if he sings for jane

AU where Jane, Roxy, and Dirk are merfolk on (human)Jake’s island. They’re constantly teasing him for his legs and they secretly covet to drag him down to their local treasure trove but he’s just too damn cute in his natural habitat so they leave him be.


Thor 2: Phantom of the Opera AU

Malekith as The Phantom
Jane Foster as Christine Daaé
Thor Odinson as Raoul, Vicompte de Chagny
Loki Laufeyson as “Carlos/Carlotta” Giudicelli (The Prima Donna)
Fandral as Monsieur André
Volstagg as Monsieur Firmin/Moncharmin

Far beneath the majesty and splendour of the Aesir Opera House, hides Malekith in a shadowy existence. Shamed by his physical appearance and feared by all, the love he holds for his beautiful protégée that holds the Aether, Jane Foster, is so strong that even her heart cannot resist. Thor Odinson’s love for Jane is rekindled when he hears her sing at the Opera House, and they begin courting, much to Malekith’s chagrin. 

Loki Laufeyson feels overshadowed by the blossoming talent of Jane, and must be reassured constantly by the owners of the Opera House, Fandral and Volstagg, that he is needed and wanted by his countless fans, but this does nothing to lessen his jealousy of Jane.

My Jane Doe

As you slowly stirred in your bed, waking up from an amazing nap that you had taken earlier in the evening, you took a quick glance at your surroundings and found two things. One, it was actually close to midnight; and two, that your boyfriend Mark was nowhere in sight. Nonetheless, you shrugged his absence off to the back of your mind and when you heard your tummy rumble just a tad, you jumped off the bed eagerly, looking forward to the food that awaited you. On your way towards the kitchen, you saw Mark’s recording room door open a tad with some light streaming through, and since you knew that he was there, you figured you would steal a quick peek and see what he was doing. When you peered in slightly from behind his door, you saw that Mark was sitting down in his chair, looking off towards the window with a look of serenity on his face; and since you didn’t want to ruin whatever moment he was having, you decided to just pretend that you weren’t there, and wait for something to happen. Your waiting paid off moments later as Mark stirred around a bit in his chair to a more relaxing position, and then you heard his hypnotic voice come through as he began to sing,

“Jane Doe.

I don’t think I know you,

But I know fo’ sho’.

That you are beautiful

So baby let me know

Your name.


Damn what’s her name?

Cause I’m overly attracted

And terribly convinced that she could be my princess

And I could be her prince.

And I felt that way, since

Since I saw Jane Doe.


Jane Doe.

I don’t think I know you,

But I know fo’ sho’.

That I could get to know you.

If you let me know

Your name.


Damn what’s her name?

Cause I’m overly attracted

And terribly convinced that she could be my princess

And I could be her prince.


And I felt that way, since

Since I saw Jane Doe.


She’s everything I want and more.

She’s everything I want for sure.

She’s everything that I want to adore


Well baby I am overly attracted

And terribly convinced that she could be my lover,

When she gave me a chance

You had me at first glance

Oh my Jane Doe.”


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stoner!luke, with his glassy, blood shot eyes and messy hair, exhaling his smoke out before turning to you and smiling lazily. Gone by The Weeknd is playing softly through Luke’s entire garage as you two sit in his ragged and beat up couch while you inhale Mary Jane together. “I’ve been gone.” He sings to you before chuckling hysterically, making you smile widely while inhaling your smoke. “God, you’re fucking beautiful” he admits, leaning in and pressing his lips onto the corner of your lips. “Lukeeee” you giggle, making him smile while he kisses your chin. “just fuck me while I’m faded” he whispers the lyrics against you, kissing along your jawline while making you shiver gently. “I wonder what you look like underneath” he admits, moving to your neck while tugging on your shirt. you giggle and nod. “me too” you laugh, making him smile while you’re loving the feeling that he’s giving you. “may I take it off?” he murmurs into your wear, kissing your sweet spot. “I can do many more things with my lips if you let me, pretty baby”

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Judy Garland in Summer Stock (1950)

Joe D. Ross: We’re trying to tell a story with music, and song, and dance. Well, not just with words. For instance, if the boy tells the girl that he loves her, he just doesn’t say it, he sings it.

Jane Falbury: Why doesn’t he just say it?

Joe D. Ross: Why? Oh, I don’t know, but it’s kind of nice.

Head Canon #24

Out of all the Avengers only two can grow a beard AND look good with it.

Steve will forever be hairless. He couldn’t grow a cheesy mustache when he was little and thin, and he can’t grow one now that he is tall and muscular.

Tony only looks good with the goatee, any other growth is thin and runs much too far down his neck. Pepper hates it, she says it makes him look dirty and greasy, and she won’t touch him until he shaves.

Clint tried the facial hair thing once. He didn’t want a beard or anything long enough to get caught on his bow, so a mustache it was. He had it for a week before Maria said he looked like he was running around with pubes glued to his upper lip.

Natasha doesn’t have a beard for obvious reasons, but she does get one single rouge hair that likes to grows on her chin and it drives her insane. God help you if you ever see it and mention it, Tony learned that lesson the hard way.

Thor and Bruce are the only two who can pull off full beards.

The team has never seen Thor with anything but a finely groomed beard. Though according to Jane, he came sulking back from Asgard with singed whiskers once. And even clean shaven he looked perfect.

Bruce was a surprise, he is usually meticulously clean shaven, even when Natasha brought him in from Kolkata he only had a light dusting of stubble. Then the entire team participated in “No Shave November” and by the end of the month Bruce had grown a full beard, flecked with salt and pepper. He was ready and set to shave the thing come December 1st, until Natasha made a comment that he looked like a sexy mountain man.

The beard stuck around for another month and a half.


“Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car”

Back in the 80s, Billy Ocean told us to do that and he could have been singing a theme for Jane and Lisbon.  Let me explain. 

The other day I was randomly watching a Mentalist episode and there was a car scene in it.  It struck me how open Jane and Lisbon could be with each other while driving around California and Texas.  I think there are a few reasons for this.  First, there’s the intimacy of the car.  Unless you stop, you can’t walk away from the other person.  Second, in order for the driver not to wreck the car, he or she has to maintain eyes on the road and that gives the passenger time to observe the driver when asking or answering questions. Third, no one can walk in on two people talking in a car.  The only interruptions you normally have are a phone call or the end of the journey.  

When two people have such deep feelings for each other but that they believe they must be suppressed, a car is one of the most intimate places they can be. Jane and Lisbon in the car are those two people.  In order to protect her, Jane cannot let on in any way how he really feels about his Lisbon.  In order to protect her heart and not give Red John any more leverage over Jane, Lisbon must bury her feelings.  No one can know.  It’s too risky.  

However, in the car it’s a slightly different story.  Sure, they’re still too worried to act on their feelings, but they can let those feelings rise closer to the surface.  Each has a chance to watch and listen to the other that was safer than the office or anywhere that other people could easily interrupt by opening a door.  I think the car rides were the only time that they could truly be “together” in those years.  

I offer you examples above and do not say that this is all-inclusive.  It’s just that Tumblr has limits.  

Oh, and in my head canon, I so hope that they eventually spent some time necking in a car.    ;-)  

Just my thoughts…