if he really wanted out for good

Am I the only person who thinks that Magnus’ new hairstyle just looks so…tactile?

Like, imagine Alec seeing Magnus’ for the first time since he changed it at the Institute or at a meeting and he just keeps looking at it because it looks so good but he /really/ just wants to run his fingers through it?

And then they get home and cuddle up on the couch and the first thing Alec asks is whether he can touch. He runs his fingertips across the shaved sides and up through the tall strands styled up high, working out the product so he can just feel without snagging at Magnus’ hair

(Do I have a thing about Magnus’ hair? We may never know…) (Yes of course I do, I have no shame)

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What where if Dick would be really angry and what would than the batfamily do?

You want an angry Dick Grayson? Threaten his family, mock on his failures, kill someone, kick his shoes, idk, that boy’s got a temper issue. My cat licks my hand on his good days and kicks off my glass on his bad days, which happen for no reason at all. Dick Grayson works the same. 

And what does the Batfam do?

Bruce: Just leave him alone, he’ll get better. Last time I did that he ended up moving out and away from me, but he got better… I think so.

Alfred: Have a snicker, Master Dick. Better?

Damian: Who failed you this time? Give me a name and I’ll have that one beheaded.

Tim: Good, I feel your anger. Let the hate flow through you.

Steph: A girl is Spoiler from the house of Bat, a girl’s gonna need a name to write on then cross off her list tonight. Who is it, pretty one. 

Babs: So Lucky Charms is on sale today…

Jason: *falls off the stair* *lands face first down the floor* See? Your days is not the worst. Now help me up, I think I broke my nose.

Theif (Sith!Obi-Wan x Reader)

Prompt:  heyy, your writing is so good 😍 could you write an imagine where the reader’s a thief and steals something from Valor, she’s extra careful to avoid detection and finally thinks she’s safe when she reaches her secret hideout, but it turns out he’s there waiting for her? Thank you so much!!


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When you were younger, you hadn’t really expected to grow up to become a thief. You’d wanted to be a Jedi, but they’d never come for you as a child. You’d lived in the outer rim until you ran away to Coruscant at 16, and by then you were far too old to become one of the esteemed knights. 

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after a certain point, would it actually be better to refuse to give xQc any attention? besides calling him out for homophobia and any racism and sexism i mean. his trash talk is so immature and childish and he obviously wants attention from it even if it gets people even more upset at him.. i thought it was better to not feed the troll but any time he says something everyone is immediately all over it and it just reinforces bad behavior

Eeehhh, not really. I want the attention on his bad behaviour and how unacceptable it is so that casual shit-talkers in Overwatch know it’s unacceptable. I want them to complain their hearts out about his ‘harsh’ punishment and be completely fucking ignored. 

I actually think xQc has a really good opportunity to learn about professionalism and not being an immature, petty asshole with the full support of a team with lots of money to invest in his therapy and education. Let’s see if he chooses to use it. 

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Junkrat x cross dressing male reader? Like he watches them get all dolled up in girls clothes and he digs it.

  • He doesn’t really remember when you first started to do this for him or when he found out you enjoyed it. He thinks he walked into you while changing and he just sat down but he isn’t sure.
  • He doesn’t really want it to stop. He enjoys the fashion that you choose, clothes that really work well with your body. It wasn’t really something Junkrat thought about, clothes in general just being rare in the outbacks let alone good ones.
  • Junkrat doesn’t touch you or anything when you change, getting more out of watching you. He appreciates it from an aesthetic point, watching you twirl around.

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I like the thought that despite their vastly different personalities, Henry and Joey actually are really good friends. Like they somehow even each other out. And if kinda dumbfounds everyone cause joey acts crazy and then henry comes and just gives him a pat and hey alls good again.(If you have any time or want, this can be a prompt of sorts)

I’d be glad to write a little thing for that. 

No one had ever understood how Joey and Henry could be friends. Joey was overly excitable, always rambling on about one thing or another, never stopping, never resting. Henry was a calm and controlled man. He never raised his voice, never got too excited. He was always even and laidback. The two men were as different as different could be. And yet, they were the closest of friends. No one could calm Joey down as quickly as Henry could. Joey would be going off on one of his tangents, scaring everyone in the room, and all Henry had to do was walk up and put a hand on his friend’s shoulder and it was as if nothing had happened. 

“How do you do that?” His coworkers asked him. 

“It’s nothing.” Henry always said with a small smile and a shrug. 

“How are you friends with Joey?” They’d persist. “You two are so different.”

“Opposites attract, I guess.”

The mystery baffled everyone who didn’t know the two men well. Sammy understood why they were friends, though. They balanced one another out. Joey’s manic highs and lows required someone to calm him down, and Henry needed someone to spurn him to action. They worked well together. Joey was full of ideas and Henry translated those ideas onto paper. They brainstormed characters and sketches, and together they built a magical world for people to get lost in. 

It was only when Henry left that everyone saw just how much of an effect he had on their boss. Joey ran hot and cold, spiralling out of control without anyone to even him out or calm him down. He had no one to translate his ideas into actual things, which frustrated him immensely. He had no one to reign him in and in the end, he self-destructed, taking everyone with him.

winstoooon  asked:

I was in the hospital with the flu, so I wanted to ask if you can write some headcannons of the newsies taking care of the reader with the flu?

Jack: freaks out internally but is calm. He makes sure your hydrated and will always cuddle you

Davey: the best at looking after you. He makes sure your eating and drinking as well as gets anything you may need

Crutchie: he almost cries at first but then he gets SO affectionate, seriously won’t leave your side

Race: holds your hand the whole time as he keeps you company, it’s really all he can think of to help

Albert: surprisingly good at looking after you. Seriously he makes you home made chicken noodle soup and it’s amazing

Good for you reprise

@duelmesenpai I hope you enjoy!

So @fries-anon got to this before me but I still wanted to post mine

Basically, it replaces the “did you fall? Or did you let go” scene. Evan’s trying to get this voice out of his head. The fake Connor is trying to get through to Evan, get him to keep with the project and save other people like he couldn’t save Connor. Like Connor couldn’t save Evan. It’s about anger and regret and moving forward.

So you think you’ve stopped me, well I’m still here,

So your little lie’s out of control

Is it good?

Ever since that tree, you’ve really been on a roll~

I remember how it felt to be you

To be lost at sea with no one else around

But I’m gone,

So play along, singing “you will be found”

And you say what you need to say

You try to make me go away

But I’m sticking around and so are you, till

we’ve paid all our dues

So you know you can’t back out now

Hit the stage, take a final bow

Come on, what have we got to lose?


Wish I knew you when we were younger

Wish that you could have saved me too,

I could be good for you

Good for you, you, you

That’s in the past, now we have to reach out

Reinvent, gotta start brand new

I will be good for you

Good for you

(Bridge, Evan is singing “all I need is some time to think)

Keep with the lie, just put on the show

It’ll be good for you, so good for you, you you

Watch the impact, my story grows,

Not just good for you,

It’s good for me too

Let go of the pain, cause you don’t want to know

Did you fall? No, you let go!

Wish I knew you when we were younger

Wish that you could have saved me too

I could have been good for you

Good for you, you, you

Good for you~

Final fantasy XV ripped my heart out with six chapters to go so I sketched Noctis while I try to recover. These are all from refs but they were really good practice!

How can something start off as four edgelords having a grand time on the way to a wedding and then EVERYTHING FALLS APART AND I CRY FOR AN HOUR????
He seriously- Guys
Is there a term for character development that involves evolving feelings for one? Cause LISTEN
I started out hating him  I was all “My fucking God, you’re gonna cut yourself on that edge, buddy. Wanna tone it down???” to “I SWEAR TO GOD IF ONE MORE PERSON TOUCHES HIM I WILL MURDER A MAN.”

I want no spoilers.
Or implications
I fully intend to finish it very soon. But I’m afraid because I totally feel like he’s going to die :l
If he dies I’ll just curl up in a ball and die too.

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In a modem au setting, what careers/jobs can you see kili and tauriel have? How do you think their fashion sense would be?

sorry i couldn’t resist, the typo was too good. GETTIT. MODEM AU. THEYRE MODEMS

but seriously:

for careers - tauriel probably is a super smart scientist or something, maybe working to be an astronomer. she wants to work for nasa someday. kili has a much more ‘modest’ job helping out with whatever the family business is, but he has aspirations of maybe going into politics someday in the far distant future.

for fashion sense - tauriel dresses really sharp in public; appearances mean a lot in her field. at home she prefers comfort over style, especially since she can’t get that while at work. kili just wears whatever he wants, usually a t-shirt and jeans with a hoodie. every now and then he’ll get convinced by his cousin gimli (a fasion designer) to try and show off his latest trend, but he feels pretty self conscious about it.

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Do you do a scenario? If yes, can i have yandere china trying to get someone by arranged marriage? (He can be a king or a boss and s/o the peasant) (a little angst would be good if you want to) ^^

Boss and it’s an company.

Yao call for you in his office , you work for him , you didn’t really do much but notice how yao been so nice towards you lately. Last week he gave you a raise on what you normally got for money.

Than couple of days ago , you got a golden expensive looking necklace and a love letter to someone unknown. But the weirdest part was that he would feel jealous towards you as in he found out about that date night scheduled on your sticky note.

Everyone been little jealous because of the treatment you been getting yet one of your co workers seen the sighs as well. They believe Yao had a crush on you yet something was off about him , they couldn’t tell.

Yao believe few people even your co worker was trying to have you with that they were never seen again….

Once you arrive at the door of your boss yao’s door and was about to go in before knocking , suddenly you heard him speaking.

You didn’t want to be rude but the curious feeling got to you , Yao was just speaking about a wedding?. The suprise feeling rush threw you as if you feel happy for Yao at first until he mentioned your name?.

Yao had been planning on a wedding with you?. Than suddenly it all made since now to you , Yao was the secret admirer all a long.

Yao actions were weird yet something wasn’t adding up about the few missing people you knew. Yao suddenly open the door to see you as you move back little scared.

“H-Hey sir” you said nervously as Yao smile as he felt happy to see you. Yao let you in his office as the door close behind him , secretly lock the door behind him as well.

“I been meaning to tell you , I have something important to tell you but I can’t tell until dinner at 8pm , I got reservations at this great restaurant in town for us” yao said with joy in him showing a smile.

“Ugh i-i don’t think I wish to…” You spoke feeling nervous yet scared of Yao because of his actions. Yao’s face turn from joy to anger as he shout at how much you mean to him , the gifts he got you and he admit to getting rid of the people who were close with you…

Your eyes widen in shock as he slowly walk towards you with laughter slowly turning insane.

“Oh my dear , you’re mine…. I won’t let anyone have you besides if you don’t accept my love than I’ll fire you and make everyone believe you commit the crimes…”

Yao said grinning with you lost for words , he just basically blackmail you with stuff you didn’t even do. Yao believe it’s a win win as you get to be his and be happy with him or he’ll make you seem like the bad guy towards everyone.

“O-ok I’ll be with you…” You couldn’t get out of this , there was no chance out of it. Yao is powerful with money and power. Yao nodded as it was now settled.

Yao hug you close little tight , whisper in your ear about you two will be together forever….

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How did your parents night out go Ollie? :)

I think ok? I was asleep before they got home. I stayed up until about 11 playing games. I asked my dad-Jamie this morning how it went and he said “yeah it was lovely thanks mate”. And that’s it 😝 so you’ll have to ask them directly if you want details.

Oh I know they saw a film too because when daddy (Jamie) said I was surprised because they never have films in common. Dad-Jamie always gets bored of films and can only watch comedy or a really good sci-fi and Dad prefers horror and psych stuff. So you can imagine how infrequently they manage to make a middle ground!

you & me

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I think I went a little over board with this. I need to put a little disclaimer here: I have no medical knowledge at all and the earlier bit of this imagine were mostly taken from the Korean version of The Good Doctor (though I cannot seem to remember from which episode this was!). It honestly was supposed to be something short but my fingers went wild over the keyboard.

As I have mentioned previously, I am still trying to get the hang of writing the characters from The Good Doctor (more specifically Shaun) so bear with me. Although you can help me by sending in your requests!

word count: 1702 words

You catch yourself in the middle of a yawn and cover your mouth with your hand. Shaun glances at you and looks back at the countless of books he has spread out on the table. All of the reading and sitting in one place are really starting to wear you out but you definitely did not want to leave Shaun all alone with his readings.

You are about to doze off when Shaun’s pager went off and yours followed soon. You grab your pager and blink away the sleep as you read the message before standing up. Shaun copies your movements and immediately the two of you rush to the ER.

“Dr. Murphy, Dr. Y/N!” One of the graveyard shift nurses call out and you rush to her. “She was brought here with intussusception diagnosis - we called for Dr. Melendez but he is currently unreachable and Dr. Brown and Dr. Kalu are currently operating another patient.” She explains as everyone follows after the paramedics who are pushing the bed.

Shaun takes the file from the nurse and quickly reads through the file as he follows after quickly. “She has had stomach pains and Hematochezia for about ten hours now.” He glances at the little girl on the gurney. “She is dehydrated.”

You frown upon hearing Shaun’s explanation. You grab on to her wrist to feel her pulse before pulling your stethoscope to listen to the little girl’s breathing. “Her breathing is really unstable.” You catch the girl’s parents’ eyes and the frown on your face deepens. “Dr. Murphy,” You call out to Shaun.

Shaun pauses abruptly before turning to look in your general direction. “If respiratory aspiration occurred while vomiting, she might have aspiration pneumonia.” He nods his head firmly before handing the file back to the nurse. “She needs surgery - there is a high chance if she has cardiac arrest, she will not survive.”

“You heard Dr. Murphy!” You exclaim. “Arrange an operating room for her!” You order the nurses and they quickly did as told. Before Shaun could walk off after them, you grab on to his sleeve causing him to flinch slightly. Once you notice that you have his attention, you release your hold on his sleeve and Shaun hesitates before resisting the urge to grab on to the sleeve.

“Shaun, I am going to make a quick call to either Dr. Melendez or Dr. Andrews,” You inform him. “Given her condition and the report that we have, how long do you think we have?” You knew you can always count on Shaun when it comes to calculating the possibilities.

“Long enough that we can attempt to save her.” Shaun clasps his hands together and brings it in front of him. You nod your head, racking your brain for anything you can do. “I shall go and prepare for surgery now.” He informs you.

You nod your head. “Get one of the nurses to run a blood test too, stat.” Shaun nods his head once more before walking away. You grab your phone and tried calling Dr. Andrews’ phone. “Dr. Andrews, it’s Dr. Y/N, we have a patient here who is most likely suffering from aspiration pneumonia and is also diagnosed with intussusception.” You nod your head as you listen to Dr. Andrews rattling off in the phone.

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Can we talk about Youngjae’s humbleness, and just how mature he can be <333 he wants to do so much charity events, and go to Africa (like how many celebs say they want to go to africa, either to help/visit bc africa is pretty, i want to visit too), and then when he apologized to his parents on instagram by putting himself out there to show how his bad side. and then him always saying such good things about members and never giving himself too much attention (i wish but)!oops out i characters

he is so mature!!!! TT we baby him all the time but it is only because he really takes such good care of himself <3333 he was even working part time jobs to be able to have vocal lessons TT he is so mature and kind and smart and hard working it makes me cry

whaaaat why did he apologize? was it after he did the gaming vlive?? i do not remember ><

Chris Kratt Headcannons

Just some random headcannons I would like to throw out here. 

  • He can write. Mostly short fictional stories but they’re actually really good. They’re mainly about mythical creatures and cryptids. Martin tried to encourage him on publishing a small book of all his short stories but Chris didn’t want to just yet. Maybe one day.
  • Chris can sing like SING. He doesn't let out his true singing voice in front of people and if everyone starts to sing for any reason (like in “Prairie Who?”) he just sings in a normal tone. The only people who know about his singing voice is his parents, his twin sisters, and Martin.
  • Chris is very paternal and nurturing. He has a really gentle heart and it pains him to see or hear a child get hurt or in danger. If he sees a child in any kind of danger he’ll immediately jump in and turn into a protective papa. Chris even considered starting a family and even thought about adopting a child at one point.

I’ll probably make one about Martin soon and maybe a few other characters too.

Also Papa Chris is best Chris!

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This has been in my head for like a week. I like to think that Stan is ridiculously susceptible to genuine compliments, especially ones from his brother.

I’m glad you noticed <3 

!!! I thought that they would be good friends the first time I saw seung gil too ;v;
doggo buddies !!!

@osnapitzhanaa ajdfgfjkg I misread the eyebrow part but that’s amazing

eros and doggo buddies <3

I love seung gil lee and his doggo!!! the second-to-last panel is my favorite hahah

@novocaine-sea awww, I’m glad you liked it!!

@perdizzion thank you so much ;v;



philip shea + textpost meme (a pair piece for my lukas one) 


archer with a sword

okay but how funny would it be if, after all this build up, Sam is the one to use the grenade launcher