if he really wanted out for good

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I'm sorry man (not really) but I'm loyal to Pluto and can't be following you. Ohana means family bro wtf. He's a part of our solar system and you just going to drop him like that?



Finished this toothy punk! He came out so cute, I’m really happy.

The customer said she wanted a male punk wolf and left all the details up to me, so I got to design the character from scratch. These are my favorite commissions!! :) I went with a kinda pastel grunge sort of vibe, with a fun sparkly mohawk, piercings, and big dorky teeth that I individually hand-sculpted. Vision from the eyes is rather good, and the mouth has lots of ventilation and you can even see a little through it. The inside of the head is smooth and fully lined for comfort and a clean look.

Heads, partial suits, and fullsuits are closed until around early 2016, but small orders (gloves, tails, etc) are always open - inquire through email if that’s something that interests you: lobitaworks@gmail.com

Hogwarts houses
  • Dodgeball teams
  • Gryffindor:The Kid who's always picked first. gets really fucking into it, throws the ball way too hard. Brings sweat bands and shit to class. WANTS TO WIN!
  • Ravenclaw:The kid that prosperously moves in front of the ball to get out and got sit out.
  • Hufflepuff:Damn it, he's the kid that tries so fucking hard to do good. He can't trow as hard but sometimes he'll hit a foot. He really wants his team to win.
  • Slytherin:Kid that don't give a fuck about winning, don't give a fuck if they get out at some point. Just as long as they can hit that one guy in the face who takes it way too seriously.
Shiratorizawa Headcanons

Alright all most of these are really out there, but hear me out -

Semi and Tendou are butt-slappers, but they have totally different styles about it. 

Semi is that guy who will just brush by with a quick slap, and sneak it in between shoulder-shoving. The only ones he has not smacked are the underclassmen (Because Shirabu will kill him, Kawanishi will tell Shirabu, and Goshiki will cry.) *And Semi is totally not intimidated by Shirabu, he just doesn’t want to hurt his kouhai, that’s all - since it’s immature to fight a kouhai, and since he’s such a good senpai.

Tendou goes in with both hands and will scream a girlish scream in his victim’s ear as if he’s the one being pinched. (He did it to Goshiki and is therefore the one who made him cry and was the cause of Yamagata and Reon putting a stop to butt-slapping the kouhai.)

Tendou follows Ushijima, Semi and Yamagata around flexing, because he said that those three unintentionally flex when doing something as little as drinking water to wiping their face with a towel.

Kawanishi has photo and video documented proof of him doing this.

Tendou took a video of Goshiki calling out for tosses and replaced his voice with puppy barks.

Shirabu and Kawanishi are like cute dogs that you bring to the park to attract girls, so Tendou will lowkey tote them around everywhere and appear to be the perfect senpai, until a girl comes by and then Shirabu and Kawanishi are just two poor souls shoved under the Guess Monster’s armpits until he stops flirting.

Kawanishi says the strangest things at any time of day during conversations like, “Shirabu has really manly leg hair.” And, “Tendou-san needs to drink more water since he must be so thirsty after staring at girl’s chests all day.”

Kawanishi as Shiratorizawa’s lowkey memer.

Shirabu trying not to smirk at Kawanishi’s deadpan jokes, because he is a serious setter and a very mature 16 year old and will definitely not laugh at Kawanishi’s sick burns not matter how clever they are.

Ushijima once forgot his family-sized sports drink and decided to buy a bunch of cute juice boxes to replace it, and the team has just never been the same.

You can bet everyone has pictures of that, too.

ok last post

my ex raped me on my birthday and told me not to tell anyone because he had a court date coming up because he fuckin stabbed some guy lmao and he didnt want to look bad so instead of like, seeing if i was ok, he just used anger and fear to keep my mouth shut

he also fetishized my age and said it was really rexually attractive to him that i was underage (he was 18 at the time)

(this next ones crazy im still trying to figure out tf he was expecting when he said this) one time he said he was going to hang out with these two really annoying girls that he was friends with and always wanted to invite for a threesome (cuz u know :-D my bad 4 not being a good enough sexual partner u fucking abusive creep) and literally said “so im hanging out with ____ and ____ today and something might happen… so like jsut a heads up” LMAO

he was shit omg. like i tihnk back to our relationship and i could fuckin write a book about all the shitty things he did. but i also laugh. but i also cry because his abuse really fucked me up and now i have an even harder time forming interpersonal relationships with people so yes thank you, you washed up disgusting shell of a man, i hope u die :-)

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> Sora quickly trotted back to his parents’ house. It wasn’t a long trip by any means: Riku had chosen an apartment close to Sora’s house last year on purpose. What a loser.

> He made his way inside silently, not wanting to freak his parents out. They were asleep after all. Luckily he was getting really good at moving quietly. Maybe it was an undead thing.

> After a few hops up the stairs he knocked on Roxas’ door a few times.

hey its me let me in!!

I can’t believe my girl and I got into a fight with a grown ass white man who called our black friends the n word. AND GET THIS. He gets a bunch of grown ass black men to protect his ass from two small ass girls. That fool must have owned a club or is a high paying customer cause that was the most ass backwards shit I have ever seen in my life. I screamed out to the guys protecting him what he said to our friends and they didn’t care, so I told them they should be ashamed of themselves for protecting some racist ass piece of shit. They had to have been security guards at the clubs. I don’t want to believe that they would have protected him like that. Fucking screamed that they must be getting paid good for standing by him and protecting him. Really fucking disappointed experiencing that shit.

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tht makes me think, if Kamui walked in on a cat clinging onto Marxs boxers she'd go up to it all close and whisper "me 2" while she checks out that ass. maybe even like cups it and runs out the room with the cat. the cat and her are partners in crime


Kamui being at the Nohr household and everyone else is out and Aqua is taking a shower when Kamui hears a panicked Marx just like “Aqua? Aqua!?” and Kamui is just like “errrrrrr she’s is the shower right now, can I take a message?” and she hears Marx curse softly and he’s just like “Kamui….. can you come over here and decide if you want to help me or not” and she’s just like that’s a really odd way to phrase a question but she goes into his room anyway and he’s there on the bed with a kitten clinging to his boxers, dangerously close to his dick, kinda above it so he can’t just take off his boxers, and he’s just like “Please help me”

Kamui goes red in the face and is just like “[nervous laughter] this is the first time a guy has asked me to get a pussy away from his dick” and marx would like to laugh but this is a very serious situation. Kamui tries pulling the kitten off while Marx holds his boxers in place bc he is n o t gonna flash Kamui. That doesn’t work so Kamui has to try and work the kitten’s claws out of thee fabric which means fidgeting around basically on top of Marx’s dick and she’s just like “imsorryimsorryimsorry” the entire time and he’s just like “it’s fine” while trying not to look at her but he can feel himself getting hard and he’s just like god fucking damn it. she eventually gets the kitten free and it jumps out of her arms and scampers away. he’s sitting at the edge of her bed, big dick VERY prominent, and Kamui is left kneeling in front of him when the kitten runs off right as Aqua comes in like “I heard you calling for me?” she takes one look at them and is just like “ooooooh kayyyyyyyyyy. leaving.” marx steps forward like “Aqua wait!” and accidentally boops Kamui on the lips with his boner

it’s s o awkward

Okay so a couple of thoughts about tonight’s ep

  • “I work out” Danny Lawrence is precious
  • Perry is too and we shall protect her from murder, blood, crows, naked vampires and creepy old stalkers
  • both Laura and Carm are acting like toddlers, Carmilla is an asshole but Laura isn’t really trying to be less “evil” than her ex
  • I can’t even with these montages

Now, some theories regarding the future:

  • Vordenberg is up to no good and I’m getting more and more sure of it
  • why not have Danny debating Mattie?
  • because secretly this is exactly what the Baron wanted, he wanted them to trust him so they help him get rid of Mattie and he can have those “executive powers”
  • thanks to this “holy Hufflepuff” thing Perry found he is going to win and once he is in power he’ll just fuck things up more than Mattie ever wanted to
  • Carmilla knows he’s up to something, that’s why she looks like that in the preview right before the debate, she knows Vordenberg is going to betray them all and it’s not just the fact that she obviously trusts Mattie more, she really does think that V will be a thousand times worse
  • Laura doesn’t listen because she thinks Carm is just defending Mattie and what does she know anyway
  • but as it turns out Carmilla was right so now Laura has to work with Mattie if she wants to save the students, because she was never that bad after all
  • and sometime before the big confrontation Hollstein get back together
  • I’m also thinking what everyone has been thinking since he told that story, that the Baron is the original one and somehow he wants revenge on Carmilla, but that’s just the cherry on top
Harry Styles Imagine

Anonymous (uh I didn’t really know what to do for this one.)

Staring out the window I tried to figure out the best way to approach this. I was sitting in my room trying to get Harry to go to this fancy dinner with me. Typically this was really easy but tonight he just wanted to stay home and cuddle.

After a few minutes I had the perfect idea. The one thing Harry could not resist is my curves. I put on a tight silvery cock tail dress that showed off my body perfectly and strutted down stairs.

“Well Harry I really wanna go tonight so I think I’m going to head out.” I said as I walked into the living room.

His eyes basically popped out of his head. “Babe…you look…wow…”

“Think it looks good? Dressy enough for this event?” I did a quick turn for him.

“Damn it.” He mumbled under his breath. “Give me ten minutes and I’ll be ready.”

I gasped and clapped my hands. “Really? You’re going?!”

“Yes yes! I can’t let you leave me looking like that.” He checked me out once again before running to change.

I waited patiently by the door pretty proud of myself. I didn’t think it would be THAT easy to get him to come.

“Okay ready.” He mumbled sliding his arms around my waist. “I know what you did.” He placed a kiss on my lips. “You know your body is my weakness.”

I giggled slightly, “no idea what you mean dear? ” I smiled and walked out the door with a puppy like Harry following close behind.

Relaxing with Sammy

requested by sadielox: Could you do a Sam imagine where i come home from work and I’m really tired and sorta ignore Sam but go to take a shower and he joins not really dirty tho he just helps you relax.💗

A/N: Hope you enjoy it! Sorry for the wait 💓

I unlocked the door to me and Sammy’s house. I was so tired and stressed out from work. I walked upstairs to our bedroom. I just wanted to take a nice relaxing shower and lay in bed. “How was work babe?” Sammy said looking up from his laptop. “Good, I’m gonna take a shower” I said sighing, not really wanting to talk and grabbing shorts and one of Sammy’s big t-shirts and walked to the restroom. I turned on the water and got in. I was really relaxed until I heard someone take their clothes off. I peeped through the shower curtain to see Sammy standing naked. “I’m not in the mood Sam” “I just wanted to help you relax, I can see how tired you are” That boy can read me like the back of his hand. He got in and started massaging my shoulders, with my back facing him. It felt so nice with the pressure of the water hitting my body. We got out and got dressed. I walked straight over to our bed and laid down. Sammy left the room but I didn’t know why and I didn’t really worry about it, I just closed my eyes and tried sleeping. Sammy came in holding a mug of hot tea and a box of Oreos, “for you, my princess.” Oh how I loved that him so much. “I love you so much” I squealed whilst Sam walking around to the other side of the bed and getting under the covers. “Likewise,” he chuckled, biting into a cookie. “So what movie do you want to watch babe? It’s all about you right now, I just want you to sit back and relax.” We watched one of our favorite comedy movies, Ted. I love these chill, laid back days with Sammy, it was even better after work.

My husband has been doing a good job lately of showing he cares about me. He’s always been the type to tell me I’m awesome a million times a day but not so good at the thoughtfulness and acting out those cares. And I’m an action required type person to love. 

I just wanted to put that out there. Example: He’s been doing a really good job about  making sure I eat - which is a self care thing I’m very terrible at. But not being like pushy or annoying. Just like this morning he was helping me get out the door before he went to bed and I had my coffee, but he gave me a granola bar.

Anyway. I love him and he’s been good and I wanted to share because most of the time I talk about him is when I’m pissed off and venting. 

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Bad boy Luke! Your parents invite him over and your dad bonds with Luke. P.s. Love your writing!!!!

(I LOVE THIS CONCEPT p.s. thank you!!!!)

even though luke seemed like the punk leader of the bad boys at school and around the neighborhood he was secretly nervous as hell to meet your parents for the first time. when you first suggested the idea, he tried to act cool about it. “hey, lukey, my parents want to meet you.” “really?” “yeah, i’ve met your parents a few times and they want to meet you too.” “uh, okay, sure.” but he was actually panicking on the inside and thinking pessimistically like “omg what if they hate my tattoos or if they think my piercing is weird? what if they want me to break up with her cause i’m not good enough” and he’d be wheezing and so nervous on the night you picked him up. he took out a few of his piercings and wore his red flannel that covered up most of his arm tattoos. he tried to cover the one on his hand with his mum’s makeup but obviously he didn’t know how to do that. so when he got to your door and knocked he felt like just leaving and telling you he was sick. but it was too late when you opened the door and gave him a hug. “hey cutie,” you said smiling at him. luke would feel a little more relaxed as you kissed his cheek in front of your mom and dad. “hi, you must be luke” your mom would say. and he’d shake both of their hands before following them into the dining room. “you took out your piercings” you whispered to him as you walked. “and what’s that on your hand?” “i’ll explain later” and during dinner you’d notice he wasn’t as witty and funny as he usually was but he was definitely more polite and well-mannered. when your parents got up to clear the plates you scooted over to him and hugged his shoulders. “you’re nervousss” you teased. “well duh, isn’t it kind of obvious” he laughed quietly. but while you helped your mom do the dishes you saw your dad go talk to him in the living room and immediately felt weak because you knew your dad would give him “the boyfriend talk” to make him frightened. but when you got back to the room you noticed they were gone. luke had taken your dad out to check out his motorcycle, which your dad found “cool as hell.” you knew your dad rode motorcycles and luke knew how too, so he let your dad take it for a spin around the neighborhood. he sighed in relief and hugged you close. “i think that sold him.”

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How would Jun & The8 react when they find out that you know how to bboy and have been doing it for a long time (3 years)?

Jun: Would open his mouth in shock and be like, “Really?!”. He wouldn’t have expected it, but he’d find it really amazing. He’d probably ask you to show him and then he’d totally call the8 over and be like “Look! Aren’t they good too?” - honestly he’d probably just call everyone in seventeen so he could point out your awesome talent! 

the8/Minghao: He’s be super impressed and would immediately want you to show him! As someone who bboy’s actively, he’d be really excited to know that you enjoyed it too and he’d even want to practice with you from time to time. 

11 months.

I can’t believe I didn’t post a 10 month update here!

Anyway, Declan turned 11 months old yesterday. I have so many emotions about 11 months. I’m sure I’ll be spending the next month figuring out how to express them in time for the big one year post. Declan is fully crawling, babbling constantly, is figuring out how his toys work, has two teeth (with more on the way shortly if his fever and crankiness are any indication), wants very badly to walk (but isn’t really anywhere close to it, thank goodness), and his most recent, consistent behavior? If he hears our – or any – dog barking, he stops whatever it is he’s doing and yells an “Aaaaah!” sound in the same tone we use to tell the dogs to be quiet. His little brain is working so hard to figure out the world around him and he’s so, so smart. He loves his mamas so much, loves his kitty and his dogs, and sleep is still a work in progress, but things are going SO well overall. I’m so proud of my boy.

I love this baby with my whole heart and then some.

Dan Howell: Skinny Love

Request: Could you please do one where Dan and y/n are teens and they are in skinny love? They are so awkward around each other and Dan is so nervous and they have their first kiss and however you would like to continue~ Thanks!

You were slowly dozing off in your math class when the final bell of the day finally rung. You were so ready to get out of here and start the Christmas holiday. You went to your locker and packed up anything you would want for the next two weeks during holiday. As you were putting on your jacket you heard someone calling your name. You turn your head to see Dan, one of your really good friends. Everyone knows you and Dan are madly in love with each other but just too scared to admit it. “Hey.” you said as he caught up with you. “Hey. Do you uh…you know..wanna head to the mall with me? I still need to get my brother a Christmas gift.” he asked, clearly very nervous. “Yeah. Let me call my parents and let them know.” you replied. After telling your parents the two of you walked outside the school gates into the cold December air. The two of you awkwardly walked to the shopping mall together, not saying a single word the entire time.

When you got to the mall, Dan started walking to the game store. “Do you think he’d like this?” Dan asked you. You simply just shrugged. The two of you continued looking down the shelves, rubbing your fingers across it. Finally you bumped into each other as your hands collided. “S-sorry.” you muttered as you quickly pulled your hand away. “I think I’m just gonna get him this.” Dan said as he walked towards the register

Soon the two of you were walking out of the mall. “Do you wanna grab some coffee or something?” he asked you. You nodded I response as you headed to the nearest coffee shop. After ordering your drinks, you were sitting across from each other, sipping at your coffee in silence. “So uh.. I have to tell you something I’ve been meaning to tell you fit a very long time.” he said, obviously about to poo himself. “I really like you.” he said. The sound of those words made you immediately smile. “I like you too.” You replied. Dan started smiling too. He slowly leant forward and pressed his warm lips onto your cold ones.

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[ text – WRONG # ] Whenever I see Mari with Chad, I want to scream. I don't think he deserves her... I hear what he says behind her back and it just frustrates me that he has the balls to do that... she's going to find out... and I really hope she dumps his ass... Did I ever tell you how adorable she looks in her gym uniform? It just looks so good on her <3 - Dylan

[TEXT]: Dylan? I think you got the wrong number… Um It’s me, Mari… Are you talking about Chad?

can you imagine mornings with dan and phil like i’m pretty sure if you stayed the night one time because you were already there at like 3 am watching movies you would wake up around mid day and phil would already be up making breakfast (even if it was pancakes or cereal) and he would set everything out as you walked out in a huge jumper of theirs and phil would give a quiet “shh” to you as you walked in because dan was still asleep and the walls were thin and then he would whisper “good morning” and you two would eat and watch tv until dan would slowly pace out of his room with a deep voice and join you on the couch and lay his head on your shoulder bc he was still tired af and phil would just smile like omfg
like then later in the day phil would have your clothes from last night washed so you would run out to starbucks and just goof around with your best friends and i just really want to be friends with them jesus christ

I feel like a major future episode would be we find out star’s mom is a villain and then later Star is having an inner battle of whether she wants to be a villain or good?? Like its cheesy but maybe it would really be an episode that would develop her as a character you feel? IDK IF THE MOM REALLY MIGHT BE A VILLIAN BUT LIKE HER MOM BANISHED THE DAD THATS HARSH LOOK AT HOW PRECIOUS HE IS