if he wants to just wear those two outfits

Crotchless Panties

Deadpool x Reader

It’s Deadpool’s birthday, enough said.

“Alright sweet buns! Daddypool doesn’t like to wait!”

You laughed at Wade’s playful tone coming from the other side of the bathroom door. You were 100% sure the merc was nuder than the day he was born. Looking in the mirror, you were definitely unsure of the outfit Wade had picked out as his birthday present. The lingerie was skimpy as hell, you were sure it was a sin to be wearing it. Crotchless panties? Of course Wade had to pick those. And the black and red laced bra, that fit two sizes too small. Your breast basically should just be out, but still. You wanted to be a good girlfriend, because even if Wade was Deadpool and had the foulest mouth ever, he was the most caring boyfriend you ever had.


Wade’s voice was filled with impatient whining, but you stood still in front of the mirror. You turned on the faucet and cleaned off your face, because Wade could appreciate a makeup less mug.

“I’m starting without you!”

You laughed, taking a deep breath before opening up the bathroom door.

Wade was on the bed - nude of course- his hands behind his back. He let out a sharp breath as you slowly walked into the bedroom, hands at your hips. You smiled at the speechless -for once in his damn life- man, his mouth dropped open. You spun slowly, giving him a full view of the get up he picked out.

“You like?”

Wade grinned, nodding his head up and down. He started clapping, “Daddypool is very happy right now.”