if i cant make friends the normal way

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hello. i have a quick question. maybe like three. ( sorry ) but how do i come out to friends and parents? i want to tell them how im transgender so bad but my fears are weighing me down. also. how do i stop flirting? i accepted myself as pan, but i feel like i flirt with everyone and compliment their beauty and i cant stop?? and finally ( i know im v sorry ) is it normal to enjoy stories and shows with openly gay/trans characters? i feel like thats the only reason i like them. thanks! - simon <3

I’ll number your questions, just to make it easier to read:

1. there’s no one way to come out. it’s a nerve-wracking discussion to have. if you’re too nervous, you can tell them in print somehow (texting a letter, ect), but at some point, you will need to sit down and have a conversation.

2. lmao, it’s fine to flirt! there’s no reason that you need to stop. (I’m the same way!) like… don’t worry about flirting too much. I promise, it’s fine.

3. yes, yes it is! I love stories with openly queer characters, because I feel like I’m finally seeing some representation of who I am.

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