if he is ugly... what does beautiful mean

listen i have so many feelings about young will poindexter growing up thinking he wasn’t attractive and then meeting the objectively incredibly beautiful nursey who just thinks dex is the best looking guy he’s ever seen in his life and telling him that and dex not even believing him at first but eventually growing to accept that nursey really does mean it and that his freckles are wonderful not ugly and his red hair makes him look unique and his big ears are adorable and great and he just starts being more confident in himself okay

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I'm the type of girl boys don't like at first. I mean, not in that way. Because I'm ugly and intimidating and really loud. But every single guy who ever got to know me well, fell for me. And at the moment this is happening with my best boy friend (it always happens with my boy bffs). But this time I can't just give up on him, even if our friendship hurts him, becuase he means the world to me. I might not like him back, but I love him in the brother way. But it destroys him. What should I do?

First don’t say you’re ugly or any of that as every one is beautiful in there own way tbh. Anyway, I think you should try talking to him about it and telling him that you don’t feel the same way he does about you but you still want to remain friends and everything. He should understand but he may need some time to get over his crush on you. I hope this helps in some way :)

Bonnie had explosive chemistry with Kol and Kai but the writers refused to explore either of the dynamics even though a hell lot of people saw potential for both of the pairings and could see that they would, if given the chance (erase the character regression and mess ups the writers did) treat her like the goddess that she is and have an actual interesting romance with her but instead they stick her with the guy who cheated on her with a ghost and has more of a sibling like chemistry for far too long (at least it’s over) and the only reason they didn’t explore her with Kol or Kai was because she was far “too beautiful and good to be with a murderous vampire” (kai wasn’t initially a vamp but he ended up being a heretic so)
So what does that make Caroline, Elena, Matt, Cami, Davina, hell even Jeremy *continues to name an endless list of characters*……..? So by default does that mean that they’re all ugly and bad since they had murderous vampires as love interests?

Displays of Affection (Suga)

“Are you sure your relationship is going well?” My best friend asked me a moment after my boyfriend stood up and left to find the nearest restroom at the bistro.

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” she paused, “you guys don’t even look like a couple.”

Confused, I started laughing in response. “What’s a couple supposed to look like?”

“Uh… happy?”

“We are happy.”

“You don’t look like it,” she remarked, a little annoyed. “You don’t even show an ounce of affection for each other. Does he even hold your hand or hug you?”

“Not unless I force him,” I mention as I gaze out thoughtfully.

“Does he tell you you’re beautiful?”

I practically choked from the hilarity. “He reminds me how ugly I am every day.”


I wiped away the tears that dripped down as a result of laughing too hard. “You don’t understand,” I explained to her calmly. “I am very happy. The both of us are. We love each other very much.”

The truth is that we don’t show it. At least, he doesn’t.

To everyone else, and to even myself for a long while, I was the one that loved him more than he loved me. I came into this relationship thinking that the overflowing obvious displays of affection I gave him would be reciprocated just as pathetically and cheesily. But he wasn’t like me, of course. He wasn’t as openly passionate as me. I learned that later.

The way he loved me was intimate and wholehearted, but quiet. When we’re out, he shakes me off when I try to link my arms with his, but every so often, when we’re all alone, he held me in the dark and never let me go. He held my hand in his most vulnerable moments. He told me I was beautiful when I tumbled back down to my lows.

Because of who he was, he couldn’t make a sound when it came to me. He had the same attitude towards everything. He showed the world that he didn’t actually care. It’s true. He doesn’t give a shit. He doesn’t give a fuck… because if he did care too much, he’s scared that the world is going to turn on him and end up hurting him beyond his imagination.

He behaved that way towards me, too. He behaved that way with his members, the boys he saw as his family. He always acted like he didn’t care at all, but every now and then would display the heart he hid so deeply within himself in a discreet manner.

I came to understand that about him. Once I understood, I came to love him and believe in him easier. I respected the way he felt, and as time went on, he started becoming a little more open to me, as long as it was just to ourselves.

“Why do you look so dreamy? It’s gross…” Yoongi’s low murmur woke me from my momentary daze. My best friend looked up at him, crossing her arms in disapproval.

“Oh honey, I was just thinking of you,” I practically purred teasingly, giggling when he made a disgusted face.

My friend groaned as she slowly rose from across the table. “Oh, look at the time, I gotta get going.”

Yoongi sat down beside me and leaned back in his chair. “Why is she so irritable today?” He asked.

Raising my hand to rest on his shoulder, I responded tiredly, “She thinks our relationship is bad.”

He fell silent as he sat back up and faced me. His fingers slowly felt for mine and grasped them, then rested our linked hands on this thigh. “I’m sorry.”

I smiled. “She’ll get over it.“