if he kissed me like that he could have ANYTHING from me

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So I'm sure you saw that Niall made a dream jar to be auctioned off for charity for that BFG movie. With it he said “As a little boy, I liked the idea of floating above the trees and looking down on the world from above. Now I like the idea of having someone with me for the ride.” Could you please write a fluffy, but smutty blurb about this for me please! You're writing is the absolute best! I love reading your stuff! You'd make my life complete if you did this for me!

Valentine’s Day was never your favorite holiday.  If anything it was a holiday you just sort of got through more than anything.  You’d only had a boyfriend during Valentine’s Day once in your entire dating career and that was when you were 14.  He took you behind the gym at school, slammed a rose in your hand and then tried to kiss you in a way that resembled a wet vacuum.  So…not the most romantic thing in the world.

However, this year was different.  You’d been dating Niall for six months now.  And you’d never been happier.  Sure, he was ¼ of the biggest boy band in the world who was now going solo and that meant a few insults from his loving fans lobbed your way but he made it all worth it.  He was sweet, attentive, kind, loving and most of all when he kissed you it sent tingles to your toes and electricity to the ends of your hair.  So…far and away different from the wet vacuum.

You’d both agreed weeks ago not to do anything for Valentine’s Day.  Neither of you really appreciated the holiday to begin with.  So why bother living up to the expectations?  Besides, Niall treated you like every day was Valentine’s Day.

But then he’d created his Dream Jar to promote the movie BFG and also to benefit a couple of London charities.  To say you’d been blown away by his jar would have been the understatement of the year.  It was so…intimate.  While Niall was intimate with you in private he was never really that guy that was intimate so publicly.  It put him in a whole new light for you.

This boy.  This man.  This angel of a human being at the end of the day just wanted to ride in a hot air balloon with his love and look on the world below him.

And today, you were going to make that happen.

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Can you do numbers 91, 86, and 72 with Kai from Exo???? If you could, make it angsty with a fluffy ending??

72: “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” 

86: “Fine, don’t say anything and make me worry.” 

91: “Tell me you need me.” 

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“Jongin, no,” you giggled and dodged your boyfriend as he reached for you once again, watching his expression turn into a pout. “Just one kiss!” You frowned playfully, waving a brush at him. “You said that five minutes ago, and you’re ruining my beautiful work on your face, so no. You have to be on stage in three minutes, so you better head in to get your mic like the rest of the members.” 

“Fine,” he huffed. “But you owe me a kiss.” 

“We’ll see.” You grinned. “Now hurry, you big baby, don’t sabotage your own performance.” 

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“Me: Hi

He: Fuck yourself

Me: Okay… but why?

H: Because I want to. Go fuck yourself”

This isn’t the last message received from my friend, but this is when everything changed and anything came back to normal. We used to be friends, besides that we are so different. Nobody knew how we could be friends, but it didn’t matter. We even had a “bromance” but i was in love, never had the courage to tell him. He used to hug me everytime he saw me, kissed me on my forehead or cheek and keep huged. 

After that message, we stop talking about 6 months, even though we saw eachother, he just saw me and avoided eye contact,  I searched him on his school, I even went to his football games, but he never talked to me. One day he started to talk with me, he came like nothing have ever happened, and i couldn’t get over it. We talked to eachother sometimes, but i never could really talk normally to him after that day.

Our friendship never was “fine” , we usually fought, mostly because he was a womanizer, and i claimed about that everytime; but we always missed eachother and started to talk again, the problem is that in every fight we said hurting words, and even when i apologized about everything, i never got to hear a “sorry” from him, and most important, he wasn’t sorry about it.

We haven’t talked from a year or so, and i know is the best thing, but i still miss him, I miss his hugs, i miss our friendship, I still need closure about everything.

Autumn | Drabble

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The apple cider made my whole body warm up as I took small sips from the cup. Sam was sitting beside me on the bail of hay, our thighs touching as he drank his cider as well. The wind blew passed us, causing my hair to go everywhere and making me shiver. Sam wrapped one arm around me, pulling me closer to him, and warming me up instantly. “Thank you,” I smiled.

Sam pressed a kiss to my lips and he tasted like apples and cinnamon. His nose bumped against mine before turning away and scanning the farm around us. 

“Do you see them?” I pointed to the two small boys with brown hair running around the corn maze, and heading to us. Before I could say anything, both of them ran right up to me and both tried to scrambled into my lap. 

“Momma! Momma, we saw pumpkins! Really big ones! Momma, can we get some!“ 

 "You’ll have to ask your daddy,” I said. They both turned to Sam, pulling the best puppy eyes they could muster. 

 The wind picked up again and I pulled them closer. Sam grabbed one from my lap and held him closer. “Let’s get some pumpkins and we can go and get out of this cold wind, okay?” Sam asked. 

 "Yeah!“ They bounced out of our laps and ran off towards the pumpkin patch. I stood and grabbed my cider, I started their way when I felt hands wrap around my waist. 

“I love you,” Sam whispered. I turned around and stood on my toes, pressing a kiss to Sam’s lips. 

“Momma!” My boys screamed as the watch me kiss their dad. “Pumpkins!" 

"I love you more than the twins love pumpkins picking,” I whispered.


*** You ever feel like you could literally collapse because you’re so tired? That’s me right now. I was out all day and I haven’t taken a nap which is extremely rare for me 😂 Like my bed looks so good right now, got ya girl looking over like 😏***

“You have such a gorgeous smile darlin’.” You smiled somewhat bashfully and winked at him. “Yours ain’t that bad either handsome.” He smiled brightly at the complement and playfully shrugged his shoulders. “I try.” Truth was, the man was beautiful. Light brown hair with green eyes and golden skin that was beautifully kissed by the Texas sun. He was solid and built, but from hard labor not the gym and was a true gentleman, all thank yous and yes ma'ams.

He was a nice guy and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t attracted to him. It wasn’t anything serious of course and you weren’t one for one night stands but a little flirting never hurt anyone and you’d be damned if you wasted your last night in Texas. You’d been so caught up in your flirtations though that you hadn’t realized to sour look on Chibs face as he stared at the interaction from his spot across the table. Happy had though and he pushed his knee against Chibs, drawing his attention away from you.

“You look like you could kill something right about now.” Chibs nodded harshly, his teeth clenching. “Aye. That cowboy prick over there.” Happy smirked and laughed lightly. “I’d help you but I think she might get mad at me. They seem to be getting pretty close, don’t wanna cockblock her.” Happy knew you well enough to know you weren’t actually going to go home with the guy, and at the back of his mind so did Chibs. It didn’t make it any less amusing to push his buttons though.

“His hand is pretty high on her thigh. And she’s touched his arm more times than I can count.” Hap laughed again at the growl that came from his brother and reached over to squeeze his shoulder roughly. “Relax, I’m just fuckin’ around. Why don’t you just tell her? Skip of this jealousy bullshit.” Chibs looked away and tried to play it off. “Tell her what?” Happy rolled his eyes and stayed looking at his brother. “Tell her you love her. And don’t say you don’t. I got eyes and I ain’t stupid. You love the girl, everybody knows that except for her. Just tell her. Before she decides to maybe finally take someone home one of these days and you lose your chance.”

If Chibs wasn’t so annoyed, he might’ve laughed at the notion that Happy was giving him relationship advice but the truth was that it was killing him to see you with another man and Hap was right, eventually you’d go on a date with someone or let them take you home and fall for them. You’d get feelings for them and he’d lose his chance of ever getting to be yours. That wasn’t a risk he was willing to take. With a glance towards Happy and a nod of approval from the Killer, Chibs placed his beer down on the table and stood, making his way around the dim club to your side of the table, standing there silently.

You looked away from the man who you’d learned was named Gavin and up towards Chibs as he walked up, flashing him a warm smile. “ Hey Chibby, whats up?” He tried to smile back at you but even he could tell that it looked fake and he tried to contain himself as the guy looked up at him too, annoyance clear on his face that you’d been interrupted. “I was wondering if we could talk. I have something I need to tell you.” The plan was to wait untill you said yes and then take you away from the guy to confess his feelings but after a quick glance down and seeing the guys hand possessively wrap around your knee, Chibs reached out and grabbed your hand, roughly pulling you to stand. You gasped a little at the sudden movement and Chibs continued to pull you until you were firmly pressed against his chest. He hungrily and angrily pushed his lips against yours, claiming you for not only Gavin but for the whole club to see.

He kissed you passionately for a couple seconds more before pulling away and looking intently at you. “I been putting it off for a while now lass but I love you. I know we’ve been doing this hard to get, ignoring each other thing but that’s enough. You’re mine.” He didn’t really wait around for your reaction or reply, simple snaked his arm around your waist and grabbed the drink that Gavin had bought out of your hand, placing it down on the table. “Sorry cowboy, she’s taken.” He flashed a very condescending and fake smile at the man before walking away with you as you shook your head.

“Took you long enough. I thought I was gonna be damn near your age before you finally made a move.” The Scotsman laughed and looked down at you, a cocky smile on his face and his right eye closing in a wink. “Just giving the other fellas a fighting chance. Were you trying to make me jealous?” You didn’t answer him but your avoidance of eye contact and slight smile gave you away. Your smile faltered a bit though as his hand snaked into your hair, making a fist at the back of your head and tugged slightly, forcing you to look up at him. “Well let’s make that the last time yeah? Otherwise I might have to punish you.”

He touched me in ways I didn’t know were possible

his tender hands caressing the fragile outline of my body and his sweet lips tracing the scars framing my wrists and hips

promising between each kiss that he could never love anyone else the way he loved me

and when he left me with hickies trailing from my neck down my chest I thanked him for leaving me with a constant reminder of where his lips had touched so I had proof that he still wanted me every time I doubted myself

because every so often after we would fight my fingers would graze over the red marks on my body and I would remember what it felt like to have his hands wrapped around my neck while his hazel eyes stared deep into mine

and god would I do anything for him

but I was too much for him to handle and he didn’t want to be with someone so fragile, so it was with tears and a heavy heart I whispered goodbye while choking between my cries

but he didn’t shed a tear

and I loved him, I love him, I still fucking love him

but the worst part is

I still let him tear me apart each time I finally put myself back together

—  I told you I loved you, and you told me I was being dramatic (S.D.)

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Stolen moments with McCree or Genji, kisses, touches, I love yous, giggling whatever floats your boat

AWH CUTE ROMANCE SCENARIOS ARE MY FAVE! i had to go with McCree because he’s a big cuddly pupper and he gives me life

“Babydoll, you’re too much for me.” Your boyfriend pulls you closer by the waist, nuzzling at your neck. Warmth blooms wherever his lips meet your neck and your body swells with a feeling you can’t quite place- but it’s a good feeling. You know that you shouldn’t be cuddling like this at work, where anyone could just walk in, but Jesse insisted. He knew you’d been having a rough day, but he never needed an excuse to pop into your office and steal you away for a kiss or seventeen. Blood rushes to your cheeks and chest as the warmth from his kisses spread, and a smile breaks out on your face. “Oh, stop. I’m not too much of anything, Jesse. C’mon, you teddy bear… Hey! Your beard is scratching my neck!” You laugh as he starts growling into your skin, squeezing you tighter. “A bear, huh? Well, in that case, I’m gonna eat’cha alive!” “What? No, don’t you dare- Jesse!” You can barely get any words out before he starts the onslaught, tickling you viciously and making the most ridiculous cartoon-y bear sounds you’ve ever heard. His hands paw at your sides and find the soft spots under your arms, and as you thrash about and catch glimpses of his wild smile, you can’t help but feel like you could burst at the seams from the way he makes you feel. 

You swear to God, you’re in love a little boy trapped in the body of a grown Western man. 

He pushes up your shirt a bit to start nibbling at your stomach, making you writhe and laugh uncontrollably. You hands fly down try to push him off, but he senses and pins them together over your head, pulling himself up to face-level with you. “Oh, no, baby. You ain’t going nowhere.” He chuckles then, kissing your nose before biting it gently. The smell of coffee fills your nostrils just before he pulls away to kiss you. Your heart tightens in your chest as he lets go of your wrists to cup your face. Now free, your right hand pulls him closer by the base of his neck, the other instinctively holding his face. He pulls away for a moment to smile down at you, and you see yourself reflected in his chocolate eyes. “I’m not trying to go anywhere, Mr. Bear. I think you’re just right.” 

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He was beautiful (Drop Dead Gorgeous part 3)


It was eight at night and I couldn’t shake the thought of Brett’s hands all over my body. I gave him my phone number and told him he could come over today. I might regret this later but honestly I don’t think I can avoid this feeling for him any longer.

It’s much more than sex, it’s like when he touches me I can feel it a hundred times stronger than with any other guy that I have ever been with and let’s agree that there hasn’t been many.

He hasn’t called yet, nor texted or done anything. Maybe it was just something that happen during a sad moment about his ex girlfriend, maybe he doesn’t feel the same way I do when we kiss.

I buffed changing the channel one more time, from a boring movie to a horror movie. I really didn’t have anything against scary movies but this one gave me the chills. I snuggled under the blankets a little more since my AC was making my living room extra cold and I loved the cold weather.

I heard my doorbell ring and frowned my eyebrows slowly getting up and pulling my dress down so it covered my butt a bit more. I looked in the mirror in the living room wall and checked to see if I was at least presentable to whoever it was at the door.

My hair was in a messy bun and I wasn’t really wearing any make up, I was wearing a short dress that looked more like a nightgown. I shrugged my shoulders not really caring what I looked like and I opened the door.

The tall figure in my door steps was wearing black pants, and a grey long sleeve shirt. His sandy blonde hair was in a perfect messy way and he was looking at me with hungry golden eyes.

Brett pulled me in for a hug before I could do or say anything. I sniffed his cologne all over his chest and smiled when he gave me a kiss on the head. I looked up at him because of our height difference and he looked down leaning in and kissing me slowly.

I stopped the kiss after a while and stepped back so he could come in “how did you know where I live?” I asked and he laughed “I followed your sent” he said simply shrugging his shoulder and sitting down where I was sitting before.

I raised an eyebrow at how comfortable he felt inside my house and laughed a little bit before joining him and covering myself again with the covers. “What are you watching?” He whispered against my neck and shivers ran down my spine “I don’t really know. I started watching it right before you got here” I said leaning against his shoulder when he put his arm around me.

We just stayed quiet. It wasn’t a awkward silence it was very comfortable, our heartbeats where beating in the same rate and the heat radiating from his body made me comfortable. The movie was actually pretty good and I got scared a couple of times causing Brett to giggle.

A sex scene came on and I got a really uncomfortable, I heard Brett’s heartbeat rise and I felt mine rise with his. We both turned to each other at the same time and I grabbed his neck kissing him slowly, he kissed me back almost immediately and his hands grabbed my hips pulling me closer to him.

Brett laid down with me on top of him and I straddle his hips kissing him with more passion, I felt my dress rising up my butt and stopping at my waist. I smiled against his lips and he looked at me with his glowing golden eyes. I’m pretty sure I had glowing purple eyes too.

He sat up again and I wrapped my arms around his neck, looking at his beautiful features “this might sound crazy but I don’t want just sex with you” he said and I smiled looking down “I don’t want just sex either, it’s crazy how close I feel to you in such a small amount of time” I said playing with his hair.

He picked me up and I pointed to the first door on the left indicating my room. He opened it and kicked it close kissing me on the way there. His lips locked on mine taking me to a whole different place.

My back hit the mattress when Brett put me down slowly getting on top of me shortly. He kissed me again biting and pulling my lower lip, sticking his tongue in my mouth while his hands were going all over my waist, thighs and stomach.

My hands pulled his hair lightly and my legs wrapped themselves around his waist pulling him closer to me. I could feel his half hard budge against me and it was making me even wetter.

His hands travelled up my thigh pulling my dress up until he reached my bra. I pulled his shirt up taking it off his strong and toned body fast pulling him back into a kiss. He flipped us over so I was on top and I could feel his claws against my bare skin.

I took my dress off throwing it over my body and looked into his eyes for a few seconds. He was beautiful. His hands grabbed my ass firmly and I moaned lowly against his lips. I attacked his lips once again and scratched the back of his neck with my claws which seemed to turn him on even more since a low growl escaped from his lips.

Brett’s hand traveled up my back finding my bra hook, unhooking it and throwing it somewhere around my room. His lips trailed my neck and my collar bone eventually leaving a hickey or a love bite. His fangs were showing and he had a bit more of hair on the sides of his face.

His lips reached my right nipple and he softly sucked on it, nibbling and pulling, releasing it right after. He blew on my hard nipple looking at my face and a moan escaped my lips. God he knew what he was doing.

His hands grabbed my lower back pulling me closer to him. He sucked on my left nipple and I moved slightly on top of him making him growl against my hard nipples. “Don’t tease” I said with a shaky voice and he smirked kissing and nibbling all over my boobs laying me down beside him.

Brett grabbed the sides of my thong and he slid it down my legs slowly, smirking at my lack of patience. When he was done he threw it over his shoulder and started kissing his way up to my legs slowly making me close my eyes and wait for him to be where I needed him the most.

“Look at me baby girl” he said and I opened my eyes looking at his gorgeous turquoise ones. He smiled and licked a straight stripe over my core. He opened my labia with two of his fingers and sucked my clit inside his mouth humming against me.

My legs shook and I tried to close them and pushed his head away from me but he held my hips down, giving the fact that he was stronger than me he kept my legs open. His eyes were locked on mine while he drove me insane with his skilled tongue.

Brett added one finger inside of me and moved it slowly in and out curling it up and robbing it against my g spot. I pulled his hair and tried to bring his face closer to my core.

He added another finger and started pumping it faster and faster. My moans were getting louder each second and my back was arched. My eyes rolled back and my mouth fell open, I screamed his name and came all over his mouth.

I tried to catch my breath while he kissed my whole body getting on top of me again. My brain was filled with a cloud of pleasure with the orgasm he just gave me and I had no reaction.

After a couple of minutes passed I could feel my legs again and I looked to my left finding Brett looking at me smiling. I smiled back and got on top of him. My lips collapsed against his and I could taste myself.

I quickly undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans bringing the zipper down and sliding them off his legs. He laid down and put his arms underneath his head. I kissed his neck and sucked on the skin below his earlobe making him moan and grab my hips sinking his claws in.

It didn’t hurt me though. I continued kissing down his chest, pecs and abs stopping when I reached the waistband of his black boxers. They were so tight around his huge bulge, my lips kissed his dick over the boxers and he whined at me making me smirk.

I slowly took his boxers off and grabbed his dick, moving my hand up and down looking at him with a smirk in my lips. “Just wrap that pretty little mouth around it” he said and I laughed getting down and kissing his head slowly.

I licked his dick from the bottom up and put his head in my mouth sucking and swirling my tongue around it. He tasted a bit salty because of his pre cum and he was squirming around wanting me to put more and more of him inside of my mouth.

I bobbed my head faster and the bit that didn’t fit inside of my mouth i wrapped my hand around it and moved it in the same speed as my mouth. His low moans were turning me on and motivating to keep going.

Brett thrusted upwards and stayed there for a few seconds before I could feel his hot liquid inside my mouth. He growled and opened his eyes, now glowing yellow and looked at me.

I crawled over his body and kissed him again not giving him time to catch his breath from his previous high. He flipped us over opening my legs and his tip brushed against my clit.

I moaned and broke the kiss apart “I want you” “are you sure you want this?” He asked worry washing over his beautiful eyes and I smiled nodding my head while wrapping my legs around him.

Brett teased my entrance with his tip while kissing my neck and looking over at me one more time waiting for my approval. I kissed him and felt him entering me. He was so big and it hurt a little when he was all the way buried inside of me.

He moaned against my neck and scratched my thigh with his claws “God you’re so tight baby girl” I moaned in response and he started thrusting slowly inside of me. Hitting my g spot with each and every thrust. My claws were going down his back and a bit of blood was coming out of the scratches.

My toes curled when he picked up his speed and my moans became louder and louder. His moans were low against my neck and his claws were scratching my thighs “fuck oh Brett fuck, faster”

My back arched and my head fell down when he started sucking one of my nipples while he reached a whole new speed humanly impossible. He was pounding inside of me and I was pretty sure my neighbors could hear everything. At this point I really didn’t care.

Brett grabbed my waist and pounded harder and faster inside of me. I couldn’t even make up a sentence all I could do was moan and grab more of his skin pulling him closer to me.

He slapped my ass and grinned at me while I tried to control my moans but he hit my g spot once more and I felt the knot on my stomach ready to let go “I’m going to cum, God i- I’m” i tried to say feeling my walls clenching around his dick making him moan and bite down my neck.

Brett thrusted a few more times before I felt his hot liquid inside of me and he rode out both of our orgasms collapsing on top of me soon after.

I tried catching my breath and he did the same pulling me on top of him so I was laying down on his chest kissing my head.

We stayed there for a second just catching our breath and contemplating the comfortable silence. “That was amazing” he said and I laughed a bit looking up and watching his beautiful eyes “yes, yes it was” I whispered and kissed him slowly.

“You are amazing, now can we go on a date?” He said giggling and I followed soon after him “yes we can, but right now I just want to sleep” I said and hugged his waist. “Can I sleep here tonight? I want to hold you” he asked with a little embarrassment and I smiled. “Of course” I said and he hugged me tighter.

I was almost drifting asleep when I heard a phone ringing. I heard Brett mumbling and I complained a bit moving out of the bed naked looking for the phone.

The irritating sound was coming from Brett’s pants so I picked them up and took the phone out of his left pocket. “It’s yours” I said going back to bed and handing him the phone. He opened his eyes a little bit and looked to see who was calling him so late.

Brett frowned when he saw the caller and looked at me weirdly “it’s Susan”

One of the things that annoys me when a lot of people who don’t ship Best Enemies (specifically Twissy) talk about it is that they ignore that after the kiss in Dark Water, Missy realises that Twelve was totally not okay with that, to a much greater extent than she’d ever have expected, I think, and then proceeds to back the hell off! She doesn’t try anything else remotely like it after that point.

This also makes the kiss in Death in Heaven so much more poignant to me, because she wasn’t pushing him for more of that sort of affection, wasn’t expecting it, and was specifically emphasising that even if he could offer nothing else this time round their friendship was still too important for her to lose… And then he willingly gets down to be on her level, to make them equals instead of the power imbalance she’d set up for him, and takes her face tenderly and kisses her! And you can tell from her expression she knows every level of what that kiss means, good and bad… And it’s beautiful and it’s heartbreaking…

Johnkat day 2015 (Species swap - Explicit)

Happy johnkat day! I didn’t manage to finish anything, but have a snippet from a WIP:

That’s when you realize you could kiss him and he’d let you. He’d let you, and so much more. Holy shit. Okay, so this is what it feels to be human and turned on.

That is so not okay. “Fuck,” you breathe. “Alright, so, I need to go, before-“ you point vaguely at the door.

“Don’t you dare!” he snarls and okay his voice is doing that dual-pitched shiver that tells you that staying put certainly a thing you should do. “Just shut up. Stop talking for one second, I can’t think when you’re talking, just give me a moment to… to… figure this out, okay? It’s no big deal, I’m not- don’t leave me.” That last comes out raw and soft and small, like you walking away would dash him to tiny confused (scared) pieces.

“Come here,” you tell him and wow that should not have been so easy, he’s crawling into your lap like the distance is physically painful (it might be by now). He’s heavy, densely muscled, but not nearly as tall and big as you thought he was. He fits perfectly against you. Obviously he ruins it by nearly putting out your eye with his horns as he tries to press closer. Jesus those things are lethal. “Careful, John, stop trying to- calm down!” you shunt your forehead against his, keeping him steady before he spears you through the throat.

“Fuck you,” he growls, breathing hard through his nose. “You smell good,” he adds, voice small, all confused and miserable about it.

He looks aroused, all heavy-lidded with this small gasp hitching up his chest as your nose bumps against his. You want to kiss him. It’s John. And you know what, you don’t actually care he makes a handsome troll, it’s just, it’s John. John who’s clenching the fabric of your sweater between his fingers like he’s worried you’ll change your mind. 

He’s your co-palhoncho. He’s your friend.

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A Kiss, A Bomb and An Unsub

Requested by @mysecretkillstherealme I hope you like it!!

“Reid, Morgan and (Y/L/N). You three go in, we have to wait out here for back up. Be as careful as possible. We know he doesn’t have any hostages but we don’t know what he has behind closed doors.” Hotch said making both Spencer and I look at each other, causing Spencer look away when our eyes met. It’s been pretty awkward between the two of us after Spencer kissed me on a night time walk home from the local bar. He pulled away before I could say anything to him and every time I try to talk to him about it, he just walks away and acts like it never happened. I felt something when we kissed and I was nowhere near angry when he kissed me, I just wish he would give me the time to tell him that. We knew the drill, we knew what not to do and what to do when it came to unsubs that were hiding away behind closed doors. Guns drawn, heart racing, tip toeing in the falling leaves, pushing the front door open quietly. I was the first one inside to see that the inside matched the outside of the house, dark, dusty and gloomy all the way around.
“Split up?” Derek whispered, making the both of us nod and each take a direction. I glanced once over at Spencer who was walking towards the left. I wasn’t worried about myself but for Spencer. I knew how he got when something was upsetting him, he shuts down. With a sigh, I turned down my hallway. As I slowly and quietly walked down the hallway, I noticed that there were no doors along the hallway other than the door at the end of the hall.
“Morgan, something’s up. It’s like this house was set up just to be…destroyed.” I whispered into my ear piece just before I reached the door.
“Hotch did say that the unsub was-” Derek started but I finished his sentence as I heard what was behind the door and began to run back down the hallway, I had just come from.
“-Unpredictable! He is unpredictable! He has a bomb!” I yelled as the ticking sound got farther and farther away from me. I was the first one out of the house, seeing as I was the first one to know. Derek and Spencer soon followed but Spencer stopped mid step and I knew what was going through his head.
“Spence, please don’t!” I said trying to grab his arm, stopping him from going back towards the house but it was too late. He was already jogging back into the house, and before I could go after him Morgan grabbed my waist, holding me back.
“Derek let me go! I need to go get him!” I screamed fighting Morgan as hard as I could but he wasn’t budging.
“No (Y/N) we need to wait! We can’t have two of you in danger!“ He said dragging me away from the house and towards the rest of the team.
“What of he doesn’t come out?!” I yelled, tears now falling freely as my legs and arms came to a stop, my fear now taking over my anger. With all eyes glancing between me and the house, we all held our breath. A few moments later the front door of the house opened, revealing Spencer and the unsub and disabled bomb in hand. All at once, Hotch, Rossi and I, went sprinting towards the pair. While their objective was to get the unsub, mine was to get to Spencer. Once I was close enough to Spencer I held onto him tightly, our bodies colliding and my hands going to the bottom layer of his hair.
“(Y/N)?” He questioned as I held onto him. I pulled out of the hug just enough to grab his face and pull his lips down towards mine. Once I began to kiss him, he rested his hands on the small of my back, pulling me as close as possible and kissing me back as hard as he could.
“Don’t you scare me like that ever again.” I whispered, out of breath from our major lip lock. I knew he was looking for an answer, an expatiation on why I let him kiss me a few nights ago without me saying anything.
“At the bar, you pulled away before I could respond or tell you anything. Spencer I have liked you since the first day that I met you. When you went into that house, I just-it felt like I was loosing the one thing I cared about.” I said making him cup one of my cheeks as my hand fell down to his chest.
“I’m sorry I ignored you this week, I just couldn’t handle your rejection.” He said making me look at him with soft eyes and he smiled slightly.
“I mistook my own nervousness for rejection.” He finished off his thought by kissing my nose and hugging me close once more. A kiss, a bomb and an unsub. What a day.

What If...

Word Total: 1,037

Request: Anonymous asked: Could you please Write a PoexReader where they break up but then poe notices he can’t live without the Reader Thank you in advance Btw I love you'r Blog<3

Pairing:  Poe x Reader

Notes: Dang my mother is starting to like Coldplay

“So, you’re breaking with me?” Y/N inquired looking up, biting her lower lip to keep her calm. “You know what, if that’s what you want. Fine with me. Just…” she took a deep breath and looked at him. “Stay away from me, Dameron” with a growl she twirled around.

Poe wanted followed her, hug her and kiss those tears away. “Is for the best” he whispered

Y/N looked at the mirror. Her eyes were red and  dark bags adorned her eyes. “Stupid, stupid” she chanted gripping the sink of her bathroom. “You have to be strong Y/N, you’re the best engineer, you can repair anything. You can also mend a broken heart, right?” She looked at herself and smiled, but it came out like a grimace.

“Poe, you’re jacket is inside out” A fellow pilot said to him. Poe looked down at his jacket.

“Thanks” Poe said as he took off his jacket. He looked up and saw Y/N talking with General Organa. Y/N looked up and lock eyes with him. He smiled at her, but Y/N just ignored him looking down at her binder.  

Y/N frowned looking at Poe’s X-Wing. “Yeah, he looks like the worst pilot in the galaxy” Y/N responded at BB-8’s beeping. “Did he really didn’t see that TIE fighter ?” she questioned passing her hand along the big gash in one of side turbines. “He is lucky, a few centimeters and the turbine had disintegrated”

“Poe, what is going on with you?” General Organa looked at Poe, who blankly looked at her. “Feeling sick?” she looked down at the metal binder of the medical team. There was no signs of any known sickness.

“Nothing” Poe said, he stood up to sit straight. “Can I go?”

“No. Your missions almost ended in failures, Poe. If it wasn’t for BB-8, quick thinking. I have lost you. If there is anything bothering you. You should inform me. You’re my best pilot” The General looked up at Poe.

“Oh, you’re busy” Poe’s heart skip a beat at the sound of her voice.

Leia looked from Poe to Y/N, they seemed like strangers. Y/N avoided looking at him. And Poe gripped so hard the leather of the chair, she could heard it.

Y/N have successfully  avoid Poe for a month. She thought her heart had healed. But seeing him sitting there, she felt her heart breaking all over again. Like the scab in the wound fell out and started to bleed slowly again.

Poe wanted to turn around, to see her face for a moment. But he had promised her not to cross her path. He gripped the leather of the chair, trying to contain himself from turning around and see her.

“Sorry, another time then” Y/N said before Leia could say anything. She closed the door and walked fast out of the command center.

“Where are you going, Poe? I am not finished” Poe literally was about to open the door. His hand hold the lock of the door. How did he ended there he had no idea. “Go, before I kill you myself”

Poe ran out of the office and pushed everyone of his way. He could see Y/N, talking with an officer.

“Just tell General Organa, I need more spare part–” Y/N felt someone tugged her wrist and started to drag her away. “Hey,wha–” she looked up at Poe that dragged her to the forest. “Let go, Poe”

“I never going to let you go” Poe stated.

“Poe” Y/N whispered, she stop tugging her wrist and calmly walked beside him.

They stood in the middle of a clearing. Y/N noticed it was the same clearing where Poe’s had confessed his love for her. She smiled at the memory. “I remembered this place” she confessed, Y/N had no idea he remembered after all, Poe didn’t love her anymore.

“Y/N” Poe took her hands in his softly. How can be so foolish? Even they hands fit perfectly together. She loved how her hands were soft as rose petals, even though she had been working all her life with metal. “What if…”

Y/N looked down at their intertwined hands, how a simple gesture made her heart beat so strong. The tears, the sleepless nights… they seemed so far away. “Poe, please just…” her voice break.

“Y/N, I know what I did. I was a coward, for leaving you. Walking away from you, is the worst decision in my life” he raised his hand and took her head in his hand and softly caress her cheeks. “I thought leaving you… It would eased my mind. I was worried about you. That one day, I may had not return…  it would have broken your heart” Poe took a deep breath. “I just wanted to keep you safe and happy”

Y/N melted looking at his brown eyes. Like the first day he saw him, he looked so handsome, even with the big fat tears cascading down his eyes. “You did the opposite” she smiled weakly, raising her hand, she traced his lips. “I felt so insecure, I was so lonely and unhappy. I thought you have fallen in love with another person. After all, I am just a simple engineer” she bitterly laughed and shook her head.  “You’ve gone to so many planets… “

“No, Y/N. No… Not even the most beautiful Twi’lek can compare how beautiful you are to me” Poe confessed, Y/N blushed at his words. “You’re even more beautiful when you blush” he softly laughed caressing her scarlet cheek with his finger.

“But…” Looking down at her dirtied hands. They were smeared with grease and her hair smell like the solvents she used. Reading her mind, Poe smiled at her and kissed her nose.

“Your dirty hands show me how hard you work. And the smell of your hair, your shampoo and the solvents… made such a particular smell… it’s just you, Y/N” Poe said caressing her hair. “It  reminds me that I am home”

Y/N tears finally let her tears fall down her cheeks. “I love you, Poe”

“And I love you, my beautiful Y/N”

He kissed me softly, gently, and slowly. It was so intense, and intimate. He put his hand on my throat, and sighed. His body was pressed into mine so tight, I could feel how fast his heart was beating. His lips tasted like morning coffee and cigarette, mixed with his favourite cologne. His eyes were closed, and smiled while he was kissing me.
I felt like I’m going to explode. The butterflies in my stomach danced, and my heart was going to get out of my ribs. I couldn’t catch my breath. Then he stopped, touched my face, my lips, and he was still smiling.

“See” he said. “Did I show you how much I love you? Do you believe me now? I have never kissed a girl like this. And I think I’m never going to kiss anyone the way I kissed you. Believe me. I love you more than anything. You are my world”

—  Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #2

Genos buried his face in the hero’s shoulder. When was the last time I felt this safe? He considered. Not since before…he squeezed his eyes shut. He didn’t want anything to spoil this moment. “Sensei, you are wonderful.”

Saitama smiled. Before he could reply, “When I am with you, Satiama-Sensei, I know that even if I am hurt, I can survive anything.” The hero ran his fingers through the synthetic hair. “You inspire me. You keep me safe. You’ve made me so much stronger than I was before.”

“But Genos, my strength training didn’t work for you?”

“I didn’t mean physically stronger, Sensei. I am broken.” Saitama started to speak, but Genos continued, “and it is understandable that I would be. And while what happened to me can never be undone, I feel like you have helped me start to heal.” Satiama opened his mouth to speak, but instead kissed Genos’s shoulder. Genos squeezed the hero tighter. “I need you, Sensei.”

Saitama’s voice was soft in his ear. “I need you, too.” Genos turned to look at him then and their lips met in a perfect kiss.

Sensei needs me. Genos was smiling now, feeling more bold. “Sensei, will you keep me?”

Saitama looked confused. “Keep you?”

“In your life. Will you keep me here, with you?”

Saitama smiled. “If you let me… I would like that.” 

Genos kissed him again. “Yes, Sensei.” 


Genos was in the kitchen, stirring a bowl of cookie dough. Saitama leaned across the window from the living room. “Hey, cutie.” 

Genos nearly dropped the spoon he’d been using. His face flushed. “Sensei?”

“Saitama grinned at him. “That’s you.” 

Genos flushed an even deeper shade of red. “You think I am cute?”

“Of course.” Saitama abandoned his perch in the window to walk around the wall and into the kitchen. “Just look at you.” He slipped his arms around the cyborg, who had since abandoned the cookie dough. “Especially in this,” he tugged playfully at the apron. 

Genos’s vents were pouring steam into the air. Saitama walked two fingers up the cyborg’s chest. When they reached his face, he hooked them behind Genos’s jaw, drawing him in for a kiss. “Sensei,”

The hero smiled. “Call me by my name.”

Genos hesitated, then breathed, “Saitama.”

The hero kissed him again, slipping his tongue between the warm silicone lips. He could feel the cyborg smiling as he slipped his hands under those mechanical legs, lifting Genos off the floor, and holding him tight against his chest. 

Genos, wrapped around the hero, couldn’t imagine being happier. His core was humming joyously in his chest and with his Sensei’s strong arms across his frame, he knew nothing in the world could hurt him. He kissed the hero’s cheek and said again, “Saitama.”

Saitama peppered the cyborg’s collar and chest with soft kisses as he carried him through the living room. Genos let his head fall back, focusing solely on the sensation of being held and kissed by Saitama. 

The hero walked out to the balcony, his arms wrapped tight around his disciple. When Genos leaned forward again and opened his eyes, he saw the most handsome man imaginable, framed by a beautiful sunset and the home they shared together. In that moment, he felt pure happiness. 

Each time I’m headed on asphalt
towards the place that least reminds me 
of home, I pass a sign that reads,

Does he? See, 
I have this girlfriend 
who looks like the northern California beach
and has eyes the color of being reborn
or the color of life, maybe.

I’m still looking.

And you know what else?
I kiss her
A lot
and on the mouth 

I like it because she tastes like 
how I imagine God sighed after he pronounced,
“It is good,”
and apparently, that is unholy. 
Her touch creaks like the iron gates
around the Garden of Eden, 
creates twice the green growth, and
yet this is also a sin.
Forgiveness from her, given daily
is all the salvation
that I could ever need. 

So let me ask you this:
have any of you Christians holding onto two
yes, TWO fucking verses
held onto anything so beautiful
you could imagine yourself an artist
if only she’d lay there twenty-three more hours
so you could memorize the shadows on her face
like a sundial telling more than just time?
If you’ve never kissed her for the first time
and known suddenly
you’d never tasted before, how
can you tell me my heart is wrong?

Right about now you’re thinking
I’m beating a dead horse,
that the verdict came through
so what am I grating on about but 
until people look at a dead horse with more
contempt than two people who just happen 
to both have painted fingernails
holding hands in public,
then the horse isn’t quite dead yet. 

Go to whichever church tickles your fancy,
but if your God or Father or Holy Ghost
doesn’t only understand, but encourages
my kind of love,
keep him the hell away from me
and my idea of heaven.

—  sydney, “my idea of heaven is committed to me, not the other way around”

anonymous asked:

Could you do a KBTBB headcanon where the guys find out that MC is actually a princess in a foreign country and she hid it from them?

Baba: “You are my princess. This won’t change anything,” Baba said as he took her hand, kissing every single tip of it and made her moan softly.
“You’re not going to ask why I didn’t tell you earlier?”
“There’s no need for that. I’m sure you have a reason,” Baba smiled. “I’m going to steal the most precious treasure tonight and keep it forever. What do you say about that, princess?”
“I think it will be really happy,” she returned his smile.
He scooped her up and took her to his bedroom.

Ota: “A princess? Like a real princess?” Ota repeated his question again.
“Okay. So?”
“You won’t ask me anything?”
“What? You want me to ask?”
She was expecting that he would be surprised but he turned the table at her and she’s the one who’s confused now. She cocked her head and he laughed.
“Hahhaha… so what does a princess like you like to eat? I’m hungry,” he laced his fingers with hers.
She whispered, “Thank you, Ota.”
His treatment won’t change just because of her status. But he teased her by calling her “Her Highness” sometimes when they did it.

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You Are Not Alone!!

I don’t know if anyone else feels the same (god I hope it’s not just me) but when I’m dating I have like a million and one thoughts -

‘does he like me?’

‘he’s said this what does it mean?!’

‘when do I start calling him my boyfriend?’

‘should I ask him for another date, or wait for him to ask me?’

‘when do we go from texts to calls?’

‘oh he only put 1 kiss, not 2, he must be annoyed with me’

‘am I being too clingy?’

‘how long should I leave it before I text him back?’

and literally, I could go on forever. 

Now, when I think things like this, I head straight for google, and end up spending hours looking at articles on Cosmo, chat forums, basically anything that gives advice which is remotely related to what I’m worrying about at that time. (for example in the last couple of weeks my most frequent search was ‘should I date someone just out of a long term relationship’?!!!)

So I thought I could use this blog as sort of an outlet for anyone else that just needs a second opinion from a random stranger while dating. 

Send me your questions, worries, whatever! And I’ll answer them with my humble opinion (for what it’s worth, which judging from my dating history is not much!!) and maybe we can put the question to my followers too. And we can all freak out and analyse to our hearts content together!



Single Girl

Calvin Harris Opens Up About Taylor Swift: ‘It’s Going Absolutely Fantastic’

‘Hello, is that Love’s Young Dream? You’re fired. There’s a new fantasy couple in town.’

And of course it’s Talvin AKA Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, who has been gushing about how blissfully happy the pair are.

Superstar DJ Calvin talked all things Taylor during an interview with Kiss FM where he revealed things are ‘absolutely fantastic’ between the two.

‘It’s interesting because obviously there’s different things written about it every day and even if we don’t do anything publicly for a while, someone will make something up,’ he said.

‘For me it could be a lot worse and I’d still be like insanely happy with her so I’m good with it.’

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‘Insanely happy’.

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Jealous? Us? Never!

The 31-year-old Scot went on to shut down some of the more ludicrous rumours that have been spread about the couple’s burgeoning relationship.

‘It does get more and more ridiculous, from me apparently being allergic to cats or Taylor and I are moving in together or we’re getting married next week,’ remarked the ‘We Found Love’ hitmaker.

‘It’s a lot but you’ve just got to take it how it is which is that it’s a news story that people read but it’s just not real life.’

*Stuffs wedding hat back into wardrobe*

And although the two have recently been crowned the richest celebrity couple in the world, with a combined income of $146 million (£93.7 million) in 2014, Calvin revealed that they do manage to avoid the paparazzi from time to time.

‘There’s a whole bunch of times where we’ve been hanging out and nobody’s clocked it. It’s not like every single time we go out, we get a photograph taken of us.’

The pair have been inseparable since getting together in March, creating quite frankly unachievable relationship goals with their boat trips along the Thames, rides on the back of inflatable swans and THAT moment at the Billboard Awards in May that melted even the coldest of hearts.

If anyone needs us, we’ll be in our room listening to ‘Bad Blood’ on repeat…

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And just like that. He's gone.

There are tears flowing from my eyes while I write this, I just need to get my emotions out as they come to me. One phrase that keeps coming into my mind is: “I had him.”

He was here. I touched him. I kissed him. I loved him. He was within an arm’s reach.

And now, I sit in my bed, and he sits on a plane. Flying the 4,203 miles away from me back to his house. I had him, and now he’s gone. It felt like two hours, not two weeks, and I’d give anything to have just 5 more minutes. Nothing hurt me more than seeing him bawl his eyes out before we had to hug one final time. I couldn’t look back, I wouldn’t have been able to leave.

It was the most incredible two weeks I could have asked for. He makes me the happiest girl in the world. These tears remind me that I love him with all my heart, and that a bit of me is missing now.

If you live near your significant other, please never take them for granted. Never take for granted the millimeters between your skin. Never take for granted being able to look into their eyes and feel their heart beating. Because for some, their heart beats thousands of miles away.