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Idk if this has been asked before but could you please make/direct me towards a "Hey ladies/guys/everyone, I wanna smooch ya!<3" shirt? I think the idea is super cute and I would love to send money to an artist i love :D

You can get ‘em on Redbubble or Teepublic (<on sale for the next 2 days)!

Also if anyone wants em in different color schemes, just send me a message, that’s an easy do!

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You know, now that all birthstones have been introduced in the show I'm actually kind of curious. If you were a gem based on your birthstonem which one would you be? And how would your personality match up with said gem based on what we've seen on the show? OvO

I’d totally be a belly gem Ruby!!

Like … I’m all sweet and soft around my friends, but then when someone messes with me, I go all ANGERY RUBY MODE (I totally do this irl when I play video games, to be fair)

I’d be a more quiet type, just kinda doing my own thing and listening to chill tunes, but get REALLY passionate about a lot of stuff and can go on for hours about ‘em!

And I’d be pretty pacifistic, which is un-Ruby-like, but when the time comes, I’M 110% READY TO FITE.

D&D 5e: Shields?!?

image credit: Austin Hsu

Shields exist in D&D 5e. That’s about it. You can bash with em and get +2 AC with em, but that’s all that they do. That’s all the customization that they have. But what about the differences in wood and metal shields? What if I carry a buckler? What about my shield breaking? What if I am a simple weapons guy? Shields were hands-down the best options for soldiers in the middle ages fighting with one-handed weapons so they really should have more mechanics dealing with them. Here are some homebrew rules for shields to let more people use them and make using them more fun!

Some notes I couldn’t fit in any section: Shields went out of style as armor improved. People started using two-handed weapons around the same time full plate armor became widely used. The kite shield was used in a time when leg armor was weak or not worn because it was too heavy and unwieldy. The kite shield’s shape could protect their legs without exposing themselves to attack. Also those shields with holes for lances were largely ceremonial or for jousting tournaments only, not adventuring. Bucklers were the most common for someone who needed to be ready for combat at a moment’s notice, as carrying a shield was really tiring unless you were going specifically to battle. But hey, this is a fantasy RPG so we can do whatever looks badass.


  • Wooden Shield: +1 AC.
  • Metal Shield: +2 AC. Only creatures proficient with Medium or Heavy Armor can comfortably use a metal shield. Druids are typically forbidden from using a metal shield.
  • Wooden Buckler: No AC bonus. Creatures proficient with Light Armor can wear bucklers. Does not provide an AC bonus against ranged attacks. You can use your reaction to deflect an incoming melee weapon attack that beats your armor class, reducing the damage by 1d4. The buckler has a 50% chance to break when used in such a way.

A metal buckler

  • Metal Buckler: +1 AC. Creatures proficient with Light Armor can wear bucklers. Does not provide an AC bonus against ranged attacks. Druids are typically forbidden from using a metal buckler.
  • Wooden Tower Shield: +1 AC. You must be proficient in Heavy Armor and have a STR score of at least 13 to comfortably wield a tower shield. You can plant the shield on the ground to gain partial cover (+2 AC). When using the shield in this way, you only move at half your regular movement speed. The bonus provided by the shield does not grant cover against spell attacks. You have a -1 penalty to attacks while using your tower shield for cover.
  • Metal Tower Shield: +2 AC. You must be proficient in Heavy Armor and have a STR score of at least 15 to comfortably wield a tower shield. You can plant the shield on the ground to gain partial cover (+2 AC). When using the shield in this way, you only move at half your regular movement speed. The bonus provided by the shield does not grant cover against spell attacks. You have a -1 penalty to attacks while using your tower shield for cover. Druids are typically forbidden from using a metal tower shield.

Special Shields

  • Sticky Shield: When a creature misses you with a melee weapon attack, this sticky shield coated in alchemical slime can catch the weapon. The attacker must succeed on a DC 11 Strength saving throw, or the weapon becomes stuck to your shield. If the weapon’s wielder can’t or won’t let go of the weapon, the wielder is grappled while the weapon is stuck. While stuck, the weapon can’t be used. A creature can pull the weapon free by taking an action to make a DC 11 Strength check and succeeding
  • Spiked Shield: When you succeed at a Shove attempt when wielding a spiked shield, you deal 1d6 piercing damage to the target. Improvised weapon attacks made using the spiked shield deal 1d6 damage instead of 1d4.

A dhal shield (Indian spiked shield)

  • Mirrored Shield: Any metal shield treated with alchemical silver. When a ranged spell attack is rolled against the shield’s wielder and the attack misses, the wielder may use their reaction to reflect the spell back at its caster. To do so, the wielder makes an attack roll against the caster using their DEX modifier at disadvantage. If the new attack beats the caster’s AC, the spell affects the caster instead. 
  • Pavise Shield: A tower shield meant for archers to use as cover. It has either a spike on the bottom to be driven into dirt, or a hinged rod to prop it up. Creatures can prop up the pavise shield as an item interaction, or stow it as a bonus action. Once set up, it provides partial cover (+2 AC) for those standing behind it, and it does not move unless hit with a melee attack. You do not need proficiency in Heavy Armor to set up a pavise shield and use it for cover, but using it as a regular tower shield does have this requirement.
  • Tanglevine Buckler: A wooden buckler intricately grown out of vines by wood elves that can be used to deflect ranged attacks as well as melee attacks in the way described above.
  • Stonemountain Shield: A dwarven stone tower shield that requires a STR score of 18 or higher to wield. It can be used to provide ¾ cover (+5 AC) when planted on the ground. In addition, it is resistant to being sundered (see below). It has one additional point of durability.
  • Iron Shield: A metal shield resistant to sundering (see below). It has one additional point of durability.

Shield Interactions

Sundering: You can sunder an enemy’s shield with repeated bashing. You can attempt to hit a creature’s AC minus the bonus provided by their shield to target their shield directly. Each time you hit their shield, roll for damage. For every 7 damage dealt to it, it loses one point of durability. When the last point of its durability is lost, the shield breaks. This also makes it easier for creatures who deal more damage to sunder shields more easily. A magical shield cannot be sundered except by a magical weapon. Use the table below:

  • Wooden Buckler: 1 durability
  • Metal Buckler: 2 durability
  • Wooden Shield: 2 durability
  • Metal Shield: 3 durability
  • Iron Shield: 4 durability
  • Wooden Tower Shield: 3 durability
  • Metal Tower Shield: 4 durability
  • Stonemountain Shield: 5 durability

Group Tactics: Shields for the Romans and Greeks were all about group formations. Greek hoplon shields were held in the left hand and the hoplites would sometimes use their righthand neighbor’s shield to block attacks (leading the right flank to often win battles). Roman scutum shields were sometimes used in a tortoise formation to protect everyone from incoming arrows. Give shield-carrying characters adjacent to one another +1 AC against attacks if they opt to halve their speed and always move together to simulate this.

Example of a Roman scutum shield and javelin 

Javelins: So another point on Roman scuta: the legionaries would usually throw a few javelins as they made their initial charge. The purpose was not necessarily to kill the enemies (although I am sure that would be perfectly welcome). The intent was to get the cheap-to-make pointed sticks to impale themselves in the enemies’ scuta. Have you ever tried to hold up a 6-foot javelin sticking straight out from your forearm? Me neither but I would imagine it’s unwieldy. You have to either spend time snapping it or ripping it out or just ditch the shield altogether. Javelins in D&D, however, always have felt stupid. It’s just a basic ranged attack for orcs and goblins. Instead, have creatures just carry a few javelins and let them try to disable the PC’s shields! And let them do the same! To do so, make a sundering attempt (see above). If you remove at least 1 point of durability, the javelin sticks and the unlucky creature either has to drop the shield, spend an action making a STR check to break the javelin, or else live with a -10 move speed reduction and no shield bonus.

Black Hat: “Wh-What is this?”

Flug: “These are friendship rings! Its so we can be together for as long as we know it! I made them myself, dementia taught me how!”

Black Hat: “…D-Do I eat it….?”

Flug: *chuckles* “No ya goof! You wear em like this!”


I failed to find a good shipping-themed prompt list for inktober, so I made one myself and thought I’d share. Feel free to use if you like it, were it for Inktober or just a need for a drawing/writing prompt! Most of the prompts can be easily interpreted for smut purposes too. (And no need to credit/tag me if you use this, just don’t remove my name from it).

Also on Twitter.

pretty dirty pick up lines.

’ you look a lot like my next girlfriend/boyfriend. ’
’ are you a drill sergeant? because you have my privates standing at attention. ’
’ do you mix concrete for a living? because you’re making me hard. ’
’ if you’re feeling down, i can feel you up. ’
’ i’m no weather man, but you can expect more than a few inches tonight. ’
’ i may not go down in history, but i’ll go down on you. ’
’ are you from the ghetto? cause i’m about to ghetto hold of dat ass. ’
’ you know what i like in a girl? my dick. ’
’ are you a doctor? cause you just cured my erectile dysfunction. ’
’ i lost my virginity. can i have yours? ’
’ hey, you wanna do a 68? you go down on me, and i’ll owe you one. ’
’ you can call me cake, cause i’ll go straight to your ass. ’
’ roses are red, violets are fine. if i be the 6, will you be the 9? ’
’ i’m like a firefighter, i find ‘em hot and leave ‘em wet! ’
’ i’m hung like a tic tac. wanna freshen your breath? ’
’ you smell like trash. may i take you out? ’
’ i wanna floss with your pubic hair. ’
’ let’s have a party and invite your pants to come on down. ’
’ you’re so hot, even my pants are falling for you! ’
’ are you spaghetti cause i want you to meat my balls. ’
’ we should play strip poker. you can strip, and I’ll poke you. ’
’ do you like adele? cause i can tell you wanna be rolling in the d. ’
’ do you have a shovel? cause i’m diggin’ that ass! ’
’ damn, are you my new boss, because you just gave me a raise. ’
’ remember my name, because you’ll be screaming it later! ’
’ are you an elevator? cause i wanna go down on you. ’
’ are you a shark? cause i’ve got some swimmers for you to swallow. ’
’ do you work for papa johns? cause you’re a fine pizza ass. ’
’ are you from china? cause i’m china get in your pants. ’
’ why don’t you surprise your roommate and not come home tonight? ’
’ baby there’s a party in my pants and you are invited! ’
’ i’m looking for treasure, can i look around your chest? ’
’ if i flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head? ’
’ would you like a hotdog to go with those buns? ’
’ this may seem corny, but you make me really horny. ’
’ how about you make me the climax of your story? ’
’ that’s a nice set of legs, what time do they open? ’
’ my name is skittles… wanna taste my rainbow? ’
’ you remind me of a crop, because i wanna plow you. ’


isn’t max’s full first name “maxwell”? if so, i’m going to fucking punch his parents for only putting his nickname. like, i understand that maybe that’s what people mostly call him, but my parents wouldn’t go around putting “em” on something like a camp sign-up sheet even though literally everyone i know calls me that. they’d put my full first name, which is emily. oof. idk.

another thing– max’s parents didn’t even bother to put his last name? that’s kinda fucked up. it’s like they don’t want their kid to be traced back to them.


that is all. have a nice day.

Imagine: Getting Dean to go Jogging

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,500

Warnings: Language, jealous!Dean, implied smut

A/N: this is my submission for @hannahindie‘s Party Like It’s Pawnee Indiana Challenge! I adore Parks and Rec, and these prompts were absolutely incredible. Congratulations on the followers, hun!!

My prompt is “Jogging is the worst! I know it keeps you healthy, but God, at what cost?” and is bolded below! Enjoy!

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You know what I wanna see? A Sonic game where Sonic comments on your rank but none of them are negative. For example;

E rank- “Hey that’s okay. We’ll get ‘em next time!”

D rank- “Not too shabby, but I know you can do better.”

C rank- “Yeah! Now you’re getting it!”

B rank- “Nice! Keep it up!”

A rank- “WOOHOO! Awesome!”

S rank- *Whistle* “Perfect!“

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Ya know temmie's attack where it's legs stretches and you have to kinda dodge em. Do ya think underswap temmie could do that? I hope they can.

I don’t see a single reason not to include that quirk. *shrug*

Plus, long paws can be good for other stuff too. Like getting into people’s personal space :D

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Heyo! I am super excited about S&P! :D I have a question tho. Will there any bonus characters or something? It's just out of curiosity♡ I love every character you guys designed btw, so I ain't sayin I don'tike em

Hmm, the official list of fighters is closed. like there won’t be any new youtubers.

(。◝‿◜。) Howeveh, if u wanna see the kind of fighters i could draw (bc ofc, other youtubers will appear in the game, maybe in the background, maybe as easter eggs with objects or stuff referencing them ) :

i’ve drawn all the youtubers from Revelmode and i rly love them so u can already consider that you might see them again one day or another !


Please reblog/note if you use any of them :D

Also, if you want a gifset/icon please tell me!! I will gladly do it for you!!

Eight years without any trouble from those bozos over at Stark Tower, and then this little bastard in red tights shows up, and he thinks he can tear down everything I’ve built. We’re gonna put ‘em outta business! We’re gonna take everything they got!


The amount of time I spent making this is ridiculous.


Hey, I’m just wondering how many of you guys are going to see the carmilla movie in the Mississauga region? If you are let me know because if we could make a group or something, that’d be great. If you’re not please still boost this so others can see, and maybe we’ll have enough to plan this, thanks guys! :)

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Finally picked up the courage to write you :D I know you must hear this a lot, but can I please just express how much I ADORE your humanized KOBB?! They both look absolutely stunning, and the way you portray them together makes me all kinds of happy and excited! :D Just came home from a ski trip, and it kinda made me wonder how Bee and Knockout would handle going skiing for the first time, do you think one would be better at it than the other?

Hello there!
It always makes my day to hear someone likes my humanformers, especially KOBB they’re such darlings and i love drawing em, so it’s nice to hear someone else likes them too!
And for the skiing, I think KO would be better in winter sports overall. Usually it would be Bee, the sports one but i think he hasn’t really spent any time around snow so i think he wouldn’t be the biggest fan of winter activities.

Dead Girl Walking (Evan Hansen x Reader) [NSFW]

yo it’s my first !!! dedicated to @sincerlyyme bc i love walnut n it’s variants thank u for those bab

Warnings: evan hansen being a fucking virgin, slight nsfw, cumming in ur pants, jared and connor being GAY (or just very very good friends), rick and morty refs

Summary: this is based off of dgw from heathers bc I’m straight for evan hEADS UP JD


You couldn’t believe you were doing this. But you’d already decreed it. Monday, eight AM was your deadline to finally have sex with your boyfriend and you decided that after a single drink at Jared’s party, BEFORE IT HAD EVEN STARTED, that this was the night to do it.

Evan hadn’t turned up, stuck at home with some studying to do, but you’d promised to drop by later that night. Because you were lonely without him. Also, the sex thing.

You were going to drop the fuck by.

The light was on in his room, casting the shadow of his body onto the curtains. You followed the curves of his body with your gaze, making sure it was him before softly padding across the lawn. Time to get freaky.

Somehow, you’d had become incredibly agile, scaling the pipe running up the side of his house with an almost eager ease. Perhaps the adrenaline rush, perhaps the small boost of alcohol in your system. You crept along the porch roof, slipping a little on the tiles as you shuffled to his window. There was a crack in the curtains where they hadn’t been pulled together all the way, and you crouched down to look through it.

You just managed to catch a glimpse of Evan, trudging into his bathroom. Time to move.

The window was already open a little, the small lock holding it closed already rusted and practically falling off. You pressed your hand to the glass, gently pulling it open before beginning to shift yourself inside.

You was halfway through when Evan appeared again, toothpaste smeared a little on the corners of his mouth, and his hair sticking up in ten different directions.

You froze, wide eyed. Perhaps Hansens were like T-Rexes. Hopefully.

Unfortunately, not the case. Fuck.

Evan was stock still, pale in the moonlight.


“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” You shifted your body a little, heart pounding in your chest. This was a bad idea. This was such a bad idea. Retreat. Retreat.



“No, wait, Evan-!”

“What are you doing? A-Are you okay?” He lunged forward, suddenly awake again, taking a hold of you to ease you through the window to safety. His hands skimmed over your skin to search for any scrapes or bruises, delicate and light, like you were made of china. “What’s happened-?”

“Sorry, but I really had come here. Like right now.” Your words were breathless, and you had a finger pressed to his lips to silence him. “Because, like, uhh… See, I really want to fuck. And I sort of set this deadline in my head for when I had to initiate the fucking.”


“You don’t have to! I won’t do anything without consent of course, and I don’t want to pressure you into something you’re not hot on, and-”


Your heart dropped to your stomach. No. Of course he would say no. This is crazy, you’re standing in his house in the middle of the night after breaking in during a tipsy, horny ‘episode.’ Who in their right mind would say yes? This was such a bad idea.

“Oh, okay… Well, uh, if you could just let me out the front door-”

“N-No, I mean, y-yes, uh-!”


He cut off your confused look with a kiss, hands strangely dry and gripping your shoulders. His lips were soft, hesitant and shy, almost scared until you gave in, and ran a hand along his ribcage, snaking around the back and across his shoulder blades. He relaxed a little, tightening his grip around you, weaving his hands across your back and tugging you close.

He pulled away, to your protest.

“That answer your question?”

“First, no, don’t be a smart ass. Second,” You grabbed him by the collar, tugging him down to your eye level. “Lose the pants.”

His eyes went big, and he kicked off his pants, the blue flannel pooling around his ankles before you ripped off your jacket, pushing him by his shoulders onto the bed. You stepped closer, hands cupped under his jaw.

Thank god you were wearing nice underwear.

“Come on.” You murmured, and he flushed red, his fingertips skimming lightly up the side of your thighs, dipping under the shelter of your pants, making a shiver run up your spine. His hands were warm, and a little clammy, but by now you were used to it.

Evan’s face had adopted a permanent pinkish tone, gingerly letting his hands roam.

“J-Jared gave me condoms yesterday. He must of known about your deadline thing.”

“That cheeky little shit.”

His lips were on yours again, the two of you scrambling up onto the bed with Evan propped up against the headboard and you settled in his lap. Your breath came in heavy pants and huffs between kisses as you fought the urge to break away and breathe. Kisses. Kisses. Kisses. Your adrenaline was through the roof.

Hands everywhere, hair mussed, something hot against your leg.

Evan let out a small keen as You shifted your hips against his, fingers weaving and knotting through his hair. His own palms had found themselves planted at your waist, warm through the fabric of your shirt.

You arched your back, tugging at the hem of his shirt before he quickly got the message, leaning away to pull it off. It was flung into the oblivion of his room.

Your shirt had ridden up at this point, thighs pinned either side of his hips, and you pulled it off so he didn’t feel exposed.

Suddenly Evan is bright red, very obviously trying not to stare too much.

“What are you doing?”

“I-It’s ungentlemanly-”

“Evan, I can literally feel your dick on my leg and we’re about to fuck.”

“I know, but-!”

You smirked, shuffling your shoulders with a quirk of your eyebrow.

“Knock 'em around, squeeze my little Evans-”

“D-Don’t quote Rick and Morty!” Evan pouted, and you tugged on his protruding bottom lip with a smirk.

“Someone’s had a challenging mating season.”

“Shut up.”

They resume their earlier actions with a little more vigour. Kiss, grope, grind, repeat. Your mind was blown through the roof. You didn’t care if they even got around to fucking at this point.

The two of you were giggling, practically giddy with the rush of it, and Evan was louder than you’d thought he would be, stifling his small whimpers and moans with his hand.

“G-God, fuck…” He whispered, a shiver rolling up his spine, the rolling movement of his hips suddenly stuttering a little.

You raised an eyebrow when he suddenly gripped at your hips and forcing you down in your place, turning a bright red and letting out an almost-choked gasp.


“Don’t move.”

You knitted your brows together, leaning forward to look at his face, currently screwed up in concentration.

Your hand trailed up his chest, cupping at his cheek. He grit his teeth, another noise coming from the back of his throat.

Unlucky for him, you somehow managed to shift your hips again, and tug on his hair a little, hitting that especially good spot that sent him over the edge oh fuck he was spiralling oh god wait no wait please for the love of god wait-

“Shit-!” He hissed, tensing up and bucking his hips a little, before collapsing against the bedsheets, red and sweaty and breathing way heavier than someone should be.

“Evan? What happened?

"U-U-Uhm, oh god…”


“I-I-I need some new pants.”

“Oh. OH.”

“Excuse me.”

You shuffled back, burning red and letting the embarrassed boy make a beeline to the bathroom, grabbing a new pair of underwear on the way.

The door slammed shut, and you flopped back on his bed, letting out a sigh. Close enough. You felt around for your jacket, pulling out your phone and sending a text to Jared.

[To Jared:
sorry i couldn’t come to the party but I was getting laid. ish. Close enough anyway.]

Evan took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down after cleaning himself up. Hopefully his mom wouldn’t be looking too carefully at the laundry. He sent a text to Jared.

[To Jared:


Connor groaned as Jared’s phone buzzed on the nightstand, long arms draped over his dark mess of curls.

“Put your damn phone on silent.”

“I’m playing wingman.”

He was silent, before cracking open an eye, looking up at Jared who was looking through his messages.

“For whom?”


He frowned, furrowing his brow.

“But he’s dating-?”

“And (Y/N). Both of them at the same time.”

There was silence, before Connor rolled over and turned to face the other way.

“You little shit.”

“He came in his pants.”

“No he did not-!”

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This might sound controversial, but are remastered & remakes lazy marketing tactics or a homage to a classic?

I like to think of remasters and remakes primarily as a way to bring old classic games to players who didn’t really have a chance to experience the originals the first time around. It’s easy to forget that video gaming has come a very long way and has a lot more people playing than before. Just consider - Grand Theft Auto 5 outsold GTA4′s lifetime sales figures after six weeks. That means that, even if every single person who bought GTA4 also bought GTA5, there are still millions of people who played GTA5 that never got to enjoy GTA4. If you go further back, even fewer played GTA3, GTA Vice City, etc.

There are many millions more gamers out there today than there were a decade ago, and a huge percentage of them have never played classic games like Link to the Past (1991), Super Metroid (1994), Beyond Good and Evil (2003), Katamari Damacy (2004), or Shadow of the Colossus (2005). Many of these fantastic older games weren’t available outside of the secondary market, often requiring old consoles that need old television sets in order to play properly, until they were remastered. Remakes and remasters allow us to bring back the old classics, but update them with modern design sensibilities and improved visuals, UI, and controls so that a whole new generation of players can experience some of the magic of games that are no longer easily available.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing when companies profit from delivering a quality product to customers who enjoy them. I think it’s fantastic when more people get to play great games, especially when they’re the games that inspired today’s generation of game developers. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that publishers can make some money by doing this - it still costs time, money, and resources to develop these things. It all comes down to a value proposition - it’s totally fine if you don’t want to buy the remaster of Chronicles of Mystara, but I bought steam keys for my entire pen and paper D&D group because I loved those games so much and the updated version allowed us to play together online. I would likewise preorder a similar remaster for Guardian Heroes or the Alien vs Predator arcade beat-em-up.

Got a burning question you want answered?


Em finally joined Exire and his leader is Pulchrit  ! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HELLO ALOID ! Thanks @localserialkiller​ for helping me ! *3* (i hope it’s fine ?? i still can change anything)

Say hi while i’m drawing more reference of him (or not)

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Hey! You reblogged a writing exercise thing last night and, if it isn't too late to send something in, I'd like to request one! Dizziness, grabby hands, and "You look ready to pass out" with whatever characters you like!

you know i had to do it to em


Lance is going to pass out.  He can see it coming, right?  So why in the world has he decided to go looking for someone–anyone–to help him.  Maybe it’s the fever he knows is raging away in his body.  Perhaps it’s the headache (or a migraine, he can’t tell) that’s making him think this is a good idea.  Maybe it’s the homesickness and the need for someone to just hold him or make him feel better.

So, here he is, stumbling and swaying down the hallway, which is warped and spinning and not helping him be any less dizzy.  His hand rests against the cool, metal wall.  The wall keeps him relatively grounded, but he’s still so out of it that there are shadows dancing across the walls, joining together in a waltz, maybe a tango.  Lance’s mom used to teach him and his siblings to tango.

Lance sniffs as tears well up in his eyes.  He really misses his family, his mother especially.  She was his best friend, and losing her is like losing the two most important people in his life.  

“Lance?”  Lance just moans and leans into the wall as he presses his palms into his eyes.  Without opening his eyes, he grabs for the person creating the nearing sound of footsteps, whining miserably.  He stumbles as the person, who’s a few inches shorter than he is (he can tell it’s Keith even through his hazy, feverish delirium), pulls Lance forward into a hug.  His legs give out, and Keith grunts a little but manages to stay upright.  

“You look about ready to pass out–no wonder you missed dinner.  Let’s get you back to bed.”  Lance mumbles incoherently as Keith carries him back to his room.  


Lance never misses dinner–not anymore, at least.  In the beginning, he did, but now?  Now, he’s too insecure to miss anything.  That’s why it’s particularly frightening when he doesn’t show up today.  Most of the team is busy resting after that mission, but Keith knows that no matter what, Lance does not miss dinner.  

Keith will say that Lance was a little (okay, a lot) off during the mission, which, thank goodness, was a simple supply run to a planet without Galra.  He stayed back, barely talked, and Keith even saw him have to catch himself after he tripped over nothing.  Keith brushed it off, though.  We all have off days, right?  Even as a defender of the universe, those can’t be prevented.  

Then, he didn’t show up to dinner, and Keith started to think it was something much, much worse than an ‘off day’.  He went looking, just to make sure.  Lance isn’t training or talking to Allura, Pidge, Hunk, or Shiro, or even Coran or the mice.  A ball of slight panic starts to set in Keith’s chest as he’s walking briskly down the hall.  He turns a corner, only to find Lance, sweating, swaying, shivering, and crying.  His tan skin is a grayish pale, and his eyes are glossy.  

“Lance?” Keith asks, starting forward.  Lance groans and presses his palms into his eyes before stumbling forward a step or two and grabbing for Keith.  Keith takes his hands and pulls Lance forward.  He falls into Keith’s hold, mumbling things that Keith can’t quite make out.

“You look about ready to pass out–no wonder you missed dinner.  Let’s get you back to bed,” Keith mutters, smoothing Lance’s hair back with his hand.  Lance continues his mumbling as Keith helps him stumble back to his room.

SVT College AU  -  Soonyoung

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a/n: sweet baby he’s feeling better awwwww i love me kid 


-look at him go 

-my baby boy

-my star


-he studies natural science

-so it’s like a bundle of things



-the sky



-the actual reason as to why we exist on this planet only to please people who have a higher status than us and to just get validation from people knowing that one day we all die and have no idea of how time or space will control the next billion years


-yeah with science 

-comes overnight study sessions with his class

-he’s very social in class

-he likes his class a lot

-a whole bunch 

-he wears glasses sometimes but he doesn’t need them he just wants to wear them to feel smarter

-one time they were checking on what temperatures melt certain things

-he was trying to put the bunsen burner away 

-and the tube slipped out

-fire everywhere

-K W O N   F I R E 

-that’s his nickname from the teacher because of that accident

-this actually happened in my class in year 7 lmao 

-so yeah his class is dangerous but fun 

-this lil bundle of sunshine bunks with two other bundles of sunshine

-media kid hansol and zoology student chan 

-soonyoung became a big brother to them immediately

-he’s so protective over them

-he will fight people for them

-not really 

-he might kick them in the nuts and then run 

-that always works 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

-in fact he’s protective over everyone he meets

-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIiiiincluding you

-you’re the friend that everyone likes

-little media major you

-you’re in hansol’s class for media

-and like how soonyoung became big brothers to chan and hansol

-hansol became a brother to you

-and like every brother

-he introduced you to soonyoung

-and as if by magic 

-you two


-fell for each other


-he thought you were beautiful and amazing and really funny 

-and you thought he was super cool and crazy cute and funny too !!!!!!

-you two started to hang out more and more and more even when you weren’t with hansol

-you and soonyoung would just get to know each other better

-and fall for each other even more

-one time you two were out without hansol and chan 

-and of course

-spy chan came out to play 

-so the first place he saw you was on the street 

-he thought he saw you holding hands with soonyoung


-you just held onto his sleeve because it was busy on the road

-even though secretly you wanted to hold his hand and he wanted to hold yours

-the next place he saw you in was the milkshake shop

-and he thought you two were sharing

-nopity nope nope

-you two had different drinks

-soonyoung kept on stealing yours


-another place he saw you in?

-a clothing shop

-soonyoung saw a dress that would look really pretty on you and he thought you could wear it to a fancy event and he could match with you and stuff

-you really weren’t a dress person so you politely declined the dress even though you admitted it was pretty 

-somehow from this chan made up this….sort of story that you two were going on a date and soonyoung would buy you that dress to wear on a date 




-you and soonyoung got ice cream and soonyoung managed to get ice cream on his cheek and his chin

-a t   2 0    y e a r s    o l d     h o w     t h e     f u c k    d o    y o u    g e t    i c e    c r e a m    o n    y o u r    c h e e k

-and you go to wipe it off

-and being the literal child he is

-he asks you to have an intense staring competition with you and leans in close to you 

-but somehow chan saw this as….

-you going in for a kiss…

-even though you kind of wanted to and he wanted to do the same thing………the staring competition was a grrREAT decoy 

-as soon as chan got back to the dorm he told hansol all this information

-”…are you sure this is what you saw??”

-”1000%!! they’re definitely going out–”

-”who’s going out?”

-s HIT


-”wait…me and y/n? chan? you think we’re going out…like dating?”


-”why do you think that??”

-”i saw you two today! you guys looked lovey dovey and stuff! she was holding your hand and you guys shared a drink and you two even kissed!!”

-”wait were you spying on us?!”

-f a c e    c r a c k    o f     t h e    c e n t u r y    f r o m    l e e    c h a n


-after chan explained himself

-soonyoung had to explain himself

-”wait……so the hand holding??”

-”she just grabbed onto my sleeve because there were a lot of people”

-”and the dress?”

-”i thought it would look really nice on her”

-”what about the ice cream place??”

-”we had a staring competition !!”

-”and the milkshake parlour??”



-”……….her milkshake tasted really nice so i wanted to try some”

-but halfway through explaining

-he kind of saw where chan was coming from


-he knew his feelings for you were there 

-loud and proud

-he just was so caught up in hanging out with you….

-that he didn’t actually try to have a relationship with you

-it was almost like you guys were already in one 


-chan didn’t really get in trouble because he was young

-soon that’s not a viable excuse but go off i guess

-but he really did need to talk to you about this relationship thing

-so yeah

-he invited you over one day whilst the boys were out 

-you were both lying on his bed

-and he just…..kind of placed his arm around you………………………..

-your face:  ( ⸝⸝•ᴗ•⸝⸝ )੭⁾⁾

-your heart and mind: ヽ༼◉ل͜◉༽ノ


-you just went with it because friends do that……..right?

-r i g h t ?

-”hey let’s say weird things you go first”

-oh boy 

-”alright……is there a reason why?”

-”no….just wanna find out something interesting today…”

-oh boy 

-”ok…..a pig in australia stole 18 beers from a campsite got drunk and then tried to fight a cow”

-”you’re serious?”

-”yeah im pretty sure that’s what it said….on the internet….your turn”

-”a male honeybee’s dick is destroyed after sex”


-”i know…your turn….”

-he then suddenly sat up and looked down to you with these…..almost…..loving eyes

-”turtles can breathe through their but–”

-”chan thinks that we’re dating..”

-”wait….rewind pause and play what”

-”….chan thinks that we’re dating…..he saw us while we were out and stuff and thought that we’re–”

-”what’s so weird about that?”

-”well for starters he was kind of following us–”

-”it’s cute that he think’s we’re dating….it’s….not a bad thing….right?”

-”i-it’s not….it’s just…..”


-”i kind of thought that you liked hansol”

-w h a t    t h e     fu ck     is    go i n g    o n    


-you and hansol???


-”no? hansol is a really good friend to me and that’s it….”

-”then….what about me?”

-”you’re…different to what hansol is to me….”

-you mumbled to him sitting up in the process

-he blinked shifting towards you 

-”h-how different”

-you kind of just…..found yourself gravitating to him…..

-like…..dude you look really good……lemme just…

-you didn’t answer his question- instead you just leaned in slowly

-he did the same

-fireworks? hell yeah

-lips grazing against each other

-closed eyes

-beating hearts

-you two…..kissed…………………

-nan desu ka


-you just…..went in and did it

-”that kind of different…”

-”so you like me in this way?”


-”good thing cause i do too”





-”should we kiss again?”


-you both have love in your eyes for each other and it’s actually so cute

-you two just…kept going at it until hansol and chan came back

-b i g     m i s t a k e 

-”can you believe their relationship started because of me?”

-”you followed the round while they were out”

-”i practically started their relationship for them”

-”y o u    s t a l k e d    t h em”

-”and you still don’t have a girl either!”

-”neither do you!”

-”shit you’re right”

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Can I request a cute Radmond (maybe Shenid too) with a good-dad Boxman trying his best to still be a good father but won't really say it's friendship. "Y-yep you kids and your- good company! Do your b-business partners want cookies or something?" Also I know you're busy with school and everything so I thought I'd wish you super good luck! Stay healthy on your schedule okay?

hes trying