if i could find this anywhere i would pay anything so that any girl i was with could wear it

Got7 reaction to someone trying to flirt with you in front of them

Mark: You two were at a party that JYP was hosting. When you two arrived Mark left you to say hello to some staff members and other artists. You went to get a drink when a JYP trainee approach you. “What’s a beautiful thing like yourself doing here all alone?” You tried to ignore him but he was persisent. He kept talking to you not taking the hint you weren’t interested. Mark stopped talking to his friends and noticed the trainee talking to you. To say he was mad was an understatement. His blood was boiling in anger of the thought of you being harrassed. He marched over to the trainee and pushed him away from you.

“What do you think you are doing talking to my girlfriend? Stay away from her!’

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JB: JB is someone who I feel will get jealous quickly. He will not like it when guys he doesn’t know talk to you. So when he sees any guy approaching you he will be quick to throw an arm around you to make sure people know you are taken. You two will be at a restaurant when he left to go to the restroom. As soon as he left another guy came and took his seat. “You should ditch that guy and come hang out with me instead.” You tried to get him to leave you alone but he refused and insisted you leave with him. Jaebum came out of the restroom and saw what was happening. His fists started clenching ready to knock this guy on his ass. He stormed over to you and grabbed your arm ready to leave the place.

“Do you have a death wish? Get out of here before I make you regret ever laying your eyes on MY girlfriend.”

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Jackson: Jackson would be bugging you about all the junk food you’re eating and insisted you two go to the store and buy healthier food. After listening to his constant complaining you finally agreed. You were having fun and was laughing at Jackson’s antics. You finally had enough food and decided to go to the check out. You were going to pay until Jackson gently pushed you away and payed for everything. While he was busy paying, the cashier turned to you and gave you a flirty smile. “Well aren’t you a pretty thing. How about I take you on a date when my shift is over?” Jackson abruptly stopped what he was doing and stared at the cashier. He grabbed you by the waist and pulled you toward him. 

“Hello. I don’t think you noticed me but I’m this pretty thing’s boyfriend. I would like it if you didn’t flirt with her in front of me. I don’t want to cause a scene here.”

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Jinyoung: When ever you two were out in public or anywhere, Jinyoung never left your side. He was always a gentleman and never left you anywhere alone and made it almost impossible for any strangers to come up and hit on you with him there. However when you were at a coffee shop and was waiting for Jinyoung to come back with the drinks one individual approached you. “I couldn’t help but notice a beautiful girl like yourself standing here by her lonesome so I had to come keep you company.” Your tried telling him you had a boyfriend and to back off but he refused to listen and instead tried to get closer to you. Jinyoung came back and saw with disbelief that this guy wasn’t backing off when it was obvious you were trying to get him away from you. He marched over ready to tell this guy off.

“Do you not see she isn’t interested? Are you blind or something? You really shouldn’t flirt with other people’s girlfriends anyway. That’s just rude.”

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Youngjae: This poor boy would have no idea what to do if anyone came up to you and just started flirting with you. He would just be confused as to how this even happen and if what he was hearing was right. He would watch in bewilderment that a man he didn’t know approached you at the event you were attending and started talking to you. “Can I get your gorgeous self a drink?” He watched the man wink at you and knew then that his suspicions were correct. He would sped walk towards you and back hug you tightly while trying to give the guy a hard glare.

“Sorry but this girl is already taken. Please go find another girl to flirt with.”

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Bambam: You two would be shopping when Bambam decided to drag you into a store so you could try on dresses for the event you will be attending later on in the week. You both would fall in love with a particularly beautiful dress but it wasn’t your size so Bambam left to go see if they had an extra one in the back. When he was gone, you continued browsing the other dresses to see if there was anything else you’d like when a dress was pratically shoved into your hands. “I think you would look hot in this dress. Maybe you should try it on for me.” The man attempted to give you a flirty smile. You looked at the dress and cringed at how much cleavage it would be showing. Bambam came back with the dress you both loved in his hands. He ripped the dress the man gave you out of your hands and shoved it back to the guy. 

“There is no way my girlfriend would be caught wearing that. You have awful taste. Please step away from (Y/n) and don’t let me catch you talking to her again.”

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Yugyeom: You would be his first real girlfriend so he would be quick to anger if he sees anything or anyone upsetting you. He doesn’t like it when anyone makes you uncomfortable and takes away your smile even for a second. So when he sees a guy approaching you at the birthday party you both were attending he would immediately start heading towards the two of you. “Hey I think you’re cute and we should go out sometime.” As soon as those words left his mouth, Yugyeom could feel anger take over his body. He speed up and placed himself in front of you and stared down the other male.

I’m only going to warn you once to back off. She’s already with me and I don’t need any other guys trying to take her from me.

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Skinny Love | Jungkook | Pt. 2

Summary: You and Jungkook have been friends for a long time, probably so long that you can even consider one another best friends. You can spot each other in any crowd just by the bond you share, and you communicate sometimes in your own language. But you weren’t content with being ‘just friends’. You wanted more, but what itched at you was the question of if he felt the same.

Potential Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Female)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Future Smut, 

Warnings: Mature Content—cursing, drinking, mentions rape.

This is a College!AU that takes place in the states, so use of English names will appear. There will now be four(?) parts to this. (I’m trying to get chapters out quicker so the shorter the chapters the quicker). Enjoy part two and please don’t forget to like this and give me feedback.


Chapter: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04


You haven’t spoken to Jungkook since Saturday, facing him would be a difficult challenge that you weren’t ready for. Avoiding him at all costs until you were rid of the embarrassment that ran all over you was the goal for the month, maybe even the year. It was stupid yes, as much as you bit your nails out of the fear of possibly running into him on campus, you knew that someday you were going to have to speak to him. After all, he is your best friend and communication means a lot to him.

He texted you more often than you’d like, at times just to tell you that he needed to talk to you, other were just to check on how you were holding up with a few funny memes just to make you laugh. See the thing you loved about Jungkook was his ability to understand people, especially you; he’s patient with you as he knows that opening up took time and he’d wait as long as he needs to. Still, that doesn’t mean he can’t coax you into the water.

Kookie ⚠️🍪 12:38 pm

Respond back so I at least know you’re alive.

You 12:39 pm

I’m alive.

Kookie ⚠️🍪 12:40 pm

So do you want to talk now? I haven’t seen you in so long. You can’t avoid me forever.

If you really wanted to never have to face the embarrassment of seeing him and knowing that rejection would come; then yes you could, in fact, avoid him.But it was so hard to not want to see him, it was so hard and exhausting trying to hate him for something that wasn’t even his fault. You wanted to tell him that it wasn’t him you truly hated, but yourself. You were the one who fell for him and it hurt like hell having to watch him go through girls over the past few years. You did it to yourself, and you couldn’t punish him for not feeling the same way but everyone knows that if you were him, you’d want to be able to feel the way you felt freely without any guilt.

Really, you were going to text him back (you told yourself a million times) maybe a meme to try to cheer yourself up but your body wouldn’t allow it. The only thing it allowed you to do was curl up in bed, have your heart beat more quickly than it usually did and have your mind clog up with different ways to cope, one being almost impossible at the moment—to just stop loving him. You weren’t fucking ready to stop because even though loving someone who did not show mutual feelings was hard; in the process, it felt so unique and beautiful and you might never have the same experience again. You might never get to fall in love again. Especially with someone as special as Jungkook.  


It was spring so that meant the weather was getting warmer to the point where you could go outside with just a light jacket on, however you find yourself wearing the long sleeved shirt that Jungkook had given you as you walked with your cousin and her friend to one of the restaurants on campus. The likelihood of running into Jungkook was putting you on edge as the kid knocked on your apartment door twice a day, once before heading to lecture hall which was a few minutes away from your apartment and once after returning from the lecture hall. You weren’t answering your phone nor your door so it was safe to say that you were getting kidnapped by Jungkook the next time he sees you.

‘The Bar and Grill’ which was nicknamed ‘the bag’ by many was the go to place for you whenever you wanted to just feel inspired and write poetry or whatever it might be that day. Their WiFi service was excellent, the food was amazing and just by taking one step into the place meant that you were going to be treated like family.

Even in Spring the owners had the heat turned up to a degree where it was comfortable to eat and relax. You saw some people from your classes, many of whom you never took the time to speak to because their partying ways did not appeal to your reserved ways. You preferred to stay home and relax with friends instead of going to some random person’s house and mingling with strange people at strange hours. Jungkook was like this in a sense, only he loved going to the parties for the booze.

“Huh,’ Nina scoffed in disbelief, ‘this place is nicer than I expected.” 

“How do you go to school here and never even been to The BaG? Matter of fact how to you live with us and not see the inside of this place?” Most days you and Jungkook went here to chill as he practiced singing and you attempted to do homework which resulted in him pushing your binder away and telling you listen to this song with him. He would let you lean on his shoulder, and every now and then feed you one of his french fries, being careful not to get any sauce on his white t-shirt. 

You felt yourself being nudged a bit, your cousin telling you to stop daydreaming about Jungkook and to start ordering something before she made you pay for your own meal. But how could your mind get rid of Jungkook when you knew that he was waiting on a text back and that he was set on making you talk to him. Knowing Jungkook he would search this whole campus just so that his stubborn ass could find you. “Fuck my life,” the realization of something that was sending you into panic hit you. 

“What happened bubs?”

“We come here a lot, usually on Thursday’s too. I don’t know man I think he might come here.”

“I think it would be good if you speak to him. You can’t avoid him forever.”

Your cousin sounded like Jungkook so you tuned her out.

Your eyes ran through the various people here again, making sure that you did not see or hear anything Jungkook related. You set your attention back to your cousin, the things that she was saying getting lost in your head as you thought to yourself. Wait a fucking minute. You looked back to a table of four, three women and one man, smiling at one another, all was good besides the fact that she was girl Jungkook was fucking that night at the party. 

She probably sensed that someone was staring at her as her eyes met yours in what was the most awkward experience of your life. For a few seconds you both stared at one another, not wanting to give up dominance or the challenge for that matter. “Who the fuck are you looking at?” Renee asked you and tugged you by your arm making you sit back properly in the booth. While your cousin had saved you from looking like an idiot you also wanted to punch her for making you surrender to the female. 

“That’s the girl he slept with.”

Silence filled your table, the only sound being your vibrating phone. 

Kookie ⚠️🍪 5:30 pm

I can’t believe you went to the bag without me. I’m hurt 😭

“Guys he’s here,” Nina said looking past your head and towards the front of the restaurant. “I recommend you speak to him but if you want to duck you can do that.”

You looked at your cousin, your heart racing as Jungkook spotted you and made eye contact with you for about a second. “I’m going to the bathroom,” she got up from your side of the booth to give you room to leave and you quickly walked to the bathroom ignoring Jungkook’s calling out for you.

Being in the bathroom made your breathing slow down by your head was mess knowing that he was probably waiting for you right outside the door and you’d have nowhere else to go. Trust and believe that if there was a window in here you be the first to climb out of it. 

You went over to the sink, running water over your hands and eventually washing your face from the oil and hoping that the somewhat cold water would help cool you down. From your neck up everything was hot, your hands were still shaking and your head was spinning as your tried to steady yourself by grabbing the counter. You can do this, nothing bad is going to happen.

“I don’t know why you thought you could avoid me.”

Jungkook looked you up and down with a little smirk as your cousin and her friend both gave you apologetic looks. It really wasn’t their faults to begin with, Jungkook was going to sit there regardless and wait for you all night if he had to; he’s such a stubborn boy. Fine then, if he wanted to talk then you both could talk. You fixed the collar of the shirt, feeling more self conscious as he knew you were wearing his shirt, but you doubt he would mind as he gave it you. 

You frowned at seeing how tense your cousin looked. “We’re going to take a walk and then I’ll come back. You know what I want right?” She nodded and told you that it was fine and to take your time. “Are you coming?” You asked Jungkook as you walked off knowing that he would follow behind. 

Getting outside made things worse as you realized that you would essentially be alone with him and no one would be here to save you just like that night at the party. But if we wanted to get technical Jungkook did stop you from running off and into God knows where in your drunken state, so you could count that as saving you. “This is awkward,” you can’t possible hold your tongue back as you both walked along the sidewalk. This meeting was awkward and it wasn’t going anywhere. 

“Well you’re the one who wanted to take a walk so I’m assuming you wanted to say something to me.”

You couldn’t help but be annoyed by him, “I need you to stop stalking me.”

Jungkook shook his head, “I’m not stalking you. I just want to know where we stand because you’re doing a fucked up job of communicating with me.”

You wanted to say something, anything to retort his accusation (that was true) but you couldn’t because he was right and you were wrong. He had every right to be pissed off because you’ve basically been acting as if he didn’t exist, like he was just another person but he was so much more than that to you. “I’m sorry.” You really were and Jungkook knew this that’s why you were quickly forgiven. 

“You have to speak to me, that’s how we work.” He wrapped an arm around you and for the first time in days things felt normal between the two of you. Naturally you wrapped your arm around his waist and moved in closer to him as he squeezed your shoulder. 

“I know but you know how I get with things like this!”

He chuckled, “I know and that’s why I kept reaching for you. If you liked me you should have just told me.”

“And face rejection and probably losing our friendship. Makes sense.”

“How do you know I was going to say no? I would have said yes, and I’m not going to stop being your friend due to some minimal shit. We’ve been through so much that things like this is nothing.”

His words had comfort you, it brought certainty to your mind now as you knew that he wouldn’t let how you felt about him effect your friendship with him. Jungkook was always good with words when it came to you, he said something cheesy things here and there but they meant a lot to you because you knew he meant everything he said.

Your words were caught in your throats for a second but you managed to get them out. “Back to what you said about how we work, you’re right, us talking to each other makes us a good team.” You hadn’t noticed but Jungkook was staring at you as you spoke about how important it was to finally get everything off your chest. The night at that party, the years of loving him—it was like they were all kept wrapped around your heart, squeezing it tightly. But as your heart was about to burst it slowly unraveled, revealing things in a different light.

Jungkook smiled, you could see his two front teeth that resembled a bunny smile. “We make the best team. Can we sit my legs are getting tired.”

You hadn’t noticed how far you had walked until you looked back and saw that the restaurant was in the far distance up two blocks. “Yeah sure,” you sat on the nearest bench by this florist shop that was thankfully closed today. Wouldn’t need people telling Jungkook that he should buy flowers for the special lady in his life—you. Whenever you both hung out in the city he’d be on the same side of the sidewalk with his arm around you as he held you close, and you would have your arm around his waist to balance it out.

He was awfully close to you as he scratched his head like he always did when he was nervous.


Why does he look like he’s thinking about something deeply?

Why is he smiling at me?

Why is he leaning in?

It happened. The kiss. It was amazing in a weird way, here you were kissing the boy you’ve loved for so long in front of random people who were walking by. The kiss was sweet, his lips were soft, and his hands were warm as they caressed your cheek and your fingers were perfectly locked in his hair. This was happening.

He was the one to pull away, the charming smile he carried before still on his face. He was content, his heart was filled with happiness. You were a blushing mess, but like him you were content, and your heart was filled with more happiness than you thought was possible.

“I should have asked you first I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” You were quick to answer so you sunk back in embarrassment, but Jungkook took your hand rubbing his thumb over yours.

He opened his mouth to say something but only a chuckle could be heard. “I wanna be with you. I don’t care about ruining something that’s too strong to break. I wanna be with you.” He looks at how your fingers were intertwined with each other, this was what he wanted to do everyday. He wanted this, he wanted you. And he didn’t need to think about it last night, in fact the feeling of wanting you, needing you, missing you although you were never truly apart from him only dawned on him when he was sat in that restaurant watching you walk out of the bathroom you were hiding in.

He retraced his feelings back to the ending of senior year where he was unsure of whether to ask you out or to let you be. He let you be from fear of rejection and fear of drifting apart. But now that you were here with him, he wasn’t going to let you walk from again, not after knowing that you felt the same way. He was not letting you slip through his fingers. Not today.

You never did give him a solid response. You simply said ‘me too’ but you were unsure of diving right into a relationship with him as you wanted him to clear his plate of women he had on his tail, and you also needed time to process how quickly your life was going to change. You were still going to be best friends no matter what, but actually dating him and being his. The thought was all sweet and steamy but the reality of it was much more than that.

“Oh my God just fucking go out with him.”

“You’re thinking about it too much just suck his dick and marry him.”

Okay so your cousin was definitely right but Nina not so much. Still though you were going to need to process this whole thing and that meant separating yourself from him for a while to look at the picture clearly.

“Y/N open up it’s me Jungkook!“

Well damn, so much for separating yourself from him.

Good Acting.

straightasdeanwinchester asked:

Heey! Could you do one where the reader is a teen acting on the show, they’re at a con and she’s having a bad day so the cast cheer her up?? I freaking LOVE your writing btw<3

I’m so so sorry this took so long to get out, but I’m finally back to school so now i spend my studyhall writing.
Also slight warning in this it mentions your dad getting hurt, if this bothers you in any sort of way i would suggest not reading it. I legit looked up what does Jensen smell like for this. Also i had the ending and everything done when the app crashed so i got angry and left the computer for a bit.

Going to cons can be tons of fun. Getting to meet your favorite actors, taking pictures meeting friends. But they also could be extremely hectic, and stressful. 

The first con you attended was as a fan, your family had loved supernatural since the day it started. Together your family had attended three cons, but just last year you had attended not as a fan but as a guest for the first time ever. Now a year later you were going to your fifth con as a guest, and for the first time you weren’t excited for it. 

You joined supernatural during season ten, quickly creating a strong bond with the cast. They treated you like a family, they took care of you on set because your parents couldn’t be there, they were like your older brothers, or grandpas. 

Every con that you have gone to since you started your parents have been there. They would go to every panel you were in, and maybe a couple that you weren’t. Your parents were more than supportive of your choices, they loved watching you with the fans, and could not be more happy for you.

Having your parents there could be annoying and you tried to act like you didn’t like it, but on the inside you loved that they came with. Whenever you were nervous or overwhelmed by the amount of people there, you could always find your parents to help you. 

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What you did. || Veronica Lodge

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Requested : Hi! Could you please write something with “Tell me what they did to you, please.” and Veronica? Maybe with a bullied reader but it’s up to you. Oh and could we use other prompts, too?

[A/N] : hey there! thanks for the ask anon! well not so anonymous hehe.. don’t worry i won’t tell anyone your identity and i won’t post the ask. I’m sorry i made cheryl an asshole, but i couldn’t find anyone else… oh, and yes, you can request anything but im not very comfortable in doing smut, thanks!


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-Colors [Part 8]- (Min yoongi fanfic)

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13  / Part 14 / Part 15  / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 18 / Part 19 / Part 20


Genre: Gang-Mafia AU (M)

                                    -Part 8: The Contrast-


Time goes slow when the pain gets worst.

I could almost hear it. The sound of my aching muscles, throbbing in immense pain inside my body every now and then. They screamed in pain and agony but I didn’t.I stopped screaming after he had kicked me in the stomach for the 7th time.

“Not her face, though I want Yoongi to recognize her later on!”

He had said with a hint of mischief in his voice. The one with the pink hair called ‘Namjoon’, He sat on the table, legs crossed, Enjoying the show.

the tall man who was gripping my hair from the back left my face alone and instead punched my stomach. Then I was on the floor when the man, started attacking me with his foot, Again and again. I rolled on the floor and cried for him to stop while he stomped on me for what seemed like hours, but was barely a minute. An excruciating 1 min.

After some time, I started to feel numb towards the pain. I was thankful for that. The physical pain was slowly going away. I wondered if I was dying. In death they say, you don’t feel pain. You feel nothing. The thought of dying, right now, was more beautiful than anything.

Maybe, if I close my eyes and drift away. Pain is temporary I told myself. I’ll be dead soon. This will all be over. Just a little more. All the pain, all the misery will fade away. Like waves washing away on the seas tide, I would fade away from this hell soon. As I lay on the floor and closed my eyes Yungjae’s face started appearing in front of me. He smiled as if mocking me. I felt jealous. He had it easy. Yoongi made it easy for him.

I was starting to lose consciousness when a voice brought me back. Back to reality, back to pain. Back to hell.

“that’s enough for now!” Namjoon said to the man who stood above me with his one leg dangling over my head. He brought it down, thankfully not on me this time.

I lay on the floor, my cheek grazing the cold hard surface and fingers twitching in pain. I followed his footsteps as he jumped up from the table and walked over to me. I didn’t try to look up to see his face. But his hands grabbed the back of my dress and made me sit up straight in a jerk of a motion.

They say Looks are deceptive. I saw it clearly now.
Why were the most beautiful people the ugliest inside?

He smiled a little and with his thumb gently rubbed the blood off my lower lips

. “It hurts doesn’t it?”

Everything hurts. I wanted to say. Why are doing this to me? What did I ever do to you? I wanted to scream and cry. But I stayed quiet.

“You know it’s not your fault or mine, as a matter of fact,” He said while his fingers played with the end of my hair.

He let out a soft sigh and slid a hand under my arm and making me stand up with him.

It was only when I stood up I felt the stabbing pain all over my body. It felt like dying and I almost fell back but Namjoon’s hand held onto my arm tightly. He made me sit on the chair again.

“It’s his fault you know it. He did this to you y/n. Yoongi did this to you”

You did this to me. Yoongi had never laid a hand on me, at least.

“I’ll make him pay for what he did to you,” Namjoon said with both his hands on either side of my chair as he hovered over me.

“Hyung needs to be taught. Don’t you agree y/n?”

I had no intentions of taking sides now or speaking in favor of anyone. They both were equally horrible human beings. So I stayed quiet. Not even trying to make an eye contact. In an instance, His hands flew to the back of my head and grabbed it tightly making me squeal in pain.

“Talk to me when I’m talking to you, y/n! Where are your manners?”

I nodded my head in agreement and his fingers let go of my hair and instead found my face. His knuckles Stroking my cheek and jaw.

“Don’t worry y/n. Once you help me bring Hyung here I’ll take good care of you. I promise.”

I flinched at his touch and a big smirk grew on his face. His other hand finding my knees and as his index finger slowly drew circles on it.

“Let’s just get to work shall we..”

                                   -MIN YOONGI’S HEADQUARTER-

The day was already gone. Jimin came back an hour ago with the news. Wearing a grim look on his face, he had stomped in the room and only said “It’s done” before leaving in a hurry. He didn’t even wait for a reply.

Yoongi sat on his chair, as usual, with his legs crossed one over another and the same damn knife in his hand. The knife he was playing with all the time, like a kid with a new toy.

He played with it so much it was almost frustrating to a point.

Jin hated the fact that Yoongi cared more about a knife than someones life.

“the girl.,” Jin said while closing the file he was reading.

“She’s still at Namjoon’s place”

It had been 2hours since Jimin had dropped you off with Namjoons men. deal was a deal. He was supposed to take the bag, ask some question and let you go. That was it.

So what was taking so long?

“The men we had sent to spy around his place, they have informed us she’s still inside.  She hasn’t left yet.“

“You know Namjoon. He’s probably asking her a bunch of questions about us.” Yoongi said still concentrating on his knife.

“Yoongi, you know Namjoon too. You know he’s fucking crazy so why would you-“

“I won’t risk my men. What do you want me to do Hyung? Send jimin or hoseok there? ”

Sending Jimin or even Hoseok to Namjoons place was next to a suicide mission. Jin was well aware of Namjoon’s hatred for Yoongi’s men.

“What about the girl?”

“What about her?” Yoongi said in a frustrated tone. He was sick of hearing about you.

You, you, you. Day and night Jin was pestering Yoongi about your safety, accusing him of ruining your life. How it would be on him if you died. Even Jimin talked about you too much. It was in the morning  Hoseok had mentioned your name in front of him when Yoongi had warned him if he heard your name ever again he would make sure he would never be able to utter another name.

“What if he doesn’t let her go?”

What if. It wasn’t a question. Yoongi knew Namjoon too well. He won’t ever let you off too easily. But what other choice did he truly have. It was either your life or life of his men?

“I’m tired of hearing her name.. I don’t want to talk about her anymore”
Yoongi placed the Knife back in his pocket and stood up.

“when did you become so cold Yoongi? Why did you even do this to her?”

Why? Honestly, Yoongi didn’t know why he did anything he did to you. Why didn’t he just put a bullet in your head that day he had killed Yungjae? You had seen too much anyways. Why did he put you in a room for a month? He didn’t have an answer to any of those questions and that just made him angrier.

You were nothing but a pain in his ass now. You were and you are now. First, you played with his ego and now you were sending him on a guilt trip.

Yoongi should’ve just killed you that day he had killed Yungjae. That would’ve made things easier.

“I don’t know Hyung. I can’t think straight when I’m hungry. Maybe I’ll tell you after you buy me dinner”

Jin couldn’t possibly argue with yoongi over this. He could only feel sorry for you. Just like that day when He had come to escort you out of the room and you had stood by the window with that look of peace and contempt on your face. As if you had accepted your inevitable fate.  Jin had felt sorry for you back then. You were just a kid to him. You didn’t deserve all this.

Jin stood up and straightened his jacket giving one last dirty look to Yoongi. Yoongi saw it but chose not to react.

And then the phone rang.

Yoongi took out the phone from his coat pocket.


Flashing in bold letter on the screen. He picked it up.


Jin saw how Yoongi’s body tensed up in a second, his grip on the phone got tighter and other hand balled up in a fist.

Something was wrong.

“What is it?” Jin asked looking concerned.

Yoongi removed the phone from his ear; he put it on the loud speaker and almost threw it on the table in front.

Jin waited for the voice on the other end to speak up.

“Hyung!! How long has it been?.” The voice only made Jin scoff a little.

It didn’t take much to recognize that voice. Jin could recognize that voice anywhere. He had spent 10 years of his life with that man behind the speaker. They were brothers once. Once..

“Why did you call Namjoon?”

                                     -NAMJOONS HEADQUARTER-

What was he expecting to get by doing this? Yoongi didn’t give two shits about your life. He would be more than happy to put an end to your worthless life. That’s why he sent you here didn’t he. To get rid of you.  So how would you bring him here?

“Hyung.. I shouldn’t be saying this but I feel absolutely disrespected”

“And I should care because..?” you recognized that dull tiresome voice on the other side. Who else could it be but min Yoongi.

Namjoon bit on his lower lip and held a laugh.

“You haven’t changed a bit Hyung”

“Did you call to have a chit chat and gossip? How about I make a reservation in a restaurant? So we can have a happy reunion”

“that’s a good idea, Maybe someday Hyung. Right now we have more pressing matters to talk about. Like this pretty little gift you sent to me, all wrapped up in pink. You know this isn’t what I asked for”

“You’re wasting my precious time Namjoon. I gave you what you asked for. Don’t get greedy. You know greedy people get nothing”

Namjoon walked towards you now.

“Greedy? How easily you forget Hyung it was your pup who stole my guns. You should be apologetic. But instead, you show me such attitude. It’s unacceptable”

“ah I had forgotten, it’s your old habit to cry over stolen candy. When will you really grow up Joonie? ”

You saw how Namjoons body stiffened up in anger hearing those words.

“Careful Hyung..” he placed his one hand on your Head and gently rubbed it. Like you were a small puppy.

“I still have this little bitch you sent me” with that his fingers curled up in my hair and gripped it tightly moving my head towards the phone he was holding.

I shut my eyes and yelped a little in pain. Loud enough for Yoongi to hear over the phone talk

talk to him y/n. After all… “ he moved my head in circles. “he’s the reason why you’re here.”

Whatever I said he wouldn’t care? If I pleaded and cried he wouldn’t care. So what’s the point?


That was the only word that I could form. It came out like nothing more than a faint whisper and a desperate plea for help. A pathetic sound, nothing more. Why did I even bother?

“She sounds desperate doesn’t she? She is, I tell you. She’s not in a very, how do I say it, good condition right now. “

There was no reply from the other side for some time. You thought Yoongi hung up- both on the phone and your life.

That was until you heard him say “Leave her alone Namjoon. She’s just a kid”

“19 is not a kid Hyung. When we were 19 we had control of half the city. When you were 19 you had already killed about 100 people and wiped out 2 gangs.. 19-year-olds are capable of a lot of things. You know that better than anyone else, especially girls. They mature fast. 19 is the right age for-“

“I don’t care what you do with her.. You’re wasting your time if you think you can use her to lure me there.  It’s actually pretty low of you to use a kid for bait. I didn’t think you could get any worst. But you just proved me wrong Namjoon. You one-upped me this time. It’s an achievement. Hurrah.”

And then his hand was back in my hair. Pulling it tightly. making me stand up. I squeezed my eyes shut and cried out in pain.

“Hear that Hyung. See I’m not playing a game here. I don’t like games anyways. So here’s what we’re gonna do! If you don’t show up to my place in an hour.. This bitch here! I’m going to throw her to the dogs. But First I’m gonna take her myself, then I’m gonna give her to my men! Oh, Hyung? Do you know how many men I have here? 25 exactly and they all would love a fierce little thing like her!  And after she’s used to her full extent I’ll chop her up and throw her to the real dogs. And don’t worry about the dress. I’ll make sure to dry clean it and send it back. With some of her fingers! After all, it would be a waste of such a pretty dress”

He laughed like a maniac and threw me on the floor with the full force.

“So, Hyung. Are you coming? Or should I just take her directly to my room?”

There was an eerie silence on the other side. Now it was up to Yoongi to decide if I live or die. And I guess I already knew the answer.

I found a corner and sat there with my knees pressed to my chest. Shivering not because of cold, but for the first time, because of fear. I was scared. I wasn’t just scared I was terrified. 

“so I guess. You’re not coming. Well, that’s just sad I had-“

I’ll be there..”

What? Did I hear that right? No, it couldn’t be.

For a second, I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I was hearing things. Yoongi couldn’t possibly. I was worthless. Nobody cared. Then why?

“I’ll be there in an hour.”

Even Namjoon looked pleasantly surprised.

With that, he hung up the phone.

“What are really min Yoongi?” Namjoon muttered softly.



That’s all you had said. The only word uttered. After that, Yoongi had only heard yelps and cries.

He still couldn’t believe he agreed? Why did he agree to go there? He knew it was a trap but still.

He threw his phone across the room in anger missing Jin by an inch.

It was rare to see Yoongi in such a fit of rage.

Jin had only seen Yoongi like this once. That was 4 years ago.  Yoongi’s usually cool and calm composure crumbling to pieces was unusual but not something Jin hadn’t already seen.

Yoongi screamed and threw all the files on his table on the floor. Kicking the chair and breaking stuff.

“Yoongi calm down”

Jins word only made him angrier. As he picked up the glass of rum he was drinking, that was on his table and threw it across the room shattering its pieces.

Breathing heavily, he ran his fingers through his green hair.

After about a minute of sulking Yoongi finally calmed down.

“call Taehyung,” He said with his head hanging low which made his hair hide his face.

“Taehyung is out. He said not to-“


Jin was taken aback a little at his loud voice. Yoongi had never talked to Jin in such a tone. Jin couldn’t understand what was happening to him?

He only nodded and left the room.

Yoongi fell back on his chair and exhaled. Leaning back, He placed his one arm on his forehead. He was exhausted now.

He wondered what is wrong with him. Why did he talk to Jin like that? Why was he risking his own life for yours? What is happening to him?

He needed a break. He needed time to think. But he didn’t have any. He said he would be there in 2 hours.

“FUCK!” Yoongi screamed out of frustration.

He tried to calm down and think. But your face was the only thing he could see

“She’s just a kid” hoseok had said the day Yoongi had decided to throw you in that god awful room.

“She’s 19 isn’t she?. How many people you had killed when you were 19 hobi?” Yoongi had replied without any kind of remorse for the girl.

He saw the similarity now.

“How did I turn into Namjoon?” Yoongi asked himself.

One thing Yoongi had told himself again and again, over the years was that he won’t let himself turn into Namjoon. Not him, never him.
To Yoongi, Namjoon was nothing more than an abomination of a human being. Some kind of creature residing inside the flesh of a human being.  He didn’t have a heart or soul. 

Yoongi wasn’t Namjoon yet he had thrown you at his mercy without even a second thought.

When did you turn so cold Yoongi?
She’s just a kid.
You killed her.
You’re a bully.
It’s his fault. He did this to you after all!
You’re a monster.

“Don’t blame me for his death hyung! I didn’t kill him alone. I may have pulled the trigger but you never stopped me from doing it. You killed him too. We both did. No matter how much you try to hide it behind your tears and all that grieving.  You can’t deny the fact that ‘we’ did it. ‘We’ hyung. It has always been ‘we’. you and I have always been together. And You and I, we’re just like each other. “


And then he was on his feet, walking, running towards the door. There was no time to think. No time to comprehend. He had no time. If you died, your blood would be on his hands. He can’t let that happen. Not this time, not again.
“I would rather kill her myself than leave her for Namjoon to devour “Yoongi muttered just before he fled out the door.

-Namjoons Place-

Time was ticking away. Every minute, every second that passed just filled you more and more with that awful feeling of dread.

You sat in a corner, trembling, hugging your knees and biting your nails.
Namjoon was back on his chair, eyes glued to his phone in full concentration.
Your heart was beating so fast you swore it would’ve jumped out of your chest any moment.

You had so many questions in your mind.

What If he Yoongi was lying? What if he’s not coming?

Why is he coming here? Why does he suddenly care?

“What do you think y/n?” Namjoon said with his eyes still stuck on the phone.
“Is he really coming for you?”

I didn’t know. I was just as unsure as he was.

“And here I thought you were absolutely worthless. Turns out you are pretty important to both me and Min Yoongi!”

He laughed before getting up and walking over to you. You would’ve backed up if only it wasn’t for the damn wall.

“It’s gonna be a bit boring till he shows up so how about we start talking. Get to know each other. It’s a great way to pass time”

You looked up to see his face and saw him smiling.

“okay..” You said with a little hesitation. Scared of what he would do if I denied his request.

“that’s the SPIRIT!”

He dragged the chair from behind his desk and brought in front of you and propped himself on it

“Tell me something about you y/n. I wanna know you. There must something in you that you’ve survived this long with Min Yoongi. “

You decided to let it all out. How I ‘survived’, what Yoongi had done. The room and Yungjae. You skipped the part about Jimin. For some reason letting it all out made your head a little lighter. Like a huge boulder was off of your chest.

“I’m intrigued. I knew the moment I had laid my eyes on you that you y/n, you’re different than most girls I’ve met. I gotta give it to you ,you’re brave. You said ‘fuck you’ to Min Yoongi. Even I couldn’t do it”

I wasn’t brave. I was stupid. That’s why I’m here.

He was still smiling like that was the most amusing thing he had ever heard.

“What about you?”

The smile disappeared and his eyebrows shot up.

“Me?” he said with eyes widening in surprise. His had an expression clearly saying ‘This girl’s audacity

“What do you want to know about me y/n?” he said with a big grin. Dimples pocking through both of his cheeks.

Are you dead inside? Or Do you have a hole where your heart is supposed to be?

“everything” you said with a fake plastered smile on your face.

He stared at you with his heavily hooded eyelids. The smirk never leaving his face. He positioned himself so his face was right in front of me.

“Everything?.” He asked and I realized how close his face was getting.
“I’ll tell you everything. Don’t worry. You’re very smart girl y/n. But maybe even a little too smart for your own good”

He backed away and sat straight.

“if we had met in different circumstances I would’ve surely liked you”

You couldn’t say the same about him, though.

You glanced at the clock and saw the time


If Yoongi doesn’t show up, which you doubt he will, you would be at the mercy of this man in front of you.
You were staring at the clock and Namjoon was staring at you staring at the clock.

“Staring at it won’t slow down the time sweet thing”


you started to bite the skin off with the nails. Drawing a little blood in the process. Your hands were starting to shake and stomach started to churn remembering Namjoon’s words

He’s not coming.

Namjoon looked at his phone than at me

“I guess he’s not coming. It hurts me to say this y/n but-“

And then there was a knock on the door.

A young man, probably in his 20s popped his head in through the door. He looked at Namjoon than at me.

“Yoongi is here ! “

Is this really happening?

“huh, why don’t you invite him in. Make sure he’s comfortable. I’ll talk to him in a moment-“Namjoon was dragging his chair back to its place when the young man interrupted

“but hyung ,he’s already in-“

“Out of my way,” you heard a familiar voice through the doorway.

The Young man was pulled back through his collar and the door was pushed OPEN.

He wore an overcoat over his White shirt, and his mint green hair was uncombed. Even when he wasn’t as tall as Namjoon for some reason to you he seemed taller than him.

Your emotions started stirring with one another. You were angry and happy at the same time. There was a feeling of relief and the big question that had been bothering you for so long


why? Why did you feel relieved to see him? He meant nothing to you. How could you forget how much he hated you? And how much you loathed him!
So why were you filled with so many emotions?

“Yoongi,” you said standing up against the wall. You said it so softly but he heard you. His head turned towards you and his expression changed into something you had never seen or thought you would see, on Yoongi’s face for you.


You didn’t know how or why but you were walking towards him.

Stop. You told yourself.

What are you doing?

But you kept walking towards him. Slowly. With your sprained and stomped on ankle. You walked towards him. They were quick, steady step, until the distance between you two became Less and less.

No. Stop y/n .he means nothing to you. You don’t even know if he’s really here for you.

Stop y/n

Words couldn’t describe what you felt when your head was against his chest.the smell of his musky cologne filling your nostrils, he smelled like rum and lavender it was almost comforting, unlike Namjoon who reeked of death.His heart thumping loudly in your ear. you didn’t know why you felt the need to crash into him. Why you felt the need to bury your face in his chest. Why were you crying like a little kid?
For a moment, you forgot what he was? What he had done to you in the past.
Maybe you were just happy to know that now, you’ll be saved. Or maybe it was the fact that somebody came. Somebody came for you. That someone cared. Maybe, you weren’t so worthless after all. Even If it wasn’t the truth you pretended like it was. You pretended like Yoongi cared for you.

And just for a moment, just a mere second, you actually liked Min Yoongi.

Your tears were soaking his white shirt wet. He stood motionless while you clutched his shirt tightly. There wasn’t a return of any kind of emotion from Yoongi’s side. You didn’t expect any. You were just surprised he was letting you cry on him that was until you felt his hand on the back of your head. You flinched a little. You had been grabbed and thrown around so many times that now, you have become hesitant of any kind of physical touch.  But he only gently stroked your head.

He muttered something in your hair.

“Don’t worry. You’re safe now”


Safety, a sense of security was all snatched away from you in an instance. Min Yoongi destroyed everything. Your home, Your life. Everything that you ever had. And now he stood here. Whispering in my ear that I’m safe now. you knew It was a lie.

And Yet you chose to believe him.

“What did you do to her?” he asked removing his hands from my head while I was still stuck to his chest like a baby stuck to its mother’s breast.

Namjoon just laughed.

“Well, this is such a sweet scene. All the lovie dovie. I didn’t know she had a thing for you. Women I tell you! why didn’t you tell me y/n?”

“ I asked you something!’ his voice reverberated through his chest onto your face. 

He placed both his hands on your shoulders and gently moved you aside.

“Hyung.. It wasn’t me. You know I don’t hit women.That’s just disgusting. I order my men to do it!”

It only took a second. In a flash of second Yoongi’s knuckles were on Namjoons cheek. He fell back a little because of impact. But got back up on his feet quickly.
“huh, Not bad Hyung.” Namjoon said rubbing the tip of his mouth with the back of his hand and staring at the blood.

He gave Yoongi a sheepish grin and flashed his bloody teeth.

“Now that the courtesies are out of the way..

Let’s talk.”

Issues- Part Eight

Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

This chapter contains a sexual nature and of course bad language from the start.  Enjoy :)

Word Count- 2,131

Read previous parts- HERE

Part Eight

Negan” I whispered, loud enough for him to hear. A hum was my response “Thank you”

“Any-fucking-time doll” he pulled me tighter but this tugged on my stitches and I couldn’t stop the ‘ouch’ that escaped my lips “How is your face?” He moved up on to his forearms to look at it.

“Sore” I admitted. Like someone was constantly stabbing my face with teeny tiny needles.

“Are you in pain?” He looked a little worried.

“A little” I admitted.

Huffing he got out of bed and cracked open the door. What was he doing? He did know he was in just a black pair of underpants and a white t-shirt? Right?

“Get some painkillers from the good old doctor for y/n. Her face is hurting and be fucking quick about it” Turning to me he said “I don’t like him being outside your door” so it wasn’t Joey tonight? I don’t know why but I suddenly felt a little less safe. Oh.

“Thank you” I said as the door closed with a click behind him.

“I told you, you need anything, and I do mean fucking anything you tell any of my fucking men and they will get it for you”

“I dont..”

“Just ask y/n” he said frustrated as he sat back down on the bed “I won’t keep fucking telling you”


He stayed silent for a little while before turning to face me.

“Three stitches?” He asked running his finger so gently I barley felt it over them “God I wish I could be angry but Joey said you saved his life”

“I couldn’t let him get hurt, he wasn’t harming me or anything” I couldn’t let Daryl kill someone who didn’t deserve it.

“Fat Joseph is a fucking pussy cat” Negan laughed as his fingers moved down to my neck, leaving a trail of goosebumps. God this man is… I don’t even know how to explain it. Fuck.

“You like him” I smiled.

“I trust him” was his response. He fucking liked him and he knew that I knew it.  Maybe Negan was the fucking pussy cat. To me.

“You need to rest, give your beautiful face some time to heel”

A knock at the door surprised us both.

“That’ll be your painkillers” Negan smiled as he got off the bed and opened the door. I didnt see who was on the other side but soon enough Negan was back holding a glass of water and two white pills in his hand “Take them”

“I don’t want to sleep” I mumbled after swallowing the painkillers. I hope they kick in fast. That would be fucking nice.

“Ohhhhh damn” he had a glint in his eye that made me squirm “What have you got in mind y/n” he fucking winked at me.

I couldn’t fight the laugh that was building and had to let it out. Dropping backwards on the bed I could feel tears run down my face from laughing. How could this man just… fuck what was he doing to me?

I felt rather than heard him get back onto the bed, crawling so that his body was hovering above mine.

“You’re so beautiful” he said as I quietened, his fingers running up my ribcage. God those fingers.

Instead of speaking I lifted my head and kissed him.

His lips moulded to mine instantly. God he tasted so fucking good.

Moaning into my mouth he pressed his body onto mine, his entire body weight was on me. I could feel him. He was hard.

I couldn’t help the smile that tugged on my lips as we kissed. I did that.

I wanted more.

I needed more.

His hand pulled my t-shirt upwards, exposing my breasts to the cold air of the room.

Negan” I breathed heavily as his mouth left mine and found their way downwards. Oh my god.

My body felt like it was vibrating.

“I need you

You’ve got me” he told me as he came face to face with me again.

My lips found his as his hand found its way inside my underwear.

Oh my god.

Is he going to..


This man was not what I had expected.

His fingers were sliding in and out. Never faulting in movement as I writhed on the bed. Oh my god.

I could feel myself tightening. I was going to explode.

“Come on baby girl”


“Oh god, I’m going to….. I’m go….Im going to cum

“Yes come on y/n, cum for me”

Lights flashed under my eyelids as I did.

Holy fucking hell.


“That was a fucking beautiful site” Negan spoke as he removed his hand from my underwear “Jesus y/n you are going to be the death of me”

“Don’t say that”

“Yeah I guess that has a different bloody meaning now, huh?” He mumbled running his fingers through his hair. Wet fingers. Holy shit.

“You won’t leave, will you” he said suddenly catching me off guard as I came down off of my high.


Me” Leave him?

“I’m not going anywhere Negan but I won’t become one of them” Why would I leave him? Unless he did something to hurt me or, or Judith. God I missed her.

“I know

“Joey told me that th..” I paused. Did I really want to have this conversation after what just happened? I wanted more to happen.


“He told me that you hadn’t been, to see them” I asked pulling my shirt down to cover myself once again suddenly feeling exposed “Is it true?” The man just had his hand in your underwear and now you feel exposed? God.

“Doll I haven’t fucking so much as been in the same room as any of them since the day you made me a fucking lemonade” he admitted turning his back to me.


“Because I met you

“You’re so confusing” I admitted because he was “Apparently they talk, about me”

“Pay no attention to it, I told you that…”

“I’d say yes if I was the only one” cutting him off from whatever he said.

It was the truth.

I had never paid any thought to it before but it was the fucking truth. If they didn’t exist I would be his, forever. You already are. Just admit it.

He stayed silent but I could feel the tension in the room begin to build. I should not of said that. Fuck.

“You don’t get to tell me what to fucking do here y/n” he said slowly but there was anger there. Shit

“I wasn’t I was just stating a fact Negan”

But it was no good he was already standing up and pulling his jeans on.

“Dont go” I begged “Please, I’m sorry I..”

“Sleep, I’ll be back I just gotta think”

He didn’t look at me as he left, slamming the door behind him making the mirror on the wall shake.


He didn’t come back before the sun had risen.

I felt numb, for the first time Negan hadn’t kept his word.

He hadn’t come back.


Unable to sleep now it was light I got dressed. I was hungry.

Opening my door I was shocked to see that the chair that always had somebody sat In it was empty. Why?

Had Negan got so pissed off with what I had said last night he decided I wasn’t worth protecting anymore? My heart hurt at this.

God why couldn’t I just bask in the glow of a Negan induced orgasm and let him… god what I wanted that man to do to me. I was so messed up.

My stomach rumbled reminding me I was indeed still hungry.

Fuck it.

There is no one here to ask about breakfast so I was going to have to try and find my own way to the cafeteria.

Closing the door to my room behind me I started walking the way Dwight had taken me the first day I had been out of the room. Was that really only the day before yesterday? Jesus.

A few men passed me as I walked, a couple looked at me but no one said anything. I guess I was allowed to wonder then?


Surprised to hear a recognisable voice I looked to my left to see Eugene walking towards me. He was wearing a long black coat that I had defiantly never seen him in before.

Negan gave it to him?

Negan. Fuck.

“Eugene” I smiled, he looked good. He was safe and hadn’t been injured. This is good.

Part of me wondered if he was being held like Daryl.

Hugging him I felt a little better.

“What are you doing?” I asked as a couple more men passed. These I recognised. They had been at Alexandria. One winked at me and it shot shivers down my spine, and not in a good way. I didn’t like him.

“Breakfast” Eguene said. He had never been one for many words.

“Me too” I nodded “Its this way, right?” I pointed to the corridor I had been just about to walk down. This place was like a maze. I needed a map or something.

“It most certainly is” he nodded “Shall we?”

It felt nice to be around someone I had known for a year or so I guess? Time was a funny thing now. I was never really sure of what day or even year it was anymore. It didn’t matter I guess.

Having breakfast with Eugene was odd, it felt like I was in Alexandria. He had always been a little bit of a weirdo but he was smart. Negan saw that too and that is why he had him working for him.

Apparently he had him working on the walker wall out front, making them better, whatever that means and making Negan bullets. That didn’t surprise me. I mean the night we came here Negan called him ‘the bullet maker’.

“Have you seen Daryl or Rosita?” I had almost forgotten about her being here toowith everything. I wonder where she is?

What did Negan have her doing.

For a second I wondered if he had made her a wife and then I remembered he had confessed that he hadnt even been in a room with them since the first day I met him.

Part of me was worried that was no longer the case.

What if he went to see them last night after he left? What if thats why he didn’t come back?

“No” Eugene answered. He was about to say something else but stopped the moment someone sat on either side of him. Women.

Two women.

In black dressed.

Shit, his wives.

I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t want to see let alone have to speak to them.

One with almost black hair whispered in Eugenes ear while the other, a fiery red head just starred at me.

“You’re her aren’t you?” She said suddenly “You’re the reason”

“Amber!” She was cut off by the other one.

“What don’t tell me you haven’t been curious on what she looked like?” She laughed twirling a perfect curl in her fingers. She looked at me again and I just knew she was the one Joey had mentioned yesterday. The one who had a meltdown that time.

I felt uncomfortable. Every fibre of me wanted to bolt out of the room.

“Ladies, me and y/n are having breakfast we can discuss this later” Eugene spoke up. There was a nervous expression on his face. They were up to something.

As Amber glared at me the one with dark hair, who’s name I didn’t know gave me a small smile.

“What are you discussing with Negans wives?” I asked as they moved away. The sound of their heels echoing around the room. Whatever it was it couldn’t be good.

He wasn’t able to answer my question though as the double doors flew open as Dwight and another savior walked in. Looking me dead in the eyes he almost rolled his own before speaking into a radio he was holding.

What is he doing?

Turning back to Eugene as he finished eating “I think..”

“Y/n, come on” Dwight spoke coming to a stop at the table we sat at “Negans been looking for you” 

“I’m having breakfast” I told him. Once again everyones eyes were on me “I’ll find him when I am finished” He kept me waiting, it was his turn now.

“Y/n you should most certainly go” Eugene spoke. Now I was the one rolling my eyes.

He was right. I fucking knew it but still I wanted to finish my breakfast. Picking up my bowl I stood up and followed Dwight out of the cafeteria as I ate. This was ridiculous.


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Brendan Gallagher- We all win

Request:  hey can u do a Brendan gallagher imagine where you guys are best friends and u have a huge crush on him. It turns into something more after the game they win getting them into the playoffs. THANKSS!!

Author’s notes: I love this prompt so much! These are my favorite kind of imagines to read.

Warnings: slight steam?

Up next: Nolan Patrick

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3. “It’s about damn time!”

A/N: HEYOOOO. Numbers 1. “Oh my god, you’re in love with her” and 2. “You’re too good for this world” are here. I’m going off of zis list here. Finals suck, but here I am not studying for them. That being said, this one is a tad shorter than my usual. Enjoy xx

You’d think, after four years of being together after being together for two in college, that Beca and Chloe would’ve tied the knot by now. Nope. They haven’t. The idiots weren’t even engaged yet. 

Everyone had always assumed Beca would’ve been the one to pop the question first, and Beca assumed Chloe was the one who was gonna pop the question first. So really, the last six years have just been a mess of confusion. But, regardless, they had each other and that’s all they really cared about.

Aubrey and Jesse’s wedding had rolled around and it gave everyone an excuse to get back together for a weekend. There would be an unhealthy amount of booze, what Beca had hoped a jacuzzi tub in their hotel room, and copious amounts of talking shit about how high strung Aubrey was until she started banging Jesse. Ahh family bonding.

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From Eden: Ch. V

Previously on From Eden or Part 1

Nothing else felt quite like falling into a familiar bed after being away from it for so long. Clarke meant for it to only be a few minutes, meant to savour it for just a second, the falling into her bed, but somehow time got away from her. 

She was going to empty her suitcase and go grab a few groceries. She had emails to return after spending twenty-one hours on a flight back from across the world, and she had things to do after being away for a month, but the welcoming arms of her bed proved too much to overcome. That and how relaxed she was after her trip. That and the idea of letting things wait until tomorrow. That and the jetlag. 

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How would Tsuna, Reborn & Hibari react to finding out that the bartender/occasional stripper (when one of the girls can't make it) at the strip club they sometimes go to is actually a former well known assassin when they witnessed her kick ass after her shift in a dark alley ?

admin Adelheid


Tsuna had seen a lot of things over the course of his years as a Mafia Boss; but this one tonight just took the cake. The only reason he came to this third rate strip club was because of you.

That and the fact that he was virtually anonymous here since who would expect the Vongola Decimo to be patronizing a third rate strip club in some dingy hole in the wall no name alley.

You were a great barten. Always willing to lend an ear and an open mind to anything he had to say and be discreet about it. You didn’t bow and scrape like the other bartenders that littered the high end strip clubs he and his Guardians frequented. You were honest and sincere and gave good, sensible opinions that was neither invasive nor promiscuous. If anything, Tsuna had noticed that he deferred to your opinions and based his decisions by them. They had yet to fail him. Imagine his delighted shock when came on a night when the club was one dancer short and you were called over by the manager.

He eagerly watched you teasingly danced on the stage; slowly stripping away at the tank top and pedal pushers you had been wearing while you tended the bar earlier. Tsuna had to admit he was so turned on he thought about finally commissioning you regularly.

Something you refused.

To say he was… disappointed was putting it lightly.

Preoccupied about the rejection he just received he stepped out into the dark alley where he parked his Jag. And there he was surprised by a bunch of idiots who thought it would be a great idea to ambush him.

Tsuna prepared to fight but was taken aback by the flash of long hair and the familiar scent of a woman passing him by. And then the thugs who had planned to kill him were all eating the scum in the alley with broken faces and missing teeth. He then blinked as you gracefully straightened from your crouch and turned towards him, your form illuminated by the guttering light of the lamp that lit the strip club’s back door.

Tsuna held his breath and his stance became defensive at the small smile you shot him even as you put one slender hand on your hip.

“Easy there, Decimo, I’m not here to fight. I gave up that life a while back and I’m not planning to go back any time soon.” You told him calmly.

Tsuna frowned but his eyes remained curious. “You know who I am?”

“Just me, the others don’t know and they’re better off not knowing.”

Tsuna refused to let his guard down. It wouldn’t be the first time that a woman had tried to assassinate him, after all. “Is that why you helped me just now?”

“Of course. I can’t afford to have the Vongola Decimo himself murdered anywhere near my place of business, now, can I?” You replied easily as you hiked your knapsack over your shoulder and turned your back on him. “In any case, if you leave things well enough alone and took care of your… personal business away from here… then you can call us even, Don Vongola.”

Tsuna could only watch as you walked away and into the night, his curiosity of you running deeper with every step that took you out of his sight.

He needed to know more.


Reborn had been looking for his idiot former student.

Lately, Tsuna had taken to wandering his territory anonymously whenever he was feeling stressed as though practically daring his enemies to come and attack him. Honestly he wouldn’t be surprised if that was Tsuna’s plan. With Hibari still in Japan there was no one else who could spar with Tsuna with the same violent intent as the Skylark did whenever the both of them needed to let out steam. It got to the point where the Vongola even set aside a budget solely for repairs on the training rooms.

Reborn’s search took him to this fairly impressive strip club and was surprised when the bartender served him a hot cup of espresso almost as soon as he leaned on the counter. He peered up at you from beneath his fedora with a sharp, silent question but you only smiled coyly and tended to another order.

Reborn couldn’t quite get his eyes off of you since. His gut was telling him that, despite your appearance, you were something he should be wary of.

He blinked when the first set of strippers climbed down and you went up and he watched you like a hawk through intense, ebony eyes as you danced on stage. His gaze like blades caressing every inch of exposed skin. And the more he stared the more he grew confident in his guess.

He followed you out at the end of your shift, planning to tail you until you got to your address. What he wasn’t expecting, however were the attackers waiting for you outside the bar.

“We finally found you, cum bucket,” one of the men who appeared from the dark greeted you with a leer. “Now you’re going to pay for turning your back on our Family.”

Reborn didn’t move as he stood in the darkness, waiting. Assessing and listening to see if there were any more people hidden in the corners besides these goons. He was curious to see that you remained unfazed, however.

“Oh? Did Guido not take my resignation seriously?” you asked them with coy calm. “I would have thought his right hand man’s head was enough of an incentive to leave me alone.”

“BITCH! You’ll fucking pay for what you did!”

They started attacking you and Reborn watched, impressed at how smoothly you took them all down. It even amused him to see you sighing at them all in disappointment as you broke the last man’s arm in two.

“Is this what’s left of Guido’s little army? How disappointing. You should tell him he should hire better people.”


“Will he really?” Reborn raised his brows as you crouched down and looked the man in the eye, your fingers already at his neck. “I would like to see him try that on Vongola territory. There is a reason why I chose to stay here, after all.”

And with one twist the man lay on ground, limp. And Reborn made his presence known.

“Impressive.” You batted your lashes in his direction warily and Reborn smirked at the defensive stance your body took. “Easy now, I’m not one of them.”

“Really now?” you asked as you peeked at the hitman from beneath your lashes. “The how can I possibly help you?”

Reborn pulled his fedora down slightly and sent you a dark grin that emanated its own brand of intimacy. “How about you let me take you out for a cup of coffee so you can tell me what I want to know?”


It wasn’t in his nature to patronize strip clubs. In fact, if he had a choice, he would have never entered one at all. It seemed beneath him to be lured and find charm in such vulgar places but there were rumors surrounding this particular third rate sex den that he needed to confirm.

The bartender did not offer him a drink when he folded himself on a bar stool. A smart move considering he was not willing to imbibe or trust anything in this godforsaken place. All he wanted was information. For that he can suffer through this.

However the bartender snagged his attention when the manager called you up for your number and Kyouya blinked in surprise that such an innocent little thing would be up for a dance.

And dance you did.

You moved gracefully; mesmerizing and deadly and Kyouya had to say he could not take his eyes off you. Neither could the audience from the looks of things. You moved with coyness and seduction but your eyes promised pain and death to anyone who dared touch you.

It was akin to watching a cobra dance.

Kyouya was mystified. So mystified, in fact that he followed you out the back door by the end of your shift. He managed to follow you through a couple of alleys later when it happened. Several men came out of the dark and started attacking you. The Cloud-user had already started to step forward to help you but you surprised him again by taking down your opponents with such skill and grace he had stand back and admire your handiwork. You impressed him even more when, instead of walking away you looked up towards his direction warily but with your hands at each side, palms open.

An indication that you were unarmed but still wary. Kyouya smirked a little. He knew a carnivore when he saw one.

“Care to explain?” the Skylark began, his sharp eyes never leaving yours for a moment.

“Just some former colleagues,” you replied with an air of nonchalance that did not betray your wariness. “It just so happens that my former Boss didn’t take my resignation as well as I’d hoped.”

“You’re that Famiglia’s top hitwoman,” Kyouya realized even as he said it. “So the rumors are true. The underworld’s Black Snake has taken refuge inside Vongola territory.”

A slow smile, as seductive and sharp as your dance earlier, stretched across your lips. “As expected of Foundation and the Vongola’s Cloud.”

“You realize that bringing trouble within Vongola territory is punishable by death?” he asked, his tone dangerously low, his eyes flashing and yet he didn’t reach for his weapons.

You merely smirked back. “Funny. I actually chose to hide inside Vongola territory because I thought the name would keep them away.”

Kyouya frowned at that. It would mean that there was a Family who actually had the nerve to trespass on Vongola territory despite their reputation. The thought was simply unforgivable.

“Come with me,” Kyouya commanded as he looked you in the eye. “You are going to tell me everything you know about this Family.”

“And if I refuse?’

“Then I’m going to drag you there.”

Yayo Daddy - 50s Greaser!Ashton AU - PART THREE

finally amiright

the AU is set in 1950s Hollywood and mostly inspired by this video

PART ONE - PART TWOmasterlist


It’s been a year since I made my move and took her on our first date. Admittedly I almost got us arrested, but she loved the rush I gave her, I could see it in her eyes. She calls herself addicted to me, but I tell her the only addiction she has is to tobacco.

Everything’s changed, of course it has, but I still loved her the same.

I was leaning on the back of my motorcycle, waiting for the tank to fill up at a petrol station. My girl was off across the road, giggling with some old pals about something or other. I took a cigarette out of the pack open in my leather jacket pocket and lit it, letting the smoke cloud my thoughts for a few seconds. I tipped my head back and exhaled, and took another drag before paying the fuel meter and mounting my bike.

I whistled loudly across the street, grinning as she turned instinctively and slipped sunglasses on my face before revving the deafening engine, signalling I was ready to go.

I watched her cross the street, wearing my bandana so well. Her skirt was clinging to her hips and riding up past her knees, fuck. I wanted to have her in ways no one else has had or ever will have her. I would never make her do anything she was uncomfortable with, of course, but damn she must know the affect she has on me. She made her way towards me and came to a halt by the side of the bike.

“What?” I asked her, my cigarette clinging to dear life between my lips.

“You’re smoking in a fucking petrol station.” She said, shaking her head and pulling the cig out my mouth, sticking it in hers and inhaling deeply before getting on the motorcycle and wrapping one hand loosely around my waist.

“You fucking suck.” I joked, revving the bike once more before shooting out the gas station.

I heard her squeal joyfully as my speed accelerated way over the legal limit.

“Adrenaline junkie!” I shout back to her, as I take the shortcut she loves, a street dotted with huge crystal white mansions.

“You know it!” She screams back, before pressing a kiss to my cheek, “Where are we headed anyway?”

I’d made a point of not telling her that I had saved up for a fancy hotel. Our one year anniversary had to be special. We had talked about it a while ago, but she’d never think I’d actually take her anywhere.

The truth is I’d take her to the damn moon if she wanted to go.

“You’ll find out soon enough!” I deliberately teased.

It took us about half an hour to drive to our destination. I chose a huge posh hotel on the outskirts of town; not a world away, but just so that no-one knew our names.

“We’re here!” I kicked down the stand on my bike and hopped off, holding out a hand to help her down.

She took it but her eyes were trained on the vast building towering above her.

“Are we in the right place?” She said in awe.

“Happy anniversary!” I exclaimed with a cheesy grin.

The look on her face was priceless, but I only saw it for a few seconds before she snuggled into my side and whispered into my neck, “You remembered.”

“Of course I did!” I was becoming such a softie, I couldn’t erase the smile from my face, “Wanna go in?”

She withdrew herself from me, and I immediately missed her warmth. But she linked her fingers with mine and tugged me excitedly towards the large mahogany entrance.

Our jaws dropped in unison as we entered the building. The double height ceiling was elaborately decorated in a unique painting of cherubs and flowers, and a wide staircase faced us as we walked through the gleaming white foyer. I steered us in the direction of the front desk.

My girlfriend let her hands wander over the surface of the marble counter, I bit back a smile at one of her little habits; she loved to feel everything around her, she said it made her feel safe.

“Hi, we have a reservation under Irwin.” I gave my award-winning smile to the tight lipped woman behind the desk.

“Of course Sir.” She looked us up and down and began flicking through her reservation book purposefully.

We probably didn’t look like we belonged here, my huge biker boots and leather jacket, Y/N’s tight skirt and bomber jacket - we weren’t exactly model citizens, but we’d learned how to brush off comments and odd looks and now we found them quite funny.

“Your booking requires upfront payment, Sir.” The tone of the receptionist indicated that she thought her statement would throw me off.

I just shook my head and reached into the backpack Y/N had slung over her shoulders.

“Of course, $70 for the night, correct?” I pulled out a wad of cash.

All of my savings from the past 6 months.

I could feel Y/N’s grip tighten on my hand as I handed it over the desk, she never liked me spending money on her and she’s made it very clear to me before, and I’ve ignored her every time. I loved spoiling her.

The receptionist said nothing more to me as I paid for the suite, she only handed us our room key and motioned for the bellboy to take the rucksack from us. He scurried over and helped us, directing us towards an elevator and taking us up to the third floor.

“Oh you’re in room 93, any special occasion?” The blonde boy chatted merrily.

“It’s our one year anniversary.” Y/N proudly spoke, swinging our linked hands back and forth before we stopped outside our designated room.

The bellboy swiftly let us in and left, obviously realizing we wanted to be alone.

“How’d you like it?” I said, a little anxiously as she walked ahead of me into the room.

“Like it? I love it!” She ran at me and jumped, wrapping her legs around my waist, looking at me with a big grin on her face for a second before planting a sweet kiss on my lips, “Thank you so much.” She whispered.

I let her down from my grip and we began to explore the room. A king size bed protruded from the wall, decorated with a crisp white duvet and a dozen pillows. Wide windows allowed sunlight to pour in, bathing the whole room in a 6 o’clock sunset. A muted floral pattern lined the walls, complimented by the pastel peach carpet.

“I’m going to freshen up.” She breezily spoke, standing in the doorway of the en suite bathroom until I acknowledged her.

“Sure, I’ll unpack.” I chuckled at myself; between us we’d only brought a large backpack of a change of clothes.


“You can do this.” You spoke quietly to your reflection in the bathroom mirror, desperately trying to soothe your nerves.

It’s only sex, it’s not as scary as skydiving, or swimming with sharks, but yet here you were, hiding in the bathroom, in your underwear, quivering.

Ashton would never force you to do anything you weren’t comfortable with, and he knew that you would want to wait before giving yourself to him, to make sure this was real. But, by god, if these damn butterflies weren’t real you didn’t know what was.

Ashton probably wasn’t expecting to see you like this just yet, he had probably just thought he would get to ‘Base 3’ with you, even though you weren’t entirely sure what that was. You had planned ahead though, wearing your favourite white lace bra and underwear set, which did absolute wonders for your boobs. And, of course, the dainty silver necklace that Ashton had bought for you the first week of you two dating.

You ran your hands down the curves of your body, in such a way that rid you of your shakiness. Exhaling loudly you took one more look at your makeup also ensuring that your hair was voluminous and loose the way Ash liked it.

You rested your hand on the doorknob.

This was it.

The door creaked as you pushed it open, making your presence known to Ashton. He was holding a wrapped candy that had been placed on the pillow by the hotel.

“Why do hotels do this? I’ve never understood-” He stopped in his tracks as he saw you, the candy fell from his hand, discarded on the floor, “Wow…”

You giggled as you saw his eyes rake over your body, and suddenly felt confident.

“What are you waiting for?” You crooked your finger, reeling him in closer to you.

His legs almost buckled underneath him as he made his way towards you. His eyes were drinking in your appearance, he bit his bottom lip so hard you thought it might bleed.

“Say something. Ash, say something.” You stuttered nervously.

“You,” His voice cracked and he coughed, “You look gorgeous. I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this though. Are you sure-?”

“Don’t worry, don’t overthink, just fuck me.” Lust was taking over your every thought.

“Fuck, Y/N…”

Ashton pressed his mouth to yours, somewhat hesitant, but got rougher as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Your chest pressed against his and you realised, “You’re wearing too many clothes.” You breathed, as his lips sucked on your neck.

You felt the vibration of his chuckle against you as he registered your comment.

“I guess I am.” His lips found their way to yours once more and his hands cupped your ass gently, prompting you to jump.

Your legs wrapped securely around his waist, his strong arms cradling you carefully as he walked you both over to the bed and set you down gently on the sheets. He kissed you sweetly once more before standing up and sliding his jacket off his arms. His white shirt clung to his toned arms and stomach, you felt a rush of wetness in your underwear and a telltale blush rise in your cheeks. He quickly stripped himself of his jeans, his hands wavering at the hem of his top, teasing you for a moment. As he lifted his shirt over his head you saw a large serpent tattoo trailing down the side of his body and curling at his hip. You stared at it in awe as his muscles flexed.

“I got it a few months ago.” Ashton noticed your eyes on the ink, “I wasn’t sure what you’d say.”

“I love it,” You breathed out, “I love the snake…” Ashton moved closer to you and crawled over your body, you gulped as you felt his breath over your stomach.

“Oh yeah?” He kissed your hip, and let his mouth guide him up your torso, eventually kissing the tops of your breasts that were spilling out of your bra.


“Wanna show me how much you love it?” Ashton’s cheeky grin returned, his powerful arms flipping you on top of him.

You let out a startled squeal and giggled as you looked down at Ashton, his large hands running up and down your thighs as you deliberated your next move. You nipped at Ashton’s earlobe, earning a moan from the boy. A surge of dominance took over you, and you rolled your hips against Ashton’s crotch, another moan from him encouraged you.

You smoothly unclasped your bra, letting the straps fall off your shoulders and eventually abandoning it on the floor. Ashton’s gaze was piercing, his breathing getting heavier as you exposed yourself to him. You took his hand in yours and guided it up your side, finally allowing him to touch your breasts. Your head fell back as his lust controlled his actions, his thumbs brushing over your nipples as his palms squeezed you roughly.

“So beautiful.” He whispered, his hazel eyes looking into yours.

“Ash…” You bashfully looked down, letting your hair fall over your face.

He brushed a strand behind your ear, leaning up on his elbows and then kissing you hard. You could feel him harden underneath you, the material of his boxers straining. You traced the outline of his cock through the material of his underwear, you saw his abdominal muscles tense at your actions.

“Tease.” He breathed, his grip on your thighs tightening.

“You love it.” Your breath hitched as you reached underneath his boxers, feeling Ashton for the first time.

You pushed his boxers down his thighs, taking him in your hand and pumping him slowly through your fist. The sinful noises falling from Ashton’s lips spurred you on and helped you gain confidence, but his hand on your wrist halted you.

“Stop, stop, I’m gonna cum otherwise.” He panted.

His brash words made your cheeks flush pink, and a little gasp escape you.

“Babygirl am I making you blush?” A smirk played on his lips.

“Shut up.” You began kissing him passionately, rubbing your clothed heat over his cock, the friction making you both moan out loud.

“Fuck this, I need you now.” Ashton groaned, his words making you wetter than you already were.

He sat up fully and wrapped his arms around you, kissing you hard. You melted under his touch, your brain clouding. Ashton slowly pushed you on your back, your legs instinctively wrapped around his lower torso. His teeth nipped at the skin on your neck, sure to leave marks that you’d have to cover up tomorrow.

He glanced down between your bodies, seeing that the only thing separating you two was the thin material of your underwear. He gave you a look.

“You rip them you’re buying me new ones.” You sternly said.

“Deal.” He kneeled over your body and tore the lace from you in one smooth action.

“Ass.” You grinned, hardly denying that that made you even more attracted to him, if that was possible.

“You love it.” He repeated your words from earlier cockily as two of his fingers roamed down your body, feeling if you were ready for him.

“Mmm Ashton please.” You squirmed impatiently.

He only kissed you in response, slowly reaching between the two of you and pushing himself into you, letting out a satisfied groan.

“You okay, babe?” He kissed your exposed neck as you tilted your head far back.

“Yes! Move, move!” You demanded, needing the feeling of him inside you to intensify, or you felt you might burst.

Ashton obeyed, and began thrusting rhythmically. His mouth was open, his hot breath fanning on your skin. His hands were placed by your head, his tan, muscular arms tensing with every thrust. You arched up into his chest, needing to be closer to him, your fingers wove into his honey hair, pulling perhaps a little too hard. You eased up as you heard him moan.

“No, carry on, I like it.” He admitted slowly.

You smiled a little, “You like it rough, Daddy?”

Something you said must have turned a switch inside him as he began thrusting harder, hitting deep inside you and making your stomach twist in pleasure.

“Ash!” You moaned out loudly, your fingernails dragging down his back.

“Fuck.” He dropped his head into the crook of your neck, his hips bucking strongly, waves of pleasure racking your body.

Ashton’s lips sucked at your collarbone, your skin tingling as he did so.

“Ash, please!” You begged for release, the euphoria taking over your whole body.

With one final thrust, you hit your high, squeezing your eyes tight shut, crying out and tightening around Ashton, who came mere seconds after you. His body fell on top of yours, your heaving chests pressed together as you calmed down. He levered himself off you, only barely, and looked into your eyes.

“Good first time?” He seemed almost worried that he had let you down.

You pretended to think about it before cracking a smile and reassuring him, “Yes, it was better than anything I could have imagined.”

He relaxed and lazily ran his fingers over your skin and basking in contentment before making the decision to actually get up.

“We have dinner reservations.” He spoke, offering you a hand when you tried to stand up next to him.

“How about a shower first?” You proposed seeing as both of you were covered in sweat and… other raunchy substances.

“Always a forward thinker,” He chuckled, “This is why I’m dating you.”

“Are you sure it’s not my killer ass?” You wiggled it as you walked to the bathroom, jumping as Ashton slapped it playfully.

Oh that too, of course.”

You Too Sunshine...

This story takes place when Tracer (Lena) is off duty, as well as Emily.

It was the weekend, Lena and Emily were the only ones in out of their friends. Usually when they’re off and at home, they relax since Lena has such a stressful job. Occasionally she comes home with bumps, cuts, and bruises that Emily tends to, but it’s very rare considering Lena is friends with Angela (Mercy). A few nights a week they go out for drinks or just for dinner despite the lack of energy, Lena loves Emily and wants to make her happy in every way possible.

Lena: Hey Em?

Emily: Hm..?

Lena: I know you and I rarely spend time together, besides the nights, but I feel bad… I want you to be happy and us to be happy.

Emily: Babe… I’m happy with you. Anytime I get to see you, hear you, hug you, or kiss you, I’m happy. How about you and I go out next weekend?

Lena: Woah… Really?! You mean it?!

Emily: Duh!!


Emily: Ok, ok, calm dow-


Emily: *laughing* Calm down, you little ball of energy!!

Lena: I’M SORRY I’M JUST SO DAMN EXCITED!! *jumping around*

Emily: *puts hand on Lena’s face* Calm down… *kisses her forehead*

Lena: *hugs Em* Love you…

Emily: You too sunshine… *her mind: cute…*

The night goes on, Emily and Lena enjoy their time together with dinner, a movie, and a king sized bed awaiting it’s Queens slumber.
Time passes
Evening has passed, Lena and Emily, now relaxing in their bed looking in each other’s eyes…

Emily: Without freaking out, where do you wanna go?

Lena: I don’t really know… we never go out, so it’s hard to chose.

Emily: How about…

*Lena’s phone rings*

Lena: Ugh!! Now?!

*picks up*

Lena: Who this be?

Emily: *laying flat on her back* *her mind: why does she have to be so busy? I just want to spend time with my baby… Is that too much to ask?!*

*call ends*

Emily: *sits up* Who was that?

Lena: Commander Morrison.

Emily: Oh? What did he need?

Lena: He said next week I have 2 options, take off or come in for overtime…

Emily: *her mind: OHMYGODWHATEVENISMYLIFE?!* *says quietly outloud* YES!!

Lena: ‘Didja say somethin ‘ere?

Emily: Nope~ *leans and kisses Lena*

Emily placed her hand on Lena’s leg as the kiss passed on, Lena cupped her face on one side and laid her down slowly… Lena’s arms straddled Emily’s upper body, she leaned down and kissed Emily slowly and softly, the kiss lasted for a good while until she pulled away slowly. Lena rolled over on her back, head propped against the headboard of their bed, she took her accelerator off to charge by their bedside table, then she relaxed with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. Emily rolled over and rested her head on Lena’s chest with a smile on her face as well, she turned her head to look up at Lena’s sparkling hazel eyes while Lena opened hers to look at Emily’s glistening green eyes. As their eyes met they both laughed slightly.

Lena: *giggles* You’re so cute…

Emily: *blushes* Aw, baby…

Lena: I know where we should go…

Emily: Hm…?

Lena: The aquarium!! You love fish!!

Emily: That’s perfect!!

Lena: Then it’s a date.

Emily: *lays head back on Lena’s chest* You know… I miss this… everyday I watch the clock hoping time goes faster and faster just so I can see you. I miss you.

Lena: *pulls Emily closer* I miss you too… but you know I have stuff to do…

Emily: *nuzzles her shoulder* I know… but it’s hard. You’re out there, risking your life, any second you could be killed and then this bed wouldn’t be warm at night… on either side… *tears*

Lena: *tears* Baby…

Emily: *sits up crying* And I wouldn’t be here if you weren’t because I never want to see you go and your accelerator could be broken and you’d be gone.

Lena: *sits up and covers mouth while crying* *looks at Emily*

Emily: *screaming and crying* DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT WOULD DO TO ME LENA?! *looks at her*

Lena: *paused with tears running down her face* Em-

Emily: *breaks down on hands and knees on bed sobbing* *cracking voice* I don’t want to see you go… not again…

Lena: *hugs Emily tightly with tears running down her face* *whispers* I’m not going anywhere baby…

Emily: *wraps arms around Lena tightly* *sobs*

Lena: shhhh… it’s gonna be ok, love…

Emily: *tears in eyes, she looks up at Lena* Promise me?

Lena: *Looks at Emily with tears in her eyes* ‘Ave I ever broken one?

Emily: *tilts head down* *smiles and blushes*

Lena: Hey look at me… *puts finger under Em’s chin* *tilts her head back up to her face*

Lena: I love you…

Emily: You too sunshine…

Emily rests her head back on Lena’s chest and falls asleep knowing how safe she is in her embrace.
Time passes
Night passes and it’s now morning… Emily is the early riser in this relationship lol. Emily wakes up to her on Lena’s chest and her beautiful girlfriend sleeping soundly.

Emily: You’re so cute when you’re asleep… *kisses her forehead*

Emily gets out of bed, hair a wreck, dried tears on her face…

Emily: Ugh… how did she fall in love with this mess?

She did what she normally did in the morning, brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, made tea for Lena and coffee for her, opened the blinds in the room and living room, and waited for Lena to wake up.

Lena: *Wakes up* *mumbled* Ugh… Why do mornings exiiiiist….

Lena managed to crawl out of bed looking like a depressed porcupine and did what she did in the morning, brushed her hair, gelled it up, brushed her teeth, put her glasses on, and yet still remained pants-less… with her British flag boyshortts out for show, Emily snuck into the bathroom behind her and hugged her waist.

Emily: *kisses Lena’s cheek* Good morning beautiful!!

Lena: *blushes* Morning love… Sleep alright?

Emily: As long as you’re there with me…

Emily gave Lena her the tea she always makes for her and they both walked out to their kitchen. Lena sat down still no pants and half asleep, awaiting Emily and breakfast. Emily always makes them the best English breakfasts in the world, she sat the plate in front of Lena and they both dug into it like it was their last meals.

Lena: *pulls out phone*

Emily: Anything new?

Lena: No, but Brooke keeps talking about her one night stands.. *laughs*

Emily: *laughs* Jeez, what a whore… How many has she had?

Lena: Pfft, too many to count… I wouldn’t be surprised if she got AIDS…

Emily: Ugh, I pitty her…

Time passes

Lena did the dished after breakfast. She always does.

Emily: BABE!!!

Lena: YEA?!







Lena knows where everything is in their apartment and hates it when Emily “doesn’t have shit to wear”, but considering she only wears jeans, t-shirts, and converse or crocs it’s easy for her… this is always a struggle… but she always finds what her girl wants.

Lena: *walks into their room* Whatcha lookin for…

Emily: My leggings, the black ones!!

Lena: *looking Emily dead in the eyes with a blank resting bitch face points at the leggings*

Emily: Oh…

Lena: Get dressed, I have to change as well…

They both get dressed, Lena is wearing a white tee with blue jeans, her pilot jacket, and white converse and Emily is wearing a sweater with black leggings and brown boots. It’s a relatively chilly day in London, so they wear what’s comfy for them.

Lena: Smashing outfit babe!! You look beautiful as always. *winks*

Emily: *laughs* You’re a dork…

Lena: But I’m your dork!!

Emily: Yeah, all mine… *smiles*

Emily and Lena head out for the day doing basic errands… grocery shopping, clothes shopping, paying bills, other stuff… just boring adulting.

Lena: *has hella groceries in her hands* UGH!! BLOODY HELL!!

Emily: Something wrong baby?

Lena: Babe can you get the keys? I left ‘em in the car… and my hands are full.

Emily: Yeah hold up… *gets keys and unlocks house*

Lena: *laughs* DAMN FOOD!!

Emily: *laughs* I’ll put it all away, you go relax.

Lena: Why can’t I help?

Emily: Because I said so.

Tracer: Oh, ok? Love you…

Emily: You too…

Lena felt uneasy, Emily always says sunshine after “you too”.

Lena: *talking to herself* That’s weird, Em always calls me sunshine after I tell ‘er I love 'er… Maybe she’s just tired..? What if she’s mad…? Did I do something wrong…?

Lena started to worry but the reason Emily didn’t say sunshine was because she felt something come over her… she finally noticed that she never tells Lena she loves her, she always says “you too” not “I love you too” or “not as much as I love you” or anything like that… it’s always “You too sunshine…” She didn’t know that Lena didn’t care that she didn’t say I love you back, she just loved hearing the word sunshine.

A few days pass

Lena was concerned for Emily and the aquarium is in two days, was she gonna be in a good enough mood for the date still?

It’s morning

The girls did their thing but today was different, they didn’t wake up on each other, Emily didn’t bring her tea, and they both ate plain buttered toast for breakfast.

Lena: *her mind: somethings wrong…*

Lena looked at her girlfriend, she had no smile, no emotion on her face, Emily felt like a complete dick. She has never told Lena she loved her, it crushed her. Emily had her hand sitting out on the table tapping her nails in a wave motion, Lena moved her own hand on hers, looked at her and smiled. Emily didn’t look up. She didn’t move. And the nail tapping stopped. She stood up and walked into the living room and flopped on their couch.

Lena: *tears in her eyes*

Lena wanted to cry, but instead she stood, she went into their room and laid back in their bed. Covered in blankets, Lena rolled over to see Emily standing in the door way staring at her. Emily saw the tears in Lena’s eyes, she went over to her and crouched to her head.

Emily: Baby… are you ok?

Lena: *mumbles* I could ask you the same thing…

Emily tried to stroke her head but she missed the opportunity as Lena turned to her other side to only stare at the empty space she so badly wanted Em to fill. Emily went to the other side of the bed and laid down beside her.

Lena: Do you still wanna go to the aquarium tomorrow love?

Emily: Only if you do…

Lena didn’t know what she wanted to do, but finally came to the decision to go.

Lena: Yeah, a little social interaction won’t kill us…

As the day carried on they both laid in bed all day, no errands, no TV, nothing was done…

Time passes

It’s an early morning this morning, Emily woke at five when her usual was seven, the reason she woke up was the bed was cold where Lena usually was. Emily was barely awake but as soon as she felt the cold spot and saw no dim blue light beside Lena’s table she got worried.

Emily: Lena…

Emily progressively worried more as the seconds went by.

Emily: Lena, baby this isn’t funny!! Come out, it’s not a joke!!

Emily screamed for Lena as loud as she could.


Emily got out of bed and tore the house apart, yelling for her girlfriend.

Emily: BABY?! LENA!!

Emily went out to their balcony and nearly froze as soon as the cold air hit her, she fell to her knees from the cold. She sat out there for an hour waiting for Lena to come back.

Emily: *whispers with chattering teeth and crying eyes* c-come b-b-back… I-I’m s-sorry…

Lena then soon arrived from a morning jog that she went on to find her girlfriend freezing outside with only a t-shirt and Lena’s British flag shorts on. Lena immediately threw her brown jacket on Emily whom was passed out on the balcony on her knees. Lena picked up Emily and took her inside, she turned on their TV in their room and sat with Emily cradled in her arms with blankets covering them, Emily awoke to the smell of Lena’s perfume from her jacket on her shoulders, she looked up to see Lena and felt the warmth of her arms surrounding her. Lena was talking to herself thinking Emily couldn’t hear her.

Lena: Man, sure is a shame we can’t go to the aquarium… awful cold outside today, and with Em’s condition I don’t think she’ll want to either. *lightly chuckles*

Emily shifted her body on top on Lena’s resting her legs beside Lena’s and her head on her shoulder. Lena didn’t know that she was awake, she kisses the top of her cold head. Emily wrapped her arms around Lena tightly. She looked up at her again while she was distracted watching TV, she put her hand on Lena’s face.

Lena: *softly speaking* Hey frosty… you alright?

Emily: I’m *sniff* ok…

Lena: *still speaking softly* You’re in no condition to go to the aquarium today love… Maybe another day, alright?

Emily: *nods* Where did you go? I got scared…

Lena: *lightly laughs* I just went on a jog… I wasn’t gone for long.

Emily: It felt like forever… I was terrified, I looked everywhere for you but I couldn’t find you…

Lena: Why so scared love?

Emily: You’re always here to protect me, you’re strong, brave, pretty, nice, funny, and you make me happy… I don’t like it when you go away…

Lena: Em… I’m not going anywhere… ever.

Emily: Baby…

Lena: Hm…?

Emily perked up to Lena’s head and kissed her.

Emily: *pulls away* I love you…

Lena puts their foreheads together and looks in her eyes…

Lena: You too sunshine…

Emily laughs and they both snuggle the day away… END

JILY CHALLENGE || @liiilyevans vs. @heypottcr

A/N: This is so last minute, but I hope you like!

Summer tropes + “I saw you in Diagon Alley not expecting you to be here this summer and bottled it so ran into the nearest shop, now you’ve found me hiding my face under this ridiculous hat in Madam Malkin’s and I can explain.”

“Lily?” James said, surprise littering his voice.

Lily winced as she heard his voice and tried very hard not to die of humiliation.

Raising a child wasn’t easy. Not being married, or even in a relationship, with the father of your child made it even more difficult. It wasn’t that Lily didn’t like James. She did, but not that way—at that’s what he thought.

It was simple really. They hadn’t kept in touch much since school ended, other than the occasional run in at the Ministry. One night Lily had gone out with her friends and they’d run into James and his friends. That had been a wild night indeed. There was no shortage of alcohol and Lily had soon found herself at James’ house with his lips on her own. As it turns out, alcohol and sex didn’t mix well, and Lily found herself pregnant.

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11 questions tag!

I was tagged by @sonador-reveur and @katrinnac, thanks 😊
1. You’re about to die but you have enough time to call one person and tell them anything you’d like to say. Who is it and what do you say?
Making phone calls terrifies me, so I’d send a text to my sister containing a ‘X marks the spot’ style map, so she could go on a treasure hunt. The treasure would be old photos, my stash of snacks and all my internet passwords so she could tell everyone I was gone, so they wouldn’t worry.
2. You’re about to become a parent of twins. Who do you prefer: two girls, two boys or a girl and a boy? What would you name them?
One of each, cos then there’d be no risk of mixing them up. My cousins are identical twin boys, and they spend a fair portion of their lives getting asked: Which one are you?
3. You can have any one person by your side while you’re on this earth. Who is it?
My sister or my mum.
4. You go to the cake shop to buy a cake for your kid’s birthday and the money you have isn’t sufficient to buy any cake. Also, you’re getting late for the party and it’s a shop you’ve never been to before and all other cake shops are too far. How would you persuade the baker to let you buy that cake at a very cheap price?
I’d show them pics of my kids face, and hope they’d wanna help him/her have a good birthday. Otherwise I’d leave jewelry or something as collateral, so they’d know I’d come back and pay the rest. Or I’d offer to be their apprentice for free, cos my cake baking could use some pointers (obviously, cos if I could bake, we wouldn’t be in this mess).
5. You can wear just one kind of outfit all your life. What would it be?
I pretty much do that already, jeans and tshirts 👖👚
6. You can either have one best friend or many good friends? Who would you want?
This is hard cos I have two besties 😣 probably many good friends, cos I don’t wanna give up either.
7. You can go back in time, live a month as the person of any age you’ve already been. Which age would you choose and why?
I’d be 6. When I was 6, there were only a few finished houses in my street and all the others were building sites. My sister and I would come home from school and just wander from site to site watching the brickies, builders and plumbers (we weren’t allowed to watch the electricians, I think they were concerned we’d touch something wire-ey and die. The brickies made a deal with us- we could play in the brickies sand piles as long as we stayed off the house block when the electrician vans were there). It was awesome! We were both permanently covered in clay and bricky-sand in those days 😂 We used to roller skate in the big storm water drains they were laying in the next estate over, too. Good times 😁
8. You’re getting late for something really really urgent and if you get late you might loose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve and while you’re on your way you find a drowning dog. Would you save the dog?
I’m almost never late anywhere. I’m super paranoid about being late, so I’ll arrive up to an hour early and just hang around. However, if I was late, I’d still save the dog, because whoever I’m meeting will either understand and support me saving the dog, or not be worth worrying about.
9. You’re getting late for something really really urgent and if you get late you might lose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve and while you’re on your way you find a drowning ant. Would you save the ant?
In the unlikely event that I noticed the ant drowning, I’d think it was fate and try to save it. Although if it’s a tree ant species, it can probably swim (according to abc.net.au and sciencemag.org), so my career sacrifice would be unnecessary, but I’d have a new tiny friend, so 😁🐜💚
10. You can make any 5 people happy and healthy for the rest of their lives including you. Who are they?
My parents, my sister and my two besties.
11. How would you like to be remembered after you die?
Through interpretive dance. Perhaps with accompanying bagpipes, or a theramin…

anonymous asked:

Sanvers AU where rookie cop Maggie meets Alex while she is still a party girl instead of with the DEO?

She stumbled on heels that were way too high and uncomfortable and why was she wearing these things again? She had been dancing on them just fine about ten minutes ago, her body pressed up against that sweet-smelling brunette with the nice smile and the bedroom eyes and–

Alex shook her head, ridding her mind of any thought of cute brunettes and bedroom anything. She swore to herself that she wasn’t going to let herself be talked into anymore bedrooms. She wasn’t going to drink enough to land underneath some guy who made her as dry as the Sahara and fumbled too much with his fingers to be of any help to her, otherwise.

She promised herself she wouldn’t find herself in any dark corners with a woman that giggled against the line of her throat and made her feel more with her hands on her hips than any guy that had ever had his hands actually inside her ever made her feel. She wouldn’t let herself fall into those traps again. Her heart just couldn’t take it. Because she wasn’t…that.

She couldn’t be. She was already failing out of medical school. She couldn’t be anymore of a disappointment.

The downside to not drinking as much as she usually would was that she could still feel the weight of the world on her shoulder; her mother’s cutting remarks whenever they spoke on the phone or visited each other on holidays; Kara talking about her own studies or her new job or whatever else that was happening in her life; the memories that plagued her of her father’s promises to see her in “just a couple of weeks, superstar” before he was gone from her life forever. 

She felt that weight in every inch of her body, making her knees buckle and her eyes begin to tear up. The only thing that could cure this was a lot of booze and a long ride down the coast. Now, if only she could just find her keys.

“Aha!” Alex tugged them from the depths of her pocket and grinned, triumphantly. She pressed a button on the attached remote and suddenly the car five feet away started to honk as its lights flashed on an off for several moments while Alex fumbled and shushed it. When she finally located the button on her remote to turn it off, she sighed and slumped against the trunk of the car.

“You’re not planning on driving that, are you?”

Alex made a squeak at the sudden voice and whipped around to find a petite woman with tan skin, dark brown hair, a beautiful smile, and the most soulful eyes that Alex had ever seen, twinkling in the moonlight and…where was she?

“Um, maybe,” she said, then giggled. “What’s it to you?” The woman was standing next to a motorcycle and she had on a leather jacket that fit every curve of her body and damn, she was so fucking pretty. Alex felt her face heat up–but it was probably because of the alcohol, she reasoned with herself.

Yup. Definitely the alcohol.

The woman stepped toward her and Alex caught a whiff of…something. It smelled like vanilla and it made her hair stand on end and her entire body tingled. She might have thought she was allergic to it if the sensation wasn’t so entirely pleasant. Stepping into the light, the shorter woman–oh gosh, she was so tiny–pulled back the left side of her coat and revealed…

“Oh shit,” Alex groaned, slumping against her car again.

“Relax,” the cop said. “I’m off-duty. Which means I won’t have to arrest you as long as you weren’t planning on driving that car while drunk.” Alex opened her mouth to protest. “Save it,” the cop said. “I can smell the whiskey from here.”

“Shows what you know,” Alex huffed. “I like vodka. Besides, I’m not as drunk as I could be.”

“You are so not helping your case, Ma’am.”

Ma’am?” Alex snorted. “I’m not fifty. I’m, like,” she did the math in her head, but she still felt a little spacey. “I’m not fifty. Call me Alex.” She offered her hand to the cop to shake, but it was a little off-kilter.

“Officer Maggie Sawyer,” the cop said, wrapping her hand around Alex’s. The taller woman felt a spark as soon as their fingers brushed and bit her lip hard enough to taste blood when her heart began to pound.

“Nice name,” she said, lamely. Had she been any more drunk, she might have winked, but she was sobering quickly under the twinkly gaze of Officer Maggie Sawyer.

“Yours, too,” Officer Sawyer retorted. “Can I give you a ride anywhere, Miss…?”

“Just Alex.” No way was she giving another cop her full name. “Like Cher.”

Officer Sawyer grinned at that. “Alright then,” she relented. “Can I give you a ride anywhere, Alex?”

Alex eyed her bike and thought of her own. She rarely rode it anymore. She didn’t want to total it the way she had totaled her last two cars for drunk driving. She’d worked all through undergrad to pay for it and she wasn’t about to let that hard work go to waste. 

“Sure,” she said. “You’ve got a nice ride.” She couldn’t help the flicker of her gaze to the officer’s backside as she walked past, stroking the seat of the bike. And maybe it was just her imagination, but she could have sworn that Officer Sawyer’s eyes flickered down over her body, as well. “Can you drive me to my apartment?”

“Just give me the address and we’ll be on our way,” the officer said, handing her a helmet. Alex gave her a look and she returned it. “Safety first.”

“Nerd,” Alex muttered, taking the helmet and slipping it over her head. Then she looked back at her car. It wasn’t as nice as the two prior had been, since her finances had taken a hit with the rising cost of insurance, but it was decent. It worked, at least, and it had an okay radio. “What do I do about my car?”

“The meters go back on at seven,” the officer said. “My shift starts at eight, so I can pick you up and drive you back in the morning, if you’d like.”

“Or you could just sleep over.” The words were out of her mouth before Alex had ever realized she’d spoken, but she made no move to take them back. Not if there was even the slightest chance that Officer Dimples here would say yes.

“Sorry, sweetheart,” the officer said, “but if you wanna get me in bed, you’ll have to buy me dinner first.”

Alex’s eyes widened and it suddenly felt way too hot in that damn helmet, but she made no move to take it off as Officer Sawyer jumped on her bike and turned to look at her over her shoulder. Alex could clearly see her smiling dimples, even underneath the helmet.

“You coming?” she asked and the words sent heat straight to Alex’s core. She bit her lip, nodding as she slung her leg over the seat and settled in behind Off–Maggie, wrapping her arms around her midsection. “You good?”

Alex nodded, before realizing that she probably couldn’t see her and cleared her throat. “Yeah,” she said. “I’m good.”

She felt Maggie nod and then she revved the engine as she lifted the kickstand and pulled away from the curb, taking off. Alex pressed more tightly against her, inhaling the intoxicating smell of her perfume and allowing her body to relax against this mysterious officer’s back.

Even as she sobered, the feelings didn’t go away and, for the first time, she wasn’t sure if she even wanted them to.

The Black Pearl Ring 2/5

Inspired by the Donovan family books by Elizabeth Lowell. An Olicity AU where Felicity comes in possession of the much sought after Donovan Black Pearl.

I’d like to say a very special thank you to @captainolicitysbedroom for creating such beautiful artwork and to @almondblossomme for all her support being willing to proof read. I’m very, very grateful!

Also available on AO3

                              Chapter 2: Let My Love Open the Door

Star City

Felicity had spent her night tossing and turning so she was actually glad when her alarm went off at 6am. She hopped out of bed ready to start her day – just as soon as she ingested enough coffee to feed an elephant. It was going to be a many coffee kind of day but she had survived those before.

She took a hot shower as the Keurig starting making her first cup. She grabbed the coffee cup from the machine and brought it into the bathroom with her as she got ready for the day, drying her blonde hair, pulling it back into the sensible pony tail she loved. She quickly chugged the end of her first cup of coffee and brushed her teeth. Now for lipstick, she picked a bright pink to put on. To make your lips pop, she could hear her mother’s voice in her head.

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Elijah Mikaelson was a mysterious man. Elizabeth had first met him in a bar. She was accompanying her sister to celebrate something so important she couldn’t remember it. As usual she was left apart from her sister and her friends. They liked to party and they didn’t care how many pair of eyes were on them while they were dancing but Elizabeth was shy and she tried her best to stay in the shadows. She thought nobody would notice her if she didn’t move but one man did.
She was at the bar, looking at her empty glass. Her mind was in another place, a more quiet place. When a man wearing an expansive suit came next to her and asked the bartender for a drink. While waiting his attention fell on the young woman to his right. Normally, he wouldn’t have payed attention to her but that night he felt curious.
“You look like you’d prefer to be anywhere else,” he said with a smile.
She looked up, surprised. She doubted for a few seconds that he was really talking to her. He smiled at her and arched an eyebrow.
“Yeah,” she shyly replied.
“Then what are you doing here, may I ask?”
Elizabeth frowned. “I came with my sister,” she said, turning her head towards the group of girls that were giggling with strangers at the other end of the bar.
“I see,” he smiled, amused.
The bartender put down his order in front of him. Elijah pointed the seat next to her, silently asking her if he could sit. She nodded, hesitant.
“You’re alone?” she asked.
“Yes,” he nodded. “I spent all day with my siblings, they’re exhausting.”
Elizabeth chuckled. “You too, uh?”
“I’m Elijah.”
“Nice to meet you, Elizabeth,” he smiled.
“Nice meeting you too,” she smiled back.
That night was the first of many they spent together, just talking and drinking. They always ordered the same thing, a soda for her and whisky for him. She didn’t know much about who he really was. Just that he had two sisters and two brothers and that he liked wearing suits.
Their feelings towards each other grew nights after nights. Elijah knew he was putting her in danger but he couldn’t resist. He didn’t know what attracted him the most; her smile, her laugh, her eyes… Elizabeth had no illusion that he didn’t like her as much as she liked him. She was too shy to tell him about how she really felt and too naïve to understand that they weren’t just friends.
One night, Elizabeth waited at the same bar like she would do every night but Elijah never showed up. She waited an hour and half before she decided to leave. But just as she stepped outside the bar she ran into him.
“Sorry, I’m late,” he said, out of breath.
“What happened to you?” she asked, worried, when she saw blood on his shirt.
“Uh,” he chuckled, nervous. “It’s not my blood,” he said to reassure her which he soon regretted.
“Whose is it then?” she asked.
“Nobody,” he answered. “I’m sorry I’m late,” he repeated, trying to change the subject. “Maybe, to make it up to you, I could take you to dinner, tomorrow night?”
Elizabeth was so surprised that she completely forgot about the blood or anything else.
“Dinner?” she repeated. “Like…”
“A date,” he nodded. “I think it’s time we really get to know each other.”
The date went perfectly. They talked, they laugh and in the end, he walked her back to her apartment.
“Thank you for tonight,” she said with a shy smile.
“It was my pleasure,” he smiled.
An awkward silence settled which she broke with a nervous laugh.
“Thanks for walking me back.”
“You’re welcome,” he said, grinning, taking one step towards her. He put his left hand on her waist and brought her to him. She instinctively put her hand on his face as he leaned to kiss her. He slid his hand in her pocket and took out her keys. He opened the door and then lifted her off her feet. She crossed her legs around his waist and kept kissing him as he closed the door and brought her to her bedroom.
After that night, Elijah disappeared. He didn’t pick up the phone, didn’t answer any of her texts. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe he was that kind of guy. She thought she knew better. That she knew him better. She was both angry and sad. She stopped calling him after the first week. But about a month and half later he showed up at her door.
“What are you doing here?” she asked, angry. “I never want you see you again,” she said and was about to close the door but he stopped her.
“Elizabeth, I’m sorry…”
“You’re sorry?” she repeated.
“I would have called you if I could,” he assured her.
“What happened? Did you die the last past 6 weeks? Cause if that’s not it then I don’t want to hear it.”
“Wait, wait,” he stopped her again from closing the door. “There are things you don’t know about me, things that I didn’t want to tell you because I was afraid you’d get hurt or that you’d be afraid of me of even that you wouldn’t believe me. But I thought you knew that…I thought you knew that I love you.”
Elizabeth couldn’t believe it. She hadn’t heard from him in weeks and he shows up now to tell her this.
“You broke my heart,” she replied. She thought it was impossible for him to look more sorry but it wasn’t. “I thought you…”
“I know, I’m sorry.”
“Where have you been?” she shouted with tears in her eyes.
“I…I’ll explain every thing to you, I promise. But first I need to make sure that…you know…” he sighed, he was trying to find his words. “I need you to know that I love you.”
Elizabeth didn’t answer right away. What was he going to tell her? He was looking at her with all the hope he had in his heart, scared she wouldn’t want to hear him. A tear fell down her cheek as she sighed. She took one step and tiptoed to hug him.
“I love you too.”

Let's think about...

politician!alpha!dean serving as Vice President to president!Bobby, and as far as the public knows, dean’s unmated. And he’s always getting asked in interviews, “are there any omegas you’ve got your eye on?” And Dean always laughs it off and explains that he’s focusing solely on his job, which to him is working to make the country a better place for all types, but especially omegas.

Because what no one knows is that he was mated once; he had a beautiful omega with the bluest eyes and the brightest smile and the most addictive scent he’d ever known. They’d been happy, in love. But that was before everything went to shit because Dean had been a shitty mate, and he doesn’t want or need another mate to fuck up like he did the last.

He knows that what happened to Cas was his fault. His last fight with Cas had been what pushed the omega to go out for a drive because “he needed to cool off.” And if he hadn’t gone out for that drive, he wouldn’t have been in the accident.

And Dean had been in the wrong; he’d known it when he was arguing with Cas about the drinking problem. Dean had picked it up after his parents had died in a house fire. He’d known that he was in the wrong every time he’d pushed Cas away when all his omega wanted to do was help him. So by the end, they’d practically been strangers, sleeping in separate rooms, avoiding contact, living separate lives. Dean had drowned himself in his liquor, and Cas had suffered for it.

So, after Cas’s death, Dean cleaned up his act. He’d gotten involved in omega rights groups and eventually went into politics, like his mother had been, to make a difference. And every time he managed to improve life for omegas, he counted it as atonement for his past, even though he knew it would never be enough.

And then, one night, Dean gets the call to get his ass to the office immediately because “It’s happening tonight.” And Dean doesn’t have to ask what it is; the op’s been in the works for months, but just recently they received intel that helped them speed things along. So he rushes to the panic room where Bobby, along with Rufus, the head of national security, and a few other cabinet members, are watching a live-camera feed on the monitor.

the op is a specialized unit in Egypt tasked with infiltrating a terrorist cell there. The cell had come to their attention when it had taken American hostages, all omegas.

“the doctor is actually our inside man” Rufus explains as they watch through the helmet cam of one of the troops moving toward the small, unimposing building.

“How so?” Bobby asks, glancing down at the folder in front of him; there was no information about any agents who’d been able to infiltrate the cell.

“He’s more of a specialist, I guess you’d say.” Rufus amends. “He’s not technically on our payroll, but he’s on our side. And he’s completely invisible; no one anywhere has anything on this guy, including us.”

“So then how did he end up on our op?” Dean asks.

“Old friend of mine. He contacted me and said he could get in within a week, then have us in three days later. We’ve had a team in the area, ready for his signal. He went in two days ago on Tuesday. Guess he needed less time than he thought.” Rufus smirks.

And then, there’s a flurry of activity on the screen as the door to the building is blown in. The camera feed keeps skipping and the quality’s fuzzy. There are bright flashes and loud pops as gunfire is exchanged, and then the camera steadies as the soldier wearing the cam walks further into the building where the hostages are being held. He kicks open the doors to a few empty rooms, speaking into his mic as he and his partner clear each. And then they’re at the last door and when they kick it in, they find the hostages.

Five of them are huddled against the wall, crying and whimpering, but the sixth, who is obviously the inside man, is standing over two dead bodies, blood dripping from the knife in his hand. And then he’s spinning toward the soldier, yelling, “Dammit, could you have made any more noise? If I hadn’t been here, they would have cut their losses and killed all of these people!” But Dean’s not paying any attention to any of that, because his attention is arrested on the omega. Because even with the grainy imaging and shaky camera, he would recognize those eyes anywhere.

“Cas?” He finally chokes out, and everyone in the room turns to look at him. And when he finally finds his voice, he turns to Rufus, glaring, and demands, “Tell me why the fuck my dead husband is in the middle of a fucking terrorist cell in fucking Egypt.”

And Rufus explains that he didn’t know that Dean had been Cas’s mate; he’d just provided an escape plan when the omega had called, sobbing that Rufus had been right, that the marriage was a bad idea. People with a past like Cas shouldn’t drag down people with a future like Dean. He’d fucked it all up, and he needed to get out, to give his alpha a second chance to find someone who could make him happy. So they faked his death, and he’d been out of the country filling government contracts ever since.

After that night, Dean tries to find Cas, but Cas disappears. He severs all contact with Rufus and all of his old contacts as soon as he realizes that Dean knows. Dean hires a private eye, the best detective in the fucking country, to track down his mate. But every time the private eye gets close, the omega falls off the grid. Months pass with no progress.

Then, Dean is attending a charity ball in South Carolina, doing the usual smile-and-ward-off-flirtatious-omegas routine. He’s dancing with this annoying omega who is too giggly and flirty and smells too sweet, wondering where Cas is, when suddenly he doesn’t have to wonder anymore. Because his omega is right there, cutting in on his dance with a mischievous, “Honestly, Dean, I’d at least hoped that you would trade up.”

And, of course, they end up spending the night together because it’s been so long. And as Dean practically tears Cas’s tux off and nips at every inch of skin he exposes, Cas moans and bucks against him, begging him for more. And when Dean knots Cas, the omega sobs with relief. And Dean’s just happy to have his omega back. But then the next morning, Cas is gone.

This goes on for months, Cas showing up at Dean’s events, spending the night, and disappearing by morning. Dean learns more about Cas’s life since the faked death. He learns more about Cas’s life from before the faked death.

“How far along?” He asks one night as they lay tangled together. His fingers stilling where they’d been stroking Cas’s hair. Cas’s head is resting on his chest, his arms wound around the alpha’s waist.

“Only six weeks.” Cas’s voice is barely a whisper. He fights the tears that threaten every time he thinks about his only pup. “I wanted to tell you; I tried to. But you were…”

“Always drunk.” Dean finishes for him when he trails off, sighing heavily.

“I thought that— I thought that I wasn't—” Cas’s confession breaks off in a sob. “I couldn’t save you, and I lost your pup.”

Dean presses a soft kiss to his temple, shushing him. “It wasn’t you; none of it was your fault, Baby. It was my job to take care of you, still is.”

Silence falls over the pair as Dean resumes stroking through Cas’s hair. He’s just starting to drift off when he hears, “I still miss him.”


“Our pup.”

“How do you know it wasn’t a girl?” Dean teases, and Cas smiles, shaking his head.

“No. We omegas have a sense about these things. He was gonna be big and strong just like his daddy.” Cas presses a gentle kiss against Dean’s chest. Dean can hear the regret in his tone, the sadness.

“We can always try again?” Dean hates how unsure his voice sounds. He’s tried to give Cas his space, not press for him to stay. But they’re mates. Dean needs his mate back.

“I don’t know if I can.”

Right, because Dean had his chance to be a good mate, and he’d fucked it up. He shouldn’t even be allowed this, much less a second chance. Cas still loves him, sure, but not enough to try building another life with him. Cas must feel him stiffen, because he lifts his head up to look at Dean. Dean tries to avoid eye contact.

“Dean, I’ve been on suppressants for twelve years.” He explains. Dean’s head jerks up, eyes wide.

“Twelve years? Fuck, Cas! That can’t be healthy.”

“Dean, up until seven months ago, I never thought I’d see you again. There was no need for my heats.”

“Cas, this is about more than just reproduction; it’s about taking care of you. You gotta stop taking those suppressants.”

“If I stop, I’ll go into heat, pretty much immediately. And it will be incredibly bad. It’ll be like those heats you read about in the harlequin romance novels.” Cas rolled his eyes, and Dean chuckled.

“Well, I mean, if you needed an alpha to help you through it, I might know a guy.” Dean offers, and Cas smiles. He pushes himself on an elbow and brings his mouth to Dean’s. As he brushes their lips together, Dean groans.

He slides his hands over Dean’s chest as he straddles his hips. He grinds his ass back against Dean’s cock and chuckles as he feels it begin to stiffen.

“Ready for round two, alpha?” He asks in a low voice, his pupils dilating as the head slides between his cheeks. Dean growls and grabs his hips, rolling them over so he’s on top.

The next morning, Cas is gone again. But unlike the other times, there’s s note on the empty pillow.

Give me time to clean to tie up my loose ends. I’ll talk to Dr. Adler about the suppressants. -C

It’s six weeks before Dean hears from his mate again. It’s a sticky note with an address taped to his bathroom mirror, along with a key. He grins as he recognizes the address.

The small cabin belonged to Cas’s family. Dean and Cas spent their wedding night there. And as Dean pulls up to the secluded clearing, he feels the tension already building in his spine. He steps out of the car and nods back toward his security detail in their separate car.

As he approaches the cabin, he pulls in a deep breath of clean air, and then freezes. Because laced in the air is another scent, one that he knows so well. It’s omega in heat. He practically sprints up the steps to the cabin, unhesitating as he twists the doorknob and steps inside.

There, on the bed, is his mate, naked, panting, sweating with exertion as his fingers work on his slick hole.

“Dean… Alpha! Please!” He pleads, his eyes locked onto his alpha. Dean rushes toward the bed, pulling clothes off as he goes.

“Oh, God, you drive me crazy!” Dean groans as he climbs up onto the bed, crawling over Cas. He reaches down and grabs Cas’s wrist, pulling his hand away. Cas whines at the loss.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’ll take care of you.” Dean promises, sucking Cas’s slick-covered fingers into his mouth.

Four Years Later

“Sweetie, it’s time for you to go to bed.” Cas calls from the kitchen. He listens for the sound of running feet, but hears nothing. “Anna?” He calls, walking toward the living room. He stops and leans against the doorframe, smiling serenely as he takes in the sight of Dean laid out on the couch, Anna curled up on his chest. Both are sound asleep.

Usually, Cas would just pick up their daughter and carry her to bed, but that’s getting more difficult to do as his belly grows. He unconsciously rubs the bump.

He walks over to the couch and runs his fingers through Dean’s hair. The alpha’s eyes slowly blink open, and he smiles up at Cas sleepily. He doesn’t say anything; just takes Cas’s hand and brings it to his mouth to press soft kisses against his long, thin fingers. Cas gestures toward Anna, and Dean nods, carefully shifting so that he can sit then stand up, maintaining his hold on Anna the entire time.

After they put Anna to bed, Cas and Dean move back to the sofa in the living room and cuddle up there.

“This next one’s going to be a boy, you know.” Cas murmurs into Dean’s shoulder.

“That’s what you said about Anna.” Dean teases. Cas chuckles and shakes his head.

“Trust me, we omegas have a sense about these things.”

Stages of a Relationship: 10/10 - Terminating

I had a burst of inspiration and finally finished the last stage. It was probably due to the angsty mood I’ve been in. Also, I start classes again on Monday so posting might get a little slow until I adjust to my schedule.

 Thank you to all of you who read and enjoy this series.  💜

Stage One: Initiating - Stage Two: Experimenting - Stage Three: Intensifying - Stage Four: Integrating - Stage Five: Bonding - Stage Six: Differentiating - Stage Seven: Circumscribing - Stage Eight: Stagnating - Stage Nine: Avoiding

This is the stage where you redefine your relationship.

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You tossed your head back as you took a shot of whatever alcohol is placed in front of you. It burned the back of your throat as it went down, but it had a slight sweet after taste to it. The shot glass clinked as you placed it back on the table empty. A deep sigh escapes your lips, your finger circles the rim of the glass. You glance around the dimmed club, your eyes were searching for Yoongi.

There was a heavy feeling in your chest when you finally spot him. Your lips pursed in annoyance as you eyed the group of groupies that surrounds him. “Fangirls.” The word fell out of your lips with a bitter chuckle.

He has a  gummy smile on his face. He seemed to bask in the attention these girls are giving him. You have never seen him glowed as much as this - except when he is on stage. They were obviously flirting with the hair twirling and the giggles and the playful push on the shoulder. His hands sat dangerously low on one of the girls back and you raise an eyebrow.

You probably should make you way over to him. You probably should squeeze yourself into the group. You probably should let the girls know that their oh so great AgustD has girlfriend.

“If you glare any harder you’ll burn a hole into the poor girls dress.”

You glanced up to see Namjoon placing two glasses on the table. A smile eased its way onto you face as you take one. “Namjoon! I’m so happy to see you brought me alcohol.” You giggled as you took a sip of the drink. This one was fruity and sweet, but burn was stronger. As you feel Namjoon’s presence by you, you suddenly don’t feel as lonely as before. Suddenly, the air doesn’t feel as thick.

“You look like you could use a drink,” he reasoned as he sat next to you. It wasn’t as if he needed a reason to talk to you or to bring you a drink. “Could i safely blame it on the view?” his eyebrows are furrowed as he watched you in concern. His drinks stays in his hand but he never brings it up to his lips to sip at it. One of his arms is wrapped around the back of the seat that you are in. You are hit with a waft of masculine cologne that you could only describe as Namjoon.

“It definitely is not the most pleasant view,” you agreed with a sigh. You chewed on your bottom lip in between the sips you take. You eyes are still fixated on Yoongi. “They’re pretty, aren’t they - the girls?”

Namjoon hummed before he answers. “But you have something that they don’t.” He leaned into you to whisper the words as if he were telling you a secret. You could feel his breath on the side of your face. Despite being in a club and having a drink in his hand, his breath lacked any scent of alcohol.

You finally break your eyes away from Yoongi to gaze at Namjoon curiously. You make eye contact. Your faces are inches apart. “What is that?” The question came as a curious chuckle.

“Yoongi’s love.” The look on his face is quite seriously but you can’t help but to snort.

Your hand came up to cover your smile as you laughed at Namjoon. You other hand playfully smacked his shoulder. He dramatically groaned in pain as he laughed along with you.

And if you would have looked over at Yoongi in that moment, you would have saw him staring at you. You would have saw they way his eyes glowed as he watched you laugh. You would have saw how his attention was focused on you.

“Yoongi, can I just say that your album is amazing? You have got to be the best rapper of our generation.”

So quickly, his attention is back on his fans as he expressed his thanks. The spot next to his side felt empty and he wished that you were standing with him. He enjoyed his fans but he enjoyed you more.

And as your gaze fell back on Yoongi, you watched as on you the girls leaned up to kiss him. You grip on the glass tightened as you glare at the back of her head. The heavy feeling returned to you chest. Yoongi managed to turn his head to the side to avoid the kiss. Instead of on his lips, it’s on his cheek.

You breathed out a sigh of relief. For second, you thought that he might have actually let her kiss him. It felt so wrong.

You down the rest of your drink in one go. You winced at the burning sensation in the back of your throat. In that moment, you don’t know what burns more: the alcohol or the fact that you doubted Yoongi, doubted your relationship.

“Yoongi, I think…” the quivered words die out as you stared at your fogged up reflection in the mirror. You had just stepped out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around you. You sighed as you tilt your head to the side, stuck in thought.

You cleared your throat and fix your posture. A sudden feeling of determination and confidence came to you as you stared at your reflection. “Yoongi,” you voice is steady this time. “We should reconsider-”

The knock on the door breaks your concentration. You let out a startled gasp as you look towards the bathroom door.

“Are you done? I have to pee?” Yoongi voiced on the other side. You sighed as you run your fingers through your wet hair. Another day. You’ll have to figure this out another day.

“Is it true?” a girl confronted you as you are strolling through the aisle at the grocery store. You pushed the cart in front of you as you look at the cereal boxes.

“Is what true?” You questioned back. You glanced at the girl as you toss a box into the cart. You didn’t recognize her from anywhere. She glared at you but you shrugged your shoulders and keep walking. The echoing footsteps behind you tells you that she was following you.

“You’re the girl that is dating AgustD,” she stated. She has a judgemental tone in her voice. You could feel her eyes travel up and down your body. She scoffed at your lack of response.

For a second, you wished you would have dressed nicer. You were wearing simple jeans and a hoodie. You certainly don’t look your best. But then you remember that you are only grocery shopping and it makes no sense to dress up for that. You didn’t have to impress anyone.

“What if I am, what if I’m not?” you sighed aggravated.

“You’re not even that pretty!” she admonished as she followed you. “He could certainly get with someone prettier. He’s talented and handsome. You’re just plain.”

You mindlessly nodded along, trying not to pay attention to the girl. You should have just told her to “fuck off” but how would that affect Yoongi’s reputation?.

“My sister is a model. And she met AgustD. She says that he’s only with you because you are easy.” The girl has a deadly smirk on her face as you finally look over at her. “She says that it’s only a matter of time until he moves on to someone better.”

You tried not to let the words of a petty high schooler get to you. So you offered her a tense smile before heading towards check out. You tried hard not to overthink anything that was just said as you pack the bags into your car. You tried hard not to let the words affect you as you sat in the driver side. Yet, you still find yourself slump over the steering wheel as you shed a few tears.

He came home to your bed every night, no matter how late it was. The thought comforted you and always got rid of any doubts you had. You felt the bed dipped behind you and you couldn’t help but smile. You placed your phone on the end table before rolling to face Yoongi, deeming him more entertaining that whatever social media app you were scrolling through.

He returned your smile with his own, it was soft and tired. Your hand reached out to run through his newly dyed hair. He leaned into you comforting touch.

You pulled your hand back and rest it under your head as you stared at him. His eyes are closed and he would be drifting off to sleep by now if he couldn’t feel your eyes watching him. “What?” he questioned.

“Why do you come here instead of just going back to your place?” you whispered. Your eyes were hopeful and expectant. You were expecting him to say something cheesy and sweet, like that he misses you. And he would have known what you wanted to hear if he would have just opened his eyes.

Instead, he let out a small groan. “You place is closer to the studios.” If his eyes would have opened, he would have saw how the smile on your face fell and how your bright eyes dimmed. He would have saw how you bit down on the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from crying out. His arms lazily wrapped around your figure. “Let’s sleep now.”

Yoongi was snoring lightly within minutes. You rolled over onto you back to stare up at the ceiling. Sleep didn’t find you that night.

If Yoongi saw any changes in your demeanor, he never commented. He never asked any questions. He never prodded. He never tried to dig any information out of you.

“I have to cancel breakfast.” His words were very finalizing and left no room for suggestions. He had just crawled into your bed to retire for the night. His eyes were already closed before you could even look over at him and acknowledge his comment.

“What?” you questioned.

“I got booked for a interview,” he explained in a sleepy mumble that you would have found cute if the conversation were anything else. He nuzzled his head into the pillow and pulled the blanket up to his chest.

You blinked at him. You were shocked at how nonchalant he was being. You wanted to argue. You wanted to tell him off. You wanted him to actually look at you for once. You sighed a defeated “Okay,” left your lips.

He hummed in agreement and mumbled something about making it up to you. You rolled over to face your back towards him. Tears fell from your eyes as you choked back sobs. If Yoongi felt the bed shake or heard your cries, he didn’t say anything.

“Jimin?” You questioned when you finally opened the front door at the insistent knocking. You wiped away any stray tears with the back of your hands as you smiled up at him. “What are you doing here?” You asked as you tried to act normal - tried to act like you didn’t spend most of your morning crying and breaking down.

He holds up a paperback. “I brought you donuts!” He exclaimed with a smile as he walked past you and into your apartment. “Yoongi said he felt bad for bailing on breakfast and asked that I bring you something to eat. I would have come earlier but I had some things to handle.” He sat down on your couch.

You followed after him. He passed you over a chocolate donut that had a cute face drawn on top of it. “Yoongi said that those were your favorite.”

You smiled at the gesture as you stared at the donut. It was the first time you didn’t have to force a smile onto you face. You couldn’t stop the tears from falling out of your eyes.

Jimin’s eyes widened in panic. “What’s wrong? Did I get the wrong donut?” he asked as his hand stroked your shoulders. “Please don’t cry. Yoongi will kill me if I made you cry.”

You sobered up quickly and wiped your tears away with the back of your hands. “I’m sorry,” you apologized. “I’m just being silly,” you chuckled sadly.

Your heart hurt. Every time you felt as if you relationship was falling apart or that Yoongi didn’t feel the same any more or that he didn’t care, he always did some small gesture. It made your heart yearn and reach for more. But you knew that nothing came after the small gesture. You would just suffer another heart break.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Jimin asked. “You know you can talk to me.”

You nodded your head to assure him. “Don’t worry,” you smiled up at him as you finally take a bite out of the donut. “It’s so good!” You gave him a thumbs up.

Jimin chuckled nervously. He obviously didn’t believe you. But you weren’t trying to convince him. You were trying to convince yourself.

You were back standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Your hands gripped the edge of the sink as you slightly leaned against it. Your eyes had a determined spark to them as your glared at your reflection. You took a deep breath before speaking.

“Yoongi, I think it would be better for us if we -” Before you could finish the sentence, the sound of the front door slamming shut interrupted you. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as you picked your phone up from the counter. You glanced at the time. “He’s home earlier,” you whispered to yourself.

You weren’t prepared. Your weren’t ready. This would have to wait for another day.

You exited the bathroom and headed to the living room. Yoongi is sprawled out on the couch and flipping through channels on the television. He smiled and beckoned you over. He sats up momentarily in order to pull you down to sit. He placed his head back in your lap.

You sat there tense, unsure of what to do. If Yoongi noticed that your weren’t comfortable, he didn’t say anything. You focused your attention on whatever show he stopped on. You avoided looking at him.

He rolled in your lap so that he was staring at your face. He looked up at you expectantly, waiting for you to finally look at him. He bit down nervously on his bottom lip when he noticed your refusal to look at him.

He cleared his throat before speaking. “Hey, Y/N?” he started off nervously. You blinked slowly before reluctantly looking down at him. “Are - Are you okay?” the question was hesitant, and he stuttered through the words.

“Um…yeah,” you answered but it sounded more like a question. You forced a smile onto your face to seem normal before turning your attention back to the television. You could still feel his stare on your face.

Yoongi swallowed. The question he really wanted to ask sat on the tip of his tongue. “Are we okay?” But he couldn’t get the words out of his mouth. But if you were okay, that meant that the relationship was okay, right? He didn’t believe it himself, but he tried hard to convince himself otherwise.

You sat in another corner of some fancy club. You were sipping on the complimentary champagne, trying hard to ignore the heavy feeling in your chest. This has to be the fanciest event that Yoongi had brought you too. You nervously glanced around the club, trying to find at least one face that you recognized. It seemed like most of the people here celebrities of some kind.

“What are you doing here alone?” The question is accompanied by a chuckle.

You glanced up, hoping to find a face you recognized and not a stranger. Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped. Your words are caught in your throat as you stared at the owner of the words. “Oh my gosh, Jay Park.”

“Yeah, that’s me,” he chuckled as he takes a seat next to you. He’s sitting a little bit too close but you couldn’t find it in you to care for the moment. “And who are you, pretty lady?”

“I’m Y/N,” you squeaked out as you tried hard not to fangirl in front of him. You shrunk back into your seat out of nervousness and you could feel your skin heating up under his stare.

“Back to my first question, why are you all alone?” He asked again. His head rested in the palm of his hand as his body leaned against the table in front of you.

“Oh, I’m not. I’m here with Yoon- I mean AgustD,” you answered. You had a nervous smile on your face that only grew bigger when Jay smiled back at you.

“I don’t see him. So you’re alone,” he argued with a chuckle. “He should keep you closer to him. There are so many eyes on you.”

You scoffed at his comment. “As if.”

“Well, if he doesn’t return by the end of the night, you could always go home with me,” he joked. You giggled. “It sucks for me. You’re the prettiest girl here and you are taken.” He sighed dramatically. “Whatever shall I do?”

“Park,” a voice growled. You both looked up to see Yoongi glaring at the two of you. “I believe that’s my seat.”

Jay has an easy smile on his face as he stood. “I was just keeping your girl company.” He clapped Yoongi on the back before walking away. He smiled at you over the shoulder and sends you a wink in which Yoongi scowled at.

Yoongi slumped into the seat next to you.

“Don’t be mad. We were just talking.” You rubbed his shoulder. He grabs your hand and laced his fingers through yours.

“Don’t ever leave me for another musician,” Yoongi commented. His words shocked you and you couldn’t articulate a response. “Or just don’t leave me in general,” he added on with a sigh as he leaned his body against yours.

If he noticed your lack of response, he didn’t comment.

“So where is this boyfriend of yours?” Your mother had a sweet smile on her face as she sat across from you in the restaurant.

You gave her a nervous smile. “I’m sure he’s probably just stuck in traffic,” you answered. You peeked down at your phone in your lap, noticing that he was already 15 minutes late. You cursed in your head as you shoot him a text.

Yoongi had promised you that he would be here today. Your mother had been on your back about meeting your boyfriend who was a rapper. You kept her in the dark long enough. You had set up the date 3 weeks in advance so that he could make sure that he had the time off.

“He’s a musician, right?” Your mother asked. “Must be some lifestyle.” You could hear the judging tone in her voice even though she kept it light. You chuckled nervously.

Your phone buzzed to life in your lap and you jumped slightly. When you saw his response, you had to fight back the urge to groan. You bite down on your lip.

“He’s not making it, huh?” Your mother questioned. Her voice was understanding as she sighed.

“I’m afraid not,” you answered as your stared down at the empty table. “He’s not usually like this. I swear.” You tried to defend, but your voice was bitter. “I don’t even know who I’m trying to convince anymore,” you whispered to yourself.

You reread his response one more time.

sorry stuck at studio

You warily stepped into his studio a week later. He greeted you but his attention was on whatever song he was producing. You sat down on the black leather couch and watched his back as attempted to gather your thoughts.

You took a deep breath before speaking. “I can’t do this anymore.” At first you weren’t sure if you even said the words, he had no reaction. You started to repeat yourself when he spun around in his chair to face you.

He had a defeated look on his face. You were sure that you shared the same expression on yours. “What- What do you mean?” he asked, but he knew. He knew what you meant. He knew this day was coming. He knew. But he wanted to deny it. The way you sounded scared him. You sounded so tired, so exhausted.

“I can’t go to any more of your events,” you whispered. Your eyes were fixated on the floor. You played with your fingers as your tried to ease your nerves. “I can’t mingle with your kind of people anymore.”

“Okay,” Yoongi agreed. “You don’t have to go anymore.” His voice was pleading with you.

“I don’t feel like I belong in that world,” you continued. You words were spoken slowly.


“I don’t feel like I belong with you.”

Yoongi felt as if he had been punched in the chest. He sucked in a breath as he stared down at you. He gulped. “Y/N.” His voice sounded so desperate. You almost wanted to take your words back. Almost.

“I can’t anymore. I can’t pretend like this relationship isn’t falling apart,” your voice is raised slightly. You spoke faster in frustration. You wanted to pull at your hair. “I can’t pretend that I’m not second to your music. I tried. And I just can’t anymore.”

“What can I do?” he begged. His eyes were tearing up. “Let me fix this. Let me fix us. I’ll stop the music. I’ll go back to school. Anything!”

“No,” you shook your head. “There isn’t anyway to fix this.”

“Please. I can-” his voice gets caught in his throat as you stand.

“I’m sorry.” You start walking towards the door when his hands on your wrist stopped you. You looked back at him and almost sobbed. He looked so broken in front of you. Tears were falling freely as he stared up at you with desperation.

You could feel your own tears falling as you gently pry his hands off your arm. You rushed out the door before he could stop you again.

Epilogue coming soon.