if he really wanted out for good


Boyfriend Series - SEVENTEEN: DK

- DK lowkey fucks me up because he is like the cutest little shit ever

- Like he’d be basically a lovesick puppy

- Constaly wants to cuddle you

- Is always holding your hand

- Kisses your hair and your cheek the most

- Never not smiling around you

- Comes to you when he’s had a bad day

- Always wants to talk about your day that way you have someone to just rant to

- Imagine trying to be mad at him, like it won’t last because he’ll do something to dorky to get you to laugh

- Gets really worried when he thinks he’s fucked up and upset you

- Calls you to tell you goodnight or good morning just to hear your voice

- Sings for you constantly

- Goes horribly out of tune to get you to laugh

- Sits in silence and stares at you

- Gets you whatever you need without (too much) hesitation

- Always concious of how what he does will effect you

- Has millions of photos of you on his phone

- Has a picture of you two sleeping that one of the other members took as his wallpaper

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Pt.2 of three of my SEVENTEEN revenge for Lionheart-eonni… hehe… I hope you liked it - Admin Sunshine

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Why does Mr. House look favorably upon the Kings being violent towards the NCR? Being the pragmatic technocrat, shouldn't he dislike violence towards a major (if not only) source of revenue (NCR tourists)? For the same reason, why would he dislike the Kings being friendly towards the NCR? This is the same man who has their embassy on his turf and ostensibly seems content with the Courier peacefully resolving things with them in the endgame. Or am I just not seeing him for who he really is?

IIRC, Mr. House doesn’t want long-term hostility toward NCR citizens, but definitely does want NCR military personnel (e.g. Elizabeth Kieran) out of Freeside.  He sees the Kings as a potential tool to use against them.  But yes, in the long-run, he wouldn’t want the Kings to cause trouble for NCR citizens coming to the Strip for a good time.

•mentally ill theatre nerd Courf
•in high school wanted nothing more than to join drama, choir, glee club, etc. but was already feeling buried under the weight of his other responsibilities and never gave it a try
•who feels like he missed out on an extremely fulfilling opportunity after graduating
•who gets really upset think about “if I just would’ve.. I should’ve.. I could. Have.” Knowing that isn’t going to help and it’ll just make him feel Not Good
•who always felt better when listening to musicals or performing in his room alone and wants to do it for real and wants to see these things he loves in person
•looks up local productions to audition for and goes out for every. single. one.
•Courf who actually gets a part in something that works out well with his job schedule and feels ecstatic
•Courf in rehearsal feeling like he’s finally doing something for him that he always wanted to do and it is but isn’t overwhelming
•he kicks ass when finally hitting the stage and feels better than he ever has
•he saves up money for a very long time to visit New York and see an actual musical
•he was nervous about traveling such a big distance alone but finds it was all worth it because seeing a thing he’d listened to countless hours right in front of him was magical
•Courf who still feels bad about missing things that he feels would’ve benefitted him in the past but does things now that are even better than he could’ve imagined and triumphing over his own brain to enjoy life

Danisnotonfire x reader: what he does when your horny

specifically when he doesnt want sex .

dan was a horny little fucker when he wanted to be. but there were rare occasions he wouldn’t want to have sex. tonight was one of those. you came over to him and phil’s flat to do the COCK-a-doodle-doo (heh see what i did there….)

you opened the door to a phil sitting on the couch drinking a cup of tea. (you know europeans put milk in their tea? its really good.) “hello mr. lester. where is dan?” he pointed upstairs. you peeked in his room. no daniel. then heard the shower shut off. you sat down on dans bed, pulling down your shirt a bit. finally dan came out of the bathroom. he stared at you for a moment and then went no

“ugh fine. but what am i supposed to do. im turned on by u.” you groan. he looks at you

you roll your eyes and lay down on his bed. he jumps back on the bed. turning on the tv and watching nightmare before christmas. 

hours passed. you sat there together. cuddling. you finally tried to get up and go home but dan pulled you back down to his chest.

“Stay” he mumbled into your soft (h/c) hair.
And you did.


a younger gal came up to me today and asked for a picture. seems more than simple, right? well, apparently, she didn’t want a picture with me – she wanted a picture with the barista i was standing near because “he kind of looked like Jesse Rutherford” CAN’T SAY i blame the girl. i would have one the same thing if i thought of it. the kicker was, her dad recognized me; i really wasn’t expecting to leave there with coffee AND a 40-year-old man’s e-mail. if anything good came out of today, it’s the fact that i don’t feel bad for ACTUALLY using my e-mail anymore. i’m not the last person on earth, at least.

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Okay so I took a really long nap and missed the ask box opening and closing, but I'm also the anon from the other week who asked about Shouji confession hcs-- idk if you remember me. Since the box wasn't opened Friday I didn't want to send another thing in. If you've got too many requests to fill, then you can go ahead and delete this one it's all good

YES. I have awaited your return. So these are hcs for how Shouji confesses.


  • He’s really amazing at keeping a cool head, the situation scares him but nobody could ever tell. His confession would never be blurted out on a whim nor would it be some wordy, over written, practiced speech. He speaks plainly and as he would to you normally. 
  • Waits a while to confess to anyone. He likes to have a solid friendship with people so he knows that even if they don’t like him back they’re gonna be nice about it and things can go on as they always do. 
  • No matter what you say he’s going to tell you that he always wanted you to be honest with him and that he waited so long so he could prove to himself that he sees you as more than boy/girlfriend material. 
  • He’s not without his charm though. He brings flowers, nothing big and over the top, something like a small bouquet of lilies. 
  • Also dressed relatively well. Not just  jeans and a worn hoodie. He makes sure he looks presentable. 
  • The entire class has been bugging him for months because damn Shouji how long can a man wait.
  • Gets nervous enough to want to run away 3 seconds before he speaks but he’s brave and sticks it out.
  • Too bad his face is half covered all the time becasue you’d get to see the loveliest blush, but it’s the type that spreads to the tips of his ears so if you notice that then you can tell. 
  • Gives you the biggest hug after you say yes. He doesn’t often get overrun with emotion like that but he just can’t help himself for once.
  • “Please accept my gift, I was hoping that we could go on a date. I like you, _____, so please give me a chance.” 
Night To Remember | Lilo
  • Louis:Louis was jumping all over the place, a glass of alcohol in his hand. It had been a while since he wanted to hit up this club in particular, everyone around him would speak about it but he had never actually gone. Until now. "Liaaaam!! There you are!" Louis grinned as he saw his best friend come with more drinks and quickly turned to hug him, a laugh escaping his lips. Liam smelled good, for some odd reason Louis just wanted to be close to him. It wasn't something out of ordinary, but lately... It felt different. "Ya know i really like that cologne." he pressed his lips against Liam's neck and let out a hum.

theres already a boy hitting on me at school sdfghjkl rumor has it hes one of the boys that has several girlfriends a year and goes through them kinda fast but its good to be wanted! im not out as bi yet to the school i think ill wait to see where my new friends stand on it.

i have two really great friends already omg im so happy

I actually finished it?

So I haven’t really been in the mood to draw anything new for the last few days (which has set me behind on a few pieces of art that I owe people, so I’m sorry for that), but I didn’t want to sit around and do nothing, so I painted some things that I had already drawn.

This is, of course the finished version of that band!AU flashback thing I posted the other day in which we revisit the instance where Melvin got that scar on his chin. Their father liked to whip him with a belt, and on this occasion the buckle hit his face and took a good chunk out of it. Marik, who’s only about 4 years old here was very concerned as it was the first time he’d really seen Melvin bleed.

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jonathan byers

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

Aand here are the headcanons :) 

  • Jonathan tried his hand at art classes a while ago; he figured that since he was so into pictures he’d be good at drawing as well. 
    • Spoiler alert: this was not good logic. He’s not the worst drawer in the world, but he’s not good either. It was a few years ago so Jonathan isn’t against trying it out again, but for now it seems like photography is his best skill art-wise.
  • Jonathan actually didn’t really want a baby brother; he wasn’t opposed to him per say, but the age difference was pretty big and he was just tired of his parents (especially his dad) so the thought of another person being included in this mess wasn’t exactly thrilling for him. 
    • However, when Will was born, it all changed. He was the best and most attentive brother ever, changing all of Will’s diapers, bringing him to the park, getting him to eat, etc. 
    • Will’s first word was “Jon!!!” and Jonathan just hugged him to his chest. 
  • Whenever he’s with Steve and Nancy he likes to cuddle up with him in the middle; he’s a complete affection junkie. 
    • Steve’s also bad lmfao he just sprawls out on the both of them but !!!! Wait we’re not gonna make this a Steve/Nancy/Jonathan headcanon lmfao.

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Klavier being the sorta dude who takes either 3 minutes to do his hair or 30, either way his hair ends up looking exactly the same.

i like to think over the years that klavier got really, really goddamn good at doing his hair so he can do it in three minutes but he prefers to take his time, only ever does it quickly if he’s rushed

apollo asks what the point of it is because it comes out the same either way but klavier asks him what he’s talking about, he looks awful with his three minute hair and apollo’s just ???? what the fuck? 

he tries to compare them in photographs but klavier shies away with his three minute hair because he doesn’t want a picture of his ‘awful, messy hair’ and apollo’s so confused it’s terrible

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fans are watching so jungkook cannot really push him away even though it's obvious that he wants to. if only taehyung was there, there would be no "jikook" moments at all at isac

idk how to reply to this guys, help me out here…none of our ships is canon so let’s just chillax a little missy alright, good? k go on ur way now thx

lets talk about the “we are a good team” scene!

now, i know this moment in the show has already been talked about and analyzed a lot already, but i just want to point some things out that i really like about this scene and talk about some character speculation. 

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how can you still blog about Jared? he's gross.

Alright. I’ve gotten a few asks like this already. Now listen up guys, I’m going to tell you a story from VegasCon 2016. I kept this story to myself for a long time because it was personal to me, and I didn’t feel like sharing with everyone. But I want to just put out another good story about Jared.

Ok so I was really really nervous when I got into the photo op room for Jared. My body had gone numb and I was shaking bad. This nice lady behind me was trying to calm me down and had me hold her hand, and a few volunteers walked up and were were asking if I was ok. No matter how much they tried to calm me down, It wasn’t working. 3 people behind Jared I just started crying. A lot. And I didn’t want to cry in my photo op with Jared but as hard as I tried to, I couldn’t stop. 

One volunteer asked if I would like her to walk me up to the Jared when it was my turn. I said yes, so she did. Jared immediately looked down at me when I got there and gripped both my hands really tightly. He asked my name right away and I told him it was Caitlin. He then proceeded to ask where I was from, if I was in high school or college, if I liked it there, etc. Because the photo ops have to go really fast, I was definitely not expecting anything like this, but he was such a sweetheart and just kept talking to me all while holding my hands. 

I was crying the entire time he was asking me questions. I told him he was my hero. He told me I was very pretty and sounded so sincere. He hugged me for so long and told me to keep my head up, and finally we posed for the photo. After it was taken he hugged me again and the people in the room clapped. Then he walked me to the table in the room and introduced me to Cliff who asked if I wanted water and a chair and what not. He didn’t go back until he made sure I was okay, and my heart was pounding so fast and was and swelling so much with respect for this man. 

Later on for autographs I was close to the end of the autograph line, and I had a drawing for him to sign. Immediately when I got up there, he looked at me and just said “Caitlin.” He didn’t even see what he was singing for me yet. I apologized for crying during photos and he refused to have me apologize for that. I nodded a little and started to tell him this very short speech I had planned out, but I said a few words and couldn’t get any farther before he got up and hugged me for a full minute. He wouldn’t let go, and finally when he did, he looked down at me and told me thank you. He said he was so glad that I was in /his/ life. He then hugged me again and said I was incredible and my smile is beautiful. I told myself I wouldn’t cry again but after he said all that I was sobbing again. After that, he looked to see what he was signing for me. When he saw it and realized I drew it, he looked astounded, and his friends and the bodyguards there were all crowding around after he beckoned them all over, and some even took pictures on their phones. He put an arm around me and started to introduce me to everyone like we just knew eachother and I was completely baffled as to why he would so this. He then asked if he could take a picture with me and the drawing, which was against the rules, but I of course agreed and when we took the pictures I was shaking so so hard. He then personalized the autograph for me with almost an entire paragraph and apologized for “ruining” my drawing with his “chicken-scratch” handwriting. He asked if he was going to see me again and then hugged me once more. When I finally left he blew me a kiss and smiled so wide, and I of course had to grin back, even though I was in tears again.

My point is guys, yes, this man has flaws. I do not agree with everything he does, or says. But I still look up to him, and I still admire him, and that’s never going to change. He’s done so much for me and I know he’s done so much for others too, and I love and respect him so much. So if you want to unfollow me, go ahead, that’s fine. Just please stop sending me hate about him.

It’s this idea of, you hit your 30s, you did everything right– you went to college, you had the good grades, you worked really hard– and yet somehow life isn’t turning out he way you wanted it to turn out. And because the world is changing so quickly I think that’s something a lot of very well educated [thirtysomething] kids are going through. They’re turning around going, ‘I did it. I did the homework. I did the finals. I did the whole thing. I know the shit. Why am I not going where I need to go?’