if he survives that is

I won’t fault Daehwi for making Avengers 2.0, it’s a survival show, he’s smart and he wants to win. I will fault him on the fact that he’s acting like, since he knows he’s gonna win, that he doesn’t have to try hard. Him and his so called avenger team, wanted to go against the team with all the F trainees. And for what? We know that more than half of his team is talented but he wanted to take the easy way out. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the kid, still want to see him in the top 11 at the end of this all but he better show a great performance worth winning 1st or he’s just another Cathy 2.0.

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How would Genji, McCree, Soldier, Reaps, Rein, and Sym react to their S/O saving them from certain death?


  • He doesn’t think of it at the time
  • However, later he’ll scold you
    • Fear for your own life once in a while
    • Pinching your cheeks


  • He gets a little angry there
    • Swallowing it down
  • Scolding you later
    • He’s not worth dying for is what he says

Soldier 76

  • He scolds you right there
    • As soon as the enemies are dealt with
  • He’s an old man
    • Death isn’t something to fear


  • He gets angry at you
    • He can come back
    • You can’t
  • He’ll be gruff with you for a few days after


  • He thanks you
    • Knowing it’s a hard thing to give up your life for others
    • Thankful that you survived
  • He will worry about you slightly


  • She doesn’t know what to think as you push her aside
    • Just getting back into battle
  • Later when her thoughts settle
    • She was scared
    • Please, don’t do that again.
his eyes leak night // acomaf

his eyes leak night
stars collide when he blinks
worlds shatter when he moves
moons spill from his gaze

her heart leaks sorrow
he holds her close when she cries
until universes tremble when she breathes
and fire and ice spill from her fingertips

she heals his gaping wounds
and he uplifts her until she is new
and they are a force of nature
their love could make the world crumble

and when darkness comes to claim them
their heads are held up high
their fingers are entwined like their lives
like their souls, their existences

when she is ripped from his grasp
when all forces try to split them apart
when he feels his soul ripped in two
they will survive

but barely

“until we meet again -
because we must;
because you are the only force
that ties me to this earth”

“i will always come back to you
you are my salvation
you are mine
and i am yours”


Comic you will read from now on.
content of the song Kiss it all better is a sad song and I want you to listen to the song while reading (´・ω・`)





How is it? Do you like this song? lol (*´▽`*)
But it’s not over yet because I don’t want to hurt Clark and…I don’t think he can survive without Bruce.
to be continued… PART 2

do you think vax ever thinks about all the people he killed for blood money back in the day when he and his sister were alone and on the road, constantly running from shelter to shelter aimlessly as they did whatever they had to to survive, like do you think he remembers all the faces and all the names of those he cut down to keep himself and his sister afloat and do you think he remembers exactly how his knives felt when severing their flesh from bone

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Hey you always say that birds need a lot of exercise and a big cage but how come flippy doesn't seem to have either of those or at least was much as the girls does that certain bird not need a big cage?

Flippy is exceptionally old and can’t fly anymore, giving him a large cage where resources are spread out and he’d have to move large distances to survive does more harm than good for him now. The last time he was in a large space he was only able to glide downwards and afterwards was so exhausted that he needed me to pick him up and bring him back to his water dish, little heart was pounding way faster than it should have been.
It’s just not healthy for him at this stage in his life to have to exert that much energy to do daily tasks, the smaller space still allows him to spread his wings and make small flaps between perches when he does have the energy for it but keeps his need for travel smaller so he doesn’t constantly strain himself every day.

I Have Created The Ultimate Lifeform.

So, Zephiel, King of Bern, the one and only GBA-era terror. Very good unit with lots of potential. His stat total is one of the highest in the game, 168, tied with Hector and Effie. However, stat total is not indicative of a unit’s quality. Draug, for example, with 169, is one of the worst units in the game. It’s the way these stats are placed, as well as his unique weapon and the skills he can pack into battle, that make him terrifying

At 5* and level 40, as you can see, he’s packing a WALLOP. 55 HP (the single highest HP value in the game), 51 Attack (35 base + 16 from Eckesachs, shown as 52 up there because of the Attack +1 Sacred Seal) and 38 Defense make him a powerhouse. At 24 Resistance, he can actually survive attempts at his life by spellcasters, because his huge HP and Wary Fighter guarantee that he WILL survive any battle, even against Blue Casters. The only thing in the game that can ORKO him is an Attack+ nature Reinhardt (short of Specials or Swordbreaker custom units, as per usual).

His normal kit is decent at best, but lacking: He has the excellent Wary Fighter and the amazing Eckesachs, but otherwise, I had to spend some time remodeling him:

  • Gone is the awful Life And Death and it has been replaced with Death Strike. Life And Death is good for characters like Nino or Linde, glass cannons that have to deal as much damage as possible with each punch. For a wall like Zephiel, it’s terrible. Zephiel doesn’t benefit and in fact suffers from the skill, as it reduces his vital defenses to increase Attack (sure) and Speed (???). The KING OF BERN needs no Speed and needs the defensive stats. With Death Strike, you can benefit of a similar attack bonus during your turns, which you will have because nothing can kill Zephiel except an Attack+ Reinhardt. Don’t invest in Life And Death for him. Distant Counter is also extremely good for him, if you have an extra Hector you are willing to sacrifice, and it will indeed make him insanely good.
  • Wary Fighter has to stay. It’s super easy to keep Zephiel above 50% HP so he never gets doubled. It is an essential skill for him. Do not give him something else or I will cut you.
  • Threaten Atk is good for his free C Slot. Anything that hits Zephiel aside from the one exception listed above will not be able to kill him, which means this WILL always apply in any given encounter, which Zephiel and your other three units will always be able to take advantage of. By reducing their Attack and having a Dancer or Healer around, you positively make it even harder for Zephiel to be killed, giving you an edge against even a lot of physical Blue units. It synergizes well with…
  • Eckesachs, his personal weapon. Do NOT replace Eckesachs. 16 Might and its special ability make it immensely good. Eckesachs has a Threaten Def effect that reduces Def -4 at the start of every turn. By reducing their Attack and Def with these two skills, you effectively cripple any unit in a 2 square range from you. Your other units will be able to take advantage of this very easily, and you can turn around battles easily with this set up.
  • Finally, Bonfire. His Reprisal is not too good, for you ideally don’t want him hurt below 50% HP, and as thus you will just get a minor bonus from it at all times if playing Zephiel smart. With Bonfire, you will be dealing 19 extra damage every two or so battle, in addition to his already immense damage (and take into account Death Strike and Eckesach’s Threaten Def too!). Ignis is also good, but I think it’s better to have a special attack every 3 attacks instead of every 4, since his damage is immense enough as it is.

I haven’t gotten him a Support skill yet, but I think something like Swap or Pivot are just perfect for him, for the sake of mobility. Zephiel, Robin, Takumi, and a Dancer or Healer combo are unstoppable, so be sure to come up with many exciting strategies with the King of Bern.

Violence in the Library - ArdentAspen2 - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter Four is up now, a little longer than the others

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bilbo and thorin planting trees together is such a blessed image because of *that line*

UHM YES???? oh my gosh?? thorin telling bilbo to go home and plant his trees as he’s dying because he wants bilbo to be happy?? and then a year or so later thorin’s alive and helping bilbo plant his own trees?? 

and thorin never would have guessed that he would survive and a year later be kneeling beside bilbo as they worked in the hot sun to plant trees together and thorin probably has intentions to marry bilbo (but is too shy to ask him just yet as they finally settle into a comfortable courtship, but is almost certain bilbo will say yes) and how did thorin go from lying there, bleeding out and dying in the snow and ice with bilbo pleading for him to live to domestic bliss and bilbo choosing to stay with him?? and most likely spend the rest of his life with him?? and he hopes that they’ll grow old and grey together as they watch these trees grow over the next several decades and they’ll look back fondly on the day they planted these trees??? I’M CRYING 

y’ever think about how ‘so this is what it feels like’ references not only the love and family connection logan finally, after so many years, feels. how he unquestionably is a father and can feel the love and affection and the knowledge that there’s something that will come AFTER him, that will carry on his legacy, that he isn’t alone. But. It also references the fact that he can finally feel what it’s like to die. After years of wanting to die, after years of killing, he has found out what it finally feels like, and when he says it, it’s with relief, relief  (and, not as much, and this soft bitterness that he finally had something more to live for) that he can finally lay himself down to rest without the aching knowledge that he’ll survive. 


«In related Jared news, [Alec] Berg says that the audience will learn that he has “some skills that he had picked up when he had to learn how to survive on the streets.” How about a clue? “As Richard mentally and physically decomposes under the stress of his job,” he says, “Jared’s job of keeping him standing gets tougher.”» ~ [Source]

Maybe it’s the dark part of myself, but the thing that makes me the most exciting for season 4 is this quote. We know that Jared has a disturbing past, and, even tho he’s a nice guy and all, we all know he’s capable of some shady stuff. He hired a “click farm” by himself in order to help Pied Piper in season 3 and it seems that he’ll (somehow) betray Dinesh according to the teaser trailers for season 4. This fandom likes to point out how much a cinnamon roll Jared is, but everything has an equal dark side, including our beloved fave.

(I also hope Jared is included on the “sex” that everyone is promising for this season. I need to see some of that lanky ass.)

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Ebay results and ebay troll

“To survive”.. I can’t.. He made thousands on ebay, has over $4,000 pledged to him a month on Patreon, and a “your dad” income from Youtube. Plus who knows how many shirts, songs, and books he’s sold in the past week. He can always relist the item.

I’m actually kind of shocked this only happened to one of his items. This is a common trolling tactic on ebay.

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Okay, so the Sleepover Saturday made me think about what a sleepover party with Izaya would be like... So I wanted to ask if you could write some headcanons about that, if it's okay...

  • Best things about sleepovers with Izaya is that this guy’s sleeping pattern is fucked up anyway. He could easily stay awake until the sun rises again without necessarily getting tired.
  • Izaya wants to order pizza, but I just love the idea of him trying to make food himself alongside his friend or s/o and he couldn’t survive on his own cooking skills if his life depended on it and the kitchen is going to be a mess.
  • He’s the one that comes up with the silly sleepover games.
  • “Izaya, you can’t play spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven with only two people present.”
  • Spooky horror stories! He does tense up at some of them, actually, but he’d never admit it of course. If anything, he’d tell a much scarier story to prove how hardcore (yeah right) he is when it comes to spooky stuff.
  • Pillow fights. He’d go for it, fuck it. He’s an actual 5 year old, tbh.
  • Watching movies all night. Specifically romance chick flick stuff that is ridiculously fluffy, it’s just amusing to him and honestly might draw reactions from them too.
Megamind and "Phantom of the Opera"

I’d like to start by saying that Megamind probably enjoys this musical, and has actually read the book. I’m certain that Roxanne has seen it as well.

I am also certain that Megamind would HATE being compared to the Phantom.

Think about it: the Phantom is everything he tries so very carefully to not become. He is a murderer several times over, and not even a smart one: he kills random Show People for insulting him and getting in his way– garnering anger and hate from the Cops, Theatre, and City at large– yet Rowell, his chief foe, survives the entire movie. He is overtly creepy about his crush, and tries to FORCE her to stay with him and pretend that she loves him. Megamind has HIGHER STANDARDS FOR PERSONAL BEHAVIOR THAN THAT.

Of course, he wouldn’t admitt to resenting the comparison for THOSE reasons. He might point out the fact that the Phantom lived in a theatre for years, but only took center STAGE TWICE, despite the fact that he could have probably become Leading Man through a combination of blackmail and fantastic singing, deformities or no. And that his Evil Lair was so poorly hidden that the Hero and the Angry Mob found it on their first try. And that Madame Cheri, his double-agent and chief ally, wasn’t given a sufficient cut of the take.

Basically, I think that Megamind would love “Phantom of the Opera,” but would criticize the Phantom’s skills as a Villain SO HARD!

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Part 2 Was already infected when he arrived.. Zane! Garroth... I did exactly as you said, I held my head up high I know, I know, shh I know, I know, shh I know you did everything just right, shh Even before we got to ten, I was aiming for the sky (I know, I know, shh) I was aiming for the sky I know, save your strength and stay alive! Is he breathing, is he going to survive this? Who did this, Garroth, did you know?! Aph, I’m so sorry for for forgetting what you taught me... My friend..


( ooc! ) hello, hello! i’m the mun of this darling loud child baekhyun - you can call me pretty much anything and i’ll respond. i’m super excited to be here because its been a while since i found an hp rp that worked for me and this place seems really great! anyway, i have a profile and a background up for baekhyun here and i’ll be putting a nice list of tldr and facts down at the bottom of this. i’ve also got some plots up and ready to go so you’re welcome to look at them but if they don’t work out, we can always brainstorm! onward to more information:

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This evening I finished my FemShep playthrough of Mass Effect. It took me months to get through it, I had a lot of shit to get through, but I got there in the end.

Anyway, this happened to be my first time watching the ending of Mass Effect since playing Horizon Zero Dawn earlier this year, and it gave me a new perspective. In the final scenes of Mass Effect 3 (depending on our choices) we see all of the soldiers -Human, Asari, Turian, Krogan, Quarian, etc. - fighting in the streets, waiting for Shepard to activate the Crucible. They know that Shepard is going to activate the super-weapon, blow the Reapers to hell, and then they can all try to move forward, as best they can. That’s their immediate goal.

  • Survive until Shepard activates the Crucible
  • Worry about he future later.

And of course, depending on your choices, Shepard does just that. They can activate the crucible, and you get beautiful scenes of Alliance Soldiers, and Asari Huntresses, and Turian Generals jumping for joy in the streets. It’s beautiful.

But then juxtapose that situation with that of the soldiers fighting the machines in HZD. The soldiers taking part in Enduring Victory.

They’re fighting, holding back the tide, just waiting for Sobeck to active Project Zero Dawn. They think it’s a super-weapon that, like the Crucible, will wipe out the machines and save them.

  • Survive until Sobeck activates Project Zero Dawn
  • Worry about he future later.

Except it never happens.

Project Zero Dawn was never about saving them, or their civilisation. They all die, believing that Sobeck is going to pull a Shepard. They all die, believing that they are sacrificing themselves for their parents, or children, or spouses, or partners future. I’m not saying that their sacrifice wasn’t worth it - of course Project Zero Dawn did eventually prove otherwise.

But they didn’t know that. They thought they would have more time. And that is just incredibly sad to think about. I’m gonna go cry and throw up now.