if he really wanted out for good

Festive Enjoltaire
  • As much as Enjolras hates the whole consumerist atmosphere surrounding Christmas, he’s still heavy on the holiday spirit. It’s a holiday about being with your family, and les Amis are his family. And just as important, Grantaire is his family
  • Enjolras partakes in a lot of charity events in December. He really wants to help out. He once sold mistletoe with Grantaire at the mall. Needless to say Grantaire took every opportunity he got to kiss Enjolras that day
  • Grantaire bought way too many Christmas lights because he wanted to reproduce “Starry Night” on the wall. Enjolras had to put an end to it
  • Grantaire wears the absolute ugliest Christmas jumpers. He offered a pair of antlers to Enjolras, but he’s a kill joy
  • They tried to make a gingerbread house once. Keyword being “tried”. Enjolras got frustrated and Grantaire got hungry. Not a good combinaison
  • Grantaire put an angel on top of the Christmas tree, and when I say an angel I actually mean a picture of Enjolras in his best resting bitch face
  • Grantaire wraps his Christmas presents in white paper, so that he can draw on it afterwards and make it unique. Enjolras always keeps the wrapping religiously, because his boyfriend always puts all his heart and soul into his art, and he really appreciates that

Marjie: I don’t talk to Kenny anymore. He wanted to date me for a long time, we were good friends, but it just never really happened. 
Marjie: Then he ended up dating Pumpkin, and let’s just say that wasn’t a pleasant experience for anyone. Now that that mess is over, I keep him out of my life, mostly for Pumpkin’s sake. 
Marjie: I have been talking to somebody, though. 
Craig: What? Who? 
Marjie: It’s a secret. 
Craig: Please tell me it’s not Eric. You’re my precious cinnamon roll he can not corrupt you.  
Marjie: Gosh, of course not. I care about Eric, but not like that. He’s, erm… too much for me. 
Craig: He’s too much for anyone. 

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i really want a psych ward au thats actually good and accurate and just .. so far from asotm ya feel? gerard wearing his skeleton onesie for the entire 2 weeks he's there. frank falling asleep right in group therapy because they can't figure out the right cocktail to fix both his schizophrenia and anxiety at the same time without knocking him the fuck out. they share a room and bond over their hatred of the 7:30 am wakeup time and no caffeine rule. gallows humor. making cheesy arts n crafts

together in OT. gee draws a picture of sweet pea based on frank’s description of her and frank giggles and says he /almost/ made her ugly enough. making up nicknames for the bored nurses who are on their psych rotations. a couple of months after gerard gets out, he sees frank at the coffee shop he frequents, knows its him because of the wonderfully hideous dog with him. he doesn’t say anything, isn’t sure if it’s appropriate, but frank’s there the next day and the day after that and fuck it,
he can at least say hi. he does and frank is like, so excited to see him, no awkardness. he introduces sweet pea and they sit and talk for at least an hour and a half without noticing. gerard gives frank his number and they text and hang out all the time and become best friends and then more than friends. their relationship isn’t always easy - gerard has to keep an eye on the pill containers to make sure frank takes his meds and frank knows from october through february he’s going to have to be
extra diligent about making sure gerard’s doing okay and they slip up sometimes but gee honestly can’t think of a single time he’s felt better in his entire life and holy fuck this got away from me i’m so sorry

pls dont be sorry omfg i love this so much,, thank you

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would they want to do something exiting on Christmas or stay in?

Jin. A bit of both, I think. He’d want to do something fun during the day. Take you on a fun date somewhere. But then he’d want to stay in during the evening. He’d really like to just cook dinner together, because that’s probably one of his favorite domestic things to do with you. And then watch a movie and cuddle, and have some pretty deep pillow talk about your relationship and future. 

Yoongi. Stay in. He doesn’t like being around people a lot, which he will probably be if he goes out to do something with you. He also needs to rest whenever he can, so staying in is very good for that as well. And also so that he can give you his undivided attention. He’ll probably like to have a really lazy morning and cuddle the shit out of you, and then just enjoy your company for the rest of the day. If he does go out, he’ll bring you along to walk Holly.

Hobi. Definitely doing something exciting. But, he’ll be the opposite of Jin. He’ll love to have a lazy morning, and pamper you by making you breakfast in bed. But then he’ll have a fun date planned for the afternoon, and will probably take you out for dinner at a semi-fancy restaurant. 

Namjoon. Again, a kinda lazy morning. No breakfast in bed though, as he doesn’t want to risk failing and giving you something disgusting. But he won’t want to stay at home for too long. He’ll have things planned for pretty much the whole day. Date at an art museum, and then just some strolling around the city, maybe stop by a mall, and then eat dinner at a restaurant. But, you’ll probably get home a bit early, just so he can cuddle you for a while, and just talk with no distractions.

Jimin. He adapts to what you want. He has no problem at all with just staying in and chill. But, if you want to go out, he’ll be down for that as well. It’s up to you, basically.

Taehyung. A bit of both, again. Lazy morning, and then go out a few hours for a date, and then get back home in time to order some take out and just spend his time cuddling you to death while talking and watching anime, or Christmas movies.

Jungkook. Stay in. He’s quite introverted, so he’ll prefer to stay away from people. Especially since a lot of people are probably out on Christmas. And, like Yoongi, he just wants to spend time with you, so it doesn’t matter much. But there’s less distractions if you stay in, so he can just talk about whatever and cuddle you all day. He might take you to a restaurant for dinner, but that’s about it.

Thank you for requesting! xx

So! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I wasn’t going to see it because of a certain actor I now detest, but after a friend assured me (correctly!) that he was only in it for maybe thirty seconds total, I decided my mum’s desire to see it + all the good things I’d heard about Newt made giving it a chance worthwhile.

And I really, really enjoyed it. It was by no means flawless for reasons you’ll probably see dotted all over Tumblr already, but there were a lot of good things about it too, so I’m just going to focus on the nice things that stood out about it for me.

  • Newt. Oh my god, Newt is the most wonderful creature, and I want, like, fifty of him. 2016 has been pretty great at one thing and it’s giving me new autistic icons (see also: Jillian Holtzmann). Newt goes entire conversations without looking at people, shuts down and goes non-verbal when he’s upset, is very softly spoken in almost all situations, gives approximately zero craps about social norms but ALL OF THE CRAPS about people’s comfort boundaries when he thinks to look out for them, and his special interest is animals and he doesn’t overly care about gender norms (mum’s here!), and he’s just the most beautiful, sweet, caring creature and I adore him and he alone is worth the price of entry to the movie. I would fight people for Newt if I weren’t fairly certain that fighting people for him would probably upset him.
  • Sisters being sisterly! And looking out for each other! Always a Good.
  • This year’s One Good Het Ship. They were just so cute and gentle with each other and she was so sweet and fluffy and he was so sweet and fluffy back and just. Ahh.
  • So many magical animals being petted and looked after! And several of their locations/habitats being discussed in the process. I approve of movies that live up to their names. I have indeed learned A Thing Or Two about fantastic beasts and where to find them. And idk, I just enjoyed the magical animal sanctuary scenes a lot, regardless of the frequently imperfect CGI.
  • Ezra Miller’s cheekbones and Eddie Redmayne’s fluffy curls (that got wet more than once thank you lord).
  • I’ve already mentioned Newt and the boundaries thing but seriously Newt and his quiet little “May I move closer” thing killed me because why don’t we see more of this with guys in movies? Why? Why don’t we see more of guys specifically and clearly requesting consent even in non-sexual scenarios? It kind of shocked me in a way I wasn’t expecting.

So, yes. Not a perfect movie, but I did genuinely enjoy it.

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I want to read some fics with Ford meeting Alcor, know any good ones?

Mod K suggests Mod O’s Trust No One! It was written before we knew that Stanford was Stanford, so he is referred to as Stanley, but it is still a good read! 

Also, this origins story has Dipper meeting Stanford!

Edit: Mod O does not suggest ‘Trust No One,’ as it was written so long before anything substantial about Ford was really known. She considers it out of date and out of character - more a kind of alternate reality to TAU at this point than anything remotely verging on canon. Still…it is there, she guesses.

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teikou babies in a haunted villa during training camp?

Oh my gosh. I would definitely include Nijimura and Haizaki on this one lol 


  • It was his idea to go on a haunted villa during their training camp. 
  • Before they head over to that place, he separate everyone into groups. 
  • He got Murasakibara and Aomine on his side. 
  • He really wants to be with Kuroko but then he remembered something about Kuroko being good at scaring people… 
  • So he became desperate and wanted to be with Kuroko. 
  • “I’m not going inside until Kuroko and I are in the same group.” 
  • “Fuck you!” Aomine retorted and so Aomine gave in and went to a different group so that Kuroko can be with Akashi. 
  • … 
  • It was a bad idea. 
  • Akashi came out while clinging to Murasakibara for his dear life. 
  • Being in the same group with Kuroko was definitely a bad idea. 


  • At first, he was against the idea of going to that villa they saw. 
  • Kise said that it won’t be that scary since the sun was still up in the sky. 
  • He was with Midorima and they first started heading inside. 
  • Just a few feet inside, they both started screaming. 
  • As they were near by the end, they both got tangled in a spider web. 
  • Aomine was shaking so much that Midorima can feel it. 
  • “Stop being a scaredy cat!” 
  • “Yes, yes, I’m a scaredy cat! Please let this end!” 
  • They both won’t let go of each other though. 


  • Kise wanted to be with Kuroko. 
  • Despite the fact he knew that Kuroko is an expert of scaring. 
  • He entered the place with Nijimura and Haizaki. 
  • He did planned everything over there. 
  • He wanted to scare Haizaki. 
  • But it turns out, they both got scared of the things he did. 
  • “Uwah! Ghosts!” He would point out. 
  • And when Haizaki and Kise turn around to look at it. 
  • They will scream in harmony. 
  • Every single time Kise point at random spots, there would be shadow over there. 
  • Nijimura was confused at how those two. 


  • A lot of people mistake him as the expert of scaring. 
  • But to be honest, he was just oblivious at things. 
  • He accidentally kicked the can, creating a loud echo noise. 
  • He would accidentally bump into the shaky shelves, creating squeaky noise. 
  • It’s all an accident and yet, everyone thought ghosts was real. 
  • The shadow that Kise and Haizaki sees was him. 
  • For some odd reason, there would be a dim light and Kuroko would be curious. 
  • “If I stand there, would they notice me?” 
  • And he would stand there. 
  • Murasakibara and Akashi would freak out at the image. 
  • It’s like Kuroko’s the ghost in there. 
  • And he was confused why him. 


  • He was against to it as well. 
  • It is a waste of time. But Nijimura was also into it so he couldn’t refuse furthermore. 
  • He got into the same team with Kuroko. He wanted to call out to someone to exchange with him. 
  • Luckily, Akashi was eager to be with Kuroko and so Aomine exchanged with Kuroko. 
  • He knew Aomine was tough so he decided to lean against him. 
  • But he was fucking wrong. 
  • This guy was also scared. 
  • He wouldn’t stop screaming at all. 
  • He would constantly shaking and when they were near by the end. 
  • Aomine had to point out the shadow behind them. 
  • “FUCK YOU!” Was Midorima’s last words before he fainted. 


  • It wasn’t his liking to go on this kind of trips, but he was curious. 
  • He was calm and composed. 
  • Because duh, ghosts aren’t real. 
  • Just spirits, is all. 
  • But he got scared at the random things that Kise would point out. 
  • Is that a ghost? 
  • FUCK
  • Why is that ghost had light blue haired. 
  • Oh… 
  • “Kuroko, what the actual fuck.” 
  • “Did I scared you, senpai?” 
  • “DUH!” 
  • And he was the only one who knew it was Kuroko’s doing. 


  • This fairy was so pure. 
  • And of course, he’s also the one responsible of all the noises they hear. 
  • Because this guy was so freakishly tall, he would bump into the ceiling and weird wood hanging around. 
  • “Ouch…” His voice was so low, it would echo around as well. 
  • “Aka-chin…” Whenever he calls out to Akashi, he usually loam behind him. 
  • That was a bad move, though. 
  • He wasn’t that scared. 
  • But he did got scared when he saw an empty cookie jar by the kitchen sink. 
  • He and Akashi were clinging to each other as they exit the place. 
  • “That was scary…” He commented out of the blue. 

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Top 5 mistakes you're glad you made

None of these to me don’t really feel like mistakes, but yeah.

1. Staying with my high school boyfriend for so long–he showed me what a unhealthy relationship looked like so I wouldn’t repeat.

2. Picking the wrong friend–for the same reason as 1–and also, she turned out to be the worst person ever.

3. Breaking up with Hubbs when I was sick–I really thought that I was doing the right thing, but he stayed put. Showed me there are good men out there.

4. Getting our apartment and then leaving it, it taught us what we wanted in a home.

5. Getting married in City Hall instead of the big fancy wedding–honestly, we saved money and went to Europe plus I just wanted to be effing married already.

AoS 4x08

wow that episode took a freaking turn and it got so good

Yay, YoYo is back! :) and just as snarky and wonderful as ever

It was really lovely having Daisy, Fitz and Simmons all work together again, like old times. I want more of this trio

Mace knows about AIDA, and he and Coulson finally had it out. Fortunately, they ended up on the same side

can I just say, I like the Director’s superpower suit? it’s badass looking

I can understand Eli wanting to be appreciated, and feeling underestimated because no one believed in him. But it doesn’t justify his actions. it does make him more interesting tho

Poor Robbie; those carbon spears looked painful

I hope he isn’t dead and that he comes back to us soon

Daisy is now Agent Johnson. She missed the team, even if she didn’t miss the rules that go with being part of shield

it ain’t the first time Shield has worked with murderers, don’t act so shocked Coulson

Mack and Elena patched things up. Read: he finally made a move and kissed her. I audibly squealed

I’m happy the team is all back together


it was a nice Philinda moment until we realized the truth

quite the mid season finale I look forward to more

One of the only things I like about bella’s transformation is that her voice and manner of speaking doesn’t change. She doesn’t magically become any more adroite and refined. She’s still going to use ‘like’ in the middle of her sentences and say ‘or whatever’ at the end of them foreverrrr.

oh my god i just had a wave of emotion bc bella and emmett are going to be really good friends as vampires like oh my god bc he is the only one who talks in any way like her and edward and alice are great and all but jesus sometimes you want to just hang out calmly and have a chill conversation where the fun doesn’t have to be JUST wittiness. And sometimes, just sometimes, Rose gets in on that action too because she may have been a lady but she was also a new yorker.

Funny Story

My mom has been talking about getting me a new laptop and giving mine to my little cousin. So, we went to Best Buy and were checking some out when this employee came up and asked if we needed help. We explained that we were looking for a laptop, and he asked what I typically used it for.

I told him “writing”, and he goes “Oh, what kind of writing do you do?”

My mom, seeing that I didn’t want to explain my fanfiction obsession, jumps in and was like, “Books. She writes books all the time. She’s really good at it.”

It’s nice to know my mom has my back lol

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There was a really good podcast that aperfectrebound posted a while back from someone within the industry who spoke about wanting Blake to go back to his roots in terms of music. He also said he understands Blake's need to "feed the machine" that is Warner but that it's not who he truly is as an artist. Sure, the songs on IIH lyrically mean a lot to him, but production wise, they sound like the last 2 albums he put out. I really hope he is a little more adventurous on the next album.

Interesting! I honestly think Warner lives by the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” slogan. They tend to stick with what seems to work when it comes to Blake. I hope Blake will be a bit more adventurous too. 

Nolan found few pleasures better than winning a difficult case; other than sex, blood, and top shelf liquor, obviously. Sure, he’d be up to his neck in paperwork for the next week because of it, but damn was it all worth it for the satisfaction it brought him. Did it only further feed into his superiority complex? Absolutely, but it was definitely well deserved. This was his career, and he was fucking incredible at what he did— but everyone knew that.

Really, he figured he deserved to celebrate. Like hell was he staying in his office until midnight; he literally had someone on payroll to hand his tasks off to for the nights he just wanted to go out and indulge. Pouring himself a glass of bourbon was a good step toward self care, hitting his pager button being the next. “Brooklyn,” he’d take another swig of the rich drink, fingers tapping impatiently. “You know you’re my favourite assistant, right? I’ve got a job for you.”

Block B Reaction #9 - Their crush unexpectedly confesses their love for him on Christmas

requested by taetae anon~

Jiho: “Omo! I was just building up the courage to confess to you!! It’s a good thing you feel the same because I was really freaked out for a moment there”

Originally posted by siousie

Taeil: *blushy AF and caught off gaurd* “I-I love you too Y/n… Where…where did this come from???” *once he calms down he seriously regrets not asking you out first*

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Jaehyo: *shows how happy he is, freaks out a little* “Really??? You do??” Ahhh!!!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!”

Originally posted by jhopies

Yukwon: “Dammit Y/n I wanted to ask you out first! But I really like you too, so I’ll let it go this time~” *pouty and cute about it*

Originally posted by wonwooo

Minhyuk: *smooth even when surprised* “Good, because I like you too, and I already know where to go for our first date together. Want to go now?”

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Kyung: *you ask him if he’s okay cuz he’s just like *gif** “I’M FINE, I’M JUST SO HAPPY!!”

Originally posted by yong-goon

Jihoon: “AHHHH!! Y/N LIKES ME! Y/N LIKES ME! Y/N ACTUALLY LIKES MEEE TOO!!!” *shouts out the window, runs down to the street, scares the shit out of random strangers by grabbing them to tell them the amazing news* dis boi. you’d better grab him and kiss him before he wonders off too far and looses you hun

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Honestly I feel like sometimes sportacus gets shamed for dating Robbie?? I mean because I see sportacus as the more popular one and people are like "why are you dating that loser?" And because of that Robbie doesn't really want to go out with sportacus because he doesn't want to ruin his reputation as "the cool kid"

hmmmm i dunno if anyone would really shame him? or anything like that?? i feel like its more. “o thats weird. he seems happy tho so whatever” and they move on

cause sports v popular for bein friends w/ everyone so it doesn’t really. absolutely shock anyone that he was talking to someone “”not popular””

I will always be right here beside you.

nitori aiichirou + his teammates


→ what?
← nothing… just noticed you don’t smile too much.
→ my once promising career in bioengineering is over. my boss is in a wheelchair for life. the explosion that put you in a coma also killed my fiancé. so this blank expression kind of feels like the way to go.


jiyong is so lovely and precious in every way