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just a reminder that tv shows and comics that are labled as “for kids” can often be enjoyed by any age.

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So... Matt's picture and flashbacks show him in the cadet uniform, while shiro and his dad are in the instructor uniform... So assuming that cadets graduate the same time someone would graduate highschool... Does that mean Matt is lance, Keith, and hunk's age? I mean a sibling age difference of 3 ish years (pidge 14 Matt 17) is more common than like 6 ish years. He also looks young. Much younger than shiro... So... Umm... Shatt added to age discourse?

Most likely, but I can see him as 18.

Because if he was 17 and on that mission there would be a heck ton of lawsuits and they would be held responsible, whereas if he was an adult it would be more like “He knew what he was getting into and it was his own choice” sorta thing.

But with how the staff is with the writing he could be like 80 for all we know.

Maybe not even human

He could be anxious bees in a human suit

commission update ! 

all sketches have been sent out at this point! wew!!

just awaiting approval for the rest, and for the first batch (thank u for replying super fast huu) ill start working this weekend (i have no school on fridayyy or mondayyyyy) !

i may finish some this weekend, the rest might span out over the next few weeks, sorry i cant give anything definite nothing is definite in college ;;

thanks again ! 

Honeymooners Pt 6

Haha, I lied, ideas were had.

A number of heads swiveled as you and Loki passed, hand in hand. You kept one arm over your chest, trying to maintain some modicum of decency but it really didn’t matter. You couldn’t tell, with your back to him, but Loki had his gaze fixated on you the entire time, watching the sway of your hips and just protectively scanning for any who might ogle too long.

“I don’t think I ever want to see another naked person after this.” You muttered softly, passing by a couple making out.

Loki chuckled, “Not the voyeur then, are you?”

You raised your eyebrow and glanced behind you, “Are you?”

Loki shook his head, “Not particularly, though still, your modesty amuses me.”

At long last, your feet hit the water’s edge and you smiled, pleased that it was warm. Immediately you heard someone calling your name, followed shortly by Loki’s, “Hey! Hey you guys!”

You scanned the water and finally spotted Clara and Toran a short distance away. “C’mon.” You muttered at Loki, tugging him closer.

The couple were standing a short distance in the water, about waist high depth, each waving at you and Loki.

“Hey Clara! Toran!” You called beaming at them, finally reaching them both in the water.

Clara giggled, as Toran wrapped his arms around her protectively. Loki’s eyes narrowed as Toran’s gaze lingered a moment too long on your bare breasts. Stepping forward, Loki pressed his chest to your back, arm wrapping around you as his forearm covered one breast, his large hand cupping the other and blocking you from view. You grit your teeth, trying not to gasp in shock but saw that Toran stood in a similar pose to Clara and figured Loki was merely mimicking him.

Loki rested his chin on your shoulder, staring imperiously down at Toran, eyes darkened as he tried to hide his scowl. Toran quickly looked away from you, turning his attention back to his wife.

As you and Clara talked, you could sense Loki growing bored with the conversation, his hands starting to fidget, apparently night even realizing where they rested. His right arm was wrapped around your chest, fingers idly moving along as he spaced out from the conversation, managing a supportive nod or grunt from time to time but mostly he seemed lost in thought. Unfortunately, this included his fingers sliding along the swell of your breast and you could feel your nipple growing hard at his touch. At one particular movement, he managed to find a sensitive spot and you had to grit your teeth, faking a cough to suppress the moan that threatened to draw from deep within you.

“This water is just lovely, isn’t it?” Clara asked, hands moving down to splash around.

Toran watched her hands move to the water, his gaze fixated on you. However, when Clara moved her hands back up to cup his arms, Toran’s gaze remained.

Loki’s eyes flashed, noting the clarity of the water and moved to rest protectively on your stomach, slowly easing down to block your womanhood. You gasped gently at his touch and Clara looked back at you concerned.

“I thought I saw a dolphin.” You managed to choke out.

Loki’s chin still rested on your shoulder, his long hair tickling you each time he drew breath.

“Really? I didn’t think there were dolphins this close to land?” Clara asked, scanning the surrounding waters.

“Must’ve been a trick of the waves, my bad.” You forced a smile, not entirely sure what Loki was playing at. Finally you saw Toran look away from you, his lascivious and wandering eye once more returning to his own wife.

“No look, I think I see a stingray over there!” Clara pointed at the water excitedly.

“You two wait here, we’re going to check it out.” You snaked out of Loki’s protective grip, realizing that if you didn’t move away soon, you wouldn’t be able to hide your growing arousal. Loki blinked, frowning as he felt you move away from him.

“Very well, love, do be careful.” He took your hand in his and placed a soft kiss on it.

You and Clara waded deeper into the water, the waves lapping at you as you moved.

Toran sighed, folding his arms as he watched you and Clara wade through the water. “How’d I get so lucky?”

“I ask myself the same.” Loki murmured, watching you.

“You know, Clara always said she was open to this, but never found a couple that I thought it would work on.” Loki jerked his head to the side, eyes darkened in annoyance as Toran continued, “I know it’s our honeymoon but like, you know what swinging is, right?”

“I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the term.” Loki replied, his voice dangerously low.

Toran raised his eyebrow, missing the warning in Loki’s tone. “Really? Good looking guy like you, I’m surprised. Well, it’s when two married couples, you know… exchange spouses for the night. Your wife is smoking and Clara obviously finds you attractive.”

“Don’t insult me.” Loki snarled, “I would never do that to the woman I love, certainly not with the likes of you, as if that pathetic needle you call a cock could satisfy her, let alone your own wife.”

Toran’s mouth fell open, an angry flush rising on his cheeks, “What the hell man?”

Loki sneered, “Speak of this again and I’ll gut you like a pig.”

Toran sputtered for a response when you and Clara returned.

“Clara says the owner is really nice, and they ran into him at one of the shops.” You started to say but were interrupted as Loki’s hands cupped your cheeks, pulling you in for a deep and passionate kiss. You moaned softly as his lips moved along yours, mouth falling open as his tongue snaked inside. Loki dominated the kiss possessively as Clara looked on in awe, glancing back at Toran. Toran’s arms were crossed, fuming as he watched your eyes flutter shut as you sank into the kiss, reaching up to grip Loki’s shoulders.

“C’mon love, let’s put that enclosure to use.” Loki growled, picking you up and carrying you bridal style. “I’m not waiting to get back to the room to have you.”

You merely gasped, skin flushed as you wrapped your arms around Loki trying to steady yourself while he carried you off. “I’ll, err, see you around Clara!”

Clara laughed, waving as the two of you left, “We’ll be at the shops later today, if you’re up for it!”

“Sure thing!”

Loki stalked back in silence, still carrying you. You could tell he was angry, and figured it was not best to provoke him while you were in such a vulnerable state. In no time at all, the two of you were back on the enclosure and Loki had set you down gently, reaching for a towel to help pat you dry.

“Loki…” You started slowly, “what was that about?”

Loki focused on the task at hand, furiously intent on making sure you dried off. If he hadn’t been so angry looking, you might’ve felt embarrassed that you were still naked. As it was, he reminded you of a cat with its ears back flat on its head, ready to claw at the first person who provoked it.

“Loki, hey, look at me.” You gripped his cheeks and forced him to look at your face. Loki was kneeling down so you knew he had a good look of your breasts, and again, in normal circumstances you would have been embarrassed. But right now, this was your partner and he was clearly upset about something. “Talk to me, what happened?”

Loki finally sighed and straightened up, reaching for your bikini and handing it to you before pulling on his own trunks. “That wretched excuse for a man wanted me to trade you for his pathetic quim.”

You blinked in surprise. “Oh, I uh.”

“Offered to be ‘swingers’,” he sneered, shaking his head in disgust.

“Well, for swingers, it’s not permanent, just like a one night thing.”

Loki was adjusting his bottoms and looked at you in surprise, “You’re entertaining the thought?”

You quickly shook your head, “No of course not, I just didn’t know if you might because Clara is very pretty and I mean, we’re on a mission but like, if you found information from her somehow.”

“I would never do that to my wife on my honeymoon.” Loki growled, looking aghast. Slowly he sighed and looked away, “Even as it is, it seems wrong for the nature of the mission, you deserve better than being forced to spend time with that wretch.”

You smiled and touched his cheek gently, “Aren’t you the gentleman.”

Loki cupped your hand with his, tilting his head and sighed, “You are my partner, after all, I will keep you safe from any harm.”

You wrapped your arms around Loki and pulled him in for a gentle hug, “Thanks Loki, I appreciate it.”

You quickly finished dressing and replaced your wrap around your torso. Glancing at the sky, you noted that the sun was no longer directly overhead but slightly further past: probably around one.

“What do you say we soak up the sun some, say we had our afternoon roll in the hay and take a nap, you know, to kill some time.”

Loki nodded slowly, sinking down onto the pile of cushions. “Very well, apologies for my reaction.”

You chuckled and shook your head, “You’re protective, I appreciate it.”

“Foolishly protective, trying to understand the finer parts of Midgard’s customs.” Loki shook his head, “And I thought I had most of them.”

“We always find new ways to trip you up, don’t we?”

“I fear you’re making them up as you go just to keep me perpetually confused.” Loki sighed.

You shook your head, “Not that one, it’s pretty old. We’ll take a quick nap, get some sun, then see if we can’t meet that elusive owner finally, it’d be neat to check out the shops, see if there’s any cute outfits to get.”

“If it pleases my wife.” Loki smirked.

“It pleases her, and your partner. This is my vacation after all.”

Loki laughed, “Very well, I will follow your lead.”

You laid down beside him, resting your head on his chest and listened to the steady beating of his heart. Slowly you closed your eyes, the rhythmic sound sending you off to sleep. Loki watched you for a moment longer, his hand stroking through your hair, toying with it before stroking your shoulders thoughtfully. He sighed sadly, then noticed you were completely asleep and a soft smile touched the corners of his mouth. You looked so peaceful, he noted, heart aching as he watched you, but this was a mission of course. He too, soon fell asleep.

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heya, ahdh bmc anon again. now I know a lot about bmc so actually it isn't going too horribly yet. hyperfocuses suck but at least it's a musical

akdjfjdka M E???

the internet: hey heres a cool musical u can enjoy
my easily hyperfixated ADHD brain: Consume

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do u think even and isak got taller or it's just that sana is so tiny that she perceives them as giants,,,

lolololol, BOTH. Well, I think Isak did get taller but mostly we’re just perceiving them now from the viewpoint of a normal-sized person and their tallness has been revealed for what it truly is: REALLY TALL. SLIGHTLY TOWERING IN THEIR TALLNESS. Isak covered for Even a bit last time, as a fellow tol.

I don’t have an adequate icon for this so this one’s gonna have to do.

We’ve gotten an influx of messages recently about being bullied or not being so for liking Sonic and I just wanna.

Listen. Listen. There ain’t a damn thing in the world that’s gonna change the fact that people are assholes sometimes, a lot of the times. And it sucks but that’s how it is.

But! But! You know what? Most people do that because they want a reaction out of you, to make you feel small so they feel big. So the best thing for both yourself and for them to do is just not let them.

Think about it. You love the series, you do! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here, or so passionate about it! So why do you love it? The characters? The gameplay? The music?

Don’t get into a fight about whether Sonic’s good or not. People are more stubborn than you could possibly imagine, they won’t get it.

Nerd out instead.

Someone asks you in That Tone “You like Sonic?” You put on the biggest fuckin smile and just go off. Go fuckin HAM I say. You stand firm in your love for it, and you erupt with all your positive vibes, they won’t be able to respond in a way that makes you tiny. Every time they try, get bigger, get louder, more exited.

They’ll either get frustrated/bored of trying, or just kinda roll their eyes and leave. And tbh, someone nearby could very well come up to you after it with a smile of their own and say “Hey, I like Sonic too.”

“your paper won second place!!”

“there is a cash prize!!”

“your paper will be published in the college’s writing journal!!”

“and professors will use it to teach future students!!”


UM I’m scared

Shoutout to Annie who made this a tag LMAO, the app is called faceapp so any of you who want to do it GO CRAZY

I’m cryin @ the fact that baby Lou and rooney literally look like 6 month old infants. Oh yeah and I included a bonus “male” version of Lou at the bottom because…same

I’m gonna tag EVERYONE because I can’t think of anyone that hasn’t been tagged yet lmao (I know it’s a copout shh)

im tired of people saying that men dont experience periods like sorry im trans and my period has been getting worse every month. its so frustrating because i just got off my period and ive been dysphoric for a whole week but cis girls like to dismiss that and when trans men bring it up we need to shut up and stop prioritizing ourselves over women

I’m looking at all those sjws against so called abusive and pedophilic fictional relationships and I’m like: “When will they start yelling that GTA makes our children into murderers and that a boy that plays with dolls will turn into a gay man?”

It makes me so mad. Years of trying to make people understand that fiction is just fiction and now I have to see such bullshit.

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I have read your Turning Tide series I think two or three times now. It is one of my favorite fanfics. You mentioned once that if someone commissioned you for it you would continue the story. I was wondering if that was still true and if so how much it would be?

Hello! First of all, thank you for liking that fic– it is one of my faves too and I literally LOVE when people tell me that they went for the re-read. The re-read is the greatest honor, ya know? Like first time around can be like “i want to see what happens” the RE-read is like… you actually like the story!!! So thank you!!

As for finishing the trilogy– look, the day anyone wants to pay me for fanfic is a good day in my book. I mean, it’s never happened so maybe it would turn into “oh no this has become a job!!!” but i’m operating under a “wow i get to do what i love and make a tiny bit of money!” Alas, I may be wrong about this but back in the day getting paid for FF was illegal and so I am certainly not asking for people to commission me on anything. (Though I have seen people taking commissions or setting up patreons for FF… is this something we can do now? … asks the writer who has a free summer coming up and then will be broke af during grad school…) 

Okay, this is a RAMBLING ANSWER– but essentially, I don’t really expect people to commission me for fanfic. Especially not the third part of A Turning Tide because if I did take commissions (which I dont. Cuz it’s illegal) it would be around $10ish dollar per 1,000 words (since that’s about what I write an hour) and so obviously the third part of ATT would be way too expensive for any one person to pay.  unless you are a secret millionaire. if you are a secret millionaire shoot me an e-mail and we’ll talk ;)

All this to say: In a perfect world where this was allowed and you were hella rich, yes you could commission me. In practice, ALAS, we leave it as is.