if i could choose any music festival to attend it would be this one

Against my better judgement, I am going to respond to our dear sock puppet account.

Dear, if Darren attended a drag show on occasion, you are correct, that would not be notable behavior. And they an be way more fun than any other event. No argument there.  But when he engages in similar behavior time and time again, people start to ask questions. 

Add in this amazing photo (x).

Where he is way more comfortable and has way more chemistry with 
lindsayslowhands than he has ever in his life shown with his beloved since 1492, I think a pretty loud statement is being made. 

Especially on a weekend when he refused to attend her friend’s wedding in Brazil and instead went to a music festival, a drag show, and attended a movie premiere for a strong, successful woman (a person who is the opposite in every way of Von Beard), I think he is talking. NO screaming.

And again, if this was one isolated weekend, we could have a debate.  This is repeated, deliberate behavior that he chooses to engage in over and over.

Just a friendly reminder, desperation is not pretty.

Guest of Honor

There is excitement bubbling through the crowd of townsfolk gathered on the Killern village green. I can’t help but catch it myself, goosebumps raising on my arms as I watch the festivities before me. The parade will start shortly, once the guest of honor finally arrives.

Oh, how gloriously honorable she is! She’s a sight to see: a pure white unicorn said to be from the other side of the rainbow, with a horn that glows…and is purported to bring luck to those who can get close enough to caress it. That’s mostly Big Important Men, with the occasional woman of their choosing. I have sadly never gotten the chance, though she’s been visiting us on the same day every year since before I was even born. I don’t care so much about the horn; I would love to simply look her in the eyes and hope to telegraph that I see her as more than this object of spectacle my fellow Killernians have made her.

The music plays in preparation for her grand arrival and the attendant parade. Soon a murmuring starts up among the crowd, spreading like wildfire. She’s late. And apparently, this has never happened before, according to the elders who remember her first visit. What if she doesn’t show? People are trying not to panic, trying to keep it out of their voices, but most I hear are lower volumed squeaks.

Now I smell it, the scent of a storm about to descend. The sky grows darker, multiplying the goosebumps on my arms until they’re fully covered. There’s an ominous thunderburst and the sky opens up…the guest of honor blows in on a gust of wind that knocks over those nearest her stormy entrance. A collective gasp rises from the aghast crowd, while I stifle a cry. The unicorn looks lost, a wild desperation in her eyes. But all the villagers seem to notice is the horn missing from her head, only about a jagged inch of it remaining.

“Get it!” one of the elders spits out. “What use is it to us now?”

Suddenly, the crowd turns into a bloodthirsty mob the likes of which I’ve never witnessed. The scene before me brings tears to my eyes. I blink them back and dash forward, pushing my way to the front. My righteous anger propels me, but I’m too late. Several men have restrained the unicorn, who to my dismay doesn’t put up a fight, hanging her head dejectedly. Still I come forward, not thinking ahead, just feeling I must try something, however likely it is to get me stoned or worse.

“Wait!” I call out. “What are we doing? Have we all gone mad?”

“Stay out of this!” One of the men growls. “You’re a madwoman if you think we have no reason to be angry! Without the lucky horn, this unicorn means nothing to us now, no better than a horse!“ 

“Would you treat a horse like this, just for coming in looking scared and broken, like she’s been to hell and back? Do you forget so soon how this unicorn has always been here for you on this day in the past? And another thing, how are you sure her horn was truly a bearer of luck?”

Other than a few confused murmurings, the crowd is stunned silent. The man closest to me finally answers, “I rubbed the horn last year, and this year’s crop is more abundant.”

Another man nearby intones, “I rubbed it a few years ago, and got promoted at work months later.”

“I rubbed it, and it wasn’t long before I met and married the man of my dreams,” my neighbor, Mrs. Lee, speaks up. “Remember?”

“I remember. After rubbing the horn, you started feeling better about yourself. You became more open to finding love, so it finally happened. If anything, your belief in the luck gave you hope and restored your confidence. It must be the same sort of thing for the man with the promotion. And as any farmer knows, some years are better than others for crops. It was likely only coincidence. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for every instance of ‘good luck.’”

Everyone starts speaking all at once. I can’t make out a word over the heated din. One of the men restraining the unicorn shouts, “This is ridiculous! Are we going to let this woman stop us?”

The farmer replies, calmly yet firmly, “She makes good points. Even if it did bring luck once, what will ending its life solve? I say just let the unicorn go.”

The first man’s face reddens and he looks about to speak, but the man beside him puts a hand on his shoulder and says, “Let it go. What does it matter?”

Slowly, they release the unicorn. I heave a sigh of relief. She gazes right at me and I swear a look of understanding passes between us. I feel her gratitude and it makes me smile for the first time since this calamity started.

As the crowd disperses, a gaggle of little girls no more than nine approaches me. A auburn haired one with freckles asks nervously, “Where will she go now?”

“I don’t know. But I have a feeling she can’t go back to where she came from.”

At that, the unicorn walks up to me and nuzzles my hand. I stroke her muzzle lovingly.

“I think she wants to go with you,” another little girl says, somewhat enviously.

“I think you’re right. But I think she’ll love it if you all come to visit sometimes.”

Their fresh faces beam up at me and I beam back. I never could have guessed the turns this day would take, especially not that I would be returning home with Killern’s once-beloved unicorn. Still beloved to me, and I suspect magical after all…horn or no horn.

The Boy King (Chapter 3)

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Prologue / 1 / 2 /

Title: The Boy King

Genre: Royal AU

Rating: PG

There was a remarkable difference in Jooheon’s demeanor since that day in the village. You awoke one morning to find your more strenuous chores had been given to other servants, and you spent most of your day tending to smaller matters in his quarters.  He held court more often, and was becoming more lenient with his restrictions.

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Fav Fics of All Time: top 20

Each and every fic on this list is absolutely fabulous and I love them all dearly and equally. I’m always so so impressed with how talented the writers in this fandom are and how much time and effort they pour into these works. This is by no means a comprehensive list, nor is it the only available list of top 20 fics in this fandom. This are just my particular faves.

(It’s not really in order at all I love them all equally)

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Women of African descent have wrapped their heads for centuries, and for a myriad of reasons. It is a cultural practice that endured the Transatlantic slave trade, where it was transformed from an act of adornment into one of protection. Headwraps protected the crowns of African slaves who toiled under the hot sun and whose unsanitary and inhumane living conditions fostered lice outbreaks. They protect Black women’s hair as we cook and clean and sleep and lounge, they preserve our hairstyles and protect our dignity when we prefer not to expose our most vulnerable selves to the world. They protect our heritage and our culture. 

When I was in middle and high school, I regularly covered my head. The cotton bandanas I wore to class were different in style and size from the silk and satin scarves I donned at home, but I recognized the extension of my culture in my impulse to wear them. I also saw it in several other Black girls who came to class in varying styles of wraps and turbans. There being no religious reason for our practice, however, we were regularly informed that the district’s colorblind dress code had determined that our culture was gang paraphernalia, and made to remove our scarves.

The subordinate status of Blackness is one that was imposed upon us, and our Rules of Engagement with white society dictate that we take it on the chin. Black culture is a luxury, one to be indulged in certain spaces. And so, wrapping our hair is appropriate in our personal time: at home, while shopping, at church, while attending celebrations for MLK Day, Black History Month, and Juneteenth, or at a summer music festival. It is not appropriate in a corporate setting, on a job interview, or in any professional space in which we do not comprise the majority.

Several weeks ago, I participated in World Hijab Day. After a short series of exchanges with a white woman online who seemed to suggest that the scarf itself was inherently oppressive, I had a revelation. Initially, my indignation was steeped in her inability to see that forcing her worldview on other women was just as oppressive as the rigid dress codes imposed by many patriarchal societies, but as the day went on, I saw that my anger was personal.

My people are so oppressed that I did not believe it was “proper” to wear a headwrap to work in the usual course of business, though I have longed to for some time. I needed a reason, to be advocating for the rights of someone else, before I even dared. The Rules of Engagement dictate that my survival as a Black woman in a white workplace is reliant upon some degree of assimilation. Headwrapping is just too Black an act.

Black History Month is gone, and with it the excuse of “this is the time to celebrate my culture.” There is no right or wrong time to practice our traditions, and there is no right or wrong place to be Black. There is no such thing as “too Black,” and I cannot stress this point enough. “African” is not an insult, nor is the figurative proximity to Africa through sartorial choices. Or the temporal proximity to chattel slavery through ancestry. There is no shame in having descended from a people who were at one point forced to cover their heads as an act of submission—only pride in their unbreakable spirit. My great grandmother spent much of her life with her hair wrapped under a scarf.  She was born decades after slavery, and we don’t know why she did it, but she was defiant in her habit.

In my yearly observance of Lent, I typically give up a vice. Coffee, beef, sweets: I drop one bad habit for 40 days to help me reflect on Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. The religious introspection is limited, however, to the minor inconvenience of missing out on an indulgence. This year will be different. I am setting out to mentally, physically, and spiritually better myself by (1) restoring the healthy eating habits that always seem to derail around the holidays; (2) resuming  my daily workout and yoga routine; (3) engaging in meditation and scripture reading each day; and (4) for the 40 days of Lent, I will cover my head while out in public.

There is some overlap in headwrapping as done by Muslim women and women of African descent.  First, many Muslim women are Black, and many of those same women wrap their hair in styles commonly found across the African Diaspora, regardless of religion. Second, Black and Muslim women have a complicated history with covering their hair, as scarves have been used as tools of oppression for members of both groups. In parts of the Antebellum South, Black women—freed and slave alike—were required by law to cover their hair while in the presence of white folk. There are regions of the world where veiling is not a choice for Muslim women, but a mandate.

However, the supposition that this holds true for all Muslim women is as faulty as the assumption that all Muslim women wear hijab. Some are completely against it, others simply choose not to veil, and there are many who view wearing the hijab as not only an act of faith, but one of feminism.  Similarly, while most Black women will wrap their hair in the privacy of their own homes, there are many who view wearing a headscarf outside of the house as an unwelcome remnant of slavery and a reminder of a time when we had no agency over our grooming habits, or ability to properly care for our hair. Others wrap their hair as an act of defiance—combating conventional norms of Eurocentric beauty as a means of centering our own standards. These differing viewpoints are all valid, as they belong to the affected groups. 

Our intersecting practices influenced my decision to veil my hair during Lent. Muslim women who wear hijab are often believed to be oppressed, submissive, and lacking agency over their bodies, a notion that carries with it the curious suggestion that a woman would simply never *choose* to cover herself.  Black women’s appearance, particularly our hair, is inherently political as well. We were taught by society to be ashamed of our naturally coiled texture, so the decision to straighten our hair or not, braid our hair or not, loc our hair or not, or wrap our hair (or not), is not made in a vacuum. Our reasons for choosing certain styles and avoiding others are largely shaped by the Rules of Engagement, so covering our heads carries with it certain assumptions.  One might be perceived as Afrocentric for doing so, or, depending on the style, she could be thought to bear too close a resemblance to the Mammy archetype. Or, she might simply be “too Black,” having missed that sweet spot of acceptable Blackness and come out on the other side a belligerent Negro. 

I wrapped my hair for a few weeks in law school. Tired of reaching for a beauty standard I was never intended to attain, I desperately wanted total control over how I presented myself. Covering and uncovering at will gave me the full spectrum, and for the first time, the words “my body my choice” bore some relevance to me. For those three weeks or so, I finally had full autonomy over my body.

This is a spiritual exercise and a feminist statement, but it is also part of a never-ending performance—the inescapable spectacle of Blackness. Each day, I will document my headwraps, along with my scripture readings, workouts, and meal plans, and any reflections I might have. My headwrapping styles will come from traditions found in the African Diaspora, as well as the scarves worn by Muslim women. This inclusion is meant as a show of solidarity, as well as an affirmation that I am doing this as an act of devotion, to become closer to God as I find myself. 

In The Cards

A little something for my Kullara buds, an awesome group of people who deserve more love ^_^

Coran was the one who had received the invitation to the festival. If they agreed to attend, the Paladins of Voltron were to be the guests of honour at the Celebration of the Stars, an annual festival of food, festivities and frivolities. After recent events he felt the team could use a pick me up. Allura had agreed.

She could almost see the very fitting stars in the eyes of the young pilots as they took in the spectacle before them. The sights, the sounds, the smells, they seemed so delighted. Most of them any way. Keith was hanging back, which really didn’t surprise anyone. The others just shrugged his moodiness off, deciding they were going to enjoy themselves with or without him.

“This is just like the carnivals back home!” Lance enthused, watching as what looked like a rollercoaster spun by overhead without the benefit of a track. “Only more awesome!”

“And dangerous.” Hunk noted as his eyes followed the same spinning thrill-ride.

“Must work on an anti-grav propulsion system.” Pidge theorised.

“Or some kind of magnetic-hover device.” Hunk added.

“Can you turn off the geek-speak for one night?” Lance glared at them. “We’re here to kick-back and have some fun.”

“What about him?” Pidge jerked a thumb to where Keith was trailing behind, finding something fascinating in the foliage of a rather ordinary looking tree.

“Ah, he’s a lost cause.” Lance waved him off. “You coming, Princess?”

“I don’t think we should leave him all by himself.” She was watching the sullen paladin with concern. Shiro’s loss had hit them all hard, but it had effected Keith the most. He’d never been the happiest of people, but he used to smile at least, on occasion, join in on conversations. He’d been so quiet lately she was beginning to forget what his voice sounded like.

“I’d say have fun, but I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word.” Lance snorted as he turned towards the lights and laughter of the festival.

“If he doesn’t snap out of this funk soon…” Hunk sighed, shaking his head sadly as he and Pidge followed in Lance’s wake.

“You do realise that tree is not part of the celebration?” Allura folded her arms across her chest. He turned to her but didn’t respond or make a move. She let out an exasperated sigh.

“Come on.” She grabbed him by the wrist and started marching towards the festivities. “I’ll win you a prize.”

He was going to have some fun if it killed her!


Keith was staring at the black bead eyes of the vaguely cat-like toy Allura had, true to her word, won for him at some game which had required her to match an ever changing pattern of lights. It had far too many legs and wire in its multiple tails to make them hold a star shape to really be called a cat, though. Naturally, when asked, Allura had picked the red one. In return he’d won her a dark silken scarf festooned with sparkles that resembled the night sky above them by simply throwing sharp needles through multi-coloured balls of light.

They had stopped to eat, or at least Allura had. He still wasn’t eating very much, he had no appetite when he was depressed, but he had managed a few bites of something spirally that had tasted like fried potato, though it had been iridescent blue in colour. Allura returned to him with something green and pink that looked remarkably like a churro.

“You should try this.” She held it out to him, beaming. “It’s wonderful.”

He broke a small portion off the tip of it and popped it in his mouth. It even tasted like a churro. It would seem carnival food was as wonderfully greasy and unhealthy here as it was on Earth.

“Yeah…” He admitted. “It’s pretty good.”

Her grin widened. He’d actually said something positive.

“Come on.” She said. “There’s something over this way I’m dying to try.”

He followed her to a small ornate tent covered with stars and crescent moons. A creature with long, rope-like arms sat in its opening, moving the slender limbs and swaying back and forth in a sinuously hypnotic way. It was hard to determine the gender of the creature, in truth it may not even have a gender. It watched them with pale blue eyes as Allura led him to its tent.

“A fortune teller?” He looked skeptical.

“I do not tell fortunes, young one.” It said in a strange, musical tone, slowly blinking its eyes. It made a graceful gesture with one three-fingered hand. “I impart the plans of the universe.”

He looked at Allura, clearly still unconvinced.

“It’ll be fun.” She said, pushing him into the darkness within. The creature, the universal seer, or whatever it was, flowed in behind them. It continued in its almost liquid-like movements, he absently wondered if it had any bones, to come to rest on the opposite side of the round table that sat in the centre of the draped fabric space, gesturing for them to sit amongst the collection of velvet and silk cushions piled on the floor.

It scooped up a small pile of rectangles that looked strangely familiar to the young man from the other side of the cosmos.

“Tarot Cards?” Keith frowned.

“You know of them?” The seer inquired.

“We have them back home.” He admitted, though he’d never held much stock in them. “But I didn’t know they were so…” He trailed off, not sure of the right word.

“Universal?” The seer suggested with an obvious, and playful, smile.

It spread the cards across the table in a perfect arc. “Twenty two cards.” It said. “Five will tell you your past, your present and your future.” One hand unfurled in front of Allura. “Choose.” The Princess lay a finger on the cloth before one, fifth from the centre. The seer lay a suction-cup tipped finger on the card and turned it over. It showed an ornately robed woman sitting between two pillars.

“The High Priestess.” It intoned. “Wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. You have a deep, intuitive understanding of the universe.”

It turned to Keith, its lips quirked upwards. It was obvious it knew he had little faith in its abilities. “Clear you mind. Still your doubts. And choose.” It made the same graceful motion with its hands. He let out a deep breath and tapped the one on the end closest to him. It picked it up with its sticky fingertip and flipped it over. Keith was faced with a hooded figure holding a lamp.

“The Hermit.” It smiled. “You are introspective and focus your attentions inwards to find the answers you seek.”

It gestured to Allura to select her second card. It depicted a beautiful woman by a pool of water surrounded by stars.

“Ah…the Star. The universe has blessed you. Your hope and faith will be renewed as you enter a loving stage in your life. You will find a deeper understanding in yourself and those around you.” Its eyes slid briefly to Keith. “Trust the universe, a bright future awaits you.”

Pale eyes returned to Keith, one eyebrow quirked. He touched another, the third from the last he’d picked. The seer gracefully turned it over. It showed a skeleton in full armour riding a horse and brandishing a banner.

“Death!” It hissed dramatically. The pair exchanged a worried glance. That couldn’t be good. Then the seer laughed, a tinkling bell-like sound.

“Do not look so concerned.” It smiled. “It is not to be taken literally. It means an ending. A new beginning. You are moving on to something far more important that what has come before.” It leaned in closer to him. “Do not resist this change, it could do you irreparable harm. Let go of the past, embrace your future.”

It sat back, its hands drifting across the remaining cards.

“The fifth and final card is mine to choose.” It said, eyes closed, hands moving hypnotically back and forth. “Through me the universe will reveal what it has planned for you both.” Its hands stilled, one finger dipping down to select the card. It depicted two figures, one obviously make the other obviously female, an angel watching over them both.

The seer opened its eyes and smiled. “I suspected as much.”

“What is this one?” Allura frowned.

Keith let out a shuddering sigh. “It’s called The Lovers.” Two pairs of blue eyes fixed on him, one aghast, the other amused.

“And you know this how?” The seer asked.

“I saw it in a movie.” He shrugged.

“This one is like the Death card, right?” Allura queried. “Not to be taken literally.”

The seer’s smile was almost wicked. “No.” It imparted. “This one is VERY literal. Perfection, harmony and mutual attraction.” They exchanged another, weighted glance. The universe wanted THAT from them.

“Of course their are subtleties in the interpretation.” The seer admitted. “The bond you share does not necessarily have to be a romantic one.” It lidded its eyes heavily, suggestively. “Or a…sexual one…” it seemed to take great delight in their discomfort. “But that does not mean that it is…not.” It spread it’s hands gracefully, smiling widely, almost knowingly.

“But the trust each has in the other will grant you the strength and confidence you will require to overcome the trials you will no doubt soon face. Have faith in each other and you will prevail.”


“So how DID you know that card?” Allura asked.

They had returned to the food tents to wait for the others. Hunk’s stomach at least would eventually lead them to the same spot. Allura was sampling something fluffy and cloud-like while Keith poked at some of the blue potato stuff with a spork.

“Like I said, a movie.” He speared a piece of his food, lifted it up, turned it this way and that, some of the acid green topping dripped back into the basket. “This guy wanted to…enact…the card with this girl, so he stacked the deck in his favour.” He smiled a little.

“No way!”

They turned to the sound of Lance’s voice.

“You’ve seen a James Bond movie?” He boggled, bumping his hip against Keith’s to force him to move over so he could sit. He picked up one of the fries. “A damn ancient one, but it’s a start.”

He grinned. “And was that a smile I just saw?”

“I’m just glad you’re eating.” Pidge said, sliding in on his other side, subtly dragging the basket of food away from Lance. “You ARE eating these, right.”


Lance popped the one he’d stolen into his mouth and instantly turned red. His jaw gaped and e started fanning his mouth with his hand while gasping “hothothothothot!” Keith casually pushed a large container of liquid towards him which he grateful gulped down.

HOW are you eating them?” He demanded when he found his voice. “That stuff is pure evil!” He pointed at the topping. “It’s like someone dialled jalapeños up to a million!”

“Oh, please.” Hunk scoffed. “The jalapeño doesn’t even crack the top ten on the Scoville Scale.” He took his own sample, and almost choked on it. “Jeez!” He wiped tears from his eyes as he reached for the container of liquid. “How ARE you eating these?” He took a deep swallow.

“Guardian Spirit of Fire.” He reminded them, depositing the one he’d been studying in his mouth and chewing it slowly and deliberately with no obvious effect.

“Wusses.” Pidge grinned. Keith smirked, pushing the basket towards her in offering. She looked at it for a moment, took in the still red faces of her Garrison teammates, before pushing it back. “I think I’m good.”

“Now who’s the wuss?” Lance snorted.

“I’ll try one.” Allura said brightly, retrieving one with two delicate fingers. She sampled it, chewing thoughtfully. Her cheeks flushed ever so slightly. “Yes, it is a little spicy.” She admitted. “But very tasty.”

The unaffected pair shared a chuckle. Perfection, harmony and mutual attraction…for spicy food at least.

“Pft.” Lance rolled his eyes. “Aliens.”


By its tent the seer smiled at the playful interaction between the quintet, two of the five in particular. Their hands brushed briefly as they reached into the food basket at the same time, each drawing back quickly as if scalded.

“Fight it all you wish.” It spoke softly. “The universe will not be denied.”
Where You Belong [XMAS REQUEST]

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! This was going to be posted yesterday but my food coma was bad and I couldn’t move. But hey, everyone gets late christmas presents, right? From those weird relatives you never see? That’s me … I’m your weird relative!

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely day and you were spoilt with presents! Let’s have an even better 2016 :D

Lots of love

Jade xo

“Baby, can I talk to you for a minute?” you asked with a knock on the door. When he was staying at yours, he liked to take over your spare bedroom and use it as his studio so he didn’t wake you up when you were sleeping.

His eyes stayed fixed on the bright screen in front of him, where he was sliding bars and clicking away. He didn’t answer straight away, which made you look at him closer and realise he had his headphones in and was therefore dead to the world. You knew he was probably in the ‘zone’ but you really needed to talk to him and it couldn’t wait.

Crossing the room, you tapped him on the back and rested your head on his shoulder, waiting for him to take out his headphones. “Oh sorry babe,” he muttered, stopping the music and taking his headphones out. You lifted your head and stood up straight while he spin in his chair to face you. “What’s up?”

You gulped hard and blew out a breath: you really hated breaking bad news. “I need to tell you something,” you told him softly, fiddling with your hands in front of you. “And you may not like it.”

He reached out to take your fumbling hands and pull them closer, tugging you until you were sat on his lap, his arms wrapped casually around your hips. “If you’re worrying about what to get me for Christmas, I already told you that I don’t need anything. Just you,” he said cutely, kissing the tip of your nose and making what you were about to say that little bit harder.

“It’s not about Christmas presents,” you assured him, still chewing over your next words. Whichever way you told him, he wasn’t going to like it but you could still try and soften the hurt. “It’s about Christmas. The company wants me on a flight to London on the 24th.”

He frowned at you, the little cogs in his head spinning in thought. “Does that mean you’ll be late for Christmas dinner? I can tell Kyungsoo to start cooking later to give you more time. It really doesn’t matter when we eat as long as we do,” he said, running his hands up your arms to comfort you. But his innocence was even more heart breaking.

Gently you ran your fingertips across his hairline, cupping his cheek with a tender touch. “Don’t worry about Christmas dinner. I won’t be able to be there at all. The next flight back is the 27th. I’d be in London for Christmas.” You let the sentence hang there in the air, waiting for him to react.

For a second, he was frozen. “London for Christmas?” he stuttered, looking up at your face with sad wide eyes. You reached your thumb across his cheekbone and bit on your bottom lip, holding back the tears. “You’re not going to be here for Christmas?” he asked again, his voice a bit louder this time but still full of disbelief.

“I’m so sorry baby, but I can’t get out of it this time,” you managed in a tiny voice. Any louder and the tears would be streaming down your face, breaking both of your hearts.

He gripped you hard, pinning your arms to your side and freezing you in place. “I’ll come with you then,” he insisted frantically, moving his hands to cup your cheeks on either side. His touch broke you instantly and the tears fell, rolling down your face until Chanyeol brushed them aside. “We can spend Christmas in London together and it’ll be perfect,” he exclaimed, but you knew he didn’t mean what he said. He couldn’t mean it.

“You have a concert on the 26th,” you rationalised, holding back the sobbing in your chest. Christmas in London with Chanyeol sounded like pure bliss, but it was merely a dream. He was EXO’s Chanyeol first. “The company wouldn’t let you leave and I know you couldn’t bear to do that to your fans.”

Reality seemed to crash down on Chanyeol, all the features in his face falling as he realised there wasn’t anything he could do to fix this. All the thoughts going through his head were probably the ones going through yours when your boss told you. But there wasn’t a solution and you could see it on his face the second he knew it was true. He moved his hands off your face to the back of your head and pulled you down, your face burying itself in his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry Chanyeol,” you mumbled into the collar of his shirt, the sobs finally breaking free of your chest. “I’m sorry baby.”

Chanyeol pushed you back gently to look at your face, his thick thumbs brushing the tears away. “It’s not your fault baby,” he murmured softly as you watched his eyes fill up. “It’s just one of those things we’ll have to get through. There will be other Christmases!” he promised, leaning forward to kiss your lips for a second before just pressing his forehead against yours and looking into your eyes.

“I really hate being a flight attendant sometimes,” you muttered scornfully under your breath, letting out a long sigh that helped release some of the frustration you were feeling.

Your boyfriend laughed, just a little tear slipped down his face and into the collar of his shirt. “You don’t mean that baby. You love your job!”

It was true. You loved all the travelling and the fact you sometimes got to sleep above the clouds and wake up over a different country. And if it wasn’t for your job, you never would have met Chanyeol. He never would have spilt his tea down your uniform and had the excuse to give you his number. You wouldn’t be sat in his lap right now, looking into his beautiful brown eyes, and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

But recently the job had started to take more of a toll on you. The trips seemed longer and you didn’t love them as much as you used to now that they dragged you away from Chanyeol. “Ok, I don’t hate being a flight attendant but I hate that I always feel like I’m choosing between my job and you. I mean it’s taking me away from you at Christmas!”

“There will be other Christmases,” Chanyeol told you softly, giving you a weak smile. He was trying to be positive for you but the smile didn’t reach his eyes like it usually did. “This isn’t the worst thing we’ve had to deal with.”

Lifting your legs up, you tucked yourself up into a ball in Chanyeol’s lap and nuzzled your head under his chin. “Can I listen?” you asked quietly, pointing at the bars of music on his laptop screen. You didn’t want to keep talking about it: you just wanted to spend as much time with Chanyeol as you could before you left.

Chanyeol laughed a little and passed you the headphones he had been using. “It’s not anywhere near finished yet so bear that in mind,” he quickly insisted, moving the chair closer to the desk so he could start the music. He clicked play and sat back, wrapping his arms around your body and dotting kisses on the top of your head.

As the drumbeat filled your ears, all you wanted to do was stay where you were, with Chanyeol holding you and nothing making you leave.

Christmas just wasn’t the same without Chanyeol.

It didn’t feel like a festive day supposedly filled with joy and cheer. You boyfriend wasn’t there to wake you up at an ungodly hour, shaking you awake so he could open some presents under the tree. The hotel room was sparsely decorated in comparison, the tree in the corner with some random pieces of tinsel and a couple of baubles. At home, your tree was beautifully decorated with lots of lights and fancy ornaments and a star on the top. It had taken you ages to redecorate it after Chanyeol just threw them on and said it looked pretty.

Of course you video chatted your boyfriend as soon as you woke up but in Korea, it was already the evening and he was sitting down for a meal that Kyungsoo had prepared. It made you so homesick seeing them all smiling and laughing with lots of food while you were alone in your hotel room with an old Christmas movie on the TV to entertain.

You had breakfast with your work friends but by the time you were dressed and ready, after spending a lot of the morning in bed video chatting, it was more lunch than breakfast. The food looked and tasted absolutely mouth-watering but in the back of your mind was Chanyeol: missing him, wondering what he was doing, hoping he was thinking about you.

After eating, everyone was going to hang around the bar and talk. You quickly made your excuses and headed upstairs, hoping to talk to Chanyeol before he fell asleep. He picked up within seconds of you ringing.

“Hey beautiful!” he said brightly, his face super close to the camera as it popped up on your phone. “I was just thinking about you.” Moving the phone away from his face, you saw a bit more of the background and noticed the photos on the wall behind him.

“Are you in my apartment?” you asked with a furrowed brow, trying to remember if Chanyeol had photos on his bedroom wall like you did. Looking at your phone, you fell onto your bed and wrapped the covers around yourself like a burrito.

Chanyeol pulled an adorable pout and pulled the covers up his chin. They were the covers of your bed, the dark grey ones you loved because they were so soft. “I was missing you too much so I’m staying here until you come home,” he confessed, taking a deep breath of your bed covers and smiling like an idiot.

You couldn’t help but laugh, covering your mouth with the covers shyly. “You are too cute,” you cooed cutely, wishing you could reach through the screen and pinch his adorable cheeks. “How was dinner?” you asked.

Immediately like it was a reflex, Chanyeol groaned in delight. “Oh it was so good!” he sighed happily, closing his eyes and smiling so the little dimple on his cheek appeared. “Kyungsoo prepared so much food that by the end of the meal, we all had to be horizontal for like half an hour.”

The pair of you talked for way over an hour, with Chanyeol wanting to tell you everything about his day. He had a schedule in the morning but in the afternoon, he played games in the dorm with the members. By the sound of it, he was still bitter about losing to Jongin at Mario Kart. You helped his ego and promised to let him win at Mario Kart next time you played. He asked about your day but you hadn’t done much since you last spoke to him. The comparison of your Christmases was big: he had done everything to the point where he was exhausted whereas you had barely done anything.

As the conversation went on, Chanyeol became more and more sleepy, his eyes drooping and his speech being slower. You could tell he was trying his hardest to stay awake for you, seeing as the time zones were so different between the two of you. But even when you told him to go to sleep, he was adamant about staying up.

“This is the only way I get to spend Christmas with you baby,” he murmured tiredly, covering his mouth to hide his yawning. Determined to stay awake, he slapped his cheeks lightly and rubbing his eyes. “I’ll stay up until the morning just to be with you more.”

You rolled your eyes at his stubbornness and checked the time on your phone, working out in your head what the time was there. “Chanyeol, it’s past 2am there! We’ve been talking for two hours! You need to go to sleep!” you ordered him, although it was less effective when you were on the other side of the world. “I’ve seen your schedule for tomorrow and it’s long so stop worrying about me and go to sleep. You can call me when you’re on your way to the venue tomorrow.”

“No, I’m going to stay up with you,” Chanyeol replied stubbornly, giving you the cutest smile that made your heart skip a beat and melt all at the same time. “I’m doing this for the girl I love.”

“I can’t believe I love this idiot,” you groaned, giggling silently as he smirked at you through the phone with his eyes closed. “I’m just going to the toilet,” you said, putting your phone down on your pillow and jumping out of bed.

When you came back, you jumped onto the bed and grabbed your phone, holding it above your head. “I’m back,” you told him, wondering if the phone had frozen. Chanyeol’s face was still, his eyes closed with the covers brought up over his chin. “Hello? Chanyeol?” You waited but there was no response, no movement at all. But you saw the rise and fall of his chest, so you know the screen wasn’t frozen. “At least you listened to me,” you said softly, smiling at your sleeping boyfriend.

You knew you should hang up and go and join in the festivities again but you couldn’t pull yourself away from the screen. You were always the one to fall asleep first, your boyfriend usually up late composing or writing lyrics. Seeing him asleep first made you want to stay with him a little longer, even if he was asleep. He was very peaceful, the stress of the day slowly falling off his face as he slipped deeper into his sleep. When you had stared at his face for an obsessive amount of time, and taken enough screenshots for future blackmail uses, you decided it was time to hang up and let your beautiful idol get his rest.

“I miss you baby,” Chanyeol murmured quietly.

Quickly snapping your attention to the screen, you saw Chanyeol nuzzling deeper into your covers. His eyes were still closed and his features were still in sleep. “I guess you’re dreaming about me,” you murmured, smiling to yourself. “I miss you too baby. I’ll be home soon.”

That was probably the longest flight of your life. There was so much turbulence as you left Europe which made everyone on the plane really anxious and agitated. You were just as anxious – you hated turbulence just as much as the passengers but it was your job to stay calm and reassure them, even if inside, all you wanted to do was strap yourself in and stick your head between your legs.

When you finally touched down, you sent a message to Chanyeol and grabbed a lift home from one of your workmates. You were so excited to get home and just pass out on your bed and be nice and cosy in your own apartment. Chanyeol didn’t text you back so you assumed he was asleep, but you weren’t sure if he was at yours still or the dorm. Either way, as soon as you arrived outside your building, you hugged your friend, grabbed your suitcase and ran inside, scrambling for your keys as you climbed the stairs.

Finally being able to get your door open, you dropped your things off in the hallway by the shoes and started turning lights on, moving through your apartment. Already you could hear your bed calling you. It was only 6pm but you were so tired, you could probably sleep for days.

As you walked into your living room, the lights turned out without you touching them and EXO literally popped out from behind your sofa, Baekhyun and Jongdae holding a banner above their heads that read ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS!’. “Surprise!” they all called out, cheering and clapping loudly. You jumped in shock and almost fell back, only to bump into Chanyeol who had emerged from the kitchen with a cake in his hands and candles burning on top of it.

“Merry Christmas,” he said softly, holding the cake out in front of you with the flickering candles casting a warm glow over Chanyeol’s smile.

Little tears trickled down your face as you looked around your living room. All the decorations were lit up and looking amazing. There were presents brimming out from under the tree and on the table there were plates and bowls of your favourite Korean food. As you looked at all of Chanyeol’s members smiling at you happily, you couldn’t help but cry a little bit more. This was how you wanted your Christmas to be; with your boyfriend and his friends at home with lots of food and smiles.

You turned back to Chanyeol and smiled, which probably went against the tears on your face but he knew they were happy tears. “I can’t believe you did all of this for you,” you murmured, wiping the tears off your face quickly.

“Well you missed Christmas Day so we thought we’d postpone it for a few days until you were home,” he replied proudly, still holding out the cake in front of you. “Now blow the candles out before the wax melts down completely!”

Doing as you were told, you blew out the candles, not taking a second to make a wish because you had nothing to wish for. You already had everything you could ever had asked for. “Thank you everyone,” you said, turning in a circle to give everyone a clap before facing Chanyeol again and reaching up to give him a kiss. “Merry Christmas baby.”

“Let’s eat!” Chanyeol declared quickly, which seemed to make everyone happy as they scrambled to the table in the middle of the food and started piling their plates with food. Chanyeol placed the cake down and then pulled you to join them, letting you sit in between his legs as he plated up all your favourite things.

Beside you, Minseok was pouring everyone a glass of beer and passing them around. Once everyone had a glass, you held yours up in the air and called for a cheers. When everyone clinked glasses, you called out “Merry Christmas,” and everyone replied, clinking glasses with everyone individually.

While everyone ate, you caught up on everything you missed whilst you had been working. You were worried Kyungsoo had been forced to make all this food for you but it turns out they just ordered in for you. It was still lovely that they went to so much effort for you: their presence wiping away the fatigue you felt earlier. They made it the best Christmas you’d experienced, sat in Chanyeol’s lap with laughter all around you, happily stuffing your face with dumplings and feeding Chanyeol while you chewed.

After dinner, you all sat around the table and opened the presents under the tree. Everyone was happy with their presents from you and you had been well and truly spoilt by them, especially Chanyeol who bought you the prettiest locket ever that already had his picture inside.

At some point between opening presents and eating cake, you fell asleep on Chanyeol’s lap, waking up when everyone had left and Chanyeol was lifting you up to carry you to bed. “What did I miss?”

Chanyeol laughed lightly and dotted a little kiss on your forehead as he continued to carry you into the bedroom. “I completely forgot that you’d probably be exhausted after the long flight. You fell asleep so I sent everyone back to the dorm and cleaned up,” he explained, kicking your bedroom door open and setting you down lightly on the bed.

You sat up and wiped your eyes, your hand dropping to hold locket around your neck. “You cleaned up by yourself? You should have woken me up so I could help,” you exclaimed sleepily, yawning into the back of your hand.

“It’s alright baby, as long as you had a good evening!” he told you softly, stripping down to his boxers and climbing over you and into bed.

His undressing reminded you of the fact you were still in your uniform. You shimmed out of the tights and pulled the dress up over your head, throwing them both on the floor before climbing under your soft covers in just your underwear. Once under, Chanyeol moved to lie next to you and wrap his arms around you, letting you use his arm as a pillow while he stroked your forehead. You turned in your spot to face him, your hand back on the locket.

“It was the best pretend Christmas I’ve ever had,” you told him softly, reaching up to kiss him on his soft lips. As your lips touched, his grip became tighter and he rolled over with you so you were lying on his chest completely, your legs tangled together. “I missed you,” you added as you moved your hands into his hair and pulled him closer for another kiss.

He laughed against your lips and trapped your bottom lip between his teeth, smiling as you groaned and moved closer. “I don’t like it when you leave but I love it when you come home,” he said in his low voice that had your heart pounding a mile a minute. He squeezed you tighter and kissed your lips for too short a second. “This is where you belong,” he told you sternly, squeezing again to reemphasise his point. “And no matter where your work takes you, whether it’s to China, Australia or England, I know that you’ll always come home. Because this is where you belong, in my arms.”

“I didn’t think I could love you anymore than I already do,” you sighed, folding your arms across his chest and resting your head on them to look up at him better. “But then you went and said that. With all my heart and soul, I love you.”

The little dimple appeared again on his face and this time, he was right in front of you and you could actually poke it. He screwed his face cutely and ran a hand through your hair, pulling your face closer so your lips just brushed his. “I love you too baby. Merry Christmas!”

“And a happy new year!” you finished, closing what little gap there was between the two of you and losing yourself in the kiss.


OCP Percy Jackson AU

I read this post and now I can’t stop thinking about a PJO AU!!!

(in this verse Hestia isn’t a maiden and Capture the Flag is done in cabin v cabin)

  • Eric Bittle, son of Hestia.  Goddess of the Hearth and Home (and baking!).  Assuming this is in a verse where only the 12 Olympians have cabins in Camp Half-Blood, Eric’s mom doesn’t have a cabin so he gets bunched in with the Hermes kids. Their cabin is infamous for its parties and its strong sense of identity.  It’s filled with actual children of Hermes (Ransom, Farmer), the children of minor gods, and those who have chosen to reject the ‘inane and discriminatory system of parental cabinhood’ (Shitty).  They call it Hermes’ Haus and they are incredible at Capture the Flag.

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Samurai Shopper | The Sweet Smell of Raúl Esparza
By: S.S. Fair

Actors go to great, often absurd lengths preparing for roles: Robert De Niro gained more than 60 pounds to better portray Jake LaMotta in “Raging Bull”; Nicole Kidman did Cyrano de Bergerac one better by growing a formidable Virginia Woolf-like nose in “The Hours.” But real method acting is less complicated and literal than that. It’s about making connections to sensory experiences — sights, smells, tastes, sounds — in order to flesh out a character’s character. The consummate Broadway actor Raúl Esparza is very clever in this regard: he picks a cologne/perfume for each role he takes and wears the scent until the the show shutters.

“A particular smell puts me in a place so much faster than any intellectual work I could do,” he explains. It makes perfect, Proustian sense. Right now Esparza is starring as the religious con artist Jonas Nightingale in “Leap of Faith,” a musical adapted from the 1992 film of the same name. The Samurai Shopper attended a preview weeks ago and said: Positively electrifying! Audiences were ecstatic. The almighty critics, however, were not. Though “Leap of Faith” won a Tony nomination for Best Musical, Esparza takes his final bow at the St James Theater on Sunday; all the fire and music in his performance will be history.

But the sweet smell of Raúl will undoubtedly linger on. Esparza’s been sporting Tom Ford for Men for his role as the flimflam man. “Tom Ford smells musky on me and a little bit trashy, in a good way,” he said. “And it’s not ridiculously expensive; it’s something Jonas — my character — could afford. The cast likes it, too.”

In “Speed the Plow,” Esparza went with Red, a honking, hyper-masculine scent by Giorgio of Beverly Hills from the ’80s. “It reminded me of a truck stop on the Florida turnpike,” he said. “It was so, so wrong. I smelled it and I was back in high school. My character was a cokehead, wore power suits and drank till he couldn’t see straight; today he’d be one of those frat-boy investment bankers, an overgrown boy.”

Esparza also chooses scents for sentimental reasons. “As the M.C. in ‘Cabaret,’ I wore Guerlain’s Imperiale because my grandfather used to wear it,” he said. “My grandmother would spray handkerchiefs with it when I had a headache, and put it on my head. It worked. As Lenny in ‘The Homecoming.’ I wore Old Spice because my dad always wore Old Spice.”

Everyone’s dad wore Old Spice. “I’m drawn to those tobacco-y musky smells,” Esparza admitted. This was the Samurai’s cue to whip out Frapin 1697, tobacco-rich, rum-laden and smelling like Havana. Esparza, a Cuban-American, was hooked: “Mmm. Cigars, leather, burnt sugar, espresso that’s been boiling for too many hours.” He died for Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. “This could be Jonas in ‘Leap of Faith’ too. Totally Jonas!” Ouarzazate by Comme des Garçons struck another chord. “This is Sundance, not the film festival but the actual town, the mountains and again, the woods and smoke.” Richwood, by Xerjoff XJ at $670 per 100 milliliters caused the first nose wrinkle: “Too rosy and sweet.” But as it dried down he had his epiphany: “Actually, this smells amazing.” Then the Samurai went in for the kill: Copper Skies by Kerosene, chockablock with amber, tobacco — loud, macho spices that end in a delicious whimper. Esparza was halfway to olfactory heaven. “These may be great for some future characters, but right now they’re for me.”

No matter the vagaries of life on Broadway, Esparza’s done time with the best of the best: Shakespeare, Stoppard, Sondheim, Pinter, Mamet. Whatever’s next, I’m certain he’ll come up smelling like roses. Or tobacco, amber, citrus.

(Credit: http://nyti.ms/M4l4jz)

Hidden In Plain Sight

So I already uploaded a chapter this week and I might not write the next one for at least another week (because I too have my limits and two chapters per week is good enough). I’ll try to finish it quicker though because this AU is too good to not write for. I’ll also be writing a prologue because I intended the festival scene to be a oneshot and ended up writing more so now the story lacks a prologue and the start of the festival.

@piku-chan and I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for this. I also might write a crack chapter based on something said in this chapter. (See if you can spot what). (That pun was totally unintentional but intended).

Ao3 Link

Enjoy :

Marinette heard the sweet music drift on the light breeze a mile before she actually got to the palace. Her mouth was wide open as they came to a stop before the gates and one of the footmen held out a hand to help her out of the carriage. She gulped slightly. She was incredibly nervous. She already knew the Bourgeois won’t recognize her but this was her first time attending such a high class party. What if she tripped and made a mess ? What if she ruined her dress as well as the ballroom ? She wasn’t always the best with words, what would happen if she accidentally insulted a foreign noble ?

The lizard seemed to notice her distress and in a slightly lisping voice reassured her of herself.

“I’m sure you’ll be the loveliessst at the ball Misss Marinette. You’re too wonderful to dislike by anyone. Pleassse, enjoy yourself and worry about nothing.”

“Thank you, Monsieur Lizard,” Marinette relaxed a little, “That is kind of you to say. I-I hope its everything it is known to be.”

“I’m sure it will be Madam.”

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Answering all your Questions <3

konstancijaa_hoodif you could travel for free to a place where would it be?

I would want to go back to Bali <3

charlescagni If you had to be any animal…what city would you live in?London 

me11nawhere’s the next place you would like to travel this year???


maelys.nwwhat is your favourite thing about travelling?
Discovering and immersing myself in new unknown cultures!

I was born in New York, I am of lebanese and Algerian origins, I lived in Switzerland for 15 years and in the UK for 2

yxleviHow many places have you visited already?
Hmm.. I can’t say :p haha

yxlevi hobbies?
photography,filmmaking,tennis,soccer… long walks on the beach ;)

charlescagniIf you had to be a brick, what building would you be part of ?
Empire state building
benovarozaliewhat place that you’ve visited has been your favorite?
yxlevi Favorite season
Summer Obviously ;)

charlescagni If you had to be someones toilet paper, who would it be ?
Justin Biebers.

that’s not a question lol

yxleviFavorite pizza toppings

melanieb_1999 What do you recommend is a good camera for beginners in film?
your IPHONE!

blurryfacemichael if you could only keep 1 of your senses which would it be? (like smell, taste, touch, sight or hearing)
TASTE. cuz I love food lol.
charlescagni Can you be my tomato to your chicken salad ?
psommerfeld What kind of camera do you use? 💚
I use a canon 5D mark III

hannah.louiseee2001 Will you marry me?❤
Where’s my ring :(

maelys.nwWhat’s your happiest memory and why?
Its hard narrowing it down to one single event in my past… a lot has happened and I’m more happy on the amalgamation of multiple events that made my childhood for instance. One of my favourite times was living in England so I guess that would be one of them!
anis.ellyShows you’re currently into
True Detective, Archer, Freaks and Geeks,Empire & Limitless
siianniie@kalousseimi WILL YOU BE MY BEST FRIEND.!!!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
maelys.nwif you had to choose between digital camera & film camera. what would you keep?
THAT’S AN EVIL QUESTION! Both have their perks and faults. I really really couldn’t say haha. Probably digital.
yxleviNationalityyyyy? 😁
Swiss and American!
klthm_Favourite country you ever visited?
aura97_Favourite country you’ve visited? Have you been to Spain? Love your videos btw 😍💜
Indonesia! Yes I’ve been to Mallorca and Madrid! (and thank you :P )

aura97_What are you studying at Emerson? Lots of love from Spain 😘
Film and Tv Production - Lots of love from my dorm room x
mack_widemanWhat made you choose Emerson?
I honestly had the choice between Emerson, attending the best film school in the UK which is in Scotland and a school in London (that wasn’t too good). To be honest, the decision was a bit rushed and I did not think it through enough. The reason I picked Emerson is because of the reputation it has for filmmaking. Additionally I had the possibility of starting in Spring that meant I could travel more… so yeah it was more “appealing” i guess.
nurizneewhen is your birthday?
December 17th!

iz.xy How do you get your hair so luscious?
I got it from my mama.
nurizneesay iznee. okay that’s not a question but say it
aylaredzicn What’s your favorite Football team ? and do you like Animals ? ❤❤❤😍
Barcelona :) - I LOVE animals

sly_dancer What’s do you like the most about living in Boston?
I couldn’t say, yet! I’ve only been here 2 months!

karina_ibisheva What are your plans for the future?
No idea haha. I want to be a filmmaker or a comedian, we will see where life takes me.
ericsmodeCan you pop lock and drop it?
Yeah I actually have a video of me doing it, I can send it to you if you want.
bebellep What you know about Brazil?
beijou (& I’m going to an island there this summer!) 

ameerahparvez what are you studying at Harvard?
I studied books. I hope you know the Harvard thing was a joke haha :p
skywalkersyd if you could remake any movie what movie would you pick and why? Also as a side, who would you cast to play you in a movie about your life? 😊
The percy jackson movie. I feel like it was badly executed sadly, I LOVED THE BOOK (Which is weird cause I never read). I would Cast myself haha.

january_white What is your favorite subject to photograph? #1 most embarrasing story?? What do you like most about film? Favorite birthday memory? And lastly, do you have any nicknames for your dog? 🐶
I like taking photos of people on large spaces of epic scenery. I like capturing a moment in time and having it immortalised through moving pictures. I call my dog Pouch Pouch! I can’t think of the most embarrassing moment of my life because I embarrass myself all the time.

fridasjoooberg Have you ever been to Sweden?💃
No! But I have swedish friends and I’m going to visit them in the Summer in Stockholm!

genesis_pollypocket@kalousseimi favorite color?
Black and Navy Blue

jasmine.247 What’s you fav music?
Tropical House and rap

leabertelle What nationality are you? Xx
American and Swiss

maryamalhilabi_ What’s your heritage?
Lebanese and Algerian
maryamalhilabi_What do you study?
Film and Tv Production

eyyowonderlandcan u come to Sweden sometime?
June 10-12th!
maryamalhilabi_Favorite pizza toppings?
I don’t have to repeat my self hahah. I LOVE EVERY PIZZA

maryamalhilabi_How difficult it is to think of new video Ideas?
Very hard. Especially because everyone is creating nowadays, its hard to come up with original ideas.

arielle_m__Can you say the ABC’s backwards?

hollyvws Do you miss high school?
Weirdly… I do. It was much easier than College. Not only academically but mentally too. You just have all the people you love, (or hate), in the same place. It makes it easier to cope with. Now everyone of my friends are scattered across the globe and it’s difficult sometimes.. I miss them.

hollyvwsApple juice or orange juice?
hollyvwsDo you have a favourite type of dolphin?
The cute ones that let me pet them


magdabaumerI know you’re born in NY, but where’s your origin in Europe exactly?🌍 @kalousseimi

dana_qasemWhat are you studying in uni??
Film and Tv production
art_booksWhere have you lived in your life?
New York, Geneva, London,Boston & now Bermuda.
art_booksWhat do you do at 1am?
sleep or watch useless videos and think about life.
maryamalhilabi_Why do you love unicorns so much?
I have no idea, I wish I could explain. Its like the relationship between a fan girl and Justin Bieber.
hartIf you could speak any other languages fluently what would you want to speak?😊❤️

keelykbrewer Can you dance?
Debatable. I’m alright haha
keelykbrewerWorst movie you’ve ever seen?

keelykbrewer Most boring class you had to take in school?
Every class is boring… Lol. jk 

keelykbrewer Worst subject in school?

keelykbrewer Have any tattoos? if not would you ever get one?
I was thinking of getting one, but I don’t know if I would really be able to commit to one. Just having a un erasable drawing on my body that will one day be unreadable because of ageing skin feels weird. My sister has many, but so far I haven’t been in the part of my life where I feel like i need or want a tattoo.
keelykbrewer Favorite performer at the super bowl halftime show? Do you even care about American football?
I don’t watch American football but I heard Bruno mars killed it.

keelykbrewer Favorite youtuber?
Caspar lee
nilys_bookstories Where would you like to live?
I’m content in Bermuda, but London is the best city ever.

nilys_bookstories What’s your favorite country?

nilys_bookstories What languages would you like to speak?
Italian, Spanish.
gbrasil27 Who is your biggest inspiration? /Tell something about yourself that anybody knows
Tyler the creator. I’m actually not very cool in real life.. shh don’t tell anyone.
gbrasil27 Have you ever dated someone? When you dicided to study film in college?
I had a girlfriend for 8 months, that is the longest I have done. I decided I wanted to study film at the age of 16.

jfcalenawhy are you so obsessed with unicorns?
bro no idea hahaha

_ines_kjcDo you listen to hard rock music?
No :(

_ines_kjcFavorite book ? ☺
Outliers- Malcom Gladwell
_ines_kjcHave you ever been to Portugal?
YES! Lisbon! for a music festival.
Ines_kjcAre you dating ? 😜
No one wants to date me :(

sourcottoncande What’s your favorite video you have made? ❤️
14 days in Bali!

murmelhanna Were you in Barbados July 2013? If not I met your doppelganger 😮
I was haha. Weird. 

yo_morgsHis FACE LOOKS LIKE JOSEPH @madii2901
OMG YAH TOTALLY! Who’s Joseph?

liviamilyDo you like ducks??
What inspired you to do what you are doing know?
A search of approval for my creations I guess.

Have you encountered a fan before?
Only once at Heathrow airport! was a lovely encounter!
kendalllljennnerWhat’s your perspective on culture? since you have experienced many types in your lifetime of traveling
Culture isn’t something that defines you. I learned a lot of different things through different cultures and it made me realise that all of us aren’t very different from one another, despite our origins and countries.

oiamcnFav pair of shoe this month
Yeezy Boost 350 oxford Tan
ch3lsey98F avourite movie genre?
eggperz Your First impression on Sasha when you first met her?? #AskKal
“This girl knows ALOT about books”

a.ndoIf if you were kidnapped and the only way your kidnapper would allow you to escape is to eat dog shit or drink your best friends piss, what would you do?
nadirazlin what you would have on your pizza?
nadirazlin favourite movie?
The Beach

nadirazlin who inspired you to be a filmmaker ?
nadirazlin favourite song at the moment?
Don’t Bryson Tiller

nadirazlin where would you travel next?
nadirazlin do the dab
I did it

nadirazlin what shampoo do you use?
I don’t wash my hair.. Jokes don’t worry I’m clean haha. Garner Fructose

nadirazlin coffee or tea?

nadirazlinwhat filter do you use the most?
E4 on VSCO
nadirazlincan you pronounce my name without getring it wrong? its azlin
Azlin x

.hartWho are you spending Valentine’s Day with?
I spent it third wheeling on  my parents Valentines date. 

arimry96 What’s something you really wanna do before you die?

kristarice525Why are you so amazing? ily❤️
AWWW <3 

I’m wondering how you call your fans?
I’m not very comfortable with the term FAN. I love all of you like friends!

knightwing23Whats your fave city/country?
London, England

cassidywalkeerWill you be my valentine? Love you and your videos!!😚💓
Yes I’d love too sorry for the delayed response lol
cassidywalkeer Favorite album atm?? Love you! 💓💓💓
The life of Pablo (kanye)
andreamerbarry what is your dream?
To be happy and successful doing what I love. Filmmaking.

jenaosselaerIf you could only listen to 1 song your entire life, what song would it be?
Love yourself
_it_s_anicaI would love to know :What would you ask for, if you knew the answer was Yes ? and - What is your favorite and least favorite thing about creating stuff ? ✨
Can I get a billion dollars? I love creating because it allows me to channel all my emotions into something that I can see later on and remember what emotion or idea of whatever the thing in question was. The major setback in creating is constant creation, which I have started doing. Its very difficult to always be funny or always be entertaining. With today’s generation and technology I feel like we need to be constantly entertained and fed information in order to stay interested. Therefore in order for people like me, creators, to stay relevant, we need to be uploading and posting 24/7. And that’s what I like the least I think.
michelllesuHow tall r u ?

5 foot 8

ocampolleanIs English your first language?
No not really, I think it’s french. or both haha.

anamareuhWhere are you from?
anamareuh How old are you?

anamareuhDo you have any tattoos?
anamareuhHow many languages do you speak?
3, Mandarin, English, French
katovanroy_Film you have watched most?
The Beach
anamareuhDid take the pottermore sorting quiz? if you did what house are you in?
anamareuhWhat’s your favorite band?
Future Islands
Have you watched American Horror Story, if yes do you like it?
i’m too scared to watch it alone haha. I will grow the strength to watch it soon.

anamareuhWhat’s your opinion on long distance relationships?
if you love the person, it can work. My parents met when they were 16 and continued seeing each other despite being on two complete different sides of the United States. And at that time they didn’t have Skype or facetime… That shows that if the love is strong enough than you can probably make it work! 
can you say hi to me?
hi x
nadirazlintravelling or filmmaking?
wow. thanks. for hurting my brain. haha. I can’t pick.

lilflowernerdHow do you find yourself to stay motivated? Any advice? 😁
Sometimes I am not too motivated really. It takes a lot to wake up in the morning and say hey lets be productive. I learned over the years that the only limitations that you have as an individual are set by yourself. Therefore if you think that you can’t do something, you will feel like you can’t and you simply won’t do it. You need to believe in yourself and force yourself to do certain things. I keep this in mind everyday when I wake up and through this I am MOTIVATED!

_itscessyAny advice for people who plan to travel alone for the first time?
Meet as many people as you can, take as many videos and photos, immerse yourself in the culture, don’t be afraid and LIVE!
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_itscessyAre you superstitious? If so, what are you most superstitious about?
handing the salt without putting it down at dinner.

trinabowbina3 places that you have never visited before but would like to in the future
New Zealand
iya_what camera do you use?

siianniieWILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE!!!!! @kalousseimi 💋❤️💗💖💛❣💘💚💕💝💙💞💜💓


sashaalsbergWhat Hogwarts house are you in? 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

jelassilina fears?
spiders and getting lost in a supermarket

readingbythefireplaceIf you could change anything about the world we live in, what would it be? 🌸🌻
wow. deep. Maybe everyone’s obsession with fake beauty.

readingbythefireplaceWhat would you do if you won the lottery? ⭐️
I would donate to various charities but also please my self. Invest in my future!

readingbythefireplaceTu parles français ? :p

fridasjoooberg Do you have tumblr?
yes this is my tumblr :p

madina.mavlanWhat time is it in Boston?
right now 9:46 pm

madina.mavlanWhat do you want to achieve through your YouTube channel?
I want people to laugh and be distracted from their daily routine and enter a world of lol.

madina.mavlanAny advice for how to ‘punch someone in the face’ but not literally? 😾😸

nadirazlinwhos your spirit animal, mine is my best friend bc shes awesome

greenlittlepeaWhy did you start your YT channel ?
I had too much free time lol

greenlittlepeaWho’s your fashion inspiration ?
Justin Bieber not going to lie, kid’s got style

greenlittlepeaFavourite film ever ?
The beach.

jade_wunderle_Favourite place you have visited? ✈

★ Rulana Abidi ★ @ATL_rulana Feb 20
How tall are you? How was the last modelling gig? And how many times have you been on a plane? =p #askKal

I am 5 foot 8. The gig was so fun! I hope I get to do that more often. Literally wouldn’t be able to say but about 200 i think

Guest Blog: What Kandi Means to Me

Editor’s note: This is an extension of our Kandi Culture segment, first begun here.

Hi my name is Megan Buchholz! I’m from Los Angeles and I was first introduced to the rave scene in 2010 through an event called Nu Disko. One day my friend asked me if I wanted to go to a rave with him and his brother. Although I didn’t know much about raves, I decided to be spontaneous and go. It is the best decision I have ever made and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Entering this culture completely changed me as a person and made me so much more happy, friendly, and outgoing. Raving has also made me feel so much more accepted as a person.

The first time I exchanged kandi was at my first event. Someone in the group I went with gave me a mini cuff and it was amazing to me because I had never seen anything like it before. I ended up receiving a kandi necklace, a few cuffs and some singles that night. Because I didn’t know about the whole kandi aspect of raving, I didn’t have any kandi to give back to anyone. However, the rave community is so generous that everyone seemed to not care so much about receiving anything in return.

Here’s a quick crash course on the different types of kandi: singles are one row of beads, or a simple bracelet. 3D cuffs are rows of beads basically woven together to create a large piece of kandi. My favorite thing about 3D cuffs is that you can keep adding on more and more layers to make them as large as you want. Mini- cuffs are just smaller versions of these large 3D cuffs.

I first learned how to make cuffs through online tutorials, but after a lot of practice I developed my own methods of creating pieces. I learned to think outside the box and add extra rows of beads in random places, have charms hanging around the cuff, or try something completely new.

Some background on this piece: this is the Pokémon Eevee and I’ve loved this character since I was young so I thought it was fitting to make a big cuff of her. Eevee can evolve into numerous other types of Pokémon. She reminds me of raving because outside of a rave you are simple like Eevee, but when you go to a rave you can be anything you want to be.

This was the first large kandi cuff I ever made, and is by far my favorite.
It is also the most difficult design I have ever done. The actual perler itself took me about three hours to create and the cuff took an additional three to four hours. The design for the cuff was a completely random idea I came up with. The most difficult part of making the cuff was having the patience to sit and make the perler itself, as well as choosing the color scheme of the actual cuff. It was my first time creating such a large piece of kandi so it was a bit overwhelming but I’m so happy I took the time to make it! I think it ended up turning out way better than I expected, and I really love the final result.

These are two singles I received at Nocturnal Wonderland this year. I’m obsessed with fairies so the fact that I received two bottles of fairy dust in one night made me so happy. The girl who gave me the orange fairy dust told me that whenever I need some happiness or hope in my life, this little bottle of fairy magic will help me.

These are two cuffs that I made for my best friend and myself for our birthdays. They each say our rave names (mine is Venus, his is Atlas) and they have different beads and charms all over them that each have their own special meaning. My favorite bead on the cuffs is from a Chinese friendship bracelet, and my favorite charms are the ones that say “camping” on them because my friend and I always go camping together. These cuffs mean the world to me and I hope my friend likes his (he hasn’t even seen it yet!).

These are just a few examples of the types of kandi I have made throughout the years. Making kandi is my favorite way of spreading PLUR, and ever since I first learned what PLUR was, I have continued to use it throughout my everyday life. To me, PLUR is about accepting everyone for who they are. It’s about opening up your life to all different types of people and possibilities. Mostly, it’s about sending out a message of love and peace and I think it’s a great belief for everyone to live by.

If I could send out one message to all the ravers for 2014, I would say to be thankful for EDM and this whole scene in general, and to be grateful that we are lucky enough to attend these magical events and be part of such an amazing and loving community. I know I have been since the very first day I was accepted into this world.

By Megan Buchholz

Post-Michfest impressions of a worker firstie.

So it’s been a little over a week since dykefaery and I got home from Michfest, and I think I’ve had enough time to process the experience and write something half-coherent about it. The TL;DR version is that it was absolutely awesome and I feel very privileged for having the opportunity to experience it, and even more (thanks to the amazing antilla-dean) for going as a worker instead of a festie and getting to see some of the inner workings of the festival. Organizing something that huge is not easy, and it was amazing to see how the different crews worked together to build it up.

Now for the long version. We arrived on the Land on a Thursday, which coincidentally was my birthday, after a 13 hour road trip, without having the faintest idea of what we were gonna find there. We got to Michigan fine using our GPS, but for the last 10 miles or so of the trip we only had a small printed map, that directed us into a narrow dirt path inside a legit, trees-blocking-out-sunlight-and-no-sign-of-civilization forest. When we finally reached the front gate we were greeted by a very friendly middle-aged woman, who asked for our names, checked them out a list of workers and directed us to the worker camping area.

That’s it, just names. We were firsties, she had never even seen us before, and we weren’t even asked for ID. Which shows me how stupid and/or mean-spirited someone’s gotta be to believe they do “panty checks” at the gate to see if you’re actually female. This is not the Michfest way, as I quickly learned, and it didn’t take me long to shed out my city girl tough shell there.

When we arrived in Workerville - the patch of Land between Crafts and the Night Stage that’s closed to the general public - we were completely, utterly lost. We didn’t see anyone we knew, we didn’t know how anything worked, we didn’t even know where we could park the car, and to make it even more confusing we arrived during some sort of administrative meeting, which meant the staff services tent was empty. We stood around looking confused from a few minutes until a woman approached us and kindly directed us to the tech support trailers, where this cheerful elderly butch gave us a crash tent to sleep for the night (because it was getting too dark to set camp), a cart to unload our car and directions to where we could get food and a shower.

That’s another thing about Michfest, and more so about the worker community. Everyone is incredibly helpful and friendly, and not in that fake religious fundamentalist way where you know they’re only being nice because they want something from you. No, these women call you “sister” and they really mean it, because we’re all together there and we all have work to do. It’s the complete opposite of mainstream culture. In Michfest people assume you’re well-intentioned and treat you accordingly. You follow the rules there not because you’re afraid of punishment, but because you want to keep everything working well, because it’s a lovely space and you don’t want to ruin it. And when you’re working to build the Festival you get a sense of pride in your work that you really don’t get while working in the corporate meat grinder of the outside world. There you know you’re building something great, that you’re a part of it.

Being in Workerville also builds a sense of gratitude and appreciation for every job that gets done. Though not all workers camp there, pretty much everyone eats there, and you get to sit and share a meal with every kind of worker, from administration to sanitation, from childcare to tech support, from the people who build stages to the people who cook your food, and you feel thankful for every one of them, because all of these women make the Festival possible. Michfest was the place where I heard the most sincere thanks in my life. I had women expressing gratitude for my work when I was doing a workshop before my shift, or when I was browsing the craft stores, because they truly appreciate what I did. It’s such a glaring difference from a life as a freelance artist, where people at the same time devalue your work and feel entitled to it. And in return I also felt thankful for all the wonderful women who work at the Fest, for the ones who organize it and build it and mantain it, for the volunteer workshifters that took time out of their festival to help us out, for the marvelous, amazing women who allowed me to eat a hot meal at one in the morning when I got back from a night shift (if any of you is reading this, I remember those spicy sesame noodles very fondly). This is a sense of community and gratitude you just don’t get anywhere else, and I’m glad I could experience this and see it is possible.

I also enjoyed, of course, the sense of freedom and safety. That’s one thing everybody seems to comment on, and it is very true. It’s good to be able to walk around shirtless on a sunny day. It’s even better to be able to walk in the woods at night without having to look over your shoulder all the time, without fear and worry. It’s nice to shower in the open and see what a huge range of women’s bodies exist, women of all sizes and colors and ages, and feel no shame, but instead a connection. Hell, one woman asked my girlfriend in the showers if the bumps on her nipples (her Montgomery glands) were normal, and when we answered they were, she shouted out loud “IT’S OK, THEY’RE NORMAL”. Where else would you get that? Where else could you be so non-chalant about the little bits and bumps of your femaleness?

Where else could I got to see elderly butches walking around with canes and wheelchairs and at the same time see 7 year old girls with short hair and “boy” clothes running around, getting dirty and climbing trees without anyone to yell at them to “act like a lady”? To feel part of a continuous lineage of proud, defiant women, to feel accepted and cherished for being an angry, unfeminine lesbian, not despite it? To hold my girlfriend’s hand and kiss her without any fear and the only thing people would comment is that we’re a cute couple?

And this does not mean everyone there had exactly the same political and ideological stance. I’ve met people who had a completely different view of gender than I do. There were people who identified as non-binary, people who were into the sex-positive stuff, trans men and women, army veterans, little girls raised in traditional hetero households and little girls with lesbian moms and hyphenated last names, old second-waver crones who were living vaults of herstory and been attending fest for thirty years and young firsties with tumblr accounts who went there without knowing if they’d be provided with food and showers. And we somehow managed to get along. Yes, there were discussions and disagreements, and I was part of some of those, but not once I’ve seen the level of thrashing and insulting I see around here on Tumblr. We didn’t need that. The bottom line was, we were all there, sleeping on the floor, getting all kinds of bug bites and shitting over other people’s shit in porta-janes because we all felt the need to be around other women. Because we all felt the need of female-only space, regardless of our politics. We all felt a need for a sanctuary, for respite, for a break from the patriarchal way of life, even if for a few days. And we were united by that undeniable truth. We were all there because we knew the weight of being a woman in this world.

I believe that’s what scares people about Michfest, in the end. It shows women that we don’t have to live in fear and submission. That another way is possible. Men and their man-coddlers have a hard time handling the truth that thousands of women - including elderly and disabled women, and mothers with small children - would choose to be in the woods, without any of the comforts of civilization, without even a flushing toilet, just to be away from them. And once you’re there, you realize you don’t even miss it that much. That you could bear to leave it all behind and stay in the Land, if you were allowed to. You realize it’s so good to be around all those women, to feel safe, even if you don’t have much privacy and you’re always kinda covered in dirt and there’s a whole ecossystem of spiders and frogs living under your tent fly. All the accusations, misrepresentations and crazy ideas about Michfest being a hateful place are born out of fear. They don’t want us to realize there’s another way. They don’t want us to taste that freedom.

But it’s too late now, we’ve tasted it for 40 years, and once you had it you won’t forget it easily. The music festival is over, but all the things I’ve learned there are mine to keep. We’ve all seen what women are capable of doing. We’ve seen first hand that all the things we’ve been told our whole lives, that we’re weak, that we bicker all the time, that we depend on men, that we’re prissy and futile, are all a huge load of bullshit.

And we’re gonna do it all over again.

So, we spent our night watching 5sos’ iTunes Festival performance. Yes, the entire thing. We wanted to not only be educated on what we wanted to talk about but also because we wanted to see what all of the hype was. First, we will list our thoughts on the entire performance and then compare it to when they open for WWA. These are our opinions and we have been asked to write about this. If you don’t want to read further, don’t. 

  • The playback in almost every song is undeniable.
  • There were times when only Luke had his mouth to the microphone but there were multiple voices singing.
  • The guitars seemed to be prerecorded and they were just playing over them. They were WAY too perfect and way too close to their actual recordings of the songs.
  • Most of the “ohs” or “yeahs” were not only auto tuned but prerecorded 100%.
  • Michael screams his solos. He doesn’t have a singing voice.
  • We found it interesting that they did a cover song when they have an entire album and EPs to choose from.
  • When they would show Ashton singing, you could not hear his voice at all. It was almost as if his mic was turned down very low.
  • One of them said, “you should know this by now,” before singing She Looks So Perfect. Cocky. 
  • Even at the WWA concerts, 1D’s guitarist Dan doesn’t even sound like they do because they are TOO precise. 

Now, comparing this performance to their WWA opening ones, it’s a HUGE difference. And it’s pretty much their personalities. They acted so much happier and cheerier on this stage than any WWA stage I’ve watched on YouTube. They wanted to display a different image to this audience because maybe it’s the type of audience they want to move onto. I believe that it’s because the Where We Are Tour is a burden to them and it’s almost a chore. You can tell they do not enjoy themselves on stage and they are waiting for the second they’re allowed to come on. It’s almost like they have some sort of resentment towards 1D and this tour. Jealous because 1D are playing stadiums and they’re a ‘boy band’? Maybe. Mad about the reception and reaction they’ve gotten from fans, ex fans, and people who have never been fans once they announced they were touring again with One Direction? Maybe. Angry at a lot of the fans who just sit and fiddle on their phones while 5sos play, knowing that 99% of the people there are only attending to see One Direction and 5sos were just baggage? Maybe. It could be a lot of things, but they displayed none of this on the iTunes Festival stage. I think it’s because they felt like they had something to prove since this was streamed to people all around the world. Unlike One Direction concerts, they knew that there were people watching that were necessarily not fans of 1D. 1D fans already know who they are so they have nothing to prove to them, only to shove their albums down the fans’ throats. They talked about their album for like 20 seconds which is WAY less than how much they speak about it during WWA. Not only are there commercials and music videos of 5sos playing at WWA constantly, but 5sos are playing to an audience of teenage girls that become attached to bands that are filled with boys. And they’ll buy anything. This crowd, not so much. A lot of these audience members were probably there to see another act perform. I just found it funny how immature they are with how they treat the WWA tour compared to this hour long performance. It just goes to show how much respect they actually lack. Respect the boys who have given you things you would have never achieved for two years straight, and not the producers/music executives who ask you to play an hour long set at the iTunes Festival.