if i cant have you why wont you let me go

Woke up checked my phone
What the fuck I cant face this alone
Cancer trying to take my girl away
No chance please god make it go away
Without her in my life i cant live a day
Without her my life will decay
Doctors say she has till Sunday
Fuckers our anniversary’s on Monday
Please god let her stay
That crazy girl told me to walk away
Fuck you boo its my time to pay
For every single time you stood for mey
For every time your mother told you to leave me and you disobey
Am sorry but i have nothing but to pray
Stay strong we are almost halfway
Fucking cancer you took away my grandma no more noway
Am sorry god but i feel betray why would you hurt the ones who obey
Fuck cancer lets get married today
A disease cannot tear us apart no way
Am trying to be strong but deep down am feeling stray
Our relationship gotta be sturdy I wont settle for sway
Whatever challenge they have for us
Ill keep fighting for you no matter what the fuss
Fuck rap fuck rhymes fuck the world it got no taste without ya by my side
Cant say how many times i cried
Cant describe how much i love you in bars
Amma take away your scars
I have a moon so why would I look to the stars

digimon adventure tri ketsui: behind the scenes
  • ken: hey they wont let us into tri because we're from 02 not the first season of adventure
  • daisuke: dude this sucks
  • miyako: what the fuck
  • iori: fucking 90's kids
  • ken: which is why i have a plan daisuke let me take our dragon and steal their cat then they'll have to put us in tri
  • *later*
  • ken: ok so that didnt go as planned
  • daisuke: ken what the fuck happened
  • miyako: ken when are you going to stop dressing as angsty ronald mcdonald
  • ken: i got our dragon killed and fucked up stealing their cat
  • iori: well fucking done
personal moodboards :)

hey guys! the most popular choice for my 1.5k celebration (on my poetry blog) was blogrates, but i’m about to go on holiday so i’ll do blogrates when i get back. for now i decided to do personal moodboards :)


  • mbf this nerd
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  • send me your name and/or anything you want me to include in your moodboard! (i cant make any promises but hey the more i have to work with the better!)
  • bonus points if you check out (and maybe enter if you want?) this lil network (:

here are examples of my moodboards

i’ll tag them with “personal mb” if you dont want to see! 

unless this get too many notes (which it wont lets be real), i’ll try to make all of them! but it may take me some time pls know im not ignoring you im just probably on a plane or something!

edit: i actually got a loooot of asks, so though i will do them all, it will take even more time than i planned!