if i can not fly

  • Cassian: Did you ever know that you're my hero
  • Nesta: Please stop
  • Cassian: And you're everything I would like to be
  • Nesta: Stop
  • Cassian *picking her up* I can fly higher than an eagle
  • Nesta: Just let me fall
  • Cassian: For you are the wings beneath my wings
  • Nesta: *screams*
  • Feyre: Why is Nesta screaming?
  • Azriel: Cassian is singing to her again

Day 2 of the Roma Cartoon Festival is wrapped up! 😄 It’s flying by so quickly i can’t believe it or the intense heat!! 😲☀🔥💦💦 I thought my darling “Ophelia” would be perfect to share tonight before I go to bed 🐦👑I can super relate to her right now. Her mind is melting like I’m melting from the heat lol 😆😝It’s kismet that I brought prints of her to the festival and I even have some prints of her on my Etsy right now too! ☺ So if you aren’t at the show, you can take her home on my Etsy shop thecamillastore.etsy.com 😊❤💻 I’m going to head off for bed and dream of swimming in cool ocean water but I’ll see you tomorrow for the last day of the show and remember Carpe Diem lovelies!! 😘💞

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Basically I’m still working on EVERYTHING (haha) but here’s a few that are looking promising update wise - I sort of decided to give a preview of each too which I figured might help me finish! 

Southern Comfort - Cruise (chapter 16)

“Sounds like someone is a little nervous,” Stefan teased.

“Me? Nervous?” Nik baulked. "What would I have to be nervous about?“ 

"A certain muster with a certain cute blonde tomorrow that you can’t stop thinking about,” he joked. “Watch out, the cattle might just get jealous from all of the competition.”

Tomorrow When the War Began - Cosmic Egg (chapter 3)

“Football is a tough game, honey. It takes a lot of natural skill.”

“Which is why you mustn’t be very good at it,” Caroline shot back, rolling her eyes at the same time. 

From the corner of her eye she could see Klaus’ crimson lips curve into a smile and she was trying to ignore just how cute he looked at the same time.They hadn’t fought since that first night but they also hadn’t talked much either. So Caroline felt like they’d settled into somewhat of an uneasy truce. There were so many times she wanted to ask him about what she’d seen that night at prom but thought better of it given their present and nosy company. 

After hiking most of yesterday they’d decided to stay around the camp and relax on their last day.

“Mock me all you like but I was the best striker at my school in London. If we hadn’t moved here I could be in the Professional League by now,” Kol boasted.

“We’re outside but yet I still feel suffocated by that over-inflated ego,” Katherine weazed. “Anyway, it’s not like its real football or anything.”

I Can See Clearly Now (Drabble) - Part 2

“Oh come on Elijah stop being so bloody precious,” Klaus chided.

“I am not going to play another game of pool with you Niklaus, my ego can only take so many consecutive losses,” he argued. “Why don’t you go and pester Kol or Rebekah instead?”

The two brothers were currently at the Mystic Grill, the only place of real interest according to Klaus. He’d discovered it on his second day in town and hadn’t really left given he could play all the pool and drink all the whiskey he liked. He’d always looked older so Klaus hadn’t really come across any issues. Although of age, Elijah had always been stuffy and here was no different.

“Kol is too busy trying to pick up anything that walks and Rebekah can’t play pool to save herself. Even you provide more competition than she ever could and with a lot less whining, Elijah. So stop pouting and play another round. God knows what else there is to do in the god forsaken town.”

“I don’t know, maybe you could read a guide book and actually learn something about this apparent god forsaken town before you write it off,” a familiar voice growled. 

Klaus didn’t see her face but could make out her cute backside wiggling away towards the bar, those golden waves fanned out across her back.When she had appeared on the side of the road that day post accident, Klaus had struggled to retain his usual indifferent composure. There was no doubting she was beautiful and the fitted denim shorts and black tank combination was doing nothing to quell the desire coursing through his body. 

After her initial reception, Klaus had decided she was a challenge, something he revelled in until he found out just who she was. Caroline Forbes, only daughter of the town’s Sheriff. Given his past experiences, Klaus knew it was best to stay away from all law enforcement distractions, even if she was hot.

Learning to Fly (Drabble) - Part 2 (this one is for your birthday as requested @megansarah11)

To say he hated flying was an understatement and given he was set to take over from his father at British Airways that was kind of a problem. If the shareholders found out their incumbent CEO was scared of flying their stocks would plummet, hence why his siblings had come up with this hair brain scheme to conquer his fear. 

What Klaus hadn’t expected was to meet a blonde flight attendant en route to Memphis. He’d found himself entranced by her beaming smile and melodic laugh as she conversed with the other passengers and found himself forgetting all about his fears for the moment. Something completely unheard of for Klaus. 

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❝Without an end, there can be no peace. It gets no easier. Your struggles have only just begun.❞
❝We should stand together, not fight amongst ourselves!❞
❝Get rid of one threat and another appears. I’m starting to think this city’s in love with crisis.❞
❝Can’t we talk about this? No?❞
❝If we kill them, we get their stuff!❞
❝It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.❞
❝I’d make a terrible slave. I talk too much!❞
❝I will not let you see all Mages be treated like criminals!❞
❝You are no longer my master.❞
❝What I know is that I hate being cornered and I can fight harder scared than they can angry.❞
❝I didn’t ask to be the butt of your jokes!❞
❝Wait… you’ve been without for four years? You must creak like a rusty hinge.❞
❝We both put others above ourselves. I just happen to do it while clothed.❞
❝I wouldn’t dream of mocking your… unconventional courtship.❞
❝It will be grand having you over me. Above me. In rank, that is.❞
❝We’re a good people, who look out for each other. Just not today, it seems.❞
❝Even you can be happy once in a while, it won’t kill you.❞
❝I remember it didn’t take much to make you sing.❞
❝I suppose a pair of lyrium breasts tattooed on my chest would make things better…❞
❝It’ll be nice to have the law on my side for a change~!❞
❝Do you know how much I suffer under your gaze? I am a person, not an object!❞
❝You have piss-poor aim…Fortunately, you have…other uses~!❞
❝So I shouldn’t slit my wrists and dance naked under the moonlight just to fit in?❞
❝Andraste’s flaming knickers!❞
❝In about ten seconds, I’m just going to smash anything that moves.❞
❝You’re actually joking. Alert the Chantry! They need to put this on the calendar!❞
❝If anyone here tries to hire me again, I’m leaving.❞
❝I swear, I will find that son of a bitch - sorry, Mother - and I will kill him!❞
❝Is that all you do? Dwell on the negative?❞
❝Andraste’s sanctified tits! Who on earth would make the ground vertical!?❞
❝Does this stuff have side effects?!❞
❝I have an excellent sense of dramatic timing. And good hair!❞
❝I am getting truly sick of looking at stalagmites. Or is it stalactites? Shit, I don’t know.❞
❝I was looking for someone with your… “special talents…❞
❝With a name like that, you’re bound to go "mwa-ha-hah!” at some point, I just know it.❞
❝You have a good heart, and you deserve better.❞
❝What earth-shattering matter requires my attention NOW?❞
❝I’ve heard many story tellers like you…yet they don’t start their stories with ‘I shit you not’…❞
❝No one should tell you how to mourn. And when someone says ‘move on,’ you take their hand and say, 'my choice.'❞
❝If there is a future to be had, I will walk into it gladly by your side.❞
❝Still coming to the rescue after all these years? I’ve got this under control, but thanks.❞
❝What do you call it when you kill someone and take his property?❞
❝That’s what you get for spending your last minute monologuing.❞
❝Someday, I’d like to go one week without meeting an insane mage. Just one week.❞
❝And the trend of you scaring the piss out of me continues…❞

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eremika giving me anxiety tbh.. and i have a theory on a certain two people having a baby.. but a certain one of them dies because their certain 13 years are over

Somehow I don’t fear at all for EM babies lol but I don’t really think much about those now 4 years bc it’s too sad;;; I’m also kinda boring and can’t let my imagination fly :v
Better think about goth Mikasa being a ridiculous teenager 💕

100 questions to Saechan

This Q&A is from Saechan’s FC Book. The questions are from fans that wrote them on questionnaire at Sae’s 2nd FC event.

Q1. Most peaceful place at home?
- Toilet
Q2. The character of Saechan’s dog?
- She loves being around people
Q3. What have you learnt recently?
- Once I spent all the money, there is none left (lol)
Q4. What would you do if you can’t go to sleep?
- TsumTsum
Q5. If you can fly where you want to go?
- I don’t care where I will go if I can fly anyway
Q6. Can you cook?
- I haven’t done any after the carbonara
Q7. Do you have anything you love to eat in winter?
- Healthy herbs hotpot
Q8. Any songs you must listen to recently?
- Shota Shimizu, aiko, ARSMAGNA
Q9. If you were a man, what type of girls would you like?
- I don’t like (girls) to be too rational. But, I don’t like those who is similar to myself. Those best to be placed somewhere in the middle. I think I will like someone who knows how to enjoy life.
Q10. Which brand does Saechan like the most now?
Q11. What are you not good at?
- Difficult conversations
Q12. Do you have anything you want to learn?
- Talking, improve my handwriting, vocal practice related, English
Q13. What must you take with you when you go on a trip?
- My own hand towel
Q14. Do you still say “Mama”?
- Yes. Anything wrong with that??
Q15. Past and future, which side do you want to go?
- Abruptly, future!
Q16. Past and future, which side do you want to change more?
- Abruptly, past!
Q17. Saechan, please tell us your skincare secret!
- Haven’t done anything special
Q18. Most favourite season?
- Spring
Q19. Do you believe in fortune telling?
- Relatively (lol)
Q20. What’s your most luxurious purchase recently?
- Bought a 50000JPY MA-1 jacket
Q21. What do you spend most of your money on?
- Clothes!! Clothes!! Juice cleanse!! Clothes!! Food!!
Q22. What song is a “must-sing” in karaoke?
- Aiko’s “Boyfriend”
Q23. What would you be if you weren’t in entertainment industry?
- A person who makes models/maquettes
Q24. What alcohol you like most?
- Lemon sour and umeboshi sour
Q25. Which actor(ess) you want to co-act with?
- Mao Inoue, Fumi Nikaido, Eita, Kento Yamazaki
Q26. What ingredient do you like to put in the miso soup?
- Shrimp heads
Q27. Care about what’s in trend?
- No don’t mind.
Q28. What is the most recent matter that has caused another person’s anger?
- I was shouted angrily by mama to go to bed earlier.
Q29. Is there something you want to challenge from now on?
- Everything is a challenge until death
Q30. What sort of love do you want to try?
- I want to spend some time, no rush, no fear, to conquer the person I love
Q31. How do you play with your dog?
- Saying “Good girl, good girl”
Q32. Pork, Beef and Chicken, rank?
- Chicken →  Beef → Pork
Q33. What makes you cry recently?
- When I think about my own future (lol)
Q34. What you must achieve when you turn 30?
- Become more famous, live in a good house, laugh more merrily than now
Q35. What kind of occasion makes you excited?
- When setting surprises for people
Q36. Miyazawa family always gets along so well, are there anything happening in Miyazawa family?
- Ryu-kun’s allergy to dog’s hair is cured
Q37. Do you believe in Gods?
- Yes
Q38. What sort of mood were you in when you prepared for the arrival of your 2016 birthday?
- Kinda like “Who is going to message me at 0.00am”
Q39. Things that you do everyday without failing?
- Intestinal (abdominal) massage
Q40. Has Saechan qualified for the scuba diving licence?
- In fact, there’s only the final practical stage then I will be qualified
Q41. If you choose a tool from Doraemon?
- Anywhere door!!!
Q42. Something you may accidentally buy from a convenient store?
- Those small chocolate cubes placed next to the cashier tills
Q43. What is your ideal boyfriend or husband type?
- Ideal relationship is like friends
Q44. What’s the moment when you want to have more courage?
- To talk to another person about my future
Q45. What kind of dreams does Saechan have?
- It is different every time, generally (lol)
Q46. Do you eat your favourite food first or last?
- Last
Q47. Do you want to marry soon?
- This is my target when I turn 31!!
Q48. What makes you happy lately?
- My dog who always sleeps with mum is now willing to sleep with me
Q49. Use this space to apologise to anyone?
- I want to say sorry to mama who I shifted the full responsibility to look after the dog for me
Q50. What do you have to pay more attention in personal life lately?
- Diet, forever be on a diet

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Blue exorcist au where everything is the same except rin is a nephilim (half angel half human) so how would he and the exwires react to to finding out what he is


Originally posted by natforprez

  • He wouldn’t know what to think
  • He would be very surprised and not really know what to do
  • He would have no idea what he was capable of and rather terrified to try and find out
  • Once he got his bearings with it he would brag a little, perhaps maybe more than a little
  • He would hope he isn’t going to end up like Angel lol
  • He would feel rather ironic that he was an exorcist
  • If he would sprout wings come one he would legit scream with a mixture of horror and excitement cause “GUYS I CAN FLY”


Originally posted by ivanv

  • He be like mocked surprised
  • He would never believe even if there is proof
  • Rin is so just unangel like
  • He would very much tease Rin about being a wispy little angel
  • Really wouldn’t understand how of all people Rin is part angel
  • Like the guy gets into how many fights?
  • Shima would just laugh and shake his head at Rin when he tries to defend himself against the teasing


Originally posted by n-wordbelike

  • His reaction would be the definition of really?
  • His thoughts would be somewhere along the lines of “This guy seriously this idiot is part angel? He cant even do homework and he is an angel? riiiiight.”
  • Anytime Rin would try to brag about it Bon would immediately turn it around, he would argue with him that it doesn’t matter if he is part angel he still is a moron
  • He would think it has to be a joke someone is trying to pull
  • He would be hard on Rin anytime he would slack off


Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

  • He would be super amazed
  • Maybe a little skeptical at first but really just amazed
  • He will ask Rin thousands of questions about what it’s like
  • Might be a little or perhaps a lot envious
  • Jealous at times for all Rin is able to do
  • He will be at times shocked by how someone so lazy can possibly have such potential as an Angel


Originally posted by sailorscoutsforever

  • She would be happy for him and see it as a great thing
  • She would try to live up to him
  • She would feel rather useless compared to him sometimes
  • But she would work just as hard to make everyone happy
  • She would especially make sure Rin is happy and not worrying about to much
  • Worries for him sometimes


Originally posted by haidaspicciare

  • She would laugh
  • If this is what the angels are like were all doomed anyway
  • She will still call him an idiot and think just as much of him too
  • She will not understand how any angel could create such a moron
  • When she sees him trying to help people she will be nicer towards him but only for a bit
  • She will scold him if she ever catches him being a slacker or pulling pranks
  • and then just have to laugh some more

I was in a prison where they keep all the…people with supernatural abilities and apparently I have wings(Like Pit from kid Icarus) and I was wearing something similar to him xD but still look like my sona tho.AND I CAN FLY.And Death (kinda my dark side..AND SOMEHOW HE LOOKS SIMILIAR TO DARK PIT IDK WHEN KID ICARUS TOOK OVER MY MIND) happens to exist…in the same cell as me and he is quiet af….he talks a bit.And there’s a person who look like a person I know irl that can use telepathy….and many other people…someone broke us out of the prison and so I flew up to see where we are and then I saw my school so I flew to there but when I landed it changed into…a place I don’t know AND IT CHANGED IN FRONT OF MY EYES!And then Death flew to where I am with some other people(He can somehow carry them….actually one by one)
And it was a longer dream but that’s all I can remember


little league quidditch