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Pick SomeoneWho’s Supportive

Ok something very exciting happened to me last night. I have been on another planet literally since and just can’t keep it to myself anymore. I ran it by some friends on here I trust a ton (sslarrysettingsail, bromanceshmomance, and pianolouis) and decided to go ahead and share. It’s super long though, so you may want to grab a beverage and get comfy.

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bfl (boyfriend bestfriend lover)

genre: fluff, fluff, and more fluff

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 1,545 words

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

opening line: “Although your boyfriend is highkey a manipulator and gets petty at times, you still love Jung Jaehyun for being there for you when you need it the most.” 

*happy birthday jjh you make me swerve too hard for you but I still love you very very much, you dimpled cutie.* 

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10 signs you’re in love

1. You get shy around him very often

2. You smile a lot when his around

3. You react  immediately when someone mentions his name

4. You can’t stop thinking about him

5. You can’t stop stare at him

6. You’ll go with him everywhere

7. You find yourself lingering on stuff which belongs to him

8. Your heart beats faster  because of him

9. You look at him like he’s your everything

10.  You want to share his dreams and be with him forever

I just want Viktor and Yuri to say “I love you” to each other.

It doesn’t have to be some big grand scene, it can literally be something light and casual or even just a offhanded “Love you!” text and all the other does is smile and respond back with the “love you too” text.

Yes, I know that they kissed and exchanged rings (my soul left my body each time and I ascended into heaven, bless) and Viktor in the last episode danced around the word “love” but he didn’t actually say the phrase to Yuri. Everything that has been played it is INCREDIBLY powerful and shows that “yes, here is a healthy gay couple in love,” but I still want that phrase to be said out loud and for all to hear. 

It’s like in a fanfiction of your fave pairing where you know the couple is gonna get together. In fact, there have been a couple of chapters where they’ve gone through the tropes, they’ve held hands and even kissed, but when they say “I love you” for the first time, it just hits you so god damn HARD.

The phrase “I love you” is just powerful because there’s just so much behind those three words. Again, the actions of these two in the anime do speak for themselves, but that doesn’t make “I love you” any less powerful or satisfying. 

I just think it would just be amazing if they said it out loud to each other. I can’t really explain it, perhaps someone can say it better, but words have so much power and I would love for this to happen. 

there will be people who use you. they are good at getting close so you care about them. when they see your scars, they’ll flash their own. you will feel kin to them. you know what it is to struggle with things.

and at first you think: they’ll help me if i help them.

but it doesn’t happen. you love them deeply so you always pick up the phone. it doesn’t matter that you have a test the next day or that you’re going through things of your own. you support them.

they are good at pretend. they will play like they are your friend, so you endlessly give to them. after a while you realize: it really doesn’t matter what’s happening in your life, some more pressing emergency is always happening to them. it is a hard thing to recognize, because you don’t want people to hurt like you do. 

i have a friend who never asks me if i’’m okay. she only ever texts me to tell me she wants to die, but never goes to therapy or does any of the things i tell her to do to help herself. once when i came back from my grandfather’s funeral she demanded to know why i’d been gone, and when i explained, she said that without me, she’d almost passed out of this world. i had to lay down on the floor; nothing made sense anymore. i want her to get better. i want to help.

but there are people out there who will use you. who don’t care about getting better, they care about you giving up your time, your effort, your everything. until you are drained of it. i don’t mean those who give back, who will gladly do anything for you, who you know you can trust. who you don’t mind giving up the test for, because you know they’d do the same in a similar spot.

i mean those who don’t know you. who pretend that they care about you but are using your empathy as a sore spot. who take more than they need. who demand your attention all of the time but don’t care if you bleed.

A Note About Shipping

I’m seeing a lot of posts about how people are pissed that certain ships aren’t getting any or as much screen time these days, and I feel I need to say something.

First of all I want to say that I’ve been a hardcore Jassandra shipper since day 1. I am still a hardcore Jassandra shipper. I will always be a hardcore Jassandra shipper. My love for this ship won’t diminish if it never becomes canon.

When did a ship have to become canon for people to enjoy it? Where is it written that a ship needs to be canon in order to be valid? 

There used to be a time when people didn’t give a damn if their ship was canon or not. People used to ship characters that didn’t even have scenes together. And now I’m hearing people whine because their ship isn’t getting screen time, or that one half of their non canon ship is expressing interest in someone else.

I love The Librarians because it is a fun show. I love the characters and the stories. Jassandra is just some added fun for me, and if they don’t get screen time together then I have other outlets for that. Fanfic, fan art, fan vids, they exist for a reason. 

If the only reason you’re watching the show is for a ship, then maybe you’re better off watching a show that is actually about relationships. The Librarians isn’t that kind of show. (Not romantic relationships, at least.) 

And as an added note, Jassandra was never canon. People are talking like we’ve been baited. We haven’t. They’ve never been written as a couple. The actors have great chemistry together which makes reading between the lines easy. But on the show, they’ve never been together.

resbang 2016: Wanna Be Yours

Finally! My second resbang is done! 

I wanna thank my incredible artist partner @fuzzyfur455 who has been so patient with me these last few months as well as so supportive. I had so much fun working with her on this fic and sharing ideas and such, and I’m so appreciative for everything she did. Seriously, all my thanks goes to her. If it weren’t for her having my back, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through this fic.


Can you show me how to kiss someone?

It starts out as a simple request, but the one after it leaves Maka in a sexual mess she wasn’t expecting. The sex was meant to help her get over Soul. Not dig herself deeper into a hole and only make her love him even more. Friends With Benefits AU.

Warnings: explicit sexual content, mutual pining, denial of feelings, smut with a plot, fluff too

Rating: M

Maka makes a mental note to never trust Liz again.

Especially when it comes to blind dates.

Stabbing at her salad, she nods as her date goes on and on about his travels to third world countries, an attribute that’s wholly attractive. She always did find humbleness and charity an appeasing quality in a man, but this man lacks the former of the two. All he’s talked about for the last thirty minutes is himself and all the noble deeds he’s done for the less fortunate; he hasn’t asked a single question about her. It’s been all about him, him, him.

She prides herself in the ability to know when someone isn’t genuine, and her date falls under the category. Every red flag in her mind has been flashing since he started talking. Since she first sat down and heard him speak. The egotism had been oozing off him when they first met, and she has no idea how Liz thinks this guy is right for her. His only reason for doing so much is so he has the chance to gloat to unsuspecting girls on the off chance he’ll get lucky.

Unlucky for him, though, Maka isn’t dense.

“And then I went to–”

The Cantina Band song from Star Wars cuts him off and Maka jumps to dig for her phone, giving him an apologetic smile in the process while internally thanking every god in existence for the distraction.

“Sorry. I guess I forgot to put it on silent.” She pauses to look at the name on the screen even though she knows perfectly well who it is. “I’m sorry, but I really need to answer this.”

“Yeah, sure,” her date duly says, the charm and charisma disappearing in an instant as he leans back in his chair and pouts like a child. “I’ll stay here.”

“It won’t take more than a minute,” she promises.

Standing from her chair, she heads to the bathrooms.

“Thank you so much for calling,” she says once she’s out of earshot of her date. “Now I can finally leave this horrid date.”

“You owe me for this,” Soul growls on the other end.

Read the rest on FFN or AO3.
Check out Fuzzy’s art here and here (nsfw).

the other day I was working and what my perpetually single self decided to think up was something along the lines of…

imagine someone you love is waiting for you at home, they can’t wait to see you later when you get off work. throughout the day they send you texts, pictures, snapchats, all detailing how you’re going to be totally wrecked when you get home

*picture of feathers/hairbrushes/etc*

“you’re so getting tickled later”

*snapchat of handcuffs on the bed, or maybe full on X frame restraints*

“I can’t wait to have you all to myself”

*snapchat of nails tapping along a counter top*

“only 2 more hours of work left ;)”

Thank you!!

My dear friends, I reached 200 followers on my main blog and I wanted you to know THAT I LOVE EVERYONE OF YOU AHHHHH!!

Special thanks to @fairy-bookworm for being my number 200 <3

Since I want to give you something back, I wanted to do a little lottery! The winner will get the chance to request a portrait, a song or a oneshot from me.

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Here’s a disclaimer:

I love Tumblr. I really do. I love writing and I love the people I’ve “met” and I love that I’m able to unleash my imagination and have so many people enjoy it.

But I hate coming on here every single day and seeing people getting hated on. It really just makes me want to log right back out and never come back.






Like…get off the internet. Go outside. Pet a dog. Roll around in the grass. Sing shower karaoke. Do something…ANYTHING…other than be so pointlessly stupid.

That’s all.

man i can’t believe it’s christmas day !!! (art credit)

i’ve made this blog back in august, dying from the heat and now it’s cold and christmassy and !!! goD i didn’t think a fandom would have pulled me in so much and made me stay this long and still enjoy being here and writing and bringing forth a portrayal of someone so hecking complex like hanzo?? but gosh, during these few months i’ve met so many wonderful people who stuck with me (still do) and i’m so so so so grateful i ??? needed to write out a quick thank you for everyone bc … yessss

this is gonna get very gushy so i apologize but hey, it’s christmas, everyone deserves a little bit of niceness, so i will gush and u guys will take it, yes? yes. consider it a bias list of sorts? but i’ll write out a lil’ thank you for the special peeps in my life, bc it’s long overdue heh so let’s

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Hamilton bootleg thoughts

It’s hilarious that some anti-bootleg people are saying “I’m not privileged! I’m just saving money to go! And I’ll still have to drive, like, 4 hours!!”
oh no…. how terrible it must be….. four hours….. and here I am, continents away, thinking I was so unfortunate….. oh you have opened my eyes…… 

smh there isn’t even a confirmation that it’s gonna be filmed, just an old article from last year that said it might be filmed: 

“I said we WANT to film the show with this cast before the year is out. That’s all I said. There are no plans for anything yet.”— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) October 5, 2015

come on guys. stop telling us to wait for something that probably isn’t even going to happen. you can guilt-trip me into buying tickets (and I will, with pleasure) when they tour in Armenia. thanks.

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Current Job?: None.
What are you talented at?: being a little shit. uuuhhh idk. character analysis is my serious answer. 
What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: I’m trying to finish my fic! Because I have never finished one before. (Which. if y’all haven’t and you want to. you can check it out here. It’s like a viktuuri slow burn but in the afterlife. I’d love it if you did).
What’s your aesthetic?: color palettes. symmetry. I actually have an aesthetic blog at @memoriesallalone​ which better showcases it than I could explain. For someone who writes I am complete shit at explaining things.
Do you collect anything?: Does the 3.5k+ YOI pictures saved to my phone count? 
A topic you always talk about?: Viktuuri, and everything Yuri!!! on Ice. Memes. Fanfiction surprisingly.
Pet peeve?: A loooot of noise and visual related ones inherently piss me off, like people fidgeting constantly, or slurping, or chewing out loud, it’s a very long list. I also don’t like when someone abruptly stops a song I’m really into.
Good advice?: If they demand all your attention, run. The sooner you admit things to yourself, the better. Uhh… idk my ability to give advice directly relates to me talking to someone about their problems.

Recommend 3 songs:

  • Taishou A by anNina
  • Yuri on Ice by Umebayashi Tarou
  • Dream Catcher by Set it Off

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Always love your writing truffs!!!❤ and i couldn't help but think how tired barry sounded at the end of the episode, even at the beginning of the episode where we pick up where we left off in the "wrath of savitar", barry still hasn't fully recovered from his injury after savitar stabbed him with his claw (said claw was lodged in the bone of his shoulder) and he wants to go straight into the speedforce to save wally. (1)

(2)and all that barry has to go through to save wally and the fact that he was willing to take wally’s place in savitar’s prison just shows how self-sacrificing he is. And imagine how painful it must have been to leave jay there, who shares his father’s face, someone who he had to say goodbye to/lose him so many times,like damn.

(3)even when jay first showed up to get barry out of the speedforce barry needed to ask if he was real and not just another speedforce look-like, because the speedforce has looked like his father before, it can do again

4) also barrisco friendship this episode, asides from the beginning of the ep. where cisco needed to let barry go, later when jay comes in we find out that cisco went to earth-3 to ask for jay’s help because something happened with barry. Then at the end of the episode barry mentions that he can bunk at cisco’s place and it shows that cisco, even if their friendship is a bit rocky, still cares about barry. I’m sorry for rambling but this ep. was so good and i just wanted to get my thoughts out

This is a beautiful ramble and I agree on all accounts, nonnie.  You’re tempting my sleepless muse into h/c waters.  <3  (The joys, the joys, the endless joys of medications.)

I live for the /c as much as the whump.  When I watch an episode like Into the Speed Force, amid all the general flailing, my mind tends to go two places: 1) What’s a worse/more serious scenario and 2) what’s the aftermath look like?  I’m such a fan of exploring the emotional and physical impact.  Watching characters go through crises and come out stronger is what I love to write. 

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mina time 💓 (abc tag)

i was tagged by my babe @bambama1 💖

a. - age: 21 i’ll be 22 in a month ahjvbsdkvjd

b. - biggest fear: an airplane crashing into my house (i know that’s weird)

c. - current time: 11:06 pm

d. - drink you last had: powerade :-)

e. - everyday starts with: wanting to take a nap as soon as i wake up lmao

f. - ?????? is this supposed to be a question? HOW DO I ANSWER THIS?!

g. - ghosts, are they real: bitch yes wtf HAVE YALL NOT SEEN THE CONJURING

h. - hometown: i’m from the bay area ayy 😎

i. - in love with: CHOI YOUNGJAE MY HORT AND SOUL 

j. - jealous of: i don’t really get jealous tbh

k. - killed someone: wtf? lol no

l. - last time you cried: a little while ago bc i’m just a crybaby bitch :/

m. - middle name: i don’t have one :((((((((((((((((((((((((

n. - never seen without: my phone bc tumblr has taken over my life

o. - one wish: to overcome my mental illnesses but lol cause that won’t happen

p. - last person i called/texted: my best friend ari 💞

q. - questions you’re always asked: “did that hurt?” (referring to piercings) like duh a needle is going into my skin what do you thinK???? 

r. - reason to smile: got7 bc they are the most precious bubs in the world :’)

s. - song last sang: the way you are - yugyeom

t. - time you woke up: 11 am 

u. - underwear: they are pink lace see through ones bc i’m just a hoe ok

v. - vacation destination: germany :-) i want to visit where my grandparents came from!!!

w. - worst habit: i pull at my hair when i get really angry, i should stop :/

x. - x boyfriend/girlfriend: THEY’RE A BUNCH OF FUCKING CHEATERS

y. - your favorite food: lasagna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

z. zodiac: aries 

i’m gonna tag: @2jaekisses @jyum @coco-is-my-real-bias @nverever @sugarplumjae @itsokaythough @justwhatevermark and anyone else who wants to do this!!!!!

❦ I҉͓̼͓ͅf̡̟̺͚͖ͅ ̡͚Í͎̯̼͓ ̠̺̙͜H̛̪̼̣̪a̺̠͉̞̤̳ͅd̮͓̞̖̪͢ ̣͇̖̺̣a̠̗̰͖ ͚̬̯͢He̵̲a̳̙r̛̬̫t̢̝ ❦

“How would it be.. if all my hate disappeared like my youth, if after all this time his very hatred of me turned out to be something gentle, some kind of love.”

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Sleepy Wonho.

-Wakes up only if you kiss him
-Really drowsy when he wakes up
-His eyes, nose and lips are more red than usual
-Sitting up takes forever
-Grandpa wonho activated
-Extra fluffy hair and a dazed look on his face
-Pouty lips
-Groaning because he doesn’t want to get up
-Really likes it when you give him lots and lots of kisses
-Call him ‘baby’ he loves that shit
-Hold his face in your hands and give him Eskimo kisses
-More kisses all over his face to make him smile
-He puts his arms around you and throw himself back onto the bed
-Puts his finger on your lips to silence you when you protest
- “Please Jagi 5 more minutes”
-He falls asleep again
-Damnit wonho we need to get out of bed
-He’ just so innocent and fluffy have you seen him omg

i want to hug every member of the lgbt community and never let them go. i wish i could keep everyone safe and never let them experience the terrible things that shouldn’t even happen in the first place. i want you to be able to go to your first pride or have your first kiss or hold your partners hand in public without fearing for your safety. it makes me sick and angry that im only one person unable to stop all the hate in the world. but as always if you need someone to come to i’ll gladly do anything and everything I can to make you feel better. come out to me. tell me about your partner/crush. ill be someone safe to come to and will love and support you always.

more random thoughts i’m flinging onto the dash but that feel when u come across a new blog for a character you love or just a new blog in general and you’re jittering in ur seat waiting to read their rules & about bcuz like? i don’t want to just assume a character is going to be such and such and i’d hate to follow & then find out later our rules clash & make us incompatible? bcuz i’m trying to only follow ppl i have every intention of interacting with. so. or maybe this feel is just me? lol

       I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING TO BE SALTY ABOUT! this panel is AFTER Igneel drops Acnologia from their battle in the sky and Kyoka and Mard Gear are beaten(don’t even get me started on THIS nonsense that for another time) but LOOK AT THIS BULLSHIT!

       If it’s trying to convey they only released due to the erasing of magic power that’s such bullshit since Igneel was able to manifest without an issue. which leads me to:

       Excuse me but uhm no. If anything losing his arm to Igneel and YOU FOUR sitting right there scared him away. The fuck you gonna tell me “bravery” scared off Acnologia my ass. and yes that IS Grandeeney speaking so it’s no like one of the humans is telling her from off panel(you can tell by the blip in the bubble meaning someone on panel is speaking). 

       Don’t even try the “they were sleeping” bullshit either since it states they awakened BEFORE Igneel stood against Acnologia which means this was some spotlight on Igneel and Natsu’s relationship, which would normally be fine, if Team Natsu didn’t steal the spotlight in ever damn arc. OR even Fairy Tail as a whole. So instead of seeing Five dragons vs Acnologia, or Igneel telling them to kill off face BEFORE it activates we just get this bullshit panels. It’s a hype moment yes but there’s no reason any of those four should not have gotten out and killed off face and fought with Igneel in the first place. they didn’t smash face until time was up, and if you try to argue they were Happy would have noticed the blips going offline way before time hits 0:00

       But don’t tell me that would even be a plot hole considering they could just go back into the slayers OR vanish like they already do. so many amazing idea in this manga are just so poorly executed and i don’t know what the fuck he’s doing to his own series. Nothing makes sense anymore.

       So much potential, all wasted because not team Natsu and/or Fairy Tail as a whole(I’d be willing to toss Gajeel into this nonsense too mind you, see this current bullshit arc).

      Now I’m not trying to spread hate, nor am I trying to say the author sucks(his execution HOWEVER) but as a fellow aspiring author and fan I just…expect more ya  know?