if he kept his mouth closed he'd almost be good looking

Uma X Harry Headcannons

I’m new to the descendants fandom so bare with me, I really hope these don’t suck. I haven’t read the books or anything but I just really love these two together. Enjoy.


~They have a mutual understanding about their relationship. No strings whatsoever.  If they’re are strings, there are feelings and feelings equate to weakness. Neither of them can afford to be weak, especially on the Isle.

~The physical side of their relationship didn’t start until after the core four left. Mainly because the two were so wrapped up in Mal and all her glory to notice the potential they had. Mal and Uma had a complicated relationship, they were either scheming together or waging war against each other. There was no in between. A relationship like that kept Uma on edge, she didn’t have as much influence as the other VK, nor did her name strike fear into others the way Mal’s did. So she spent the majority of her time watching her back or making sure Mal watched hers. And Harry, he and Mal were known to have a bit of a thing going on, nothing serous but it was enough keep him up at night with thoughts of her.

~They constantly teased each other over their relationships with Mal, well, before she left them.

     “ Ay Shrimpy- I mean Captain, working on another failed attempt at undermining Mal." 

                                   "You’re hilarious hook, really, I’m dying of laughter.  But shouldn’t you be somewhere kissing her ass right about now.”

~When Mal announced she wanted to be good on live TV, it was the ultimate betrayal. Uma didn’t speak to anyone for weeks and after that incident no one but her crew is allowed to mention that traitor’s name around her. Unless they’re bad mouthing her.

~Unlike the majority of the people on the Isle, Harry wasn’t that surprised when it happened. He knew Mal after all, he knew that she longed to be accepted and loved by those around her without having to watch her back 24/7. He knew she wasn’t all bad, no matter how much she pretended to be. He wasn’t shocked, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt him. He'd never admit it though.

~The first time they hooked up, it was during the citizenship ceremony. A day where the former villain kids would finally become official productive members of the Auradon society. Mal couldn’t stomach it so she left her mom’s shop and looked for solitude. Instead she found Harry on the black sands of the Isle, looking out onto the untouchable ocean. She didn’t say anything as she sat beside him, for a while the only thing they did was wallow in their own misery. They’ve must’ve been there a whole hour before Harry spoke up. Said something stupid that Uma can’t really remember. She didn’t let him finish before she smashed her lips into his. He didn’t pull away, just kissed her back, harder, faster, needier.  They both needed this, they needed to numb themselves.

~Sometimes, in the mornings, whoever wakes up first likes to watch over the other. They enjoy the feeling of seeing the other so peaceful, so free of the problems this cruel world has forced upon them.  It puts them at ease. They both never get caught, they’re too sneaky to get caught.

~Harry likes to call Uma love when they’re alone, or with just Gil who’s usually to spaced out to notice. He doesn’t use the nickname in public, he knows better but he doesn’t hesitate to use it when they’re alone. She never reacts but she likes the way it rolls of his tongue.

~Uma taught Harry how to swim. It was a nice experience, one of the purest memories either of them had. The lesson only lasted an hour and a half before things got a little too feely for both of them. It came to close to date material, they never mention it. But to this day, whenever Harry looks out onto the water he can’t help but to think of her.

~Harry’s the only one whose seen Uma without her braids. Sure it was an accident, he wasn’t even supposed to be on their ship in the first place but he needed to get away from the Jolly Roger for awhile. He didn’t know Uma would be there, in the middle of the night, delicately undoing each and every braid.  He watched from a crack in the doorway that lead to the captain’s quarters. Her real hair was a big array of  aqua and black curls, long and beautiful. He had never seen her look so beautiful. The first urge he had was to walk in and stroke each and every strand. To kiss her shoulders and do things that he shouldn’t do when they were, y'know, doing that.  Because if he did those things, this time would mean more than the others. They’d both be vulnerable, in more ways than one and that was something he couldn’t afford to be. So he turned his back and made his way to the black sands, hoping to escape his thoughts of the sea witch. He didn’t succeed.

~Uma is the only one who can read him. The majority of people on the island think its impossible and they’re wrong. He’s just not easy to figure out. To the outside world he’s either as cold as ice, or completely and utterly insane. But she knows of the mask he wears, whenever he feels too much, he’s stone. But he can’t hide the emotions that run wild in his eyes. And when he’s feeling nothing, you’ll see his wicked grin and unprecedented outbursts. His small attempt at forcing himself to feel something, anything. And his eyes, behind the constant eyebrow movements, are dead. She knows this and she’s completely aware of how when they’re alone, his face is like hard. Almost like a statue . She knows he feels things for her, but she’d never hold it against him. She could never do that, she would never want to either. Uma couldn’t hurt him because deep down she knows, she has feelings for him too. He’s not the only one wearing a mask.

~Over the course of their relationship they’ve grown a deep respect and mutual understanding for each other. DO NOT CONFUSE IT WITH LOVE! It’ll never be that…..

Subway (the train, not the sandwich place) - ot13

prompt: “Can I get a reaction from all 13 members where they find someone on the subway attractive and they want to get to know the person more? Thank you!”

a/n: I’ve been away, but I’m back with something that I’m relatively proud of, hope you guys like it as much as I do. Sorry for the wait though.. :( I’ve come up with a schedule so I can HOPEFULLY make good quality writings regularly for you guys. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to do that so far…

xx Admin Sunny

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Can I get some insecure s/o with Reaper in a smutty scenario? I love yandere reaper's roughness and forcefulness, but I also like to think he'd be good to an obedient kidnapee

this turned out surprisingly tender so I hope that’s ok~ I’m a sucker for big scary dudes being all gentle with their beloved albeit-reluctant lil wifey. Also I hope it’s ok I chose a dfab reader since when it comes to nasties that’s the easiest and best option for me personally u////u

Your back was pressed hard against the metal bars of the headboard, unable to slink any further away as the man in black sat poised only inches away, watching you with an intent and fixated gaze. Anxiety and fear twisted around every thought you had as your captor kept you essentially trapped. He had made it all too clear what he wanted: ‘be good for me and don’t fight’.

The man suddenly reaches and you can’t help but flinch, too terrified to try and escape any longer as he brought his body closer to yours, stroking your cheek with an odd gentleness. “I won’t hurt you.” Reaper said in a hushed tone, easily feeling the rapid beating of your heart as his other ungloved hand brushes over your neck. He had struck the fear of God in you and he could tell all too well, those big dark eyes of his softening as he looked at you like you were the moon and stars.

Gabriel could see it in the way you moved and darted your eyes, your tensing, the heat he felt on your skin; you weren’t used to being touched. You weren’t used to being looked at the way he was looking at you right now. He wondered if it was out of neglect and loneliness, briefly musing on why no one had claimed you before he had. Fools, all of them. He would be the only one you needed and so, so much more.

He practically purred as you reluctantly let him move closer, pulling you flush against him as full lips envelop your own, Reyes groaning lowly. His kiss was needy, lonely, the man taking every second to enjoy your warmth and taste before his tongue pushed into your mouth, strong hands tangling in your hair to keep you close to him. It was all too obvious how much he was enjoying this, a tangible heat radiating from the aroused man as he finally broke away from you, eyes half-lidded and predatory with lust.

“I knew you’d be a good girl for me.”

You’re eased onto your back by hands gently tugging you downwards, your pulse frantic and intense as Reaper loomed above, fingers dipping under the hem of your shirt to pull it upwards, exposing your chest as a blush blooms across your cheeks. Calloused hands grope at the softness of your belly, gliding up your sides as the man kissed the tender flesh of your navel. Every move and touch made you practically shudder, face cherry-red in embarrassment as Gabriel tugged at your sweatpants.

But your knees snap closed, Reaper letting out a frustrated hum as he looks to your flushed expression. You’re afraid he’s mad, maybe even that he’ll hit you, but a playful smirk crosses his features. “Feeling shy?” He teased. “I can help with that.”

A startled yelp escapes you as the agent of Talon swiftly flips you over, pulling your lower half up onto your knees to present yourself to him. The chilled air hits your bare skin all too quickly as he practically tears your pants down, broad hands greedily groping your ass. Your skin feels alight with heat as a finger slowly tugs down your panties, exposing your vulnerable sex to your aroused captor.

“Don’t look…!” You plead softly, an inferno of embarrassment and shame coursing through you as thick digits finger your pussy, thankful that the man was at least merciful enough to put you in a position that hid your face. Gabriel only chuckles, your hips twitching as you feel his thumbs ease apart your folds, unwittingly raising your slit for him as his face quickly buries itself between your thighs, the unmistakable sensations of his tongue glossing over your sensitive walls causing your back to arch. You couldn’t help the mewling whimpers that fall from your lips as Reyes ate you out, the criminal’s movements expert and passionate as he sucked on your clit, squeezing the soft skin of your rear as he groaned into you.

“You don’t know how hard it was for me to wait.” Reaper growled lowly, his grip on you firm even as your hips twitched and wiggled with his touch. “Watching you from the shadows, waiting for the right moment to make you mine.”

His possessive words are only punctuated as you feel his chest brush against your back, finding yourself pushed onto your side as the Talon operative held you from behind, a hand under your knee holding your leg up to expose your cunt. You never even heard Reyes undo his belt, but the broad head of his cock prods against your sex, rubbing against it in almost teasing movements of his hips. “And just look at you,” He purrs, breath hot against the back of your neck as he spoke in a hushed tone, his lips grazing against your skin. “behaving so well.”

A brief peck of his lips to the nape of your neck and you’re all too sure that you can feel the corners of his mouth turn up in a smile. “I knew you’d be perfect for me.”

Reaper’s hips slowly push forward, burying himself in your tight heat practically to the hilt as a low rumble of pleasure vibrates in his throat. “So snug~.” He grunts, pleased as he begins pumping his cock in and out of you. “We’ll have to fix that, won’t we?”

Gabriel lifts your leg high to thrust as deep and hard as this intimate position will allow, his free hand snaking into your hair to tilt your head back for a kiss, wet and sloppy as equally vulgar noises escape from in between your legs. The man’s grin is hungry, wolfish, a small nip to the lobe of your ear as his words reach you through your cries of pleasure.

“I’ll paint your insides white.

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✿ 20 SaboAce?

20. underwater kiss

The aquarium hadn’t meant to acquire a mermaid. It certainly hadn’t meant to acquire Sabo, angry and half-blind and terrified of any of the mermaids that looked like him, and when Ace had found out he’d stormed Shank’s office in his half-off wet suit and demanded that the mer be put into a private tank. 

It’d taken a solid ten minutes of arguing, but Benn stomped in near the end and pointed angrily at the puddle on the carpet, making Shanks groan and relent, agreeing to let Ace work with the young mer. 

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gallavich prompt: can you do something where one of them has an accident and forgets who the other is? :)

// ok I’ve given this my best shot…it’s a total standalone, full on oneshot, completely unrelated to my gallavich queer club universe (but trust me there is lots more of that coming!) enjoy //

‘Im sorry Mr Gallagher but he has amnesia.’

Ian sighed. 'But he’s going to remember? It’ll come back?’

'We can’t know anything for certain. I don’t want to promise something that may not happen. You’re free to visit him now, though. He’s awake.’

So Ian walked slowly down the corridor, breathing in the harsh chemical smell of the hospital. He just wanted to get to the room and see Mickey, yet he walked slower than ever. He knew that every step he took was a step closer to discovering something terrible.

'Can I come in?’, he called, knocking on the door. The man in the bed frowned at him, confused.

'I think you have the wrong room, man,’ he said, shrugging blankly.

Ian’s heart almost stopped. 'Mickey. It’s me. It’s Ian’, he whispered, shocked.

Mickey’s eyes widened. 'How the fuck do you know my name?’, he said, his tone suspicious and body inching away from Ian in caution, who had now entered the room.

Ian couldn’t believe what he was hearing. 'I know your name, Mickey Milkovich, because I have loved you for just shy of eight years.’

'I’m not a fucking fag,’ Mickey spat aggressively, but his eyes were fearful.

'You’ve got to be kidding me,’ Ian muttered incredulously. Mickey had reverted back to how he was before coming out. Before even knowing Ian. He walked up close to Mickey and got up close, the words falling slowly but piercingly out of his mouth. 'I don’t know what year you think you’re in, but back in 2014, you came out. You practically screamed it. Your dad beat the shit out of us, but we won. We went home and showered together and we didn’t fuck that night. We kissed with our broken faces and just lay side by side all night. Toe to toe, head to head. I held you. I kissed away your tears. And then, Mickey, then you rested your ear over my chest and you fell asleep listening to my heartbeat.’ Mickey was staring at him, paralysed. Ian wondered if he’d gone too far, but he didn’t stop. 'I know your name, Mickey Milkovich, because I can’t count the number of times I’ve fucking screamed out your name each time you coaxed my body into an orgasm…which you reciprocated nicely, might I add. Usually I top. But liking what you like don’t make you a bitch, isn’t that right?’

'I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but you need to shut your fucking mouth,’ Mickey practically whimpered. Then Ian calmed down a little. He realised that this wasn’t Mickey’s fault. So he spoke softly and less aggressively.

'I know your name, Mickey Milkovich, because six months ago, we got married. In the park here in Chicago. Our sisters were bridesmaids. Your brothers didn’t show up. But mine became yours. Lip was my best man. Kev was yours. And Yev was ring bearer. Your son - our son.’ Mickey was speechless. 'He’s almost five. And these are the rings he carried down the aisle to us,’ Ian said, holding up his hand to show the thick, plain silver band snug on his fourth finger. Then he tentatively reached out to run his thumb over Mickey’s identical ring. Mickey instinctively snatched his hand away like Ian’s touch burned him. 'In your vows, you told me that you loved me beyond any and all things. And you told me again later, when it was just us, because I still couldn’t believe it. It felt like a dream. Because I love you too, Mickey. So, so much,’ Ian told him, tears in his eyes, desperate. He clasped Mickey’s hand now and held on, his husband’s hand, the hand he knew better than his own, as he cried silently.

Mickey stared at their hands, fingering the ring on his finger, frowning. 'I don’t know where to even begin…they told me I had some amnesia but…how could I forget so much? There’s just, years and years missing. Years with you, apparently. You don’t seem like the sort of guy I could forget’, he whispered.

Ian raised his eyebrows. 'Was that - are you flirting?’ he almost laughed.

Mickey looked away awkwardly. 'Look, I know I’m gay. I’ve always known. I never kiss guys. Don’t want them to get attached…well. I don’t want to get attached to them, honestly.’

'You kiss me plenty. All of that playing-it-straight crap went to shit after a couple years with me.’

'Am I really married? To you?’ Ian reached for his wallet.

'I’ll bring more pictures from home, tomorrow - but I always have this one with me. This is us. Last May.’ Ian showed him the little rectangular picture.

'We look good,’ Mickey remarked, but the two men in tuxes with matching grins looked like strangers to him. There was a pause. 'Do I really have a kid?’

'Yes. He’s here,’ Ian said, flipping the pockets of the wallet over and revealing a photo from a year or so ago, of Yev sat on the couch at Ian and Mickey’s place. 'Yevgeny. We all call him Yev.’

'What kind of a -’


'Why?’ Ian considered how to answer. 'Who’s his mother?’

Ian sighed. 'It’s a long story. I’ll tell you another day.’ Mickey didn’t persist.

'How did we meet?’

Ian smiled. 'It was 2011. We were still living out our teenage years, though yours were nearly over. You thought I’d - hurt your sister and you just burst into the shop where I used to work, screaming out my name. Wouldn’t be the last time you did that…anyway. We didn’t really meet until I came to your place one morning. We started out fighting, pretty hard, but then you pinned me down and - I just remember our eyes locked and we just stared at each other, and we just knew. And then we were just doing it. Fucking in your twin bed. I was fifteen. Shit.’ He sighed. 'We kept hooking up in secret. Always rushing through the sex. Terrified of getting discovered. That was more you than me, but still. We didn’t even kiss for, like, two years. Not that I didn’t try. But we used to flirt shamelessly. That was more me than you. You were nothing like anyone I’d ever known. I didn’t think you could exist. But you did. Eventually you seemed to just accept that you wanted me and you weren’t going to deny yourself pleasure anymore. It was literally destroying you, Mick.’


Ian had gone to get them both coffee. On the walk back, he reflected. It was still unbelievable. And unfair. But when hadn’t things been with them? He didn’t know how he could tell Mickey everything. Svetlana. Terry. His bipolar. The accident. How could everything about them have been wiped clean out of his head?

As he returned, he was broken out of these thoughts by Mickey’s voice ringing down the corridor. He was…singing? Ian listened.

'And I don’t want the world to see me, cos I don’t think that they’d understand’, Mickey sang, scratchy but pure.

Ian stood in the doorway, frozen. Mickey noticed. 'Are you ok?’, he asked.

'Mick…why were you singing that song?’, he asked in a choked whisper.

Mickey shrugged. 'I don’t actually know. I seem to remember it from somewhere. And it’s - it’s nice. I guess,’ he said, puzzled. 'Why?’

Ian stepped inside the room slowly. 'That was the song we danced to at our wedding. It’s our song, it’s our fucking song’, he said, then sang the next line, voice shaking, 'when everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.’

They didn’t say anything. They just stared at each other, both searching for things that the other didn’t know how to give.

Mickey slowly slipped off the ring and held it. 'So I can remember our wedding song but not the wedding’, he murmured bitterly.

Ian noticed Mickey’s eyes fill with tears. He knew him well enough to know that any second he would begin crying. He walked over and held Mickey, not caring if the gesture was too sudden - if his husband was crying, he was going to comfort him. Sure enough, Mickey gave a loud sob, then tears fell down his face as he began to cry. Ian absentmindedly stroked his neck, planted little kisses in his hair; it was second nature. 'Sorry,’ he said after a moment, worrying Mickey would react adversely to the affection.

Mickey shook his head. 'It’s fine. It’s - nice. That’s not it.’

'Then what?’

'It’s just…I want to remember it, all of it. Not only for my sake but for yours too, this isn’t fair to either of us’, Mickey sobbed.

Ian nodded. 'I know. I know’, he said, feeling tears sting his own eyes. After everything they’d been out through, this just felt like the sickest, most fucked up twist of fate.

Mickey slowly turned and looked at Ian. He had somehow ended up curled against Ian’s chest, a familiar position. They were so close; Ian could feel his breath on his neck and it took all the strength he had not to kiss Mickey. It was too soon, it was too soon, he kept telling himself.

But then Mickey reached up, slowly, tracing the outline of Ian’s face. Tentative at first, then coming to cradle Ian’s face in his palm. Mickey’s eyes fell to his lips.

'Oh fuck,’ Ian murmured, and gave in. He kissed him hard, and then Mickey returned the kiss, deepened it. Ian’s hands ran through Mickey’s hair and they really tasted each other. Ian couldn’t get enough of him, no matter how familiar he was. That was the beauty of it.

'Your kiss. I’ve had it before’, Mickey said breathlessly.

Ian smiled. 'My lips are clearly a pretty unforgettable experience’, he smiled through his tears. Mickey laughed.


Mickey had fallen asleep in his arms and Ian had stayed, holding him. It reminded him of old times, before the accident. They lay together on the bed, Ian breathing in the same old smell. The blood and the hospital couldn’t erase it; it was, unmistakably, home.

'Ian? Are you awake?’, he whispered.

Ian looked down at his husband. 'Yeah. I’m here.’

'I just want to say. I’m - I’m sorry. You don’t deserve this. I can’t imagine how hard it must be’, he said.

'It’s not your fault’, Ian began, but Mickey cut across -

'regardless. I’m sorry. And when the doctor sees me tomorrow, I’m going to find out how I can beat this thing - if I can. If I can’t, well…’, he trailed off, unsure what would happen.

'Then we’ll work through it. I vowed to take you in sickness and in health’, Ian reminded him. 'God knows you’ve done that for me. Look, I love you, Mickey. I will always love you. And I know you’ve forgotten how to love me, but I’ll remind you. I want you to remember, to feel it all again’, he whispered, kissing his neck.

Mickey smiled. 'Thank you, firecrotch,’ he muttered as his eyes closed, drifting back into sleep.

Ian’s heart jolted and he closed his eyes, grinning, as more tears came. 'You’re on your way back, aren’t you,’ he whispered, kissing Mickey’s forehead gently. He didn’t think his old nickname had ever made him cry before.

But that was their relationship. Expect the unexpected. Always.

// the end! PLEASE keep sending me prompts, I gotta write every day this month! //

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could you write about Harry filming the two of you while you're having sex? Do you think he'd do it? lots of love xx

Harry was always adventurous in the bedroom.  He liked experimenting, finding what turned you on and then using it to drive you into oblivion.  You were never quite sure what you might walk into on any given night and considering the kinds of text messages he’d been sending you all day, tonight would be no different.

You closed the front door, glancing around the front rooms and noticing nothing was out of place.  You let out a sigh.  Well, nothing was happening in here at least.

“Baby?”  You called out, met with complete silence.  

You walked into the kitchen and set your purse on the counter.  You noticed the entire kitchen had been cleaned from top to bottom.  Everything was spotless and in it’s designated space.  Which was great, but clearly nothing was happening in here.

You turned around to see the bedroom light on through a sliver in the door that was just cracked.  You took a minute to gather yourself before taking the steps towards your bedroom.  You pushed the door open to see the room bathed in more light than usual.  He must have brought in a few lamps from the other rooms.

He was standing in front of the dresser, fiddling with a video camera.  You kept your hand on the doorknob, nothing else in the room seemed to be out of place.  You cleared your throat, causing him to look up suddenly.  He instantly smiled,

“Oh…didn’t hear you come in.  Sorry about that.”  He set the video camera down and walked over to you, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek, “How was your day, My Love?”

You shrugged,

“Long, boring…”  You gestured to the video camera, “But I think you’re about to spice it up a little.”

Harry smiled his trademark charismatic smile,

“I had an idea today…and I was hoping you’d go along with it.  Might be fun.”  He said, his hands running down your arms.  You raised your eyebrows, waiting for him to continue.  He glanced back at the camera and then looked back at you, “Thought we could record ourselves…see how it goes.”

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How would Daichi, Sugawara, Asahi, Tsukishima, Oikawa, Kuroo, and Kenma comfort their partner after having a nightmare about them leaving (breaking up with them/going somewhere far away)? **p.s this blog is the best thing to see on my dash! keep up the good work!!!**

(Oh my, thank you so much for your nice words, dear anon. We hope you will continue enjoying our posts. Btw, extreme fluff alert!)

Upon seeing his significant other so distressed, Sawamura would immediately pull them into a hug and gently stroke their back, letting them hold onto him as long as they needed. When they told him about their nightmare, he would tighten the hug, placing his head in the crook of their neck and stay in this position until their shaking would subside. He would then pull away just enough so he could catch their gaze. His eyes locked firmly with theirs, he would, in a serious voice, tell them: “I need you to listen to me very closely now. This was just a nightmare. Nothing else. I’m here. And I’ll stay here, right by your side. I have no intention of leaving you. I love you. And I will say it as often as you need to hear it, and I will hold you as long as you need me to.

Sugawara would listen attentively to his significant other as they told him about their nightmare, giving their hands a reassuring squeeze whenever they choked up and needed a moment to compose themselves again, while concern shimmered in his eyes. He would be truly overwhelmed they cared so much about him that a nightmare of him leaving had put them into such an agitated state. When the last words had faded away and the only sound left was the ticking of the clock on the wall, he would pull them into his lap, the tips of their noses so close they almost touched. He’d wipe away their tears with his thumbs, before picking up a blanket and wrapping it around both of their bodies. He’d press a soft kiss to their forehead, and then look them in the eye, while a soft smile would grace his face. “I know this nightmare really upset you, but it was just that: a nightmare. I love you, and I will not leave your side. You are so precious to me, I can’t even imagine life without you by my side, so forget about that terrible dream and show me one of your beautiful smiles instead.

Asahi would be completely unable to cope with seeing the person he loved in such a state. He’d hold their shaking hands in his, which were trembling just as much, before placing them on their shoulders, cupping their face, and going back to entwining their fingers, while he listened to them telling him what they had dreamt. It would pain him greatly to know he was the cause for their agitation, even if not directly, and his face would be like an open book, his emotions clear for them to read in his expression. Yet, when they had finished, he would surprise himself when the words that left his mouth sounded nothing but firm, almost forceful: “Something like that won’t happen. You mean so much to me, there is no way I would leave you just like that. Ever.

The fact that Tsukishima’s significant other would get so worked up over a nightmare when he was right here, beside them, would make him let out a little, irritated sigh. It wasn’t that he’d be mad at them, or think they were overreacting – he knew how real certain dreams could feel – but the fact that even his strong arms around them didn’t really help to cease their trembling would make him feel somewhat helpless. And he didn’t like that feeling. Not one bit. So he’d pull back slightly and press his lips on theirs, almost a bit too fervently, to take their mind off the nightmare and bring them back to the here and now. With him. When he could finally, slowly, feel them relax, he’d break the kiss just long enough to murmur against their lips: “This is better. Stop worrying about bad dreams and focus on only me. The real me.

It would break Oikawa’s heart to see his significant other so distressed, and even more so when he would find out the tears were running down their face, because they had had a nightmare of him leaving. He’d pull them close to his side, kiss their damp cheeks and leave a salty taste on their lips, when he pressed one kiss after the other on them, in the attempt to calm them down. He’d run one of his hands through their hair, while he’d hold their waist with the other. When he felt they had overcome their initial shock after waking up from such a horrible dream and slowly regained control over their senses, he would softly whisper: “See, I’m here. You can feel me, can’t you? It was nothing but a nightmare, but this here is real.

Kuroo’s significant other might be a bit apprehensive to tell him about their nightmare at first, even as he would keep asking what was wrong while he was grabbing their shoulders and looking at them with sincere concern palpable on his face. They’d be afraid he might laugh it off with his often so easygoing manner and tell them they were overreacting. But since the uneasy feeling just wouldn’t go away, and their body kept trembling while it became harder every minute to hold back the tears threatening to spill over, they would eventually tell their alarmed boyfriend what it was that had made them feel so distressed. Immediately, they would realize how wrong they had been about him, as he wouldn’t scold them at all for taking the nightmare to heart, but he’d actually be really understanding. He would plant little kisses on their face as he held them in his arms, stroking their hair and back, and when they finally relaxed under his touches, he’d say: “You don’t need to worry, there’s no way in hell I’d ever let you be my one who got away.

Kenma would be at a loss of how to deal with this situation appropriately, the thought of ever having to tell his partner he wouldn’t be leaving them never even having crossed his mind. He’d shift around nervously, his eyes only occasionally finding theirs, and he’d chew on his bottom lip so hard, he’d surely have sore lips the next day. However, he’d understand he would have to do something, anything, to take away their fears, and so he’d open his arms a bit awkwardly, letting his significant other fall into them. The hug would be a bit stiff, but his partner wouldn’t mind, as the fact he tentatively wrapped his arms around their back would already be quite bold for Kenma. In a quiet voice, he would eventually say: “It’s alright now, isn’t it?

~ Bekki

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Kimiyuu 1

OKAY NOT SO ANONYMOUS ANON. I got your number ;) This drabble is for you and for @crazyloststar‘s birthday! It’s not much and it’s rather belated, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! >w<

oh and I based it on @maqui-chan‘s vampire!Yuu drawing since why the hell not

1. “Come over here and make me.”

Where could they be?

Shiho sliced the closest vampire’s head off and ran, dodging the looming Horseman and almost tripping over a piece of debris he hadn’t noticed before. His leg hurt from bumping into the fallen beam, but Shiho kept on going, his boots slapping against the dusty asphalt. He didn’t have the time to worry over his bruises- he needed to find his squad.

Divide and conquer was an ancient tactic but Shiho had never seen it been used so…literally. He was used to seeing it mentioned in books or military documents as a way to set the enemy against each other, but to actually separate soldiers in the battlefield and isolate them was far easier.

The only way for humans to survive and defeat a vampire was to remain in formation and not only was Shiho’s squad scattered- he didn’t even know where they were.

Shit shit shit, Shiho swore as he continued to run, looking around frantically for his friends. They were sent on a mission deep into vampire territory to rescue a group of children and none of them had ever been so far out in the city’s ruins. Shiho had no idea how to reach their rendezvous point. If anything, he was only getting more and more lost, taking turns and going through dark alleys. But what else could he do?

Standing still meant immediate death. Everyone knew that.

Though would it really matter at this point if he stopped to take his breath? He was a dead man anyway. Without someone to watch his back, Shiho had quite a few odds stacked against him. Nothing short of a miracle could save him if the enemy found him.

Miracles were on short order, though, and Shiho had more to think about than just himself. Mirai would be all alone if he died, and who would pay her hospital bills? And what about his squad? They needed his help just as much as he needed theirs.

Fuck dying. This wasn’t the time and place for it. If some divine force couldn’t help him, he’d just have to manage his way to safety himself.

Each breath he took burned his throat and Shiho finally allowed himself to stop. He looked around, panting heavily as he tried to assess his surroundings. Nothing looked familiar, but maybe those stairs would lead him to a higher point? Shiho didn’t dare shout or yell his squad mates’ names and it was frustrating, but he couldn’t just give his position away like that. Especially when the enemy could hear more than the average human…

Gripping his blades in his hands, Shiho started for the staircase but was stopped short by a figure suddenly appearing and blocking his path. The speed he’d traveled at was impossible to see with the naked eye and Shiho almost cried out in dismay. 

He’d been so close.

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(au) Ian as the ROTC leader of the school and Mickey being a pissed off parent so he goes down to the school to have a "talk" (threaten) him. He could be single, married, whatever you choose. Do with this what you will.

// ok so just for background: Mickey slept with Svetlana as a drunken dare, years ago, and she got pregnant. (She’s still a prostitute). He’s still gay but he hasn’t really ever acted on it (some casual sex maybe) and he’s closeted, but not as severely as he was on the show. He and Svetlana aren’t together, nor have they ever been. They raise Yev together but they don’t live together. And they don’t hate each other! Mickey and Ian have never met before //

// this is a total oneshot with no relation to any plotline or story I’ve written before //

Mickey was reading the paper in the kitchen when he heard the front door open. Yev always came by after his ROTC sessions on Thursday afternoons to see him. His son was usually in a good mood, but today he entered the room looking pretty downcast.

‘What’s up kid?’

Yev shrugged, opening the fridge and grabbing some juice. ‘Session was shitty,’ he said dully.

Mickey immediately got on his defence. ‘What happened? Somebody say something to you? Somebody hurt you?’

Yev came to sit opposite his father. ‘Just…these guys. It’s like they always have it out for me. I don’t expect them to be really nice or anything, I mean, it’s ROTC. But this is…something else.’

'What do they do?’

Yev’s eyes flickered to the table.

'They say stuff. About Mom.’

Mickey frowned. ‘What the fuck do they say about her?’

'They call her a - a whore. A slut,’ he said sadly. 'And they said I was an accident. They said I was a - an actual son of a bitch.’

Mickey sighed. ‘You know they’re just stupid idiots, right? Bored with their own dumb lives so they have to pick apart yours? We both know your Mom’s not a bitch.’

'That’s what I said. I said, don’t call my Mom a bitch. And then,’ he looked at Mickey, 'they said they didn’t mean my Mom when they said that. They - they meant my Dad,’ he said quietly.

Mickey didn’t say anything. He froze.

'Dad, I know you’re gay,’ Yev said gently.

He still didn’t say anything. ‘I, uh, I gotta go out,’ he said, voice tight and monotonous. He stood up to leave, to run away from this. Just like he did when he was seventeen. But Yev tugged on his arm and made him sit down again.

'No, we have to talk about this. Please,’ Yev begged. Mickey finally made himself meet his son’s eyes. They were full of worry and care. So Mickey sat down again.

'How did you know? Your Mom say something?’

Yev shook his head. ‘I’m sixteen, Dad, I’m not stupid. I see when guys come here, and I know they’re not ‘checking the pipes’ like you used to tell me. I see random shit lying around the house that doesn’t belong to us, and I know a guy left it here. I understand the innuendo-laced jokes that Mom and Mandy throw at you. And last year I - I accidentally found your DVDs,’ he said, embarrassed.


'The porn, Dad. All guy-on-guy. I watched a bit of one, I was curious. Didn’t really do much for me, but if it does it for you, that’s fine, Dad. It’s cool. I don’t care as long as you’re alright. And you’re happy. I’m still your son and I still love you,’ Yev told him.

'Kinda feel like it’s the parent who’s supposed to say that stuff when their kid comes out to them. Not the other way around,’ Mickey said. But he pulled Yev into a firm hug. 'Thanks.’

'So anyway. I couldn’t stand to hear them talk about you and Mom like that. They called you…all sorts. But then they just kept chanting the same stuff over and over. Same word. Faggot’ He mumbled, hating the word.

'Well it’s not like I’ve not heard it before.’

'Well I hadn’t. Not in that context,’ Yev said glumly. 'It was on the walk home. They live a few streets over so it’s mostly the same route. They just kept shouting it, about you. And I hated it, I hated hearing them talk about you like that. It’s not even bad, it’s not one of your faults…why do they call you out on that instead of for something real?’

'People can be really fucking awful, Yev,’ Mickey told him. 'Believe me.’

'And it was that, along with everything about Mom. I started crying. I couldn’t help it.’

'I told you to never let people see you cry. They use it against you.’

'Yeah, they did. They kicked me.’

'They fucking hurt you?’

'Yeah because I - I tried to stand up to them.’

'Well that was never gonna work. One of you and how many of them?’


'Exactly. What’d you do, try and hit them?’

'No. I wouldn’t do that. I - I told them that my dad liking what he likes don’t make him a bitch,’ Yev explained.

Mickey felt his heart glowing with pride and almost felt tearful. He couldn’t think of what to say. He just clasped his son’s hand and laughed. ‘You really are my fucking son, aren’t you.’

Yev smiled. They were quiet for a moment. Then Mickey stood up. ‘Ok. I’m going to get Indian for dinner.’ Yev grinned. ‘Yeah yeah, I know it’s your favourite. You deserve it, kid,’ Mickey said, leaning to kiss him.

'Get samosas too?’ Yev asked.

'Sure. Back in a bit. Hey, do your homework, yeah? I don’t want your Mom saying I’m too easy going.’

Yev laughed. ‘Like anyone could ever think that.’

Mickey smiled and left.


He did go to the Indian restaurant and place an order, but they told him it wouldn’t be ready for nearly an hour. So he sat in the waiting area for a couple of minutes, flicking absently through a magazine. Then he knew he had to do something about those fucking neighbourhood assholes. So he pocketed his order number and was out the door, charging back the way he’d come.

He wasn’t intending on going after the kids directly. Sure when he was younger, he’d have gone straight to their place and bashed them a little to show them who was boss. But now he was an adult and he wouldn’t get away with it. And he didn’t want to set that kind of example to Yev. He didn’t want his son to grow up thinking that violence was always the solution like he himself had done for a long time. Too long.

So instead he headed for the ROTC centre, hoping that someone would be there he could talk to.

It was pretty empty. Most of the staff had left. The receptionist was still there though. ‘Can I help you?’

'Yeah, I need to speak to whoever runs the 16-18 group. My son’s in it. Yevgeny Milkovich.’

'Let’s see…you need Ian Gallagher. I don’t think he’s gone home yet. Try the office down the hall and to the left. His name’s on the door.’

'Thank you,’ Mickey nodded at her and made his way to this Ian Gallagher’s office and knocked on the door.

'It’s open,’ came his voice. So Mickey stepped inside. 'Can I help you?’ Mickey was initially taken aback by how young he was. He thought the young army guys were all fighting in some war somewhere, and the old ones were left here to run youth programmes like this. And not only was Ian Gallagher young, but he was fucking gorgeous. 'Sir?’ Mickey realised he’d just been staring at the man in silence for maybe a little too long.

'Yes. My son is a member. Yevgeny.’

Ian smiled. ‘Yes, Milkovich. He’s fantastic. Dedicated, loyal, talented. He could have a real future here. One of the best we’ve got.’

'That’s great, but he got home an hour ago and turns out he’s having a rough time.’

Ian raised his eyebrows. ‘Well I’m sorry to hear that. Something I did?’

Mickey shook his head. ‘No, it’s nothing to do with you. He thinks you’re great, actually. Really respects you. No, this is some other kids in the group. Messing with him. Giving him shit he doesn’t deserve.’

Ian couldn’t help but smirk at his cursing. ‘And what, ah, shit would that be?’

'They’re saying things to him. Mean things.’ He paused. 'Look, his Mom used to be a prostitute. I don’t know how they found that out, but either way, they’re insulting her, and him. Calling her names. And obviously he’s upset. It’s his Mom.’

Ian nodded. ‘I’m sorry. Clearly they’re doing it out of earshot but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel responsible for it happening. You and your wife must be very annoyed.’

Mickey hesitated. Normally he’d just go with it or lie by omission. But not this time. Not to this guy. ‘Actually I’m gay. We’re on good terms but she’s nothing more than a friend. Although yeah, she’s gonna be pissed when she hears.’

Ian nodded, taking it in stride, but Mickey didn’t miss the way the corners of his mouth turned upwards ever so slightly.

Mickey continued, ‘and the kids know too, and when they stopped using Yev’s mother to torture him, they moved on to me. Look, I can handle it when it’s said to my face, but when they’re saying it to my son? That’s not ok. At all.’

'I understand. Truly. I’m going to do something about this. You’re right. No-one should have to deal with shit like that,’ Ian smiled at Mickey as he swore.

'Yeah. Well. Forgive me for not having a great deal of faith. From experience, I guess you’re just gonna give them a slap on the wrist, if that,’ he said, getting up to leave. Ian swiftly walked around the desk, blocking Mickey’s exit.

'I’m absolutely not going to be apathetic about this. I take sexism and homophobia very seriously,’ Ian told him, gradually closing space between himself and Mickey.

'And how do I know you’re not just saying that?’ Mickey asked, also drawing closer to Ian.

Ian paused, and then grinned as he leaned in to kiss Mickey, hard. They kissed roughly for a moment, before Mickey broke away. ‘Seriously?’ Ian nodded, and Mickey laughed, taking off his shirt.

Ian quickly undressed too, reaching around Mickey to lock the door. He kissed him again, moaning. ‘Shit, I can’t get enough of your lips,’ he murmured between kisses.

'You ain’t seen nothing yet,’ Mickey said, as he dropped to his knees and practically ripped Ian’s boxers off. 'Fuck,’ he whispered, before taking him in his mouth. Ian’s hand rested on the back of his head and they settled into a rhythm. But before Mickey could finish him, Ian pulled away. Mickey looked up at him questioningly, but Ian shook his head.

'I want to fuck you,’ he said breathlessly, pulling Mickey up and pinning him against the desk in one motion. He leaned back, reaching for his wallet and retrieving a condom. Mickey barely had time to focus before Ian was inside him. He didn’t ease in or prep him, nothing. Just right in all at once. He knew what he wanted and Mickey liked that. A lot.

'Shit, Gallagher,’ he groaned, feeling Ian hit all the right notes. This guy, this damn guy…Mickey knew it was the best sex he’d had in a long while. Maybe the best sex ever. Ian had an arm wrapped around his waist, and Mickey grabbed his hand, mashing their fingers together as Ian stifled a yell by biting his shoulder.

When he came, it was fucking glorious.

Their movements slowed, as Ian kissed Mickey’s neck, then jawline. It was softer now, gentler. He slid out so that Mickey could turn and kiss him properly. ‘That was…pretty amazing,’ Mickey whispered. Ian smiled. ‘You do this with every pissed off Dad who comes in here?

'Of course not,’ Ian said. 'Only the gay ones,’ he added with a grin. Mickey laughed. 'Which is, so far, just you.’

'I’m glad about that.’ Ian cocked his head curiously.

'Why are you glad?’

Mickey shrugged. ‘Just am.’

They slowly began putting their clothes back on. ‘Hey, Ian. You think maybe…maybe I could see you again?’

'I’ll see you in your dreams,’ Ian replied, grinning. Mickey looked blank. 'You never watched Queer as Folk? What kind of homosexual are you?’

'The kind that fucks guys.’ Ian laughed.

'Look, do you want to get a drink sometime or not?’ Mickey asked.

'I thought that usually happened before intercourse,’ he said.

Mickey laughed. ‘Who the fuck calls it intercourse?’ Ian smiled.

'A drink sounds good. Here’s my number,’ he said, grabbing a scrap of paper and scribbling down his digits. 'Call me?’

Mickey took the paper. ‘Yeah. Definitely.’ He opened the door and glanced back at Ian, who kissed him lightly. ‘Later.’


Mickey walked into his house and dumped the bags of food on the table. ‘Sorry it took so long. They had a lot of orders.’

’S'fine. Mandy’s here,’ Yev said.

'Hey big brother,’ his sister waved from where she was perched on the kitchen counter.

'What are you doing here?’

'Nice to see you too. Jesus. I was returning your toolbox.’

'Oh, yeah. Thanks.’ Mickey said, going to hug her and greet her properly.

'So Yev tells me the cat’s out of the bag. The cat being you.’

'Turns out he already knew. But…yeah.’

'It was still great that you admitted it to him. And talked about it. I know…I know you could never do that with any of our family.’

'Did you never tell them?’ Yev asked.

'Oh, I told them alright. It was your christening. I fucking yelled it across the Alibi.’

'So…your whole family was there?’

Mickey nodded. ‘Whole family and then some. Aside from Mandy. She was at work.’

'Don’t fucking remind me,’ she said. 'I’ve always regretted taking that extra shift.’

'What happened?’ Yev asked.

Mandy looked at Mickey sadly.

Mickey looked at his son for a second before answering. ‘My Dad beat the shit out of me. He just started screaming and charging at me. Like a fucking bull. He pinned me down on the floor and hit me, and he kept hitting me. He was so much bigger than me. I couldn’t move. And there was nobody there to get him off of me. Eventually he knocked me unconscious.’

'And then I get a call from the police. They’d taken Dad away and Mickey was I’m the hospital. I get there as fast as I can. He’s in a coma. Broken arm, fractured collarbone. Nose totally smashed. Face covered in bruises and blood. I just sat there, crying over him, wondering why Dad would do this to him. Eventually I realised. I know what made Dad fly off the handle. And I’d had my suspicions about Mickey but never dwelled on them. But then it all made sense.’

'When I woke up, the police came to talk to me. They told me what had happened. He’d kept beating me even after I blacked out. And he wasn’t sorry.’ Mickey looked up at his son. Yev was pale and his eyes were heavy with tears. Mickey was about to go hug him, when Yev stood up and came over to him and stood beside him.

He wrapped his arms around his father, crying into his shoulder. ‘I can’t believe that happened to you,’ Yev sobbed. Mickey held on to him, trying not to cry himself, trying to be strong for his son. He hadn’t seen Yev cry for years. ‘Dad that’s…horrific. I know why you always changed the subject when I asked about your family. I can’t - Dad - you could’ve died,’ he choked.

'Yeah but I didn’t. I didn’t. And I’m so fucking glad he didn’t kill me because I got to raise you. You’re the most important thing. You’re the only important thing I’ve ever had in my life. Everything else before you were born was just buildup. I know I’m not father of the year or whatever but I try my best. Because - I know what it’s like when your dad doesn’t give a shit. I know what it’s like when your dad makes your life a living hell. That’s why I hate it when you’re annoyed or upset with me, even over something small or stupid, because I hate the idea that I’ve made you feel even remotely how my dad made me feel. And ever since I can remember, I’ve just been so fucking scared, Yev, that I’m going to become my father,’ Mickey said quietly.

His son pulled back and looked at him. ‘Dad, no. You’re the best Dad. Ok? It doesn’t matter that you’re not rich, that you never finished school, that you’re not some cookie-cutter doctor or lawyer father with a wife and white picket fence. You’re the best Dad because you’re always here for me, no matter what. I can tell you anything. You help me with schoolwork, you come to my parent teacher conferences. Even though you and Mom aren’t together, you make sure that this is never a broken home. But most of all, Dad, you have never hurt me, and I never question the fact that you love me. And I - I love you too.’

'Shit,’ Mickey muttered, wiping away his tears. 'Come here,’ he said, hugging him tightly. Yev was almost taller than he was. 'I’m sorry I never told you. I was worried it would fuck you up. And then as you got older I was worried you wouldn’t respect me or you’d hate me.’

'I understand why you couldn’t tell me. It’s ok. It’s not about me. This is who you are.’

They all stood in silence for a minute or so. Then Mandy offered to reheat the food, and they all ate together, laughing and joking like usual.

Afterwards, as Mickey was clearing the table, Yev suddenly spoke. ‘Where is your Dad?’

Mickey paused, and looked at Mandy. After a moment, he spoke. ‘He’s in prison. He got twenty years.’

Yev frowned. ‘So he’s getting out in four years? If it happened when I was a baby?’

'He got five more years because of bad behaviour, a few years back. But then that got reduced to two and a half. So he gets out in about six years. Provided it doesn’t change again,’ Mandy explained.

'Are you scared?’

'Yes.’ Micky’s single word hung densely in the air.

'Will they give him a restraining order or something?’

'Probably. But knowing him, that won’t work.’ There was a pause. Mickey saw the angry, determined look on his son’s face. 'Hey, do not go looking for him. Under any circumstances. Ok?’

'I won’t,’ Yev agreed. But that was one promise he probably wouldn’t keep.


A little over a week later, Yev rolled out of bed. Saturday morning was when he went running, and he immediately pulled on some clothes. He’d shower when he got back, but he needed to pee. He walked down the hall towards the bathroom, but saw it was locked. He could hear his Dad peeing, so he leaned against the wall and waited. After a moment, he heard the toilet flush and then the door opened. His mouth dropped open. He was face to face with his ROTC instructor. His shirtless ROTC instructor.

'Morning, Milkovich,’ Ian said simply, grinning at him cheerfully.

Yev just watched him walk back towards his Dad’s room, still in disbelief. His instructor was gay? And he was dating his Dad? His head was spinning.

But then he smiled. He realised that his Dad wasn’t hiding this stuff from him anymore. And that was fucking great.

// the end. Hope this was ok. It ended up being longer and deeper than I originally intended. (plus you’ll notice I planted the seeds for a potential follow up…let me know if you want me to write that! Otherwise PLEASE keep prompting me!! //