if i continue to torture myself like this


Pairing: Fíli x Sigrid + Reader

Characters: Fíli, Sigrid, Kili, the Company

Warnings: Angst, Heartbreak

Word Count: 1, 750 (Woah! I might have overdone this one…)

Note: I have nothing against Sigrid, just thought she’d be good for the story.

Links: Part 1 Part 2 

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Jovially, royals and guests from across Arda, had gathered into the Great Dining Hall. They had all been spread out through the entire hall; many dwarves drank their mead while guffawing at silly tales and stories. Beside them, their Ones, gossiped, also laughing merrily. Despite of the fact of being hardworking, dwarves loved to gather to tell stories after a drink or two and roar in laughter, even if it were for no special occasion. But this evening it was different. This evening there were two occasions as to why everyone was so content.

The first and most important event was that Erebor had been finally reclaimed and restored to its glorious peace. Thorin was crowned King Under The Mountain, right after the defeat of Azog the Defiler and the rest of the Company had a place to call home.

The second reason as to why there was such a grand celebration was because Fíli was married to his beloved wife, Sigrid, daughter of Bard. The guests that had arrived, had also brought with them lavish and magnificent gifts from their lands for the happy couple. Along with these gifts, they had also brought their cheerfulness. 

Of course, everyone was happy that day. It was a celebration, hence the name of it. But I was not…or at least, I forced myself to be. How selfish that must sound, right? 

However, I had a truly painful reason not to be. Content that is. And it was quite difficult to think of it without it bringing tears to my eyes. It had to do with the dwarven prince. The one who was married.

As I thought of him, my eyes wandered over to the dais where the royal family and their friends were dining. Fíli had sat beside Thorin’s right and holding his big calloused hand was Sigrid. She was pretty and in her white wedding dress, she looked even prettier. Her rich, dark hair had been curled up and a beautiful braid was very much evident, as it had been purposefully tucked behind her ear. Her skin seemed as pure as the first thick blanket of snow while her emerald eyes gleamed with joy.

I watch the pair of them as Fíli leans over to whisper something in her ear which earns a soft laughter from Sigrid, rendering Fíli’s features to be graced with a handsome smile. Even her laugh was lovely. I thought to myself before I stared down at my plate, sighing sadly.

“It is an insult to have to sit below a human.” A dwarrowdam hissed behind me. Slightly, I turn my head to see her speaking with her friend as they, both, cast they’re eyes to Sigrid like I had done a few moments ago.

“We cannot complain, Freida.” The other replied bitterly. “She is married to the prince, in time, she’ll become the Queen.”

‘She’ll become the Queen…’ I repeated those words in my mind, like a mantra as if I wanted to continuously torture myself. To torture myself for having so foolishly fallen in love with the dwarf prince since the beginning of the quest.  And it was not only because of his aggravatingly handsome features, which he had Mahal to thank for, but of his personality as well. Of his sharp intellect and wit. Of his kind, loving and protective nature. Of his loyalty and good judgement.

I had tried to keep my distance from Fíli during the journey so that we would all focus on what was more important than my measly love interest. Yes, we talked and sparred together many times but I was keeping my feelings hidden from him. I had decided upon letting him know of what I felt for him after the reclaim of Erebor, but it seemed I was too late. Fíli, my sweet, darling dwarf, had fallen in love. And it was not with me. 

I was truly happy for him but in my mind, I continuously cursed that one day when I lay in tears on my aunt’s lap and she reassured me, “You will have love, sweetheart. He will come, your prince will come. You simply must be willing to open your heart and let him in. Let him love you.”

Well, apparently, I had opened my heart, my feelings, and my emotions and I regretted more than ever. Because like my previous aching heartbreaks, the dwarf prince was never going to love me. Looking over at the royal table, I decided upon something that I would most definitely regret later on. But it was too late as I had reluctantly begun to walk over to the royal table.

The Company turned their attention to me as I ascended the steps, slowly. I fold my trembling hands tightly together and with a shaky voice - trying not to cry - I whisper, “Kili, may I please speak with you?”

The dark-haired dwarf’s orbs bore into my own as he snaps out of his daze. “Sure, sure, of course. Let’s head out to the hallways where it would be more quiet and less overwhelming.”

I nod as I wait for him to come around the table and join me out at the hallways. As I wait, uneasily I decide to cast my eyes one last time to Fíli, who surprisingly I caught to have been looking at me with an expression I could not pinpoint. His blue eyes resembled the colours of the ocean, shimmering and crashing beneath the sunset. Looking into his eyes was not only hypnotizing but it seemed as if though I was staring at a fragile piece of turquoise glass, which laid in the sand, glistening in the bright sunlight.

I offer him a final smile and turn to Kili, who lightly grabbed my elbow and led me out of the Great Dining Hall. At the entrance, we stopped and his eyes were laced with concern and confusion. I could not hold it back anymore so, I let the tears cloud my vision as they quickly trickled down my cheeks. From one than it continued like an endless waterfall.

Alarmed, Kili widened his eyes and took a hold of my hands, “What’s happened, (Y/N)? Why are you crying? Should I be going to get my bow and arrows?”

I laugh through my tears as Kili lightens the tension and mood. The young dwarf smiles and brings his thumbs, wiping my tears away. “No, Kili. I don’t think this time would be a wise choice.”

“Then, perhaps not,” he agrees. “But tell me what is bothering you?”

I sigh and momentarily shut my eyes before finding the courage to tell him. “I am going to leave Erebor. After all, this marks the end of my adventure.”

“What?” Kili says as his eyebrows instantly knit in confusion. “Why? Please, do not do this (Y/N) or at least rethink it. Listen to me, if this is about the time uncle said those terrible things to you, you must know that he was - ”

“No, Kili, this has nothing to do with Thorin.” I reply, swallowing uneasily. There was an uncomfortable few minutes of silence and when I lower my head, Kili gasps, comprehending the sudden meaning of my answer. “(Y/N),” He whispers but I shake my head, not wanting him to say anything about it.

“Please, do not make this any more harder than it already is.” I plead as I reach from under my sleeve, producing a stone with a dwarvish engraving that said kidhuzel, which meant ‘gold of all gold’. That was the first and only word that I learned in Khuzdul. It was a word that Fíli had taught me and he made me promise to remember it while thinking of him.

“Please, return this to your brother. Not today. I don’t want him to think of this on his happy day. Maybe when you deem it to be right.” I say, placing the stone on his the palm of his hand as Kili ran his index finger over it. “Gold of all gold. He read and I squeeze my eyes shut, forcefully pushing my tears back.

“Wouldn’t he want you to keep this?”

“Yes, he would.” I reply, breathlessly. “But every time I look at it, it makes me tear up.” He nods understanding and looks back to me. “Kili tell him I will forever remember and keep the promise. Tell him I loved him even if he might not have loved me in return.”

Fresh tears began to sting my face and the sadness I felt seemed to float  through the atmosphere. “Let him know that I thank him. For making me believe in love…again. Even if he did not feel it, it was quite real for me.”

Kili nodded once more and reached to embrace me. I wrap my arms around him and rest my head upon his shoulder. For a while, we remained like that, in a comforting silence as he soothed me by rubbing circles on my back. I sniffle and let him go. “And I thank you for all those silly stories and pranks that seemed to aid me from my worrying and overthinking. You are a good friend, Kili.”

“Nonsense, you do not need to thank me, lass. I had known from the start, you’d helplessly fall for my charming personality.” He replies, winking mischievously as he did so, rendering me to laugh wholeheartedly.

“Well, I will miss you, my charming dwarf.” I say, placing my hand on his shoulder.

“As I, you, my little Thumbelina.” He replies, using the nickname from the stories I had told the Company and implying that I was short for a human. Sighing yet smiling to him, I turn to take my leave at the Southern Gates, not believing this was truly how it was to end. I had dreamed of it to be much more differently…and happier.

“Oh and Kili,” I call to him before he’d enter the Great Dining Hall. He turns and regards me with a curious expression. “After tea with Bilbo, you are welcome to come to my house for dinner.”

He smiles widely and bows, “I’d be honoured, lass. And so would the Company.”

I watch him till he retreats back into the hall, I walk away slowly, each footstep resonating in my head as I thought of the reoccurring memories of the journey I had taken apart in. My tears, once again, cloud my vision and this time, I let my sadness engulf me while I head out to the Gates.

At War With Myself

“At War With Myself”

Have you ever felt like the walls are closing in
And that narrow passageway continues to grow thin?
I can feel these walls pushing, choking my veins
And squeezing out the life in me leaving me insane

I can make these walls crumble like an empire
That has been set ablazed through flare and fire
And every cut I make, I can see a demon
Fly out of my veins the more the cut is deepened

These four walls, four corners, and a floor
Captivate all I see and still furthermore
I am my own victim to my skin
When everything burns; my torture lies within

I can take myself and from the start
I could break myself and fall apart
Then I rebuild sometimes again and again
This process seems to have no end

Because I am my own victim to myself
I alone am to blame and no one else
Problems don’t exist except the ones I create
Torturing me endlessly but still at any rate

With myself I am always in constant battle
My emotions they shake, wiggle, and rattle
My bones, my body, my heart may be pure
But my mind in my head is itching for a cure

My theories, my views, my convictions
My notions, my feelings, my addictions
Everything I learn; everything I see
I am the only one who can destroy me

My hopes, my dreams, my beliefs
My sins, my woes, my grief
Everything I know; everything I believe
I am the only one who can destroy me


15. “You look at him/her the way I look at you.”
26. “You’re everything to me but I’m nothing to you.”

There’s frustration in Sehun’s eyes as he walks right behind you, watching you laugh with some other guy.

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My Type of Gal (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: You’re a worker at McDonald’s and one day you get a visit from Ethan.
Word Count: 1,367
Warnings: None.
A/N: I’m gonna be gone for most of the day, so this is just a little something for you guys to read before I get back and start writing on part 2 of Faking It. Enjoy xx

My hair was greasy and the white, uniform shirt I was wearing felt disgusting against my sweaty skin, but I pushed myself to continue my six hour shift because I needed to pay rent and it was either working in a fast-food restaurant or live on the streets. And with me being stubborn and all, trying to prove my mum and dad that I could do it on my own without their help, I chose to torture myself with the worlds most exhausting job.

I had been working for five hours now, and I got my co-worker Phil to switch with me so he could cook the burgers while I stood behind the counter, serving hungry people at 11p.m. I probably looked like shit because I surely felt like it; my hair was up in a ponytail and I knew it was greasy and I probably smelled like burgers too. Which, for a food lover probably would be appealing but yes, looking on the realistic side I was chasing every cute boy away who ordered.

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Dirty Thoughts (Crowley x Reader)

Originally posted by howtobesupernatural

Warnings: SMUT

Here you were.. sitting at a diner trying to have a serious conversation with the King of Hell.

Yes.. the king of hell.

Your brothers had quite the past with this demon, you didn’t really have a problem with him. In fact, you found him quite attractive. That accent and the way he went about ruling Hell, he could really put a girl in her place. You bite your lip and force yourself to focus. You and Crowley had to settle this for good.

“Look, flower I’m not handing over the information.” Crowley says once again.

“Crowley, do you think I’m not going to stop demanding you for it?” You question.

maybe demanding for you to do me on this table..

You stop yourself, no! Stop thinking thoughts about him like that.

“Why is this information needed so badly?” Crowley questions.

“Because! Crowley it’s the only way i can take down this son of a bitch.” You say crossing your arms. You find yourself watching the way his lips move and the expressions that cover his face.

I wonder what those lips would feel like against mine.. how they’d feel just slowly pressing against my skin. How rough those hands would feel on my upper thighs gripping them while i grind myself against him. The things i would let the king of hell do to me.. heated sex sessions for days.  

You shake your head and go to counter something else but that’s when Crowley continues to speak.

“Flower, you don’t want to follow your brother’s footsteps, look where this got them.” Crowley says soft. He continues to go on and your thoughts wander some more.

What would the King of hell feel like inside of you? His hands trailing your skin, him making you moan his name louder than the screams of tortured souls. Or was he sweet in the sheets? Make sweet love instead.. then move onto the freaky stuff like chains and handcuffs? He could handcuff me to a bed for all i care, anything to show his dominance. I’m yours dear king of hell, show me what it’s like to be fucked senseless.

You find yourself biting your lower lip and that’s when you notice Crowley’s expression.

“What?” You ask. Crowley looks a bit embarrassed.. what did you say? Frowning you wait for him to reply.

“Love, you might want to remember i can hear your thoughts.” Crowley says leaning across the table. You feel your cheeks heat and your eyes drop to your hands in your lap. Crowley reaches across the table and puts a finger under your chin. “Don’t hide those beautiful (y/e/c) eyes from me flower.”

“I’m sorry.” You say soft still staring into his eyes. Crowley frowns and leans forward and presses a kiss to your lips softly. He pulls back as if he was testing things, your eyes open again and you are leaning across the table to kiss him once more. Crowley smirks and meets you halfway.

“Come along love.” Crowley says soft standing. He holds out his hand and you accept it willingly. You can’t help the wicked smile that crosses your lips as Crowley pulls you along. He appears down in hell with you and you are amazed by his bed. Everything was an odd sort of beautiful. You bite your lip and turn to face Crowley. He is watching your every move and you finally break. You are across the small space between you two and kissing him rough. Crowley pulls you up against him and you can feel him against you. You feel him push you back against the wall and you let him. He grabs a handful of you hair and pulls a little to expose your neck better. He kisses along your neck softly and then bites you, he was marking you as his.. which he should know you have been since you first met. You push yourself against him and hear him groan a little in your ear, sending shivers through you. Crowley starts to slowly unbutton your shirt and presses kisses along your skin. Your head falls back against the wall and your eyes close. You feel him push your shirt off your shoulders and in a swift movement he has your bra off. Your eyes open again and Crowley smiles at you. He leans down and kisses you harder this time. He grabs your legs and you willing wrap them around his waist. Crowley grinds himself against you and you moan. Crowley smirks and does it again, you groan again and whimper when he pulls away. You instantly miss the contact, Crowley takes your hand and leads you to the bed. He pushes you down into the silk sheets and unbuttons your pants. He pulls them down gently and discards of them across the room. He kisses his way up your legs causing you to whimper again. Crowley only smiles and continues to your upper thigh. He stops and quickly rips your panties off. You don’t even have time to react to that as he licks up your slit. A moan escapes your mouth. Crowley grins and puts his mouth on you. His tongue moving in certain motions. You writhe under him and grab the sheets. Crowley continues with his tongue and adds a finger. You feel yourself reaching your climax… you finally do and you scream his name. Crowley grins wickedly and removes his pants. “Are you sure you want this my love?”

“Crowley!” You demand. He chuckles and slams himself into you. You scream and he continues to pound into you. You continue to move with him and find the perfect rhythm. “I’m going to come.” You pant.

“Come for me love.” Crowley says kissing your mouth… and you do. Crowley pulls out of you and collapses beside you. You feel him kiss your shoulder and you smile.

“So that happened.” you mumble sleepily.

“It did.” Crowley nods. You move and snuggle up to him, Crowley accepts this and wraps an arm around you. “Will you stay tonight?”

“Mmm, my brothers are probably wondering where i am.” You yawn.

“You are old enough to take care of yourself, stay with me tonight my flower.” Crowley says touching your face softly.

“Okay I’ll stay tonight my king.” You smirk. Crowley chuckles and kisses your lips softly.

“Sleep my beautiful flower, ill watch over you.” Crowley grins and kisses your forehead.

evakerlitvet  asked:

hey ITS ME AGAIN SOZ BUT I DISNT ASK AND DISCUSS ONE THING AND JO IS AMAZING TO TALK TO. so what do you think happened in the evening? that was the scene i just realized would be perfect for the end. idk, id love to see at least one more malec talk. imagine them curled up by the fire, or maybe on the balcony, alec resting his head on Magnus' lap and them just.. talking? (and cuddling heheheheheheheh) about the crazy stuff that happened that day. it'd definitely be adorable wouldnt it

NITSA YOU’RE THE BEST OKAY??! That’s totally perfect and I can think of how it goes(in a hundred and one cheesy and sappy ways because I’m me, okay).

So we leave off from here, your previous ask!

By the time they step out of portal into Magnus’ loft, the sun was casting a warm golden glow over the interior of the apartment. Magnus hums and steps toward the side table, hand instinctively reaching out for the scotch when he’s tugged by strong arms around his middle and he stumbles back into Alec. He worries for a moment that the force with which he hit Alec would bring them both to the ground, but Alec stood rooted and he relaxes as he feels a warmth spread from where his back was in contact with Alec’s chest. Magnus felt Alec snake his arms tighter around his ribcage and feels him nosing at his neck, letting loose a shaky breath that sent a jolt through Magnus’ body. 

“What’s wrong?” Magnus placed a comforting hand lightly on Alec’s, which were clasped around him. After a long beat, he felt more than heard the light whisper against his shoulder, “I thought…I thought I lost you.” All Magnus could think of was same here, darling, same here, instead, he slowly laces his fingers with Alec’s and turns around. He looks up into teary eyes, and tries not to focus on how beautiful those hazel eyes shone under the dipping sun, tries not to remember how they almost lost their light that night, tries not to imagine a future without their owner. He forces a smile, feeling a tinge of sourness fight its way up to his own eyes, as he breathes more than says, “We’re here, Alexander. That’s all that matters.” Magnus gently swipes Alec’s moist cheek with the thumb of his free hand, before closing his eyes as Alec bows slightly, forehead leaning on his and they just breathe, like how they did outside the Institute. The only difference now, is that in the quiet loft, they could hear each other’s heart beating steadily, almost loud enough to drown their fears as they echo off the walls of the apartment.

They didn’t know how long they stood there, but the glow from the sky had turned a light indigo when they separated and they stripped each other slowly, almost solely by touch, as all that they could see were faint outlines of each other, lit by the last sliver of the setting sun. There wasn’t any talking, there wasn’t a need to, at least not yet, as they took a warm shower together. Hands glide over soaped bodies, trying to commit every dip of muscle, every edge of bone and every drip of warmth seeping through fingertips to memory. 

Magnus snaps his fingers and the fireplace lit up, soft crackling sounding through the loft as sparks turn to slow flames. He holds out a towel with open arms from where he’s seated on the couch towards Alec, who was tying his bathrobe as he padded across the mahogany floor. Alec looks up and flashes a soft smile as he settles between Magnus’ legs that were elegantly spread along the couch, and lets Magnus dry his hair. It was a comfortable silence and Magnus let the wet towel slip off onto the floor as he feels Alec leaning back towards him, settling his head on his shoulder. Magnus slips one arm around Alec and the other hand through Alec’s slightly damp hair, and Alec tilts his head up to drop a kiss on his jaw, before he whispers, “I love you,” and Magnus is once again, lost for words as he looks into honest, open eyes.

“I love you too.” Magnus continues running his fingers through Alec’s hair, and they fall asleep, warm and safe in each other’s arms. There were more things to be said, but they could always wait till tomorrow. 


This is probably only interesting to like 3 people besides myself, but I love watching the progression of Crowley’s facial expressions while Abaddon is torturing Gavin. At first, he’s still feigning apathy, pretending to her and himself that he still loathes the kid to the point of not caring what happens to him. But as the torture continues, and worsens, his facade cracks, and we see him stare into the reality of his own human emotions. He doesn’t want them, but he’s learning the hard way just how powerful they can be–even when it goes against your own instinct for self-preservation, which until this point has been Crowley’s strongest suit.


Request made by Anonymous

Pairing: Lams

Wordcount: 1086

Warnings: None

Beta-ed by the lovely @smolchinerd!!!

A/N: Oml, lil beans, I cried while writing this. I hope you like it as much as I do! And if you do, please reblog! Enjoy! <3 

Alexander knew that it was going to happen at some point, but as he stares at the now empty room, he can’t help but close his eyes. Once. Twice. No, the room is still empty.


All signal of John Laurens is gone. There are no paintings hanging from the walls, no clothes on the floor, no desk full of sketches, no balls of paper around the trash can, no stains of paint in the floor, no coffee mugs forgotten, or empty bags of chips and coke cans.



The cold, vacant and now white walls -that were once a beautiful shade of blue- only reflect the evening light, highlighting the absence of the person who used to decorate them with beautiful drawn sea turtles, pictures and photos. All the furniture is the same color as the walls. The closet is empty too, the bed is done with -also white- blankets, and the window is wide open.

There is a white cat sitting on the window frame, looking at him with their big green eyes.

Alexander can feel their stare, and it gives him chills. So he keeps looking around the room, trying to ignore the furry animal, but the only thing that he finds is a handwritten letter. As he grabs the letter his eyes glaze over, and his hands start trembling.

The letter was wrote with John’s drawing pencil, and he know this because of how many times he has seen John using the pencil for his sketches, and the texture of it on the paper is now unmistakable under Hamilton’s eyes.

He unfolds the letter, and begins reading.

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Dance For Me. ::Wade Barrett Smut::

Pairing: Reader x Wade Barrett

Word Count: 2,669

Warnings: Smut. Some swearing.

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I’m not going to even pretend that there is a plot to this. It’s pretty much just plain smut. Enjoy.

Also, I highly recommend listening to I Just Wanna Make Love To You by Etta James, the song mentioned in this one-shot.

If you would like to be added to my tag list, just let me know!

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“Wade” I called out as I arrived home, dropping my purse on the coffee table. Listening intently, I could hear the sound of the shower running. Knowing that he would never hear me over the water, I stopped calling out for him.

I had just come home after an amazing time of going out for dinner with the girls. It had been a long evening, but I was perhaps a tiny bit tipsy and in no mood for the evening to end quite yet. Unfortunately, responsibilities took priority and most of my friends either had children to return home to, or were due early starts at work the next morning. I was the lucky one, in that I had the whole week booked off work, in keeping with Wade’s busy schedule.

Switching the radio on, I let the music soothe over me, making sure that the sound was quiet enough not to disturb the neighbours at this late hour. The melodic crooning voice of Etta James could be heard as the song I Just Want To Make Love To You began to play. Slipping away in my own world, I began to let my body sway to the beat, my hands twirling above my head. I hummed along under my breath. Teasing myself with my own imagination as I let my mind wander and think about the one person I wanted to be making love to right now, Etta’s incredible voice and talent pulling me into my own little world.

Spinning around once more, Wade came into my vision, bringing me to an abrupt stop. He was leaned nonchalantly against the door frame, his hair still wet from the shower and wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. He chuckled at my expression, pushing himself off from wall and approaching me in his characteristic steady gait.

“Now, now. Don’t stop on my account” he teased, tone ever cheeky.

“Wade!” I scolded, though for what, I wasn’t actually too sure and my voice more playful than anything else. I ran my fingers up his arms and over his tattoos, but his hands caught my wrists before I could get too far, using them to spin me around and away from him. I gasped in surprise at the sudden movement, feeling his hands fall to my hips.

“I said that you didn’t have to stop” he continued, the teasing tone in his voice now taking on a more seductive quality. I couldn’t help but grin to myself but I hid it from him, instead focusing back on the music playing. His hands did nothing more but rest gently on the top of my hips, following their movements as I began to dance once again. I let my eyes full shut, allowing my anticipation to grow. Wade was stood slightly back, allowing some space between our bodies and I could feel his gaze watching me, taking in the way the skirt of my dress delicately brushed against my thighs with every dip of my hips.

I felt his hands tighten their grip on my hips as he finally closed the distance between us, could feel the material of his towel rubbing over the backs of my legs. I continued to sway my hips, letting my ass brush teasingly past his crotch. Wade didn’t have much patience for my teasing though, choosing to wrap his arms around my stomach, pulling me right back into him. I bit back a moan at the familiar hardness pressing up against me.

His tight hold on me, left little room for me to continue dancing, but there was little reason to carry on with that pretense anyway. Instead I purposely grinded my hips back against him, my hands falling to rest atop his arms, so I could feel the muscles tense every time I pressed back into him.

“Fuck. I’m one lucky bastard” he rasped and a shy smile formed on my face as I took in his words. Being so much taller, it afforded Wade the perfect chance to observe my expression and his face fell to my neck, pressing his lips softly to my skin.

“I mean it” he murmured. I sighed happily, continuing to move my hips against his, enjoying the sensation of him growing harder against me.

“Love you, Wade” I told him, beginning to feel my own body begin to react, feeling myself growing steadily hotter.

“Love you too, sweetheart. You have absolutely no idea” he returned, his lips still focused on my neck, soft kisses that left me trembling in his arms. I felt him reach for the clip holding my hair up, releasing the strands in one smooth movement, the decorative hair piece clattering to the floor as he dropped it. His hand fisted in my now loose hair, bending me to his will, as his neck kisses began to roughen, slowly transforming into gentle nips and bites.

“You looked so bloody beautiful tonight” he mumbled against my skin, temporarily pausing in his current actions. His tongue played over my sensitive skin, soothing the hot, burning marks that he had just left behind.

“The way you looked at me tonight. When you first saw me? I was tempted to back out on girl’s night. Feign sickness” I gasped out. I felt him let out a large, deep breath against my skin, his hand moving to rest on my thigh, playing with the hem of my dress.

“Well, you’re here now aren’t you?” he pointed out, his hand this time drifting under my dress and squeezing my thigh firmly. I moaned, suddenly feeling incredibly flushed, the heat crawling just under my skin. His hand drifted even further up, stroking over the seam of my panties, my wetness only growing at the nearness of his fingers.

“So what do you say, baby girl?” Wade asked and I could feel him smirking against the back of my neck, gently tugging at my hair once more prompting me to answer him back.

“Mmm-hmm. Wade, yes” I whimpered, his fingers pressing harder in between my legs. My hips  bucked inadvertently and I heard him let out a hiss as I pressed back against his hard cock, his towel proving not to be that much of a barrier between us.

I let out a moan of frustration as his hand slipped away from me, my hands clenching into fists at the loss. Nimble fingers reached for the end of one ribbon, that could be traced up to the knot by my waist securing my wrap around dress. One smooth, tugging motion and the knot unravelled, my dress opening, the material falling to either side of my body. Wade ran his hands over my exposed front, rough fingers catching on my bra, half pulling the cups down. I moaned as his hands explored my body, coming to a rest back on my hips.

“Dance for me again” he instructed, punctuating his words with a quick nip to my bare shoulder, before beginning to suck a mark onto my skin. I started to move against him once more, my hips swaying to the sultry beat of the music. His strong hands were firm on my hips, beginning to dictate my movements, occasionally pulling me back firmly into his bulge. His breaths were coming out harsh against my hairline, his head resting on top of mine.

I eventually stopped dancing, indulging myself in the sensation of him rutting against me, my breathing becoming increasingly disordered and chaotic. One of his hands reached for my hair, fisting it into a ponytail and using it to pull my head back to kiss me. His lips moved over mine harsh and passionate, his other hand slipping down my front and into my panties. An immediate moan left my mouth and Wade chuckled at my reaction.

“You like it when I touch you like this?” he asked, his hand moving further down to gather my wetness on his fingertips, smearing it up to my clit as he traced almost, lazy half-circles across my aching bud. My hand latched onto his wrist, trying to vainly to press his fingers harder against me, my hips twitching as he continued his almost, torturous actions. I pressed back into him, rubbing myself against his hardness, determined not to let him have everything his way. He groaned lowly, the sound almost morphing into a growl, his hand tugging sharply at my hair in warning. I still considered it a win though, his fingers moving faster against my sensitive nerves, pressing firmer and he continued to thrust up against me, Wade snapping his hips as if he was already inside me.

“That’s a good girl, grind against my fingers” he growled lowly into my ear, my hips stuttering slightly under the intensity, reaching my hand back and gripping tightly onto the edge of the towel he still had wrapped around his waist, looking for something, anything to desperately hold on to.

“Wade,” I moaned as I approached my end, not able to hold my release back for much longer, my legs becoming increasingly shaky and unstable. “Wade, couch. I’m not going to…. You keep going like this… I’m.. I’m not going to be able to stand for much longer”.

“Don’t you worry, sweetheart. I’ve got hold of you” he replied, his grip on me tightening in preparation.

I let go of my hold on his towel, finally realising that I had been tugging too hard in the throes of my pleasure and it had come undone, my hand the only thing keeping it up. The material dropped to the floor as I unclenched my hand and I could feel him pressing up against me even more. His cock was ready, hard and hot. It almost felt as though he was burning a hole through the back of my dress. His obvious arousal only served to further mine and I came with a loud cry, my orgasm causing me to collapse in Wade’s arms, his body the only thing keeping me on my feet. His laughter was smug when I heard it, my boyfriend obviously very happy with himself.

“Hmm, maybe next time I’ll get you to ride my face. Would you like that?” he mused out loud. I still hadn’t fully recovered, but I could stand on my own two feet now and I spun around to face him. My hand wrapped around his cock, deliberately rubbing over him slowly.

“Promises, promises” I whispered, using my teasing to disguise the effect his words were able to have on me, despite the fact I had only just come. Wade uttered a low ‘Fuck’ at my hand movements, his head falling forward slightly. Despite this, he still had enough self control left to mutter the next words to me. His hand still tangled in my hair, using it to pull my ear to his mouth as he spoke. “You know me, sweetheart. I never make promises I don’t intend to keep”.

I whimpered at the words, despite trying my best to hold in. Trust Wade to have the control, even when I had my hand wrapped around his cock. I sped up the pace of my hand, hoping at the very least to pull another loud moan from him. Not able to reach his neck at my current height, I settled with pressing my lips to the centre of his chest. Every time that I nipped at his skin, leaving behind fresh, red marks, I circled my thumb purposely slowly around the head of his cock.

“Fuck,” groaned Wade. “Can’t decide if I want your mouth on me or if I want to be fucking you already”.

“Dealer’s choice” I teased, between kisses and amidst his groans, I could hear him chuckle lowly.

“I hate to tell you this sweetheart, but you would make a shit poker player. I’ve seen your poker face” he gasped, having to pause several times during the sentence, my hand beginning to speed up. His hand covered mine, pulling me away from his cock.

“And baby girl, definitely decided what I want now. So you had better lay back down on that couch for me” he murmured warningly, his grip finally disappearing from my hair so I could move away.

Laying back on the couch, Wade was quick to kneel by my side, slowly easing my panties down my legs and I knew that the material must have felt damp between his fingertips. Kneeling above me, he wrapped my legs around his waist, before pressing his body down on top of mine. Literally everything was a tight fit, the couch really too small for this, but neither of us had the patience to move to the bedroom.

“Fuck. I’ve been thinking about this ever since I first saw you all dolled up. Not even jerking off in the shower helped” he grumbled, hands running almost reverently over my skin.

“So that’s what you were doing in th…..” I began, my voice cutting off as I felt him thrust inside of the me, my last word morphing into a moan. I whined his name, not even knowing what I was asking for. I just wanted more of him. I tightened my legs around his hips, hoping he would get the message.

“Tell me, sweetheart. Were you thinking about me too when you were out with the girls? All of them catching up, not realising how wet you were getting in between your thighs, because you were too busy thinking about me?” he groaned, his hips moving in deep, distinct movements as he rocked into me. I was shaking under him, feeling as though I was burning as his erotic words washed over me.

“Always one with the dirty talk…. Wade, no. Please don’t stop” I began to say, my words swiftly changing into a different direction as I felt him purposely slow down the pace.

“You love my dirty words” he pointed out, his thrusts continuing to be slow for the next half a minute, making me yelp in pleasure when he suddenly thrusted into me roughly, his pace increasing dramatically.

My fingers scratched down his back, enjoying the groan it produced from him and also knowing that he liked to wear my marks with pride. ‘Let everyone see just how good I make you feel’ he had once told me and with a rather smug grin at that.

“You going to come for me, baby girl? Don’t try to deny it, I know you far too well” Wade groaned, his fingers already sliding down to my clit, working me over once more. I nodded frantically in response.

“But want you to come with me” I whined, attempting to regain some measure of self control. Wade pulled back slightly to watch me, a smirk forming on his face.

“Fuck, sweetheart. Don’t you worry about that. You feel far too good for me to hold myself back,” he told me, leaning back down to whisper erotically in my ear. “Come for me, baby girl”.

I seemed unable to disobey his orders, my back arching tightly under him, biting down on his shoulder to stifle my moans. Wade was quick to pull me away from his skin, wanting to hear me cry his name. Mere seconds later, he heard me yell his name as my orgasm hit.

“Wade” I called, wanting to feel him reach his release as well. He thrusted harder several times, the couch cushions being knocked to the floor in the process. He chanted my name several times as he came, each time my name coming out weaker and weaker.

I was laughing to myself as we laid there for a moment, Wade lifting his head up from my chest, to look at me in amusement.

“Having fun there?” he asked rhetorically,  before reaching down for one of the knocked off cushions and placing it sweetly under my neck, both of us content to just stay there for a moment, holding one another close.

Electric Feel

Suho X Reader
Word Count: 2277
Rated: Smut, smut, smut. Holy hell.

Originally posted by qrishan

You put the finishing touches on your deep red lipstick, smacking your lips once for good measure. In the mirror you rotated, admiring the tight black dress adorning your body. Turning around completely you faced your boyfriend who was laid out on the bed watching you. “Well,” you started, raising your arms up to gesture at your body before dropping them to your side. “How do I look?” He heaved himself into an upright position, placing a pillow on his lap before resting his arms on top. He looked you up and down, analyzing everything on your body. You stood there for what felt like hours as his eyes swept back up your body. Everyone who has brown eyes dislikes them, but you loved his. They were expressive, they reflected his strength and maturity as a person. When he was angry, they hardened into a sharp brown that glinted a warning. When he was feeling so much love he could barely contain it within himself, it bled into his eyes and they turned a molten brown that made your heart flutter.

As of now, they were blank.

“Suho?” You questioned lowly. You knew you looked damn fine but you wanted him to say it. You wanted him to acknowledge that his woman was absolutely stunning right now. After a few more moments with no response other than some leg movements and pillow readjustments on his part, you growled in annoyance. “Whatever.” You said, stomping to the door in your 5 inch heels, hips swaying with every step. You threw open the door and just as you were almost out of sight, he responded. “Babe.” He said quietly, and you huffed, hair fanning out around you as your head whipped to face him. “You look unbelievably sexy.” He said evenly, his eyes slightly hooded and little something in his eyes that usually got you going, but you didn’t notice in your annoyance. “I know.” You grumbled as you continued your march towards the door.

He watched you leave with heavy eyelids, his cock twitching as he followed a path from your silky hair down to your beautiful thighs, stopping to appreciate the curve of your ass and the sway of your hips as you stomped towards the door. He hadn’t meant to make you upset but you looked fucking phenomenal and it was all he could do not to hold you hostage in this room until his hunger for you and your body had been appeased. The pillow on his lap had concealed his arousal but the soft rub of the fabric against his scantily clothed cock made it even harder to control the urge to grab you and fuck you senseless.

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Perfectly Flawed - Lydia Martin

word count: 2317
warnings: swearing
requested! (but I changed it around a lil bit)

Originally posted by softly-evak

“I was thinking it’d be a” I said, looking over my homework sheet.  Lydia glanced down at my paper and grinned.

“Yep” She said, popping the ‘p’.  I grinned as I circled that answer and went on to the next one.

It was Tuesday, and Tuesdays’ were the days Lydia and I got together at her place to do homework, paint our nails, and gossip.  Well, gossip sounds bad it was really just talking.  This had been a tradition we’ve successfully held every Tuesday for the past three months, and we were both pretty proud of that.

Lydia and I became friends last year when we were juniors.  Being Scott’s twin sister I was sort of a part of the pack, a designated human you might say.  Stiles would’ve high fived me for that.  But I knew all about werewolves and banshees and kitsunes and coyotes, to be honest we were like the misfit toys.  But I guess we owned it.

I always sorta had a crush on Lydia, I mean, who didn’t? She was absolutely perfect in every way.  She was a genius, she was funny, talented, kind, beautiful… the list went on and on.

But, with this perfection of hers, she had anyone to choose from.  Anyone she could date if she wanted.  And I, was definitely not on her list of crushes like she oh so ruled over mine.  In fact, she was my only crush.

Not me though, Lydia Martin could never like a girl like me.  No, I wasn’t as smart as she was, I wasn’t as petite as she was, I wasn’t as funny as she was.  I simply wasn’t as perfect, or anywhere near as perfect, as Lydia Martin.

“So, what color polish do you want tonight?” She asked, standing up from her spot at the table.  “I think I’m gonna get red for myself”

“Let’s go black” I said.  She shook her head with a small laugh and walked off towards the stairs.

“Same old y/n” She sighed, making me laugh as she disappeared.

Same old, plain, untalented, y/n, I thought to myself.

When she came back, she was smiling wide at me and plopped her box of manicure supplies down on the table in front of me.  Bottles of paint, polish remover, and lotions sticking out of it.  As well as nail clippers, filers, cotton balls, and tools that looked like torture devices.  Lydia seemed to have seen my look of fear cause she giggled that beautiful little laugh.

“No worries y/n, just the paint as always” She promised, shaking my bottle of noir polish.

“Thanks” I said sheepishly and she nodded, opening it up and grabbing my hand.

“So uh… the dance next week” My heart nearly fell out of my chest.  But somehow I managed to keep myself calm as she began to paint my nails.  I just looked at her, silently prompting her to continue whatever it was she wanted to say about it.  “Maybe we could go shopping for it together? Or not- we don’t have to-”

“No that sounds like fun!” I said quickly, and Lydia smiled nervously, I think.  I probably freaked her out.  “M-maybe Wednesday after school or something?”  big smile pulled on Lydia’s lips as she nodded.

“Yeah-yeah “ Lydia said, focusing back on my black nails.

(lydia’s pov)

I walked into school this morning, excited as today was the day y/n and I had decided to go dress shopping.  I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled.  I could just sing as I walked through the halls.

“Lydia Martin, are you skipping?” I was asked when I arrived at Scott’s locker, where we meet every morning before classes.

“Yes Scott, I may be a little happy for once” Stiles walked up to us.

“Is there a sale at Macy’s?” He asked with a snicker.  I rolled my eyes.

“I’m more than shopping and shoes, Stilinski” I told him.

“Alright then, what else do you have to be happy about?” He asked.

“Mom out of town?” Scott asked.

“Cheap makeup?”

“Quality makeup?”

“Hot date for the dance?”

“Prada had a new puppy friend?”

“Aced another test?”

“Any colleges accept-”

“Hey guys!” Scott and Stiles were cut from their ramblings as y/n bounced up to the group.  “What’re we talking about?”

“I was actually just saying that you and I were going dress shopping tonight” I said, and her face lit up.

“Yeah! I’m super excited for that” y/n said, grinning wide.  God I loved when she did that, her eyes always seemed to twinkle.

“You guys wanna ride there? You know I got a sweet one” Stiles said, wiggling his eyebrows at us.

“You got a new car?” y/n asked, raising a confused brow.

“No I’m talking about Roscoe duh- hey!” I giggled as y/n smirked a little to herself.  “I don’t get why you guys are so mean to me” Stiles began muttering.  “I mean seriously all I do is help and-”

“Hey y/n!” I turned to the girl whose name had been called, to see Erica Reyes standing there.

“H-hi- hi Erica” y/n replied, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Can I.. can I talk to you for a sec?” The blonde asked.  y/n nodded, giving a small ‘mhm’ and followed off with her.  As soon as they were gone, I scoffed.

“Really? Erica Reyes? What could they possibly have to talk about?” I asked, crossing my arms.  I saw Scott tilt his head, listening to their conversation.  I glared down the blonde, just as Kira bounced up to us.

“Hey guys!” She said cheerfully.  “What’re we up to?”

“Hush” Stiles scolded.  “Scott’s listening in on Lydia’s girlfriend over there” Stiles said.  I glared at him, but Kira giggled.

“Oh I see, get jealous of Erica did you?” Kia winked at me.  She winked, she had the nerve-

“No I am not jealous, and y/n is not my girlfriend” I stated firmly, my arms uncrossing and putting my hands on my hips.

“How defensive..” Stiles muttered.  “So what’re they talking about over there? Anything we should be worried about?”

“See, you don’t like her either.  Do you have a big fat crush on y/n?” I asked with a sneer towards Stiles.  “See? Who care-”

“She asked y/n to the dance” Scott said.


y/n and I were walking through Macy’s, going through rack after rack of hangers.  She’d been talking animatedly about how excited she was to be going to the dance with somebody.  I was listening, I was, but I barely responded.  Just let her go off as we looked over various dresses.

“Hey, hey Lydia” She called, and I looked up.  She was two racks away, and holding up a gorgeous y/f/c dress.  I thought about her wearing it and my knees almost buckled.  “What about this one? I have the perfect shoes and everything” Her eyes lit up with excitement and I nodded with a hum.

“Yeah y/n it’s… it’s beautiful” She smiled big and hung it carefully over her arm.

I went back to scraping through the racks, but didn’t really pay attention to anything I skimmed over.  All I could think about was the fact that y/n was going to the dance… with someone else…

Jealous? Never heard of her.

The ride to drop y/n back off home was again, mostly filled with her going on about the dance.  Although this time I was barely listening.  I couldn’t, it hurt too much.  THis was my best friend, this was the girl I was in love with, and she was hooked on being with someone else.  Maybe Stiles was right, maybe all of them were right… but she’s too perfect.  It was ridiculous for me to think of being with her.  Besides, I used to be such a bitch, such a bitch, why would she ever want to date me? I looked over at her in the passenger seat next to me as she talked on.

“…I mean I’ve just never been asked out before…” She went on.

She was beautiful, so fucking beautiful it was insane she even hung around us.

“Sure, I bet this is nothing to you you get asked out all the time- I mean look at you- but… but me! I just can’t believe someone would want to ask me out!” I slammed on the breaks, just outside of her house.  “L-Lyd!? Are you okay?” I looked over, seeing her grip onto the handle of the door.

“Am I okay? No I am not okay!” Her eyes widened as I yelled a little.  “y/n how could you say something like that? ANyone would be lucky to go out with you! You’re absolutely perfect!” She blinked.

“Lydia I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”

“No- no get out just- just get out” I shook my head, looking down at my hands gripping the steering wheel.

“Lydia I-”

“y/n, go home” She stared at me for a moment, but I heard her unbuckle her seatbelt and open the door.

“I’m sorry Lydia” y/n said softly, then closed the door, and walked up to her door.

Now, I hate crying, it makes you weak and ruins your makeup.  But today I almost couldn’t drive home because I was crying to hard.

Who knew being in love hurt this much.

(your pov)

I didn’t think being in love hurt this much.

I was standing in the corner of the gym, the whole room lit up and blasting with music.  Bodies were.. Well everywhere.  Dancing, talking, sweating.  The more I thought about it, the more claustrophobic I felt.  I looked around, seeing my friends all together.  Stiles trying to get Scott to dance with him, Kira teaching Malia how to dance, Liam… doing god knows what.

And there was Lydia.

She looked breathtaking… the green dress she wore hugged her curves in all the right places.  The neckline dove down enough for me to blush.  But she wasn’t really dancing with the others, just awkwardly swaying back and forth.  I frowned, and wanted nothing more than to go over there and dance with her, maybe make her happy.  But she’d made it pretty clear that she wanted nothing to do with me.

“Hey y/n I’m back” Erica walked up to me, handing me a plastic cup of punch.  “And uh.. I smell checked the bowl.  It’s not spiked” She laughed, and I chuckled quietly and nervously.

“Thanks” I said quietly, taking a drink and casting a glance towards Lydia.  Erica stepped over closer, following my line of sight.

“O-oh… Lydia… I’m sorry are you guys..?”

“Dating?” She nodded, and I shook my head.  “No… no she wants nothing to do with me” Erica frowned.

“Pretty sure she wants everything to do with you” I raised my brow in silent question.  “I mean, when I asked you to the dance, she sorta had Scott listen in, and seemed pretty upset when you said yes” My brows raised, and I looked at her quickly.

“R-really? She did? Was she mad? Sad? Disappointed?” Erica laughed quietly, wrapping an arm around herself and rubbing her arm.

“You uhm… you really like her don’t you?” I gave her a guilty look, feeling bad that I couldn’t really help my feelings towards the strawberry blonde.  “No no, it’s okay” Erica said, giving me a small smile.  I returned it.  “Well, go on, go get your girl” I grinned, and turned, walking myself straight over to Lydia.  When her eyes caught mine, she smiled for a moment, but it quickly fell.

“y-y/n” Her voice was quiet, I’d never heard it so unsure before.  It was like she lcked all of her confidence.  “Shouldn’t you be with Erica?”

“No” I shook my head.  “No I don’t want to be here with Erica, I want to be here with you” I said.  Her eyes widened.

“Really? Y-you do?” Lydia asked, almost like she didn’t believe it.  But I nodded my head, trying desperately to keep up my confidence before it all went away.  “You… you like me?” My brows furrowed.

“What’s that supposed to mean? I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I could remember” Lydia shook her head exasperatedly and groaned.  My heart sank slightly.  “Look I know it’s pathetic and you’re you and I’m only me but seriously I mean it-”

“God would you just stop talking” Lydia groaned.  I opened my mouth to protest, but she grabbed my chin in her hand and yanked my lips against her.

I swear the world slowed down and my heart exploded.

She was so warm, and her lips were so soft, and she tasted like.. Like cherries.. And root beer.  Maybe a mix of chapstick and lip gloss I don’t know but it was heaven.

“Not fair.  I liked you first” She said when we pulled away.

“You definitely didn’t-”

“Yes.  I.  Did” She said firmly, pulling away slightly.

“Did not” I grumbled, and pulled her back in for another kiss.

“You sorta suck-”

“Lyds shut your mouth” She giggled, wrapping her arms around my neck while mine went around her waist.

“All our friends are staring at us” SHe whispered, and I laughed a little.  “Welp, Kira just started clapp- Stiles took a picture” I laughed more and kissed her nose quickly.

“Yeah well it took you long enough to show an interest” Lydia rolled her eyes.

“Seriously, in our moment, you’re gonna hold that against me?” I nodded with a grin.

“Wouldn’t want you thinking I’m an easy catch” I said with a wink, walking towards the beverage table.  “Gotta make it interesting, right?” I winked over my shoulder and she groaned, following after me.  But I heard her muttering.

“God you’re lucky I love you” 

to the anon who requested, i hope you liked it! 

xoxo ~ jordie

A Toast to Forgotten Friends

Remember when we were 6 and you used to hide behind the curtain and yell my name in weird ways to annoy and scare me?
I doubt you remember my name at all now but that’s okay because I stalked you online recently and you seem happy. I’m glad your father didn’t completely ruin your life.

Remember when we were 8 and saying ‘I reject you forever’ to one of the 3 in our group was a weekly thing? I don’t know about you, but that cracks me up to this day.
You’re in Prague now, studying something you seem so passionate about and she is finally in the kind of social circle she always craved. I’m happy for the two of you.

Remember when we were 10 and you gave me a get well soon card because I missed a day of school. Back then you did not realize that I was going to do that so often, not because I wasn’t well but just because I liked sleeping in.

You’ve lost the weight you wanted and you have a seemingly loving and adorable boyfriend. At least one of us got out of this rabbit hole. Stay out, please.

Remember when we were 12 and walked around the school grounds during PT to find clues that would prove our school is haunted and that my made up story is legit.
I don’t know what you’re really doing now but it’s doesn’t even matter, you’re happy. Thank you for still wishing me on my birthday every year. I guess it makes it easier having yours 4 days before mine and always getting a heartfelt message. Irrespective, I’m glad you’re still in annual touch. Continue being prim, proper, pretty and happy.

Remember when we were 14 and had just moved in the neighbourhood at the same time? The time I hurt myself playing badminton and you went home to get first aid and wore your school tie so as to pretend to be at my service. I don’t know if you know this, but the evenings you couldn’t make it, I would bang like crazy on your door. Even a day’s absence would seem like the biggest torture.
Now you’re doing something I had planned to do to. You’re better at it and I’m not surprised. I know it’s hard, but keep going. You’re stronger.

Remember that day in the library you randomly walked up to me to compliment my eyes. I remember you sketched them for me during lunch break and it was beautiful and creepy at the same time. You were so sure your life would be uneventful and sad and that we would never meet again. I told you I’d track you down one day somehow.
I don’t need to now, you’re finally on Facebook and I see you change and grow and do all those things you thought you never would every day. You’re brilliant and you’re beautiful. And I’m happy that by now you finally know that.

i want so badly NOT act like an edgy high school atheist but honestly the older i get and the more history i study and the more i know the more i resent religion??? like okay cool tool of oppression… that literally encourages blind worship…. cool tool that has been used literarily for all of history in so many evil ways….. love this system that has actively killed gay people. and continues to encourage the mistreatment of the LGBT community today. literally a tool used by colonizers to justify imperialism and slavery. now when i drive by a church my first reaction is rage and my second reaction is heartbreak, for my grandparents who are mourning the fact that they are convinced i will go to hell, for all the gay people throughout history who were tortured by the thought that they would be punished for living their lives, for myself, being raised in the church, and all the damage it did to me and to other people i love. i really feel like church was psychologically detrimental to me, and i try so hard to believe that religion wants to be a force of good and that i shouldn’t hate it, that it has pure intentions. i believe the average religious person has good intentions, but as a historical and political force i just see the church as like…. this incredible evil. something that has done immense damage beyond what i can even express. and i really really resent it a lot.

trying something new - g.d

(rated mature) i was alone in my apartment with literally nothing to do. i could call my boyfriend to hang out, but he told me he would be going to a neighboring city with his twin brother so i let him enjoy their time together. i didn’t feel like reading or watching any movies, so i went to tumblr and scrolled through a bunch of random stuffs i’ve taken interest at.
i was looking through random blogs when a particular pink themed one caught my eye, so i clicked on the profile. the three newest posts were fairly innocent, but as i dug deeper, i saw things i’ve never seen before. me and my boyfriend, we were adventurous in bed. i have to admit that fact. but we’ve never really tried stuffs like this. now looking at it, what me and my boyfriend were doing was super innocent compared to this. the tumblr blog was about dd/lg relationship. which is daddy and little girl. i’ve honestly thought that this was just a kink, but people actually have a lifestyle, and there’s even a community for it.
the owner made the dynamics of their relationship so pure, but there’s a sensuality in it that i’m intrigued by. i passed by a post with a video as the post. i didn’t clicked on it yet, but the thumbnail showed a girl, hopefully legal, and an much older looking guy putting his hand around her throat. her face was red, but somehow she looked sated in it.
i played the roughly 5 minutes video because tumblr doesn’t allow videos to be more than 5 minutes and it started with the girl laying on her bed with a bunch of stuffed animals circling her. i assumed she was sick because she’s just laying there. then the video transitions as the man in the thumbnail approaches her and she immediately jumps upwards, putting her arms around his neck to kiss him. however she stopped when the man put his left hand on her right cheek. she became timid all of a sudden. i find myself scooting closer to my laptop.
“what did i say to you about touching yourself when i’m not around?” the man starts. the girl slightly trembles, but her composure gives the impression that she wanted it. “i am not allowed to touch myself,” she replies. my eyebrows twitch in amusement. “that’s right. what does daddy call bad girls?” a noticeable swallow noise comes to my ears. probably from the girl. “daddy calls bad girls his slutty princess.” i paused the video immediately, embarrassed with the fact that i’m enjoying this new discovery. i was turned on.
i felt moved to click on the video again to watch it. the video changes again and the girl is now on the man’s lap, his hand guiding her hand to touch herself. as a few seconds pass, he lets go of her hand and she’s doing all the wicked deed by herself, but she’s begging for it.
“who is daddy’s favorite whore?” he cooes beside her ear. “you, daddy!” she whimpered faintly. a crazy thought just appeared on my head. i wanna call my boyfriend daddy as well. and i want him to call me humiliating names and degrade me.
the girl’s moans intensifies as he says crude things to her. he chokes her with his hand and she asks for more. he gags her with his dick but she can’t stop taking it farther inside her throat. my hand makes it’s way to my panties, and i start to rub myself through the already damp fabric. i feel bad, but my body feels electric as i imagine my boyfriend doing the things the man had done to the girl in the video. i slip my fingers inside of me after taking off everything except for my bra.
i tease my clit with soft, light circles and i made myself moan. i’m not the loudest in bed, but my boyfriend loves it when i make sudden gasps and when i spasm as i’m under his control. my breath hitches in my throat as i feel my high coming, like a tidal wave washing through out my system. it was coming, and it was coming hard. i felt my insides clench under my fingers.
i usually can’t come without my boyfriend, but for the first time ever, i have made my legs wet. i put my hand on my mouth, surprised and scared because i’ve never made myself……. come with liquid at the same time. i was confused. did i peed myself?
“fuck fuck fuck,” i chant as i try to take the sheets off the matress. “leave it, princess.” a familiar voice pierces the sex smelling room and i grab the bedsheets to cover my naked self. “fuck, grayson?” i asked to the stranger. but i knew it was him. he was the only person who knows the code to my apartment. “had fun touching yourself, you slut?” my eyes widen at the new profound side of grayson i’ve never experienced before.
the feeling of watching someone getting called names and the feeling when you’re the one who is getting called is totally different. you really do feel small and humiliated. but i can’t say that it doesn’t make me excited. “what were you doing, touching what’s mine?” grayson leans on the door frame and i could feel myself getting weaker by the second. my boyfriend is buff, and the summer sunshine has made his skin bronzer, which made his muscles look bigger than ever. he had the manliest hands and fingers i’ve ever seen, and now its gesturing me to come towards his direction. i was ashamed with how naked i was. i wanted to test how he would react if i stayed still. so i did.
“why the fuck are you not moving?” all of a sudden he is already beside me, one hand pinning both of mine above my head. he looked into my eyes for a few seconds and the next second he’s smiling because of my expression. “you’re such a cute kitten,” he compliments me but i felt like that was just a bait to make me feel like i’m in a safe situation. but i knew better. “not only your face is cute though. you’ve got cute hair,” he speaks as his other hand combs through my hair.
“cute ass,” he lets go of my pinned hands and puts it around his neck. i comply and rest them there. i’m sitting on top of his lap now, and i could feel his rock hard cock against my ass. he makes figure eights against my butt skin before slapping it playfully. “cute tits,” he pinches my right nipple knowing i’m more sensitive on that side than my left. he loves paying attention to that whenever we fuck. “grayson, please” i wail as i bit my lip.
he was torturing me with all this coy attitude, and i’m not sure if i hate it or if i love it and want him to play around more with me. “shut the fuck up and let me talk.” i felt myself getting smaller every second. we’ve dated for a year, but he has never raised his voice like this before. i shut my mouth and let him continue.
“you know what i love most about you, though?” i shake my head, still afraid he’ll tell me to shut up again. he snakes his hand to my inner thigh and move dangerously close to my private part. “i love how sensitive you are…..here,” he traces the outer part of my pussy and i jolt on his lap. he laughs, the kind of laugh that has a little bit of weight in it and it eases me a little bit.
“make the noises you made before, baby,” he teases me, biting my lower lip. i lean myself on him, rubbing my naked chest against his clothed one. i peck him on the lips but he doesn’t respond. i pout against his lips and he smiles again. i know who grayson is deep inside, and he’s soft all over. “stop trying to be cute,” he grunts and i giggle. “you made me mad because you couldn’t wait for me.” i tug his shirt demanding it to be taken off. he did, and i decided to kiss all over his chest to make him laugh even more. “i’m sorry gray, i’ll wait for you next time okay.” he smiles and kiss my cheek, then my nose. “i love you, princess.”

is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?

Group : BTS

Member : Jimin

Word Count : 1323 

Genre : pure smut, drabble 

Description : you’re naked on his bed as he comes home from work. 

a/n : requested by @jiminniemouse​ for the drabble game 


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Can we get a continuation of the Ain x In imagine? (not the orginal anon who sent it but i really like it) thanks

First part

“Wow…~” In fidgets with his hair as he watches the priest pant heavily. Bruises, cuts and scratches all over the priest’s body. It’s quite a bloody sight to witness, if In says so himself. “You’re pretty durable. Maybe even more durable than that boy.” The demon notes down.

Ain scowls, poking In’s curiosity even more. He doesn’t believe this Ain person still has enough energy to even glare, to try and defy In to hurt his pride. What is he, a monster?

It gives him all the more motivation to continue with the torture section, or as In prefers, “playing rough with the pretty people”.

“Haha… you remind me a lot like myself, y’know.” In states, bringing out a metal stick. “I used to struggle like that too. Squirm around in hatred, scream in anger…” He brings it down to strike Ain’s stomach.


“Hah… so cute. I understand why demons find this so entertaining…~” In smiles, baring his teeth in excitement. “Come on, inmate. Show me how much endurance you have.”

And Ain will resentfully show it, having little choice left.

The Interruption

Anon: Hi can I request a smut where you catch luhan masturbating and at the same time finds out he has a dirty talk kink thank you~

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Luhan (EXO)/Reader

Word Count: 1,145

Summary: I don’t think interrupting Luhan will ever happen again…

“I hope he likes it!” I spoke aloud as I got to Luhan’s apartment. I got him some candies that I remembered he use to eat when he was younger. Also it was his last day of his diet. He will be so excited. I lightly knocked on his door.

“Luhan-oppa?” No response. I reached into the plant pot by the door and took out the spare key. He really shouldn’t live this here. Anyone could find it.

“Oppa?” I called out again. Nothing. Hmm maybe he’s not home.

“Oh goddd…” What the hell is that? Did he leave the tv on? “Yess oh god yes!” I covered my mouth. That’s Luhan’s voice. What is he doing?

“Luhan?” My voice was just a whisper. I couldn’t talk any louder. I walked toward his room. The door was cracked open just enough for me to see him inside.

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Man, I’m watching Gallipoli and I keep thinking back to my Brohm one-shot of Ohm going to war and leaving Bryce and now I want to continue the one-shot and make it a long ass fic.

I love to torture myself with sadness and pain when writing, my lord. I’m like a moth to a flame with anything sad in fics. Ha!

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