if i could change the composition of this i would

So almost a year ago I did my first Undertale themed piece! (It was also the first ever piece I did my pencils traditionally and the colors digitally!)
Back then, I LOVED this piece SO MUCH. I was SO PROUD lol. I had really put in quite the amount of effort into it, and thought ‘oh wow. this is the best piece ever.’

And then fast forward just shy of a year…I hated it!
I could’t stand it. I would look at this piece compared to some of my others and just deflate. It was lacking in composition and my coloring had changed.
Now don’t get me wrong, it is still very close to my heart! To those that have prints of this piece, THANK YOU <3 And to my friend who purchased the original, You’re the bomb!

It was just time for me to grow as an artist, and try out some new things I had learned.
(Sounds like a break up LOL)

But anyway. The speed paint video of this goes live tomorrow morning at 11AM, but I really wanted to show what progress looks like!
The past couple weeks I have felt very defeated and angsty against my artwork. I felt as if I was making no progress…I wasn’t any good, and that my art just wasn’t cutting it. However after getting slapped in the face by WalkingMelons ( a couple times) I started to come out of my funk.

I decided to redo this piece just to see how far I had come in a little under a year. And seeing the two pieces side by side makes me smile, knowing that there is always room to grow! We are only limited by what we think we can and can’t do. If you asked me a year ago if I ever thought I would be drawing like what I am now, I would think NO WAY!
And so now I am more than excited to see where I will be NEXT YEAR! 

Monsta X Holiday Q&A: Wonho

Why is Changkyun called Kukoong?
Kukoong sounds like a cute puppy with lots of aegyo so I told him, from now on you are Kukoongie.

What do you want to do right now?
Composition practice

Do you pour the sauce or dip in it?

How do you stay happy with oppas?
We won’t change and stay with all of you forever

What part are you jealous of in Trespass?
Excuse my charisma

What was your favorite and least favorite classes when you were in school?
My favorite was gym, I hated math

What is Monsta X to Monsta X?

What would you do if you could go back to middle school?
Composition practice

Is there any member who can surpass Jooheon’s aegyo?

What do you most and least like to hear from others?
Whatever you say, it’s good. / I’m disappointed in you.

What kind of concept do you want to do for the next album?
This is only the beginning so I’m fine with anything.

I have an interview for a job starting in September~ Minhyuk oppa, you were always good at trespassing into the judges’ hearts! Please teach me how to trespass into the interviewer’s heart
The key to trespassing is confidence

If you were stranded on an island what would be the 3 things you’d take?
Fans, fans, fans

What do you do in your free time?
I eat. Just eat.

Where is the place you want to go to the most right now?
The stage

Source: Official Twitter | Trans: fymonstax


The food brought by the cormorants kept piling up, how many days has it been since the old man started caring for the little freak? Putrid steam rose in the cramped room, the loud gasps echoed thorough the structure. 

The man could not see how horrible and strange the humanoid was. The birds will feed once their master is gone. 


New brush so new approach, all I had in mind was an old man and a child, some cormorants and a story about taking care of someone. I ended up making it a little more dark and changed the kid for a dying alien. 

The composition kept evolving as I went along, started with the face of the old man and drew the rest, no sketch, just kept on rendering, that’s why this thing is monochrome cause no way in hell I would be able to add color to it. 

I did knew I would go for big shapes of dark, that way the silhouette would take care of the character without me drawing everything on it, for example the feathers of the cormorants are suggested and not described. -Gabo


Thinking about Otto, I started thinking about Jellybots and thinking about Jellybots I started thinking about the thumbnails and the chapters and designs and book materials I haven’t touched and…I dug these back out.

These thumbnails were cleaned up for legibility so that I could work with an editor/publishers on the first chapter (no, nothing that became a book deal as things stand). A lot can change between your thumbnails and your final product- (Otto was once a skeleton with a tophat. So.) but the pace, compositions, beats, and script are the bones of the final page- nothing stands up without them. 

Fun and slightly cringeworthy looking over old sketches- thought it would be fun to share XD


Training scenario with dark portals and lasers on zero-G. The cadets must adapt quickly to the environments the portals spawn. The following rules are: -Only allowed to shoot while touching a solid object & the shot only counts if the target is also touching a solid object. 


I wanted to do another environment scene with multiple characters and I really wanted to make some laser trails and explosions. Once I did the composition I realized that I would run out of time unless I made it smaller.

I imagined it with more depth and scale but I could’t juggle all the elements correctly. I changed the color palette a lot as I rendered each element so it is not clear if these are teams or solo fighters against each other. 

The portals were added at the end as a graphical balance. the image has more sharp cuts and angles so the circles add a nice flow and counter. -Gabo


while i slept last night, a thing i thought at the start of this project could never happen happened: as of today, i have hit 10,000 followers on art of the glitch.

i just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for liking and supporting original glitch art and new content. it makes me feel unspeakable joy and gratitude to know that so many of you see and appreciate my work.

not much is changing: i still plan on releasing a few new pieces a day, and i will continue to explore new avenues and intriguing side roads in primitive glitch compositions.

i made a deal with myself when this started to take off: if i could reach 10k, i would actively seek gallery space for a number of installations i have been tinkering with. over the next several months, i will document my installation experiments. i also plan on releasing a small video soon that will document my glitch setup and process in order to give interested parties a cheap and easy inroad to glitch art. the frayed wire is an instrument, and if you learn to play it, you can create fascinating things.

in honor of 10k, i will be reposting a few of my most popular images today as a primer for what has already happened. tomorrow, we’re back to the regularly scheduled program.