works at the ministry too, as a Magizoologist.”

“I understand that but really Y/n you should weigh options! We clearly don’t like him, and we want the best for you sweetheart!”

“There are no options to be weighed, can’t you see that Newt is standing right here!”

By now, smoke was practically fuming out of your ears as you stood up abruptly. Newt sat still, but still tried to coax you to sit back down too by grabbing your forearm. He gave you a look and you tried to calm yourself so you wouldn’t explode. You looked down at him and took in his broken expression. He knew your parents didn’t like him all too well, but he never expected them to want to replace him. He always felt that he wasn’t worthy of you, especially after the incident at Hogwarts, and he always felt guilty that he hadn’t been able to give you as much as other people. Deep down he knew you deserved better.

Your mother cut back in, “For Merlin’s sake Y/n, the man was kicked out of school and might I remind you, was a criminal?”

“He didn’t do anything wrong! It wasn’t his fault!”

“If he just got rid of those damn monsters in the first place maybe he would be a respectable member of society!” shouted your father.

“Well you may not see him as a so-called ‘respectable member of society’ but I do. I thought my parents would have been more supportive like they used to be. Oh wait! You were never there! Did you write letters of encouragement or congratulations while I was at Hogwarts? No, only infuriating and disrespectful ones. Did you show up when I invited you to attend a ceremony for my job? No, neither of you did. Did you see me off when I was going away to America? Not at all. You only care now because it’s your names at stake, because you don’t like him, and I personally would choose Newt over whatever this is any day of the week! Now if you will excuse me, the man I love and I will be leaving. Next time you want to ‘talk,’ I hope it’s on a topic that doesn’t require the validation that no one asked for! Sorry that Newt and I aren’t good enough for you. Have a splendid day!” You sarcastically shot at them as you stormed out. Newt followed you, with numerous expressions on his face. Your parents were flabbergasted and frozen to their spots. You and Newt took out your wands and apparated home.

You proceeded to storm inside you own flat and Newt trailed behind you. His heart was still heavy with hurt and insecurity. He loved you, but maybe your parents were right. Tears pricked his eyes like rose thorns, and he knew it wasn’t the strongest thing in the world, but he couldn’t help it. He went over to wrap you in a hug in his arms.

“Love I’m sorry your parents don’t li-,” he tried to get out, but he was cut off when you turned around and crashed your lips onto his. He kissed back passionately, stroking your own cheek that was now streaked with a tear or two.

“Don’t you dare even finish that sentence, Newt. I have told you a thousand times and I’ll tell you again, I love you and I don’t care what my parents say. You’re amazing and you’re everything I could ever want. I don’t care what they think, they haven’t even seen who you are as a person. You’ve been more supportive and caring than they have anyways.”

He kissed you once more, but this time harder. He picked you up in his arms and you happily ran your hands through his fluffy hair.

“I love you Y/n, I’ll try to be better.”

“You don’t need to be better dear. I love you for you, with your creatures and everything.”
“I love you my darling. You truly are the most remarkable person to ever walk into my life.”

The two of you remained close to one another for the rest of the night. You cuddled into one another as you slowly drifted off to sleep. He was yours, and you were his. Your parents could say and shout all the things they wanted, but you would both stay by one another through all of the ups and downs that life had to toss at you.

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Twisted words - Nogitsune Imagine [Request]

Request:  7,9,13 with the Nogitsune

# 7 - “If I could just get you to see it.” 
# 9 - “Once I hold on, I won’t let go …”
# 13 - “Not that I mind, but why …”

A/N: I really like this one, though it turned out way duskier than I expected. As always - Enjoy reading ♥

Oh and just to mention: 200+ FOLLOWERS? ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS?! THANKS A LOT!!! ♥♥♥
Might not seem much to others but to me it’s a bunch more than I expected plus it means a lot

Requests are still OPEN - Prompts CLOSED

word count: 2008

Originally posted by fragileheartxxx

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Calum Hood Smut - If You Don't Know

Pairing: Calum and Y/N

Word Count: 6.6k+

Rating: R

Requested: Nope!

Because let’s be real, virgin Calum is underrated and I think we all needed this a little bit.

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alright but lardo dating georgia and the team being oblivious:

  • jack: uh, my team ,samwell, team manager wanted you to have this bouquet
    georgia: aww, thats so sweet
    jack: yeah i guess its just from one gm supporting another gm
    georgia: uh huuh?
  • lardo: *making out with georgia on the fucking couch in front of the haus*
    ransom: wow these are some great friendship smooches, good for you two gals
  • Nursey, leaning over to look at lardo’s phone: um Georgia’s initials are gm not gf.
    lardo: okay.
  • dex, knocking on lardo’s door: is the heat not working in your room because its cold in the attic and i wante-
    lardo, half dressed, looking behind her at georgia who is trying to pull up the blanket over her face: actually this is a bad time 
    dex: Oh hey Georgia, did you come to visit bitty? is jack coming soon? because jack’s not here right now so i don’t know why-
    lardo, slamming the door: BYE DEX
  • bitty: i’m so glad you and georgia are friends, its great to see her getting along with the team
    lardo: actually we’re more than friends
    bitty: oohh.
    bitty: best friends?
  • holster: so there’s this great guy i think you would LOVE
    lardo: thats sweet, but i have a girlfriend
    holster: brah i’m SURE i could find a boyfriend for ALL your girlfriends
    lardo: no, i’m a lesbian
    holster: you’re not ANY kind of lesser bean, lards. You’re a HUMAN bean.
    lardo: thanks? wait no-
  • georgia, passing by lardo: hey!
    lardo, with the slightest smile: hey.
    chowder, spitting out his drink: ARE YOU AND GEORGIA DATING???
    lardo, tears in her eyes: ye-


Inspiration struck again! And so soon after the first bit! :D

@a-million-chromatic-dreams; @radioactivedelorean; @witete, I’ve got more Good Things going here! I bet you can guess what’s going on with this one, considering how “Intervention” ended. We need a couple very important people!

About a week after Stan’s and Ford’s rather abrupt disappearance, Dipper and Mabel were still tamping a circle into the carpet of their living room in Piedmont.

“Grunkle Stan wouldn’t just take Grunkle Ford and leave the hospital like that,” Dipper muttered. “Not when he took him there to get help. There has to be another reason why!”

“But we’ve thought of almost everything!” Mabel argued. “I mean, there was nothing wrong with the hospital room – we saw it!”

“Yeah, and it didn’t look like there was a struggle or anything.” Dipper’s frown deepened as he rubbed at his chin in thought. “There’s got to be some piece of the puzzle we’re missing. Something that caused them both to disappear without making it look like they were getting hurt or anything like that.”

“Ya mean like an alien lady opened a portal and we walked through it?”

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Drabble: I love you

“26, 33, 34 with Sam, thank you💘”

26: “Tell me what they did to you, please.” 

33: “Could you hold my hand?”

34: “If you want to leave, then-”
“I don’t want to leave! I want you, you idiot.”

The night was cold, but it didn’t bother Y/n. Not anymore. She knew she would walk into the first bar, in need for a drink. Hunting alone wasn’t fun, she found out. She had worked on some cases with the Winchesters after years of hunting alone. After a few cases and some great bonding, mostly with sam, she left. It was the right time, she though. But she was wrong. Hunting alone was not fun. Not anymore. The idea of not having backup, of not being able to talk to someone about this or that, made her unsure. It was her first case back alone, and she already regretted her choice of leaving. She couldn’t go back, She never doubted her choices, so why would she start? 

Dropping on a stool, she sighted and ordered a shot. A man sat on the stool next to hers and wanted the same. She glanced over at the guy and raised her brow slightly. 

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?” The guy asked with a grin. 

“Nothing special. Just relaxing, I guess.” She smirked at him, in need of a talk. 

“I see. Think some booze will help you?” He made a gesture to their shots. 

“I think it will.” She said and drank hers in one big swing. 

“I see, a girl who can drink.” The guy smirked. He extended his hand. “I’m Johnathan.” Y/n shook his hand and grinned. 


The more she drank, the more Y/n enjoyed Johnathans company. He was kind and respected her personal space. Or so it seemed. He payed for all her shots and even ordered a cocktail for her. 

“You know,” Y/n began, already drunk at this point. “Why don’t we play some pool?” He grinned. 

“I didn’t know pretty ladies could play pool.” 

“I can’t.” She lied. “But I want to learn.” She grinned at him. He was classy, but he didn’t say no to this offer. All Y/n wanted was to feel less lonely. 

“Let’s try, then. Just don’t expect too much.” He answered slightly cocky. Y/n smirked, a little dizzy, she got up. A fit of giggles escaped her mouth when Johnathan caught her. 

“Looks like you’re already falling for me.” He chuckled. A sudden wave of feelings washed over Y/n. Even in her drunken state she hadn’t forgotten about Sam. 

She laughed slightly, but felt uncomfortable with his arms around her and took a step back. 

“Come on, big boy, teach me the ways.” She shook the uncomfortable feeling. 

“I can’t believe you’ve never played this game before.” Johnathan chuckled after a few minutes. Y/n leaned against the pool table and smirked. 

“Okay, I may have lied. I’ve played some and learned from a very good player.” 

“Why don’t we make a deal.” She laughed at his words. 

“I don’t sell my body, friend.” 

“Not that kind of deal.” He smiled. “I put in two hundred, you put in two hundred. Winner takes it all.” His smile became an evil grin. If Y/n wasn’t drunk, she would have said no, but instead, she nodded and pulled out her wallet. 

“You’re lucky I carry a  lot of cash.” She smirked and slammed the bills on the table. He put the money down too and smirked. 

It didn’t take Y/n long to win. She grinned at Johnathan, who looked a little pale. 

“Wow, you’re really good. How about a rematch? All or nothing, Five hundred.” Y/n, who was a little more sober now, was thinking. 

“No, thank you. I should go now.” She smiled and wanted to leave. “Thank you for the good time, though. It was what I needed.” Maybe it was the booze, maybe the anger, but Johnathans eyes were dark, and Y/n was getting uncomfortable. 

“I thought you were looking for a really fun time. Why don’t you stay for a little while?” He smiled, it was forced. 

“No, I’m sorry. I need to make a call.”

“To who? Your boyfriend?” He sneered. “Don’t lie to me, stupid girl.” He snapped. Y/n grabbed her gun, not pulling it out just yet. 

“Yes, why don’t you call your boyfriend now? I’m sure he’ll be glad to hear about your attempt to get laid.” 

“I wasn’t reaching for my phone, bitch.” She snapped, pulling her hand away and turning around. She was sure her gun was still visible. The money was in her pocket, and she didn’t think Johnathan would come after her.

She took phone and called Sam. 

“Hey, Y/n. How are you? We were wondering when you might call.” She could hear his stupid, stupid smile. It made her smile. 

“Yeah, sorry It’s kinda late.” She smiled. “I was just wondering in which Motel you guys where staying. I want to visit, sometime soon, if that’s okay.” 

“We are in a bar right now. But we’re staying at ‘The green lotus’ in-” 

“I’m nearby. Which bar?” She sounded desperate, and he knew. 

“Is everything okay? I can come and get you.” He offered. 

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just which bar?” 

“The Roundcloud.” Sam answered. Y/n’s eyebrows shot up. 

“Really? I am too. Can you come outside for a second?” It couldn’t be that they just were at the same place and hadn’t realized it. No, this was planned. Maybe not by them, but it didn’t just happen. 

“Yeah, I’m on  my way.” The Roundcloud was really big, it had two stories, one was a bar and one was a club. So, Y/n waited, a waited. Then the door opened. Sam walked outside with a smile on his face. She smiled and wrapped her arms around him. 

“I’m glad you are here.” The door opened again, and this time, Johnathan and an other guy walked outside. “Shit.” Y/n cursed. “Sam, could you hold my hand?” You asked. He looked confused and nodded. 

“You!” Johnathan snapped. You smiled innocently. Sam leaned forwards. 

“Is there a problem, sir?” 

“Yes! She is!” He pointed at Y/n.  

“Tell me what they did to you, please.” He whispered in her ear. You smiled. 

“It’s more like what I did to him.” You whispered back. “Listen, I won. I will keep the money. Fight me.” She spat. Johnathan clenched his jaw and threw a punch. Sam, however, caught his fist and knocked his own fist into Johnathans face. 

“You know, I could handle him.” Y/n smiled as they began to leave. “I know, but I need to protect you, don’t I?” She laughed and shook her hands. 

After catching up with Sam and Dean, your eyes grew tired, and you realized you were falling asleep. When Dean disappeared to the bathroom, Sam smiled at Y/n. 

You know, If you want to leave, then-” Y/n interrupted him with a playful nudge. 

“I don’t want to leave, I want you, you idiot.” She smiled. Maybe there were a few words missing, but she didn’t lie. She smiled sheepishly at his shocked expression. 

“Say that again.” 

“I want you.” She repeated. “And not just your body. I want your smile, your laugh, your weird faces. Your troubles and even your bad morning breath.” She explained. He didn’t know what to say. 

“I don’t know what to say.” 

“Well, you could say you like me too, that you want to share your laughs with me. But I can’t expect that. Just- I’ll be in my hotel.” She smiled, feeling the tears prick in her eyes. She had always expected Sam to say he loved her back when she told him. Not everything goes as you want, I guess. 

To say it felt lonely in her room, would be an understatement. She thought it was lonely hunting alone, try being in an empty room when you just confessed your love to someone. She wanted to cry, but she also wanted to be strong. She hadn’t cried because of a boy in years, and she wasn’t planing on changing that. 

A knock on her door made Y/n look up. She opened the door, ready to snap at anyone who had knocked. However, before she could, her lips were sealed by another pair of lips. She gasped and was surprised. When she saw Sams closed eyelids, she faintly smiled and closed her eyes, kissing back. 

“I just thought I should let you know I fell the same.” He breathed out. Y/n smiled. 

“Would you like to stay?” 

BTS reaction: you being sarcastic, but very mushy around kids and animals

Thank you for requesting, dear! xx

Jin: When he saw you playing with your sister’s kitten while at a family dinner, he wouldn’t say anything. He would just sit back and enjoy watching you with a huge smile on your face, talking in a lighter voice than usual. But, he would bring it up again when you got home.

“Should we get a kitten, too? You looked so happy and cute when you played with your sister’s.”

“Shut up. I did not.” you said with a grumpy face.

“… Whatever you say, jagi.”

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Suga: He would watch you play with your friend’s baby, a stupid grin plastered on his face. He would try to keep a straight face, but it was impossible when he watched you play peek-a-boo to make the little boy giggle. His grin would still be there when you were on your way home, and you asked what was up with that.

“Oh, nothing. It’s just that I just found out that you’re the cutest human ever when you play with babies.” he teased, and you rolled your eyes.

“I was just playing along to not scare the baby.”

“Sure you did.”

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J-Hope: He would try really hard to squeal when he saw you asleep next to the dog you were taking care of for the weekend, with a smile on your face. But as soon as the dog’s owner had picked it up, he would practically jump on you and hug you.

“You looked so cute when you were smiling in your sleep last night, Y/N!”

“I absolutely did not do that. Why would I?”

“I saw you, so don’t even try to deny it!”

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Rap Monster: He would find you utterly adorable how much you were smiling while playing with your little cousins. He already knew that you wouldn’t ever admit to being really cute around them, but he loved to tease you about it.

“Jagiiii… When can we get kids on our own? I love your smile when you play with your cousins.”


“Oh, just admit it!”

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Jimin: Depending on his mood, he would either be really sweet and shower you in compliments and telling you just how adorable he think you are. He wouldn’t stop, even when you told him to. Or, he would be the biggest tease. He would ask you why you never smiled that much when you were with him, or he would point at a doll and tell you that he would buy it for you so that you could play with it and be adorable even when there wasn’t a baby around.

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V: He would really love to tease you about how adorable you were when you met animals, and he also loved to hear you deny it even when the both you knew that it was pointless. But the day he followed you to your sister’s place to visit her and her newborn daughter, he would die over how cute you were. He really loved the sight of you holding the baby while smiling and talking to your sis. When you got back home, he would ask you if you wanted to start a family right there and then.

“Come on jagii… You looked so cute with a baby and now I really want us to have our own. I know we could handle it, pleaseee.”

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Jungkook: He would be the biggest tease out of all of them. Whenever he saw a dog when you were out for a walk, he would point it out and ask if you could go and ask if you could pet it, just so that he could see you smile for once. He would constantly be teasing you, until you snapped. Then he would back off, but he would definitely be back at it the next day.

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words cannot describe my love fore this gif

Living Now

A/N: So i wanted to write a bit of this and see if people would read it before i wrote of a full length fic. So let me know if i should continue this on not. Also shout out to @iwillbeinmynest for helping me and giving me the name of the charity. Also I am so sorry that I didnt get I’m not a Monster out tonight andyou can read it here

Request: nope totally based this off a headcannon i found on @marvel-headcannon

Tagging my forever tag people and some that i think might like it. Also feedback is great:

@jaderz-mega-yikes @zxcorra @thisisthelilith @pandellaz @evependragon @thosefuckingxmen @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @iwillbeinmynest

Warnings: None right now

Word count: 435 but more could come idk

Honestly when you took this job you didn’t think you would be doing much other than the random paperwork and getting coffee. You had gotten a job at Living Now just over a month ago. Living Now was a charity that helped hospitalized kids that couldn’t leave their floors to be visited by Heroes and Celebrities.

So when you were going through paperwork that had been tossed on your desk, you were surprised to a request from a group of kids at the local hospital asking if instead of Captain America going to see them, they wanted the God of Mischief to visit instead.

You knew due to talk around the office that Loki had fled to Earth to escape his brother and had been sited around the neighboring cities. Feeling that this was something the boss should see as it was so unusual, you grabbed the file and headed to the top floor.

When you had showed your boss the file you were baffled at their response. They laughed. They flat out laughed. You were hurt for these kids. They wanted to meet their idol and they couldn’t all because their idol wasn’t a “hero” or a “celebrity” and that made you mad.

“How could you laugh? These kids can leave the hospital and you won’t even try to find the person they want? How can you call this a nonjudgmental charity if you don’t do this?” you asked as they stopped laughing.

Looking at you they took a deep breath before leaning forward on their desk, crossing their hands. “Fine. If you are so adamant about these kids meeting Loki, then you find him. You can go and try and convince the guy that tried to destroy New York and get him to visit those kids. But don’t come whining back to me if he doesn’t do it.” They said.

Nodding you turned around stopping when they called you “Oh, and WHEN you can’t get him to see those kids, don’t expect a job after this.” They said as they went back to what they were doing before you had come in.

Sighing you nodded as you left their office cursing yourself for acting so brashly. Why couldn’t you have just left it? Now you had to find the God of Mischief himself and try and convince him that you wanted him to go see kids.

While you thought he might do it, you also had to convince him you weren’t there to try and kill him, capture him, or sell him out. You knew you had your work cut out for you.


Hey, all. So! I’m officially the new owner of my sister’s red eared slider turtle, cuz she decided when she moved out that she actually didn’t want to deal with him.

Which is great and all… except my sister isn’t the most stellar pet owner ever. I love her dearly, but she’s not. So I’ve been left with a terrarium that hadn’t been cleaned in months, a crack in that same terrarium, no temperature control, and not a whole lot of space because he grew WAY more than she expected.

Here’s where you all come in: I have now at least gotten him a filter. But my funds were small before I became a surprise pet owner. I really can’t afford to get him what he needs nearly as fast as is preferable. Could you: A) visit my etsy (click here), B) click on the Donate Button in the top left of my blog (even a dollar would help, right now), or at the very least C) reblog?

I, and my reptilian dependent, appreciate literally any help you can give!


I’m sorry this took me so long – finals sucked. I like talking with you guys, so feel free to comment or just ask me random shit :) Thanks!

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You hate him. 

You hate him in every single way — cliche and not. 

You hate him because he cheated on you. He went and broke the connection you had — he broke every single vow you had made to each other. Broken promises, broken pieces, broken hearts. 


“Everyone knows the concept of infinity, right?” He turned to you, his eyes twinkling with the light coming from your desk lamp. 

“I guess so… why? You becoming a full on Peter Parker now?” You laughed at yourself — Tom could be such a nerd sometimes. 

“Oh ha! Look at who’s got jokes now.” He smiled up at you from your bed. “Darling, I am Spider-Man, I don’t need to go around pretending to be something I already am." 

You giggled while you put your book away, "So then what’s got the amazing Spider-Man all shook about the infinite?" 

"I’m just thinking about us.” He blushed and turned to continue looking at your star-covered ceiling. “How everything we are is so small but so big at the same time. I don’t even think that makes sense." 

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Morning Calls

“Hello?” Bilbo grumbled into his phone. It was three in the morning and his phone had been ringing incessantly until he finally decided to answer it. Had he been more awake he might have been able to muster more anger or frustration on the matter, but as it was he could hardly keep his eyes open let alone be angry at anyone.

“Finally!” the man on the other end of the phone said. “What took you so long to answer?”

“It’s three in the morning,” Bilbo muttered. He didn’t recognize the voice, but that did not mean that he didn’t know the person. Bilbo was generally known for his lack of memory and had more often than not completely forgot that he knew a person until they were reminding him where they met in the first place.

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Neighbours AUs
  • ‘I’ve lived here for six months and don’t know any of the other neighbours, help me’ AU
  • ‘You just moved in and welcome to the neighbourhood, I baked cake and I know it’s bad but I tried’ AU
  • ‘I keep seeing you walking your dog in the local park and I just realised we’re actually neighbours’ AU
  • ‘My kids and their friends keep kicking the football over the fence I’m so sorry I’m here again to collect it’ AU
  • ‘I got your mail and accidentally opened it before I realised, sorry. But how are your utility bills so low?’ AU
  • ‘I lost my keys can I crash on your couch until my roommate comes home from work tomorrow and unlocks my door’ AU
  • ‘My cat has a really embarrassing name and I hate shouting them in because you always watch out of your window and laugh at me’ AU
  • ‘I see you have a toddler, I can recommend nearby schools if you want’ AU
  • ‘You’re new to this estate so let me explain to you which neighbours to avoid and which to greet in the park’ AU
  • ‘I think our kids created a secret hole in the hedges to one anothers’ gardens’ AU
  • ‘I keep seeing you come home with lots of tubs of paint, do you need help redecorating?’ AU
  • ‘You told me you could recommend me builders/plumbers/electricians if I ever needed one and I really need one right now’ AU
  • ‘We’ve been neighbours for five years but I’m only just visiting your house and wow this is not how I thought your kitchen/living room would look’ AU
Here's a quick little Ryden fic

I wrote this last night and I really hope you like it. It’s my first fic so feedback is greatly encouraged and appreciated💕

All Brendon saw was white.
A white ceiling and white walls and white tile flooring. The beep of the monitor became louder and louder as he gained consciousness.

Oh. So that’s where he was.

He was well aware of his surroundings now. This scene was all too familiar. He remembered sitting in a room, quite like this one, with Ryan, watching his dad slowly drift away. He remembered Ryan’s hand, gripping his own, sobbing.

Brendon slowly sat up. Ryan.

The door clicked open. In came a red-eyed Spencer. He had clearly been crying.
“Bren, you’re awake. Thank god.”
Brendon was ambushed by the man in a great bear hug. “The doctors weren’t sure if you’d be responsive yet, and Jon and I have been waiting outside and they wouldn’t tell us if you were okay and we-” Spencer paused mid sentence, catching Brendon’s confused look. “You don’t remember what happened, do you?”
Brendon shook his head. Spencer’s face fell.
“What’s the last thing you remember, Bren?”
He tried thinking back. He remembered the smell of eggs cooking. Music was blasting from the old radio in the kitchen. Some indie/rock channel that Ryan loved listening to. Brendon never really cared for it that much. But it made Ryan dance around the kitchen, a sight Brendon rather admired, so he let it slide.

…Which reminded him.
“Where’s Ryan?” Brendon asked, looking Spencer in the eye. Spencer looked away from his gaze. He played around with his shirt buttons, clearly hiding something.
“Spencer. Where is he?” Brendon tilted his head. “Did he visit me while I was out?”
Spencer hesitated before looking up from his shirt. “No Bren, he…couldn’t visit you.”
Brendon frowned. “Glad to see he’s so concerned about me.”
Spencer flinched. “Bren, you really shouldn’t say that.”
Brendon narrowed his eyes. Something was clearly wrong here. But he was too exhausted to figure that out at the moment. “Well if you see him, can you tell him to let the dogs out? He always forgets when I’m not home.” Brendon really didn’t want to come home to any… surprise presents from the dogs. Spencer stood up. “Yeah.” His voice cracked. “Yeah, I’ll…I’ll let him know Bren. Get some sleep, alright?”
And with that, he left the room.


Brendon couldn’t sleep that night. The hospital bed was not the slightest bit comfortable, and the bandages on both his hands and forehead didn’t help. His legs were probably all patched up as well. He hadn’t really made an attempt to move the covers yet.
In the little time he did manage to sleep, he had a dream about Ryan. They were laying on a beach somewhere, just the two of them. Ryan had his camera out, an old polaroid camera that looked used beyond it’s years. Their laughter filled the beach, getting lost in the waves. Lazy little kisses and the snap of Ryan’s camera. “Bren?” Ryan whispered.
“Yeah?” He answered.
“You love me, right?”
Brendon moved closer to him, wrapping his arms around his skinny waist. “Of course I do. You know that.”
Ryan smiled and kissed the top of Brendon’s head. “Just making sure. I have something to ask you.” He looked into Brendon’s eyes. “You can ask me anything.” Ryan opened his mouth to say something.

Brendon had woken up shortly after that.


Jon came in to visit him. He brought along his guitar and played Brendon a few songs. Brendon liked that about Jon. He knew that talking didn’t always suffice. Sometimes just being there was enough. When Jon had finished the last song, Brendon sat up. “I had a dream last night.”
Jon raised his eyebrows, signaling for Brendon to go on.
“It was about Ryan.”
Jon shifted in his seat, fingering the strings of the guitar. Everyone seemed uncomfortable when Brendon mentioned Ryan these past few days. “We were on a beach, just the two of us. And he said he had something to tell me.” He paused. “But I woke up before he could tell me. It seemed so…real.” He frowned. “But Ryan hasn’t visited me. When is he going to come and see me?”
Jon cleared his throat. “Ryan loves you Bren. You know that, right?”
Brendon smiled. “Yeah, I know that.”
“And you know if he could be here right now, he would.”
“I know. I just can’t wait to see him.”
Jon smiled, though Brendon could tell it was pained. “There’s something you won’t tell me. You and Spencer keep hiding it from me. I want to know why you keep looking at me like some abused puppy.”
Jon sat down on the edge of Brendon’s bed. He threw an arm around his shoulder and just sat there, the two of them, in silence. He gave Brendon one final squeeze and walked towards the door. “We’ll tell you when you feel a little better, okay?”


“These damn bandages.” Brendon muttered to himself. It was impossible to sleep with them on. He couldn’t take it anymore, he decided. These needed to come off. Now.
He bit the end of one of the bandages, slowly unraveling it with his teeth. One hand free. Phew. He then started on his left hand, slowly unwrapping the cloth until his hands were free.
He glanced at the clock and groaned. It was 7 in the morning. Spencer and Jon would be coming to visit any minute now. So much for sleeping. He yawned, cracking his knuckles.
It was then that something small and shiny caught his attention. It was there, around his fourth finger on his left hand. A ring.
Brendon’s eyes grew. He remembered it all. Laying on the beach at night, holding onto Ryan. The polaroid pictures. The stolen kisses.
Ryan’s question. That famous, 4 word question.
And Brendon’s one word answer.
The ring that Ryan placed on his hand. The sun slowly sinking, Ryan’s remark about getting home, about how it was getting dark. Brendon, insisting that they stay, just a little longer.
The memories all flooded him at once. Ryan’s sloppy kisses, Brendon leading him into the backseat of his car because Brendon insisted he couldn’t wait, Ryan’s heart beating, Brendon’s heavy breathing, Ryan on top of him. The parking lot they were in. The squealing of tires. The flash of lights. Headlights. Ryan’s body being torn off of him and flung through the window.

It all came flooding back.

Brendon shot up and ran to the door. He flung it open, only to meet a very confused Jon and Spencer in the doorway.
“Ryan. Where is he. Tell me. Now.” His heart was racing. Jon and Spencer exchanged knowing looks. “I remembered what happened. Where is he?” Spencer laid a hand on his shoulder. “Bren, maybe you should sit down…” Brendon swatted the drummer’s hand away. “I’m fucking serious! Where is he?!” Jon took a step forward. “Brendon…” He tried to pull Brendon in for a hug. Brendon shoved him away. “Don’t fucking touch me! Tell me what happened!” He looked from one friend’s face to the other. Realization slowly began to sink it. Jon took another step towards him. “Bren… he’s gone.”
He pulled Brendon in for another hug. This time, Brendon didn’t pull away. He buried his face in his shirt. “No, no, please. Don’t say that. Please.” Jon pulled him in tighter. “He was announced dead at the scene. There was nothing anyone could do. I’m so sorry Bren.”
Spencer took Brendon’s hand. “The driver was drunk, Bren. He fled the scene.”
Brendon doubled over, sobbing. “It…it was my fault.” His face paled. “He wanted to leave earlier, but I convinced him to stay. I led him in the back of the car, he wanted to wait until we got home, but I begged him, I begged him Spence, and now he’s…he’s gone. And I killed him.”
The three of them sat there, huddled, on the hospital bed. No one dared to say a word.

Ryan was there, hand on Brendon’s back, slowly rubbing in circles. Just the way Brendon liked it.
Brendon couldn’t feel him, of course.
But Ryan was there.
Ryan would always be there.
Brendon had a ring to prove it.

squaredemlemons  asked:

15/19?? :O

It took me a while, I know but I finally finished! It’s the fourth part of Against a Wall Kiss, / Against a Locker Kiss / Last Kiss 

But it’s finally here! My ranting below. I hope you enjoy!

19. Jealous Kiss
Words: 2331

Marinette kept her gaze on her open notebook with her hands between her legs when the teacher dismissed the class. The pages were blank and she felt numb, but she didn’t want to lift her eyes. She didn’t want to see Adrien’s back, walking away. She just wanted for him to leave the classroom so she could wait a few minutes and then walk to her house.

She doesn’t want to have to walk in front of him to leave the room, because it hurt. It hurt so much that she could feel her soul bleeding. They haven’t talk to each other in three weeks. Three agonizing weeks, and she can barely look at him when they are fighting the forces of evil. Three weeks since they… realize it.

All Alya and Nino knew were that neither of them were handling the break up well. They didn’t understand because one day after school they were just as lovey-dovey as they always were and then the next day they were heartbroken.

Marinette remembers all the tears and the pain and the apologies they both shared. She said she was sorry, he said he was sorry. He said he forgave her, she said she forgave him. But it wasn’t that easy. They knew the trust was damaged, even if it was because they were so madly in love that they have fallen for each other twice.

They have decided, of course, to take some time, but as the nights with insomnia came one after another and another, she started to think that maybe it wasn’t a good idea. Maybe Adrien would decide that he couldn’t forgive her after all. Maybe she didn’t deserve him. Maybe she didn’t deserve this. Maybe she had to move on, even if it meant leaving her heart shattered behind.

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