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may 18, 2017 - little victories

i recently decided to start learning japanese, and it’s been a fun and enjoyable experience! i still have some hiragana left to learn before i dive into katakana and kanji, but i’m happy and proud of the progress that i’ve made so far.

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Sleepovers w/ Renjun
  • i seriously can’t express with words how much i love huang renjun
  • he’s so pure but so savage at the same time i’m :’)
  • but anyways~ let’s start with this right away
  • okay so,,,
  • first thing first, he’s ur boyfie here okay
  • i thought it would be cuter like that hehe
  • and let me tell you that sleepovers with him would be so fun, he would do everything in his power to make you feel happy and entertained
  • literally, don’t you dare to don’t smile for 00000000.1 seconds or he would think that you’re bored and you hate him
  • lmao, oKAY MAYBE NO but he would feel lots of pression and would be really disappointed in himself if you’re not having a good time
  • bUt tHat’S BaSIcAlLY IMPoSiBlE sO doNt WoRrIeS
  • and you already knew that he would be like this because you actually had a bunch of sleepovers with him already
  • well, kind of,,,
  • like, yeah, you had multiple sleepovers with him,,, and the rest of the dreamies
  • but this was the first time ever when it would be only you and him alone you know
  • so this was really really exciting for both of you
  • “i’m glad so glad that i can finally sleep by your side and not jeno’s :’)”
  • “i mean, is not like i mind sleeping with jeno, but you’re more cuddly and you smell twice better than him”
  • “and you hug me in a softer way, he’s too rude”
  • lmao
  • literally, both of you talked the whole day about it while doing a videocall 
  • and like i said, you already know how perfeccionist he is on this kind of things so you gave him the idea of doing a little to-do list so y’all are sure of what to do
  • aND HE LOVED THE IDEA, both of you wrote like ten different ideas in a piece of paper and then read them out loud
  • and as i said, he always wants you to be entertained and having fun so he was choosing his things really carefully
  • and probably y’all got in a few small silly fights because y’all couldn’t decide what to do lmao
  • “what do you mean anime? y/N ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME WITH JENO¿”
  • “you want me to teach you tricks with my hoverboards? forget about it, you can barely stand up on that thing”
  • and he also made sure that you had everything in your backpack, y’alls matching pjs, your phone charger, your uhm lady stuff, everything you need basically
  • and eventually the hour to go to his house came, good bless
  • “y/n it’s exactly 7pm rn why aren’t you here yet?”
  • “why are we still on a videocall?”
  • he was so impatient and so excited and you were there like aw chill baby i’m on my way
  • you literally stepped in his house entrance for like two seconds and you already had him over you, smiling and hugging you fghjkl
  • this is completely out of the point but hE’S PROBABLY SUCH A GREAT HUGGER
  • does that world even exist lmao
  • i can’t explain how well your bodies fit when both of you hug, your heights are perfect for each other and you feel so comfortable in his arms
  • and tbh, he hugged you constantly that day bc of how happy he was
  • he is not that into skinship normally but that day hE WAS SO CLINGY IT WAS ADORABLE
  • even if he’s a lil savage devil he’s still full of love :’) he’s precious
  • but, going to the sleepover thing again!!! y’all started the night cooking dinner together and it was SO much fun
  • idk if he knows how to cook or not but he probably gives lots of orders anyways
  • “can you wash this veggies, y/n?”
  • “put this there y/n, i’m too busy doing this now”
  • “can you give the scissors that are over there?”
  • he’s that kind of bitch, yes
  • but you know his personality is like that all the time so you don’t really mind and just let him be
  • also, y’all probably gave each other lots of hugs and kisses as y’all were cooking, especially jun tbh aND IT WAS SO CUTE
  • he’s a big softie in the inside anyways <3
  • y’all ate together while watching some moomin because uhm moomin is majestic duh
  • and y’all also played around and laughed a lot, even while you were washing up and putting you cute matching face masks
  • but because both of you still are smol childs at like 10 pm y’all were already started to yawn non stop like babies
  • and renjun was panicking because iT’S SO EARLY WE DIDN’T EVEN FINISHED OR TO-DO LIST
  • and you were like, don’t worry baby i still have some energy left
  • but no, even if he really wanted to finish that list you were his priority and he can’t let you be sleepy lke that ya know
  • also, you looked adorable anyways so he was really enjoying how cute you are so he just gave up and prepared everything to go to bed
  • like, all that frustration that he was feeling just minutes ago dissapeared completely bECAUSE YOU WERE SO CUTE AND TINY AND YOU WERE GOING TO SLEEP WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!
  • and the fact that you were so cuddly and clingy because of how sleepy you were made that moment even cuter
  • you fell asleep before than him but somehow he still, somehow, woke up earlier than you
  • like, you don’t even remember when you fell asleep like, one moment you were giggling at the kisses that he was giving all over your face and then you just ??? fell asleep
  • and then you woke up and he was there, looking at you with a smile on his face bc you finally woke up
  • “good morning, baobei”
  • “you look so pretty while sleeping, more than what i thought you would”
  • “i never realized how angelical your features are until now, i’m really dissapointed on my self tbh”
  • and you were suffering because i jUST WOKE UP DON’T ATTACK ME LIKE THIS
  • after spending like half of an hour being lazy asses on bed you finally got out of bed and made yourselves something to eat
  • and then y’all probably spent the whole day playing and continuing y’alls to-do list :’)))))
  • and the end i guess, lol
  • god, i rlly love jun
  • he’s such an angel i lOVE HIM BYE

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OH MAN pokemon crystal was the first game I ever really played and I still have my game boy advance and I play through it once in a while. It's such a good game aah

Aaaa crystal was so good!! The cartridge was so pretty?? I always wanted it because I loved the translucent blue cartridge but my ma wouldn’t let me have it bc I already had silver lmao ^^;

My first game was pokemon blue! I sort of accidentally stole it from my brother I think lmao, that was right up in the thick of the 1998 first pokemon craze when there was pokemon cereal and pokemon waffles and those pokemon smuckers jelly jars and stuff lmao

The flashing screen
made me scream
and they all wondered why.

The flashing screen
of beauty queens
made me scream
and you wondered why.

You left her alone
for a stupid flashing screen
and so I screamed,
but you wonder why.

Your heart’s with another
because of a flashing screen
and they wonder
“why does she scream?”

I screamed so loud
and broke your screen
and then you turned
to me and screamed.

I carried your pieces
of that flashing screen in my
pile off baggage
I carry each day.

I hope Mr. Right falls in
love with me
and not a flashing screen
that makes me scream.

-flashing screen


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what happened to your laptop? I broke the screen of my mac this morning and i have to pay $350 :) :)

There was a cable inside that needed to be replaced, I did all the research for it, but the first repair shop I took it too didn’t listen to me and made me waste 70$. Then I took it to my school’s repair shop that I didn’t know existed and they listened to me and fixed it in just a few days, I’m so happy.

And oh jeeze I hope your laptop gets fixed just fine! D:

You broke your promise

I sighed, looking down at my phone screen, yet again another picture of Justin smoking. He knows how strongly I feel about him smoking yet he still dose it no matter how may times I’ve told him to stop, last month he promised me that he would stop. I just can’t believe he broke his promise. Hearing the door open I wiped away a single tear I didn’t even know had fallen, looking up I seen Justin walking in smiling at me “hey baby” he spoke, rolling my eyes I stood up and walked out making my way into our kitchen. Talking out a bottle of water and sipping it I leaned against the marble island talking in the newly found silence.

“Are you ok?” He asked, the real question is are YOU ok I thought to my self as I carried on ignoring his presence. “Did I do something wrong?” He questioned again “ I don’t know Justin, did you?” I finally asked, I could practically hear the cancer making its way towards him, i know that’s a horrible thing to say about your boyfriend but it’s how I feel and how our life could end up in 20-30 years time. I could feel my eyes welling up at the thought of losing Justin to cancer.

“What’s wrong baby?” Justin asked slowly approaching me scared as if I was just going to brake out in to sobs any second

“You broke your promise” I spoke quietly finally looking up into Justin’s mocha brown eyes to only see confusion and worry swirling around as he looked back at me “what promise y/n?” He looked taken back to say the least .

“you told me you was going to quit smoking. Do you realise how hurt I am right now Justin? You lied right to my face”
I spoke with force wanting to get my point across

I could tell he was feeling guilty, it was all over his sad face, my heart was braking just looking at him but I knew the pain I was feeling now would be intensified by a million if he died because of those cancer filled sticked people call cigarettes.

“ I tried y/n I really did, but after a few days i gave into the temptation, I’m really sorry y/n” he almost whispered looking into my eyes sincerely. I couldn’t handle it no more, I broke into heart reaching sobs, trying to contain them I covered my face, I could hear Justin running over to me wrapping his arms around me tightly “baby I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry! I’ll try Harder next time please don’t leave me!” He spoke frantically, his voice broke slightly making me heart clench, his words only made me cry harder, I can’t believe he thinks I’m going to brake up with him over this.

I finally calmed down “ I’m not going to leave you” i rasped out, hearing him let out a breath of relief I let of a small giggle to lighten the mood “ Im just hurt that you told me you was gunna a quit and you never, I can’t risk losing someone else important to long cancer, I don’t think I’d be able to deal with it again” I spoke letting a couple stray tears fall, as Justin slowly wiped them away with the pads of his thumbs kissing the top of my head “ you lost someone to cancer?” He asked slowly

Nodding I answered “ I lost my grandad to cancer when I was 9, and I can’t lose you too” I wrapped my arms around his neck I held him close to me “ I’m sorry baby I didn’t know, I promise for real this time I will actually quit, for you and our future, I love you princess” he quietly cooed “ I love you too” I whispered kissing him slowly.

// so this was my first written imagine🤔 and it was my first request! I hope you enjoy it! \

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あんにんの携帯の画面が割れたって知って、馬鹿にしてたら私のも割れました。 人の事は馬鹿にしないほうがいいね
I was making fun of Annin when I found out that she cracked her phone screen. I cracked my screen too.
It’s better to not make fun of people.

[Twitter] Iriyama Anna

You broke your screen the day after I broke mine…
Of course, you love me too much

[Twitter] Iriyama Anna

She invited me to a meal today
She loves me too much…

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Steve and Darcy meet for the first time when she accidentally triggers one of Tony's devices which hits Steve. Hard. In the groin. No one had ever seen Steve go down like that before. Or make such a sound. Or cry and heave. Darcy becomes infamous and tries to figure out how to properly convey "Sorry for almost breaking your junk."

It was one-hundred and fifty three percent not her fault, give or take three percent. She wasn’t even meant to be there. She wouldn’t have if Stark hadn’t collared Jane and, well, wherever Jane went Darcy seemed to follow.

‘Hold this.’ Two little words that ended her life. Her social life at least. God, she was never going to live down the look on Captain America’s face as he cupped himself and crumpled to the floor in agony.

There were really only so many ways to say, ‘Sorry, I broke your penis.’

“What are you doing?” Jane says, twisting the laptop screen around. “Your resume? Really, Darcy…”

“Excuse me, when a video of you destroying a national treasure’s, er, treasure…”

“I don’t think Steve Rogers genetalia are along the same lines as the Washington Monument.”

“It probably isn’t now,” Darcy says, drawing out the word. She tilts back the laptop screen and tries to find a better way of writing ‘unpaid minion’ and not break any of the NDA’s she had to sign in triplicate to follow after Dr. Foster like a little duckling.

“When did you  minor in Norse Studies?”

“After New Mexico. I told you about it.”

“But you still call Mjolnir mew-mew.”

“Oh my God, Jane, shut up,” Darcy snarls digging her fingers into her hair. “No wait, do you think it would be better if I just, you know, erased my identity and…”

“You can do that?”

“Like it’s hard?” Darcy smirks as she twists her hair up onto a messy bun and steals the pen dangling between Janes thin fingers to hold it up.

“Excuse me, Dr. Foster, may I have a word with Ms. Lewis for a moment,” Captain Rogers asks.

Adrenaline spikes through Darcy’s system. Her hand reflexively reaching for a weapon, but the only thing on her little piece of countertop besides her laptop was a notebook, a stress ball (in the same of Iron Man’s helmet) and a cup of Lady Grey tea.

“Oh, God,” Darcy says wondering if its too late to hide or to bribe Jane to pull the fire alarm.

“Sure,” Jane, the traitor, says, patting Darcy’s arm and scooting away on her chair. “You two kids have fun.”

“Sorry,” she says for what feels like the millionth time. Or maybe more like a billion. A fucktillion?

“I just wanted to thank you,” Steve says.

“Was that a question?”


“Are you fucking with me?”

“Not especially,”  Steve says, the corner of his mouth lifting up in a fraction of a smile.

“Exactly why are you thanking me?”

“The fruit basket,” he says pulling a tiny white card from his pocket. Darcy grabs it out of his hand. Steve leans against the countertop and Darcy considers the possibility of getting that little piece of of counter bronzed for posterity.

Dear Captain,

Sorry about the whole potential need for the little blue pills. Have some fruit on me.

Darcy Lewis


p.s. Dinner sometime? If you can ever forgive me.

“This is my handwriting,” Darcy says running her fingers over the swirly mark of her signature. “But I didn’t send you anything. Fruit or sausage or whatever. Sorry. Cap.”


Darcy’s jaw drops, face flaming with color. Steve’s eyebrows raise, and he drags his teeth along the side of his bottom lip.


“They were delicious,” Steve says sincerely.

“Oh shit.”

He holds himself still for a few moments, while Darcy calculates who exactly she needs to kill and who to ask to do the job. His eyes are wide and blue, so innocent and angelic, it makes her feel dirty. For all of thirty seconds. His shoulders shake just a little and bursts into a deep laugh, hand curling over his heart.

“Asshole,” Darcy hisses, affronted.  “That joke is lame.”

Steve snorts, “I thought so too.” He pulls his phone out of his pocket, swipes his thumb over the screen, types in the passcode and turns the phone to her. On the screen is a picture of a fruit basket, or more like a trunk filled with bunches of bananas and plums. It’s not funny. Except when she imagines the look that must have been on Cap’s face when he found the basket.

“Stark or Foster?”

“I don’t really know Dr Foster, so I assume it’s Stark. Nat prefers springing blind dates on me.”

“Captain America needs blind dates?”

“No, but Steve Rogers apparently does,” Steve shrugs.