if he is the father


Last time I saw him, he was in the courtyard at Winterfell. He said, “Next time I see you, you’ll be all in black.” I was jealous of Robb my whole life. The way my father looked at him, I wanted that. He was better than me at everything — fighting and hunting and riding and girls. Gods, the girls loved him. I wanted to hate him, but I never could.

God is honestly the most amazing Father because, as His children, He cares about everything that goes on in our lives - everything! Big or small. It’s all important to Him because we’re important to Him.

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Imagine unisnav and johans family working together to throw a huge welcome home party for the adopted kid (possible fanfic or Drabble?)

“He’s sleeping…” Usnavi mused, he had been holding the toddler for the past hour or so while they sat in the uber. Usnavi and Johan had their child for a little over a week, they private informed people of their adoption. Slowly, only because they wanted to enjoy this angel for as long as they could before he was to be shared with their mixed and…very strange families. Johan smiled, Usnavi never looked more lovely. 

Their child peacefully sleeping in his husband’s arms. Their child. It was all happening. Johan felt something change within him, something didn’t sit the same. All this was a foundation he never thought himself capable of. To be a husband, to be a father, to raise a family. The couple were walking on air as they approached their apartment, ready to ease into parenthood. 

Johan opened the door to their apartment and was met with— 


The room was full of Johnsons, Bow and Dre, their kids and Johan’s hippie parents. Along with Usnavi’s family friends, all gathered in their apartment. Usnavi automatically shielded his precious son as the crowd of baby hungry women stampeded over to him and began cooing and proding at him. His angel was ripped out of his arms and was set on Daniela’s hip where he looked confused between his fathers and the new stranger.  
“Aww is he shy?” Zoe smiled watching the boy pout with a slight disgruntled stare.
“Que shy? His gotta shake that shit out of him.” Daniela placed a red lipped smooch on his cheek.

“He’s not shy, he’s…not wearing his hearing aid.” Johan smiled a bit, their son looked around and gently signed something. Johan replied silently and the two exchanged knowing smiles. Suddenly he turned and hugged Daniela’s neck.

“What did you say to him?”

Usnavi smiled, beaming from ear to ear. “He asked who everyone was, Johan said…his family.”  

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#26 😊

26. What is your opinion of Dumbledore and his actions throughout the series?

(( OOC: Dumbledore was a complete puppet master. He was an expert in manipulation, so much so that he continues manipulating people even after he has died. But he is clever and he does it in such a subtle way that Harry ends up naming one of his children after him. I adore him as a character because theres so much grit and depth behind the kindly father-figure facade. But he completely skeeves me out as a person.

Essentially, Dumbledore is the epitome of chaotic good - he’s playing for the right side, but he doesn’t care who he sacrifices in order to win. ))

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Three sentence prompts? Hmm... what about if Vader and the Owens accidentally became anonymous internet friends, and Vader is unknowingly second-hand long-distance parenting and training his own son?

‘Honestly, I don’t know what to do at this point,’ the message read, 'I’m decent at building things – it’s how we bond, the boy and I – but come to flying and I’d just as soon not. But he wants to be like his father, not that I blame him. You have some experience with teenagers, you said? What should I do?’

Vader blinked, surprised, and pushed away memories of Ahsoka for the moment. 'If he shows a marked aptitude for flying, I suggest you encourage it. If his father was as good a pilot as you say, he may have the same potential.’

He nearly sent the message. But then, on a whim, he added ’Have him take a simulation test with the nearest Academy Garrison and send me his results. If his scores are high enough, I may be able to arrange tuition for the boy.’ A fateful offer, though he did not know it yet.



>it’s not rael

short series on russel’s various experiences with spirits!

first pic: “… was expelled after attacking several students while possessed by a demon. He fell into a coma for the next four years, at the end of which, the demon was finally exorcised from his body by a priest named Father Merrin.”

third pic: “He secluded himself in Ike Turner’s basement to write his own album, but was plagued by hallucinations of demons flying out of the speakers.”


“You’re the luckiest kid in the world,” he said. 

“You don’t know the half of it.” 

I let him ponder my statement. Then, perhaps to fill the silence that was becoming unbearable, I blurted out, “So much of it is wrong, though.” 

“What? Your family?” 

“That too.” 

“Living here all summer long, reading by yourself, meeting all those dinner drudges your father dredges up at every meal?” He was making fun of me again. 

I smirked. No, that wasn’t it either. He paused a moment. 

“Us, you mean.” I did not reply. 

“Let’s see, then—”

its crack theory time

what if the “are you my father?” character in the promo is nora

SO in lion 4 they introduce the nora concept to us. it was supposed to start the bomb (and still will) but got leaked. why would they pick this exact timing to introduce the concept of nora? maybe they actually introduce nora

also; the voice sounds feminine-ish and the father could be greg (logical considering he would be noras father) but that stuff isnt as important

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35 solangelo?

Nico has The Box that he doesn’t touch.

His father gave it to him on his 15th birthday (or 85th, depending on how one looked at it, but Nico agrees that time is a man-made construct and ignores it) and told him, quite bluntly, “This is all I have left of our time with Maria.”

Maria. Nico’s Mama.

So of course, Nico took The Box and shoved it under his bed with his feelings and the rest of the other junk Nico didn’t feel like compartmentalizing in his brain on a day-to-day basis. And there The Box stayed for a whole year; until Will decided that his boyfriend needed to be introduced to the concept of Spring Cleaning.

With a feather duster in one hand and multi-purpose cleaner in the other, Will invited himself into Cabin 13 and set to work. Nico had long ago learned not to get in his boyfriend’s way.

Bookshelves were dusted, counters wiped down, boxes emptied and moved around. And then Will got to Nico’s bedroom, and discovered The Box.

“You want to go through this one, hon?” Will called to his boyfriend, who was currently in the kitchenette, getting them cold drinks.

“Probably,” Nico called back, “don’t touch my stuff.”

Will disregarded him and touched his stuff anyways. He dusted off the top of the box and found the words “Niccólo di Angelo: 19XX- ” written in neat, Palmer-method cursive. The cardboard lid creaked when Will cracked The Box open.

“Ohmygods are THESE YOUR BABY PICTURES?!” Will was exclaiming before he could reel in his emotions. Nico appeared, quite literally out of the shadows, with two tall glasses of iced tea in his hands and a frown on his face.

“Oh,” he said, “you opened it.”

“Was I not supposed to?” Will asked, ready to apologize about the interference of personal space. Nico only shrugged, “It’s fine I guess, I just never have. It’s all the stuff my dad had left from his time with my mom.”

Will picked up the first photo on the top of the stack of papers in The Box. It was Nico and Bianca, maybe about two and four respectively, seated on the front stoop of a Venetian town house with only semi-serious expressions on their faces. It took Will a minute to realize that the man sitting between them was actually the Lord of the Underworld.

“It’s weird, seeing your dad…”

“So normal looking?” Nico finishes for him, “yeah, I know. It freaks me out when he and Persephone sometimes go to Starbucks in Santa Monica together.”

Will giggled, “You were a cute kid, though.”

“Are you saying I’ve only gotten less cute?” Nico asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Of course not,” Will answered, “You’re like a fine wine, better with age.”

“You hate wine.”

“It’s rotten grape juice,” Will confirmed, “do you want to go through this box or shall I put it back where it came from?”

Nico sighed, “Might as well, I should probably know the rest of its contents.”

“Could be some good blackmail material in here.” Will suggested.

“I hate you.” Nico groused, not really upset but having a reputation to uphold. (He however completely ruined this reputation by pecking Will’s check before crawling between his legs to recline comfortably against his boyfriend’s chest.)

“Comfortable?” Will asked, amused.

“Sure.” Nico said. Together, cleaning forgotten, they dive into the contents of the box.

(And Will was right, there were too many cute baby pictures in there for Nico to ever be considered scary again.)

Deals and Darkness

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongin (Kai)

Genre: Angst / vampire!AU

Prompt: “Quit it or I’ll bite.”

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2,084

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i think it’s honestly really, really telling that snape’s choice of moniker is ‘half-blood prince’ tbh

bc it encapsulates what i imagine snape’s complicated relationship with his blood purity must be. snape is a half-blood growing up surrounded by blood purists, some of whom have to be telling him that his father’s blood makes him dirty, unclean, weak. and there has to be a part of snape that believes it, bc snape’s father is his abuser. the trope of an abuse victim fearing turning into their abuser is pretty well-documented throughout fiction, so i won’t bore you, but there has to be some part of snape that’s very, very afraid of turning out like his father - the father he hates.

what’s worse is that snape’s father is a muggle. (not even a muggleborn! full muggle.) so snape has this firsthand knowledge from a very young age of the kind of people muggles can be and a lot of inherent bitterness or even hatred for the man who’s making his life hell - so is it really surprising that he would swallow the idea that all muggles are evil? that he would support a complete separation from the muggle world, which would mean escaping his abuser forever? that he would be less likely to see the nuance in the rhetoric, less likely to accept that there are good muggles as well as bad, that muggles are people with complex moralities like anyone else? 

(and before y’all start yelling harry potter at me, yes of course this is prejudice and yes, of course snape SHOULD be able to look past his father to see muggles as individuals instead of a collective. but should doesn’t necessarily mean that he will or that it’s in character for him to do so. the internalized prejudice he has is mixed in with the fact that his abuser is a muggle and that’s a lot to try and untangle and work out.)

of course snape abandons his father’s name! of course he adopts, instead, the name of his pureblooded mother, the magical mother, the epitome of what he wants to be. of course he tries to cast aside the name that marks him as ‘dirty’ and ‘other’ in the world that he so desperately wants to fit into. if snape is afraid of ending up like his father, is disgusted that he and his father share blood, what better way to shed that then to abandon his name and pick up the name of his mother instead?

and yet! and yet! snape emphasizes the ‘half-blood’ which i think is even more telling. of course snape could hardly get away with claiming blood purity, but that hardly means he has to go and put the proverbial scarlet letter on his chest. he could have left the half-blood title out of it altogether. and yet he goes that extra length to include it - why? and that’s where snape’s complex relationship with his blood purity comes into play, because i think that he both hates his muggle blood and is proud of it. 

i would bet anyone ten dollars that snape got shit from slytherins about being half-blood. i would bet that it was hurled at him as an insult. and i think part of the reason that snape takes it up as a mantle is because of that. snape is so bitter and proud, even as a teenager, that i can very well see him deciding to include ‘half-blood’ as a reclamation - a middle finger to the purebloods who spit upon him for it.

i feel like snape’s relationship with his blood purity and his place in the wizarding world often gets swept under the rug. and it does complicate the situation when you consider it, bc it’s not like snape is unaffected by the blood prejudice or that he’s never experienced hardship for it, so that makes his interaction with the death eaters & blood purity very different than, say, lucius malfoy’s. and i do think he makes bad choices and that he has a lot of internalized prejudice, but it’s necessary to recognize that he isn’t coming from a place of privilege in that regard, that he does actually have some understanding of what it’s like to be discriminated against for his blood.  

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Father Canada headcanond pls?

-When finding out he’d be a dad, Matthew would be so happy. He’d always really wanted kids, so he’d be nothing but excited to be able to be a parent.

-He’d be the sweetest dad ever. He’d have a really hard time saying no to his kid, and as soon as there were old enough to make their own decisions, he’d always respect them, unless it put his child in danger.

-He’d accept whatever interests they develop, but if they’re okay with it, he’d really want to at least teach them how to ice skate, because it’s something he’s really passionate about. 

-Expect him to cry at any ceremony or accomplishment his kid is ever involved in. He’d just be so proud about everything they do he’d always get emotional.

-He’d also be really good at being able to talk with his kid if there’s any issues in their life that they’re struggling with. He’d never get mad or upset with them if they came to him with a problem, he’d just try his best to give them solid advice and offer support.