if he's got time he likes to go to the zoo in the shower



★heart eyes at you p.1

★his dom mode would dissolves seconds after you’ve both come down from your highs

★he’d feel so happy and warm and fuzzy and like he could explode into rainbows

★he’d help you to the bathroom to clean and prepare yourself for bed

★then he’d bust out the matching pink pyjamas so you can sleep in style

★he’ll offer to make you food

★but you always say no

★because you’d rather cuddle with him rather than have him in the kitchen cooking

★sings you to sleep in that beautiful voice of his

★his plump lips will press kisses all over your face as you began to drift off

★loves to trace shapes on your skin

★when you wake up, he’ll have a huge breakfast made

★'jin, you didn’t have to’

★'you need your energy back!’

★'maybe some toast, then’



★aftercare varies with yoongi
★if he’s tired, he’ll just pull you close and shower you with kisses and ‘i love yous’ as you both fell asleep
★but if he’s not ooooh boy
★he’s gonna cuddle you close to him
★and whisper nothings in your ear
★maybe he’ll get you turned on again
★and you two can go another round
★maybe not
★he’ll be so gentle with you
★he’ll gently wrap you in blankets
★kiss all over you
★'you made me so proud, kitten’
★'you took all of me so well’
★'tomorrow, i’m going to treat you like a king/queen all day’
★he’ll let you rest for a while before taking you into the shower
★will let you pick something from his wardrobe to wear to sleep in
★you’ll do so much talking when you’re like this
★he’ll tell you about song ideas
★you’ll tell him how school/work is going
★it’ll just be lovely


★this precious angel thrives on feedback from you
★sometimes he worries that he didn’t do a good enough job
★if you tell him how good he made you feel
★shit son you’re in for a nice of none stop kissing and nuzzles
★seeing you post-sex is his favourite time to see you
★so he probably takes 342309832 photos to look back on when he’s on tour
★you ask anything from him, he’ll do it
★want a bath? sure
★order pizza? no problem
★want a penguin from the local zoo to join in the cuddles? yeah, give him 20 minutes
★loves staying naked to cuddle
★'more intimate’
★he has a speical playlist for times like these
★full of smooth jaz
★and some ye old love songs
★which sometimes he’ll sing along to
★when you fall asleep, he’ll tuck you in and give you plenty of kisses


★he’d laugh as you both settled from your highs
★'i think that’s the best sex we’ve ever had’
★he’d say it after every single time
★and it was true
★sex with namjoon got better and better
★he’d push hair from your forehead
★and gently pepper your lips in kisses
★when he’d made sure you were alright he’d go run you a bubble bath
★he’d sit behind you in the tub and let you rest against him
★would quote some poems he’s revised
★or softly sing your favourite song
★tbh the aftercare part with nams is better than the sex
★sue me
★when you’re done in the bath he’ll dry you and put you in your pyjamas
★then honey get ready
★because this guy ain’t letting you move from the bed


★he’ll clean you up
★then help you put on your pyjamas
★when you’re both settled in bed, he’ll just go full teasing mode
★'you should’ve seen your face!’ he laughed as he mimicked you
★'oh jimin~~~’

★'look how red your cheeks are!’

★just let him tease you and giggle then he’ll get to the cuddling
★he has to be the big spoon
★don’t fight him on this
★you’ll end up being death gripped by his thighs
★he likes sniffing your hair
★bc your shampoo is one of his favorite smells
★but he won’t admit that
★he’ll probably wake before you
★and make plans to take you out for breakfast


★heart eyes at you p.2
★like holy shit this guy will just turn into a big ball of mush
★you’re his
★you’re his jagi
★and he loves you so much????
★you make him feel so warm and fuzzy
★he’s just stare at you and give you praise
★'you’re beautiful when you’ve been fucked good by Daddy’
★'you’re such a good girl/boy’
★don’t you even dare try moving after sex
★will play with your hair until you fall asleep
★won’t fall asleep until he knows you are


★'who made you feel that good?’
★'who made you scream so loud?’
★after that he’ll be back to his normal self
★he’ll flop next to you and play with your hands
★after a while he’ll grab his phone and order take out
★will probably feed you if you’re too sore to move
★if you’re both not exhausted, he’ll put on the tv

What’s Between Us

Summary: Requested by @fantastic-fantasy-fanfics:  For your fluff week, could you please write a Steve x reader fic where the reader breaks her arm or something during a mission so she has to stay in the tower to heal. After a while she gets really bored and glum so Steve takes her out to cheer her up? Maybe by taking her duck feeding or to the zoo or something.

Word Count: 3,254

Warnings: None.

A/N: One of my favorites ever. I hope you all enjoy <3 

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Stepping into the common room, Steve couldn’t help the affectionate smile that bloomed on his lips. You were sprawled on the couch, looking every part the most miserable person, groaning at the roof, head pulled back on the armrest. Your broken arm was in a cast, resting on your chest, the TV’s remote thrown on the floor right next to the arm you had hanging off the sofa. The television was still on, but you weren’t paying attention to it, and Steve suspected it was because you were bored.

He walked forward and cleared his throat, letting you know he was there. That sound made you sit up and you spun your head around until your eyes met. Steve grinned.

“Are you doing okay?”

You glowered. “No. I’m bored as all hell and there’s nothing to do in this stupid place that doesn’t require both of my hands.”

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Kinks (Taehyung/Reader)

Originally posted by buisually-appealing

Prompt: Hello! I was wondering if you could please do a Taehyung/Reader where you’re both having a lazy day and you’re watching TV on the bed. The remote falls but you’re too lazy to get up so you stretch across, and he goes “just get up lazy ass” or something and spanks your butt playfully, but you moan- which leads him to (correctly) believe you have a spanking kink ;)) which leads to some kinky smut afterwards!! Thank you so much <3

Genre: smut

Words: 3.5k+

Author: Admin Meyg

Summary: Wednesday was your favorite day for multiple reasons. 

Tags: Spanking, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Face Sitting/Riding, 69 position, etc.

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Birthday = Saved [Damian Wayne x Sibling!Reader]

Requested by anon: “Damian x reader (sibling relationship) where the batfam forgets about Damian’s birthday except the reader"

A/N: Hope you love it anon <3


Slowly you woke up, yawning while running a hand through your hair. In attempt to tame the rat’s nest. Still half asleep and groaning when sitting up. Like it was the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Your blankets were so warm and cozy, maybe five more minutes wouldn’t hurt.

Though when you glanced at the clock, your eyes widened in horror. IT WAS PAST NOON! “Shit!” quickly throwing off the blankets and running into the bathroom adjoining your room.

Panicking while taking your shower. How could you sleep so late on Damian’s birthday? Why didn’t anyone get you?

Getting out of the shower and changing into some day clothes, brushing your teeth and hair.

Running down the manor steps and walking into the kitchen. “Sorry guys I didn’t realize I —” But you were cut off to find the kitchen empty. But seeing a note on the counter. Picking it up, it read:

Out on mission. It’s just you and Damian in the manor. Jason, Dick, & Tim are with me. Alfred had personal business and is out of town. Be home later tonight


Wait hold on! They just left on his birthday? His biological son’s birthday? You love Bruce but sometimes he’s an ass.

TT, [L/n] I thought you had left as well” Turning to see Damian with his hands in his pockets. Looking pretty down in the dumps.

“Hey what’s with the frown birthday boy? Who needs ‘em, right?” You smiled at the young man. His face seemed to brighten at the words ‘birthday boy’

“You remembered” Shock laced in his voice. You chuckled, “Of course I remembered! How could I forget?” staring at him in disbelief.

“I was just surprised because father..” His sentence trailed off. “Bruce? Oh yeah he’s on a mis- wait hold on a sec! They didn’t remember it was your birthday?” Your voice raising in the process. Now you’re pissed, it’s one thing to leave but to forget! Nu-uh not okay!

He simply shook his head. “Assholes” mumbling to yourself. “You know what! We’re going to have the best birthday just the both of us. We can go anywhere you want and get cake and after that I’ll give you my gift.” smiling at him.

“You’d do that?” Was this kid serious?

“Of course I am Dami! We’re family remember? Now go grab your shoes, who needs them” Reaching for your keys. He did as told and went to get some shoes as you did the same.

The both of you climbed in your car. “So where to?” turning to him.

“I don’t know” he held his chin between his index finger and thumb.

“Well, is there anywhere you’ve never been but always wanted to go?”

He sat up like he had an idea. “It may seem childish but I’ve never been to a zoo”

A grin grew on your face, “Hey that’s not childish, I’m older than you and I like the zoo still. Zoo it is” before putting the car in drive.

During the drive you listened to Damian talk about his birthdays back with the league. They didn’t really celebrate but they always remembered. He especially talked about his grandfather and mother. Honestly you’d never had a conversation like this with him.

It was nice.

Once parking and making your way into the park you walked around the whole place. Seeing every exhibit, but ending  with the lions.

Damian was captivated by all of the animals but the Lions were amazing. The large male was so elegant and graceful.

“It’s so magnificent” he muttered eyes glued to the creature. “King of the animal kingdom.” you said back, watching the lioness’ graceful movements to be beside it’s mate.

“Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions’?” turning your eyes to him.

He shook his head. “Well it’s about being someone who was once vulnerable and weak, but over time and obstacles they become powerful and strong like a lion. Growing as a human being.”

“What is the point of telling me that?” he asked in confusion. Shrugging your shoulders, “I don’t know it’s just a quote I like to live by, kind of applies to me ya know? And you too”

“I’m not vulnerable” crossing his arms and turning back to the habitat. “I’m not saying you are, but in order for someone to be as strong as you are kid. They had to be vulnerable at some point. Don’t dwell on it, just remember it for me okay?” Sending a smile his way.

“I suppose it’s the least I could do” he uncrossed his arms.

“Are you hungry? Cause I am.. What do you say we go grab some lunch?” as your stomach growled. You chuckled and could’ve sworn you saw a grin pull at his lips. “I could eat”

Deciding to go to his favorite place for lunch. The both of you just talked like you had in the car ride. Though this time you explained some people and things that were in your life before becoming a bat.

He seemed grateful for your opening up to him.

After lunch you took him to a bakery where he picked out a treat to sever as his birthday cake. Going to a nearby park, but you stopped at the car to get his gift.

Sitting by a pond he began to eat the treat. “You’re not going to let me sing ‘happy birthday’ to you” mock hurt plastered on your face. He smiled… HE SMILED! It’s possible!

Staring in disbelief at his curved upwards lips. “What?” he asked wiping his mouth like he had crumbs there.

“Oh, nothing. How about you open this now” handing him the rectangular box wrapped in green paper.

Taking the gift he tore off the paper, revealing a long white box. Carefully taking off the lid. He stared at the object within.

His sword had broke on his last mission. So you got him a custom replacement. “The blade is two times stronger than your old one, but half the weight. The grip of the hilt is specially made so it won’t slip in your grip. And finally there’s an engraving” Pointing to the hilt. On it was a small engraving of a robin.

“I don’t know what to say” mesmerized by the piece of weaponry.

“Your face says it all, I’m glad you like it” Smiling at the young boy. “Thank you [F/n], this is very special. I will treasure it” He said, your grin widening at the sound of your first name.

“Come on, lets get back to the manor and set up some pranks for the guys to get back for forgetting your birthday” Mischief sparked in his eyes. A evil grin spreading on his face. Putting the sword in the box.

“They won’t know what hit them”


Entering the batcave the guys all looked exhausted. Well except Bruce. You and Damian were hiding out of view, but had full access to seeing your prank at work.

Looking at Damian you gave a devious smirk before nodding for him to hit the trigger he set up on his phone.

Tapping the screen, alarms blared through the cave. Then the fire sprinklers turned on soaking the four. “What the hell?!” Bruce yelled as you and Damian held in your laughter the best you could. Dick was hiding under a table to keep from getting wetter. Jason was letting a string of expletives run from his mouth. Tim was trying to save his laptop. And Bruce was trying to shut it all down.

Once he did you and Damian couldn’t hold it in any longer. Wiping away a fake tear you and Damian showed yourself.

“You.. You.. hahaha! You should’ve seen your faces. Oh god I should’ve recorded that, Alfred would die” Sentence being broken up with your laughter.

“TT, no need to worry [F/n] I’ve got us covered” Pointing to a camera in the corner. “You smart little devil” ruffling his hair.

“What the fuck [F/n]!!” Jason yelled, looking like a drenched bat. Something they had in common. “What was this all about, I want an explanation now!” Bruce raised his voice.

Though unaffected and sharing a look with Damian. “Something called sweet revenge” a sickeningly sweet tone in your voice.

“Revenge for what?” Dick was next as Tim was fretting over his laptop.

“Think about it. Today’s date, a certain brother of yours. That all of you abandoned by the way” Crossing your arms, sounding protective now.

They all stood thinking for a moment, but you saw Bruce hit realization first. “Oh! Oh god! I’m so sorry Damian” turning to the boy. The rest of their light bulbs lit up.

“We forgot your birthday” Dick said in disbelief with yourself. “We’re sorry Damian, we probably ruined the day”

They all wore regretful looks and were obviously beating themselves up. “It was actually my favorite birthday yet. [F/n] and I had a nice time together”

“You know we did! Get on my sibling level suckers” before turning and exiting the room with Damian. Leaving the drenched bats to dry off.

“Best birthday ever” Damian mumbled entering the manor. A smile growing on your face, you were indeed sibling #1 right now.

Punk (Chap. 4)

Originally posted by satanslifecoach

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1878 

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  Sorry for the long wait.  I needed some time.  I’ve got the next few chapters just about ready to go…and I’m gonna try and make them hurt ;) yay angst!

After Natasha successfully slammed you to the mat for the sixteenth time in a row you finally cried ‘uncle’ and ended the hour long workout/torture session.  You’d come here to kickbox and beat the holy hell out of a bag but a certain spider had other ideas.

“I deserve this,” you groaned.  Your chest heaved as your lungs strained for breath. The amorphous blob of a sweatshirt you insisted on wearing while exercising was soaked with sweat and made you feel as if you were slowly cooking in one of Hell’s saunas.  “This is why I hate exercising.”  Nat extended a hand to pull you to your feet but you shook your head dramatically on the mat.  “No, just leave me here to die.  I quit.  You go out and fight the good fight.  I’ll save my skills and start a nice, quiet dart league or somethin’.”  Natasha rolled her eyes and kicked your leg. “No, seriously.  I retire my knives to you.  My guns, throwing stars, all of it.  Take care of Ferd for me.  Tell him his mummy loved him,” you wailed with a huge fake sob.

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anonymous asked:

Bughead writing prompt where Betty has a crush on Jughead and she gets jealous and he's entirely oblivious

Hope you like it!!! Thank you for requesting!! <3

“Excuse me, do you know where I can find Jughead Jones?” four faces frowned at the odd question that echoed over their heads and stopped their previous cheerful chat on their usual lunch table, Kevin even mentally counting them in his mind to be sure that all of them were present and not anyone of their small group of friends was actually the one to be looking around for Jughead. Nope, Archie was to his side, Betty and Veronica across him; then who the hell was asking for Jughead?

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anonymous asked:

I just want to take a really long car ride with Dan and sing along to the radio together

That would be the dream, though. Imagine that he needs to take a serious amount of time off due to creative burnout, and he decides that he wants to drive on a cross country tour. See things. Make new memories. Experience new stuff. Go to great places. Tourist traps. Hole-in-the-wall type places. Zoos, aquariums, libraries, parks, diners, restaurants, hiking trails- anything. Everything. And he decides he needs to do it without his usual creative influences, to really come back fresh and recharged. So no Brian. No Arin. But why not a lady friend. I mean why not dream, who’s it harming.

So you pack a bag and rent a van and make a loose destination chart and let the wind do the rest. Miss a turn off a highway, get lost in a residential area, park in an expensive garage in a city and just walk for hours and then get back in the van and drive. Switch off when you’re tired. Blast the radio to all your favorite hits. Find tiny joy when he breaks out his notebook with a happy hum and starts penciling in little lyrics here and there. Stop at whatever coffee place is open at four in the morning and fuel up- he gets tea, though, unless he’s really tired and doesn’t want to sleep. Stop for a donut or a muffin. Ask what artist is playing over the radio because neither of you have heard of them before. Put it on in the car before going back to the usual synthpop\80s\70s\soft techno\90s rock stations.

Take millions of pictures. Park on the side of the road when the sun is just rising because it’s beautiful. Sit on the hood of the van, knees to your chest, head on his shoulder, just talking. About anything. Everything. Or nothing. Just basking in the quiet, the occasional car or truck passing by. Falling asleep while day is turning into night, waking up with his jacket tucked over you. Stop at little motels here and there for showers and a bed that’s at least more decent than sleeping in the car. Go downstairs for their “continental breakfast” and end up laughing about how that just meant some bruised fruit and untoasted bagels. Make sure to stop at his favorite places. Make sure to stop at yours. And when you make it back to LA he’s got hundreds of new songs and melodies and things he wants to do. Refueled and refreshed and he says that was the most fun he’s ever had in his life. And he’d like to do it again. Some day. And thanks. For being with him.

What a dream indeed.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day 1: First Meeting

(I only did ficlets, but at least I did something for every day of the week; I’m balls at challenges.)  Not Britpicked.  Rated G because even though there’s a description of an autopsy, it’s not graphic.


“Here you go,” Mike Stamford said, good-natured smile never leaving his face.  He handed Sherlock the hospital-issue scrubs before leaving him in the Men’s locker room.  

Thankfully, his suit wasn’t ruined, only soaked through with pyridine; a good dry-cleaning and it would be fine.  He ducked into the shower to get the worst of the scent off his skin before putting on the scrubs, hateful as they were.  Better than going home in just a coat and shoes in January, he supposed, especially since he wasn’t keen on getting arrested.  

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  • oooh boy let’s go
  • taeyong would be such a good boyfriend
  • not huge on PDA
  • likes to keep most of that stuff for in private
  • but he loves holding hands
  • like all the time
  • doesn’t matter how cold it is he says his hand will keep you warm
  • it doesn’t but he rubs it with both his hands and blows on it anyway
  • you don’t have the heart to tell him it doesn’t work so you stay cold but you don’t mind because you like holding hands

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“...This My Girl, No One Else’s”

Requested by an anon. I hope you enjoy. I love Min Sik, guys. Look at this cutie. A WHOLE SNACK!

Originally posted by streetrapshit

“How am I going to do this? Do you think now is a good time?” Min Sik asked quickly.

He wanted to come clean. It was killing him just to hide you out of the public eye. He loved you too much to not let the world know he was taken. He wanted to spoil you and let the world watch as he showered you in gifts he could get with that rapper money of his. You were his most prized possession and he wanted to show you off as his, and not anyone else’s. You couldn’t blame him. You came from a rough background and all he wanted was to give you a good life. 

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Fall Back Down, Pt. 4 [Finn Balor]

Part One. Part Two. Part Three.

Author note: This is the story that just keeps happening even when I don’t think it will. So let’s just agree there will probably be a part five at some point and be done with it.

This is just all fluff. This story is basically my happy place at this point.

Remember to thank SPARKLEEEE CUPPPP ✨✨✨✨ for the help.

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The rain was louder than you thought it would be. Maybe it was just you, but rain sounded different when it hit different surfaces. And as it hit the very top of the apartment building, and onto the concrete surrounding the empty pool that belonged to the complex, it felt like it was in surround sound.

You knew the storm would pass soon, maybe last a half hour more if you were lucky, but it was perfect for right now.

Even though it was 2 AM, the lights scattered among the buildings gave a soft glow in places. It was still fairly dark overall, only with spots of light.

It was peaceful. No one else in sight, out and about. Not that you expected anyone to be at this hour and in this weather, but there could always be someone like you who wanted to be out.

Things had been…a lot different lately.

Just a bit over three months ago, you’d had a decent understanding of your life. You’d suffered a big loss in your father’s death, but you were figuring it out. You were wrestling for NXT and training new ladies on the side. You had great friends and colleagues surrounding you. Best friends, a family, even.

And then Finn had kissed you.

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This season has been a long, dark torturous ride for us all. Until last night. I woke up this morning, alone again, but not really. Over the past few months, I’ve wrapped myself in the blanket of the Olicity Fandom. It’s been a place where I can channel my own personal grief and loss over losing my wife. It has helped, (through writing fanfiction and metas) to start processing my loneliness and sorrow. Last night’s episode was another leg of that journey. So I just wanted to begin this analysis by thanking all of you.

I read a post this morning that MG received, basically telling him to fuck off for bringing back the Olicity trash. And then this cheerful and colorful person asked Marc to please not do it.

Too late, my gregarious hater, too late.

Happy birthday, Oliver. I should be so blessed with my own, (which is next week by the way, on the 27th.) There were fantastic moments during the festivities. As I watched them, I could hear the fandom squealing and screaming and cooing in my head. But there were two moments that really stood out and motivated me to climb into my office chair and fire up the laptop.

The first was when Oliver told Felicity he thought her ruse to have dinner with him was a possible date. Felicity responded with—“We can take it one step at a time.” Not I or you—we. As in together. As in who let the elephant (that crowded them all season) out of the room. The look on Oliver’s face when he told her he’d like that very much was akin to someone winning a lottery. With the crazy pacing that Arrow utilizes, I think those steps Felicity mentioned could end up as a sprint to the wedding alter. One thing I would say to Oliver though; it isn’t hypothetical, dude. When they do decide to hook up for good, there won’t be any anxious first date vibes we got in 301. When Felicity reminded him (and it was a reminder) of their Pacific Coast Trail excursion, of their intimate nights spent under the mountain stars, I thought to myself their next “date” won’t be in a restaurant or a trip to the zoo. Break out the camping gear Oliver—she wants a repeat performance.

The “hypothetically dating my ex-fiancé” line and Felicity’s big, beautiful smile in response to it just melted me in my recliner. Her telling Oliver that they won and he can put his feet up and relax—well, it felt like coming home. The little tug on his tie just emphasized it. These two are crazy in love and it showed in this scene. Doubters and haters beware—it’s only going to grow larger.

The next great moment related to the party for me was Felicity and Curtis on the phone. Curtis wanted gossip: give me all the details, the sexual tension you could cut with a knife, the sexy dress, the heart eyes, (okay, that one was mine.) The last time they talked about her and Oliver like this was last summer in the Bunker. He called them a power couple. He brought up the longing looks, the supposition that Felicity shouldn’t have broken up with Oliver, the way Oliver looks at her. Felicity was taken aback, probably because it was true. It was still in her heart if not right in front of her. The trust issues and William and not seeing the point in being in a relationship with Oliver—it was all still simmering in her. And then Oliver came in with Chinese food and Curtis made an obvious exit after mentioning the wine. Food and drink, mutual desire, the salmon ladder—it all came together for them, they came together…

Okay, I had to refill my coffee cup and take a cold shower. Anyway, when Curtis was talking about her and Oliver while she was cleaning up, I half expected Felicity to start giggling—not in embarrassment but in confirmation.

Post party Olicity. Another couple of moments I wanted to look at. The obvious one was Oliver telling Felicity he wanted her with him in the Bunker, not as Overwatch or the brilliant computer genius or the trusted crime fighting partner. He wanted the love of his life by his side. It wasn’t because she needed his protection. It wasn’t tactical or practical or logical. It was him needing to be with her, to breathe her in, to not wanting her to be apart from him ever again.

And Felicity needed to hear this from Oliver. What they shared at the party only established this for both of them. Felicity was just checking to make sure. Ever since their breakup, it’s been about Oliver striving to become the man she deserved. She told him this after their Bunker sex. She wanted his pain, his doubts, his worries, and his darkness—all of it. He gave that to her in 520. And showed it 100% last night.

Just before Felicity and Diggle agreed with Oliver’s plan to split up, (reluctantly by Felicity) there was that moment Oliver said William was the purist part of him. He put his son in danger because what Oliver became on the island came back to Starling City and created Prometheus.  I could sense Felicity wanting to hold him and give her love and support. That is coming sooner than we think, folks.

Instead, they held each other’s hands. It was brief, but it was huge. It showed me their connection. It showed me, more than any other time in their relationship, they can weather adversity and tragedy and distance and pain—and be strong for one another, more than they’ve ever been before.

Curtis was right. They are a power couple.

Next week is going to be awesome. There is nothing now in Oliver and Felicity’s way. Whoever or whatever tries to pull them apart will only make them stronger. It is their legacy. As Felicity told Oliver in 411—it’s who they are.


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A Unique Photo

Inspired by this post by SinMother ™ (make sure you read it first ;)

 A thought

I saw this and just had to write on it. Thank you for the idea and permission.

‘Something unique… hmm, I can do that.’ Adrien mused in his head. “Hey could I borrow your camera for the night, I might just be able to do that for you.”

Marinette smiled, she had never quite gotten over her crush on Adrien, but at least since she had decided that if she was just going to be his friend she was going to act like a full on human being. Alya, of course, had a large hand in that, they had spent many a night practising. Adrien cleared his throat. She shook her head snapping out of her reverie. “Um, sure. The camera is nothing special, though. Just something my mum bought me for my birthday when I was younger.”

Adrien smiled that bright model smile at her. “Ya, but it’s important that the shots have the same aesthetic. You know I have been in front of the camera myself a bit.”

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The Bad Touch

Reid x Reader smutty smut smut

It was 2am by the time Spencer crawled into bed with you and you were silently fuming.

This week was meant to be his annual holiday, his time off from the BAU that they couldn’t take away from him. You knew his job was important, you’d known that ten months ago when you’d started dating following a two month flirtation every weekend in the book store you worked at. But it didn’t stop you being pissed. His request for leave had been granted six weeks ago, and you’d had a week full of activities planned which included meeting your parents who were only in town for a few days.

But on Monday his phone had buzzed. You’d begged him not to answer it, knowing it would be his boss. He didn’t want him to come in, only wanted to email over a map and some coordinates for Spencer to take a quick look at and give his opinion. But Spencer had gone in instead, calling you four hours later from the jet.

Okay so there had been three children’s lives at risk. You’d been annoyed but you’d followed the case on the news and earlier today, the unsub had been apprehended, victory for the team. Your boyfriend, a hero yet again.

What had pissed you off was that you knew Spencer was back in town. He’d text you from a bar where he’d been dragged out to celebrate with his team. There wasn’t even an apology or a “come out and meet us.“ Just a “We’re back, I’ll be around tomorrow, I’m just out for a drink to celebrate, Derek forced me out.”

You texted him back telling him you missed him and could he not come over now? After all, this week had meant to be your time together, you were due back at work on Monday and you’d hardly seen him. He replied two hours later saying he was on his way back and would use the key you’d gave him two months ago, and to go to bed; he’d meet you in there.

That was pushing ninety minutes ago.

He finally staggered into the bedroom nearly falling over as he tried to take his clothes off. Slipping into bed, he tried to cuddle you but you shrugged him off.

“Y/N? What’s wrong….” he slurred his words ever so slightly, a strong stench of whiskey emanating from him.

“Can you really not figure it out? This week was meant to be our week together. And this is the first time I’ve seen you since Monday morning and you’re wasted,” you hissed at him.

“Everyone…. Everyone kept buying me drinks, they wanted to congratulate me.”

Of course they did, because it had been his breakthrough that has solved the case.

Didn’t make it any better for you though.

“You didn’t have to take them though. Hell you shouldn’t have even been on the case. I’m glad it was solved and everything Spencer but I’ve wasted almost a week of my holiday here for nothing. You could have come straight here to me tonight, or even text me and asked me to come and meet you, I would have been happy with that. But no. It’s 2am on Saturday morning. And you’re fucked.”

You shrugged off his touches again, rolling to the edge of the bed and pulling the blanket tightly around you. You could almost hear the cogs in Spencers brain turning, trying to think of something to say to make this better but eventually he gave up. Sighing a huge breath, he rolled over himself and within minutes was snoring lightly.

“Y/N….. Y/N…. Wake up.”

Someone was rocking your shoulder gently trying to drag you out of the dream you’d been having. You’d been riding a rollercoster with Ned Stark and Tate Langdon. Weird….

Opening your eyes and rubbing them, you could see Spencer crouched down by the bed.

Any normal person would have been still passed out next to you, sleeping off their hangover. But not Reid. You’d quickly discovered that he didn’t get hangovers, ever. How, you did not know, but science totally needed to study him to find out why.

You pursed your lips at him giving him a look. So not only had he pissed you off royally already, but he was waking you up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday.

“What time is it?” you demanded to know, your tone harsh.

“It’s erm…. 9am.”

Alright not quite the crack of dawn, but still.

“I made you breakfast in bed,” he told you with a hopeful smile on his face.

You glanced past him seeing a tray balanced on the bedside table. So he had.

Well, that was something.

You wiggled into a seating position, your back against the pillows and headboard as Spencer positioned the tray over your lap, sitting on the edge of the bed next to you.

Orange juice and hot coffee, pancakes and bacon slathered in maple syrup just how you liked them.

You looked at the food, your stomach letting out a tiny rumble. It definitely appreciated the sight and smell of the food. Glancing at Spencer you saw him watching you intently.

“I’m still mad at you,” you told him, taking a sip of the coffee.

“I know. I’m gonna try and make it up to you today.”

Spearing a piece of pancake with your fork, you raised it to your mouth asking “How?” before devouring the food.

“Well, when you’ve finished your food I thought we could go out and spend a few hours at the zoo. I’ve checked out the feeding time for the elephants and if we get there at the right time, we can get up real close.”

Elephants. Your favourite animal ever.

“Keep talking… ” you continued eating.

“And then this evening, we can order take out and have a Disney film marathon.”

He was slowly wearing you down.

“Still doesn’t quite make up for missing a week full activities.” The food was delicious and you swilled the remaining few pieces down with orange juice.

“I know. That’s why tomorrow we’re catching the amtrak to New York. I’ve book us tickets to Wicked and then we’re staying over.”

“I have work Monday,” you reminded him.

“You don’t. Hotch gave us all Monday off. I called in a favour with your boss. Penny used to work in a bookstore when she was in college. She’s gonna cover your shift.”


“And I’ve called your parents and assured your mother that yes, I do in fact exist and will definitely be coming home with you for thanksgiving break. Hotch has already granted the leave considering I came in and gave up my holiday this week. I’m sorry. I’m still new at this relationship stuff. I’ll try harder.”

How could you be angry now? Like seriously.

You set your knife and fork down, finishing off the OJ before Spencer took the tray off your legs.

“Are we okay?” he asked softly.

“We’re okay. I know your job is important but if we’re going to work, then I have to be important too. You’re entitled to time off, in fact; you need and deserve it or else you’ll burn yourself out.”

“I know. And you are important to me. I hope you know how much?”

He leant in and brushed a loose lock of your hair back, before cupping your chin and bringing his face close to yours, licking his lips.

You knew that look…

“Morning breath… I haven’t brushed yet.”

He shrugged, “You’ll taste of coffee and OJ. And even if you didn’t, I don’t care.”

“I do though. I’ll be right back,” you pushed him gently away and slid out of bed, padding out of the room and into the bathroom.

Quickly squirting toothpaste onto your brush you began to clean your teeth. Hearing a noise, you glanced to the door and saw that Spencer had followed you and was leaning against the door frame.

“Stop watching me!” you exclaimed, toothpaste dribbling down your chin.

“Why?” he slid into the room, coming to stand behind you and resting his hands on your waist.

“Because! This is hardly a sexy sight, Spencer.”

“White stuff dribbling out of your mouth…. I’ll just pretend it’s something else,” he grinned and you laughed, spitting into the sink.


“I try.”

You began to rinse with fresh water as Spencer pulled your hair to one side, softly kissing your neck just under your ear lobe. You sucked in your breath quickly almost choking on the water, he knew you were sensitive there. You could feel his mouth curling into a smirk, his hands slipping under the hem of your tank top and skating over your tummy, meandering upwards to your chest.

Leaning forward slightly, you spat again into the sink, your butt nudging against Spencer’s front and feeling something hard. His hands moved higher, cupping your breasts under your top.

“Spence…. Come on. I’m trying to do something here,” you whined, wishing he’d just let you get on with this so you could get back to bed with him.

“So am I. I’m trying to make it up to you,” he nibbled the outer shell of your ear as his fingertips grazed over your nipples eliciting a gasp from your lips.

“So let’s go back to the bedroom then….. ” you breathed out, your eyes half closed as he work his hands over your now puckered chest, pinching and tweaking the way he knew you liked.

“Nah… It occurred to me earlier that the bathroom is one of the few places we’ve not done it.”

“Because my shower is tiny and you wouldn’t fit in my bathtub,” you wriggled backwards, nudging against him with your butt.

“Yes but the cabinet your sink is on is fairly sturdy. Just roll with me here, I’m a genius; I’ve got this sussed.”

“If we break my sink, you’re buying me a new one,” you gave in to him, one of the his hands had slipped downwards into your bottoms and was stroking against your panties.

“Fair enough.” You could hear the triumph in his voice and he removed his hands from their positions on your body and quickly spun you around so that you were facing him. Cupping your face with his hand he ran his thumb across your bottom lip, your mouth parting for him and darting out to swipe over the tip.

“Now that you’re minty fresh, I can do this,” Lowering his head his pressed his lips against yours, softly at first and then quickly moving urgently against your mouth.

Tilting your head to avoid your noses knocking you matched his pace, letting out a short moan as he sucked your lip into between his, nibbling it. You reached your hands out to touch him, moving straight to his groin. He stepped back, still keeping his mouth to yours. Pulling his lips away slightly he whispered, “Nope. This is about me making things up to you remember. No touching me until you’ve come at least once.”

He resumed his kisses before you had chance to respond, his hands starting to roam over your body, pulling your nipple through your top as he passed over them. You groaned into his mouth. Reaching the bottom of your tank top he gripped the fabric and yanked it upwards, breaking the kiss so he could pull it off you.

“Better,” he announced, his eyes drifting to your chest. Crouching to the floor, he slipped his fingers under the waist band of your sleep shorts and pulled downwards, dragging your underwear down too. He lifted your legs one by one and tossed the garments to one side. “But THIS is even better.”

Spencer started kissing up your leg, soft kisses followed by nips with his teeth and short licks with his tongue, he slowly worked his way up your body until he reached your chest.

Now level with your breasts he let out a slow blow, his breath cool against your hard peaks. Dashing his tongue out, he flicked it roughly against one and you reached back and gripped the edge of the cabinet to steady yourself. Looking up at you and smirking, he pursed his pink lips and wrapped them around your nipple, sucking it into his mouth.

“Ugh,“ you let out a small groan followed by a much longer one as he worked his mouth on you, flicking his tongue rapidly and sending ripples of pleasure straight through you.

Not wavering in his motions he gripped the leg that was closet to the bath tub and raised it so it was bent at the knee and resting on the edge of the tub. Tracing a line with his fingertips from your foot all the way up to the top of your thighs, he stopped when he reached your most sensitive parts. You whimpered in anticipation of his next move, your breath hitching in your throat as he teased your chest.

“Am I forgiven yet?” he asked releasing you from his mouth and peppering kisses across your breasts until he reached your other nipple, never the type to favour one over the other.

“If I say yes does that mean you’ll stop?” you rasped.


“Then no, you’re not forgiven.”

“I’ll just have to work harder then won’t I?” he responded, latching on to your other nipple, biting down on the already hard nub and swirling his tongue over it.

“Oh fuck Spence…. ”

His fingers started to move again slipping between your legs where you were already wet for him. Dipping his finger inside you, he coated his finger in your excitement before dragging it forward to your clit. Using your own wetness as lubricant, he began to massage your clit.

Your gasps become more frequent, your breathing turning into panting as he played with your sensitive nub, alternating between slow, torturous circles and rubbing it from side to side, increasing the pressure. His lips on your chest and his hand working magic between your legs, it wasn’t long until you were a quivering mess, your fingers gripping the solid wood of the cabinet to keep yourself from collapsing.

“Fuck…. Oh fuck… Oh… Oh god… ”

“Come for me, Y/N,” he murmured, his words vibrating through your chest. He adjusted his hand quickly, exchanging his fingers for his thumb on your clit, the wider pad of it pressing against you as his slipped two fingers inside you. Curling them gently and rocking them back and forth, he increased his momentum on your clit and had you clenching around him in seconds, his name on your lips as you come.

Satisfied with your cries, he waited for you to stop moaning before retracting his hand from you and standing, his legs cracking slightly as they straightened up. Placing his hands to your hips, he lifted you onto the edge of the cabinet, being careful not to push you too far back or risk your butt falling into the empty sink.

Pushing his own pants and boxers down, you watched as Spencer gripped his cock, stroking it a few times before positioning it at your entrance and pushing quickly in.

You both groaned as he filled you completely. No matter how many times you do this, you’re still amazed at how perfectly you slot together.

Spencer lowered his head to yours, catching your lips in another mouth watering kiss as you wrapped your legs around his waist as he started to thrust.

You held fast to the cabinet, not letting him drive you backwards with his force and providing the perfect amount of reiststance for him to thrust against, his own grunts coming thick and fast now.

“So…. good. So…. fucking…. good,” he choked out as you squeezed your inner walls around him, feeling him knocking against your g spot and causing a new wave of euphoria to burn through you. Spencer’s mouth nuzzled against your shoulder, finding a spot on your collarbone to nip on.

He gripped your hips hard, pulling himself nearly all of the way out and slamming into you again, once…. twice…. three times until you felt his mouth open wide against your shoulder, a low growl leaving his throat as he emptied himself inside you, his cock twitching as he came .

You both remained wordless for a moment, the sounds of panting filling your bathroom, the scent of sex permeating the air.

Raising his head from your shoulder, Spencer released the grip on your hips and raked his hand through his hair, pushing it back.

“Am I forgiven now?” he asked, a knowing smile on his lips.

“Hmmmm. I think so. But then again, it was nearly a full week. Maybe a couple more orgasms wouldn’t go amiss.”

He chuckled and rested his head to your forehead.

“What about us going to the zoo?”

“Fuck the zoo,” you told him. “We’ll only end up seeing animals screwing anyway. We can put on our own mating show here.”

“You and me baby, ain’t nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do….” He began to croon the old Bloodhound Gang song and you joined him, laughing.

“On the discovery channel.”

anonymous asked:

What would happen if the sf, us, and uf bros couldn't find there kid in the house when they where watching them, and found the kid outside covered in mud, and holding a small frog that they had apparently named Steve? (Just thought it was cute.)

This is cute! 



WHY WOULD YOU NAME A FROG NAME STEVE, WHY NOT CHOSE SOMETHING MORE FITTING LIKE SLIME DOOM MASTER OR COMMANDER OF THE BULL (like bullfrogs). Black goes out and helps them catch more frogs to build their frog army to TAKE OVER THE WORLD MWHAHAHAAHA!!!! But really though, Black and the kid finds three more frogs and named them Nancy, Harold, Harper, and McFroggerton Kermitius Amphibionis Anura Lickface. They all live in the backyard and Black occasionally leaves food out for them. (don’t tell anyone though) 


Rus just chuckles and takes a selfie with his kid and send it to you. Yep, he’s definitely going to be laughing about this 10 years from now. He’s not even mad that his kid wandered off on his own, he encourages them to be curious and explore the world, but he warns them to tell him next time so he’s not a nervous wreck. After giving the kid a bath, Rus will give them their snacks and lets them watch tv. 



Blue is freaking out about the mess, but in the name of adventure and exploration, he lets it slide. He asks his kid where they got the frog, how they named it Steve, and what did they learn from it. This is the perfect opportunity to cultivate the child’s interest for nature and the outdoors so Blue happily takes him out again, maybe into the woods or a reptile zoo so they can learn more about the world around them! 


Stretch is just laughing so hard, tears are spilling out of his eye sockets. He doesn’t care if his kid is dirty, here comes the head nuzzles and the kisses because oh gosh they are just too cute. When it comes to the frog though, he explains that they can’t keep it because its home is in the wild, so he helps them take it back outside and lets it go. After that, it’s bath time.



When he can’t find his kid, Red is seriously freaking out, tearing the house limb from limb until he finds them outside playing in the mud with a frog. At this point he’s fuming and angry at himself, and unfortunately, he takes it out on the kid, screaming at them for making him worry and to go inside and clean up right this instant. Of course, the kid start crying and Red is hit with a massive pang of guilt, but he doesn’t apologize. Later that day though, Red makes it up by renting out the kid’s favorite movie and cuddling with them on the couch. 


Fell is screaming at the mess and is yelling at the kid for being so messy and to go clean up this instant! And put that frog back, it could be carrying diseases! When the kid is in the shower, Fell scrubs away every track of mud until it’s entirely spotless. He doesn’t realize that this was a great learning opportunity and Fell basically discouraged their curiosity and sense of adventure.  

Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You - Part 10

Series Summary: Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Part Summary: You and Steve pick up Jeremy from Quantico and then head home. Jeremy is very excited to be back with you. Bruce gives you a scan to find out the gender and you all get a shock. You and Steve have something important to talk to Jeremy about. Something unexpected happens on an outing with Peter.

Pairing/s: Steve x Fem!Reader. Fem!Reader x Jeremy x Peter x Steve, Fem!Reader x Avengers, Fem!Reader x BAU, Vision x Wanda, Clint x Natasha, Will x JJ

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers. Jeremy Y/L/N, Peter Parker, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, William LaMontagne, Bruce Banner, Vision, Thor Odinson, Samuel “Sam” Thomas Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, Christopher Jenkins (OMC). Natasha Romanoff, Penelope Garcia, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Emily Prentiss, Danny Smith (OMC), Eric Smith (OMC), Henry LaMontagne, Michael LaMontagne, Jack Hotchner, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, T'Challa, Scott Lang, Nicholas “Nick” Joseph Fury, Maria Hill, Phil Coulson (Mentioned)

A/N: A huge thank you to @molethemollie and @mo320 for being my betas!

I’m Sorry I Never Told You Master List

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Zootopia Take A Stand: The Star of Ceartas ADVANCED PREVIEW

Ok so I know the first TAKE A STAND isn’t finished yet (About 4-6 more chapters left) but I couldn’t help sharing the Prologue I’ve written for it’s sequel. Set 15 years after the events of the first fan fic this story sees a Natural Disaster devastate Zootopia and five young heroes rise to protect the citizens from the spiral of lawlessness engulfing the once great city. This Prologue however is set before the disaster happens and involves a grown up Luna Wilde giving her teenage sister some advice. The art for this was drawn by the amazing @senny74 and features @helthehatter OC Kodi Jones, thanks to both of you for helping with this project. Oh and if you don’t want to read don’t worry I’ll put a ‘read further’ link on it, so without further ado let’s get cracking with this new story…

Prologue: Wilde Sisters

Robyn Heather Wilde wore a sulk mixed with frustration as she sat inside the principal’s office, the fifteen year hybrid girl wasn’t looking the two faculty members in the eye as they kept watch over the scrappy teen. If you were to take a brief glance at Robyn you would almost certainly assume she was a very tall hare with long ears and red fur but if looked closer at her you’d notice something a little more canine about her; her inside of her paws had pads which no bunny or hare possessed they also had sharp claws unlike dull rabbit ones, her coat was thicker and fluffier than a bunny, also the fur colouring on her face resembled a European red fox complete with white speckles on her cheeks that looked like snowdrops, if she was talking you would notice her very sharp predator like teeth but the dead giveaway was her tail which instead of a cute fuzzy wuzzy little cotton tail was long and beautiful brush. Robyn had been dubbed many things; a hybrid, a interspecies child, a box, a funny and by crueller tongues a freak. The teen didn’t care if she had no official species name, she liked who she was and knew her family and her friends loved her, and despite her tough exterior a lot of mammals would say she was beautiful. But at the moment there was dent in the beautiful image, a swollen and cut right eyebrow and a busted lip that had yet to scab over.

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Blind Date

Here ya go… this one is Andre Burakovsky and i think it is pretty cute.  I hope you enjoy this one!!


           A date was a date, that’s what you kept on saying.  Even if you didn’t know the guy, a date was a date.  Even if you didn’t know what he liked, what his job was (if he had one at all).  What if he knew everything about you?  What if he was an axe murderer?  What if he hated animals?  All these terrible ‘what if’s’ wouldn’t stop running circles around your head.  For crying out loud all you knew was the guys name, Andre

           Your friend had told you countless times “Come on (y/n), its been ages since you went out with anyone, you’ve been single for way too long, it’ll be fun.”  You however thought it had been a good amount of time since your last date and being single was fine, there wasn’t anyone else besides yourself you had to please.  As long as you were happy that was it.  

           Grudgingly you had gotten ready for the date, and being completely honest you felt pretty good.  Your makeup covered the things you wanted it to without making you look fake, your hair cooperated for the first time in forever, and your outfit made you feel confident- like you could do anything.  

           You didn’t really know any details of the date other than it was a casual thing at an old family owned pizza parlor.  As the time approached you couldn’t help but feel nervous.  If you blew it your friend would be extremely disappointed but you were more afraid of the fact that you might enjoy it.  What if you enjoyed it but he didn’t?  

           Your friend dropped you off outside the parlor promising to stay around in case you needed a quick escape.  Walking in the butterflies in your stomach felt like a whole damn zoo.  Your friend had told you he was sitting at a table in the back but once you got in there was no one sitting in either of the back tables.  You made the executive decision to pick a table and sit hoping you wouldn’t be stood up.  Even though you weren’t really looking forward to the date no one wants to be stood up.  

           Several minutes later a tall man runs in completely out of breath, looking like he’d just ran a marathon. He immediately made his way over to you trying to catch his breath.

           “Hi” he paused to take a deep breath “I really hope you’re (y/n) because if you aren’t this will be really weird for you, I’m Andre Burakovsky and I believe we’ve been set up on a blind date.”  

           Shaking his hand laughing “Yes I am (y/n), and I believe we have been. Although you are late and that’s not a very good first impression.”

           Sitting down across from you he smiles, a beautiful that makes your stomach churn a little bit “Yes, someone may have mentioned that you value first impressions but I promise I have a really good explanation,” when you don’t say anything he continues “I was at practice, which ran about 20 minutes late, and then when I was about to come here my car kept on stalling so I pulled it over a ran the rest of the way.”  

           “Andre are you telling me that on the salary you earn you don’t have a reliable car?”  You ask with a slight giggle.

           The dinner continued on with slight banter here and there, so caught up in conversation you didn’t even notice the time until the waitress came to your table and basically told you guys to get the hell out.  

           “I uh..” Andre trailed off “I would offer you a ride home but I kind of ran here so…” 

           Smiling you shake your head “No worries, (y/f/n) said she’d be around if I needed her to bail me out so I’ll just give her a call.”  

           Apparently (y/f/n) decided to go back to her apartment twenty minutes away so you and Andre opted to share a taxi.  The ride to your apartment was quiet, only the sound of whatever music the driver was playing was in the car.  Andre walked you to the front door of the building but when you walked in he didn’t follow you as you had expected him to.  

           “I have practice early tomorrow but if your willing to deal with my extremely unreliable car, and shitty schedule I would really like to take you out again?” He phrased it as a question not sure of how you would respond.

             Leaning in and giving him a quick peck on the cheek you smile saying that you would love to.  The two of you exchange numbers and you hurry inside as he hurry’s back to the taxi and drives off.  

brunch tomorrow after the practice?

The text comes in shortly after you get comfortably inside your apartment.

 Love to

You smile typing the response and quickly hop in the shower pleasantly surprised with the blind date you were so unenthused about going on.

take this burden - part 32

(I had to post this again because the first one wasn’t working on mobile.)


[ seven - rainbow kitten surprise ]


mentions of sexual abuse


Right before three, Julio has stopped the music again, opting for something softer.

‘Closing time, open all the doors and let you put into the world.’

The crowd protested weakly, making their way to the door or to the bar to close their tabs or take them up on that one last call for alcohol

‘Closing time, turn all of the lights off over every boy and every girl.’

He Tian, Mo Guan Shan, and Jian Yi met by the door. Zhengxi had to go back to the bar for his things.

‘You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.’
They all managed to sneak out before they were roped into helping close.

Zhengxi and Jian Yi followed He Tian and Mo Guan Shan home and sang their way into the apartment.

‘I know who I want to take me home.’

‘‘I need to go to my place and feed my fish.’ He Tian told him, stopping in front of his door.

‘You have a fish?’

‘His name is dumpling. Jian Yi gave him to me as a present so I wouldn’t be alone but couldn’t be trusted to take care of anything that needed any more attention or effort. Thinking about now, I’m thinking it might have been more of a stab at my competence than a gift…’

Mo Guan Shan laughed.

‘Ah, yes, the good old passive aggression fish.’

‘Do you want me to come over after?’

‘You know I do.’

He Tian let himself into his dark, cold, apartment.

He flicked the light on.

Dumpling stared at him from the bookcase.

He experienced a sudden jolt of unexpected guilt.

Damn it.
He showered quickly, brushed his teeth, changed into comfortable clothes and stood in front of the fish as it silently judged him.

‘Don’t look at me like that, buddy. I didn’t ask for this responsibility.’

The fish didn’t respond.

He sprinkled some unnecessarily expensive flakes of food into his bowl.

‘Am I supposed to leave a light on for you? Or the tv?’

Dumpling swam in circles around the bowl, eating quickly and ignoring He Tian.

‘Look, I don’t know how to properly nurture a fish emotionally, alright-’

His phone went off in his pocket.

He Tian’s that is.

Fish are sadly lacking in both pockets and handheld electronics.

‘Is your fish in a bowl or a tank?’

‘Bowl. Why?’

‘You should bring him with you.’

‘You want me to bring my fish?’

‘See above message.’

‘Alright, crazy.’

He Tian grabbed his phone charger, keys, and fishbowl and headed down the hall, nearly running into a man he’d never seen as he left the apartment next door.

He looked He Tian up and down, taking in his disheveled hair, fish, pajama pants, and lack of shoes.

The man said nothing.

‘You a friend of Mandy’s?’

‘Her boyfriend.’

‘Nice. Tell her she still has my lemon zester.’

‘I…will do that.’

He Tian winked and continued on his way, leaving the young man confused on the doorstep.

It it actually Zhengxi’s lemon zester and He Tian was the one that had it.

He’d just thought it would make for an interesting conversation.

Something along the lines of-

‘I met your neighbor in the hall. He was wearing pajamas and carrying a fish. He said you have his lemon zester.’

He let himself into the other apartment.

The three men watched him as he crossed the living room, sat Dumpling down on the table, grabbed a drink from the fridge, and joined them.

‘It’s going to be a damn zoo in here by the time the dog comes back.’

Jian Yi rolled his eyes.

‘A dog, a cat, and a goldfish. We should advertise for the world’s most boring zoo.’

‘Don’t forget He Tian.’

The man accused of being an attraction covered his heart and gasped.

‘Xixi, you wound me.’

Zhengxi blushed.

‘Xixi?’ Mo Guan Shan asked.

‘That’s what Jian Yi called called him when they were kids, Zhan Xixi.’

‘Why do you tell people that?’ Zhengxi asked Jian Yi, taking a drink.

‘Because it’s funny.’

‘Shut up.’ Zhengxi grumbled.

Mo Guan Shan laughed.

‘I think it’s sweet.’

They talked for awhile.

They all gave Mo Guan Shan bits and pieces of interesting trivia about the bar.

Jian Yi told him that the first picture on the kissing was was of Zhengxi and himself.

He Tian told him about the gun they kept behind the bar, and the other in his desk drawer.

‘Christ, is it really that dangerous here?’ He’d asked incredulously.

‘It certainly can be.’ Zhengxi confirmed.

‘Fremont attracts a certain crowd.’

‘It’s like Frenchman street vs. Bourbon street in New Orleans.’ Jian Yi explained.

‘I’ve never been to New Orleans.’ Mo Guan Shan admitted.

‘Well, that was my only comparison.’

He Tian chuckled.

‘It was a really bad one. Just stick with me and I’ll teach you everything you need to know.’

Zhengxi cleared his throat.

Jian Yi raised his eyebrows.

He Tian waved his hand dismissively.

‘They can be useful.’

‘I, for one, think you’re all pretty damn heroic.’

Mo Guan Shan told them, sincerity clear on his face.

Jian Yi smiled.

Zhengxi flushed.

He Tian’s heart stuttered.

‘Well, now I feel like a dick.’ He joked.

‘You ARE a dick.’ Zhengxi informed him.

He Tian raised his drink in either agreement or surrender.

Mo Guan Shan loved the fact that they could talk like that and keep the atmosphere light and teasing.

He’d never had friends like this.

He’d had the kind of friends that would come over after work or school, drink a few, play some videogames and barely talk.

As they got older everyone coupled up, leaving them all with less and less time together, save for the occasional ‘guys night’ or double date.

It clearly wasn’t like that with these three.

He Tian didn’t seem like a third wheel.

They clearly had their own, unique, friendships and all needed each other in different ways.

It was endearing and, quite frankly, beautiful.

Content, he half-listened as they recounted stories about the bar, about their friends, about how things had changed over the last few years.

He thought back on what Jian Yi had said a few days ago.

About waiting for a final puzzle piece.

He wondered if he still thought that.

He wondered if He Tian felt that way too.

He finished his drink, hit with a sudden wave of exhaustion and apparently wasn’t the only one.

Jian Yi, sat up stretching his arms above his head.

‘I’m going to crash. Mo Guan Shan, come let me check you out real quick.’

He Tian and Zhengxi watched them go.

They closed the door behind them and Zhengxi laughed softly.

‘I wouldn’t mind watching that.’

‘I’d pay money to watch that.’ He Tian raised.

Mo Guan Shan followed Jian Yi into the sparsely decorated room and pulled his shirt over his head.

‘Everything is looking good. How’s your pain level?’

‘I’m still a little sore, but it’s not too bad.’

Jian Yi poked and prodded at his ribs, his cheek, his lip.

Lastly, he checked the scars on his thigh, nodding his approval.

‘Take the cream with you. Put it on once a day and they’ll keep fading. They’ll never go away completely, but they’re already looking better.’

‘Thanks, Jian Yi.’

‘Of course. Go get some sleep.’

Jian Yi looked like he had something to say, but stayed silent and Mo Guan Shan was grateful.

He didn’t think he had it in him to do any more talking tonight.

They said their goodnights and Mo Guan Shan left the room.

‘I’m going to go follow his example. It’s been a long day.’ He told He Tian and Zhengxi.

‘I’ll be right behind you.’ He Tian told him with a smile.

Zhengxi snorted a laugh.

Mo Guan Shan winked, opening the door slowly, making sure the cat wasn’t going to bolt.

It was unnecessary considering he was still under the dresser.

He Tian sighed.

‘So…what’s with the fish?’ Zhengxi asked.

‘That’s Dumpling.’

‘…I’m almost positive that’s a fish.’

‘Dumpling is his name.’

‘That’s a stupid name.’

‘Shut up.’

‘Right. So why is Dumpling here?’

‘Mo Guan Shan told me I should bring him over.’

‘Any particular reason?’

‘I’m sure, but I don’t know what it is.’

‘Story of my life, friend.’


Mo Guan Shan lowered himself to the floor and reached under the dresser in an attempt to pet Felix but was met with a hiss.

‘Stop being so dramatic.’

He took a longer shower than normal, easing the tap slowly until the water was as hot as he could stand it and let it beat down on his back as he lathered the washcloth with soap.

He ran his fingers over his hips and pelvis, he felt He Tian’s dried saliva reliquify and wash away.

Leaning his head back, closing his eyes and wetting his hair, he thought back to the look on He Tian’s face when he finally cracked.

The way he’d looked at him like he’d never wanted anything more.

The way he’d tightened his fingers painfully on his hip.

The way his tongue had felt as it dipped into the crease of his thigh.

The way he’d gotten so, SO, close to…

He wrapped his fingers around his cock and the the scene he was playing back in his head twisted.

He was back in that apartment, bent over the side of the bed, held down by one of She Li’s friends with a man he’d never met behind him.

The man moved, none too gently, and reached underneath him to touch him the way he was touching himself now as Mo Guan Shan sobbed quietly into the mattress.

His eyes snapped open and he yanked his hand away, his erection long gone.


You’re Comfy

I actually wrote something. My writers block disappeared for a little. I hope you guys like it. It was just something cute that came into my mind. Lately just getting a lot of domestic/family Chris feels so be prepared for that. 

For these imagines (not involving the Chris x Marissa ones) I’m going to use the same names for the kids just to make it a little easy, but I’m going to keep these Chris x Reader so you guys can imagine it’s you. 

Daughter - Anna, oldest son - Matthew, youngest son - Austin.                     Anna is 4 years older than Matthew and 6 years older than Austin.

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