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Hey Simone!! I was thinking tangelo and grape! Have an awesome morning, day, or night 😊

Hi love, hope you have an awesome day/night as well! Tangelo and grape? Not a bad choice at all! ;^) I wonder what a tangelo tastes like… 

Tangelo: if you could be any mythical creature, which would you be?
Hmm maybe a griffin? Or a fabulous unicorn? Or maybe jus this guy (I have no idea what it is but it looks cool)!  

Grape: if you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Right now I would probably go to somewhere in Australia or maybe visit my family in the Philippines? Or simply go to London again! :^D



Anon: Bts reaction when both the parents dislike him and you 😓😒

Disclaimer: I hope this is good! It’s my first ever Reaction! Don’t forget to leave feedback or message me a Reaction, Drabble, or Scenario you want to see happen! 

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Jimin:  “Jagi, I am so sorry that happened, I promise you they normally like everyone!” 

You:  “They completely shunned me! They wouldn’t even give me a chance to speak!”

Jimin: “Come here,” He would say, opening his arms up so you could cuddle with him as he would wipe your tears away.

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You: “So what do we do now? They hate us!” You exclaim, referring to the recent visit to his parents.

Jin: “Jagi, we keep going, that’s what we do, who cares about what they think?” 

You: “I guess your right,” you say, caving into his suggestion.

Jin: “C’mon, let’s go and go and make your favourite cookies and forget all this,” he would say, but deep down he would be bothered that his parents hadn’t fully accepted neither you or him.

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Namjoon: “Y/N, it’s not that bad, so what if they don’t like us? It’s not like they were ever really big figures in my life anyway,” He would say, trying to help calm you down.

You: “It’s not just that! I was really excited to meet your parents, you would always rave about how accepting they are, and when we got there, they were the complete opposite…” You said, sighing as you let your head drop.

Namjoon: “I know baby, I guess maybe they just don’t like the idea of you not being from Korea,” He suggested.

You: “Well, I’m sorry if I can’t be native from here,” you said, defensively. 

Namjoon: *turns to you* “Look, I don’t care if you aren’t Korean, I love you the way you are, okay? So forget about what they think, because you still have me, accepted or not.”

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Yoongi wouldn’t say much as both of you would silently enter the apartment you both shared. He wouldn’t know how to start the conversation. His parents had openly admitted that they do not like the both of you together as a couple, even though you both have been together for over a year now. 

You would go over the couch to sulk as he would march on over to the kitchen to make you some hot chocolate. When that was all done, he would come over to the tiny little living room you both shared and hand you the mug.

You smile lightly as him as you would sip on it. He sit down next to you and lightly pamper your head with light kisses, and that’s all you would need, just the comfort that he would still be there for you.

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Taehyung loves his parents deeply and family is really important to him, but knowing that they did not fully accepted the both of you together would crush him. He would do the best to stay positive by giving you lots of kisses and treat you like the princess you are. But his parents not fully giving both of your relationship a chance would deep down bug him.

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Much like Taehyung, he would try to stay positive and cheer you up, but he would be more physically showing that he’s hurting that his parents didn’t fully accept the both of you together. It would definitely put a slight damper in the relationship for a little while until both of you would sit down and have a talk about it.

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Jungkook is pretty sensitive so he may have to reflect as to why his parents didn’t accept you or him being together. It would bother him to the point where he wouldn’t know how to act normal around you until one day he would just break down and spill all his concerns out to you, and you the same.