if he has something to do with yarn

I want domestic Victuuri but I also want domestic Yuuri x Yurio

I mean yeah its nice to think Victor and Yuuri cuddling on a couch but have you ever thought of Yuuri knitting and Yurio catches him doing it and instead of mocking him or something, Yurio sits down and stares at Yuuri knitting and Yuuri eventually gives him his own pair and some yarn and mutely teaches Yurio how to knit and then they’re BOTH knitting and by next week, everyone has their own scarves www

OR Yurio getting sick of Victor and Yakov (as coaches) so he drags Yuuri away from both their coaches and goes shopping and he dresses Yuuri up in ridiculous leopard prints and its so adorable that Yuuri doesn’t care, he even has a leopard print tie that Victor threatened to burn but Yuuri takes it and locks it away from Victor cuz Yurio chose that tie for him and screw Victor, that kid is precious and Yuuri loves it.

Imagine Yurio slowly growing taller than Yuuri and starts leaning his chin on Yuuri’s shoulder or head when he gets lazy or getting scolded at (his version of sulking). Imagine Yurio getting touch-craved and slowly starts cozying up to Yuuri. Yurio being in Yuuri’s space, Yurio leaning against Yuuri’s back, Yurio having inside jokes with Yuuri. Yurio watching videos with Yuuri while sharing earphones, Yurio bodily protecting Yuuri from the press when they ask offensive questions, Yurio being comfortable around Yuuri. Yurio stopping Yuuri from drinking too much (but doesn’t fret too much when Yuuri gets too drunk and he has to help if Victor isn’t there). Yuuri and Yurio blanket snuggles when Yurio comes over to Victor’s apartment for movie nights and no, Victor is not jealous that the two of them are cuddling and cocooned in one blanket, he also DOES NOT take a picture for blackmail purposes.

Let me have platonic but loving Yuuri x Yuri please because they deserve to be each other’s friend AT LEAST.

Also, give me Yuuri Yurio hugs at the airport damn it because Yurio will miss the heck out of Yuuri when Yuuri goes to Japan (temporarily/permanently) and Yurio will never admit the manly tears he sheds during the hug. And Yurio texts for updates like every day and they even Skype because Yuuri knows that Yurio needs it but will never admit it.

Lastly, when they’re alone, when Yuuri is confident and wants to give elderly advice, or when Yuuri is trying to console Yurio, he lowers his voice and starts with a very soft but affectionate “Yura…” And Yurio will lower his head and listen because Yuuri is more than a friend, he’s family damn it.

Current projects:

Some black socks for my husband. He asked that they contain a skull on the ankle. Why? I haven’t the faintest idea. But he has never asked me to knit something for him before, so I’m happy to do it!

A project I simply named “Play” because that’s exactly what it is. I am just going to knit till I get there. I do have a design idea in my head, but this yarn has a mind of its own. Every time I have started a project with it it has decided not to cooperate. So I am taking it easy and just letting the yarn do its thing.

Cross is clearly a trolldere

Previously on the Crack Adventures of Cross and Nightmare, Cross was being annoying, Horror stole some ice cream but it was later retrieved, it was implied that Error ships Crightmoss, and thanks to some trolling, the ship started to come true.

(Everyone is still extremely out of character. Also, know that this one is a bit more fanfictiony than the previous ones and focuses more on the actual pairing in all its dumbness)

Nightmare: My mental coherency is in shambles.

Killer Sans: (teleports in behind him) LEMME GUESS WHY



Killer Sans: maaan you and Cross were like THERE

(Nightmare throws Killer Sans out of the room and slams the door.)


Killer Sans: (from the other side of the door) but come on man you were talking to yourself I couldn’t help it

Nightmare: GET OUT OF HERE

Killer Sans: ugh fine I guess you need your brooding time anyway

(Killer Sans leaves, and Nightmare immediately begins to pace around the room.)

Nightmare: (thoughts) What’s wrong with me?! Ever since that thing that happened an indeterminate amount of time ago happened I can hardly look at Cross in the eye socket anymore!

Nightmare: I just look at him and I… I…

Nightmare: … I really need to get out of here for a while.

(He teleports away.)


(Horror Sans slowly peeks out from behind a cabinet. He laughs like Bowser from Hotel Mario before cartoonily sneaking out from his hiding spot.)

Horror: There’s no hiding the ice cream from me, Nightmare.

(But suddenly, as he’s creeping out, the door to the room begins to open. Freezing momentarily, he teleports back into his hiding place.)

(The person entering turns out to be Cross.)

Cross: Look Nightmare, I think we really have to talk about–and you’re not here.

(He turns around, sighing as he exits the room.)

(Horror raises an imaginary eyebrow. Did he miss something? Well, it’s not like he cares, anyway. He just wants ice cream.)

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Spirit companion update

Imb doesn’t like redbull but loves blue berry coffee probably more than I do. But only after it’s cooled some (makes sense as he’s a snow fairy). So usually in the mornings I’ll drink my fill and leave about an inch in the bottom (something I am notorious for) for him. That way it doesn’t actually go to waste (sense I’d be doing it anyway) and he gets an almost daily offering.

Something else we’re doing that im figuring out, making him an altar space with crochet/amigurumi. (I think I spelled that right but honestly I’m not sure). It’s going to have snow capped mushrooms and grass (I need green yarn tbh) and there will be different areas in the new house with little amigurumi mushrooms where he can sit/perch and have a little space just for him.

Right now he has a rather small wooden box, it works for the limited space I have now but I’d like to have something a little less stiff and uncomfortable for him. That and it’s a good way to spend time together watching funny videos and listening to Hayley Kiyoko (he loves her music and so do I tbh).

bird bones

Word count: 2400+
Rating: G
for the fandom bingo spot wing fic. i had to reel this in before it got too long so the ending might seem a little rushed. i really enjoyed writing this though. 

He’s got sparrow wings now, brown and black and white and small compared to many others, compared to his grandmother and father. His wings are small, but Tsuna is small too, with his hollowed out bird bones and thin, thin frame.

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It’s something of a minor miracle, Derek muses, that fingers that long can fit into such a tiny space. From his perch outside Stiles’ window, he listens as Stiles picks out chords and simple progressions, half-humming a melody as he goes along.

He hadn’t even known Stiles could play the ukulele until five minutes ago, when he caught the sound of the chords floating out from Stiles’ bedroom window like some kind of siren song. And now he’s been here for the better part of five minutes, just watching from the handy perch under said window, mesmerized as Stiles’ sure fingers pick their way across the neck of the ukulele and listening to whatever melody he comes up with. 

Derek wouldn’t say he’s stalling, per se. 

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“you can hardly see she limps″

One of the things I’m so interested in is Even and Sonja. In a lot of ways but here I wanted to talk about the process of him breaking up with her, especially before the locker room conversation that shifts everything again. We know now that he saw Isak the first day of school, that what had been building between them had started for Even before we ever saw him. But the reality of him still being with Sonja comes slamming in that first day he spends with Isak (who he clearly is crushing on, at that point) and I think it made us all wonder what’s up with Even then. A lot of people have chalked how he interacted with Sonja that day to testing the waters with Isak but it never read like that to me. In the best of times, it’s tricky to be in a relationship that wasn’t what it once was anymore and then meet someone new. It’s another whole level harder when you’re talking about a same-sex attraction, an exploration that’s tied to its own sort of risk. But what’s going on here is being driven more than anything else, imho, by the way Even’s mental illness became central to their relationship and how it’s made him fear being alone.

We don’t know much about Even’s parents and what role they played but what we do know is that Sonja was a central pillar for him, that she was deeply involved in both how Even dealt with and even conceived of being bipolar. 

In the fourth episode, Even explains to Isak why he can’t break up with Sonja. It’s a bullshit yarn but it’s one where from the start we get the impression what he’s saying is also true. We all kind of took this part as fact: “Do you know me and Sonja have been dating since she was 15 or something? I’m noticing that we’re growing apart more and more. But I can’t dump Sonja.” Okay, here Even starts to go into his teasing Isak but what he picks is: “If I dump Sonja, she’ll think it’s because she has an aluminum leg.” Now, clearly Sonja doesn’t have an aluminum leg but Even, more times than not, finds a way to talk around the truth. A perceived handicap is the reason they can’t just break up. Likely on both sides, I’d guess it got to the point where neither really felt like they could leave: Sonja because she’d taken on the role as his caregiver and Even because he didn’t fully trust himself to throw that off. I find it really interesting that Even subs in a missing leg, something that figuratively makes you unable to stand on your own two feet, as it were. He presents it to Isak like an invisible illness too, something he wouldn’t have noticed because “But it’s going better with her now. You can hardly see that she limps.” 

While that story is a joke, I don’t think that sprung to mind at random. I think Sonja became his support to the point that he wasn’t sure he could stand without her. I think it’s a huge, huge deal for him to pull out that support entirely, even when it’s gotten to the point of being unhealthy and no matter how much he starts wanting to, and that’s a part of what leads him to seemingly run hot and cold on Isak. It’s a part of why he wants to figure out if this thing with Isak is really something first. 

The huge issue I see is that Sonja informed so much of how he sees his disorder and himself. After they first kiss and spend the night together, we know he does immediately tell Sonja about Isak and wanting to pursue something with him. We can glean from her later statement that she likely told him then that this isn’t real, this is his disorder manifesting. I think Even was deeply troubled by that because, while she was wrong, I think he didn’t feel like he could 100% say she was wrong. That’s why I think he sounds so angry when he starts talking about Sonja in kitchen scene of episode 8. He’s used to leaning on her judgement, her perception, because he hasn’t been able to trust his own mind. While at the same time, he’s felt increasingly smothered by it. He says, “Sometimes I feel as though she knows me better than I do myself, because… everything she says is true.” I can’t help but think: “Why would he have said that unless, as he’s used to her judgement calling what he’s thinking or feeling into doubt, he didn’t have ask himself if she was right this time too?” I think the idea that his judgement can’t be trusted is the source of his fear when she calls Isak too, beyond just the idea she would clue him in. I think he was afraid of what did happen at first: that Isak would decide too that he couldn’t “live freely” i.e. be his own person, he couldn’t be trusted to form his own opinion. 

Even reached a point where he wanted to overturn his whole life, he wanted to cut ties and chose to be with Isak but for a long period of when we saw him, there were several things holding him back: doubt that Sonja did know him better than he knew himself, worry that he would just be a burden to Isak, fear of being alone.

So thinking of that, how much strength did it take when Sonja was telling him his feelings for Isak were fabricated that he was able to break away from her and say “She can’t feel what I feel, or think for that matter.” How powerful is it that after Isak had unknowingly withdrawn himself from being a support at all for Even… he’s still in his kitchen, choosing to follow his feelings and choosing him? Isak is the catalyst of not only Even leaving a relationship that both parties had likely felt stuck in but caused him to reevaluate his own trust in himself: in what he thinks and feels. Thinking about how hard it must have been to decide to stand on his own and risk having no one there at all gives me to a lot of compassion for Even not being able to make this a clean break.


Poe has an obsession with knitting.

-He needs something to do after missions to calm down. Going from being millimeters away from death to down time at the base isn’t easy, and Poe always has to be doing something with his hands.

-On the days when his ship doesn’t need repairs, he sits around in his room until one evening, General Organa happens pass by. She takes one look at him staring blankly at a holo and knows what to do.

-The next day, a ball of yarn and a pair of needles appears on Poe’s bed with a handwritten note reading “My office. 0900 hours sharp.”

-Poe shows up, and there’s the General, needles at the ready. She eyes him.

-”You ready to learn?” She asks.

-Poe struggles at first, but eventually begins to pick it up. He gets the hang of socks first, and Jess finds herself with a new pair every week, since she wears through hers on her jogs so quickly. 

-Finn gets boatloads of sweaters, because Poe loves nothing more than the way his boyfriend’s massive arms looks in sweaters. It becomes a common sight to see Finn walking through the medbays with a pink hand-knit sweater reading “World’s Best Boyfriend”. 

-Rey gets arm sleeves so she can finally throw away those disgusting arm wraps, which Poe has been getting on her about since the day she arrived on base. 

-The general refuses gifts; she didn’t teach Poe how to knit expecting anything in return. All she asks is that Poe keeps learning. 

-So, every morning as Takodana’s sun rises above the asteroid belts, Poe shows up in the general’s office, needles sharp. Sometimes they talk, sometimes they just knit in silence, enjoying each other’s company. 

-And despite all her protests, on the eve of a holiday Poe grew up with, Leia finds herself with a pair of brown cinnamon bun knitted earmuffs. 

de la chance

Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3

a/n: in which Adrien has trouble knitting and happenstance is scary, but in the end, all one can do is make a wish, say their piece, and hope

Part 4: au hasard

“How do you feel, kitty cat?”

The question is strange in its banality. She is strange in her languor. It’s another uneventful day in fall, and the business of the season, for all the red and green tinged joy makes them just a bit tired.

This is their reprieve. The moments when they have power at the tips of their fingers. Luck and agility gifted to them beyond their most vivid dreams.

They use it for freedom of a different sort. A quiet sort of peace settles over them. They are sure in their strength and sure of their privacy. There is not much need to keep warm, not when their suits cling so closely.

The roof of one of Paris’ older apartment building lends itself to their reveries, old and with multiple levels to the slate gray roof. The chimney stacks rise around them in their favorite way, tall and large and obscuring.

It’s warm too. Winter has set on the city, gently like the mists that hang over La Seine in the mornings and the people inside the building have lit their fires, bright and hot. The smoke that curls and fades like Christmas wishes is pleasant smelling.

“I feel…comfortable. Very comfortable, My Lady.” Chat answers, stretching languidly against one of the chimney stacks. He has to stop himself from adding ‘with you.’ The radiating heat feels wonderful against the thin material of his suit. He feels fine. He feels content. He’s here, sitting side by side with the person he cares for enjoying the scents of a Parisian winter.

Ladybug’s smile is wistful. She’s never been one for over the top expressiveness. That’s Chat Noir’s specialty. Her emotions are deep; subtle and kept under cover behind small smiles and delicate movements.

Chat Noir has learned to read her like a book.

More precisely, like a book written in a foreign language. A foreign language that has the same alphabet as his mother tongue and maybe shares some root words, but still another language.

So he has to ask…

“And you? How do you feel, My Lady?”

She wants to say so many things when he asks her that. But the words…the things she knows she feels when she’s with him, they just won’t come out. LadyBug is muted for the sake of focus. LadyBug cannot feel as deeply as Marinette. Tikki says it’s a defense mechanism. Marinette thinks it’s awful.

Her clouded gaze shifts over to him the slightest bit, and he can see so many things, muted and distant. They shift and shine dimly in those pretty blue eyes of hers.

“I don’t feel very much at all.” She sighs, and then turns to look back at the gray clouds, tracing the silver linings that she knows aren’t always there.

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Marco Discovers Tom's 'Feral' Side

Agh I guessed I messed up! Okay here it is again:

“Marco…why do you have…*hesitate* yarn???”
“Oh, Star and I got a new project from our art class, we’re supposed to make an article of clothing out of yarn. Star decided to make cat boots, and I decided to make a plum-colored hoodie!” Marco said excitedly as he showed his boyfriend the basket filled with balls of purple yearn, making Tom’s ears twitch with temptation.
“That’s………that’s a lot of yarn…..” Tom mumbled, resisting the urge to grab one of the yarn balls and run away with it in his mouth on all fours.
“I know, right?! There was a sale on yearn at the store I went to, and I went a little crazy and bought every plum colored yearn ball I could find.” Marco chuckled as he set the basket of yarn back down.

When Marco looked up, Tom looked like he was about to lose his mind. His ears were twitching every five seconds, and his hands were clenched so tightly together behind his back he thought he was going to rip his own hands apart.

“Uh…Tom? Are you alright?” Marco asked, completely oblivious to what was really going on with Tom.

Tom has a feral side. Something that isn’t all that rare for a demon to have, but ever since he tried to play with Star’s hair when he saw it hanging off of his bed, she yelled at him and he became ashamed and embarrassed of it. Of course, he wouldn’t blame her. His claws when retracted were pretty sharp. And yarn was his absolute favorite thing he loved to play with when nobody was around. Whenever he even sees a glimpse of a loose string on a floor, he can’t help himself. So you can imagine his dismay when he sees a whole basket of yarn in front of him, trying to act casual so he won’t reveal this stupid habit he has in front of his boyfriend. Marco has no idea he has this cat like behavior, and he intends to keep it that way.

Because there was no way in hell he was going to repeat the same mistakes he made with Star.

“Alright, well if you say so.” Marco said uneasily.
“I’m hungry, so do you mind if I go by a frozen yogurt shop to get us something? You can come with me if you want-”
“NOPE! Ah, I mean, that’s okayyoushouldgonow!” Tom said very fast, making Marco a bit more skeptical.
“Are you sure you can handle being in the house alone?”
“TOTALLY! TOTALLY SURE!” Tom said a bit too loudly.
“O-Ok. Since Star and my parents are out getting more colorful yarn for Star’s project, you’ll be home alone. But don’t worry, the frozen yogurt shop is right down the street, so I should only be gone for a couple of minutes. Ok?”
“OKAYHAVEFUNSEEYA.” Tom shoved Marco out the door and slammed it behind him, the thought of him regretting that action later being totally ignored.

Tom finally unleashed his claws, his pupils becoming the size of tiny slits, and pounced right on top of the basket filled with yarn.


Tom had no idea what happened, but when he woke up from his tiny nap he found himself hanging off one of the planks of wood on the ceiling fan, completely tangled in yarn, with one ball still in his mouth.

“Alright, I’m back! Sorry it took me so long, there was a really long line and-” Marco stopped dead in his tracks when he looked up only to find his boyfriend tied up to his fan with his plum-colored yarn.

Tom tried to explain what happened, but then he felt something still in his mouth. He looked down, and was reminded of the purple yarn ball still in his mouth and spat it out, making a soft ‘Phat’ as it fell out of his mouth and a small thud as it bounced on Marco’s head and right into one of the frozen yogurt containers, but Marco didn’t even flinch, he merely blinked, his eyes still glued to the crazy sight in front of him.

“Should I even ask?”
“Probably not.”

———————————————— This is so freaking adorable I can’t take it! Thank you!

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34 // Jonsa

[autumn fic meme; open for prompts]

34. knitting a scarf

When he comes back from walking Ghost, Jon finds her curled up on the floral-patterned sofa, with her feet tucked underneath her and her hands as busy as they have been for the past two weeks. Maybe busier.

“You’re going to run yourself ragged,” he says, walking into the kitchen for a glass and filling it with the tap. “I’m going to come over one day soon and your hands will just be gone.”

“Ha, ha.” Sansa sounds distracted. Then, as if remembering something: “Oh! Jon! Come here.”

He obeys, sitting on the couch when she pats the space next to her. Putting down the scarf she’s working on, in robin’s-egg blue, Sansa reaches into her knitting basket and retrieves a few skeins of yarn, all different shades of gray or silver. Kneeling next to him on the cushion, she holds one up to his cheek.

It’s scratchy on his skin. She leans so close their noses almost touch, so close she could kiss him. His tongue feels thick in his suddenly dry mouth.

“What are you doing?” he whispers into her careful scrutiny.

Sansa frowns. “You’re up next. This isn’t the right color. Here, let me …” Bracing one hand on his shoulder, she discards one skein and retrieves another, repeating the process. It’s his eyes she’s peering at so intently, he realizes.

“You’re making me a scarf?”

“It’s tradition.”

Every year, on All Souls’ Day, Catelyn had given her kids a new scarf she’d made. It’s the Starks’ tradition, not his. He’d never gotten a scarf, not even when he’d been living here for a few years.

“That’s not right, either,” she murmurs, holding up a third skein. “If this one doesn’t work, I’ll have to go back to the store.”

“It’s a lot of work,” he says, rubbing his palms against his jeans. “You’ve done so much already, you don’t have to …”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she says briskly, gently patting his cheek. “You’re part of the family…. Oh, stop blinking so much, it’s messing me up.”

Jon banishes his sudden blinking fit as best he can. “I just don’t want you to go to any extra work.” His voice is a little hoarse.

“You’ll have to come with me to the store,” she decides. “Tomorrow morning? Are you busy?”

“It’s a date.”

At his wording, her cheeks turn pink, but she smiles.

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Hey! Can you write on where regular Magnus has the cats to and Church loves Alec. Like Magnus doesn't understand because he hates everyone but one day he wakes up in the morning to find squad there eaitingh for his help or something and church is all over Alec, like literally climbing him and Alec's giggling bc it's so cute and Magnus is shocked bc Church hisses at anyone else who tries to pet him? Thanks!

Magnus was glaring at Church. 

They had been staring at each other for the better part of half an hour. Chairman Meow was playing with a yarn ball like a normal cat should be doing, but Church was just looking at Magnus as though Magnus was the most disinteresting person that there was. 

Church was an interesting cat to say the least. Just with Magnus, he barely let Magnus touch him, but Magnus had guests over prior to this last half hour and he had hissed at just about every person who had made the attempt to touch him. 

Magnus wanted to show Church who was boss. He had no real way of doing that because Church was looking at Magnus like Magnus was a flea. 

“I despise you.” Magnus said, crossing his arms. 

There was rustling at the front door of the apartment, which drew Magnus’ attention away. There was only one person who had a key to his apartment, and in his opinion, this person was far more worth his time than the stupid cat. 

Magnus danced over to the door, there before Alec had even completely entered. He pressed his against Alec’s, Alec trying to shut the door behind him. 

“You’re in a good mood.” Alec grinned. 

“You’re here.” Magnus said simply. 

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deepbutdazzlingdarkness  asked:

Malec for the OTP question meme: 1, 3, 4, 11, 12, 17, 24, 28 (you don't have to necessarily answer all of these I'm just giving you options haha.)

ha! i’m doing all of them

1: Who is the most affectionate?

Alec’s tendency to stutter, and stammer and lose his words around Magnus does not fade with time. Instead, Magnus just gets better and better at rendering him speechless. It works, but, as usual, Alec finds a way. With words, he struggles, but with his body, Alec is eloquent to the point of poetry. A quick brush of lips for ‘hello,’ and ‘goodbye.’ Tight hugs for ‘I miss you,’ or ‘be safe.’ A reassuring squeeze of a shoulder for ‘that was brilliant,’ or ‘i’m here if you need me.’ Deep, slow kisses for ‘i love you,’ and ‘i need you,’ and then, eventually, closed eyes and a bowed head for emotions too precious to name. 

3: Most common argument?

After Izzy’s trial, “the law is the law,” becomes less of a fact and more of an inside joke between Alec and Magnus because of how often it comes between them. As a shawdowhunter (or, more importantly, as the acting head of the Institute), Alec’s first instinct is to obey the rules, while, as a downworlder, ignored and condescended to by the Clave, Magnus’ first tendency is to artfully bypass them. Jace and Clary learn very quickly that the best way to get something done is to ask them both for help. 

4: Favorite non-sexual activity?

For 400+ years, Magnus Bane’s favorite thing to do has been to talk, to tell stories, to spin yarns that may or may not be true. After he meets Alec, however, his favorite thing to do is to tell stories to Alec. Alec doesn’t doubt, doesn’t poke holes in his stories, doesn’t wrinkle his nose in suspicion, doesn’t even interrupt Magnus (except to laugh). He just lies with his head in Magnus’ lap, a smile on his face, and his fingers entwined with Magnus’ own. And listens.

11: Who tops?

Magnus is too experienced and Alec is too curious for them to do anything but try every single thing that Alec can come up with. Which means they switch–almost every day, almost all the time. 

In terms of dynamics, however, it’s Magnus. It isn’t that Alec doesn’t like to rough him up a little every once in a while (he does–Magnus has both the hickies and the finger-shaped bruises to prove it), but that he doesn’t ever need to be the one in charge. Magnus doesn’t have to either, but when he’s with Alec, who wears his pain and his frustration (and his eagerness to please) as openly as he wears his wounds, it’s hard not to slip into that role. Harder still is pretending to ignore the way Alec responds to it, the way he blooms like a flower in the sun under the subtle, almost unconscious demonstrations of Magnus’ care–a quiet instruction here, a calming gesture there, a whispered word of praise as often as he can get away with.

Eventually, Magnus stops pretending.

12: Who initiates kisses?

Magnus has spent too time holding himself back, and Alec has spent too long suppressing his emotions, so for a long while, kisses between them come far and few between. Instead, they orbit around each other like stars, softly bumping knees and brushing fingers, gazing at each other’s lips and contenting themselves with a soft (and safe) kiss on the cheek, until one night it becomes too much and they crash into one another, knocking over wineglasses and weapons alike in their eagerness.

After that, initiating kisses is not a problem. Stopping is the hard part.

17: Who says I love you first?

It wakes Alec up in the middle of the night, knowing he loves Magnus. He can feel it–in the cool evening air, the shiver in his skin, the silk beneath their bodies. He holds the knowledge close to himself for a long moment, marveling at the rightness of the feeling, and smiles down at Magnus’s sleeping form, still curled towards him. 

I love you, Alec whispers–still quiet, still in awe at his own unbridled emotion– and sees Magnus’ mouth quirk upwards. His eyes narrow.


“In my defense,” Magnus begins, quickly untangling himself from the sheets, “A, you are a very loud thinker.”


“And B…” Magnus places a hand on Alec’s bare chest, right above his heart. His eyes are soft. “I love you too.”

24: Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

It’s barely 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon when Magnus finds Alec in the Institute, slamming his fists into a punching bag like it’s Valentine himself. “If that’s what they teach in stress relief classes here, I’d get my money back,” Magnus murmurs, smiling as he comes into the room. “Pounding that bag won’t make you feel any better.” To be honest, he’s thinking clandestine kisses, perhaps a quick massage or two.

But Alec turns around slowly (too slowly), and backs Magnus into the wall like a hungry predator. “Would you prefer I be pounding something else?” he asks, and only barely manages to smother his laugh when Magnus goes bright red from the tops of his cheeks to the middle of his chest.

And just like that, Alec feels just fine. 

28: What do they do when they’re away from each other?


Worry and bury themselves in work to pretend they’re not worrying.