if i could credit the owner i would but how

reaction to you screaming their name.

during sex it’s obviously normal to moan, but what about screaming out the pleasure?


Yoongi would feel proud and satisfied. He would give you sloppy kisses and his thrusts would go faster and deeper everytime.

‘Scream for me baby..’‘


Namjoon would smile down at you knowing he makes you feel amazing. He will begin going rougher making it even more pleasing then it already was for you. He’d say dirty things while cupping your cheeks.

‘‘Does daddy make you scream that loud?’‘


Jin would get a bit startled not expecting such a loud scream. He’d ask you if it was a good thing but your constant moaning made it clear.

‘‘I didn’t know I could make you feel that way.’‘


Jimin would moan in response. He’d keep saying dirty things and was going crazy because of it. He’d constantly ask you to keep going ‘cause it was a big turn on for him.

‘‘Ahh baby, you know daddy’s turn-ons. Keep going..’‘


Taehyung would smirk looking down at you while continuing to thrust inside you. He would tell you to keep screaming as it felt like music to his ears.

‘‘Jagiya, you make it so hard for me..’‘


Jungkook would be confident and cocky about it. He’d slighty chuckle when he’d think about how he made you feel. He’d ask you to scream louder and louder so it could please him even more.

‘‘Louder Jagiya, I want the neighbours to hear.’‘


Hoseok would kiss your neck and massage your breasts continuing the pase of the thrusts. He’d be so happy to hear you scream knowing damn well it’s all his work.

‘‘Only I can make you feel this way, hmm?’‘

[credits to the owner of the gif.]

BTS Reaction

Members reaction when you first tell them ‘I love you’

GIFS don’t belong to me - all credit to owners/creators


Namjoon would get up from where he was sitting scrolling through his phone, walk over to you with a heartfelt laugh “Baby I know, did you think I wouldn’t?” You back away slightly embarrassed at being completely seen through. He’d reach you, embracing you in a hug, kissing the tip of your nose “I love you too, couldn’t you tell?”

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Jin would look at you with a serious face and say “Well how could you not, when your boyfriend has a face like this?” finishing with his iconic kiss and a cheeky smile. He’d laugh softly and give you a hug “Me too honey”.

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“Yoongi babe, what would you say if I told you I loved you?” Yoongi looks up from the piece he’s been working on with a smile growing bigger by the second. “Well baby girl, that would depend, are you lying to me right now?” Looking at him with shocked eyes “Wha- No of course not!” “Well good” He’d say looking down at you, licking his lips.

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Hobi was a little scared after you sat him down telling him that you had something important to tell him, but when he heard your confession, his serious face instantly growing into a smile. “I know babe. Jeez, you had me going for a second there! I love you too” He would finish sweetly.

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Jimin would be full of excitement after hearing those words from you. After expressing his love and gratitude to you, he would go straight to the boys to let them know that you are in love with him - a fact that they all knew already, but listened to knowing how happy Jimin was at this news.

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Tae would be so happy hearing your words, instantly breaking into a huge, uncontrollable smile. “Baby, I love the way that sounds coming from your lips. You should say it again” He would say enveloping you in a hug.

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I think Kookie would be a little shocked at hearing it - not in a bad way, definitely not, more in happy surprise. He wouldn’t be able to stop the joyful smile that creeps onto his face as he gives walks over to give you a peck on the lips saying “I love you too, sweetheart”.

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My Masterlist

Darkness Devours

Summary:  Reader has been in Purgatory for a few years surviving as best she can with her companion Benny.

Characters: Reader, Dean, Benny, Castiel (mentioned)

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2429

Warnings: SMUT, canon typical violence, canon typical angst

A/N 1:  I have a MAJOR Purgatory!Dean problem.  This quote from the show:  “It was blood, messy….  But there was something about being there… it felt pure.”  His pure and raw approach to hunting while there obviously made me think about what his approach to sex would be while there.  I mean look at this, how can your mind go anywhere else?


A/N 2:  Bolded text denotes dialogue from the show, credit goes to the writers.

Above gif is from Google Search.  Gif below is from @canonspngifs   The rest are from Google Search, credit goes to the owners.


Dean’s well muscled chest is pressed against your back.  His fingers trace over the rise of your hips and the fall of your waist.  He plants wet, kisses down the column of your neck to your shoulder.

“I could stay here like this forever, Y/N,” he murmurs drawing the lobe of your ear between his lips.

“Mmm, me too,” you sigh.  “But I bet Sam would have something to say about that,” you roll towards him, running your fingers through his hair.

You look up at Dean, but the room’s changed and he’s standing in front of you.  His green eyes are full of sorrow as he steps closer to you.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he says, tears filling his eyes.

“I know,” you say looking away, “just make it quick.”

“I love you.”

Razor sharp pain slices across your throat…

You wake up with a start.

“Whoa, cher,” Benny coos, “we gotta move.  You ok?”

“I’m fine,” you say pushing yourself up.  “What time is it?”

“Almost dusk.”

You grab your blade, Benny offers you his hand, you take it and he pulls you up.  Together you make your way through the trees.  You spend the night on the move.  It’s safer to sleep during the day and be on your feet at night.  If it wasn’t for Benny, you would’ve been dead-dead a long time ago.  His hand is on the small of your back, a sigh escapes your lips at the safety and comfort it provides.

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Lovely distractions - Sirius Black X Reader (smut)

Requested by @slytherinsurf : Helloooo! Your writing makes me cry, it’s so amazing!! Could I request a sirius x reader oneshot that has fluff, and smutt? The reader suffers from nightmares and stuff, so one night she goes to the common room, and Sirius wakes up, and comes down to comfort her. (He’s super sweet and caring) Then one thing leads to another, and things get a bit steamy ;)? Thank you so much!!!! Xxx
Well, I AM SORRY! But I wasn’t strong enough. I gave in to temptation. There isn’t enough fluff. I am sorry :( 
Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT (my heart loves it!) My English and swearing. Image isn’t mine/ Credits to the original owner[I wish I was ;) ]

You were inside a mansion. You had no idea how you got there. The only thing you could remember was the burning sensation on your arm. Why was your arm on fire? You glimpsed and froze.
The Dark Mark. You had the Dark Mark. You-it couldn’t be. You couldn’t be a Deatheater. Your parents were but you had run away. You would never be one of them.
“Prove your loyalty. Kill them”, a cold voice told you and someone handed you a wand. You were utterly lost and confused. What was happening?
Three people walked into the dark room. All air left your body when you saw their faces. You screamed and tried to move but a strong grip kept you pinned down. You were fighting the grasp but it was useless.
“You were always a disappointment” your father spat at you. You looked over the familiar faces and tried to find something-hope-in their eyes but they were blank.
Empty. This is impossible.
“Very well” he continued. He raised his wand and fired the cruciatus curse towards James. He fell to the ground and screamed in pain. You were begging him to stop but he never even gave a sign he’d listened to you.
He moved on to Remus. This time you were spitting curses and trying to get away from the grip that held you. When he deemed that he had tortured him enough, he went over to Sirius. But he stopped. He lowered his wand and put it in his pocket. You thought that he finally had enough. How foolish of you… He took out a smile knife with a sharp blade that made your heart stop beating. His hand was getting closer and closer to Sirius’s throat.
“No, please, no, no” you screamed at the top of your lungs. A red line appeared in his throat. You grasped your wand and pointed your father.
“Avada Kedavra”

Your eyes shot open. It took you a bit more to realize that it was just a nightmare. One of the nightmares that kept you up at night. It was strange though. You were sleeping with Sirius which usually does the trick. But not tonight.
You tried and regulated your breath and slowly crept out of the bed, trying not to wake up Sirius as you untangled yourself from him. He looked so calm and beautiful. You removed a strand of his messy hair from his face and place a small kiss to his lips. Tiptoeing, you got out of the room, leaving the boys to rest. You made your way to the common room.
It was Christmas. Very few people had stayed. The Marauders and you were the only ones from Gryffindor and that’s why McGonagall never reprimanded you for sleeping in the boys’ dormitory. Not that if she had, it would have prevented you from sneaking in.
You could never go back to your house. You had run away. All that pure-blood mania, it was madness. All that crazy ideas-your parents were mental. That house never felt like home. You thought you would never find a home. But you did. And it had a name. Sirius Orion Black. 
You sat down by the fireplace. A vivid fire was burning. The flames were dancing, consuming the logs. You really didn’t want to deal with the dream. Why on earth would you dream something like that? Why those people were torturing you even in your sleep? You had run away but it felt like you could never run away.  Those people had hurt you more times than you could count. But if they ever touch him, you will kill them-you knew you would use the last of the unforgivable curses on them without hesitation, even though you hated it.
A fluffy blanket was wrapped around you and you slightly jumped in surprise. You had been too lost in your thoughts to realize that Sirius was standing there for a while, looking at you a bit concerned. He had wrapped in you in the blanket while he was shirtless. And of course, your eyes were roaming his body. It was a sight that never failed to make you blush. His wide shoulders, his perfectly shaped torso… his abs. Your cheeks were turning red but you could always blame it on the fire.
He plopped right beside you and wrapped himself in the blanket. Suddenly he was too close. And half-naked.
“What’s wrong, love?” he asked you while he placed a kiss under your jawline and rested his head in the crook of your neck.
“Nightmare” you whispered as your hands reached for his and started playing with his slender fingers.
“Wanna talk about it?” he husked into your ear. Well, if he kept doing all those little things you weren’t going to talk. You shook your head and kept quiet. He kissed your neck again. Softly. Lovingly.
”Love…” he encouraged you, murmuring against your skin. You let out a heavy breath.
“I- I was a Deatheater. And they made me k-kill you but I kinda killed my father because he-because he was holding a bl-blade to your-your-your throat” you stuttered out. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. He grabbed your hands and caressed them before he cupped your face asking you to open your eyes, as you did.
“Baby, it was a nightmare. It could never happen. I would never let it happen” he said with certainty. How could he be so sure? You leaned into his touch.
He kissed you. His lips soft but hungry. His hands ran down to your waist and while the one stayed there holding you tightly, the other went further down and grabbed your bum, making you straddle him. He nuzzled his face against your neck, kissing along your skin before mercilessly biting and sucking marks onto your neck. You loved the marks he left on you. You loved the fact that he was yours. He rubbed circles on your hips as his lips traveled down your chest, still biting and marking as he went. You were wearing one of his shirts-you smelled like him. He pulled it off of you, feverishly. He groaned when he saw that you weren’t wearing any underwear.
“Let me help you” you mumbled, reaching out for him. You wanted to touch him so badly. You wanted him.
“No baby, this is about you” he breathed out. You whined.
“But I want you” you said pouting. He chuckled, caressing your body.
“You’ll get me baby”. You shuddered, biting your bottom lip as you smiled. He held you by your hips, sitting straighter before nipping, kissing and biting at your neck, your chest, your breasts as he shuffled back towards the middle of the couch, pulling you with him. You knelt in front of him, hands clinging to his broad shoulders as he pulled you flush against him. You could feel his thick cock throbbing against your stomach. Your boobs were squished against his chest as he removed his lips from you.
“Let me distract you” he growled, smirking. That smirk of his was driving you crazy.
He grinned, grabbing your hands and falling back, lying on the couch, dragging you along. He grasped your thighs, pulling you up so you could straddle his broad chest. You were blushing uncontrollably.
Sirius had an enthusiastic smile across his face as he stared at you in loving wonder.
“Come here love” he husked. You blushed again as you understood what he was implying.
“Sirius I- haven’t… we don’t have to-”
“I will drag you up myself” he said rather raspy. You didn’t even try to stop the bright blush rising to your cheeks-again- but did as you were told, crawling up until your knees sat on either side of his head. You braced yourself on the couch’s arm. You couldn’t help it. Your heart was racing as he ran his strong hands up the back of your thighs. He squeezed your butt, then all of a sudden dived in.
You gasped, holding on tighter as his tongue parted your lips, licking a broad stripe up your core to your clit. He licked, swirled his tongue and very carefully nipped at your throbbing clit. You ground down, trying to get more friction from his tongue, and he moaned deeply -and the feeling of the vibrations made you shudder in delight. You let out a breathy moan.
Hearing that only encouraged him. You could feel his smirk. He teased you hole, circling and lapping at your wetness. Then he plunged his tongue in deep.
You let out a loud gasp that quickly turned into a low moan, as you bit your lip and let your head fall back. You didn’t even care that you were in the common room and practically anyone could walk in on you. Even Minne for fuck’s sake.
Sirius’s hands firmly encouraged you to grind down as he fucked you with his tongue. That familiar tight pressure had built up quickly. Way too quickly for your liking.
“Fuck” you gasped. You felt him chuckle against your cunt. Your mouth fell open, your lips parted in ecstasy something you knew he’d have loved to see. He was always praising you and telling you how damn good you looked like that.
 “Please, babe, please…” you moaned out and closed your eyes. It was so good.
He grabbed onto your hips, guiding you firmly to grind down against him. You were shaking, so damn close.
 Sirius moaned beneath you, clutching at your hips. 
“Fuck Siri…” you muttered over and over again. So close, so close. You felt the all too familiar feeling and groaned. Your knuckles were white as you gripped his arms. You head fell forward and bit your lip. You came. Hard.
“Sirius” you hissed, your body trembling. Sirius brought his hand up to the small of your back, bracing you as you came back down again. He slid out from under you.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your collarbone.
“Oh, no. We are not done” you said when you finally caught your breath. He raised an eyebrow. You gave him a side smile. 
“I am gonna fuck you, baby. And we’re talking about the can’t-even-get-the-word-“fuck”-out kind of sex” you breathed out while your hands were already removing his pants. It was going to be a long night. But he had done it. You were distracted. Way too much to care about the nightmare when your reality was better than any dream.

GOT7~ When Their S/O has Trouble Using Chopsticks

Super fab Anon That Gives Me All The Love Asked: HIIIIII💜 Me again… i have a new request… im practicing eat with chopsticks so… i want to know how the boys teach to use them… and thats it😄… im happy that you are back💗… ALL THE LOVE TO YOU💜💜💜💜💜 
A/N: I’m okay with chopsticks but I’m not that good like, yah know. Anyhoo! HOPE YOU ENJOY, FAVORITE ANON 💗💗

Im Jaebum

He’d look at you with a loving smile as he let out a few chuckles like this boy loves you so fucking much it’s unreal. He’d think you were so damn cute and probably want to watch you fail a few more times before helping you. 

Originally posted by gsvnrewind

“This is hilarious.” “Oh my g- Okay, babe look, this is how you hold them.” 

Mark Tuan

He’d be helping you as soon as he saw your struggles but don’t think that he won’t tease you about it or laugh a few times because… dude, it’s Mark. He’d be sweet about it though.

Originally posted by jypnior

“You’re such a dork. Here, let me show you.”

Jackson Wang

I feel like he can be a hella good romantic when you guys aren’t with the guys. Like if you two were on a date or something he’d giggle at your cuteness and guide you hands to show you how to do it. Otherwise, he’d probs laugh a little too loud before just showing you how he does it.

Originally posted by defwang

“Ah, Jagi, you’re so cute.”

Park Jinyoung

This sassy little fuck you be judging hardcore. He’d see you struggling and be disappointed (In a loving way of course) Jinyoung would tease you so damn much if you were somewhere private but if you guys were out in public he’d just quickly help you and chuckle a bit.

Originally posted by soulmatesjjp

“Babe, wai- No, O- oh my god.” “Why do I love you so much?”

Choi Youngjae

Awe our lil fluff ball would be a giggling mess. He loves you so much and thinks you are just so adorable. He would take your hand and show you how to use them properly but would constantly tease you.

Originally posted by markificent

You’re being sassy?  Welp;  “At least I can hold chopsticks properly.”


Shaking his head while laughing at you. He has no shame in not helping you learn like he’d enjoy just making fun. The good thing is that you can bring up something hella embarrassing that he did and boom, he is here to help.

Originally posted by chattyang

“Whatever. Look, it’s like this.” “You’re such a little shit but for some reason, I still love you.”

Kim Yugyeom

Another one that would just love how cute you were being. He’d giggle a bit but I don’t think he’d make a big deal out of it. He’d show you how to use them correctly and help you. If you continued to fail, he’d feed you a piece of food out of pity but then start helping you again.

Originally posted by nguyentuti

“Here, eat.” “I can’t handle your cuteness sometimes.”

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for got7 ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

Imagine Kraglin being in love with you and always being curious about your sketches

(WOOOOO KRAGLIN ONE SHOT FLUFF!!! I was just so inspired by that one hc that was sent in I had to write this out!! :3 Hope it is to all your liking and you can enjoy it!!! BECAUSE I DO XD IT’S SO CUTE!! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

For as long as he could remember, Kraglin had always had his eyes on you. You were so kind and gentle to everyone on board it was hard for him to not weak at the knee just thinking about you.

He liked that you were easy to talk to and even more to look at. He just couldn’t stop thinking to himself how adorable you were as you would always run around the ship with your book and pen in hand, ready to count the inventory and bump into everyone to make sure no one was forgotten on each of your stop.

It always made him laugh and smile to see you and even warm in his heart to listen to you. However, there was one thing that bugged him when it came to you. It was your eyes.

Despite how pretty they were to him, they were always down in your book and not the same book as you’d use for work. They were always different somehow, and at that point you were killing him by making him too curious. Looking over at you, he just felt the need to know as to what could be so important to you that you’d rather pass your time on that rather than look his way.

From the different color pens you would use he had figured out that you were actually drawing. Although, he thought it was even cuter of you to do such thing in your spare time, he had just gotten even more frustrated over time.

Looking at you each day, he could tell you were scribbling something. Something rather serious from your tongue sticking out but each time he’d try to catch a glance at what you were doing, you’d always move away purposely.

Your action upset him, thinking to himself that you didn’t even trusted him to look at what you were up to and that thought always made him a little moodier than usual.


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GOT7 Reaction to: You being into thigh riding

I know, too late, I’m sorry but I really want to finish this request. So here I go with my shitty write skills TnT


This cutie cupie would be a bit surprised at first, but then he would be completely turned on for your audacity

“Don’t say it twice bae”


C’mon… Do I have to say something? It’s Im Jaebum! He would be pleased to please YOU, after all, you’re his girl.

*Points his thigh* “Daddy is waiting for you, baby girl”


Jackson…Ahhh this boy, again, do I have to say something? I would be not suprised if after that he do not stop asking for new things to try

“This is what I have been waiting for” *Excited*


Ugh… I seriously see him as a such gentleman, don’t get me wrong, he would not say no, what he wants is you to enjoy it, so I’m very sure he would accept the request (Btw, he is curious to try it)

“You’re a curious girl, aren’t you baby?”


Okay I know, no idol is 100% pure BUT PLEASE I DO NOT SEE MY YOUNSHINE LIKE THAT :c Even I accept that my Hobie is not completely “pure” (Cause’ girl do you have ever seen his dance moves?)  but Youngjae? Ugh I can’t… Anyways

I think he would completely susprised and shy, maybe the first time you asked he would say no, he need time to process that idea but when he feels ready he would access

“You know what to do jagi” *Shy*


Babam is so extra that I think he would accept it with not doubt, actually I think he would even take you for your hip and make you sit on his thigh anxious

“Show me how you do it”


He could be the maknae but is the same as Hoseok, GIRL DO YOU HAVE SEEN HIS MOVES? I know he is into the dance when he is dancing but c’mon…You know what I mean

But anyways I think he would be shy (After all he is the maknae) but after analyzing the situation I’m pretty sure he will find a way to take advantage of it, turning the situation even more exciting

“My thigh… My rules”


I love random requests, haha! Hope you all enjoy this ~

Part 1 / 2 (Kris, Tao and LuHan will be found in the next post)


Minseok had always admired you for your intelligence, so when you told him you were good at IT he wasn’t shocked, just happy you would fix his phone for him. Not only did he admire your skills, he was incredibly turned on by them and found it hard not to interrupt you in the middle of your work. You could feel his eyes on you at all times and when he had had enough he wrap his arms around your waist from behind, kissing your neck with gentle kisses. ‘’What did I do to deserve someone as smart as you?’’ he’d whisper in your ear before letting you return to the task at hand. As soon as you were done and he wasn’t interrupting you anymore, he’d carry you with strong arms to the bedroom and properly thank you for helping him.


Jongdae’s complaints could be heard clearly from his room which caused you to go investigate. He was seated at his desk and looked up at you with puppy eyes. He already knew about your IT skills so he asked with a honey voice if you could fix his frozen computer. “Mm, I won’t do it for free,” you answered in a teasing tone which instantly caused him to forget all about his problem in favour of turning on his flirty mode.

“well how could I ever repay you for your use of your genius mind and amazing skills?”

“I have an idea" you smirked. He immediately attacked you with sloppy kisses, telling you the computer could wait.


Chanyeol would be -way- too excited when you fixed his computer, which he insisted wasn’t broken because he downloaded too much porn. He’d act like you just jumped over the moon or something, even when you told him you were just good at IT, and not a magician. Park “The Hype Man" Chanyeol would for the next few days tell everyone that wanted to listen, and sometimes those who didn’t, how amazing and talented his partner is. Although it drove you nuts you couldn’t help but smile at the adorable puppy you called your boyfriend.


When Baekhyun mentioned something about getting someone at the company to look at his phone, you offered to do it instead. He sent you a questioning look but let you do it with a teasing warning, “if you break it completely you’re making dinner the rest of the month.” You simply rolled your eyes at him and got to work. Once you were done you triumphantly handed him his phone and you could see a glimmer of amazement in his eyes. But that teasing little shit would simply go “pft I could’ve done that too you know, I still think you should cook dinner" which caused you to start a vicious tickle fight to teach him a lesson, but that fight quickly turned into making out on the floor.


Yixing approached you with the eyes of a wounded puppy and an adorable pout, holding his phone in front of him. “It’s frozen,” he stated. He’d be shocked when you told him you’d take a look at it, not thinking you’d know anything about IT. Turns out his phone was just messing up due to a new update and you fixed it within a few minutes. “Here,” you smiled as you returned it to him and his eyes instantly widened. “Woah! How did you do that, is there anything my Baobei can’t do!” He’d then insist on repaying you by showering you in a thousand kisses, not letting you protest.


Kyungsoo didn’t approach you about his broken phone, but after hearing many frustrated grunts coming from him when it wouldn’t work, you took matters into your own hands. Taking it from the table where he had put it down, you began fixing it and within minutes it was back to normal. “Here,” you said as you handed him the phone. He’d be confused at first but when he realized it was fixed his eyes widened and a small smile grew on his face. He’d simply say “thank you,” but on the inside he was deeply amazed and proud.


It was no secret that Jongin was definitely at fault for his frozen computer; his “Magic Hands" being at work again. He was embarrassed but asked for you help with begging eyes nonetheless. You couldn’t help but laugh at his puppy like look and told him you’d take care of it. He’d leave you alone to work, partly because he didn’t want to disturb and partly because he didn’t want to get any judging looks incase it was unsalvageable. When you got back you couldn’t help but tease him a little.

“I’m sorry but..I couldn’t do anything, you fucked it up real good"

“Ah jagiya! I’m sorry you had to work so hard on something I screwed up!”

He didn’t understand it was a joke until you started laughing hysterically. He instantly picked you up and threw you over his shoulder with a smirk.

“put me down!” you protested. “Not until you apologize for scaring me like that” he’d laugh in return.


Sehun would seem so unimpressed that it started to annoy you. He had asked you if you could fix his laptop for him, which you easily did, but all you got in return was a dry “thanks.” You didn’t expect to be showered in praise, but you had hoped he’d be at least a little impressed. You started to notice that every time he had technical issues he’d turn to you, which confused you a bit. “isn’t there someone at the company that can help you?” you asked. “Mm, but they’re not as good as my beautiful and talented partner he’d answer while wrapping you in a big hug and kissing your neck. Turns out he was impressed after all.


Junmyeon would, like any other mother, be endlessly confused by all sorts of technology so when his pc refused to work he instantly turned to you, seeing as anyone would have a better chance at fixing it than him. He’d sit by your side with an interested expression as you took a look at it and would ask questions once in awhile so he could improve and maybe fix it himself next time. He’d ask how you knew so much about computers to which you just raised your shoulder and explained how you had spent a lot of time figuring out when you were younger. *aegyo mode on* “Woah, I have the best jagiya in the world ~”

(I don’t own any of the gifs, credit to the owners)

Monsta X reaction to their s/o being a make-up artist and wanting to use their faces as canvases

requested by anon~

a/n: hope you guys enjoy this! credits to the owners for these gifs


Originally posted by wonhobe


What do I do now?”

Basically dating you for 3 straight years was something Shownu wouldn’t trade it for another. You were a well-known make-up artist that tons of agencies would want to have you. Knowing how skilled you are, Shownu would actually let you use his face when you asked him if you could practice the new look that you’ve came up. However, he’d be asking you tons of questions while you apply make-up on him.

Hey babe, can I practice this new look that I’ve came up with on your face?”

“Yeah, sure.”

*minutes after the make-up session started*

Babe, should I purse my lips?”

“No need. Okay, can you look up?”

“Babe, how long have you been making this look?”

“Two straight days.”

“What brand of make-up are you using, babe?”

“Son Hyunwoo…. can you please just keep quiet for a second?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Originally posted by lostinmonstax


Can you make my lips more plump and make it more red?”

It would actually take Wonho a few minutes before letting you do your thing on his face. At first, you’d show him a sketch of the new concept that you’ve made for some group and tried to persuade him in being the first one to try the look. He was skeptical for a few moments but then thinking that he might look hot and cool with the look, he’d let you do it. He’d be like Shownu but then he’d actually try to make some changes or suggestions.

Babe, can you please close your eyes?”

“Are you going to apply the steel blue eyeshadow on my eyelids?”


“You know what babe, you can also apply that color on the lower lash line.”

“Babe, you’ll look like a clown if I did that.”

“What color are we gonna use for my luscious lips?”

“A subtle cherry red color, babe.”

“Can we make it really red?” “No.”

“Omo, I look damn fine! *looks at his own reflection on the mirror*”

“Well, I did that.”

“My face did this.”

Originally posted by 93kihyun


Uhm, Mr. Boglegel says no.”

By the second you brought that topic up, Kihyun would look at you and give you a straight look with a sarcastic smile. A no would immediately come out of his mouth but this wouldn’t stop you. Knowing that Kihyun is really firm with his decisions, you decided to let a minute or so to pass by. Distracting him with Mr. Tricat, you asked him if he’d let you use his face as a canvas but only to receive a no from him once more.

Babe, pleaseeee~”

“No and give me 10 reasons why I should let you.”

“Okay, okay! One, it will make you look really hot–”

“No, that reason is invalid.”

“….. Mr. Tricat wants you to let me use your face as a canvas for this new look that I’ve made….”

“Mr. Boglegel says no.”

“Who’s side are you on Mr. Boglegel?!”

“Obviously, he’s on my side babe.”

“Babe, pleaseeeee….”

“Maybe next time.”

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Make sure to make me really handsome babe!”

Seeing you bring out your make-up bag, Minhyuk’s eyes would literally twinkle with interest. He would immediately walk towards you and look at the make-up bag with a lot of curiosity. When you asked him if you could use his face as a canvas, he’d literally sit down on the chair that you’ve also brought out and give you an immediate answer. He’d be really excited to see the new look that you’ve made.

What did you come up this time babe?”

“Well, it’ll be a surprise.”

“Alright, then please make me really handsome!”

“Don’t worry babe, I gotchu.”

“Wait, is this the new bb cream that you’ve bought last time?”

“Yep, it smells good huh?”

“Superb! Anyways, let’s get on with the new look then!”

“Alright now, sit tight and this will be done before you know it.”

“Is it done already?”

“No, babe. I haven’t even started yet.”

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Babe, which one would you choose? This one or this one?”

You were having a nice cup of coffee with Hyungwon when you remembered this look that you’ve wanted to try and you kept on forgetting about it. Pulling your phone out, you opened the Images and showed Hyungwon the pictures, asking him which look was more charming or something. Hyungwon was about to choose when you told him that you’ll be trying it on him to which it wiped the smile off of his face. He would literally hesitate since he knew how your mind works when it comes to make-up.

The one on the left looks good–”

“Babe, I was wondering if its okay if I’d do it on you.”

“Wait… what? On me?”

“Yeah…. Uh… Can I?”

“Wait…. on me? Whyy??”

“I wanted to try it on you since Starship asked me to create a look for you guys.”

“Will it make me look good?

“Yeah! So…. Can I do it on you?”

“Uh…. no…. okay fine, you can.”

Originally posted by jooheonbebe


I’m ready!!”

Lee Jooheon would literally allow you to use his face as a canvas… under one condition. And that is to make him look good and not ruin his skin which was fine by you. Once you prepped all the make-up on the vanity table, Jooheon quickly sat down on the chair and closed his eyes to which you immediately did your thing. In the midst of the make-up session, Jooheon wouldn’t be able to stop himself from asking tons of questions.

Babe, will this eye make-up make my eyes look big and pretty?”

“Yes babe.”

“Alright……….. babe.”

“Yes babe?”

“Are you done?”

“No, babe. I still have to do your lips.”


“Wow, I look good!”

“Yes you do and now, stay still and fan your face. I’ll go get my camera and backdrop and lighting.”

“Yes ma’am! *fans his face using his hand*”

Originally posted by kihn


Wait… you’ve got to be kidding me right?”

Changkyun was never the fan of the thought of you practicing some look on him, especially when he just wants to laze around and watch discovery channel (lol). Walking up to him with your make-up bag in hand, he’d look up at you and wait for you to speak up. When you told him about your request, he’d look at you then to the tv, an awkward laugh coming out from him. He’d really hesitate but then would nicely reject your request.

Babe, can I practice some make-up look on you?

“Wait… what? Hahahaha….”

“Please, babe~ I’ve just created this look an hour ago and I wanted to see how it turned out when it’s applied on the actual person.”


“Why are you laughing?”

“Can I pass on this request?”


“How ‘bout let’s do it later, okay? Now, now, c’mere and let’s watch this show.”


Covergirls don't cry - Sirius Black x Reader

Request: “Hi gorgeous, may I request an imagine with Sirius and shy, slightly bigger Hufflepuff, please? I’m absolutely in love with your writing! xx”

I am not going to say x plus size reader. Plus what? Size? Does it really matter?
YOU, yes you, you are BEAUTIFUL. 
You are worth it. You are more than enough. Size, weight, height…. they are insignificant numbers. Those numbers can’t count perfection! I’m telling you this because I was once in that very same place. And then, I loved me. 
“If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business.”― dr. Gail Dines
The gifs are not mine. Credits to their original owner. 
Warnings: PLEASE don’t doubt yourself. Please. Other than that, my English and swearing. 

You were not comfortable. 
It was extremely hot yesterday. Like hot-hot. So, naturally, everyone had worn as few pieces of clothing as possible. Except you. You couldn’t bring yourself to get out of your dorm. How could you wear a mini skirt or shorts? You couldn’t.
It wasn’t that you were that chubby. Just slightly bigger than the other girls.  A little more bum, a bit bigger sternum, no abs, no thigh gap. You had a little more going on than you wanted to but even when you tried-and you had tried many times-those pounds wouldn’t go away.  
So, you played sick. You were sick. With this. All of it. There are things you couldn’t tell anyone. You couldn’t tell you how many times you looked in the mirror in the hope that the body looking back at you would be somehow different from the reality. You couldn’t tell anyone how many times you pinched the fat on your thighs and thought “shit”.  You couldn’t tell anyone how many times you thought about your weight, or your waist measurement, or just about your body generally, which seemed to have become a battleground. Too many things you couldn’t tell. You have been told hundreds of times that you should be ashamed of your body, that you should conceal it, cover it, that you should do whatever it fucking takes to make it smaller regardless of the impact on your happiness. And it hurt. It hurt so much, that there were days that it was way too much. Too overwhelming. And the worst part is that you have been told all those things by your own self. Yesterday was one of those bad days. Today was worse.
It was back to being breezy and a bit cold and therefore you could wear clothes that made you feel comfortable and actually go outside. It didn’t really help that you were that shy, either. Or that you had a crush on the school heartbreaker. Yeah, like he would look at you. It just hurt, knowing that no boy could ever look at you like they were looking at the other girls.
You were roaming the shelves of the library looking for the book Professor McGonagall had told you that it could help you with your essay. You were so lost in your own thoughts you accidently bumped someone.
Of course, it would be him. Why the universe would go easy on you?
“Sorry” you hummed as you continued to walk down the aisle looking at the books, not glancing up to look at him.
“No worries.” Sirius said. He took one look at you and that was all it took. You were already nowhere to be seen. He was puzzled. You, on the other hand… you were on the verge to cry. Why couldn’t your stupid body help you for once? You knew all too well the kind of girls he is into. You closed your eyes momentarily to hold back the tears. When you opened them, you were face to face with him. You had to force yourself to be still. His eyes were roaming your body and all you wanted was to crawl into a cave and die. What you did not expect though was the faint blush creeping its way to his cheeks when he looked at your slightly open shirt, just a button or two, really.
“S-sorry. Um… do you know where I can find ‘Circa Transmutatio processus’” he asked you, his voice low and his breath hot. You tried to remain calm.
“I think it’s in the Restricted Section” you said, secretly proud that you didn’t shatter. You couldn’t possibly know this but your voice was the sweetest, most melodic thing he had ever heard. He was amazed by you. His eyes drifting more often than he would like to your lips and your other curves.
“Oh, I see. I’m Sirius, by the way. Sirius Black” he introduced himself with a smirk. Oh my Merlin, that was the infamous smirk. You smiled softly and kindly.
“Y/N, Y/L/N” you answered figuring that it would be rude to leave him hanging.
“You’re beautiful” he breathed out and you froze. His eyes widened.
“I mean your name. Your name is beautiful. You have a beautiful name. Okay. Gotta run. See you around” he rambled while his voice was strangely pitchy. You were blushing uncontrollably and for a second you thought that maybe it was okay to- well, that second was history and your mind was destroying you once again.
You made your way to your room, forgetting about the essay. It’s rather ironic that you liked someone that his last name was actually one of your house colors. The moment you closed the door behind you, all those emotions and all those tears became too much. You collapsed onto your mattress.

The next days were fine. But then, that particular Friday was hot. Again. However today, you couldn’t pretend to be sick. You had to hand in two papers and brew a potion. You simply couldn’t deal with it. So, suck it up and get it done, you commanded yourself. You had mastered to wear a pair of jeans and a see through black loose shirt. It was more than daring but it was hot and you didn’t want to die.
You had managed to blend in until the Potions Class. You walked in late, so naturally, every single person was looking at you.
He was looking at you.
He was here. Damn you double potions. And damn you potions again. The only seat left was next to him. You gathered all the strength you had and made it into the desk.
You sat down quietly and waited patiently for the class to end.  At least that was what you hoped. You were brewing a difficult potion that was toxic if it touched your skin, therefore you were extra careful. Well, that made one of you. Because Sirius was way too caught up drooling over you to actually follow the instructions. And that was when you heard the explosion. Your head snapped towards him. The potion was everywhere. Even on him. Slughorn was fuming and prompting everyone to leave the class. When he turned to you he was outraged.  
“You two clean up the mess you made. Oh, and Y/L/N, help him with the wounds” he spat at both of you, leaving you speechless while he ran off to call Madam Pomfrey. 
“Are you alright? What happened?” you asked him. You were roaming the class to find something to clean up his cuts. So, that was why the potion was toxic.
You found a rag, dampened it with a little water from the sink that was near Slughorn’s desk and made your way back at him. It was awkward. You gently started to clean up his arm which had suffered the worst. You continued to clean each scar carefully. The whole time Sirius was looking at you. You were aware of that. But you didn’t know that he found you breathtaking, mesmerizing, and ravishing. 
“It may hurt a bit” you said as you were about to clean up the nastiest of his wounds. He hissed as the rag was pressed against his scars, but the pain quickly faded away.
You whispered a soft sorry before you got up and dump the rag in the sink. Slughorn could handle it from there. 
“Why did you help me?” he asked softly. If you didn’t know any better your mind would be wondering if he li-no. 
“You didn’t want me to?” you returned the question slightly embarrassed. Maybe he didn’t even like you as a friend. Silly girl, you thought.  You lowered your eyes. This was tough for you. You were taken aback when a pair of lips softly pecked yours. Your eyes became wider than the sun. What just happened? 
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t -”.  You cut him off.
“Why did you kiss me?” you mumbled. Why was he toying with you?
“I like you. A lot” he breathed out. This can’t happen. This can’t happen.  Suddenly all you wanted was to be brutally honest. 
“I am not like them. The girls you go for. And I am not the one for a one night stand. I am not perfect or hot or sexy or skinny with long legs and abs. I don’t have silky hair and I am not…” you trailed off because this was too much. Your vision was blurring. You held back a sob. You were breaking your heart just so he wouldn’t. 
You expected him to say something. He didn’t. He grabbed your wrist, slammed you to his body, cupped your face and kissed you with so much passion that you were sure you’d have fallen if it wasn’t for his arm wrapped around your waist.  After a while, he took a step back and looked right into your eyes.
“Girls want to be called hot. Women like you are beautiful” he said causing butterflies-no. Not butterflies. He caused the whole damn zoo. 
“And oh well, who am I kidding? Extremely hot as well. I mean, have you seen that body of yours? That arse, love, is breathtaking” he said with his infamous smirk while he purposely eyed you.  You let out a genuine laugh for the first time in a while. Things were good.
“But really, you are beautiful. Hell, you are mesmerizing. Don’t ever think like that again. And yes, you are not a one night stand. Be my every night stand?”. You gasped. 

GOT7 ⇝ S/O Being Insecure About Their Foreign Accent

Anonymous said: Can I request a bts and/or got7 reaction to their s/o being insecure about their accent (Korean isn’t their first language)


❀  Requests ❀
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)
I get all my prompts from this lovely lady

Mark Tuan

He would know the feeling all too well as he has said before how he isn’t confident while speaking korean. He would take this as something to do with you. Every other day he would be practicing with you on pronunciation and things like that to help you both.

“I- I don’t think that’s right~ Let me call Jinyoung.”

Originally posted by marksseunie

Im Jaebum

He would love just listening to you talk bc he secretly adored your accent and could never get enough of it. Anytime you got shy or embarrassed, he’d smile to you and give you a small peck to encourage you.

“You’re doing great baby~”

Originally posted by wangpxppy

Jackson Wang

H Y P E ™ He would always hype you up bc he loved how you talked. He would never let you think bad about your accent so anytime someone commented on it or didn’t understand you he would joke and defend you in a playful manner.

“Unplug your ears man! How didn’t you get that.”

Originally posted by defwang

Park Jinyoung

He would find your accent adorable especially when people couldn’t understand you. Even though he knew how insecure you could get about it, he’d still tease you lovingly but the second you’d ask him to help you study, he’d be right there practicing with you.

“What? Sorry I can’t understand you?” *Chuckles in the background*

Originally posted by flanneljinyoung

Choi Youngjae

He’d enjoy your foreign accent so much and made sure you were aware of how much he adores it. He could listen to you talk forever but if he didn’t understand something he’d laugh about it, not necessarily at you but just laugh in general.

“Wait! No. I’m sorry, just say it one more time!”

Originally posted by huggableyoungjae


He’d probs tease you about it but he wouldn’t take it too far and would never want to make you feel bad about being foreign. I think he’d definitely encourage you if you wanted to work on your pronunciations and he’d help you 100%.

“Aish, Jagiya~! That’s not how you say it!”

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Kim Yugyeom

Mister smartass overhere would tease you about it and argue with you about the correct pronunciations. You could mispronounce something months ago and he’d randomly say it while laughing. He would hug after his fit of giggles and tell you he loves you with a smug as smile on his face.

“Ahh… You’re so cuteee.”

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You Get Dumped (GOT7)

hello! i felt inspired to write again, now my mocks are over and with a lil’ break before my musical in 2 weeks ! i too got dumped suddenly a couple of days ago so i am just venting and relaxing through this blog. i am a-okay, and i am channeling my energy into acting/singing instead of an ex!!  imagine y’all are frens here <3

(gif credits to the original owners)

I think he’d be the definition of awkward dad to start with, but he’d be annoyed and instantly protective of you (ready to fite). Yet, he would see how sad you were, and would put you before everything else. He cares about you in funny ways. He would just sit beside you 24/7, hang out with you whenever he could to keep you happy and to keep your mind occupied. I think he’d still be a lil’ salty, no matter how fine you said you were bc how could someone dump his best friend??

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

(he can literally fight me jfc)

He’d be quieter than usual when you told him, all from being a giant mix of emotions. It would kill him to hear your soft voice quiver in sadness, that you’d been hurt. He would also be bubbling in anger, although he’d never show it - because of that sweet, quietness he has nurtured. He’s fiercely protective of you like a big brother. He would make sure he was with you as soon as he could, to hug you and let you talk everything out to him; he is the perfect listener.

Originally posted by nochuie

(mark’s era is every era ffs end me)

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You’d been thinking about it for days, trying to find the right Internet tutorial to help you learn the piano. Lucifer’s grand piano in the middle of the club had pretty much given you the musical bug. Yet you hadn’t found one which made the whole thing seem easy.

Now, however, you were sitting at the piano, letting the fingers of your right hand move across the keys, playing some simple tune that you knew.

‘You know,’ said Lucifer, and before you knew it he was sitting beside you, playing the accompanying chords to the song, ‘I could always teach you how to play properly. It would, however, mean a lot of time together.’

A small smile slipped onto your face as you turned your attention towards him. ‘I think that sounds good,’ you said. ‘Thank you.’

He shot you a smile before taking lead of the piano, playing a simple piece but making it sound beautiful.

‘Well then, no time like the present,’ he said when he was finished. He then took your hand and placed your fingers on the correct keys.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).


“Their gf can belly dance”





Takes the cake for shy boy #1. He would just adore you seventeen joke here and be so glad that he has someone as talented as you. It would make him blush in a good way. He really doesn’t say much, but he never knew you could do something like that. Would later start to ask questions like “Where did you learn that? How long have you know that?”

He loves seeing the sides that he never knew about you.

Originally posted by blueberryhouse


“Okay I like this. I like this a lot.”

He honesty would love that. He kinda always knew you were talented in some kinda dance, but when he saw you doing belly dance he was really surprised how good you were.

Would just wanna sit and watch and after he would just have a weird smirk on his face ;)

10/10 Would ask you to do it every day and would be very pleased if you did.

Originally posted by crying-in-korean


“Belly what? Wait what is that- WOOOOoooOOOOW.”

He would be sh00k. He is that supporting mom that would be like: “YES HONEY, YOU’RE DOING GREAT KEEP UP!”

Would watch you all the time. 101% focus.

“Wait how did you do that one move again? Can I take a vid? Wait lemme ask JYP if we can use that one move…”

And you’re like: “Yeah- WAIT JINYOUNG NO!!”

Just smiles like an idiot.

Originally posted by wang-thighs



And now somehow you have a belly dance club with him and sometimes it even gets to that point that Jackson gets so confident and takes his shirt off and you’re just like “whoa ●_● whoa”.

Overly does every move and starts twerking in one point.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? You’re so amaziingg~” * squeak *

Originally posted by wangmeup


No words. Nothing. Just smiling for the next couple hours. After that just “When did you- oh nevermind.”

Jaebum will text you next day like: “WTF DID YOU DO TO YOUNGJAE HE WON’T STOP SMILING?!”

He will start hugging you more and saying “You’re so talented I love youu~”

Smiling sunshine 24/7

Then he would remeber one day that he didn’t say anything and be like “Your dancing was so good” :)) I’m soft

Originally posted by bamethyst



Takes notes and videos for his instagram and you’re like: “wtf Bambam” and he’s just like “just keep doing that yesyesyes.”

Then when you’re like hanging with the boys he’s like: “OMG DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT SHE CAN BELLY DANCE?? YOU NEED TO SEE HER” pls Bambam

Starts dancing with you and it gets to the point where it’s not even belly dance anymore, just dabbing.

Originally posted by tanjhent


“oh my god you look so good.”

Starts smirking after and just shakes head saying “what are you doing to me??”

Hypnotised on your hips. Can’t look away. Suddenly loves you even more and he didn’t even know that was possible.

Wants to see it randomly and you’re like cooking and he comes to you and is like: “can you do that one dance again?? ahhh I love you..”

Originally posted by umma-jy

I’m so sorry for any mistakes ♡ Keep em requests coming. Thank you for reading ♡

Preference "How they react to seeing you in lingerie"

(So I hope I got this request right and you all like it :D Yay four favs being horny well…except Enid cause I don’t know I feel like she’d be weird out, sorry XD PS. Father Gabriel’s Gif is perfect XD gifs not mine/found them on google/Credits to the original owners.)

Negan- His eyes would be filled with lust and he’d smirk to himself. He’d walk over to you and grab a hold of your hips to turn you over to get a good look. He’d pulled you closer so you could feel how he felt for you and say “Fuck, Y/N…I must’ve done the greatest fucking deed today, to get a reward like this…”

Daryl- He’d walk in the room and initially be startled to see you that way. However, the more he looked at you the more, he’d just want to grab you and do you. He’d compose himself for a moment and walk over to you to grab a hold of your hands and with some confidence say “Y/N…you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

Rick- His eyes would widened in surprise and slowly a smile in satisfaction. Biting his lips, he’d eye you up and down and walk over to give you a hungry kiss. Everything would happen fast and the next instant, he had pressed you onto the bed and was on top of you saying “Y/N…you’re really not making this any easy for me…especially dressed like this…”

Merle- He’d whistle loudly and wouldn’t be able to stop staring at you. He’d go make himself comfortable by sitting on the couch and then signal to you to come over to sit on his lap. The moment you approached him, he’d grab you and say “Come here, Y/N! Who told you, you could dress this way…and make me feel like this…”

Glenn- He wouldn’t have ever expect to ever see you dressed that way and would be totally surprised. His jaw dropped and he’d be busy staring at you from head to toe. You’d call out to him and he’d finally wake from his daydream and walk over to you to kiss you. He’d then say “Y/N, everyday I think you’re beautiful…but tonight…it’s definitely more than that…”

Carl- He’d be startled and stare at you with wide eyes. The moment, you looked back at him, he instantly covered his eyes and thought of walking out of the room but instead was walking over to you. He’d bump into you and open his eyes and finally say “Euh…You’re really pretty Y/N! That’s it…that’s all I can think of…”

The Governor- He’d be overwhelmed with lust for you and wouldn’t know where to start. Finally, He’d quickly close the door behind him and walk over to you. He’d grab you tightly to him and cup your face to roughly kiss you. He’d then push you onto the bed and say “You really know how to get me all worked up…now don’t you Y/N!”

Abraham- He’d eye you up and down and chuckle to himself. He’d get closer and walk around you to get a better look. Crossing his arms, he’d finally come to a stop in front of you and smirk. He’d pull you closer and whisper “I love the way it looks on you, Y/N…but in a few moments you’re gonna regret wearing it…”

Eugene- He couldn’t deny he was turned on by seeing you that way but would be too awkward to look you in the eyes. However, he’d catch a few glances of you here and there but wouldn’t be able to just blatantly stare at you. As you’d walk over to him, he’d finally say “I can’t believe this is happening…You’re seriously really hot Y/N, you know that!”

Jesus- He’d be pleased to see you dressed that way but would pretend to act like he didn’t know what was happening. As he’d walk closer to you, his eyes would never leave sight of your body. He’d finally be close enough to you and say “Cute outfit, Y/N…I’m guessing you have some plans for tonight…with me, right?”

Ron- He’d stare at you in amazement and stay still just to admire you. He wouldn’t know what to do or say but suddenly find himself drawn over to you. He’d then grab your hand and say “Y/N…you’re beautiful no matter what…it’s not necessary for you to wear this…Let me help you out…”

Dwight- He’d be pleasantly surprised and smirk while eyeing you up and down. He’d walk over to you and grab you closely to him. He’d kiss you deeply and suddenly turn you around to bend you over the bed. He’d then lean closer to your ear and whisper “You distract me enough everyday as it is…But this time you really outdid yourself Y/N…”

Morgan- He’d be speechless and stand still just looking at you from head to toe. He’d enjoy looking at you but at that moment, wouldn’t be too sure of what he should be doing to you. The moment you walked over to him, he’d smirk and say “Is there some kind of celebration going on…for you to present yourself to me this way, Y/N…”

Shane- He’d be more than happy to see you dressed that way and wouldn’t hide his excitement over you. He’d look at you with hungry eyes and come up behind you to start trailing kisses from your ear down to your neck and finally say “You’re so beautiful, Y/N…You did all this for me, didn’t you…and now you want you reward for it, don’t you…”

Milton- He’d be taken completely by surprise and would be shocked to see you. He liked what he saw but couldn’t find the right words to say to you. As you’d approach him, he’d get a little more nervous and stutter “Y-You look lovely, as always, Y/N..but tonight…it’s a different kind…I-I like it…”

Aaron- He’d be surprised but would then suddenly start to smile. He’d get closer and go sit by the bed as just admire the way you looked and say “I hope you know how beautiful you are, Y/N…Who am I kidding, you’re perfect no matter what…”

Gabriel- His jaw would drop and he’d stare at you in admiration for a moment. However, he’d start to feel guilty and shake his head and close his eyes shut. He’d hear you get closer to him and put a hand up as if to stop you and say “Y/N, this can’t go on, it’s really not right…But tonight you’re making it hard for me to just deny you…”

Michonne- She’d look at you from head to toe and be amazed by the way you looked. She’d walk closer to you and smirk saying “Is there something about to go on, for you to dress this distractedly, Y/N?”

Maggie- Looking at you, she’d feel special and wouldn’t be able to hide her smile from you. She’d wait for you to walk over and look you in the eyes and say “You’re really stunning, Y/N…If only you could wear it more often…or better everyday…”

Andrea- She’d be impressed to see you dressed that way but try to conceal her pleasure as much as she could. In the end, she’d smirk and admit “Looking good, Y/N… Care to tell me the reason behind all this…”

Jessie- The sight of you dressed that way would startle her but she’d try to brush it off by acting casual. Nonetheless, she’d let you know what she thought and said “Wow, never expected to see you this way, Y/N…it’s not a bad thing! You look great! I like it…”

Beth- She’d be speechless and wouldn’t be too sure of what was about to happen. She’d stare at you with wide eyes and as you’d approach her, she’d say “W-what are you doing? This is really different from usually…But I really don’t dislike it, Y/N…you’re beautiful…”

Sasha- She’d chuckle and get a closer look at what you were wearing. She’d think you’d look more adorable than anything else and say “Well, someone’s all grown up…What else do you plan to do Y/N…”

Rosita- She’d smile and shake her head to see you. The sight made her happy but as she’d approach she’d jokingly be in disbelief and say “So like that you’re the one seducing me now…Well, Y/N…it’s actually working, good job…”

Enid- She’d be shocked and would find it strange of you to suddenly just change into something like that. She’d stare from afar and say “What’s with the outfit? I don’t get it…I mean you look good but…why?”

Tara- She’d do a double take and wouldn’t be able to find the right words to describe how she felt. She’d get closer to you and just grab you in for a deep kiss and then say “Y/N, you’re so beautiful…you know that…even without all of this…but I love the effort!”

You’re Not Alone

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader (Modern AU)

Warnings: Language, Angst-ish, Fluff,

Word Count: 2250+

Request: “Hi! I was wondering if you could write something about Steve being the Reader’s gym coach? Thanks!” - @cobo-doodles

A/N: I went a little off the rail with the coach thing. It wasn’t a super big part of their relationship, but it was how the two met. I tried a different approach on how the two would be if one of them had a bad day, or week in this case. I also really need a Steve in my life… I hope you enjoy it!!

The gifs, not mine. Credit to the wonderful owner.

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“No.” The snarl pulled a chuckled form the blonde man, his arms crossed against his chest as he observed the smaller woman struggling with the leg presses. Y/N huffed with a glare through the mirror on the wall, grumbling under her breath how he still looked perfect despite doing the same routine as her. It wasn’t fair. She was a panting, gross, sticky mess while he hadn’t even broken a sweat.

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When You Cuddle (EXO)

“I was wondering if you could make a how they cuddle you one (like the got7 one) for exo? I love your stories they’re so well written!!!”

(gif credits to the original owners)

He would be definitely be super romantic. You’d be leaning into his side, resting your head on his shoulder as he holds you close to him. He would often peck your cheek or your nose just to remind you that he’s paying attention to you. It’ll be pretty vanilla and will only ever take it further if you were to instigate because I see him as the perfect gentleman.

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(wow okay y’all sleeping on leader of the year)

It’d be the cutest. You’d definitely be resting your head on his shoulder and lots of cute giggles. He’ll probably even rest his head on your shoulders a few times and blush like crazy whenever you look at him. He’s a shy boy but he’s also so clingy so he’ll pine for attention then be all bashful. Just nuzzle into his shoulder and he’ll just fall apart bc ur cute and he cannot handle.

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 (the cutest pixie)

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Got7 reaction to you hearing them talk about your insecurity badly (Maknae Line)

Here is the maknae line. Enjoy!~

When he notices you: You always had trouble dealing with your physical appearance. You tried not to let words get to you but when those words were coming from your boyfriend, it got to you. Deep. You had left him and the members for a while but as soon as you came back, you heard Youngjae talking badly about your physical appearance. One of the members would notice you and begin to tell Youngjae to stop and Youngjae would question why, turning around to see you. He would sit in shock, trying to play it off.

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How he would apologize: Just like Mark, Youngjae would be awkward around you for a while but after that, he would take you out to a lot of fun places like the amusement park and a carnival. As the day drew to a close, Youngjae would pull you into a tight warm hug as he apologized over and over, telling you that you were the most beautiful person he’s ever seen and that he really didn’t mean what he said before. He would also open up, saying that he cried himself to sleep the first night you didn’t sleep with him.

(credit to original gif owner)

When he notices you: You would be in the kitchen, cooking dinner for the boys and they would be in the small dining room that was separated from the kitchen. You couldn’t see them but you could hear every word that they said. You were laughing at a joke Mark had said but you stopped laughing when you heard Bambam say, “Serious talk though, I just don’t like the fact that she has like no boobs.” You would gasp in hurt and anger, clutching onto the spoon as you marched into the dining room, throwing the spoon at Bambam as you yelled back, “I’m sorry I don’t have big ass boobs!” You would then storm out of the apartment, leaving behind a shocked and guilty Bambam.

(credit to original gif owner)

How he would apologize: As soon as you got home, he would immediately cling onto you. Still a bit angry, you would yell at Bambam to let you go but he wouldn’t, only cling onto you tighter and using aegyo to get you to forgive him. It wouldn’t take long before you sighed, saying that you forgave him. He would jump in joy and pull your face to his, placing excited kisses all over your face before dragging you into the living room, where he shows you the blanket fort he worked on so you two could watch movies and eat snacks.

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When he notices you: The boys were on their free day off and they decided to come over to your apartment. You would be cooking dinner for them as they sat in the living room conversing. You had just finished cooking and you were going to call out to them but then you heard Yugyeom comment badly on your weight, knowing full well that it was your biggest insecurity. With a calm expression, you would walk out into the living room, telling them that dinner was ready. Jaebum would ask if you were going to eat with them and you would only look at Yugyeom and shake your head, continuing to go up the stairs.

(credit to original gif owner)

How he would apologize: He wouldn’t be able to eat without you so he would bring up his food and your food. As soon as he entered the room, you would glare at him and comment, “Oh, I thought I weighed too much.” He would sigh and set the food down, apologizing from the bottom of his height and then tackling you down into a tickle fight. He wouldn’t stop tickling you until you forgave him and as soon as he heard you forgive him, he would smile and kiss you, apologizing once again before telling you that he’ll take you shopping tomorrow and buy you anything you wanted.

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Dean Winchester Imagine Requested- A Bit of an Inconvenience


This imagine was requested by @attorneyl .  Here is the request: 

Hello could I make a request? Hopefully yes haha… Hmm, I was wondering about one where the reader and Dean are together and they are really best friends and he get injured after a hunt (maybe a broken arm. And Cas are out of the radar so he can’t heal him) and the reader fix his car (he had teach her how a time ago) and he gets all happy because of it… Idk just thought of that and I guess it would ended up cute 😊

I’m sorry it took me so long to write it, but I hope you enjoy it!!


You sat with Bobby sipping on a cup of coffee in his dimly lit kitchen.  The two of you always waited on Sam and Dean when they went out on hunts.  Bobby knew you worried about them, especially Dean. Since you were children, the Winchester boys and yourself had been close.  Sam was like a little brother to you and Dean, well Dean was a little more than a friend.  Not only was he your absolute best friend, he just so happened to be your boyfriend as well. When the brothers decided to take on the supernatural together, although you were originally appalled by the idea, you eventually came around.  

The warm liquid you sipped on slid down your throat heating up your insides. A quiet sigh fell from your lips as your eyes reluctantly peeked at the clock on Bobby’s stove.  Bobby sent you a sympathetic look, “Don’t worry kid, those boys have dealt with far worse things.”  You appreciated Bobby’s pathetic attempt at comfort, but it did not work.  Your chest felt tight as you sat waiting anxiously at the table.  You took another sip of coffee trying to calm your nerves when you heard the familiar groan of Bobby’s front door opening.  Immediately, you stood up and raced to the entry way. Sam was standing in the cracked door with an exhausted look painted across his face.  Dirt covered him from head to toe and his clothes were tattered. Your eyes surveyed his body for any injuries, but relaxed when you saw that he didn’t have any. “Thank God,” you began relaxing your shoulders, “I’m so glad you guys are back safe and unscathed.” Sam wrinkled his nose and gave you an uncomfortable look making your body tense again. “What’s going on Sam?” You asked tightly. Sam tilted his head to the side, “Well,” he said as he pushed the door open revealing Dean, “we are safe, but not unscathed.” Dean stood beside Sam with his left arm hung lazily in a sling. Your eyes grew wide, “DEAN!” You shouted before pushing Sam out of the way and examining your broken boyfriend. “What happened!?” You screeched as you tried to gently assess his injury. With his good arm, Dean took your hand in his making you turn to look at him. “I’m fine.” He said placing your hand back to your side, “It’s just a tiny fracture and the doctor said I’d be fine in a couple of weeks.” Worry sat on your face until suddenly anger took over. “Well where the hell is Cas!? He’s an angel, isn’t it his job to keep you safe!? Why couldn’t he just fix you up really quick or something!?” You shouted as you flailed your arms in exasperation. Dodging your swinging arms, Dean chuckled at how animated you were being. “It’s not his fault,” Dean began, “he’s busy which means I can’t reach him. That just means I have to heal like a normal person this time.” An irritated pout hung on your lips as you crossed your arms across your chest. Dean chuckled again before throwing his good arm around your shoulders and pulled you into his chest.  “Come on baby girl,” he said placing a kiss on the top of your head, “let’s get some rest, we’re both tired.” You groaned in response as he led you upstairs to go to sleep.

The next morning, you woke up to an empty bed and the sound of metal hitting metal. You rolled out of bed and tried your best to look presentable.  As you made your way down the stairs the sounds got louder and louder.  When you made it to the living room you saw an irritated Bobby and Sam.  Sam motioned to the door, “He’s been at it all morning.”  You rolled your eyes and walked out to the salvage yard.  When you rounded the corner, you saw Dean under the hood of his Impala trying his best to work with only one arm.  “Son of a bitch,” he said as the tool he was using fell from his grip.  You smirked and leaned against the side of the house watching your boyfriend.  Sweat and grease mixed together on his face before dripping onto his white T-shirt.  His jeans clinging to his hips were decorated with dirt and oil as were his dark boots.  You bit your bottom lip as another slur of expletives fell from Dean’s lips. Placing your hands on your hips, you walked over to your desperate boyfriend.  “You know,” you began catching his attention, “on a normal day I would just sit back and watch you fix Baby, but you seem to be struggling today.” Dean rolled his eyes before wiping his forehead, “I’m not struggling with anything Y/N.”  You raised your eyebrows, “Really?  Because since I’ve been out here you’ve dropped your wrench at least seven times.”  Dean groaned in frustration as he plopped himself onto the bench behind him. “Okay!” He said throwing his hand up, “Maybe my broken arm is a bit of an inconvenience, but…”  You silenced him by putting your hand up and walking over to the car and taking a look. “Carburetor needs to be repaired… again?” You asked sending Dean a questioning look.  Dean, with a surprised expression, nodded, “Yeah, that’s exactly what needs to be done.”  You scoffed as you began to pull your hair out of your face, “Easy,” you said, “I remember you showing me how to do this when we were like eight.  I can have that done in probably two hours.”  Before Dean could argue, you cut him off again, “You sit over there with your ‘inconvenience’ and watch a professional at work.”  Dean chuckled and rolled his eyes again as you grabbed the needed tools and began to work.

Two hours later you hopped in the front seat of the Impala and turned the key in the ignition.  The engine loudly roared to life sending a wide grin to your face.  You jumped out of the car and looked to Dean.  Oil covered your arms down to your fingers and sweat pooled on your forehead.  He eyeballed you from head to toe as he moved closer to you, “Damn baby,” he said with a flirty smirk, “you’re pretty sexy when you’re all covered in sweat and oil.” You giggled and gave him a little shove, “Be quiet Dean, you should be thanking me.”  He pulled you into his chest and kissed your forehead, “Thank you Y/N. Now,” he began making eye contact again, “what do you think about maybe taking Baby out for a test drive?  See how well your work paid off?”  You smiled as you pulled him into a quick kiss, “I think that sounds like a great idea.”  He gave you another kiss before opening your door and allowing you to get in. Once the two of you were in the Impala, Dean started the engine.  He sent you a little grin before peeling out of the salvage yard leaving only a cloud of dirt behind.  

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