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so after months years probably lol of not uploading a selca I figured it was about time I did it again. I never take pictures of myself ok I always feel awkward I’m sry🙈  I also want to make a quick shoutout to snapchat for making the flower crown filter making me look better than what I actually am #bless. 

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study date/cooking/cute with kids/idk just read it

requested by shawn i think, from this list! (55: “youre a nerd”) feel free to send things in, it’ll just take fuckin forever to write
@parkery here ya go my bud

MASTERLIST i forget i have one of these

pairing: peter x reader, i think i steered clear of genders!!!

word count: 1162

warnings: swearing??? its me 

status: unedited


“I don’t understand why you need my help, anyway. Usually you’d be able to study for this in half an hour and pass the test,” Peter whispers as he copies down the things written on the board.

You look at Peter and raise an eyebrow, tapping your pencil lightly on your book. Your closed book, at that. “That’s not true, and you know it,” you mutter. Lately you’ve been extremely distracted and unable to focus on anything. You haven’t even been able to sleep for more than maybe five hours a night.

“It is, though. Three months ago, you could do anything in school, but you haven’t even opened your book this lesson…”

You look down at your closed workbook for a few seconds before resting your head against it. You don’t know why everything’s so difficult lately. Maybe it’s because your parents are constantly in and out of the house lately and now you have to take care of yourself and your siblings.

At first you thought it was the fact that your boyfriend, Peter, wasn’t around much anymore. However, after countless nights of procrastinating simple things like homework to clean your room and cook dinner for your siblings instead, you started wondering whether you were just telling yourself he wasn’t around much. Then, you started believing you’d accidentally been avoiding him, which threw some more stress onto your shoulders.

When the bell rings, you finally lift your head off your book and sigh. The teacher is the first one out the door, with you and Peter being the last.

“Just—are you able to come over? Just tonight, you can stay over so you don’t have to walk home. We can study and maybe you can help me with my little brother and sister’s dinner?” you ask as the two of you make your way down the halls. His locker is closest, so you stop there and wait for him. He looks at you with an unsure stare before opening the metal door. “C’mon, you can read ‘em to sleep! You love doing that.”

“I don’t know, Y/N,” Peter says, putting his homework into his bag. “I have this internship—”

“Fuck the internship,” you snap. Peter pulls his bag out and looks at you while swinging it over his shoulder. “I didn’t mean that. It’s just that…between everything going on in both of our lives we never get to see each other outside of school, how is this a functioning relationship at all?”

Peter leans forward and places a light kiss on your lips. “I’ll go home, tell May and get a change of clothes. I’ll be at yours by four-thirty.”

Peter arrived at yours by four-thirty, and by five, you two had started studying and taken three short breaks. You call for another one at five-fifteen.

“We’re not going to accomplish anything if you keep avoiding it,” Peter points out, rolling over from his stomach to his back. He stares up at your ceiling for a while before turning his head to look at you.

“It’s boring, though,” you reply, rolling over and leaning your head on his chest.

“Come on, I could be half way through this book by now! We’ve barely pushed through three pages.”

“Yeah, but…” you drift off, playing with Peter’s shirt.

“But what?” he pushes, his hand brushing through your hair.

“You’re a nerd,” you say with a laugh. He jokingly scoffs and pushes you off him. “Hey!”

“You used to be a nerd!” he defends himself, rolling off the bed and standing beside it. “That was a completely unfair comment.”

“Okay, Mr. Nerd. I’m sorry. We can study again after we cook dinner for the little guys, and I promise to study without a break for at least an hour.”

Peter nods at this and makes you pinky-promise, before closing all the books and putting the pencils and highlighters in your pencil case.

“I know we haven’t like, hung out for a while,” you mumble, reading the back of the ravioli box. “But you do remember I have no idea how to cook, right?”

Peter takes the box from you and scans it himself. “Neither. Does anybody these days?” You shrug and watch him throw the box behind him. “I think you just boil water and watch it.”

You follow Peter’s instructions, putting some bowls out on the bench.

Your little sister runs into the kitchen towards Peter, and you watch as he picks her up with a wide smile on his face. You quickly grab your phone and snap a photo before Peter stops laughing.

“This music sucks,” your sister claims, a frown settling on her features.

“This music does not suck!” Peter replies, a fake defensive look taking over his face. “Elton John is a legend. This playlist is full of legends.”

Your sister pokes her tongue out at the boy. “And every time you come over I have to listen to boring legends. They don’t seem like legends, they’re like losers.”

“Did you just call George Michael a loser?” you fake being offended, taking your sister from Peter’s arms. “You like listening to his music!” She shakes her head, so you put her down. “Get out of my sight,” you say, fake hurt, “I can’t look at you.”

You hear Peter laughing as she runs out of the kitchen and back to her bedroom. You’re very much aware that your siblings hate the ‘Peter’ playlist, a playlist full of songs you and Peter listen to most times he’s over. It’s full of people like Elvis, Elton John, George Michael, et cetera. You both rarely ever listen to those artists outside hanging out with each other.

“Dinner!” Peter yells out, emptying the water from the pot and putting some of the ravioli into each of the four bowls. He makes your brother and sister go into the lounge and sit on the couch. “Pick out a movie, I’ll come put it on for you in just a second!”

He turns to you when they leave with their food and kisses you lightly. You hook your arms around his shoulders and kiss back, finally pulling back at the laughing coming from the lounge room. You stay hugging him, though, admiring Peter’s face as he laughs.

“I guess we aren’t studying for that hour,” Peter whispers, leaning forward and kissing you once more before grabbing his food and rushing into the lounge. You watch from the kitchen as he puts the movie on—Finding Dory—and settles on the couch behind the kids who decide to sit on the floor. They talk and laugh as they wait for you to come in to start the movie, and you’re so in love with the scene of him laughing with your younger siblings that you need to take a photo or two.

When you finally grab your food and move onto the couch, Peter makes sure you’re as close as possible before clicking play. 

should i start a tag list??

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Rules: Answer the 30 questions then tag 20 blogs u would like to get to know better

1. Nicknames: Well really there’s just Satan and Raven :/
2. Gender: I don’t know right now I’m currently questioning my entire life don’t judge me please
3. Star sign: Libra (apparently I’m balanced lmao????)
4. Height: very average height (sorry i cannot be bothered to measure)
5. Time: 1:58pm
6. Birthday: October the 15th
7. Favourite bands: Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, The Killers
8. Favourite solo artists:Ed Sheeran (his old stuff though), Dodie Clark, Halsey, LORDE, Ruelle, Hayley Kiyoko and a whole bunch of other random people the list is long
9. Song stuck in my head: Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko (wow can you tell that I am gay???) 
10. Last movie watched: Big Hero 6
11. Last show watched: Sarah Jane Season three
12. When did i create my blog: Oh i don’t really remember 
13. What do i post: lmao my blog is a mess of dnp, b99, hp and a bunch of stuff I find funny
14. Last thing i googled: minecraft-box productions (a friends youtube channel)
15. Do you have other blogs: nah I can barely keep up with this one
16. Do you get asks: rarely and when i do i think they are just people taking pity on me
17. Why did you choose your url: It reflects who I am inside
18. Following: way too many because there are too many quality blogs on this website
19. Followers: not a lot because my blog is trash lmao but i don’t really mind
20. Favourite colours: Black and Red
21. Average hours of sleep: 3 ish (i know i’m bad)
22. Lucky number: either 13 for the irony or 666
23. Instruments: I play clarinet, french horn, flute, trumpet and bassoon (the bassoon is my main one) and I am learning guitar very slowly
24. What am i wearing: Turquoise pyjama pants with elephants on them and an oversized grey hoodie
25. How many blankets do i sleep with: one really really thick one even though it’s summer
26. Dream job: I want to play in the WA Symphony orchestra and be an author that would be cool
27. Dream trip: Literally anywhere just get me out of Australia
28. Favourite food: Mangoes and Dark Chocolate
29: Nationality: Aussie
30: Favourite song right now: Sun by Sleeping at last and 400 LUX by Lorde (i can’t choose help)

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why is the au called/tagged "hibas" if the fic is called "hands that do no harm"?

Because Hands that do no Harm is specifically Chrissy’s idea for this, and the inspirational piece that set this whole thing in motion. Hope is but a Stranger, or hibas, is my own take on it. 

It serves as a divide between the two. If for nothing else, this way the original fic does not get lost when people are talking about htdnh and hibas, and therefore can still get the credit it needs.

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I was taking a walk in the antis tag to laugh a little and oh boy, they are so salty about the fact that everyone is hype about jonerys..i mean, just take a look in twitter, facebook, tumblr, reddit, youtube, there is jonerys in literally everywhere haha. With this leaked episode, things got even bigger, oh boy, they are pressed lmao


I can’t even have enough time to watch and see so many new material about jonerys because there is literally so many and like you said in all places..there is so MANY new youtube edits with their scenes in 7x06, i can’t even keep up. Same on twitter. All their scenes in 7x06 exploded when the episode leaked..

now imagine after the season finale


Zodiac Tag Rules: Pick your main characters of your blog, could be 1 or all of them, and state which zodiac sign they are. You can present it anyway you like! :D once you’ve done it tag others whose sims you want to know better :)

I was tagged by @storybooksimblr. Thank you!

Since tumblr was acting up last night, and I changed my mind on her sign, I’m redoing Gardenia’s zodiac post.

I think Virgo fits her a lot better!

Strengths: Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical

Weaknesses: Shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play

Virgo likes: Animals, healthy food, books, nature, cleanliness

Virgo dislikes: Rudeness, asking for help, taking center stage

Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac. Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance, and although they are often tender, their heart might be closed for the outer world. This is a sign often misunderstood, not because they lack the ability to express, but because they won’t accept their feelings as valid, true, or even relevant when opposed to reason. The symbolism behind the name speaks well of their nature, born with a feeling they are experiencing everything for the first time.

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I'm looking for a wolfstar fic that I know you've recced in the past. From what I remember, Remus works at a daycare and Sirius takes baby Harry there, and they end up growing close/getting together. I'm fairly certain it was a modern AU. It was such a beautiful fic!!! I don't know if I'm misremembering, but I can't find it in any of the relevant tags :( thank you in advance for the help <3

I don’t think I’ve ever read a fic where Remus works at a daycare, but yours does sound similar to this one, where Remus is a teacher.

Meet You At The Bottom, by Remy_Writes5
“Hi Mr. Lupin!” Harry called out, waving at his teacher. “I’ve brought Uncle Sirius again!”“I can see that,” Remus said, standing up and joining them. “And how are we today?”“Good!” Harry said, jumping up and down in place. “Uncle Sirius would like to snog you. He told my mummy.”

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How do u make friends on tumblr??

Hi! Here are some tips for getting more Jonerys followers:

1.  Make sure your Tumblr has great Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen & Jonerys/Snowstorm content. This blog is mainly reblogs with some of my commentary, but others write fics and meta. Still others do fanart and vids. 

Tip: If your main blog has content other than Jon, Dany, or Jonerys, consider starting a sideblog. (This is my sideblog for Jonerys; I have 2 other sideblogs for my other ships and faves, and my main blog, where I post and share a mix of content.)

2. Post in the Jonerys and Snowstorm tags. You can look at the tags to see the kinds of things people are posting. :)

3. If you want to chat with other shippers, you can just message someone whose blog you like. There’s a chance they may not respond back but don’t take it personally – they might be busy with other things, either on Tumblr or elsewhere online. The more popular the Tumblr, the more asks, messages, and the like they get.

I’ll put this in the Jonerys tag so if anyone else has tips, they can share.

The lovely thing about Jon/Dany shippers is that people are genuinely cool, and thrilled about our ship coming in. Most of us are getting many more new followers, and are following just about everyone who has a Jonerys blog.

Hope this helps! Happy Tumblring! :)


As I was running through the Seneca tags, I came across this beautiful quote: “Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” Placing that next to the book I’m currently reading which is  Précis de décomposition by Emil Cioran (and, as some of you may know, Mr. Cioran is mostly known for his pervasive philosophical pessimism) merely gives you an outline of how fragile someone’s life can be. 

Everyone has had moments in their lives when taking one step ahead automatically lead to two steps taken behind. And following Seneca’s words (even though he is a Stoic), being alive in certain situations has proven to be the best option for anyone to make. For one to be brave to go on with her/his life after diverse incidents is an immense effort that can be only praised by you

Ending your life is never a definitive answer. Many of us believe that once we’re gone, all the suffering, the anxiety, the distress that caused us to disappear so abruptly will vanish. Which, I dare to say, is false. One’s death leaves marks. On people, on places. I don’t quite believe in reincarnation or the Judgement Day, but I do believe in one’s soul, the longing after its lost physical body when gone too soon. 

The never-ending blame. Self-destruction, self-pity, hate, indifference. ‘No one will miss me anyway’, ‘I can’t change my life nor do I care about that anymore.’ All those assumptions are wrong. Time heals closed wounds and purifies the open ones. Or, if not time, then you. I am not in the position to tell someone do it or don’t do it I’m here to ask you to reconsider the decision you are about to make. 

I personally have been in tight situations as well. Dropped out of uni, not being attractive, continuously blaming myself for stuff that never actually happened etc. The endless circle of despair. The question ‘Why should I live?’ popped up whenever something went the way I did not expect. There are worse reasons for someone to end their life than the ones I am going through; yet again, we are fighting the very same demons within us. Once we decide our time is up, the demons have won. Our souls won’t be set free, they will be taken by them.

Besides the books I have read concerning human existence (not so many, maybe just a couple and some essays here and there), there have been 2 situations that somehow twisted my view on suicide. 

  • The first one isn’t so persuasive. Today I have been to a memorial service (from Greek, parastas; is a liturgical solemn service for the repose of the departed in the Eastern Orthodox Church) organized at the request of my grandmother. I’m not too prone to going to church and such for various reasons. My family did such in the memory of my grandfather who passed away 23 years ago. 23 years. I wasn’t even born back then. When the priest recited his part ‘And those present here shall always remember him etc etc’ somewhere between those lines I spotted my mother and grandmother crying. His loss affects them even after so long. He died of illness, but it was an unexpected death indeed. 
  • The second one is still haunting my thoughts. We have all been there when someone we knew passed away. I experienced that as well when, during my exams session, I found out that a friend of mine has committed suicide. It was a hard pill to swallow considering she was always the noisy girl in our group at high-school and even in primary school. I have known her for 12 years and her sudden death came as a typhoon for everyone. It hit me harder than I thought it would and even today, after almost 2 months, I can’t believe she is gone. Forever. That I will never see her again. I’m in that state of denial where this seems as a big joke that I can’t laugh at and I’m lying to myself that she is just on a trip from which she will never return. 

I have been told many times that no matter what happens, things will eventually get better. I’m not here to lecture anyone on how to live their life, it’s up to you how you decide to pave your road in this Hell we all are walking on. Per aspera ad astra. Nothing is easy to gain nor is our life decorated with golden flowers. All I can say is: you have control over your life, you decide what stays and what leaves. You, above all things, above all people you love and are loved by, you matter. You have to find the peace within yourself. Once the storm is away, the rainbow comes. Give yourself flowers, give yourself attention, give yourself love. We all are lost. Pushed from behind to do things we don’t like. Pushed ahead to face our fears. 

It’s all talk. Words come and go like the ocean’s waves. Sometimes they’re sharper than a sword’s blade, sometimes they are like dust. But remember: when you feel lost, go back to yourself, to who you truly are and, like a lotus flower, you will bloom from your own mud. That’s something Masaru Emoto-sensei told us. It will always take some spiritual guidance from within ourselves to get better.  

This is just something I have been thinking today and if it offended you in any aspect, I solemnly apologize. I hope everyone is having a nice day/night and take care of yourselves. 

Much love.


Zodiac Tag

The rules are pick your main characters of your blog could be 1 or all of them and state which zodiac sign they are. I spent a lot of time reading through them all and I feel that the signs i have chosen are very fitting for my characters. You can present it any way you like! :D once you’ve done it tag others who’s sims you want to know better :)

Thalia was born March 31st 

 Aries more info below - 

We will see more of Thalia’s Aries like qualities as she gets older :D 

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OK, I keep getting replies/messages about this photo with people telling me “that’s coffee, not tea”. I know. It’s OK. The photo is not mine, so there’s nothing I can do about it.

I somehow feel like this could be my fault. I mean, it’s sort of implied that the photos on these themed blogs (autumn very much included) are not ours. But maybe I should have been more clear, or put it somewhere so people can see, like written a disclaimer. I don’t take these photos, people. The ones that are mine are tagged as such. (And are not as good, trust me.)

I’m not mad or anything, please don’t misunderstand, it’s just sort of baffling to me that people would message me about this. I mean, I am of the opinion that credit should be given to photographers, and when I post a photo I always include the source. Unfortunately, I have no idea who took this photo, else I would have directed you to them. Really, was it that hard to make a cup of tea? ;)

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Hello lovelies! Your blog has been such a lifesaver for me. Thank you so much for all the work you put into it! I was wondering if you have some favorite humor fics that you could recommend? Thank you so much!

Hi, sweetie!

That’s so lovely of you to say, thank you so much :’) ♥ We’re always happy to help and see that our work is appreciated!

Sure, let me make you a list of some humor fics that I’ve recently enjoyed! (More & older ones can be found in our Humor tag.)

  • baby take your teeth out by yellowcurtainss
    Summary: Isak gets his wisdom teeth removed. Cuddles, cursing, and chaos ensue.

  • babe, we couldn’t get much higher. by milominderbinder
    Summary: Every month, Even and Isak choose something off a little list of luxuries they’ve written out and stuck to their fridge; something fun or sweet to do do together, as a reward for being sort of functional, technically almost-adults. And this month, what they’ve chosen is just to get super high with their friends. 

  • The Balloon Intervention by lovelycarcass 
    Summary: “Dropping hints,” Elias repeats incredulously. “This guy is about as subtle as a bull in a china shop. His crush was just painfully oblivious.” “Can you believe he’d emptied the fucking tissue dispenser just to get his attention?” Mutta snorts. Or, Even wants to get Isak’s attention and the Balloon Squad decide to take matters into their own hands. 
  • du og jeg for alltid by Sabiduria
    Summary: “Are you seriously going to make me sleep on the couch because I beat you in FIFA?!” Isak doesn’t like to lose.

  • he might give you a look by dobriks
    Summary: It’s for him, those raviolis, it’s calling him (or maybe it’s just his hunger that’s making him imagine things, but whatever) and Isak’s stomach is grumbling in anticipation as he extends his hand to grab it– But meets something human shaped instead of feeling the plastic material beneath his fingertips. First of all, what the fuck.

  • spectator sport by w1ldestdreams
    Summary: “Do you think Isak realizes that guy is flirting with him?” “I doubt it.”

  • checking (you) out by everythingislove (narrylife)
    Summary: After being dumped via text, Isak goes on a late night run to the grocery store for some breakup comfort foods. Even is the cute clerk who happens to be working the checkout line.

  • Right in Front of My Salad by cuteandtwisted
    Summary: “Let me guess. You’re the type of guy who eats salad,” said Isak. “Among other things,” Even winked. * Or Isak doesn’t believe in love until he meets the new cashier at the supermarket who makes him realize that vegetables aren’t actually that bad.

  • i don’t believe in yoga by rose02
    Summary: Even Bech Næsheim runs and teaches at Under Vann yoga studio, and Isak Valtersen lost a bet to which the punishment was to go to a yoga class in hot pink yoga pants. Needless to say, this will be an interesting class. Featuring a flustered Isak, and a slightly bitter Even.

  • And you use it only for me by Skamisako
    Summary: “Just wait ‘till I tell you how wrong you were about this, Isak!” Even sing-songs making Isak blink a couple of times and then smile bashfully, looking down at his phone again. Even grins to no one in particular as he pushes through the door and decides that making Isak blush will definitely be his favorite hobby from now on. OR: Isak works at a bookstore and Even can’t stop buying ridiculous books to make him blush.

  • i’m not a twink i’m a TWUNK by lovedisak
    Summary: “What?” Isak interrupts. “Mh?” “I’m a what?” “Oh, a twink is like a young little gay-“ “Yes, I know what a twink is,” Isak rolls his eyes. “Oh,” Eskild goes back to his gingerbread cookie. “Then why did you ask?”
  • “Where Is My Underwear?” by GeniusFangirl
    Summary: Isak seems to be missing something rather important.

  • Ready For Those Flashing Lights by ultimatelawrence
    Summary: It was meant to be harmless: taking a sneak photo of a hot stranger to send to Eva. Expect it’s not so harmless when the flash is on.

  • time isn’t wasted (if you’re getting wasted) by thekardemomme
    Summary: Isak is the best at holding his liquor, and the best at flirting with hot guys at parties.    

Enjoy! ♥♥♥


okay but i’m officially hc’ing that the metal parts of reaps’ outfit aren’t actually part of his outfit but rather implants that have been placed along his spine to allow him to keep a solid state. if they’re damaged somehow, he’ll have issues staying solid and will be forcefully wraithformed to prevent further damage.

they can take quite a bit of force but a well-placed bullet should be enough to damage it.

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This takes place sometime between the first two episodes of season four. I am trash. This should not come as a surprise to anyone.

You too can have a drabble like this. Just drop a word in my inbox.

Tagging: @wrongshipper @releaseurinhibitions@scu11y22@lovelycssefan
@pleasantfanandstudent @scu11y22@almondblossomme @seaolicity @miriam1779 @jaspertown @wherethereissmoak (let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged in my fics)


Felicity took a deep breath as she stepped out onto the loft’s balcony. The sun was just disappearing behind the buildings, casting an orange glow over the city. She took a deep breath of the warm air and spread her fingers over the iron railing. Felicity had been telling the truth earlier. She loved the loft. It was gorgeous and spacious. Maybe just big enough to make this work.


She glanced over her shoulder where Oliver was hovering in the door that she left open. Felicity turned around to face him, leaning back against the rail.

“I think this might be my favorite part of the place,” she admitted.

“The view is incredible,” Oliver said without looking away from her.

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sahdfjkhsk don't talk about mesther and kids!!!!!!!!! now i can't stop thinking about that Thing about matt taking pictures of his beautiful pregnant girlfriend

HE WOULD YOU KNOW IT (at least, I hope cause the nasties need to quit it) but he’d take super artsy photos of her silhouette with the baby bump and the little baby booties i’m just gIVE THEM CHILDREN

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I'm super curious about this. How would the different liberos react to a little child asking to take a photo with them after a match? No matter of they won or lost, the child would be saying "ahhhh you were so amazing, I would like to be like you!"

Sen: This was such a good ask. 


He’s probably going to be there for a good ten minutes taking pictures with this kid, just so he can make sure that he doesn’t look bad in any of them - only so that the kid can have something good. He’s a good senior to Hinata and you bet that he’s going to be even better with a kid, telling them that if they want to be like him, they’re going to have to persevere and work hard. He says where he’s trained to get to his level and says that he’d even go back to the coach to recommend them; it’s not so much that he wants to see the kid be like him but rather he wants to keep inspiring others to play. How cool would it be if in the future that kid grew up to be a star?


First of all, he’s going to make sure that whoever they’re with knows that the kid is there because there is no way he’s going to allow this kid to get lost - if it were anyone else on the team, they’d be panicking even more than he would. Once that’s out of the way, he’s going to sit down with them, regardless of if he has to go somewhere or not, to talk to them, thanking them for their support. Yaku’s not that good with pictures and all, but if it’s for a kid then he’s going to take as many as they want. He won’t tell the team about it though because he’s a little bit selfish and just wants some attention to himself for once.


Please. He’s absolutely flustered how can Oikawa even handle this with multiple girls while Watari can’t even take a compliment from a kid. He would usually say to anyone else that he’s just some ordinary libero but since they’re a child, he’s going to wholeheartedly thank them for watching. He says that if they do want to become stronger - rather than saying like him - they’re going to have to try really hard. That way, he says, he can “look forward to seeing a libero better than [him] one day.” It’s good to earn a child’s attention but for Watari, being complimented by them really reassures him that he’s doing the right thing by playing volleyball.


When he gets complimented by anyone he’s really cocky, but only internally - gotta stay humble and show a good example for a child. He tries to keep the balance of humble and proud but this guy really isn’t good at it. To try and get away from this, he asks about why the kid came and if anyone in his family plays volleyball. Komi can’t exactly take all the credit and remembers to say how much his team means to him - he may be hyping Bokuto up a bit but the ace doesn’t need to know that. Komi at least makes sure that the kid knows that they should always get along well with the team because that’s what makes volleyball even more fun.


He just treats it like a normal conversation. He’s very thankful for the kid coming over to say hi and all - even Yamagata wasn’t able to do that when he was younger - but they’re just another person to him so the praise isn’t something that makes him absolutely overwhelmed. Instead, he ends up asking more about how much the kid loves volleyball and their experience. He talks to them about how much he trains himself then goes on to ask more about the kid. Yamagata is really good at talking to kids because he thinks that if they’re passionate about something then there’s no way that someone should be talking down to him.

I went to Woodstock today and it was kinda sad….. like………… first of all the music festival didn’t even actually take place in the real Woodstock, which is common knowledge up here, but like whatever it can still be a cool hippie town but the whole thing was So Manufactured….. it was like, all faux-rustic faux-distressed super expensive boutiques and they were selling like, water for $7 and t-shirts with peace signs all over them for like $60, and there was a Jimi Hendrix impersonator walking around and it was like…………………….. okay. Plus it was full of rich assholes from the city and they have no idea how to drive or wait in a line. I’ll get off my high horse now bye