if he unfollows this would be embarrassing

gonna be super gross and mushy in the tags and it’s not even abt like hockey or anything lmao literally don’t read them i’m such an emotional mess it’s embarrassing

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I don't get the Hi*de hype at all. It's not like he's an important character at all? If he was removed from the story, the plot would have stayed the same anyway. Maybe Hi*de's only purpose there was so the fucking fujoshis could turn Kaneki and Hi*de into faggots lmao

Mod K:

I am amazed that some of you really send us this homophobic shit like it’s cool when all of the mods are queer women. This ask is embarrassing and you should feel bad for making me read that slur.

If any of the you think like this then just unfollow us. Trust me when I say that we are not kindred spirits and we don’t agree with anything you have to say.


Craig: They wanna know who your butt buddy is, Kyle. 

Kyle: God, do you ever stop? Me and my fiance aren’t a subject for your stupid fucking blog.

Stan: Kyle-
Kyle: If you need me, Stan, I’ll be in the kitchen with Bebe and Clyde.
Craig: Wow, what the hell is his problem?

Stan: Man. You just gotta let him be for a little while. He’s pretty pissed off at you right now.
Craig: He’s taken way worse from me than butt jokes. Why get pissy about it now?
Stan: Oh, no dude, he’s pissed off about your blog.
Craig: Um… my blog?
Stan: Yeah, man. He never unfollowed it when Tweek stopped using it. He’s been seeing all your posts on his dash for the past few weeks.
Craig: Oh… Well, a little embarrassing, I’ll admit, but what right does he have to be such a dick.
Stan: Um? Don’t get me wrong, Craig. I like you just fine, but you have been making posts about Tweek and shit. About how you’re still in love with him or something and that you want him back.
Craig: Wow. Hold up. I never said that last part. Even if I did why the fuck would Kyle care?
Stan: Tweek is his fiance, you dumbass. 


Some Swiftie decided to add Scott into our group chat and I was really annoyed and embarrassed at the same time. I was more annoyed at the fact that he could’ve unfollowed us because of it, and two, I was embarrassed because he could’ve read our chats (Which would of been so embarrassing. 😣😳)

Anyway he saw my messages of me telling people to kick him out… and I think he left? Thank god he did. 😂
I love Scott so much. I hope he doesn’t think I hate him. @taylorswift


pls unfollow me I am the most embarrassing person I know lmao

Yuki got way closer than I thought he would and I think I screamed a little but I’m not completely sure if I did >///< I definitely didn’t expect him to use both arms… I died a little inside xD

He was really nice and friendly!! (*coughs*andverycute*coughs*) Everyone at the Cybird booth was super nice and I hope they’ll come back to AX next year!!


Summary: Dan runs a popular porn blog where he posts naked photos of himself and to thank his followers, he needs the help of Phil. 


Part 1 (X)

Part 2:

‘u gonna post what you promised or not?’

'Well, thank you for not thanking us. Sorry but I’m onfollowing.’

Dan was reading some asks from annoyed anons. He couldn’t blame them, really. It had been two weeks since he promised to upload a picture of his full naked body and he knew the only way to get that done was to ask his friend Phil. He had tried really hard to ask him. Every day at every meal they’d share he had tried to start a conversation that would lead in the right direction, but everytime a good moment was given to ask, the nerves just took complete control of him and he simply couldn’t do it. Every conversation ended the same way. The last time Dan had tried was the worst and most embarrassing.

'Phil, could you please not eat your sausage like that?’

'Like what? Is this too sexual for you?’ Phil slowly let the sausage slide in his mouth.

'Phil! Stop that! You normally never make those kind of jokes!' 

Phil smiled proudly. They both had had two or three glasses of wine, which may be either extremely good or extremely bad in this situation.

'Dan, let’s watch a movie after dinner, okay?’

'You’re changing the subject! Don’t you dare think I don’t realize that.’

'What subject? I’m sure sexual sausage eating wasn’t really a great conversation subject.’

'Yes, it was.’

'Well, if you want to talk about it that badly, go ahead.’ It sounded a little agressive to Dan, but Phil smiled, which caused his comment to feel both somewhat dangerous and exciting to Dan. 

'I’m sure my followers would love seeing me eating a sausage,’

'I’m sure they would.’

The tension, maybe even sexual tension, grew. Dan wasn’t sure what he should do or say, but felt more courageous as the alcohol was dancing in his blood.

'I’m sure you would.’ And if the sexual tension hadn’t been there already, it definitely was there now.

'I don’t even know the name of your account.’

'And why is that, Phil?’

'You never said it.’

'You never asked it.’

There was a silence again. The conversation didn’t go where Dan had planned it to go, but he actually liked the tension a little and wasn’t willing to stop.

'So…’ Dan continued asking with a little naughtiness in his voice. 'Are you gonna ask it?’


And then all the sexual tension was gone.


That was the last time Dan had dared to steer the conversation. Phil had truly shocked him a little when he suddenly stopped the whole conversation. The only feeling that Dan was left with was huge embarrassment. Everytime he thought back of how he tried to build up the tension and Phil just ended it with a 'no’, Dan just cringed. He hoped Phil had forgotten the whole conversation, but as they hadn’t had too much to drink, that chance was really small. 

Now Dan just got himself a dilemma. On the one hand he wanted to give his followers what they asked for, as he didn’t want them to unfollow him and he truly appreciated their dedication, but on the other hand there was the possibility that he would embarrass himself again in front of Phil. He wouldn’t even only embarrass himself, but he would also make himself look suspicious. What would Phil think if Dan started talking about his porn blog again!?


He made an agreement with himself. One day, he gave himself. One other day to try and ask Phil to help him out. Dan had no idea how yet. Maybe he’d let Phil drink too much so he could forget what happened if it all went wrong, maybe he would just find the courage to ask him straight away. Maybe. If he didn’t succeed in one day, he had to stop this mission and honestly tell his followers it wasn’t going to work. One day. 


It was eleven o'clock and Dan had one hour left to ask his flatmate to take a naked picture of him. Of course, being Dan, he’d been procrastinating again. Only now he realized how ridiculous his idea was. Asking Phil, his flatmate and best friend, to photograph his stupid nude friend. What was even wrong with Dan? What would he do if Phil reacted in a negative way? Phil could get very upset by the question and probably with the right to be.

One hour. Dan was sitting alone on the couch, watching some kind of detective, not really paying attention. Phil was out. He never went out. Maybe this was God’s way of telling Dan: it’s okay, you don’t need to do this, just let it be. But apparently it wasn’t, as just then the door clicked open. Phil walked in, closed the door, threw his jacket on a chair and sat down next to Dan on the couch.


'Hi, Phil.’

They watched television for a minute, when Phil muted the sound.

'Dan, we’ve already seen this episode. Why are you watching it again? This one was boring.’

'I don’t know.’

'Are you okay?’

This was his chance. This may have been God’s way of telling him: go, you procrastinating twat.

'Well, Phil, I actually need to ask you something.’

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What is the west/mishapocalypse? I guess I wasn't a part of the fandom yet when that happened. What was it and why are people trying to do it to West?

So the Mishapocalypse of 2013 was just one single picture of Misha’s face everywhere.

External image

Now what people are trying to do is the exact same thing, but with Misha’s son, West, who is three years old.


  • Lols
  • Maybe a few hundred followers? Maximum?
  • Um… 


  • West will be scared and confused 
  • Misha will not take kindly to this, considering he himself (a fucking adult) was uncomfortable with Mishapocalypse
  • The kid is three years old, imagine how this will effect him in high school and Jr. High when his friends see this
  • I’m serious if Misha finds out about you fuckers doing this he will probably get angry and I do NOT want to see that.
  • Unfollowed by hundreds. Minimum.
  • This is a person, not an inanimate object (i.e. bagelpocalypse). They have feelings and a reputation, along with the representation of a family. The Collins’ would not take kindly to this, I assure you. This really goes for any person to have an apocalypse about them (unless that person is fictional, I guess, but that’s up for debate), for they have not given permission and would most likely feel embarrassed. 

End rant.

This fandom can be absolutely embarrassing sometimes. And now would be one of those times. Louis has just said that his son was born yesterday and that he’s healthy and doing well. He is clearly very happy and in love with his son. It absolutely disgusts me to know that people are sending vile messages to him, his son and Briana. Like I said last time, if I see any of that on my dashboard, it is an immediate block and unfollow. I will not tolerate it.

Having a baby is a blessing and Louis’s and Briana’s son deserves love and compassion. It’s appalling that people are sending an innocent child threats and hate because of a ship that has been denied, and denied by Louis multiple times. Do you honestly think Louis would be pleased with your behavior? I think not.