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You broke your promise

I sighed, looking down at my phone screen, yet again another picture of Justin smoking. He knows how strongly I feel about him smoking yet he still dose it no matter how may times I’ve told him to stop, last month he promised me that he would stop. I just can’t believe he broke his promise. Hearing the door open I wiped away a single tear I didn’t even know had fallen, looking up I seen Justin walking in smiling at me “hey baby” he spoke, rolling my eyes I stood up and walked out making my way into our kitchen. Talking out a bottle of water and sipping it I leaned against the marble island talking in the newly found silence.

“Are you ok?” He asked, the real question is are YOU ok I thought to my self as I carried on ignoring his presence. “Did I do something wrong?” He questioned again “ I don’t know Justin, did you?” I finally asked, I could practically hear the cancer making its way towards him, i know that’s a horrible thing to say about your boyfriend but it’s how I feel and how our life could end up in 20-30 years time. I could feel my eyes welling up at the thought of losing Justin to cancer.

“What’s wrong baby?” Justin asked slowly approaching me scared as if I was just going to brake out in to sobs any second

“You broke your promise” I spoke quietly finally looking up into Justin’s mocha brown eyes to only see confusion and worry swirling around as he looked back at me “what promise y/n?” He looked taken back to say the least .

“you told me you was going to quit smoking. Do you realise how hurt I am right now Justin? You lied right to my face”
I spoke with force wanting to get my point across

I could tell he was feeling guilty, it was all over his sad face, my heart was braking just looking at him but I knew the pain I was feeling now would be intensified by a million if he died because of those cancer filled sticked people call cigarettes.

“ I tried y/n I really did, but after a few days i gave into the temptation, I’m really sorry y/n” he almost whispered looking into my eyes sincerely. I couldn’t handle it no more, I broke into heart reaching sobs, trying to contain them I covered my face, I could hear Justin running over to me wrapping his arms around me tightly “baby I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry! I’ll try Harder next time please don’t leave me!” He spoke frantically, his voice broke slightly making me heart clench, his words only made me cry harder, I can’t believe he thinks I’m going to brake up with him over this.

I finally calmed down “ I’m not going to leave you” i rasped out, hearing him let out a breath of relief I let of a small giggle to lighten the mood “ Im just hurt that you told me you was gunna a quit and you never, I can’t risk losing someone else important to long cancer, I don’t think I’d be able to deal with it again” I spoke letting a couple stray tears fall, as Justin slowly wiped them away with the pads of his thumbs kissing the top of my head “ you lost someone to cancer?” He asked slowly

Nodding I answered “ I lost my grandad to cancer when I was 9, and I can’t lose you too” I wrapped my arms around his neck I held him close to me “ I’m sorry baby I didn’t know, I promise for real this time I will actually quit, for you and our future, I love you princess” he quietly cooed “ I love you too” I whispered kissing him slowly.

// so this was my first written imagine🤔 and it was my first request! I hope you enjoy it! \

Hi can i have a *private* selca ship with bts exo bigbang vixx got7 svt and twice? Thankyou ☺😁😙💙 sorry if i broke your screen haha im ugly i know 🙈


Hii love @bangtanxships aw that’s not true, I think you are so cute and pretty! Thank you for submitting! :)

In Bts I ship you with..

♡ Taehyung ♡

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In Exo I ship you with..

♡ Chanyeol ♡

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In Big Bang I ship you with..

♡ Taeyang ♡

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In Vixx I ship you with..

♡ Hongbin ♡

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And in Got7 I ship you with..

♡ Mark ♡

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In Seventeen I ship you with..

♡ Minghao ~ The8 ♡

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In Twice I ship you with..

♡ Sana ♡

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