if he kissed me like that he could have ANYTHING from me

I have yet to realize if love is even worth it. You laugh and you kiss, but then what? You cry, and he leaves. You’re alone again, and this time it’s worse than the time before. Now you know what could be. Now you know what it’s like to be loved, but you realize you weren’t good enough. Maybe one day I’ll find the imperfect, quirky guy who thinks I’m a princess. He’ll love me despite my emotional diseases, and he’ll put up with me because he thinks I’m worth it. Time will stop when we’re together, and when I’m with him, I won’t see anything else. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to define love from experience. Or maybe, maybe at that point it won’t need a definition. Love, after all, is just a feeling.

He touched me in ways I didn’t know were possible

his tender hands caressing the fragile outline of my body and his sweet lips tracing the scars framing my wrists and hips

promising between each kiss that he could never love anyone else the way he loved me

and when he left me with hickies trailing from my neck down my chest I thanked him for leaving me with a constant reminder of where his lips had touched so I had proof that he still wanted me every time I doubted myself

because every so often after we would fight my fingers would graze over the red marks on my body and I would remember what it felt like to have his hands wrapped around my neck while his hazel eyes stared deep into mine

and god would I do anything for him

but I was too much for him to handle and he didn’t want to be with someone so fragile, so it was with tears and a heavy heart I whispered goodbye while choking between my cries

but he didn’t shed a tear

and I loved him, I love him, I still fucking love him

but the worst part is

I still let him tear me apart each time I finally put myself back together

—  I told you I loved you, and you told me I was being dramatic (S.D.)
Calvin Harris Opens Up About Taylor Swift: ‘It’s Going Absolutely Fantastic’

‘Hello, is that Love’s Young Dream? You’re fired. There’s a new fantasy couple in town.’

And of course it’s Talvin AKA Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, who has been gushing about how blissfully happy the pair are.

Superstar DJ Calvin talked all things Taylor during an interview with Kiss FM where he revealed things are ‘absolutely fantastic’ between the two.

‘It’s interesting because obviously there’s different things written about it every day and even if we don’t do anything publicly for a while, someone will make something up,’ he said.

‘For me it could be a lot worse and I’d still be like insanely happy with her so I’m good with it.’

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‘Insanely happy’.

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Jealous? Us? Never!

The 31-year-old Scot went on to shut down some of the more ludicrous rumours that have been spread about the couple’s burgeoning relationship.

‘It does get more and more ridiculous, from me apparently being allergic to cats or Taylor and I are moving in together or we’re getting married next week,’ remarked the ‘We Found Love’ hitmaker.

‘It’s a lot but you’ve just got to take it how it is which is that it’s a news story that people read but it’s just not real life.’

*Stuffs wedding hat back into wardrobe*

And although the two have recently been crowned the richest celebrity couple in the world, with a combined income of $146 million (£93.7 million) in 2014, Calvin revealed that they do manage to avoid the paparazzi from time to time.

‘There’s a whole bunch of times where we’ve been hanging out and nobody’s clocked it. It’s not like every single time we go out, we get a photograph taken of us.’

The pair have been inseparable since getting together in March, creating quite frankly unachievable relationship goals with their boat trips along the Thames, rides on the back of inflatable swans and THAT moment at the Billboard Awards in May that melted even the coldest of hearts.

If anyone needs us, we’ll be in our room listening to ‘Bad Blood’ on repeat…

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I would like to officially introduce everyone to Ollie, short for Oliver (I recently binge-watched Arrow on Netflix and decided to name him after Oliver Queen lol). Ollie is a young bird so he’s become very attached to people and extremely well acclimated to daily life. He’s not afraid of anything (dogs, cars, trucks, not a problem!) and he wants to be near people all the time. I’ll often let him hang out with me while I’m watching TV in my room because he goes crazy if he can see me but can’t get to me. For these same reasons, I usually have to hold him on my hand while I drive, because the back seat is just too far away from me and he won’t tolerate that kind of separation! lol Unlike most kestrels, he’s very good about being pet and even accepts kisses and snuggles <3 He’s my sweet baby boy

Ollie is a young bird so he’s still developing his flight muscles and learning how to use them. When I first started working with him, he could barely control where he flew and often crash landed into things. He’s gotten much better since then, but he still hasn’t caught any birds yet due to inexperience. He loves loves to chase them though! I think he’ll be a great bird hunter as soon as he gets a little more flight practice under his wings. 

I have yet to realize if love is even worth it. You laugh and you kiss, but then what? You cry, and he leaves. You’re alone again, and this time it’s worse than the time before. Now you know what could be. Now you know what it’s like to be loved, but you realize you weren’t good enough. Maybe one day I’ll find the imperfect, quirky guy who thinks I’m a princess. He’ll love me despite my emotional diseases, and he’ll put up with me because he thinks I’m worth it. Time will stop when we’re together, and when I’m with him, I won’t see anything else. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to define love from experience. Or maybe, maybe at that point it won’t need a definition. Love, after all, is just a feeling.
—  Daily Tumblr Love Quotes
I spent my childhood dreaming about first kisses and when I was eleven years old I used to wait around to see him. I thought that love was magic and when he twirled his hand around a lock of my hair I thought maybe he was something special.
I spent my teenage years surrounded by long phone calls about forever and I was fifteen years old when I used to wait around to see him. I thought love was an inevitable future and some day soon someone would kiss me everyday like life would cease to exist without me.
I spent the days I was meant to grow up in, actually growing down. I resolved to no longer wait for anyone and I grasped the security of having nothing special. I knew love was the most beautiful thing to have, but I also knew that no one would lose sleep because they’d fallen in love with some other girl two blocks from my house. I wanted to be irreplaceable but not because of my hair, or my green eyes, or the way I could make anything sound pertinent when I said it the right way.
I wanted the real deal the – I didn’t feel complete without you, you’re my best friend, let’s paint the walls yellow – kind of love. But I had an overwhelming feeling that it just wasn’t meant for me. And all of a sudden, I craved the stupidity that came with being an eleven year old kid who loved the boy that lived down the street. The one with hazel eyes and secrets only I knew.
I craved to be the girl who blushed when a guy said she was beautiful, without thinking of consequences and foregone conclusions. I wanted to be the girl who waited. Who had an unexplainable hope in the future. And I thought that’s who I was; but I’m afraid that somewhere along the way I might just have changed.

2:47am thoughts.

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And just like that. He's gone.

There are tears flowing from my eyes while I write this, I just need to get my emotions out as they come to me. One phrase that keeps coming into my mind is: “I had him.”

He was here. I touched him. I kissed him. I loved him. He was within an arm’s reach.

And now, I sit in my bed, and he sits on a plane. Flying the 4,203 miles away from me back to his house. I had him, and now he’s gone. It felt like two hours, not two weeks, and I’d give anything to have just 5 more minutes. Nothing hurt me more than seeing him bawl his eyes out before we had to hug one final time. I couldn’t look back, I wouldn’t have been able to leave.

It was the most incredible two weeks I could have asked for. He makes me the happiest girl in the world. These tears remind me that I love him with all my heart, and that a bit of me is missing now.

If you live near your significant other, please never take them for granted. Never take for granted the millimeters between your skin. Never take for granted being able to look into their eyes and feel their heart beating. Because for some, their heart beats thousands of miles away.

Autumn | Drabble

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The apple cider made my whole body warm up as I took small sips from the cup. Sam was sitting beside me on the bail of hay, our thighs touching as he drank his cider as well. The wind blew passed us, causing my hair to go everywhere and making me shiver. Sam wrapped one arm around me, pulling me closer to him, and warming me up instantly. “Thank you,” I smiled.

Sam pressed a kiss to my lips and he tasted like apples and cinnamon. His nose bumped against mine before turning away and scanning the farm around us. 

“Do you see them?” I pointed to the two small boys with brown hair running around the corn maze, and heading to us. Before I could say anything, both of them ran right up to me and both tried to scrambled into my lap. 

“Momma! Momma, we saw pumpkins! Really big ones! Momma, can we get some!“ 

 "You’ll have to ask your daddy,” I said. They both turned to Sam, pulling the best puppy eyes they could muster. 

 The wind picked up again and I pulled them closer. Sam grabbed one from my lap and held him closer. “Let’s get some pumpkins and we can go and get out of this cold wind, okay?” Sam asked. 

 "Yeah!“ They bounced out of our laps and ran off towards the pumpkin patch. I stood and grabbed my cider, I started their way when I felt hands wrap around my waist. 

“I love you,” Sam whispered. I turned around and stood on my toes, pressing a kiss to Sam’s lips. 

“Momma!” My boys screamed as the watch me kiss their dad. “Pumpkins!" 

"I love you more than the twins love pumpkins picking,” I whispered.

He kissed me softly, gently, and slowly. It was so intense, and intimate. He put his hand on my throat, and sighed. His body was pressed into mine so tight, I could feel how fast his heart was beating. His lips tasted like morning coffee and cigarette, mixed with his favourite cologne. His eyes were closed, and smiled while he was kissing me.
I felt like I’m going to explode. The butterflies in my stomach danced, and my heart was going to get out of my ribs. I couldn’t catch my breath. Then he stopped, touched my face, my lips, and he was still smiling.

“See” he said. “Did I show you how much I love you? Do you believe me now? I have never kissed a girl like this. And I think I’m never going to kiss anyone the way I kissed you. Believe me. I love you more than anything. You are my world”

—  Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #2

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Could you do a KBTBB headcanon where the guys find out that MC is actually a princess in a foreign country and she hid it from them?

Baba: “You are my princess. This won’t change anything,” Baba said as he took her hand, kissing every single tip of it and made her moan softly.
“You’re not going to ask why I didn’t tell you earlier?”
“There’s no need for that. I’m sure you have a reason,” Baba smiled. “I’m going to steal the most precious treasure tonight and keep it forever. What do you say about that, princess?”
“I think it will be really happy,” she returned his smile.
He scooped her up and took her to his bedroom.

Ota: “A princess? Like a real princess?” Ota repeated his question again.
“Okay. So?”
“You won’t ask me anything?”
“What? You want me to ask?”
She was expecting that he would be surprised but he turned the table at her and she’s the one who’s confused now. She cocked her head and he laughed.
“Hahhaha… so what does a princess like you like to eat? I’m hungry,” he laced his fingers with hers.
She whispered, “Thank you, Ota.”
His treatment won’t change just because of her status. But he teased her by calling her “Her Highness” sometimes when they did it.

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Genos buried his face in the hero’s shoulder. When was the last time I felt this safe? He considered. Not since before…he squeezed his eyes shut. He didn’t want anything to spoil this moment. “Sensei, you are wonderful.”

Saitama smiled. Before he could reply, “When I am with you, Satiama-Sensei, I know that even if I am hurt, I can survive anything.” The hero ran his fingers through the synthetic hair. “You inspire me. You keep me safe. You’ve made me so much stronger than I was before.”

“But Genos, my strength training didn’t work for you?”

“I didn’t mean physically stronger, Sensei. I am broken.” Saitama started to speak, but Genos continued, “and it is understandable that I would be. And while what happened to me can never be undone, I feel like you have helped me start to heal.” Satiama opened his mouth to speak, but instead kissed Genos’s shoulder. Genos squeezed the hero tighter. “I need you, Sensei.”

Saitama’s voice was soft in his ear. “I need you, too.” Genos turned to look at him then and their lips met in a perfect kiss.

Sensei needs me. Genos was smiling now, feeling more bold. “Sensei, will you keep me?”

Saitama looked confused. “Keep you?”

“In your life. Will you keep me here, with you?”

Saitama smiled. “If you let me… I would like that.” 

Genos kissed him again. “Yes, Sensei.” 


Genos was in the kitchen, stirring a bowl of cookie dough. Saitama leaned across the window from the living room. “Hey, cutie.” 

Genos nearly dropped the spoon he’d been using. His face flushed. “Sensei?”

“Saitama grinned at him. “That’s you.” 

Genos flushed an even deeper shade of red. “You think I am cute?”

“Of course.” Saitama abandoned his perch in the window to walk around the wall and into the kitchen. “Just look at you.” He slipped his arms around the cyborg, who had since abandoned the cookie dough. “Especially in this,” he tugged playfully at the apron. 

Genos’s vents were pouring steam into the air. Saitama walked two fingers up the cyborg’s chest. When they reached his face, he hooked them behind Genos’s jaw, drawing him in for a kiss. “Sensei,”

The hero smiled. “Call me by my name.”

Genos hesitated, then breathed, “Saitama.”

The hero kissed him again, slipping his tongue between the warm silicone lips. He could feel the cyborg smiling as he slipped his hands under those mechanical legs, lifting Genos off the floor, and holding him tight against his chest. 

Genos, wrapped around the hero, couldn’t imagine being happier. His core was humming joyously in his chest and with his Sensei’s strong arms across his frame, he knew nothing in the world could hurt him. He kissed the hero’s cheek and said again, “Saitama.”

Saitama peppered the cyborg’s collar and chest with soft kisses as he carried him through the living room. Genos let his head fall back, focusing solely on the sensation of being held and kissed by Saitama. 

The hero walked out to the balcony, his arms wrapped tight around his disciple. When Genos leaned forward again and opened his eyes, he saw the most handsome man imaginable, framed by a beautiful sunset and the home they shared together. In that moment, he felt pure happiness. 

Fairy Dust

As someone who lost a close family member to suicide, and receives messages every day from folks who, like me, have felt the barrel on their temples, I feel a responsibility to say something about Robin Williams’ passing, but I am focusing my own thoughts on how many great, hard miles he ran rather than that he finally fell down.

I have to think that Robin and my grandmother got stuck in a headspace they couldn’t get out at that time, but could have. Not that anything anyone could’ve said would’ve helped, but that another day would’ve seen them back on this side of the ledge. Maybe even a few feet away. I lived close to the edge myself for so long, now sitting down a mile away is odd. I know for a fact that if I’d taken myself off the board when the game looked inevitably rigged to make me lose, I’d never have achieved the greatest wins of my life. I’d have missed a thousand hugs and kisses from the brightest lights in my life. I don’t blame them for falling over during a dark moment. I just wish they’d had another minute, another hour, whatever, to step back.

Robin Williams and Bill Murray were the touchstones of comedy in my childhood. They made it okay to let the silly in, when so much of my life seemed dark. So many of us are in that same boat, feeling so sad to know that beacons like Robin Williams could have harbored such darkness. I think that’s far more common than people realize, that desperate attempt to be the lights we know people need, because we are achingly aware of the ever-present darkness.

Because our species sees patterns in everything, every low point looks like the inevitable conclusion of every event in our lives, just like every high point. But really, we have to ignore both of those bits of nonsense and keep going, knowing it’ll always be amazing AND terrible, and that’s what makes it so worth doing. In Mr. Williams’s case, I hope he’s found some sort of peace and am focusing entirely on the incredible, positive impact he’s had on my life, all our lives. I am sad he carried so much pain, but so proud of him for using it to fuel so much great art, to share all that beauty and silliness and hope and truth with everyone. What more could an artist want to leave behind than a legacy like that?

Thanks for all the miles you ran. All the light you gave my life. Good work, you flying, alien, genie teacher. Thanks for all the magic. We’ll be worse of without you, but I feel greedy for wanting more of that light. You gave us so much.

Hugs and neverbugs for everyone who felt this colossal loss and wrote me to ask if I was okay. I am. Because I found my happy thought. And you’ll never guess. It was you.

You know what makes me the most upset… Is the way that they reunited… There wasn’t enough time so he didn’t even get to hug her or do anything really.. Just usher her back with the rest of their group… After all this time… all I’ve been waiting for is this great reuniting scene… I think all of us Bethylers have been wanting that. Have them hug cutely.. Some of you thought they would maybe even kiss…. but the scene where they got reunited wasn’t like that at all… Barely had time for anything. It makes me the most mad about how quickly it all went down. Because Daryl just got Beth back. Finally, he finally got her back, just to be ripped away from him again. And it wasn’t even a slow death where she could tell him that everything is going to be alright. Or her say “I told you you’d be the last man standing."something corny like that.. That would at least make us happy for the time being. Just have anything anything at all. Daryl didn’t even get to speak to her and at least say I missed you.. Maggie didn’t get to see her.. Beth probably didn’t even know that Maggie was alive yet. Maybe Carol told her but we don’t know… Who knows…. I'mjust kind of upset and in denial.

He went to reach for her, to breach the space between them. To make some sort of connection.


“No, don’t ‘Nina’ me. Did you plan this to get back at me for the whole Parker thing?”

“What?! No! One thing just lead to another." 

He could tell from the look on her face that she didn’t believe him.

"I didn’t plan anything. You know me! I have no willpower. I try to, I do, but if a pretty lady crooks her finger in my direction….”

Nina roller her eyes at him, but she looked like she had calmed down a little. "Why didn’t you call then?“

"What was I supposed to do? Just stop kissing and tell her I had to make a phone call?”

“Yes! That is exactly what you were supposed to do, Don. You knew I was coming over. You knew I was going to walk in and see that.”

Each time I’m headed on asphalt
towards the place that least reminds me 
of home, I pass a sign that reads,

Does he? See, 
I have this girlfriend 
who looks like the northern California beach
and has eyes the color of being reborn
or the color of life, maybe.

I’m still looking.

And you know what else?
I kiss her
A lot
and on the mouth 

I like it because she tastes like 
how I imagine God sighed after he pronounced,
“It is good,”
and apparently, that is unholy. 
Her touch creaks like the iron gates
around the Garden of Eden, 
creates twice the green growth, and
yet this is also a sin.
Forgiveness from her, given daily
is all the salvation
that I could ever need. 

So let me ask you this:
have any of you Christians holding onto two
yes, TWO fucking verses
held onto anything so beautiful
you could imagine yourself an artist
if only she’d lay there twenty-three more hours
so you could memorize the shadows on her face
like a sundial telling more than just time?
If you’ve never kissed her for the first time
and known suddenly
you’d never tasted before, how
can you tell me my heart is wrong?

Right about now you’re thinking
I’m beating a dead horse,
that the verdict came through
so what am I grating on about but 
until people look at a dead horse with more
contempt than two people who just happen 
to both have painted fingernails
holding hands in public,
then the horse isn’t quite dead yet. 

Go to whichever church tickles your fancy,
but if your God or Father or Holy Ghost
doesn’t only understand, but encourages
my kind of love,
keep him the hell away from me
and my idea of heaven.

—  sydney, “my idea of heaven is committed to me, not the other way around”
Ruin. (Hunter Zoloman)

Do ya… do you think about me? And do ya… do you feel the same way? Yeah and do ya… do you remember how we felt? ‘Cause I do. So listen to me, baby.

His breath was a whisper on her bitten lips, warm and languid hands tantalizing as they brushed the bend of her arms. He was an inch way, a single, solitary moments move from kissing her and she had never wanted anything more, never wanted anything less. This couldn’t happen. Not like this, not with him, not, not, not. But the chill coursing through her veins didn’t seem to agree, like her very blood was calling to this magnificently horrifying beast of a man. She was on edge, like her body had been electrified and perhaps it had. He was trying to remind her of who they were, what they were but how could she have forgotten?

Perhaps the red hot moments of fiery passion and liquid love that had run through her veins could have been forgotten if he wasn’t always there. Physically, mentally. He was always there, on her mind and in her heart although she wanted nothing more than to forget and not feel so in love, so out of control. Yes, she remembered when there love was a Paso doble and not this sensual rumba. They were dancing around each other and if her partner didn’t back away then he was going to pull a piece of her so dark, so deeply guarded out with one of his blackened claws. But with him she felt electrified and if that wasn’t his specialty, she didn’t know what was. She was willing to let him rip her apart as long as she got to chase that blue lightning and it scared her, made her feel crazy. But was she crazy or in love?

And I’m not tryna ruin your happiness, but darling, don’t you know that I’m the only one for ya? And I’m not tryna ruin your happiness, baby, but darling, don’t you know that I’m the only one? Yeah.

When she was younger, she had read the obligatory trashy romance novels and popular books that taught young girls that being the object of a man’s obsession was beautiful and what you wanted. And she hated them. But with his hands smoothing her hair, lips pressing into her ear only to tell her she was his, only his. Asking how can you not see that I only want you to be happy? But you are only happy with me, it’s me and you. She could see the allure to the completely encompassing feeling it offered. Somehow it made her feel loved, feel wanted when all it was, was pure obsession and possessiveness.

She wondered where exactly she fell off her rocker into the loony bin but here she was, looking into startling blue eyes and wondering if she could find a feeling to replace the one he gave her. She highly doubted bungee jumping or even running as fast as lightning could give her the same adrenaline rush she got from a single one of his touches. Was she crazy or in love?

And I’m not tryna ruin your happiness, but darling, don’t you know that I’m the only one for ya? And I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna ruin your happiness, baby, but darling, don’t you know that I’m the only one? Yeah.

When his lips pressed to hers, any inhibition, lies she could have spun, flew out the window. This was familiar. These lips, these hands, pulling and tugging at his collar to pull him closer. It didn’t matter that she was chained to the railing of the bed she had sat on a few days ago screaming at him for being a liar, a monstrous demon that hid behind a dark voice and even darker mask. It didn’t matter that Barry and Co. were looking for their little lab assistant who was potentially smarter than all of them combined. It didn’t matter that he was Zoom, Hunter Zoloman instead of the Jay Garrick she fell in love with.

All that mattered was how he felt, how she felt, how they felt.

He was crazy; there was no doubt in her mind that the man in front of her was institutionalized for a reason. She was crazy; there was no doubt in her mind as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and carefully pulled her head back as to kiss her more easily and she all but melted into him. But was this insanity, was she crazy? Or was she in love?

Not tryna ruin your happiness at all.

Stay with me, let me show you how to love a man like me.

And as she smiled at him, it wasn’t her usual kind-hearted smile of contentedness. No, it was dark, simmering with the hidden piece of her she tried to lock away. Perhaps that’s what the dark matter did to her, unleashed the beat within.

Oh, she was in love.

Happily, stupidly, crazily in love.

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I have a boyfriend who always use to want to have sex with me and touch me and ask for naked photos all the time and I don't know what happened that he doesn't do any of those Things anymore .. it's making me feel bad because am I no attractive to him anymore ? Am I no longer sexy ? Does he not like the sex ? I can barely even get a kiss from him. Am I over reacting ? Or is something going on ? Because now I'm just thinking he has someone else...

We as woman pick up on things we recognize when shit start to change & we start to ask questions & start to question ourselves but don’t automatically think it’s you or your fault, something is definitely up & you should take it up with him & ask him what’s going on, don’t assume anything cause you never know it could be something going on with him personally that has nothing to do with you or anyone else