if i could change the composition of this i would

I am 99.9% sure that Iris West is still alive. I think that was either Julian or HR using HR’s face changer tech. I am leaning towards HR. He seemed to be saying goodbye this episode. I hate that Joe and Barry had to see “her” die, but it had to look real for them and the audience. There were so many clues that let me know that was not Iris.

1. She did not say I love you to Barry when she was about to die.

2. They brought back that face changer tech from episode 6 out of the blue.

3. They had Barry use the face changer tech to show that it could change body composition (Barry becoming Lyla).

4. HR is silly, not dumb. He would not that really told SaviBarry where Iris was unless it was apart of a larger plan.

5. When Barry was trying to hit SaviBarry with the Speedforce gun the camera panned away from Iris.

6. I don’t think Barry, Wally or Cisco would have let Iris walk around with the murder coat on if they didn’t have a back up plan.

7. Where was Julian?

I have several more reasons why I don’t think Iris is dead, but I’m at work about to start my shift. In closing, I think Iris is really on earth 19 with Cynthia/Gypsy.


Spot Interview(좌표 인터뷰): Nam Taehyun(남태현)(South Club)_ I Got The Blues

Interview Translation:
Truthfully, if you ask me who is the person I respect the most in my life I would have to say it’s my mother, and Yang Hyunsuk CEO that deserve the most respect. To make it here and being able to make music like thisIt’s all because I was able to train in a place like YG Entertainment.Yang CEO giving me support even until the very end. I’m very grateful. Later on in the future if I can grow within my career well, I will definitely want to go visit Yang CEO again. To repay my thanks and gratitude.

“Hello, 1thek views, I am the leader of the self-created band “South Club”,And we are currently promoting. I am Nam Taehyun. First off, this is where I make my music and also where I live. Before moving in here I lived in my own apartment for a while, and living alone was pretty boring.So I thought of just combining both my home and studio. As of now, I have lived here for around half a year. I even painted the walls myself, plastered posters and such—all of this was designed by myself.

“When I first left YG, I immediately was busy during that time I was pretty much used to the life under the spotlightBut after that, suddenly everything changed and nothing was around me any longer.There was no one to always look after me, So during that time was when I felt really lost I honestly didn’t know what to do, or where to begin. I was really scared back then, and I became very uncertain of my capabilities. So many changes happened around me, so at that time it was a very painful time. Fortunately while going through that, I took all of that energy and made them into the form of songs.

Q: How did you form South Club?
“At that time I genuinely wished for people to come in somehow in my life. People that would want to do music with me.I thought that would be great if that could happen. Ironically, I found them when I randomly decided to go to church.After a worship and service, I was playing my compositions with a keyboardist friend and bass player. It was truly the firstI actually felt happy in a long while. From then on, I gained a feeling of affirmation. If I could form a band it would be great.Actually here right now, (in the studio) the music equipment and instruments I bought was all purchased with all of my savings. That’s why now, this the point where we have prepared every little thing.Before, when I was part of WINNER, I have stepped on a handful of very large stages.Even though those were amazing and great experiences, those opportunities doesn’t come that easily, so we as a band areTaking that as our goal starting from the ground up—from busking and street performances. Experiencing all these meaningful and interesting things, we’ll reach that goal together. These were the thoughts I wonderedAbout while forming ‘South Club’ and also making our first EP album ’90’— that we released.

Q: With Nam Taehyun’s rebel image, does being in a rock band suit you?
“Even thought I have output a very rebellious and care-free image, in real life I’m actually not like that. I don’tEven go out that often as I’d like to. Usually I’m just at home spending time with my cats.

“I heard the news about Yang Hyunsuk Sajangnim’s father passing away (Mid May 2017) in an article.Hesitantly, I wanted to message him my condolences and regards, but was concerned and thought, “Is this even okay toSend a message like this to him?” I sent my text anyway, stating that I saw the news, so I wanted to send him a message.Then I received a reply from Yang Sajangnim himself saying that he’s grateful. After that I paid a visit there for his father’s wake and greeted him. From there I also met the WINNER members in whom I haven’t seen in so long. Naturally, it felt likeHow were when we were all WINNER as the five of us. We greeted each other, and we had a meal together. We spent time like that.

Q: What exactly did you say to Yang Hyunsuk at that time?

“Instead of what I told Yang Hyunsuk sajangnim, he specifically told the WINNER members: “Taehyunnie came after a longTime, and he came along, go and hang out together, and have a chat.” He said that very lightly, and at that moment I felt like I almost cried because of how grateful I was. Really, in spite of people and their destiny, to me forever..after spending years with WINNER, naturally they have become people that I cherish like my own family and wanting to spend our lives together. Just Like how it was as WINNER before.”

Q: Will you keep on making music?
“Yes, my environment no matter how much I end up making changes, no matter what type of change, music will always beA part of my life. Not that I will keep making music until I die, but more like I feel that music is all I have right now.”

Trans by: DimensionOT12

Sometimes i sit looking at the window and think how many things could have changed if the producers made Oswald look from the very beginning like a deformed and freakish villain, you know? Gotham is based on pure aesthetic and that’s why nygmobblepot didn’t even exist before the series, the two pals are handsome and there’s no denial, they are likable because of the gimmic and aesthetic composition the pair offers to the audience, but if Oswald were a hands-deformed, still rotting teeth and really pointed nose kind of gal the writers would not have thought about pairing him with Nygma like that.

I mean don’t get me wrong, i like them myself, i’m a consumer of the ship, but sometimes i look back at Batman Returns and see how well constructed was Penguin back then, he’s the one villain i remember from the old movies and he’s the one that really scared me.

oh well

anonymous asked:

What are ways people in Lamp black can create Toons then? Does it depend on the type of person or is it something you'd have to be really dedicated to?

(You have to be pretty dedicated to it, but it can be done in a few different ways. All those ways combine both science and magic, though the science I guess really is just in the composition of the Ink.

First of all, you need a lot of Ink. “Magic” Ink, I mean. The kind the ink machine produces. (I’m actually not entirely sure if this could be done with regular ink in the sense that through the process the regular ink would change but idk for now let’s just say it’s gotta be the ‘magic’ Ink). You need enough ink to create a toon’s body. It could be less than the actual mass of the toon when it comes to life - it’s magic, after all, but think of it like you need enough for it to be a life force of a whole person.

There are creatures that can be made out of regular ink using the magic ink, but they’re unstable. You still need the magic ink to create them, but they’re not perfectly corporeal - like the searchers. They can be “popped”. An independently moving non-sapient ink creature typically is made out of regular ink, but their heart or brain or other vital piece is entirely made of magic ink, and that is what’s holding them together. You could make a lot of those guys with a little magic ink and a lot of regular ink;

But to make a toon you need a lot of magic ink. They’re typically stable, real, living, breathing people, and won’t just melt in the sun or whatever. So you need that, and you also need a ritual.

Like I always say (and like is actually true) magic is about intent, not about what you physically have to work with, but that doesn’t mean the physical items aren’t important. They are a sign of intent at least and necessary tools at most, so that’s pretty important to keep in mind. Like, it can be done in different ways, but ritual needs to happen. In the case of Joey Drew Studios it seems like it was satanic or something involving dark magic, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Magic isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s how you use it. So anyway, ritual needs to happen, yeah. You need to intend to create one and put in the effort to do so.

You know how in the game, there’s like, that room with all the stuff from the offices? That stuff is important. Bendy and Boris (and Alice?) were made with pretty extreme intent and with lots of detail.

They weren’t created in the image of the characters in the cartoon, they are literally those characters, and have their memories etc because like all the “sacrifices” in that room, the animations and stories are also tools used to inform who they are. That’s why they have the memories they do, and established personalities. They’re not modeled after the flat cartoons, without the flat cartoons they wouldn’t be who they are at all, if that makes sense.

Compare Bianca, who didn’t have a cartoon, and wasn’t made with much intent. She’s still a complete person with a complete personality, but she didn’t have any prior memories to being created because the ritual she was created through was extremely simple. Bendy Boris and Alice on the other hand were created using all those things you see in the studio, the sacrifices, the animations, the ink machine. They were born complicated! Haha.

So if you want to make a toon with a specific personality you have to have created content showcasing that personality, or at the very least your sacrificial items have to have some connection to that personality. But you also need a fully realized design. You can’t drop a picture of a stick figure into ink and make it come to life. Toons are living beings, and in order to create one they can be as wacky as you see fit, but they need to be able to breathe, eat, sleep and just function. You’re typically not gonna see horrible abominations running around unless something goes really wrong; it’s just nature. Like I’m sure someone has done something like that and the toon like, died instantly; and hopefully they learned their lesson. You can create a toon in whatever image you want, but they’re not gonna come to life in the real world unless they can live in the real world.

That’s part of the intent. It’s not like there’s some god up there that goes “no no, not a complete design, i can’t bring that into the world, are you crazy?” (though I guess you could look at it like that) it’s the same magic that’s going “it’s not enough”. Not enough design, not enough magic ink, not enough ritual. All of it is necessary.

So it takes a lot of deliberation to make a toon, but it can be done by anyone willing to put in the time and effort and possibly money. The thing that makes toons not so incredibly rare though is that when this process is done, it can be done… in bulk, I guess? If you have three toons you want to make and you have enough Ink to do it, you probably only need to hold one bigass ritual to get the job done.

What the actual ritual is, I’m not sure. Other than “sacrifices”, preparations and ink I would imagine that there could be lots of types of rituals, depending on what you believe! Because it’s about intent, not about pleasing a certain god, or satan or whatever. It’s just magic, baby! -HG)

livingmeatloaf  asked:

I writing a story set in a bleak future, though I haven't decided exactly how it got that way (massive climate change, nuclear war, etc). One of the main challenges of surface life are these massive locusts that have developed mandibles that can chew through metal. How might this have happened? Would some mutation possibly allow them to store extra iron/minerals in their exoskeleton, essentially making them metal? Could they digest metal or plastic, or is that too out there? Thanks for any help!

Hm, that’s interesting… I don’t know enough about how arthropods grow their exoskeleton to figure out what goes into the chemical composition… But I will say this: If there’s a food source that isn’t being utilized, organisms are pretty good about finding ways to eat it.

Digesting metal and plastic I actually see as an easier problem. Termites are able to digest wood thanks to microbes that reside in their digestive systems. So from this we see it’s possible for arthropods to use a microbial community to help them digest an unusual food source. Now we just need microbes that can digest metal.

And those do, in fact, exist! One of the most famous examples are the microbes that were found to be eating the Titanic. Other organisms with some similar abilities have been found in other places, too, and might actually resemble some of the earliest lifeforms on Earth. So I don’t see anything too impossible about the idea of letting metal-digesting microbes inhabiting your locusts’ digestive systems and doing the chemical work for them.

The big question is how to allow your critters to chew through metal… One thing that might make the problem easier is if they can secrete some sort of chemical that weakens the metal before they start chewing… You could maybe look into what makes metal vulnerable. But that’s about the most I can give you on that end of things.

Hope that helps at least a little bit, and best of luck!
-Mod Terra

TSUKIUTA. Official Twitter: 31 December 2016

Year 2016 → Year 2017 ☆

Thank you for taking care of us this year, too.
We hope 2017 will be a wonderful year as well…☆
Happy a happy new year!

# TSUKANI Vol. 7 coloring complete
# Have a good New Year

Arata: Wooow, I look so young~
Kakeru: You can’t reveal your upper arms anymore now, right~
Arata: No, hold on, Kakeru, it’s not that bad. I’m going to working for the rest of my life, after all
Yoru: He ended up going all the way instead (laughs). Ah, no, I think that’s okay, though
You & Kai: The chances of our outfits having sleeves back then and even now is high
Rui: LOL

# Among other things that’s actually what their current outfits look like

Koi: This composition is… Haru-san looks like he’s on the way to becoming the star that grants our deepest desires
Iku: Please watch over us from the heavens… Haru-san…
Haru: Wait for me
Aoi: Even Iku’s joining in (laughs)
Shun: It would be nice if I could change the direction I’m facing to the other way♪
Hajime: No

# There’s really no meaning behind the balancing of how the characters were placed

Monsta X Holiday Q&A: Wonho

Why is Changkyun called Kukoong?
Kukoong sounds like a cute puppy with lots of aegyo so I told him, from now on you are Kukoongie.

What do you want to do right now?
Composition practice

Do you pour the sauce or dip in it?

How do you stay happy with oppas?
We won’t change and stay with all of you forever

What part are you jealous of in Trespass?
Excuse my charisma

What was your favorite and least favorite classes when you were in school?
My favorite was gym, I hated math

What is Monsta X to Monsta X?

What would you do if you could go back to middle school?
Composition practice

Is there any member who can surpass Jooheon’s aegyo?

What do you most and least like to hear from others?
Whatever you say, it’s good. / I’m disappointed in you.

What kind of concept do you want to do for the next album?
This is only the beginning so I’m fine with anything.

I have an interview for a job starting in September~ Minhyuk oppa, you were always good at trespassing into the judges’ hearts! Please teach me how to trespass into the interviewer’s heart
The key to trespassing is confidence

If you were stranded on an island what would be the 3 things you’d take?
Fans, fans, fans

What do you do in your free time?
I eat. Just eat.

Where is the place you want to go to the most right now?
The stage

Source: Official Twitter | Trans: fymonstax


I’m about to undertake a very big summer project! With Legion coming up and my undying love for night elf lore, I’ve decided to compile a very in-depth look at Highborne (including Nightborne) life pre-Sundering. This does not, however, necessarily include a detailed description of Highborne culture as it does the components and their history that make up Highborne life (see below for my unofficial list of topics). Since it looks like it really will be a massive, long-term project, I will be releasing my individual “findings” in increments, but also larger posts combining them under the umbrella topics found below. Thus, I will be tagging these as my, “Highborne Lore Project” for all interested in keeping tabs.

Planned topics:

  1. Highborne creations/artifacts
  2. Highborne ruins
  3. Highborne cities/palaces and their ‘purposes’ under Azshara’s rule
  4. The members of Azshara’s court

Number four is absolutely my biggest undertaking because it means I also have to research naga and high/blood elves in order to glean the composition and size of Azshara’s court. While the latter changed their surnames in transition and could even be extensions of existing Highborne family, I will insert them with their existing surnames.

Absolutely feel free to tell me if I’m missing anything, contribute, or otherwise ask if you would like to see something because I’ve got nothing but time coming up soon to dedicate my life to everything Highborne! (shoutout to @handmaidenoftheempress for her Fish Friday’s because goodness knows those will be so useful)

Note: I have not acquired a beta invite, and thus while I will do my best before the release of Legion (…unless I get a beta invite) to compile information on Nightborne and related relevant information, I may not be able to get as much of it as I can! In a way, that is why this project extends through summer and into the release of Legion.


Thinking about Otto, I started thinking about Jellybots and thinking about Jellybots I started thinking about the thumbnails and the chapters and designs and book materials I haven’t touched and…I dug these back out.

These thumbnails were cleaned up for legibility so that I could work with an editor/publishers on the first chapter (no, nothing that became a book deal as things stand). A lot can change between your thumbnails and your final product- (Otto was once a skeleton with a tophat. So.) but the pace, compositions, beats, and script are the bones of the final page- nothing stands up without them. 

Fun and slightly cringeworthy looking over old sketches- thought it would be fun to share XD

SERIOUS PUNCH -Whats happening here?

(Pics provided from this post)

If we take a look at this punch scene from an objective view, it’s awesome.
but if we look at it from a science point of view…

It’s still awesome.

Lets talk about some of the things we see happening, like:

  • The Lightning bolts that emit from the punch, down, onto the ship
  • The weird shaped resultant force behind Saitama
  • The shape of the output of Saitamas force in the clouds

LIGHTNING BOLTS ARE YES. (TLDR bellow, Magnet science ahead)

Theoretically, his punch has enough energy to create an effect on an atomic level, but likely not quite enough to cause an effect on a subatomic level. This is partly because he did not actually punch an object (there are issues with that statement in general but we will get back to that later).
He however could certainly have punched the air hard enough to Ionize it (what?) This is when enough pressure and force is applied to a particle or molecule to change its composition (And by this I don’t mean the actual build of the atom I just mean the molecules that it forms in general as it goes about existing). If we say that the air around him would have generally been made of O2 and CO2 (for quick reminder, Covalent Double bonds, so relatively strong, and also NOT an ionic bond in either case) we could assume that basically the only way that these bonds could be blown off is if the force that was applied to them sheared off the electrons (huh) that were part of these molecules, Ionizing them.
This doesn’t make a lot of sense as it is but its not IMPOSSIBLE like its still an attainable feat in the realms of physics. but how exactly?
“But Komma, Magnets are all about metals, not non metals, there is only magnetic attraction in metals where a charge is around them creating a magnetic field through them”
Not at all! lots of things can be magnets. under the right conditions, anything COULD be a magnet, its just that most of those conditions are illogical. They simply need to exhibit magnetic behavior in order to create a magnetic field. Hell, even leaves have been known to emit a detectable magnetic field. People too.
You see, magnets are defined by quantum physics, there’s no way to explain them otherwise, but they aren’t so mysterious really, it’s just about applying the ideas of electron orbitals and spins.
Basically, and I am talking VERY basically, Magnets work when there are electrons that are spinning one way, where they are not matched by an electron spinning the opposite direction. Wrongly but for ease of explanation, this means that one end of the atom has a slightly more negative charge than the other. In un-magnetized materials, (e.g, ones that have electrons matching each other spinning in both directions (I’m sorry proper scientists don’t hate me)) There is an equal charge and magnetism over the whole material, but in some metals where magnetism can occur, there is not an equal charge over the whole magnet (as long as the sides of each atom that are more negative are rotated to face the right way… this is the principal behind electromagnets)

THEN there is Saitama. (TLDR)

You see, we cannot treat Saitama as being made of normal matter, but exhibits all the same qualities as matter. If we treat Saitamas moving fist as 1) an object with sufficient velocity to be considered to function like a super-massive clod of electrons and protons arranged in a fist shape and 2) dense enough said clod to not react with the other effected matter, we could actually imply that Saitamas fist worked just like a magnetic field, not in that attraction and the moving of electrons is occurring, but that his fist is moving so fast and with such force that it SIMULATES THE FLOW OF ELECTRICITY ABFHJKKLASDA!!.

It would be completely viable to assume that such massive force could whip the electrons off of matter it collided with. This would cause the electrons to flow from a negative source (area near saitamas fist) to a positive source (Saitama, then the ground and air around the ship, paricularly water molecules suspended in it) and since the ship is not the ground, there is no clear path to a positive terminal, so, yes, those little lightning bolts would happen.

More under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

What do you mean by "composition study, storyboard study (last two use your favorite movie)"?

I just grab a movie (usually HTTYD haha) and pause at some point in a scene. Draw it, observe the composition being used, and ask myself why the storyboard artist chose that particular composition. What is the situation? How is the composition/camera placement emphasizing the character’s emotion? etc.

Unpause, when the camera changes position, pause again. Redraw, ask the same questions. Then think about why this particular shot was used next instead of something else, and if I could make it better, I’d ask myself how I would go about doing so.


The food brought by the cormorants kept piling up, how many days has it been since the old man started caring for the little freak? Putrid steam rose in the cramped room, the loud gasps echoed thorough the structure. 

The man could not see how horrible and strange the humanoid was. The birds will feed once their master is gone. 


New brush so new approach, all I had in mind was an old man and a child, some cormorants and a story about taking care of someone. I ended up making it a little more dark and changed the kid for a dying alien. 

The composition kept evolving as I went along, started with the face of the old man and drew the rest, no sketch, just kept on rendering, that’s why this thing is monochrome cause no way in hell I would be able to add color to it. 

I did knew I would go for big shapes of dark, that way the silhouette would take care of the character without me drawing everything on it, for example the feathers of the cormorants are suggested and not described. -Gabo

DAY 2482

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Dubai        Jan 30,  2015        Fri  9:05 am

Outrageous .. !  that Discus should, or whoever decided to change the working of the Blog, did so without warning and educating us on its fresh functioning, and having slept a restless night trying to wonder what it was that could be done to communicate to the Ef, I have risen .. like risen from the dead almost .. to make attempts to figure out through my own limited and most amateurish computer knowledge, how to post a post and picture a picture and compose a composition that would somehow reach out to this most dedicated family of my Ef, what I wish to convey in my conveyance …

( and damn ! … the lights have gone off in my room, and I have had to figure out why that may have happened, or why the power supply to this powerfully well equipped Hotel should do that to me … aahahhaaa .. discovered .. if there is no movement in the room, the lights go off automatically - POWER SAVING  … so ladies and gentlemen of the POWER Ef  and of this BLOGOSPHERE, I shall have to get up from my rather comfortable posterior rest .. to walk about - which is not such a bad idea for those that need constant circulation conditioning - to get the lights back on … EXCUSÈ … !!)

DONE … !!!

And it works .. the lights are back on, BUT .. seeing that, and knowing that it shall occur again .. and to avoid the strain of losing my train of thought and button pressing rapid finger occupation … I have moved away from those surroundings that develop the habit of ‘going off’ on their automatic own, to better and presumably better climes - the desert sun filled balcony of natural Vit D ..

The day and the evening yesterday was filled with 'rush’, 'people manned movement’, 'embarrassing stretch limo conveyance’ - they only look good in NYC somehow, when you happen to be some high profile dude, approaching the disembarking area at the OSCARS - 'immediate press conferences’, 'Shamitabh related competitions on public platforms’ .. and a 'zillion selfies’ !!!

The meets were lined with the most affectionate hugs from the Dubai Ef, and their loving presence, and their most generous gifts - ornate chess board games, local eatable date, and divine murti’s ..

Thank you all individually and collectively .. affectionate smiles on my face, reverence within and so much admiration for our small but dedicated family …

The media was gentle and kind and soft spoken and articulate and beautiful. The queries were ; equally !

Why this title, why the suspense in the promos, why is the old man frustrated and drunk, how do you perform drunk when you do not consume, why the ego in the characters in the film, do you in the industry face ego and how do you cope with it, how do you make the others comfortable with your legendary standing, can you sing Piddly now, err right now .. eermm ..just a few lines, please .., etcetera, etcetera, etcetera …

Errmm … Ma'am … and they are mostly ladies .. NO .. we do not have conditions of ego in our profession, at least I do not, I do not know of the others. I cannot understand ego - self importance, self conceit - I do not have importance, or any indication of my conceit, whatever that word means. I am but an ordinary individual much like all, just doing another job to earn a living, ego does not exist for me, it would mean that I think of myself as having acquired some degree of high relevance, some pinnacled achievement ..

NOOOOOO …. I have none, I am still learning, I am given a character to emote and perform, the lines are written by the actor-writer, he is the best actor in the project, he needs to be an actor otherwise he or she shall never be able to write the scene or screenplay, the make up artist sticks a face on my face according to the requirement of the Director, the clothing that I wear are the artistic and couturier inputs and ethical fancy of a pretty little fashioned lady or an equally fashioned young man, the DOP tells me where to stand to get the effect of the brilliant lighting that he has designed, the director guides me to deliver my lines after hearing me rehearse a million times in private and in person, the music director looks at all this and enhances our bearings by the most ethereal background score, the editor cuts pastes slow mo’s readjusts dialogues for it to seem just right, the DG enhances our looks and feel and colors of the final product …

Where the heck in all this, does it give us time for EGO ….

But sir, there is self indulgence in your work, do you not think .. self indulgence !

Err self indulgence ?… let me Google that ma'am just a moment to get its dictionaried meaning .. hold on .. ahh there we are, … but you know every time we present ourselves in front of the camera we are indeed self indulgent .. we are faking it .. are we not .. we fake a character so devised by another .. that character is not US .. so why would you ask about ego, or attempt rather politely to link what is on screen to what we are in our real .. yes there are occasions when at times of depiction we seek an emotion that coerces us to dig perhaps into our own self - the passing away of near and dear ones, some tragedy that God forbid may strike our dearest - yes we do that at times, but never do we feel that what we portray on screen we may have the audacity to believe on it in real life .. NO … at least I cannot say about the others, I certainly do not ..

We are ma'am, the delivery boys of Pizza Hut, we deliver the pizza, cooked and packed and made by the experts in the factory and the store down the road, hurriedly made to deliver in record time in order not to lose on the refund if not.

Thank you so much Ma'am, its been a pleasure talking to you ..

A smile from the gracious lady, the Ma'am, and a parting shot - media always has that liberty and benefit -

Thank you so much Mr Bachchan, it was a pleasure talking to you .. and ..

Best of luck with the Pizza !!! 

SMART … !!

And so on and so forth and so forth .. with several and several pictures with crew of the Tv interviewer, and the crew of the RJ, and the photo-op with the sponsors, and their families and the wives and the children and the staff and yes, the photographer that documents all this, and then after all this the attempts at selfies, right till you reach with great security shoving and pushing to your door .. TO WITNESS THE BEST SELFIE EVER .. YOUR IMAGE IN THE MIRROR IN YOUR ROOM .. REALITY, TRUTH, HONESTY ..

This is who we are .. we people … we who get exalted by many .. and loved and fanned and roared and screamed at by our presence ..

I am not that .. I am not in deserving of this .. I am just I am .. soon to be  ..

I WAS … !!

My love and time to say another departure .. its back to home and Jalsa ..

Amitabh Bachchan

ps : actually am getting a hold of this fresh and new Discus medium and its not that bad you know once you get the hang of it .. and 

Greetings for Yash Goveas .. all good wishes and love and blessings and aashirwaad .. have a good one .. !!