if he's not jungmin in the first one

Promise // 10

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Word Count: 5,453

Note: Another sweet chapter, haha. I think the Hwayoung and Baekhyun moments came out a lot more cheesier than I planned. I hope you enjoy reading, and don’t be afraid to tell me how you think the story is so far. ^^


Baekhyun isn’t quite sure if anything has really changed between him and Hwayoung.

They still bicker almost every other day, and Hwayoung still rolls her eyes whenever the male kicks the door out of anger or angrily demands cigarettes. But Baekhyun can say confidently that the threads of attachment have definitely been strung and reel the two of you closer each day, playful jokes punctuating your arguments and intent gazes lingering on the other too long.

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