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Whenever people ask me why I like Dan and Phil so much, I can never really think of the right word. “Oh, I just love them”, “they make me happy”, “they are unique”. After really thinking about it, sure they make me happy, but the word that describes them the best, personally, is solace. I find solace with Dan and Phil. If I’m stressed, I know I can watch one of Phil’s videos to get my mind off of things. If depression is hitting me hard that day, I can pull up a DanandPhilGames video. If I need a laugh, I can watch Dan’s videos. Their liveshows give me comfort, as if I’m listening to a long distance friend talk about their week. So thank you, Dan and Phil, for providing me with solace.

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Since requests are open, do you think you guys can do one with the RFA+V+Saeran and their reactions to MC who is pregnant with their kid/kids? They can find out either from MC telling them or finding out by themselves. Thank you! Side note: I am absolutely in love with your blog, you guys are doing such a great job, I'm pretty sure you guys know this<3 Keep up the good work.

Anon said: for RFA + Saeran + V, they have been trying for a baby for awhile, Mc has wanted to surprise them but they find the pregnancy test first and you can take it from there~

These two were very similar so we kind of mixed them together. Hope you like them!


  • You buy one of those mugs that has text written inside at the bottom
  • This one says, “Number #1, Dad!”
  • You fill it coffee one morning and tell him it’s a special mug
  • He thanks you and starts drinking it
  • It’s really hard for you to stay calm…because he’s really drinking it slowly
  • Then all of a sudden he jumps up and says he has to go
  • You look into his cup and literally he has one sip left that’s hiding the message
  • “You sure you don’t want to finish one sip?”
  • “No, thank you though. All the sugar is on the bottom so it’s too sweet. I never finish.”
  • You sigh as he rushes away to get ready
  • You’re trying to think of how to tell him again, when he bursts out of the bathroom and runs back to you
  • It takes him a few minutes to speak, but finally he stammers out
  • “Y-you’re pregnant?!”
  • You stare at the bottom of the cup confused
  • Did he just realize it?
  • He tells you that he saw the pregnancy test on the bathroom counter
  • You facepalm realizing you left it out
  • He’s so ecstatic that he lifts you up and spins you around


  • He comes home after a really long day at the vet hospital
  • He says he’s so hungry
  • “You mentioned a special dinner earlier, honey,” he smiles while looking at the empty table.
  • You just smile and say you’ll serve it now
  • So he sits down at the dining room table and waits
  • You bring out jars of baby food one by one
  • He’s very confused as you set them all on the table
  • “Is this….some sort of new diet we’re starting?”
  • He doesn’t realize they’re baby food jars until he picks one up and examines it
  • You can see his eyes growing really wide as he picks up each jar
  • To finish off the whole thing, you just smile, “Hold on…I think I have a bun in the oven.”
  • He jumps out of his seat and gives you a huge hug
  • But then he steps back suddenly
  • “Oh no! Did I crush it? I can’t crush our baby…”

Jaehee: Gender Reveal

(She would’ve figured out you were pregnant way too quickly, so we decided to do a gender reveal instead…)

  • You two had spent the last few months debating on whether it was a boy or a girl
  • Jaehee insisted it was probably a boy
  • She said she had a feeling
  • Finally you found out, and decided to do a reveal
  • You place a cake in front of her
  • Jaehee smiles and says, “it’s a boy, isn’t it?”
  • You shrug and say, “Yeah…you were right. What can I say?”
  • You tell her to cut the cake anyway for a picture’s sake
  • But when she cuts it…it’s both blue and pink
  • She looks up at you really surprised, “You’re having twins!”
  • You’ve never heard Jaehee squeal in delight before
  • She keeps hugging you all day


  • You gave him a big scare when one day you nearly passed out and started throwing up
  • He called the doctor right away
  • While you were resting, he pulled the doctor aside and asked if everything was okay
  • The doctor told him that you were just pregnant, so it was a side effect and just to be careful
  • Jumin is very shocked…but he was also worried about you
  • In the midst of you recovering and him thinking you would tell him when you’re ready, he forgot to mention that he knew
  • A week later, you brought out a wine bottle for dinner
  • He assumes you didn’t know you were pregnant yet and gets worried
  • “You really shouldn’t be drinking that in your state.”
  • Your response is a mix of surprise and admonition
  • Finally, you turn the bottle around to reveal the label
  • “Drink this for me. I’ll join you soon. Baby Han coming in April.”
  • He just hugs you softly, apologizing for finding out first
  • But you both are too happy to care
  • Bonus: He also suspected when Elizabeth had been very clingy to you lately


  • You had insisted that he go for a drive since he’d been working a lot lately
  • He did, and he got some coffee on the way
  • It hits him and he really has to use the bathroom, so he rushes back home earlier than you expected
  • When he walks in the door, you’re…in a crop top
  • You never wear crop tops, so it’s strange for him
  • Besides that, your back is turned and you seem to be writing something on your stomach
  • The whole situation is strange, but his bladder is about to burst so he just brushes it off and runs into the bathroom
  • He was looking for soap under the sink when he saw the pregnancy test
  • He couldn’t contain his excitement and rushed out to you
  • Before he could say anything, you had turned around
  • You were midway drawing a loading bar onto your stomach, so all it read was “Load”
  • By the way he was crying a little, you knew he already saw
  • He just wraps you in a hug and bends down to kiss your stomach
  • Only the sharpie was still fresh and he got some on his face


  • It had taken him awhile to warm up to the idea of having kids
  • So, when you found out you were pregnant, you wanted to announce it in a special way
  • You replaced all the clothes in his closet with baby clothes
  • But he didn’t get it
  • You weren’t home when he opened his closet
  • He saw the clothes and thought it was a prank from Saeyoung
  • Despite his brother insisting he didn’t do it, Saeran grabs the nearest pillows and starts beating him down for it
  • You return home and find the two in a brawl, and you ask what in the world happened
  • He glares at Saeyoung, “Someone pulled a childish prank on me.”
  • He pauses, realizing what he said, “NO I didn’t mean that.”
  • But it’s too late and you and Saeyoung are giggling
  • You manage to calm yourself and tell him that it was you
  • At first, he’s confused, but then he realizes
  • He makes you do like five more pregnancy test just to make sure
  • You’re a little worried because he’s silent for a long time
  • But then he quietly confesses that he’s so happy and pulls you into his arms
  • While you’re hugging, he just mumbles, “You’re gonna put my clothes back though, right?”


  • You two had been trying for kids for awhile, but nothing came up
  • So when the pregnancy test finally came positive, you were in shock
  • Your first instinct was to tell him right away, but you wanted to do something special
  • So you tell him casually that you haven’t had a couple’s photoshoot in awhile
  • He agrees and you two plan it
  • During one shot, you tell him to turn his back while you hold a chalkboard
  • He thinks it’s an inspirational quote or something so he goes along with it
  • On the board, you had written, “You’re going to be a dad!”
  • He goes to check how the photo came out and you can see his eyes light up
  • A few tears slip from his eyes as he stumbles towards you
  • He hugs you tightly and just says how thankful he is for you…and the baby
  • You can’t help but cry with him

Check out our other headcanons~ Masterlist

  • Dahyun: [Running into the practice room and slamming the door shut behind her]
  • Dahyun: Guys, it's Chae's birthday tomorrow and we need to plan her an epic birthday party. I'm talking a full scale ice sculpture and a five tier cake
  • Jeongyeon: Dahyun, her birthday is tomorrow. Where are you gonna get an ice sculpture on 18 hours notice?
  • Nayeon: Easy, we thaw the ice from Tzuyu's cold dead heart
  • Sana: Ah but Nayeon-unnie, you're forgetting that whenever Tzuyu is around Chaeyoung, her heart melts.
  • Tzuyu: Do you want to die
  • Dahyun: Guys focus
  • Momo: I don't know about a five tier cake, but we can get five different cakes and stack them on top of each other.
  • Mina: I'm sure we can find some decorations and balloons. We can ask our managers
  • Nayeon: Where's Jihyo, she usually knows what she's doing.
  • Jihyo: [Kicks open the door and wheels in a giant rectangular crate]
  • Jihyo: Did someone request an .... [cracks open the crate to reveal an ice sculpture replica of Chaeyoung] ice sculpture?
  • Jeongyeon: Oh my god
  • Dahyun: But what about the cake?
  • Jihyo: [Picks up a box that she was balancing on top of the crate] Five tier right?
  • Tzuyu: How... How did you do that
  • Jihyo: What's an ice sculpture and a cake to a god?

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Hiii there !! I'm a really really new sone and.. well I'm really sorry to ask but would it be possible to ask for a big list of shows, emissions, backstage videos and such to learn more about SNSD ? I really want to know them a lot more but I don't know what is out there for me to watch and fall in love with them ;; and i'm asking you because you're kinda my favorite girls generation blog :( 💕

Omg hello there!~ Welcome to the fandom ^0^ I hope you’re enjoying so far c: And of course ^-^ I’m so sorry this took so long D: I wanted to be sure I got everything I wanted in this haha~ Here you go:

I have the direct links to the first episodes of each show, so if you want to watch more, you can click on the right where it’ll have the continuous episodes. Or if you can’t find it, you can search up the title of the show + snsd + episode number + eng sub and you should find it!~

SNSD Variety Shows:
As the whole group:

With only several/one of the members:

As Special Guests:
(There are multiple episodes that they are in so you can search them up and you’ll be able to find more but here are some!!)

MC Shows:
(These have multiple episodes too)

  • Win Win (Taeyeon)
  • Heart a Tag (Tiffany) [ I can’t find find english subbed versions D: i’m sorry!]
  • TV Entertainment Tonight (Sooyoung)
  • Music Core (Tiffany was an MC with Yuri for a while then became an MC with Taeyeon and Seohyun afterwards)

Special videos:

Queenie Goldstein is an empathe

Do you ever stop and think about it ? She can hear people’s thoughts ofc, but she can also hear their heart, aka know their past and their deepest fears and desires. Still she didn’t turn bitter and hateful. How amazing ?! So now, the headcanons :

  • It was a conscious decision to keep an open-mind towards anyone, in hope people would be the same with her

  • She inherited her powers from her mother, who got it from her mother before her etc. - much like Parseltongue in the Gaunt family comes from Salazar Slytherin, except she doesn’t know who it originally comes from
  • Her parents died when she was very young, before her powers really revealed their entire potentials
  • She had to teach herself how to control them. Tina helpedby supportign her and  letting her experiment with her mind as much as she needed
  • When she was at school, she suffered from chronical insomnia because she just couldn’t shut other people’s brains out
  • When it happened, she would go into Tina’s dormitory and they would talk for as long as was needed
  • Now she’s very good at speaking so softly that no one can hear her if she doesn’t want them to
  • Tina can organise her thoughts so that Queenie will hear them clearly
  • Sometimes she speaks to Queenie through M.A.C.U.S.A. this way
  • Queenie still had lots of sleep issues as an adult but it’s not as bad. However on days she feels poorly she has more trouble keeping control of her powers and NYC can be overwhelming very fast, so she learned spells to isolate the apartment

  • When she entered puberty she could hear men’s thoughts about her body and it terrified her for a while, then she learned how she could use it against them
  • That’s why she teased Jacob at first
  • She knew how sweet he could be, but she also reminded both of them she had to deal with other men before him and she wasn’t just a pretty face he could fantasize about
  • She fell in love with Jacob just minutes later when he stopped thinking about her naked and started imagining her working with him in his bakery, as his friend and his equal and his lover (in this order)

  • Her powers are potentially terrifying, she could break people’s minds if she wanted
  • She doesn’t want it though
  • But she still could
  • That’s why when she takes the decision to go look for Jacob she doesn’t hesitate for a second or even imagine that someone could stop her
  • She’s a force of nature, but really she’s such a nice person that she never becomes a threat to anyone
  • Except if you threaten people she loves
  • One of Tina’s exes-turned-bully from school will have awful nightmares all of their lifes

Other headcanons :

Credence  Newt  Tina  Jacob  Graves

  • Stacy: I'm gonna be honest: I can find something to like about pretty much every body type because like there all just different, you know? [...] 'cause like, y'know, you can look at people and it's kind of like you can like their personality...
  • Mari: ... that makes you find good things. [...] It's like when you first meet someone and you think they're okay but once you get to know them you think they're really hot.
  • Stacy: Oh, for sure, yeah.
  • Mari: Because then suddenly things look good.
  • [...]
  • Mari: In case you guys ever feel that way on a date or when you're about to have sex or WHATEVER, I want you to tell yourself this: if they didn't think you're attractive, you wouldn't be on a date with them or you wouldn't be having sex with them. [...] So everything about your body is attractive to them and if they say otherwise, they're a fucking asshole and don't hang out with them, don't have sex with them. The End.
  • Stacy: [...] I don't know if you ever had the experience of like going to sleep with somebody and like taking your clothes off and having them react negatively to your body; it sucks.
  • Mari: Um, they're the asshole.
  • Stacy: Yeah, but they're the asshole, it hasn't... If somebody is [...] that hung up about like just the way your body looks [...]
  • Mari: If they were loving it when you had your clothes [...] on and then you took your clothes off and they didn't love it anymore, guess what, they're the weirdo. [...] Them, it's them, a hundred percent, okay? Because at that point nobody should care because you're about to initiate in some sort of physical contact with somebody that hopefully you kind of like, at least a little bit.
  • Stacy: Yeah, and also I don't think there's one particular body type that's like... [...] I know everybody can have a lot of hang-ups about body types and stuff but believe me, there are so many people out there in the world, like there are people who love every type of body. [...] And there are some people that don't care at all, y'know?
  • Mari: Remember everyone, boys, girls, and in-between, non-binary, whatever: there is no such thing as leagues, there are only types. Because sometimes I get asked out by people and I have NO idea how I pulled it off, and I just go with it and it's great. So no matter [...] how somebody looks, there's no such thing as [...] leagues. Like nobody's ever "out of your league". You could find somebody that you would think is "in your league" and [...] like you're just not their type, and you could find somebody that you think is like way more attractive to you than you, but you could actually be their type. So it's not about like how you are in terms of this one to ten, like seven out of ten scale that we all have.
  • Stacy: Well yeah, cuz that [...] also makes it seem as if there's one thing or the other that is more objectively attractive, you know?
  • Mari: Yeah. Some people are genuinely attracted to certain traits. [...] Like everybody has their own things. Some people love tiny boobs, some type of people love huge boobs; some people LOVE armpits. [...] You don't need to define yourself by how attractive [sic] you think the world is towards you, just know that [...] there's no scale.
  • Stacy: And I just want to point out that like in case [...] anybody is sitting here thinking that like "Oh well, that's like great for you to say, like you have like great confidence and whatever", I don't always feel great about myself and it took me a long time to like get more okay with how I look, so [...] you don't know how people feel about themselves.
  • Mari: [...] Somebody who's really beautiful might have body dysmorphic disorder; you know.

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Hi there! Your CC is EVERYTHING. Really gorgeous stuff :) I'm hoping you can help me. I've looked through your WCIF tag and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. The red floral-ish shaped studs from your /post/164948146070/hello-everyone-i-know-its-been-a-while-since 'Naomi dress, Louise hair & accessories' post. Can you please tell me where I can find them? Thank you so much in advance.

Hi there! Thank you so much! Those rose earrings are actually a WIP of mine! I’m still trying to find a placement I like for them and make sure that they will work with my layerable studs (as shown in the picture). I was also planning on making a set like with a rose ring and rose necklace, maybe. Hopefully I can get back to it soon!

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Hello! I would like to know if you have some fuckboy fics (it doesn't matter who is the fuckboy). I try to search on the tags but I didn't find anything, or maybe I'm kinda blind. Also, thank you for all the work you do, It's amazing

Links Last Checked May 11, 2017

Never Told a Lie - Dan is the popular guy who can have anyone he wants. His friend Chris isn’t so sure about that though and makes a bet with him: By the end of term Dan has to make Phil Lester fall in love with him.

The Art of Being a Fuckboy - Dan Howell is a fuckboy. He has sex with whoever he can and then dumps them, regardless of gender. But when Phil Lester, a new student, enters Dan’s life, will Dan change his ways for the boy he loves? Or will he toy with his heart just like the rest?    

The Benefits Project - Dan Howell is a timid boy, who always does as he is told. He was once friends with Phil Lester, the ‘bad influence’ who soon ditches Dan for the popular group in Year 7. After five years of not talking to each other, they’re partnered in a project and Phil’s wants to win Dan over just like he has with most of their year. But yet, Dan is determined to find out what Phil is hiding behind his arrogant mask.

American Psycho/American Beauty (ao3) - Dan, the new bad boy, who has been attending Phil’s high school for only a week has girls all over him and everyone knows he fucks girls almost everyday. Two weeks later Dan takes a liking for Phil. They fuck. Dan fucks other people. Phil doesn’t.

Heartbreak Boy (wattpad) - kind of slut pastel dan and punk fuckboy phil

Prove It (wattpad) - “I’m taking ‘like everyone else’, as an insult. But I can assure you, that I am NOT ‘like everyone else’.” “Prove it.” In which Phil is a famous movie actor and Dan is a flamboyant cutie who has had his heart broken more than once.

can’t help the itch to touch- to kiss. (ao3) - Phil is deaf and Dan sleeps around a lot. So when people see them together, they worry about Phil’s emotional well being and shame on Dan for preying on a deaf boy, but it’s not like that. Not at all.

NUDES - (wattpad) in which phil wants nudes & spaghetti and dan wants a friend  

fuckboy - (wattpad) philgon: she can fuck you good, but I can fuck you better


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Hey mom, I'm going to need to go on a healing diet for my gut and I'm supposed to eat bone broths. Where on earth do you get them? Can I make them?

You can buy them, usually you will find them in the stock/spice aisle in most grocery stores, or next to the soup. Make sure it says bone broth though and not just stock, there’s a big difference in terms of nutritional value.

As for making bone broth you can indeed make it, my mum always used to save the bones/skin from a roast chicken and boil it up in a pot of water. Here let me find it.

  1. Place one pound of chicken bones in a slow cooker/stock pot with one small onion chopped, two carrots chopped, one celery stick chopped, salt and peppercorns.
  2. Pour in enough filtered water to cover the chicken.
  3. Add 1 ½ teaspoons apple cider vinegar
  4. Turn slow cooker on low/let your stock pot boil then turn down to a low simmer and cook for the recommended amount of time:
  5. Chicken bones: 8-24 hours
  6. Beef bones: 8-72 hours
  7. Fish bones: 6-24 hours
  8. When desired, strain the broth and discard the bones, vegetables and peppercorns. Pour broth into jars and store in the fridge.

Good luck. It’s not fun trying to heal your gut but bone broth is a good place to start.


should you fight the language students??
  • Spanish: Depends. They're either one of the lazy ones who don't bother with accents, in which case you can totally win and will want to fight them for how bad they sound, or they're a super overachiever trapped in the average class (why aren't they able to move up? idk but I've never seen one do it). In this case they are filled with unbridled rage at being forced into a lower level, or they appear to be chill with it but hide extreme potential under the surface. You cannot win.
  • French: Yes. PLEASE. These assholes are divided into mega-nerds and total babes. Both groups probably think their accent is perfect and that they're super cool and artistic for taking French. It doesn't matter whether you win or not. You fight them because you MUST.
  • Chinese: You could try. Should you try? Probably not. The self-discipline and determination it takes to memorize and draw each complex character means they are nearly impossible to beat. For the most part though, they are kind and merciful. They're just trying to perfect their art. Why would you hurt one?
  • Latin: NO! DO NOT! These students are complete wild cards. Haven't you read The Secret History? If not, don't you have a vague idea of the tone of The Secret History? Latin students are crazy. Their teachers are either evil or intensely energetic (examples: Julian [The Secret History], Greenmantle [The Raven Cycle], Doc B from my school...) They have knowledge of obscure and terrifying military tactics from Roman history. You might be able to win physically, but the mental toll it will take can never end in victory.
  • Russian: No because they're all Actual Russians, whose hearts are cold and hard like that of the harsh Russian winter.
  • Japanese: YES, goddammit. The majority of them are absolute weebs. Not only can you easily destroy them (bring earplugs to drown out "nyas" of distress), you NEED to. You will win, and you will be a hero. If you do find a non-weeb Japanese student, you can surely enlist their help. They will be eager to exact revenge on their body-pillow-toting, 'baka!'-shouting classmates.

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So I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but I saw submissions were open so...I was wondering if you could do some Hercules head cannons with an artist or black belt s/o? Thanks!

boss’ memo : ya ! i’ll do my best!! fun fact–i used to do tae kwon do and karate,,, so i can count in korean (if i push myself) and japanese ‘cause we had to do it for our exercises, hah

Originally posted by treat-yourself

artist s/o

  • listen, you’ll never find someone who can give you better color palettes than hercules–he has a habit of pinpointing them in random objects, which he’ll gladly show to you !
    • a drawing exercise that he sometimes does with you, is that he’ll bring you an object he finds appealing and (after taking a photo) will ask if you would like to draw something using colors from it
  • if you’re a traditional artist, he knows methods for washing paint off of your clothes but will also be quick to tell you to not wear your favorite shirt / sweater / pants / white clothing
  • he won’t make you draw him, ‘cause he knows what that kind of pressure does, plus it’s a frustrating question. as a result, if you ever draw him (even a scribble) he will make it his phone background and also will become so flustered !! he might just give you a flurry of smooches,,,
  • he likes communicating to you through little notes,, lil doodles that he might leave on your desk, etc,,
    • he has a surprisingly cute art style !

black belt s/o

  • first off, he’s fascinated by your discipline–he doesn’t know much about martial arts in general, but he knows that it takes a lot of work to persist and continue going,,
    • expect lots of questions about “how’d you keep that up?”
    • (not saying that he wants you to show off to him but he actually really wants you to show off to him)
  • herc loves bragging that you could probably mess anyone up who looks at you weirdly,, but you won’t, ‘cause of your training,, it’s kind of a running joke at this point
  • he might actually become motivated to join you,, you really inspire him,  y’know?

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Can I please have a scenario where Tamaki gets some fans around him asking for autographs and he notices one standing a few feet away that clearly looks to nervous to actually go up to him because of their anxiety? I love Tamaki, well I love most bnha characters, but I'm pretty sure If I was there my anxiety would keep me from ever getting near them. Watching him fight though gives me courage, but even simple things like being off anon or coming out of my room can be hard. I'm trying though see.

Hello lovely and thank you for all that you are and that you do. You’re incredibly brave and I’m very proud and happy for you, that you find the courage to do these things, I’m cheering for you! I believe in you, you are wonderful and you can do it. And if you want to, you can hit up my messenger any time. Aside from that, I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!

Amajiki ducks away from his fans as soon as he can without seeming rude. His heart is beating too fast and his hands are slightly shaky with nerves. His throat and mouth are dry and he can’t resist tugging his hood down a bit more.

As much as he wants to help people and be a hero, he doesn’t know how to handle his fans at all. It eats a little at him at times, since he knows he should be better at it, and at the same time he’s just glad to get out of crowds and breathe.

Still, he notices the person that stands to the side and most of all; he noticed the look in their eyes. It’s an expression he has seen reflected back by the mirror often enough to recognize it right away. And today, today seeing that look on someone else is making him move forward, no matter how nervous he himself is by approaching a stranger.

It fills him with the wish to reach out and connect a little, to let someone know they’re not alone with how they feel and that he understands, that he gets it and fights his way to a braver tomorrow.

“Um, hello.” He says and gets himself to release the hood of his costume so the other person can see his face better. Still, he can’t bring himself to quite meet their eyes and instead looks at their shoulder.

For a short second, he questions himself and then offers up the hand that holds the pen from where he carefully and nervously gave a few autographs before. “Would you like to, to have an autograph as well?”

He notices the shift in their stance and glances up long enough to see what emotions flit over their face. Amajiki swallows and shifts a little, dropping his gaze back to his slightly sweaty hand.

“I would like to give you an autograph.” He says, quietly but clearly so they can’t misunderstand his words. For a second, he’s incredibly grateful that despite being quiet, he never took to mumbling unintelligibly.

He dares to glance up with a small, shaky smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.  “If you want to, of course. It’s okay if you don’t, or we can step more to the side too, if you want.” He swallows. “I just, I know how intimidating crowds can be. Or other people. And it’s okay.” Amajiki looks back down at his hand. “I understand how that feels.”

phantomdetective1513  asked:

Um hi I'm an artist as well but I am struggling to draw humans and I have so many pieces planned but can't do them. So please if you have any, any at all I'd like to ask for some advice please

Hey hey! : D
Ah, I know how frustrating that can be XD
I think my best advice is to just use tutorials you can find online, LOOK AT REFS, and if you can, take a life drawing course or something o3o
But, my main advice is as usual, which, is to always keep trying and keep going, you will surely improve X3

velelle  asked:

Hi! sorry to bother you but I was listing off loot for my players (I'm the dm) and I randomly decided that I was going to have one of the pieces of loot be a small drawing of a landscape and now it kind of become an ongoing thing where they will find a small landscape drawing and will keep it. I also had them find a room with many landscape drawings carved into the walls but I'm not really sure where to go with this? Any ideas would be very helpful!

Every landscape is a plain you can somehow visit? The landscapes are jumbled, and can be organized into a coherent map? 

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Hi there...I'm a writer and I have been having a lot of content of mine stolen, and I don't know how to deal with it. Do you have any knowledge on what to do? I really need help, people keep taking my book covers and some stories of mine and posting them without any kind of credit at all.. :(

yikes… I’m so sorry, I don’t really know how to help with this sort of thing ;;
it’s different from art theft since we can watermark our art or make it so that no one can right click and save the image, but I have no idea how to prevent people from stealing written works.. I hope you can find someone who’s more knowledgeable about this to help you ;v;

anonymous asked:

I'm curious! How do you add paper texture to your drawings????

Hello! To show you how I do it (using Manga Studio 5) I’ll use a drawing of my modern Finrod because he’s a ray of sunshine! Here’s the drawing with no texture added:

First google something like “free paper textures” to find textures to download and use, or you can make your own by scanning different types of paper (you can even “antique” them by staining them with tea or coffee).

Once you have the texture you want to use, copy and paste it so that it’s the top layer, make sure that layer is selected, then set it to overlay:

If you’re using overlay, the graininess can be pronounced, so I always bring the opacity down until it looks how I want it:

You can also set the layer to ‘soft light’ if you want the texture to be more subtle:

I like to use paper textures that have gradiations of color added (usually pinks and yellows) to give a little bit of warmth to the drawing, but you can experiment to see what you like best for each individual drawing. 

I hope that helps! 

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You really should not be asking for money for Drabbles or imagines, I don't see how that is fair. Don't get me wrong you're lovely and you write amazingly, but taking people's money for you to write them a one shot which they can get for free elsewhere - it's a liberty. I know you've tried for a job but I'm sure you can do better than this.

I think I’m allowed to do whatever I’d like, dear Nonnie, since this is… you know, my blog. I know I’m not the only person who asks for something in return for the writing I do or the edits I make, and while I’m not using that to justify what I’m doing, I’d like to just remind you that the fanfiction you find on this site, and other sites like it, is something you are not entitled to. It’s pretty much… a free gift to you. *refrains from telling you to get off your high horse*

I’m not asking for money. I’m putting it out there as an option. I’ve previously said this, but apparently I need to repeat myself. 


My to do list is 7 miles long, I currently have over 200 gifs/requests from before sitting in my inbox, and my brain literally never stops putting ideas into play. 

The reason the “buy me a coffee” thing exists on my blog is this: if someone is willing to help me get to a convention or get something at a convention (such as a photo op, in the case of Misha at PittCon), I want to reward them. This is not me begging for money. This is me giving the generous people who donate to my convention stuff a gift in return. So if someone would like to donate to my convention things, then I am more than happy to take on whatever request they may have for me. If someone wants something written for free? Check out the rest of my masterlist. I’ve written a shitton of free things for you to read. So have the rest of the authors who (so fearlessly, by the way) put their work on here. There is a list of authors right here who are taking requests with no “collateral.”

P.S. I’m assuming since you sent this in, you’re never going to donate to one of these pages, which is fine, so enjoy all the free fanfiction you receive from me as a result of people who have donated.

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Hey I've recently gotten enough money to get myself a binder, but my mum's transphobic and I'm not out to any of my friends yet so I don't know how to get it delivered. With the discreet packaging I don't think that would really help because my mum always goes through the mail to see what was delivered. If I get it delivered here I'm not really sure what excuse I can make if she finds it, cause if I say it's for a friend she'll try to keep me away from them all and try to find out who it's for.


I’m sorry your mum isn’t supportive. I know that Amazon has lockers you can use to get things delivered to, maybe you can look into that and see if thats an option for you! If not, try to schedule the delivery of the binder for a time when she’s not there. Another option is to order the binder with something else, like a tshirt, so if she asks about it you can say it’s a top or a sports bra!

- Louie