if he was too desperate for a child but no one to make it with


Like all cyborg characters, Genos surely has problems accepting who he is. He traded his humanity for power, to avenge his loved ones. His motivations are noble, but that doesn’t make it easier for him. He feels incomplete, inadequate. That’s why he became more than human- to feel as though he can make up for what he blames himself for- his inability to save his family. 

I think he secretly hates himself for what he is, and he is searching for purpose. He is searching desperately for a way to be completed. That is why he is so attached to Saitama. But what he doesn’t see is that he is beautiful just as he is, and life still comes from within him. He may break apart, but his will is still there, and his human soul still resides inside of him. 

Headcanon time!

You know, I recently saw this panel again where Izuku tries to breathe fire or levitate objects as a little child. And it still breaks my heart that little Izuku tried desperately to develop a quirk like his parents.


But then I thought - did Toshinori once try to do this, too? Long ago, when he was a little boy that had just been told that he is quirkless? It would make sense, that little Toshinori, much like little Izuku, just couldn’t accept that fact. That he tried to get a quirk like his parents, or just a quirk at all.

Imagine how much of a déjà-vu that would be for Toshinori, when he one day hears from someone - perhaps from Izuku himself, perhaps from Inko - that Izuku has experienced the same as he did. Of course Toshinori knows that Izuku was quirkless - he has known that for a long time. He just didn’t think of what that entails.

Later, Izuku wonders why Toshinori looks at him so thoughtfully, almost nostalgically. When the boy gathers enough courage to ask what’s wrong, Toshinori pulls him gently into a hug. After a moment, Toshinori murmurs, “I’m glad I met you.”

It’s not what he wanted to say, he had wanted to say I’m glad I chose you, but somehow, this feels better. This feels right.

Izuku has no idea where this came from, but this is… a lot. Nothing bad, mind you, pure happiness following the first confusion, but he’s still pretty much overwhelmed. He gulps, eyes burning with tears as he buries deeper into the hug his mentor had initiated, murmuring hoarsely, “I’m glad I met you, too.”

(Those two have so much in common and endured so much, it pains me to think about it.)

Found: If Its For You I Can Be A Monster Too (Vampire!AU)

Idea Inspiration: cimberelly and bunnyhips

What if Aomine keeps pushing Kise away and constantly tells the kid that he’s a monster, and that his very presence around Kise would endanger the child’s life?

Kise would mull over his words until one day he comes to the conclusion that if Aomine can’t be around him because Aomine’s a monster, then Kise would be a monster too.

Kise would rummage through dumpsters in the alleyways until he finds a dirty discarded white sheet and would cover himself in it before running in excitement to greet Aomine in his new “scary” form.

It would take awhile for Aomine to figure out what the kid is up to but when the realization hits him, it tears him up on the inside; while knowing he should stay away from Kise for the sake of the child’s own safety, every part of him so desperately wants to stay with this kid.

To protect Kise.

To watch over Kise.

To make sure Kise is never alone.

The last thing he wants to do is for Kise to experience abandonment twice.


DVL’s thanks goes out to cimberelly and bunnyhips for the awesomely adorable idea of having Kise in sheets; when you guys initially brought this up, I got the fuzzy feels and it was an idea with so much potential; I can see why its an idea close to your hearts~

And moustachiopenguin, thanks so much for your amazeballs writing on the Vampire!AU scenes - I’m reading and re-reading them again for inspiration - and your encouraging words to keep me going with this project; I don’t know what I’d do without Mo (´。・v・。`)

anon-artist Hello there Anon-I-Mous, this is “batch” sending out my thanks to you for the amazing lot of drawing help you’ve given me up til now - especially in paneling (which I am still terribad at, by the way) AND for catching all my angst-vomiting during my artist block moments and please post your art my gawd I love your stuff and think it should be shared, thank you very much. I’m awaiting another “yew batch” message after this post. If you see this, text me maybe~

Watching Claire lose her baby hurt like hell this season. 

But just about the one thing that hasn’t hurt (yet) is watching her become a mother.

We’ve watched her bat her child’s hands away when they’ve annoyed her.

Scold her child when she feared they were in danger.

Take comfort in her living child when the baby she gave birth to died.

Now, in 2x09 and upcoming in 2x10 spoilers, we’ve watched her hug and hold her baby next to her, in delight to see their face again and desperate to keep them from danger when she feels its too close.

In the book, Fergus is Jamie’s. In the show, Fergus’s heart equally belongs to Jamie and Claire and while we know he is desperate to make his father proud and stand at his side, it is his mother who’s side he runs to and snuggles when he needs love and comfort, and gives just as much, if not more than he gets.

From 2x01 with the pregnancy announcement all the way through the series we have seen Mother Claire and she kens more and more how to be a mother with every passing episode. She has not been childless for a moment in season 2, in spite of the loss of Faith.

And it makes me smile and cry and everything in between. 

But yeah guys… Fergus and Claire <3

Heart like yours.

Authors note: So this was a request by an annon who wanted a fic based off of the song that this is named after. After listening to the song and thing about it for a while I came up with this and spent a good 30 minutes on the floor afterwards crying because of it. The thought behind it is what got me. Enjoy. Don’t forget to like, Reblog and follow for more like this one. 

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