if i could describe niall in a tweet

It really bothers me when people say Harry isn’t as affected by the Larry thing as Louis is. Just because Harry doesn’t have a baby and six brothers and sisters doesn’t mean he’s not affected. Remember Anne getting hacked? Have you ever seen Harry having a really serious, long-term relationship, just being really chill like Louis, Liam, and Zayn have? Because the 1D fanbase won’t allow it.  Not Harries, not fans of other boys, and certainly not Larries. Anytime he’s tried (Kendall, Nadine, Taylor), the girl gets harassed into the ground. No wonder he can’t keep relationships. He only has one sister, but she gets harassed about Larry. Gemma’s friends and boyfriend get it. 

One of the Dunkirk actors got harassed because Harry DARED to film a scene where he had to touch a man. Harry can’t do anything without people making it about Larry. He can’t Tweet, he can’t make an offhand joke on an interview without meaning he just came out. He can’t even wear the color green. Niall and Liam can use neutral pronouns to describe dating partners, but when Harry does it, it means he’s gay and with Louis. And so on and so forth. I could go on all day. 

Please don’t act like Harry isn’t greatly affected by this fucking Larry bullshit. 

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who is azoff shading with that golf tweet. i'm confused

one directions heaping pile of bullshit team that is modest management. capable is the last word that anyone in any universe would actually use to describe them. 

irving is a smart man. he could have said something when it was brought up in that golf interview, which why in gods name is one direction being brought up in a golf interview if niall horan isn’t at the actual golf course, so I can only think that ~ something fishy is going on. 

we will wait and see.