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Some DA2 things that I don’t like and am done working on. 

I always feel afraid to post wips or discarded illustrations, as I see very little artists do the same. I understand why: no one wants to admit defeat, especially when you’re admitting it in front of hundreds. At the same time, I don’t believe in promoting the idea that art is always easy.

Some drawings just don’t work out. I spent close to ten hours on the first one, and once it was finished I hated the result. The other two I worked on for a couple of hours and then lost all love for.

The more this happens, the more I realize it’s not a bad thing. Every hour I put into failed drawings is still an hour of drawing I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Every mistake I make is a mistake that I won’t make again.

It all comes back to the ideas of mileage and masterpieces, and how the two don’t always mean the same thing or lead to the same place. While there’s value in a finished piece, there’s even more value in the work it took to make that piece. If I can’t feel satisfied with the end result, I can at least be proud of myself for that.


so after months years probably lol of not uploading a selca I figured it was about time I did it again. I never take pictures of myself ok I always feel awkward I’m sry🙈  I also want to make a quick shoutout to snapchat for making the flower crown filter making me look better than what I actually am #bless. 

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hesitant | school series 6

characters: you x woojin

summary: hesitating moments with woojin

quote: “i’ll always be by your side”

school series: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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topgunsprincess  asked:

hi, can you please explain to me what #murderking is? i think i understand, but i'm a little lost. thanks!❤

okay [cracks knuckles] here we GO

the #murderking primer: an introduction to some Weird Shit

  • it all started when some people (not me lol) bought a diamond scene w/drake where he mentions that someone sold the bachelor party photos of liam&crew for money
  • fandom developed this further into the Traitor Theory which is that someone…….. is a traitor
  • that someone sold the photos
  • they are also responsible for numerous other shitty things like tariqgate, our door not locking, etc. etc.
  • so we, the crakedt choices fandom, keep trying to figure out like who dis bitch IS
  • lots of theory posts ensue
  • but one emerges,,,, The Stupidest One: murderking
  • u can read the whole thing here but long story short, the king is the traitor and he kills people
  • some were not having It!!!! they started discourse and ruined the fun with Logic and Thots
  • but then @beccapierces came thru with an uNbEliEvAbLe addition,, the proof we needed/deserved
  • #murderking had begun to rise
  • then @geraldofallons out here with a netflix meme post
  • soon he was Everywhere,, u could not escape this shit for ONE SECOND 
  • showed up in an ask meme via @pixelberryprincess
  • got his own damn QUIZ thx @queenreginascontour
  • do i regret creating this monster? omg yes duh wtf
  • and yet……. he beckons

The camera shows Bucky and Paul Hollywood facing eachother across Bucky’s bench with identical poses, arms crossed over their chests, equally menacing glares directed at eachother in some sort of Baking Stand Off. As Paul starts to lift an eyebrow in an obviously daring manner Bucky raises his own eyebrow parroting his nemesis, otherwise not moving a muscle neither to breathe nor blink. Out-stonewalled Paul is the first to break form. Obviously annoyed he turns away thrusting his arm out at the last second to snatch a piece of chocolate from Bucky’s bench. Bucky lunges across the counter to stop the chocolate thief but Paul swings his hip away and darts off screen. Bucky looks at the camera and growls. The camera shakily moves away and they cut to the next scene.

Mel comments, “Watch it Paul, the Sarge never misses.”

The Holtzmann-Rogers Plan of Action    

by @krycek-asks

Ghostbusters! And the Great British Bake Off! And Shrinkyclinks! This fic is amazing, cute and charming. I laughed so much and @krycek-asks is a delight for keeping up with me and my constant awfulness. Go read it, it’s perfect!

And you know, how there are these amazing GBBO Illustration in every episode showing the contestant’s creations? Yeah well, it was always my dream to make them. So… if you ever need a new artist: consider this my application, GBBO team :D

Has anyone else encountered these anti-r/eylos that are anti any Kylo ship, but it’s because they’re obsessed with his character? They’re self-proclaimed Kylo stans, but they’re anti any ship involved with him…almost like they’re super possessive of him and don’t want him to bang any other character out of jealousy or whatever lmao. You can kind of tell that they want to maintain some kind of self-insert fantasy. :S I mean ofc ship or don’t ship whatever you want, it’s just that I find this reasoning behind being an anti to be so bizarre. :/