if i can't have album covers then what's this all been about

like maybe people are saying that these newer groups’ vocals are more catchy or grab at you more. sure. you do you. but super junior’s. their harmonies are the one thing my mom has complimented about them, and that’s like one of the highest compliments she can give. she compared them to a choir. like they all have such distinct voices but they blend and bleed together?? so well?? like i remember listening to 3jib when i was 12 and then 7jib just last year and. christ. siwon has never been lead vocal but his voice has improved so so much if you’ve listened to him cover lost stars then you know what i mean. heechul’s voice is so beautiful, i’m so glad m&d exists because he gets to show it off more there. hyukjae’s vocals have also grown massively and he gets to show that a lot in d&e albums. shindong always gets the short end of the stick but we always strain to hear his voice all the same and every time it’s still so beautiful, petition to give him a solo song after he comes back like. have you ever listened to kyuhyun performing in a musical???? that’s the very definition of a religious experience, right there. and if anyone remembers how siwon’s line led right into leeteuk’s in this is love!! like they keep finding so many new ways to play with sound and grow and just when you think you’re used to hearing their voices and you know how they work they just blow you over. i’m getting so emotional right now i love these guys so much.