if i continue to torture myself like this

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Is Riverdale good? Should I watch it?

Its….complicated. like if youre into melodramatic teen dramas with corny dialogue (which I am) then sure! if ur into mystery shows and the small town aesthetic then definitely! but if ur not into being relentlessly queerbaited (to the point that the writers/cast ADMITTED that they were queerbaiting), the asian/black charscters being ignored (reggie, pussycats, kj apa being whitewashed)/treated like shit (chuck’s torture and recharacterization is FOUL), and the romanticizing of student/teacher relationships (instead of treating it like rape they treat it like its sexy and tragically forbidden…yikes) then ummmm ur probably not gonna like this show. i mean i hate all that stuff but still continue to watch bc i hate myself and love suffering, plus i love veronica lodge. it wouldnt hurt to check out the first episode tho. riverdale is a very diverse town despite the way that characters of color are treated, and betty and veronica are rly cute. The show has A LOT of problems, some that i didnt even mention (K E V I N) but its still a nice lil show thats rly easy to get sucked into. 

I’m so done….I’m reading such a great fic but I literally don’t know why I continue torturing myself that way. Harry is fucking paralyzed and he isn’t able to communicate with anyone and it’s been like 7 years??? I keep reading this fic but since the beginning I’m like “I should drop this” and when something awful happened I was like “it will get better” but nooooooo and I just keep on hoping it will somehow get better but nothing happens except worse stuff… I’m in pain this is awful.


I think I just need to talk about how I feel about this.
Kakashi protects the village for the people who’re important to him; not the village it self.
On the contrary, Yamato never had anyone to protect but the village, both as an order and a symbol, the only thing he ever had.

If anything happens that Yamato absolutely has to choose between Kakashi and the village, he would choose the village, continues carrying the guilt, and protects the village.
Kakashi would give up his life for the people in the village, leaving Yamato behind. Knowing how much Yamato would hurt, and how he can trust Yamato to carry on protecting the village for him.

And how I like to torture myself…

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“…When we are the most tired, when we are sick, no one will come over and ask us ‘’can you go on this program?, if not we will cancel it for you” there is not one person that will ask this kind of question… ’’ 

the thing we heard the most was

‘’keep on going for a moment,it will end soon, continue to persevere’’ ‘’after this you can rest’’

Every single program after hearing this words, i persisted. But then you reach a certain point, that moment when you couldn’t take it any longer, you’ll think “Why must I torture myself like this?”

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I'm not fighting with you about a fictional character. I'm just saying calling someone a psychopath isn't cute. Obliviously you're too immature to understand that. It also looks like you just want attention by saying "looks like I got into a fight on my 2nd blog 😂" I'm not wasting my time with something so dumb. Also you should go outside for once and get some air.

I never once said being a psychopath is cute. That’s what he his if you haven’t noticed by the countless people he’s presumably killed/tortured. Obviously you’re to immature because you’ve continued arguing over this. Almost 40 people have both liked and reblogged the original post, so as you can see, other people are enjoying it without any hate. I certainly don’t need or want attention drawn to myself, but if it’s a hilarious situation as this one, then I’d be happy to share it so other people can get a laugh as well. If you dislike my content that’s fine, not everyone will like what I make. I hope you have a good day, and get out and enjoy the weather as well. ~Emily

uncertainty and trust--Rey Skywalker fanfic

Here I go again. Dude, as much as I love writing these, and my last Rey Skywalker drabble was my most popular fanfic in a long time, I’m almost afraid to get TOO into these as there is still a chance that we’re wrong and it’ll be devastating. Oh well, I’ll continue to torture myself as is fandom. Here we are, a quick story of how Rey came to accept herself as Luke Skywalker’s daughter while training with him.

It surprised her how easily she slipped into the role of “daughter.”

Perhaps it’s because it’s what she’d been craving her entire life. She’d prepared herself throughout her lonely childhood. Rested her head against walls, imagining it was someone’s shoulder. Hugged her packs when she slept, like it was a warm body. Sometimes talked to an imaginary family when she ate.

Of course, there was a period of nervousness after he told her, nearly immediately after they parted, dried their tears, and returned to their life. There were long pauses in his hut when they would glance back and forth from each other across the room, quickly turning away when they saw the other look. Times when she still resented him for those years in which she was left alone on Jakku, but didn’t dare ask him why they happened. Other times, when she remembered those dragging days of loneliness, she just wanted to hug him again. She didn’t do that either. 

What if she did the wrong thing? What if he was offended by her anger? What would he do? What if he didn’t like that she was grown, what if he had reason to never come for her, what if it was her fault, what if he’d leave her again…

The last thought was a near constant whisper in the back of her mind. Nonsense, she told herself. But it wouldn’t leave.

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Continuing my train of thought...

Okay, so you know what, Man of Steel got me excited about the character of Superman.

BvS got me excited about the DCEU. And Suicide Squad is continuing that. Like, I’m sorry random article (still in my feelings about it), but BvS has me beyond hyped. At least twice a day I say to myself that I just can’t wait for these movies to come out. Like, BvS created a monster in me.

And, I knew this was gonna happen once that “Doomsday Trailer” came out. I was nonstop hyped from that point on. And the month leading up to BvS was near torture. (And the months leading up to the DVD release is torture)

So yeah, the movie had the intended effect. And if I have to spend $100 to support each DCEU movie (like I did with BvS…don’t shame me…) I will. These movies have brought out something, man. Sheer excitement. I’m genuinely excited for everything WB/DC is doing!

I think, if nothing else, everyone is pumped for Wonder Woman. And that means that BvS did what it was supposed to do! And you know what? People are still talking about this movie, good or bad, so it still did what it intended to do.

i feel like i’m self-torturing as i continue to draw ep 24 related comic..8n8

gotta draw something else..something happy to heal myself