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Gemma, i loved the way you wrote TJ. Can i request something else with him and female reader? Something that would make all of us happy? - anon

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It had been a long couple of years for TJ, rehab and relapses took their toll on him but he had pushed through with you by his side and was proud to say he had put all that behind him. He was two years sober now.

After TJ had fixed himself everything else seemed to fall into place, he reconnected with his family but didn’t smother himself in them so it wouldn’t drive him back. He was happy and healthy and on his way to success.

You had helped TJ save up his money and with some donations from his parents he had been able to buy a large nightclub right in the centre of town. It was a classy place that became even more popular when people found out that it was TJ Hammonds bar.

“You gotta let me give you a share of this profit,” TJ insisted, the two of you were sat in his office above the club.

You shook your head, “Not a chance. Your club, your money.”

TJ sighed, “I wouldn’t even be here without you. The club’s practically yours.”

“That’s not true, I just helped you save up. Seriously, that is your hard earned cash and I refuse to let you give me any. Just give me free drinks,” you smirked.

TJ laughed, “Alright, fine.”

You smiled brightly, “Good. Are you free this weekend?”

“Why,” TJ said cautiously, squinting at you.

“I want to go out for a trip, like camping, and you’re going with me. So are you free?”

TJ shrugged, “Sure.”


You had always wanted to go camping without your family, the holidays you went on with a child were fun, sure. But not the same as going away with your best friend. And you wanted the whole thing to be authentic, so you had stopped TJ right in his tracks when he essentially started packing as if you were going glamping.

Not on your watch.

Instead you packed your old, cheap, but hardy tent, as many blankets as you could afford to bring. You had a pretty ordinary wardrobe of stuff you didn’t mind getting muddy, TJ however had a whole wardrobe of designer clothes. Even if he was rich enough to not mind about them getting wrecked you did, so the morning you were supposed to leave you did a quick shop for clothes for TJ that he could wear this weekend.

Putting up the tent was a lot more work than you remembered it being. Each time you hammered a peg into the ground the one on the opposite side would pop out. It took the two of you almost two hours to set it up securely, yeah, you weren’t making it into any world record books.

TJ made a small fire away from the tent and you ruffled through the stuff you had packed until you found food to cook on the fire. You and TJ had little kebab sticks and were holding them over the fire waiting for them to cook in the flames, “I haven’t got out of the city in so long,” you sighed, closing your eyes and enjoying the heat of the fire against your face in the cooling evening.

“Same here,” TJ agreed, looking over at the campsite, it was in the middle of the school term so thankfully the place wasn’t packed with families. There was only one other camper on the other side of the site and they didn’t seem to recognise or want to bother him, TJ turned back to the fire and took the kebab stick off the flames and blew on the hot food.

“We should do this more often,” you suggested, taking a small nibble of your hot food.

TJ hummed in agreement, “But we’re always so busy,” he sighed, with his new nightclub he rarely had spare time and you were just as busy with your own job.

“Alright, how about for one weekend at least every month or two we come up here for the weekend. Just drop everything for two days.”

TJ smiled, “Deal.”

“Deal,” you repeated with a smile.

The two of you finished off your food in a comfortable silence, enjoying the calmness of the evening and the quiet sound of the nearby river flowing gently along the creek in the background. The campsite was near a nature reserve, that mean that there were lots of long walks and hikes close by to keep you and TJ occupied for the whole trip.

The evening began to get chilly and you and TJ called it a night and headed back  to your tent after putting out the fire. You both had thick sleeping bag on top of blankets and a few more to go over you, even within all the layers it was chilly and you shivered as you tried to get comfy.

“Are you cold?” TJ asked, you could hear the amusement in his voice.

“No,” you replied stubbornly but your chattering teeth betrayed you.

TJ chuckled, you could hear him shuffling around in the dark and suddenly you felt and intrusion on the tight burrito of blankets you had made. He unzipped your sleeping bag and you shivered as a strong draft consumed you. You couldn’t see what he was doing in the dark of the tent, you could only make out shadows and hear scuffling movements. After a few long minutes of fumbling the sound of the zip could be heard again except this time it was being zipped up and was zipped to attach to the side of TJ’s sleeping bag.

You scooted over almost instantly and snuggling into the warmth that his body radiated. “How are you so hot?” you asked, your teeth still chattering as you tried to warm yourself with his heat.

“I don’t know, lucky mix of genetics?” he asked, you could practically hear his shit eating grin.

You shoved him in the side, “You know what I mean, dick. How can you be this warm?”

TJ shrugged, “I’m just a warm blooded person,” he wrapped his arms over your body and ran his hands up and down your arms to heat you up.

You hummed, warming up and beginning to feel drowsy in this new warmth. Soon, you and TJ fell asleep wrapped in each other arms.


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Hi! Are there any cheap (but still nice) pens, highlighters, or notebooks you know of (and maybe where I could buy some)? Thanks!

Ahhhh, yes! I live for cheap, yet cute stationary. And since we’re almost into school season, I’ll throw in some school supplies! 


Target - Target is a very good store as it provides you with ordinary school supplies at a cheaper rate than Staples.. plus there’s a $5 and under section near the entrance of the store- it’s amazing. 

Daiso - I love, love, LOVE Daiso. It’s a high-end dollar store, well, $1.50 store. They have lots of cute sticky posts, journals, highlighters, pens, washi tape rolls and a bunch of other stationary goods. Daiso is literal heaven and they don’t break as easily as you think the items would! They also have various types of storage for stationary.  Found an off brand post it pack like this and post it tape like this at daiso before! 

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I'm Sorry Part 4

~~Justin’s POV~~

1 month later..

The day after I moved in I found out that my roommates have parties twice a week. But it’s not those simple parties, it’s the raging ones with drugs, smoking marijuana, being pissed off drunk, sex everywhere, partying til sunrise. And I have to say I gotten used to it.

As I got out of the car I entered the grocery store and headed to isle where the red cups were. After I got the red cups and snacks I went to the registers, once I put my stuff down I looked up and saw 2 people I despised so much. Justin and I guess thats the girl Lila. Just as he turned around I ducked hiding in front of the gum and mints.

“Uh excuse me could you hurry up? Sorry its just I’m in a rush.”

“Uh yeah sure.” After he was done I gave him the cash and quickly grabbed my stuff and walked fast to the door.

“Lynn?!” He asked. Once I heard his voice I sprinted out the door.

“Lynn wait! Stop!” He yelled. I ran to my car and started looking for my keys. Damn it Lynn where did you put them.

“Lynn!” I heard him getting closer. After I unlocked and opened the door I felt a hand grab my arm.

“Don’t touch me! You asshole!” I threw the stuff in the passenger seat and I hopped in my car.

“Lynn please hear me out. Let’s talk about this like adults.” He said.

“Well as an adult I say that I HATE you, and to have fun fucking the bitch who probably made you broke already and to forget me. Cause there is no way I am ever listening to your lies again.” I looked at him with pure hatred and pushed him off, closed the door and drove away.

As I entered there was a couple people setting the music. And I started preparing the snacks, putting the red cups on table and went up the stairs to get ready.

As I finished getting ready, I heard the music blasting. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw if my dress looked good, it was a really short black dress with black heels. I’m not use to short dresses like these but my roommates told me I looked sexy so I tried them on and they were right, I looked hot.

I got out of my room and locked my door, I don’t want people hooking up in my room, no thanx.

I swear the music just started and it’s incredibly full, I grabbed myself a beer and chugged it down.

Even though it seems I’m fine, I’m not. These parties have been helping me forget the heartbreak, getting drunk everynight, one night stands here and there.

“Woah babe, slow down.” A guy whispered in my ear but I recognized his voice.

“Hey Jake, what brings you here.” I smirked.

“Just wanted to visit you babygirl and you know I’m always down for a good party and good sex.” I chuckled at his comment.

“Your such an asshole Jake.” I pushed him off but he grabbed my arm and lead me to the dance floor.

“Come on babe, I know you like me” He said.

“Maybee..” Jake has been constantly asking me out on a date. I’ve heard he was VERY flirty but he knew his limit, he knew not to cheat cause he has been cheated on before and not to disrespect girls or go his way with them.

“You look beautifully sexy today Lynn.” He whispered while dancing.

“I dressed up just for you” I smiled. We danced 3 more songs and we headed to the kitchen.. I grabbed another beer and started drinking it.

“Hey Lynn, come upstairs.” Vanessa called. Jake and I started following her and ended up in a room where everybody smoked. We called it the smoke/drug room. Jake lit up a joint, took a hit and passed it to me, I’ve never smoked this before but I like to try new stuff.

“It’s way better then those cigarettes Lynn. It’s like if your on cloud 9. Cmon try it.” I took a hit and since then I feel in love with it.

~~Justin’s POV~~

I can’t stop thinking about Lynn, what she said to me. I saw the hatred in her eyes when she told me she hated me. I saw the same hurt when her parents died, I felt all the guilt invading me. God I swear I miss her so much, Lila has been acting different since she moved in. Today she changed the house completely and threw away all the things Lynn worked so hard on.

“Oh my God babe, look at this Balmain dress. Isn’t it pretty?” She asked

“Uh yeah that’s nice.”

“Can you buy it for me? It’s only 3,600.”

“No babe, I already bought the things you wanted to buy for the house. Plus I already bought you 2 bags, 3 dresses and 5 pairs of shoes.” Lila has been shopping everyday and I’ve been losing money and money for some damn dresses.

“Babe what’s up with you? Why don’t you want to buy me anything. I’m your girlfriend.”

“You waisted 24,600 dollars on clothes today Lila.” I remembered when Lynn went shopping she loved going to H&M, Tj maxx, forever 21, etc. I always told her she could go to the high end stores but she never wanted to. The only thing she asked me to buy that was expensive was a 160 dollar dress.

“Justin I’m a girl. Girls love to go shopping.”

“Girls don’t buy a 3,600 dollar dress. If your gonna buy expensive clothes buy it with your damn money. Not mine.”

“What! Justin no. You don’t pay me that much anyways.”

“I don’t give a shit, if you want me to buy you things you can go to thrift store. I can buy you whatever you want.”

“Ugh!!” She yelled and stomped away to the bedroom like a little girl. I know I’m rich and can afford anything but I’ve been noticing that she wants me to pay with my money. She barely used her money this whole month and if she did she would just buy gum or a snicker bar. Lila just wants me for my money, Lynn was right..

God I miss her badly and I don’t even know where she is.. she recently changed her number which made it difficult for me to reach out for her. I want her back, everything reminds me of her and I can’t get her out of my head.

I’m so sorry Lynn.. I’m sorry I cheated, I’m sorry I hurt badly, I’m sorry I didn’t love you when I had the chance, I just hope you can forgive me, I hope you can take me back. I love you Lynn… I always did..

I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran to the guest room and started sobbing.

I’m so sorry Lynn..