if i come across like i'm in a bad mood

Hey guys

I’m sorry if I’ve ever come across as rude, or selfish, or irritating. Or if I’ve ever offended you or freaked you out or ignored you by mistake.

I feel like I’m just a constant annoyance to you guys. I feel like I make everything awkward and uncomfortable for you. I don’t join in with a lot of conversations because I feel like I ruin it. I don’t really contribute anything other than my stupid doodles that aren’t even that great if I’m honest.

Basically I’m sorry for everything.

This will be a wildly unpopular opinion I’m sure, but if Oli is as bad as all of the stories and rumours and chatter suggests, don’t you think Louis would have figured this out and eliminated him from his life literally years ago?

Like I’m not suggesting that he hasn’t been the one to ‘leak’ information to fans, but every single time, it comes across as being deliberate released in a way that’s designed to make it seem authentic and trustworthy.

Don’t you trust Louis to choose and maintain his inner circle wisely?