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Blind Musician

@redfirecatherinetodd I’m sorry it took so long but I finally did it!!

Request:  I love ur work. Do u think u could make a fanfic about Jason and a blind musician but she’s Damian’s friend so he won’t let them be alone and he spies on their dates or something like that. Please and thank you


Being Damian’s friend was amazing. He was one of the few people who treated you like a normal person, but he was also extremely protective of you.

“Damian Wayne, I am positive that I can get to my piano on my own”

“tt, you might fall. You are unfamiliar with the terrain of Wayne Manor; I will not allow you to be hurt.”

You chuckle, “I manage to get around my own messy apartment just fine, I don’t know why you continue to doubt me”

“If you would allow me to move you into the Manor, I wouldn’t be concerned about your wellbeing. You would not be alone here”

You turn blind eyes on your best friend, “And how would I be able to get around this huge place, I might fall down the stairs”

“Then let me move you into the penthouse! Your apartment has stairs as well! What if you fall down those!”

You roll your eyes, smacking his ankle with your cane. “Just take me to the piano, Dami, before I beat you with this cane”

You can hear Damian growl as you start to walk forward on your own, using your cane to find the leg of the piano, “Y/N!”

Sliding into the seat, you place your fingers over the keys. That’s the good thing about pianos, no matter which one you’re at, a piano is always the same. “Will you write the notes for me? I’ve been working on this for a while, but I just need it written down”

“Of course. Give me a moment to get the sheets. Stay here, the Manor is too large for you to wander around in.”

You wave your hand, dismissing his words. You started to play, the music absorbed you, cradling you in its notes. Music was your one escape, the onetime where no one pitied you for being blind. You were so absorbed in the music that you didn’t hear the door open, or hear that person lean against the wall to listen to you play. Ending the song with a flourish, you let the last note hold out for an extra second.

“That was amazing” You let out a shriek at the unexpected noise.

“Y/N!!” Damian burst into the room, “Todd! How dare you intrude!”

“Damian! Don’t hit me! Shit! I didn’t know I was intruding!”

There were sounds of a fight, papers fluttering to the ground, and the sound of fists hitting flesh. “Damnit, stop!”

“Y/N, are you alright?” Damian asked, you can hear him standing up and making his way over to you. He purposefully steps heavy, just so you can hear him.

“I’m fine! Why did you attack him?!” You turn on the bench, “Are you alright, sir?”

“Name’s Jason, sweetheart. Damn Damian, you hit hard” The other man, Jason, walks up to the bench, “I heard you playing, it was beautiful. I-I’m sorry for intruding.”

You blush. No one other than Damian had heard you play an original piece. “Um, thank you. I’m sorry that Damian hurt you. You – you can listen anytime you want”

“Todd has no appreciation of musical instruments. I doubt he is truly able to appreciate your brilliance”

“Are you saying my music isn’t worth appreciating? Because he obviously enjoyed my playing”

“You know that isn’t what I meant. I do not want him to take advantage of you. Todd has never been good at being gentle with anything”

You roll your eyes, “I don’t need to be handled with kid-gloves, Dami” You stick your hand out, waiting until Jason takes it before talking, “It’s nice to meet you, Jason. My name’s Y/N”

Jason chuckled, “It’s good to finally meet you. We’ve been wondering where Damian runs off to on the weekends”

“That would be to my apartment. He says that he needs to escape from his crazy family, and with how easily you two just started a fight”

Jason chuckles, “Well, he did attack me. I have to go, Alfred needs my help in the kitchen. I’ll see you two at dinner”

You smirk, “Was that a blind joke? ‘See you at dinner’?”

Jason sucks in a sharp breath, “No! Nonono! I promise it wasn’t! I didn’t mean to say that! I’m so sorry!”

You burst into laughter, “I’m just kidding! God! Don’t take things so personal!”

Damian snickers, “She does that all the time, don’t mind her. She likes to use her inability to see to make people uncomfortable”

You grin, “It’s the only way to get people to realize that I’m not some delicate flower. And come on, that was funny”

“It was pretty damn funny” Jason mumbled.

After dinner that night you were invited over to Wayne Manor a lot more. Bruce likes that you didn’t let Damian get away with everything. And you enjoyed spending time with Jason, you hoped that he would want to spend more time with you.

Your doorbell buzzes, “Hello?”

“Hey, Y/N. It’s Jason, can I come up?”

“Sure, ill buzz you in”

A minute later there’s a knock on the door, “It’s me!”

“Hey, Jay. This is a nice surprise” You pull him into a brief hug, and shut the door behind him.

“I haven’t seen you in a while, I just wanted to check up on you”

“I forgot to respond to your text! Is that why you’re here?”

“Well … yeah”

“You’re almost as bad as Damian!” you laugh, “I’m sorry I worried you. I lost my phone and can’t seem to find it.”

Jason rolls his eyes, “Well, let me find it, and I’ll get out of your hair”

“You don’t need to leave, Jay, you can stay for a while. I could really use your input on a new song”

“I’d love to stay. I actually have something to talk to you about”

“Let me make some tea, and then we can sit down”

Once the tea is boiled and poured, you reach out to touch Jason’s arm, “What was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

Jason clears his throat, “I … um … I wanted to know if you’d want to go out to dinner … with me?”

“Like a date?”


You grin, “I’d love to go on a date with you!”

“How about Saturday? I’ll pick you up at 6:00?”

“Perfect!” You reach out and wrap your arms around Jason

“Now I really do have to go now, Y/N. I was supposed to meet Dick 30 minutes ago.”

You pull back, “Alright. Were you really that upset that I didn’t text you back?”

“Damian and I have been talking about ways to make sure you’re safe. I guess his paranoia has started to rub off on me”

“I was painting, and I lost my phone! Between you and Damian! You guys are ridiculous!”

Jason pulls back, “You paint?”

You chuckle, “Of course I paint! I paint and I play music! Those are some of the few things that ‘optically challenged’ people can do! Do you know how hard it is to get a job when you’re blind?”

“No one’s ever mentioned your painting before, not even Damian”

You blush, “He doesn’t know, I haven’t even showed anyone my paintings other than buyers.”

“Can I see them?” You nod and walk into your guest room, gesturing to the paintings that are scattered all over, “Holy shit they’re beautiful!!”

“Really? I don’t know that they look like, one of my buyers said that they look like galaxies”

“God, how can you be so talented!”

“I’m really not, Jay, but thank you. Didn’t you say you had to leave?”

“Um, yeah, I do. Can I come in here and take inventory on these, I can help you sell them?”

“I would love that! It would help me so much. But I can hear your phone blowing up, Dick is probably pissed that you’re blowing him off”

Jason chuckles, “I’ll see you on Saturday, I put your phone on the charger. I saw about 6 texts from Damian, so I would expect him next”

“Good! He can help me pick out a dress to wear!”

Jason chuckles and heads to the door, “Good bye, Y/N”

You lean up pressing a kiss to the side of his face, you hope it was his cheek, “Bye, Jay”

Jason was right. Damian showed up at your apartment about 10 minutes after Jason left, in a complete panic.

“Y/N!!!” He shouted

“How the hell did you even get in the building?!” You yell back, “Please tell me you didn’t break in … again!”

“I climbed in through the window, so no, I didn’t break anything.”

You hum, “I’m fine by the way. I just lost my phone. Jason freaked out too, so he stopped by and helped me find it. He also asked me on a date, Dami!!!”

“He what?!?!”

“He asked me on a date!!” You dance around in a little circle, “I need you to help me pick out a dress!”

Damian doesn’t answer right away but you assume that he is still across the room, so you startle when he grabs your arm, “You are allowing yourself to be courted by, Todd!?!?”

“Yes, Dami. We are going on a date. What’s the big deal?”

“Do you know who he really is?!?” Damian growled.

“Yes, Red Hood”

You may not be able to see it, but you know that you managed to shock Damian, “H-How did you …?”

“Did you really think I wouldn’t figure it out? You come into my apartment through the window, and you are wearing armor and a cape. I know you’re Robin, and I assume Bruce is Batman, Dick is Nightwing, Jason, who’s the black sheep of the family, is the Red Hood, but I haven’t figured out who Red Robin is, I haven’t met your other brother. What was his name? Tom?”


“Ah, yes, Tim”

You can hear Damian sit down on your bed, and you turn back to the closet, “How did you know?”

“Your footsteps around different when you’re I uniform, Jason smells like gun powder, Dick isn’t around here much and neither is Nightwing, with Bruce I just kinda guessed”

“Oh, alright, those are reasonable conclusions. Which dress do you intend to wear?”

“I was thinking the green one”

Damian hums, “I prefer the dark purple one.”

“I do like that one” You murmur, “What if I wear it with the amethyst necklace you got me last year?”

“You would look beautiful. I will make sure that Todd takes you to a respectable restaurant”

“That sounds great Dami, now you need to go. Don’t think I forgot that you have a meeting with the Board at WE”

Damian groans, “I had hoped to avoid that meeting”

“Nope! You have to go! I need to continue composing my song”

Damian groaned, but walked to the door, “I shall see you Saturday before your date. I shall help you get ready”

“Thanks Dami! Have fun at your meeting!”

The date so far was amazing. There haven’t been any lulls in the conversation, and you were enjoying each other’s company. The appetizers had just arrived when Jason startled you with a groan.

“What is it?” You ask, confused.

“Damian just walked in. I knew he wouldn’t let us go on a date alone”

You can’t help but burst into laughter, missing the glares that were shot in your direction, “Please tell me you’re joking. He’s really here?”

“Yes, and he’s glaring at me. I feel like he’s going to attack me”

“He won’t hurt you, I promise. Isn’t that right Damian? Because I know you bugged me, and I know you can hear me. Nod your head for Jason, Dami”

“Oh my God, he just nodded! How did you know he bugged you?”

“I’ve known this necklace was bugged and had a tracking device in it since he gave it to me. It’s why I keep it in a special box when I’m not wearing it”

It’s Jason who bursts into laughter this time, “Oh that’s rich! You’re amazing you know that?”

Taking a sip of water, you try to cover up your blush, “Thank you”

“I really how you’ll agree to go out with me again”

“I’d love to, as long as you don’t mind my tail. I doubt he will ever let us go out alone”

“I don’t mind. I want to take you to the orchestra for our next date”

“I would love to go to the orchestra!” You clear your throat nervously, “and maybe you’d like to come to one of my concerts?”

Jason places one of his large hands on top of yours, “I will always say yes to hearing you play, you’re my favorite musician”

You giggle when Jason lifts your hand to him lips, placing a gentle kiss against your knuckles, “Good, because I like it when you listen”


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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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Flower Boy- Vernon Fluff

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Request: hello!!! may i request some fluff with vernon where he is a florist thats extremely shy and he falls in love with you at first sight and you start to visit his flower shop often and one day while ur looking at flowers in the back of the store he just kisses you. sorry if this is a bit much haha. thank you!!!

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1352

Member/Group: Vernon of SEVENTEEN

A/N: I hope you guys are okay with me choosing this as the first official scenario for our Vernilla Ice! The prompt sounded interesting, and I hope y’all enjoy reading my attempt at writing.

 The scent of roses hung in the air when the bell finally rang. Vernon, a young florist, stepped through the door and set the bundle of flowers he held in his hands on the counter. The yellow flowers were still quite small, and he would need to find a pot to plant them in so that they could grow to their full potential. Carefully, he took his apron out of the cabinet next to the register and began his morning. 

 His instincts kicked in, and for a good hour he walked around watering each flower with care. He remembered to place extra on the daffodils, which had been left in a particularly sunny spot on an extremely hot and dry day, and patted some fertilizer onto the freshly planted chrysanthemums. This routine was set in his head, and he hummed a little tune as he stepped through the entirety of the store caring for his sole source of income. By the time he finished by trimming back some overgrown mint leaves, the clock struck 9 am.

 Time to open again… 

 As usual, his first customer was his childhood friend, Boo Seungkwan.

 “I swear, that girl was checkin’ me out! I bet she was jealous that she doesn’t have my glorious figure or my striking features.” Seungkwan told him of another failed attempt to pick up girls at a nearby bar, and Vernon couldn’t help but let out the loudest chortle he had heard himself create in his 19 years of living.

 “Hey! Don’t laugh! Anyway, it’s not like your luck has been any better than mine in finding somebody that accepts your over-obsessive tendencies with flowers. Now that is weird.” Seungkwan fired back the comment and tucked his gloriously boo-tiful hair behind his equally as gorgeous ears.

 “Excuse me! I could totally date someone, I just don’t have time. You wouldn’t know, considering you don’t even have a good enough job to pay for your obsession of shipping Beyonce albums over to Korea even though you could totally just download them on your phone.”

 “Don’t diss my queen! Anyhow, I gotta go, tell your sister she’s still my favorite Chwe!” Vernon scoffed as Seungkwan slipped out of the blue door that led into the shop. He slipped back behind the counter, and began to look for a book amongst his pile of paperwork and files that had been strewn across his desk. He managed to find A Catcher in the Rye, and immersed himself in the storyline.

 Suddenly, the bell rang, nearly giving the young man a heart attack. The chair he had been resting in flipped over, and he shot up in an attempt to make himself not look as if he had just been dozing off to a good book.

 “Excuse me? I’m looking for roses for a gift. How much would a dozen cost?” You stuttered out, shyly kicking the ground with the front of your right shoe.

 “Depends on which ones you would like. The red ones are 25 bucks, but the yellow and white ones are 30.” He quickly answered, scanning his eyes over your features.

 “I guess I’ll take a dozen red ones then. Does the gift wrapping cost extra?” Vernon shook his head in response to your question, and began to walk over to the large display of roses in the center of the shop. You watched him cut the stems, and flush overtook your cheeks when you realized that you had been staring at him. As he took extra care in focusing on cutting identical lengths, he had been biting his lip. When the last snip was heard, you quickly turned away and pretended that you had been staring at the array of sunflowers laid out across the wall of the shop.

 “Ma’m, that will be $25. 57. Would you like pink or white lace tied around it?” He asked, and you shyly pointed to the white lace and chewed on your bottom lip. “So, are these for your boyfriend? Because I can tell you, he must be pretty special if you are buying him roses.”

 “Actually, they are for my mom, I don’t have a boyfriend. It’s her birthday and I buy her a bouquet of roses every year.”

 Vernon nodded and continued to listen to your rambling, but all he was focusing on was the first thing you said. She doesn’t have a boyfriend… but she’s so cute!

 “I just feel like they really express how much she means to me, you know?” You finished you story, but noticed Vernon was spacing out and staring at you as if you were a creature from another planet. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to bore you. I swear, I’m such a chatterbox!”

 “No, I like hearing you speak. You know, if you ever want a job, come by here. I’d be glad to give you an interview, and you seem to know your way around flowers and their correspondence with holidays and celebrations.” You both laughed, and you nodded.

 “That sounds really nice. You’re name is is Vernon, isn’t it?” He nodded, and you continued. “My name is (Y/N). I gotta go, but if its okay with you I’m gonna take you up on that job offer.” He waved and sent you on your way. (Y/N), what a pretty name for a pretty girl.

 It had been a few weeks since your job interview at Vernon’s shop, and you had basically become his most trusted workmate. You guys spent practically every day together, even when neither of you had a shift. He would come over to your apartment and take you to go grab food. They weren’t exactly dates, per say, but you definitely had began to grow feelings for Vernon.

 You walked up the concrete steps and inserted your key into the lock that was the only barrier between you and your favorite career. When you entered the door, the familiar sound of the bell that welcomed customers rang. 

 “Hey, Vernon! What’s first on the agenda today?” You set down your backpack and slipped your apron on over the blue oversized turtleneck you wore. Vernon took a second to look up, as he was clearly extremely concentrated on a document in his hand.  

 “We got a new shipment of daises that we need to sort before opening today. Can you grab the gardening gloves off the shelf next to my desk?” He instructed you and you nodded before quickly moving to complete the task. You found Vernon’s thick black gloves and your light green ones that rested in the cupboard at the bottom of the shelf. Moving to put yours on, you rushed to bring Vernon what he requested.

 “So, just sort through and pull out any stray pieces of grass or plastic that may have gotten there during shipping. Vernon turned on his radio and you both silently began to sort through all the flowers.

 You were at the center of the bundle when something red caught your eye.

 “Hey, Vernon, I think a rose got mixed up in here somehow. What idiot puts this in daises?” You turned around with the flower in your hand, but your words were cut short by a pair of lips being placed on yours. Obviously, it was Vernon, so you decided to go ahead and melt into the kiss. The rose dropped to the ground, long forgotten, and your hands went behind his neck. You kissed him softly, and when he pulled away you took in a gasp of air.

 “So… I’m guessing you are the idiot who stuck that rose in there?” A pink flush spread across your face, and Vernon laughed loudly.

 “I’m not an idiot! I know you love them… I guess you could say I’m your flower boy, ay?” You laughed and shook your head before pulling him into a sweet kiss that began a new chapter in the life of you and your flower boy.

*** I hope that went with the request and you enjoyed it. Requests are still open guys, and don’t be shy! If you would like, request under you account name and I can send you a message when your request is posted. Love y’all!xx

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hello! i know this is a bit odd but you seem like a Friend [we don't actually talk to each other lol u just come across as a very nice encouraging person] and i was wondering - i want to learn how to do a welsh accent, what are the things u think are important for one? or what do u hate when u hear people do welsh accents? sorry, not ur usual stuff i know, but there are so few welsh people on here o.O

HELLO I’m the worst Friend because my inbox is full and I am empty inside BUT thank for ask and you are rad and sorry this took so long to answer!

Things to remember about Welsh accents, keeping in mind that I am not a linguist so there will be none of that useful IPA stuff here, just the ramblings of a Cardiffian:

  • the typical ol’ disclaimer that there isn’t really a singular Welsh accent. British accents in general vary a lot from one small, discrete region to the next, and this is true in Wales as well as England; even the difference in accent from Newport (where my mum works) to Cardiff (where I live), which are adjacent cities, is quite noticeable. Despite being a country roughly the size of a dinner plate, the distance between North and South Wales is vast culturally and linguistically. I always think it’s best summed up by the fact that the Welsh word for ‘now’ is ‘nawr’ in South Wales and ‘rwan’ in North Wales; literally opposite words.
  • the Welsh accent that most people tend to think of and imagine when you say ‘a Welsh accent’ is actually what I’d term a Valleys accent - that is, the accent of someone who lives in the valleys of South Wales. Putting on the ol’ serious hat for a mo, this is also the Welsh accent that’s parodied most. It’s a strong accent in terms of how far it diverts from RP, and it’s immediately distinctive, which is probably why it’s become the stereotypical Welsh accent. However, it’s also an accent that gets mocked a lot. Some people who speak with it have trained themselves out of it so that they can get jobs, as due to the history of poverty (and all the social problems that come with it) within the Valleys there are multitudinous negative associations that come with the accent.
  • a further disclaimer is that the most stereotypical Welsh accent is also the one that’s used most frequently as comic relief, which I think is a bit iffy, seeing as the joke there is basically ‘Welsh people talk dumb lol’. Even recently I went to Shakespeare’s Globe in London to see Twelfth Night (which was great, 10/10 recommend) and the comic relief character was given a Welsh accent, despite his heritage in the play being Italian, presumably to highlight the fact that he was funny and therefore needed to speak in an inherently funny accent. I do think that there are some problems with this, given the history of English colonialism and the suppression of the Welsh language (which, after all, formed the basis for the Welsh accents).
  • I guess the point of this massive tangent is to answer your question of ‘what do you hate when you hear people do Welsh accents’ - I hate it when people turn the accent into a punchline, because it has classist undertones and feeds off the idea of English superiority, which links back to colonialism, cultural oppression and political inequality, which is still a huge problem between the two countries. I don’t like it when people realise I’m Welsh and immediately launch into a hyper-exaggerated parody of a Welsh accent (which happens a lot when I’m not in Wales). I like people to take an interest in the accent rather than amusement. Does that make any sense? Probably not. I just ate a lot of stir fry.
  • as for actual things to remember when doing a Welsh accent - which is the handy catch-all term I’ll now be using to refer to a Valleys accent, seeing as that’s the accent I presume you’ve heard most - there are a couple of things!
    • the vowels tend to be very drawn out, and kind of flat; the word ‘same’, for example, is pronounced kind of as a cross between ‘same’ and ‘sim’, with the vowel sound stretched out a bit. ‘Go’ would be pronounced a bit like ‘gore’.
    • the ‘r’ sound is rolled
    • some people describe it as a ‘sing song’ accent because there tends to be quite a lot of pitch variation and the vowels are stretched out significantly, but don’t go overboard! We don’t just go around singing all the damn time. This isn’t High School Musical. This isn’t even Perfformiad Cerddorol Ysgol Uwchradd (ha ha ha what a good joke, except what bad Welsh)
    • generally, we drop our h sounds (i.e. ‘house’ becomes ‘‘ouse’)
    • there are some vowel sounds that are just different in ways that I don’t have the linguistic knowledge to explain! For example, the word ‘here’ is pronounced ‘yer’. This has led to my grandmother telling me to ‘come over yer so I can yer you properly, my yers are playing up’. I love her.
    • there are also some lexical variations that make up the dialect, as well as the accent. One pretty common tendency is to add words to the end of a sentence for emphasis, such as ‘I like that, I do’, or ‘I’ll come over there now then’. Syntax is often different; whereas someone speaking in RP might say ‘I do like that’, it would be more stereotypically Welsh to say ‘I like that, I do’. Obviously that’s not universally applicable, but my grandad is a stonking example of it. He also adds ‘like you know’ into nearly every goddamn sentence, but that might just be him.
  • here is an archive of recordings from various Welsh dialects, because listening is so much better than reading my garbled attempts at explaining sounds, and here is a better explained list by people with actual linguistic / dialectic knowledge!
  • for more practice, you can watch interviews of such celebrities as Taron Egerton, Luke Evans, Aneurin Barnard, Matthew Rhys, Ioan Gruffudd and Catherine Zeta-Jones (before she trained herself out of it). What a chore.

Welsh accents are quite a big part of Welsh identity (y’know, owing to all the English Dickery) and I’m kind of bummed out that I don’t actually have much of a Welsh accent of any description myself. I’ve been told that I lapse into it when I’m angry or excited, but otherwise my accent is bordering on RP or Southern English. Very sad and very unfair, seeing as I’ve lived here for 25 years. Oh well.

I really, honestly ate too much stir fry.

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You know, that’s a really weird murderer. Anyway, THIS IS FUN! Honestly, i’d be dead already, because i don’t really care about convincing anyone when it comes to shipping. Before i start, i’m gonna state that ANYTHING I’LL SAY HERE IS BECAUSE I’M FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE, DON’T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONAL, GUYS. These will be pretty much the reasons why i ship them. The first part is a bunch of “objective” reasons (well as objective as it can get, because shipping can’t be a totally objective thing) and the other one is personal, so is up to you when to stop reading this. I apologize in advance for my English.

1)      Levi and Hanji are both really interesting and complex characters. He isn’t just a typical shonen badass guy and she’s not a typical crazy scientist. Levi is actually , from my pov, the most caring and selfless character of all SnK, he literally sacrifices himself over and over for the sake of others. Hanji isn’t just this sweet cheerful character, she has a mesmerizing willpower, nothing can stop her.

2)      They complement each other amazingly. They are both strong and smart, but in different ways. Any virtue that Levi doesn’t have, Hanji has it. Every flaw that Hanji has, Levi doesn’t. And they share two really important virtues, which are the foundation of any healthy relationship: they are both so loyal and passionate. They are literally willing to give up their lives for the people they love.

3)      THEIR INTERACTIONS ARE SO FUN TO READ/WATCH. You just know that, whenever they are together, something great is going to happen. There’s something refreshing about them, about their bickering, about the way they work together, about the way they care about each other so deeply.

4)      I think nobody can understand them more than each other. They have experienced similar things as soldiers, they have lost people they love countless times. I bet they could be sharing each other stories all night long, reminiscing all of those good times with Moblit, Erwin and their old squads.

5)      Okay, i won’t force my ship to anyone, but since i’m fighting for my life here, i’ll say i think there are actual canon hints for Levihan. Like the “Levi bathes Hanji” thing, the “we tell each other everything” thing (don’t u dare telling me Hanji clearly said they’re just friends, cuz isn’t that what every Levihan shipper has as a headcanon? The idea of them not admitting their true feelings and say “we’re just friends” ‘cause they’re both awkward dorks), their interaction in ACWNR, their interaction in Shingeki! Chuugakkou, and the “Levihan is similar to Eremika” thing. It’s up to you, random killer, to decide if that means romance or not.

6)      I hate to fangirl here, but HAVE U SEEN THEM? They are both beautiful and would have babies as beautiful and brilliant as them. What a blessing. I love drawing them so much because their character design is gorgeous. Levi with his cold colors and Hanji with the warm colors, they even complement each other in that aspect.

7)      The Levihan fandom is amazing. Besides the fact that there’s no drama and everyone is so kind, I’m pretty sure this is the ship with the funniest fan art. Even the most serious person would smirk even a little bit while scrolling through the Levihan tag. I mean, we’re all about the laughs. All of the other ships usually focus on the classic romantic stuff (i say “classic” , because from my pov there’s nothing more romantic than the OTP having fun ❤). With Levihan, you’ll get from the most intense fan art to the most ridiculous headcanon, it’s so much fun. Some Levihan artists are pretty well known among non Levihan shippers because of that same reason, like @alemanriq, @trash-god or @drinkyourfuckingmilk . I mean, really, if you’re feeling down and need to cheer up a bit, they’re the way to go.

One of the main arguments people have against Levihan is that they’re too different, so it wouldn’t work. They even go as far as saying that Levi doesn’t really care that much about Hanji. My first response is that both Hanji and Levi are highly misunderstood characters. We don’t have to let our personal experience makes us decide what is love and what isn’t. We all show our love in very different ways.

Now heres my second argument to that idea and this is gonna get personal. If you don’t wanna read about my life, skip this.

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Some Prompts that are lyrics from very cute and lovely songs. There are always two lines. One for Person A and one for Person B.


  •  „You ain’t no lady but you’ve sure got taste in men.“ – „But I’ve been told by friends of mine you’re someone I can trust.“ (AC/DC - Carry Me Home)
  • „You say you want the truth, but you can’t take it. So I give you lies.“ – „I won’t apologize to you anymore. Cause I’m a grown-ass man.“ (Adam Lambert – There I Said it)
  • „Everybody loves the things you do. From the way you talk to the way you move“ - „My God, this reminds me. Of when we were young.“  (Adele – When we Were Young)
  • „I don’t want to hurt you but I need to breathe!“ -  „At the end of it all, you’re still my best friend.“  (Alex Clare – Too Close)
  • „I’m getting sick of your bullshit attitude.“ – „Do you want me. Or do you want me dead?“  (All Time Low – Do You Want Me (Dead)?)
  • „Tell me how am I supposed to breathe. When losing you is choking me?“ – „I still remember that empty look left on your face.“ (The All-American Rejects – Heartbeat Slowing Down)
  •  „I’m so into you, I can barely breathe.“ – „A little bit dangerous, but, baby, that’s how I want it.“ (Ariana Grande – Into You)
  • „I want to show you who I really am.“ – „I wanna get to know you, talk all night.“ (Aura Dione – Masterpiece)
  • „Now don’t you tell me to leave you alone.“ – „I want you to touch me.“ (Avicii – Touch Me)
  • „I don’t like your girlfriend!“ – „I think we should get together now.“ (Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend)


  • „Add on that I’m a coward. Too scared to return your calls.“ – „Despite how silly it sounds. You’re bigger. Than me.“ (Backstreet Boys – Bigger)
  • „And you said you always had my back.“ – „I don’t wanna hear you talk about it anymore.“ (Bastille – Bad Blood)
  • „Who the fuck do you think I am?“ – „And keep your money, I’ve got my own.“ (Beyoncé – Don’t Hurt Yourself)
  • „And I’m too fucked up.“ – „But I know I’ll never be that cool.“ (Blink 182 – Apple Shampoo)
  • „They don’t think you’re all that cool. They like you for your step-dad’s pool.“ – „Hey you, you dance like those assholes I see.“ – (Bloodhound Gang – Uncool As Me)
  • „I really want you to really want me, but I really don’t know if you can do that.“ – „And you’re listening to the sound of my breaking heart.“ – (James Blunt – I Really Want You)
  • „For the love of god, will you bite your tongue.“ – „I think it’s time you knew the truth.“ – (Bring Me The Horizon – Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake.)
  • „My mouth is shut, my lips are sealed.“ – „I should have turned and walked away.“ (Billy Talent – The Crutch)
  • „Don’t believe me just watch.“ – „Gotta kiss myself I’m so pretty.“ (Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk)
  • „Don’t try and heal me when I’m broken.“ – „This might be hard to hear.“ (Bullet For My Valentine – Broken)


  • „It’s way too soon, I know this isn’t love.“ – „But I need to tell you something.“ (Carly Rae Jepsen – Really Like You)
  • „I’ve been waiting all night long to know your name.“ – „You’ve been so cold.“ (Chris Brown – I’ll call ya)
  • „I only got 10 likes in the last 5 minutes.“ – „Let me take another selfie.“ (The Chainsmokers - #Selfie)
  • „Don’t you ever say I just walked away.“ – „I will always want you.“ (Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball)


  •  „There are so many things that I don’t understand.“ – „I’ve been, for sometime, looking for someone.“ (Daft Punk  - Within)
  • „Leave him alone, let him go!“ – „Only you can stop the pain.“ (David Guetta – Used To Be The One)
  • „Can’t you act your age“ - „It’s not my fault you’ll never be happy.“  (A Day To Remember – Best Of Me)
  • „And all that I want is forgiveness one more time.“ – „To be the best in the world.“ (Disturbed – Just Stop)


  • „Maybe you could swing by my room around 10:00.“ – „Don’t fuck with my love.“ (Ed Sheeran – Don’t)
  • „You shoot me once, you shoot me twice.“ – „Let me show you what I’m talking about.“ (Enrique Iglesias)
  • „I’m on my own.“ – „I think I’m falling and there’s no return.“ (Enter Shikari – One True Colour)


  • „I’m just a notch in your bedpost.“ – „I’ve been dying to tell you anything you want to hear.“ (Fall Out Boy – We’re Going Down)


  • „All that I remember is that you had me at hello.“ – „What happened? Did it happen? Last night.“ (Good Charlotte – Last Night)
  • „I heard you crying loud.“ – „You’ve been thinking about ditching me.“ (Green Day – When i come around)
  • „
It’s a mystery how you sleep at night.“ – „
I give you so many chances, but you screw them all up.“ (Gossip – I Won’t Play)


  • „Baby just don’t close your heart.“ – „It’s all going wrong.“ (HIM – Don’t close your Heart)


  • Come with me and we will run away.“ – „I am all you adore, lately.“ (Imagine Dragons – Hear Me)


  • „If you don’t want me to leave then don’t push me away.“ – „I’m gonna stay.“ (James Morrison – Dont Wanna Love Me)
  • „How much I adore those pretty eyes of yours.“ – „Can you love me for a lifetime or just one night.“ (Jennifer Lopez – Baby I Love You)
  • „I’m gonna be be good so tell me that you’re gonna be good too.“ – „I’m gonna treat you right.“ (Jonas Brothers – BB Good)
  • „'Cause I’m missing more than just your body.“ – „I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice.“ (Justin Bieber – Sorry)
  • „Beautiful smile with those sad eyes.“ – „I don’t know why you’d leave me alone.“ (Justin Timberlake – Amnesia)


  • „You’re so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal.“ – „You’re so skinny you should really Super Size the deal.“ (Katy Perry – Ur So Gay)
  • „Never thought that you would be the one.“ – „Maybe you shouldn’t Kiss ‘n’ tell.“ (Ke$ha – Kiss N Tell)
  • „Taking me higher than I’ve ever been before.“ – „You’re just another day that keeps me breathing.“ (Kiesza – Hideaway)


  • „I just want you alone“ - „It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love.“ (Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion)
  • „You say that you are proud of me.“ – „You’re not the one that you pretend to be.“ (Linkin Park – Pretend To Be)
  • „Forget that boy, I’m over it.“ – „Guess I should say thank you.“ (Little Mix – Shout Out To My Ex)


  • When I’m without you. I’m so insecure.“ – „Don’t let nobody touch it. Unless that somebody’s me.“ (Maroon 5 – Sugar)
  • „I have the loves of many men. But I don’t love any of them.“  - „Why do you cheat on me?“ (Metallica – Cheat On Me)
  • „I got a bulletproof heart.“ – „Let me be the one to save you.“ (My Chemical Romance – Bulletproof Heart)


  1. „And my heart feels a fool.“ – „Can’t stop thinking of you, cause I’m so jealous, baby.“ ( New Kids on the Block – Jealous)


  • „Counted all my mistakes and there’s only one.“ – „Yeah, it took me some time, but I figured out.“ (One Direction – Where do Broken Hearts Go?)
  • „I can only be myself.“ – „I’ll never forget you.“ (Olly Murs – Tryna change me)
  • „But you confuse me.“ – „I said babe do you want to take it fast or slow?.“ (OneRepublic – The Less I Know)


  • „Do I look lonely?“ – „Am I the best you’ve ever had?“ (Panic! At The Disco – Death of a Bachelor)
  •  „Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back.“ – „I cannot take any more.“ (P!nk – Stupid Girls)
  • „I know you like me.“ – „Let’s keep it friendly.“ (The Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha)
  • „Hate is a strong word.“ – „Thought you thought that I was worth it.“ (Plain White T’s –Hate Really Don’t Like You)


  •  „The Show must go on.“ – „Inside my heart is breaking.“ (Queen – The Show Must Go On)


  • „I forgot your birthday.“ – „I’m a mess.“ (The Rasmus – I’m A Mess)
  • „Show me what it is you believe in.“ – „Do you want to get up early in the morning?“ (Red Hot Chili Peppers – We Turn Red)
  • „Tell me why don’t you bring me flowers?“ – „Tell me why don’t you notice me?“ (Roxette – Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?)
  • „But we haven’t kissed for four days.“ – „If we go down, we’re going down together.“ (Robin Schulz – Titanic)
  • „I’m no good without you.“ – „Just love me.“ (Rihanna – Love On The Brain)
  • „Why are you not afraid?“ – „I have learned to stand up and just to walk away.“ (Rise Against – Beautiful Indifference)
  • „Come in and close the door.“ – „But now you know me so you know that I’d be lying.“ (Robbie Williams – Motherfucker)


  • „You say I’m crazy.“ – „I know I’m not the only one.“ (Sam Smith – Not The Only One)
  • „Why do you say things. If you do not mean them.“ – „And now i can’t sleep.“ (Shakira – Cut Me Deep)
  • „I found a note with another name.“ -  „I can’t bite my tongue forever.“ (Simple Plan – Your Love Is A Lie)
  • „I’m talking to myself.“ – „Forgot what I just said.“ (Sum 41 – All Messed Up)
  • „I can break your heart.“ – „you think you are to good for anyone.“ (Sunrise Avenue – I Can Break Your Heart)


  • „You look like my next mistake.“ – „'Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.“ (Taylor Swift – Blank Space)
  • „I never sleep.“ – „I wish I knew what it was like.“ (Three Days Grace – I Am Machine)
  • „I am not as fine as I seem, pardon.“ – „The game is not played alone.“ (Twenty One Pilots – Migraine)


  • „I swear to tell the truth.“ – „But I guess my love wasn’t good enough.“ (Usher – Guilty)


  • „Did you say the thing you wanted?“ – „Have you ever felt in love?“ (Volbeat – Goodbye Forever)


  • „You’re only looking for attention.“ – „What do you expect now?“ (The Weeknd – Attention)
  • „Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me?“ – „And he doesn’t give a damn about me.“ (Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag)


  • „I’d love to wake up next to you.“ – „So we’ll piss off the neighbours.“ (Zayn Malik – Pillowtalk)


  • „What happened to just messing around?“ „I’ll break your Heart“ (The 1975 – Girls)
  • „He treats you so bad and I’m so good to you it’s not fair.“ – „Thanks for being a friend.“ (5 Seconds of Summer – Heartbreak Girl)
I Latte You Very Much

Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun X Reader

Word count: 1761

• talented af barista! Minhyun like srsly he can do anything
• your friend [ created character, Sujin ] suggested this new cafe
• you now spend most of your time there…wonder why ;)

awwwww this one was adoraBLe I LOVED IT I HOPE YOU DO TOO ANON THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING. I’m sorry I only got it out like 3 weeks later :( i hate disappointing you guys
still, thanks for showering us with love. We love you guys 💓

- admin L

PS: to be edited [ 8/8/2017 ] 

edited 11/8/2017

The pen that was once in your hands landed with a soft thud on your workbook, uncapped. You had tossed it down with an irritated growl, upset about a certain mathematics equation that seemed simple enough to solve yet it had twisted you in circles for the past 10 minutes. It was driving you mad.

Just as you were about to give up studying as a whole, your best friend, Sujin seemed to sense your mood was off and called you.

“Hey!” She greeted enthusiastically before you had even said a word. “Remember that new… well two month old cafe everyone at school was talking about? The one with the insanely good coffee and really good looking baristas? I’m having trouble with homework too, want to meet there? Its like a 2 minute walk from your house anyways.”

“Uh, sure. Okay. Dress cute.” You mumbled, almost too tired for words but the prospect of good coffee AND cute boys made your feet move a little faster.

“Okay! See you then.”


Your homework glared at you, the mountains of papers seemed to grow by the second. You had to finish them, this was a good chance. You were killing three… or four birds with one stone.

It was rather late when you arrived at the coffee shop but lucky for you, it was those kinds that stayed open until 2am. The lighting was rather dim and ambient around the seating area but you were almost blinded by the spotlights at the front of the shop.

However, if it weren’t for those lights, you wouldn’t have noticed the incredibly handsome barista who was currently taking an order.

His smile seemed to illuminate the room, his hair looked fluffy and softer than swan feathers. The man’s eyes twinkled as he beamed brightly.

You were stunned by his beauty to say the least.

So as to not seem like a freak, you forced your legs to move, to unroot from your spot in the middle of the entire shop to where Sujin sat, her table nearly hidden by books. The cafe was pretty crowded, she was lucky to be able to clinch a booth. You had a feeling the both of you were going to be here until closing time. College was hard work.

Sujin smirked as you approached, settling your things down beside her. She reached over and grabbed your forearm as you moved to take your wallet. “So, you think he’s cute?”

You furrowed your brow, faking confusion but she had been your friend for the longest time and saw right through your facade.

“Well, I don’t know much about him but his name is Minhyun. He’s in the music course with Sungwoon, he works here almost every day and yes, he is single.” She winked, taking a sip of her iced vanilla latte. It seemed to satisfy her tastebuds, that made you look forward to getting one too.

You blinked once, staring blankly at her. “I didn’t need that information though…What are you-”

“I saw the way you looked at him. Your heart jumped. Did it not?” Sujin smiled smugly. “Did it not? Hmm?”

A blush filled your cheeks as you bonked your wallet gently on her head, chuckling while trying to remain a calm composure. Now that you pondered about it, you had seem his handsome face sometimes in between classes. He must know Ha Sungwoon and Ong Seongwoo, two of your other friends in the music course.

Perhaps I could ask Sungwoon about him….

Shaking your head, you banished all the odd thoughts from your mind and walked forward into the queue. Sujin tapped away on her phone and you hoped she wasn’t texting Sungwoon or Seongwoo about Minhyun. If she did…you weren’t sure what would happen to her after you were done with her.

Sujin owes me a coffee. Ugh…should I get a strawberry cappuccino or a regular latte with requested foam art?

The customer in front of you ordered a iced matcha latte so you figured those must be pretty good.

“And… your name is?”

Oh my god, it was a place where they asked for your name. Sometimes I really hate this concept.

“Oh come on hyung, we live next door to each other,” the youth in front of you whined.

Minhyun laughed, scribbling down the boy’s name. “Okay, one iced green tea latte for Lee Daewhi. Hi, what can I get for you today?” He smiled at you.

You felt your steps falter as you approached the counter, it was suffocating to be in the presence of Minhyun’s beauty. On top of that, he seemed to have a nice and friendly personality.

“Uh…uh, um. What do you recommend?” You blurted out after a series of incoherent stuttering, your cheeks flushed red right after realisation hit you like a truck. “Sorry, that was so dumb of me.”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” Minhyun reassured, he put his pen to his lips, deep in thought. “If you like tea I really recommend The Sunset which is pomegranate, mango and peach tea combined. Hmm…what Daewhi ordered is a personal favourite, especially with azuki beans and chocolate sauce. Uhh, my friends seem to like the macchiatos but Bae Jinyoung is in charge of making those today and I would advise against trusting him.” ( rmb when everyone felt played bc Baejin tricked all of them hehe ) Minhyun drummed his hands on the counter, lips pursing as he thought hard. “What about a secret menu drink?”

That caught your attention, you looked at him with wide eyes. “Really? You’d do that?”

Minhyun nodded. “Yeah, of course. I can hone my barista skills. Give me a minute or two. Jisung hyung!” Another man came running from the kitchen, drying his hands on his apron and taking over Minhyun’s job at the cashier. He winked at Minhyun suggestively causing the him to roll his eyes and shake his head.

“Thank you!” You called cheerfully as you watched Minhyun gather several ingredients, he smiled but didn’t take his focus off his task. The sweet gesture made you blush and your heart fluttered madly in your chest. It was such a random yet genuine offer. Your face didn’t cool down even after you returned to your seat despite how dim the lighting around there was. Sujin resorted to fanning your face lightly with a stack of worksheets as she giggled.

“Oh my god…oh my god……Y/N finally has a crush!”

You pressed your lips together, the sweet taste of the secret drink Minhyun had created still lingered on your tongue. You remembered how he had came up to your booth and asked for your name, bashfully, ears tinging pink before retreating back to the safety of his bar and hastily scribbling your name on a plastic cup. Sujin had found it adorable, she teased you all night long and it was hard to tolerate but at least you got through majority of your papers. Last night felt like a good dream but the washed plastic cup that sat on your nightstand with your name on it kept you in check.

It was around closing time when Sujin decided enough was enough and packed up despite your protests, she dragged you out of there insisting you had worked hard enough. Minhyun was nowhere to be seen and you sighed in disappointment but acknowledged the fact that he too needed his rest.

Buzz. Buzz.

9.23 am

Sujin: guess what ;)
You: what
Sujin: sungwoon says minhyun’s single but looking ard ;)
You: k so?
Sujin: damnit girl take ur chance
Sujin: i think you two wld make a good couple
You: thanks but no thanks

10 am
Sujin: want to go out today? movies?
You: wish i cld :((( but i need to finish my work
Sujin: aww okie :( gd luck bby

Truthfully, you were going to spend the day at the coffee shop your cute barista worked at, studying of course.

“Hey! Uh, uh… Y/N! Secret drink girl, hello,” Minhyun greeted cheerfully when he spotted you entering the shop. “So? Are you up for another off menu surprise?”

You giggled, blushing as you hung your tote bag on your chair. There weren’t many people today, good.

“Surprise me,” you said, winking and surprising yourself at your boldness.

Minhyun seemed… shocked yet undaunted, he appeared to like you posing challenges. “Okay, no problem. Miss Y/N.” He smirked, turning away to form a new creation.

You too, spun away to face your books. The constant whirring and mixing of different machines kept you from concentrating, the sounds only added to the excitement and anticipation. You heard the telltale steps on Minhyun and pretended to be deep in thought when he placed the mug on your table with great precision. Your gaze met his.

“Hey, I hope you like it. By the way….we have never met formally, so, hello. I’m Hwang Minhyun. I think I’ve seen you hanging out with Ha Sungwoon?” He bowed slightly out of respect which you returned.

“Yes! Sungwoon and Seongwoo are my friends so I suppose you have seen me before. Thank you, my name is Y/N,” you replied albeit it was a lame one, you were glad you hadn’t tripped over your words. Your eyes widened when Minhyun slid into the seat across from you.

“It’s off peak right now and I think I should give Baejin a bit of experience. Let’s talk, you seem like a nice person,” he suggested, looking hopeful. “Wait, try the drink first.”

You took a sip, leaving a minor lipstick mark on the side of the mason jar mug. It was very satisfying to your tastebuds, the drink fulfilled every craving you had ever had for sugar. “Mhmm. It’s so good! I love it! Did you come up with it yourself?”

Minhyun shrugged modestly. “I mean, I was just experimenting with some of my roommates and they insisted it was delicious but I only offer it to special people.”

“You have to teach me something! This is like a need now!”

“Maybe,” he told you, batting an eye. “We’ll have to see. How about you give me a call one of these days.” Minhyun slid a small folded up piece of paper across the table, grinned and left without another word.

Your jaw dropped, speechless. Everything he did only deepened your crush on him. The butterflies in your stomach and happiness coursing through your veins weren’t from the boost of caffeine.

Perhaps it was more than that.

the new kid part 2




I asked my mom if I could go over to a friend’s house this weekend when I got home, after I told her and Kitty about my day and middle school and everything. Kitty rolled her eyes because she’s done it all before and she said “just wait, Miss Nicolette Min, it’s only gonna get worse from here,” and Mom said “Kitty!” and Kitty said “Sorry, sorry.” Sometimes having an older sister is really super annoying.

I didn’t really want to talk about school after that, so I asked about going to Angus’s. Mom asked “Who’s the friend? What are his parents names?” And I said “Angus McDonald, and I dunno but I saw them today, I think.”

“You think?” Mom was skeptical.

“There were like, nine people picking him up,” I said.

“You sure he’s not part of a gang?” Kitty said.

“No! Probably not, they were all grown ups and they looked nice, and Angus is too much of a nerd to be in a gang,” I said. “He’s read all the Caleb Cleveland books and he’s in eighth grade honors magic.”

“Geez,” Kitty said. I nodded.

“Yeah,” I said, and then I described the people who were picking Angus up as well as I could remember, the two pretty elves and the dwarf and the dragonborn and the tall man and everyone else, and it was weird because mom’s eyes grew wider and wider as I kept talking, but when I was done she just said, “Tell Angus to ask his parents to call me, and give them our farspeech number.”

“Okay,” I said.

Kitty looked concerned and said, “Mom, what’s wrong?’

"Nothing,” Mom said, and then she didn’t explain anything after that, so we just ate dinner like normal.


The next day, I forgot to ask Angus about asking his parents before class started, so I had to pass him a note because I was afraid I would forget. We sit sort of in the middle of the classroom behind a couple of rows of other kids so I wasn’t worried about getting caught.

“my mom wants your parents to call her about coming over this weekend - nicky,” I wrote on a corner of my notebook paper, and then I ripped it into sort of a square. Then I folded the square into a really bad paper airplane. I know exactly one prestidigitation trick, which I learned from Fred, who learned from some older kids.

I held the plane to my mouth and blew on it, and the plane zipped away from my fingers to land precisely in Angus’s lap, where Mrs. Sylvester wouldn’t see it. Angus startled a bit, but not enough to be noticeable, and I realized that it must have been kind of surprising. But he unfolded the note and read it, and then nodded at me. I nodded back.

“Nicky, there’s no using magic in class!” Mrs. Sylvester’s voice floated through the air. “One more strike and you’ve got lunchtime detention!” I jumped a little, and then some of the other kids laughed — including Dana, the traitor.

“Yes Mrs. Sylvester,” I mumbled, and Angus smiled sympathetically at me and mouthed ‘sorry.’ I shrugged.

Of course middle school would have classrooms warded with detect magic. I guess they’re used to all sorts of tricks.


I realized at lunch that I had forgotten to give Angus our farstone number, but I didn’t want to tell him it during lunch because then everyone else would ask why I was giving it to him, and then Dana would say even more stuff about me having a crush on Angus.

It’s not a crush! I’ve known him for two days, and that’s way too soon to like anybody, and boys are pretty gross usually anyway. We’re gonna be friends, though, I’ve already decided.

So after lunch, I stuck a piece of paper with my number in his locker, and hopefully he picks it up. He seems like a guy who would figure that out pretty easy.


This time, after school, nobody was there to pick Angus up, so we walked together to where the sidewalk splits into the real sidewalk and the bus pickup parking lot, and then he said bye and promised to ask his parents, and I said bye, and okay.

I waved at him as my bus zipped past where he was walking, and he noticed but by the time he was waving we were already down the street.


One of Angus’s parents (I think it was his mom? I’m not sure, but it sounded like a girl) called after dinner. I was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework — I can’t believe we have homework already, it’s only been two days since school started — and Mom was washing dishes, so she had to peel off her gloves before racing to the stone and picking it up and saying “Hello?”

“-s this the Mins, be-” was all I could hear of what the woman on the other end was saying, because I was all the way across the room even though I was eavesdropping really hard.

“Yes, this is Nicky’s mother,” Mom said, “is this, um, Angus’s mother?”

The voice on the other end of the phone sort of laughed nervously and said something I couldn’t hear, and the “-etia, sor-” and Mom kind of visibly gasped even though she was trying to hide it, I think, so that the other woman wouldn’t hear her and said “You’re the Direc-!” and the other woman cut her off quickly, kind of, but not in a mean way. And my mom rubbed her eyes with her free hand and said, “Oh that was terribly rude of me, I’m sorry. It’s just, well, you know,” and the woman said something that sounded like she was agreeing, and they both sort of laughed, and it was a very mom laugh.

Then my mom said “So, Nicky told me that Angus invited her over this weekend?” and Angus’s mom said something that sounded like an agreement, and then some more stuff, and my mom said “Nicky has violin lessons on Sundays, but Saturday afternoon would work for us—” and then she turned to me and said, “Nicky, does Saturday afternoon sound okay with you,” and I nodded, so mom turned back to the stone and said, “Saturday works great – maybe around 2:00?” And Angus’s mom said something and my mom smiled and said “Great. Thank you for inviting my daughter over, and for, well, you know. Everything,” and the other woman sounded a little flustered but pleased, and then my mom said “Good-bye,” and hung up.

By then I had completely given up pretending not to eavesdrop, so I just said “I can go?” and Mom said “Yup, Saturday at two, I’ll drop you off and pick you up before dinner,” and I said “Cool! Thanks mom,” and she smiled at me.

“Was that Angus’s mom?” I asked.

“Um, yes,” she said, as if she wasn’t sure. But she was letting me go over, so it had to have been Angus’s mom or stepmom or something.

“What were you talking about with Angus’s mom?” I asked, because it was kind of a weird conversation, but after I asked, Mom just said “Grownup stuff,” and clammed up. I didn’t press it because I didn’t want her getting mad and saying I couldn’t go to Angus’s. I really want to learn magic missile.

Saturday at two! I’m pretty excited. I haven’t gone over to anyone’s house all summer, because of everything that happened and the reconstruction and mom being weird about dad being dead and stuff, so this is going to be fun.

It’s nice that things are going back to normal.


“So, little man, how was your first day of middle school?”

“It was really good! All my teachers seem nice, and I think I know pretty much everything they’re teaching in Magecraft even though I’m in the eighth grade honors class, and I met a bunch of people and sat with them at lunch, and can I have a friend over this weekend?”

“You made a friend? Never thought you’d have it in you!”


“I’m kiddin’, I’m kidding. Who’s the friend?”

“Her name’s Nicky. She’s sits next to me in homeroom and she likes Caleb Cleveland novels too.”

“Another nerd, nice”


“Just joshin’ ya, D'jango.”

“Kiddo, if you want to have a friend over this weekend, that’s fine by us.”

“What Magnus said. First day and you’re already making friends, not bad, kid.”

“Well, Barry, you probably never managed that because you’re an even bigger nerd than Angus.”

“Lup. Love of my life. Please.


“Oh shit, she wants to talk to Angus’s parents. Who are Angus’s parents?”

“We’re his parents, I think?”  

“I already have two kids, that’s as many as Ol’ Merle can keep track of.”

“Taako and Magnus are his parents, I think? Who’d we put on his school paperwork? Was it them?”

“I don’t remember.”

“Hey, how come I can’t be a parent?”

“'Cause, Lup, if you’re his mom and I’m also his dad, that’s some fucked up shit right there, m'dude. Incest is not wincest.”

“Gross, Taako!”  

“I’m just saying! It’s either Lup or me, and I have seniority! He was my apprentice, first!”

“Look, either way, we can’t let Taako or Magnus talk to Angus’s friend’s mom, if you actually want her to say yes.”  

“Cap’s right. She’d say no in a heartbeat.”

“Barold. Bro. Baby. I am betrayed.”

“Look into my eyes and say I’m wrong, Taako.”

“…Okay fine, make Lucretia do it!”

“Why me?”

“'Cause when you’re not talking like 'ko you sound like a normal person, most of the time. And that ’s more than can be said for the rest of these dipshits. And I hate making phone calls, so it can’t be me.”

“She makes a fair point.”

“Yeah. Okay, 'Creesh, you’re doing it.”

“I don’t suppose I get a say in this?”



- nicky’s mom recognizes the descriptions of the peeps picking up angus and is like 'o shit….nicky made friends with the fuckin HEROES OF REALITY’S SON???’

- this is such silly kid shit. its giving me flashbacks to like, being ten and trying to organize going over to peoples houses. god, the fuckin logistics.

- in case anyone is wondering, this isnt shipping angus/oc, gosh, they’re eleven - and eleven year old girls basically tease each other like motherfuckers whenever one of them even breathes near a boy. (kinda heteronormative, in retrospect, where was all the teasing about other girls)  source: i went to middle school bruh.

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But he isn't dabbing

smh at u anon Dabi’s constantly dabbing in his soul, it’s, like, an intrinsecal state of being, a neverending condition of his spirit, don’t doubt the dab in him why do you think he picked that villain name the fact that it’s the word for cremation is pure coincidence tbh

Anon said: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh my fav artist drew my fav boy my day couldn’t have started any betterr, BLESS UR SOUL AND THANK YOU FOR THE DAB

Anon said:  hOLY SMOKES YOUR DABI IS A+++++ and I would die for his shoes


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Hidden Rooms

Summary: Every night you hear noises in your closet, every night you pay a visit.

The8 x Reader x Jun

Wonwoo [here], Dk [here], Hoshi/Woozi [here], Joshua/Mingyu [here], Seungkwan/Dino [here] Vernon [here]

Word Count: 4,281

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TXT TLK; chris x oc (?)

my take on the prompt phrase, “that was fun, let’s do it again sometime!” set in a canon-divergent version of the freshman, where a wrong number text turns into something more.

author’s note: i wanted to try something a little out of my comfort zone, so here’s a “fic” written entirely in texts. this is pretty self-indulgent tbh, and written with an OC instead of the MC (since being roommates wouldn’t quite work with this concept), but i hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless? thanks @hollyashton and @zigisbisexual for hosting!

     Chris P.      9:57 AM
hey do u remember which hall prof atiyah’s class was moved to?

     Chris P.      - 9:57 AM
im gonna be late

     xxx-xx73:   - 9:58 AM
Assuming you mean her gen ed class in two minutes, we’re in Block G, second floor. The room next to the vending machine outside.

     Chris P.:     - 9:58 AM
thanks zack. why r u typing funny?

     xxx-xx73:   - 9:59 AM
Are you implying typing with proper capitalisation is funny, or just that my typing style is unusual to you?

     xxx-xx73:   - 9:59 AM
Also, not Zack. That might explain it.

     Chris P.:     - 10:00 AM
…not zack?

     xxx-xx73:   - 10:00 AM
Nope. Delilah.

     xxx-xx73:   - 10:02 AM
Atiyah just walked in. You might want to speed up a bit.

     Chris P.:    - 10:02 AM
damn it

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The First Date

You, Jesse and Hanzo go on your first date! Fic is PG-13. 

Link for AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10464945/chapters/23570373

Hanzo and Jesse have left it up to you to decide where you’d be going on your first date. Being a person who is no good at making decisions, this was more pressure than actually being asked out on the date itself. You are currently sitting at home in your own apartment watching your phone as the notifications go off one after the other. Being in a group chat with the two of them is a trip:


Jesse: where

Jesse: do

Jesse: u

Jesse: wnana

Jesse: go!

Hanzo: Stop spamming.

Hanzo: Let her think, smh.

Jesse: im right here if u wanna fight me

You: IDK

You: I’m really down for whatever!

Hanzo: Where do you like to go during your free time?

You: My room?

Hanzo: -_-

Jesse: im calling u


And he does, less than a couple of seconds after you had received that text. You stare at the screen with a shit-eating grin while it’s ringing, and let it go to voice mail.


Jesse: answer ya damn phone plz

Hanzo: Don’t cuss at her.

Jesse: answer ya darn* phone plz

Jesse: also fuck u han

Hanzo: Hmmm. Interesting for a person who just asked me to make dinner.

You: Somebodys bout to starve!

You: Also sorry! I had lost my phone very suddenly :/  


Your phone starts to ring again, and you wait until the last possible moment to answer it. You don’t even have to say a thing; Jesse just starts going off in your ear, “Hey, now listen! I’ma count teh’ three, and when I count teh’ three your’ gonna say the first place that comes to mind alright?”

You let out a long, dramatic, heavy sigh, making sure to blow air into the phone as much as possible.  

Jesse laughs, “Alright here we go! One! Two! Three-“


“Ah shit, Han! We goin’ to the zoo!”

“No, no, no wait! Let’s try that again!”

Jesse hangs up the phone.


Jesse: no take backs  

Hanzo: I am excited! I’ve never been to the zoo!

You: We shouldn’t go to the zoo that was stupid

Jesse: nu uh! we going!

Hanzo: Why is it stupid? Now I really want to go!

Jesse: pick u up on friday!!! wear zoo clothes!!!!

You: WTF are zoo clothes

Hanzo: What she said.

Jesse: clothes u wear to the zoo???

Hanzo: Hmmm true.

You: Whatever! Fine! I guess we’re going to the zoo

Jesse: u bet ur ass

Jesse: shit

Jesse: butt*  

Hanzo: We’ll pick you up around 9am. Is that okay with you?

You: Pfff yeah.

Jesse: see ya friday!


Friday rolls around, and you guys go to the zoo. It’s the perfect day for it; the sun is out, and it’s partially cloudy. There’s a light cool breeze that feels amazing on the skin. After thinking about it, you’ve actually come around to the spontaneous idea that Jesse had to coax out of you. You guys take your time at each exhibit. The zoo isn’t very crowded at all, and nobody cares that you guys take nearly thirty minutes at each. Hanzo does dramatic readings of the facts on each of the placards, putting on what he likes to call his “tour guide voice”.

When you guys get to the Red Fox enclosure you and Jesse listen while Hanzo reads. At the end, Jesse raises his hand, “Um excuse me, Mr. Shimada? May I ask a question.”

“All questions are welcome, Mr. McCree.”

Jesse points to the cage, “Why are they called Red Foxes?”

You can see Hanzo try and suppress a laugh, and you try to suppress yours as well. Feigning like you, too, would like to know why Red Foxes are named Red Foxes. Hanzo is trying to remain in character, “Mr. McCree, if you can do me a favor and look at the animal?”

“Mhmm, yes.”  

“The fox has red fur.”

Jesse places his hand on his chin and nods his head up and down, “Uh huh.”

“So it is called the Red Fox because well; it has red fur.”

You can’t keep up the act anymore. Hanzo says that last line with such conviction and a matter of fact tone that you are doubled over, and clutching your stomach laughing. Jesse refuses to give up the act. He looks down at you, his cowboy hat casting a shadow over his face.

“Darlin’, what’s so funny? I don’t understand.”

Hanzo keeps it up as well, “Sir? The Red fox. Red is a color. The color of the foxes fur is red. Therefore, Red Fox.”  

You’re still doubled over wheezing. A small crowd has actually started to stare, thinking that Hanzo is an actual expert and tour guide. They believe that Hanzo, a man who is wearing unbelievably tight joggers and a navy blue tee shirt that says, “Choose Cremation. You Urned it,” is a god damn professional, articulately explaining to a cowboy why a Red Fox is called a Red fox. Jesse sees the curious onlookers and decides that maybe it’s time to end the charade, “Ah, I get it now, and ya’ know what? That’s a pretty dumb fuckin’ fact.”

Jesse throws an arm around your still shaking shoulders, tosses his other one around Hanzo’s, and you guys all walk away from the confused onlookers. Eventually, after marveling at the big cats for nearly an hour, you guys make it into the reptile house. Here is where you figure out that Jesse really doesn’t like spiders and that Hanzo couldn’t care less. You do care a little bit, but the thick plexiglass between you and the arachnids is enough to keep you from being irrational like Jesse is being.

“Can y’all stop puttin’ your faces so damn close to the glass?”

You smile coyly and rest your cheek against the glass, Hanzo follows suit and places his cheek against the glass as well, “Take a picture, Jesse.”

Jesse crosses his arms and pouts, “Y’all think your’ funny huh?”

You grab your phone out of your pocket and turn on the camera, “Guess we’ll just have to take a selfie.”

The spider that is in the little glass case is clinging to the other side, showing off its belly and legs. Perfect for the photo op. You and Hanzo point to it and smile nice and big for the camera, while you hold your phone in your other and snap a photo.

Hanzo says, “Make sure to send that to me in the group chat.”

Jesse is glaring at Hanzo, when you notice one of the workers is trying to get any of the customer to listen to what she has to say about whatever it is she is presenting, but she’s getting no takers. You walk towards her and look into the large, deep, open plexiglass tub that she is standing next to. Your eyes widen and you start to cackle. Oh, this is gonna be good!

“Hey Han! Jesse! Come here!”

You watch closely has they look into the glass enclosure. Hanzo now has the biggest smile, and Jesse takes one glance and literally runs off about twelve feet.

The workers face lights up, “Hello! Would you guys like to hear about this tarantula?”

The look that Hanzo gives her almost looks like he might abandon the two of you and take her out on a date; he is so happy.  

“I would absolutely love to hear about this tarantula!”

The woman practically dances, because she is delighted to finally have people who want to listen to her. She clasps her hands together and starts to spew off all of the knowledge she’s got on the spider. Hanzo listens and has questions for her, and she is able to answer everything. Meanwhile, Jesse is in the background huffing and making off-handed comments like, “Interesting” and “Wow, real fascinatin’.” When the spider starts to stretch its legs and move around, you lean in farther to get a better look.

“Hey! Sugar? Maybe don’t do that! That thing is gonna get your face.”

The tarantula handler finally turns her attention to Jesse, “Oh no! Honduran Curly Hairs are docile tarantulas. Also! Tarantulas can’t jump that far. A fall from where her face is at to the bottom would actually seriously hurt the curly.”

Jesse does his best at being polite, “Thanks for the knowledge ma’am.”

At this point, Hanzo is practically inside of the enclosure, and you’ve reached your limit. Any closer, and you’d be pushing your comfort zone. The woman clasps her hands together, “I am so sorry! I haven’t asked for your names yet!”

You both introduce yourselves and take turns shaking her hand, “Hanzo! Seeing as you seem to be the most interested, would you like to hold her?”  

Jesse claps his hands together, “Han! You put that spider in your hands, and we are breakin’ up!”  

Hanzo puts his hands together, palms up and lowers them into the enclosure; “It’s been nice knowing you, Jesse.”

Jesse is still squirming, but it seems this is something he just has to see. He gets just close enough to be able to look in. He’s standing right behind you, looking over your shoulder, and he’s got two nervous handfuls of the back of your shirt. You reach back and pat his thigh, “There, there. It’ll be alright!”

The woman first coaxes the tarantula into her open palm using what looks to be a soft bristled paint brush. It’s funny watching her gently nudge the brush against the creatures big furry butt. It slowly crawls into her hand, and you can physically feel Jesse tremble. You look back at him, “Jesse, just one of your hands are at least two times bigger than this tarantula is. This tarantula can’t do shit to you.”

“Darlin, I ain’t tryna say you’re not right, but that doesn’t keep the little critter from being real creepy.”

Hanzo isn’t paying any attention to the two of you. He is concentrating on the spider that is now crawling into his welcoming hands. It stays there, cradled, its two front legs feeling along the tips of his fingers. Hanzo is still smiling, “Thank you for letting me hold her.”

The woman continues to light up, “Are you kidding me? You are very welcome. I’m so happy you guys took time out of your day to hang out with me and listen to me ramble about this. Tarantulas are my passion.”

After a couple more tarantula facts, Hanzo places the creature back down into its habitat, and you guys make Jesse very happy by deciding it’s time to move on. The three of you continue to stay close to each other as you visit the rest of the exhibits. When you’ve officially seen them all, you guys go back to gawk at each of your favorites. When hunger strikes, you guys stop at a little cart that specializes in soft tacos. You watch in amazement as Hanzo orders six and downs them all. You guys don’t leave the zoo until you are forced to, because it’s closing time. The three of you leave feeling the good kind of tired, all having found a new favorite place to be.

anonymous asked:

was thinking abt ur post how jughead would ask betty to yule ball & since i cant write, i was hoping u could do it: bughead are secretly dating for ~month, then basically how fred weasley asked angelina, with archie & reggie as harry & ron, fred=jughead and angelina=betty. archie is nervous about asking veronica, jughead thinks oh fuck it, says "it's easy". then the scene from HP happens. friends ask if this means they're together. sry if that was kinda confusing im out of characters

Oh don’t apologize, friend! This was such a strangely lovely idea <3 I hope you like what I’ve done! This idea was truly genius. Thank you so much for asking me to do it :)

“But who’s going to go with me?” Archie sighed. “The Yule Ball’s in a few weeks and I want to ask Veronica-”

“The Slytherin?” Reggie asked, amused. “Go for it. Watching you crash and burn in front of a hot girl will be hilarious.”

“Not helpful, Reggie,” Archie muttered, rubbing his head anxiously.

Archie Andrews, Reggie Mantle, and Jughead Jones were sat eating breakfast, sacrificing the warmth of their common rooms for the quiet of the almost empty Great Hall. Jughead, a Ravenclaw, sat in bemused silence as the two Gryffindor boys talked, scooping scrambled eggs into his mouth. He wasn’t really listening. How could he when he had a perfect view in between his friends’ heads of Betty Cooper at the next table over? With her soft blonde hair and eyes like green starlight, who wouldn’t be distracted? Secretly, the two of them had been going out for a while now, sneaking moments alone together all of the place. It had been the best month of Jughead’s life.

“Well, what about you?” Archie asked Reggie. “Who have you invited?”

Reggie shifted in his seat. “No one yet,” he admitted. “But,” he said quickly at Archie’s face, “I’m going to ask Cheryl.”

“Cheryl?” Archie said. “Well… do you think she’ll say yes?”

Reggie shrugged. “I can always go stag if she doesn’t.”

Jughead snorted.

“Oh, yeah?” said Reggie. “Who’re you going with, then?”

“Betty,” said Jughead promptly. He felt his face warm slightly despite the cool air. It wasn’t that he was embarrassed, just that the two boys gave him such odd looks.

“What?” Archie said, taken aback. “You’ve already asked her?”

“Good point,” said Jughead. He had hoped to do this a little more romantically, a little more delicate and sweet, but, hey, no time like the present. He stood up slightly and called across the Great Hall, “Oi! Betty!”

Betty, who had been talking with Kevin Keller near the teacher’s tables, looked over at him.

“What?” she called back, a small smile on her face.

“Want to come to the ball with me?”

Betty gave Jughead a half-appraising-half-amused look.

“All right then,” she said, and she turned back to Kevin and carried on talking, the small smile growing.

“There you go,” said Jughead to Reggie and Archie, “piece of cake.”

Archie gaped at him, looking, Jughead thought, a little like a goldfish.

“How-? I don’t… Do you-? Are you two-”

“Together?” Reggie finished, looking just as astonished.

“Um,” begun Jughead, but before he could continue, Veronica Lodge appeared and wedged herself next to Archie. Archie’s whole body froze, his cheeks going almost as red as Cheryl Blossom’s lipstick.

“Hello, everyone,” she said. When she was met with only the dumbfounded faces of Reggie and Archie, her own lit up with curiosity.

“What’s going on?” she asked, excited. “What’s happened?”

“Jughead and Betty are dating,” blurted Reggie. “He just asked her to the Yule Ball.”

“Merlin’s beard!” she exclaimed, leaning across the table to Jughead, dark eyes wide and slightly hurt. “Betty never told me! Tell me everything.”

“It-it’s just been going on for a month…” Jughead said, awkward with all the attention.

“Why’d you keep it a secret?” Veronica asked. “To be hot?”

“What?” Jughead said, flustered. “What? No. Just… because.”

“Lame,” she sighed. “But still! Betty has a boyfriend. You have a girlfriend, Jughead. Oh!” she cried happily, standing up. “Oh! Betty and I both have dates now! We can get ready together!”

“Wait, you have a date?” Archie said, devastated.

Veronica frowned down at him. “Yes…You. Dummy.”

Archie froze. “What?”

“Did I not ask you already?” Veronica said. “Whoops, sorry. Do you want to go to the Yule Ball with me, Archikins?”

“I - Yes! Yes, of course,” Archie answered, beaming.

“Great,” Veronica said, bending down to kiss his cheek. She turned her attention back to Jughead. “I hope you know that I am mad at you.”

“What’d I do?” he demanded.

“You didn’t tell me that you and Betty were together.”

“I’m not your best friend!”

“Still,” she growled. “I’m mad at her too. I’ve got to go discuss this with her. Talk about you. Girl stuff. See you later.”

After she left, Archie held out his hand to Jughead for a high-five.

“We’ve all got dates, man!” he laughed. He glanced at Reggie. “Well, all of us but you. Sorry.”

“You can always go stag,” Jughead said, smiling. He caught Betty’s eye at that moment, and promptly tuned out of the conversation. She grinned and waved, excitement all over her pretty face.

How lucky was he, to get to hold her hand and dance with her and walk with her and talk and laugh and be with her? Perhaps one day he’d wake up and find it was all an enchantment, just one beautiful, magic-induced dream. But today was not that day.

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you saying baku's laugh is loud and explosive.... MY HEART IM WEAK TO MY KNEES

I can’t imagine him openly and genuinely laughing in any other way, anon! He’s a boy that demands attention in everything he does haha

Anon said: Do you think if Tamaki ate enough butterflies he could turn himself into a fairy basically?

You mean if he could grow butterfly wings, right? I think he’d only need to eat one tbh!

Anon said: what do you think bout the delinquent kirishima theory

Hmmmmmmmmmmm I like how it’s written out and the general idea behind it isn’t too baseless, and given how everyone who’s got a past in bnha has a sad past one way or another I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were true, but whether or not I think it’s true I still can’t say… might be, might not, I’d prefer it if it weren’t but who knows!

Anon said: what are ur thoughts/beliefs on who the traitor might be? student or teacher? also, ur art is hella cute. u have blessed my life. bless ur soul. the way u draw kirishima and his stupid face is killin me slowly, too precious.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I guess I still haven’t changed my mind about it being Tsukauchi  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Interupted. -Dan Howell

A/N: Hello everyone! So yeah, I haven’t written anything in a while, and I’m sorry. I just felt bad for the person who requested this, so I said to myself “Get ur lazy butt off the sofa and get to writing.” So here I am, writing this in the middle of the night, it’s not like I have school tomorrow what do you mean? Lmao okay but thanks to the person who requested this!! I hope you like this and if you do well then that’s great.Also this has NOT been through correction or anything so excuse any typos and stuff. And the last thing- The reader is sexually frustrated a bit. Idk if that was a good thing to add but here you go. Okay bye I love ya all.

Warnings: smut, daddy kink, dirty talk, unprotected sex

Y/N p.o.v.
I sat on the sofa in the lounge of Dan and Phil’s apartment, scrolling through instagram. It was a pretty boring day, since Dan procrastinated on making a video (but insisted to stay alone in his room) and Phil was getting some personal stuff done somewhere. I didn’t have anything to do, and I didn’t want to go out. Dan gave up on his video now, however persisted on staying alone as he prepared himself for a younow.

Do you know that feeling a few days before your period should be coming? The importunate horniness you cannot get to stay away? Yeah. That’s how I felt right now. That tingling between my legs, that familiar feeling I experienced when thinking of Dan. And he was just a couple of steps away from me, sitting on his butt chair, talking to people all over the world who found him as a form of entertainment or inspiration.
But since I was getting kind of impatient, I got up from the sofa and put a huge sweater on- I noticed it was Dan’s potato sack sweater. It looked kinda awful, but it was sooo comfortable. I went to Dan’s room, quietly opened the door to see Dan already turning on his chair to look at me.


I smiled at him cheekily as I closed the door behind me and sat down, on his lap, waving at the camera.

“Wow. What an innocent way to invite yourself to my liveshow!” Dan said, with overexaggerated happy tone in his voice.

“I know, right?” I replied, wiggling my hips a little bit. Dan’s hand squeezed my hip bone a little bit, and I felt his cock twitch. He took a deep breath and invited me to answer some of the phandom’s questions. Between Dan and I answering some of the questions, I couldn’t stop teasing him. I don’t know if it was for my own pleasure or just to piss him off. I brushed my fingers against his sensitive spots, gave him cheeky looks or just played with his hair, which he secretly loved.

I found one question that was super intriguing and I decided to read it out loud.
“When was the last time you did something ‘fun’ together? … Hmm,” I thought about an answer, looking over to Dan, who was piercing me with his eyes.
“It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?” I raised my voice at the end of the answer/question I was giving to Dan.

“Yeah, but I’m hoping we’ll get to do something entertaining soon,” I stared at him while he said that, he watched me with a stare of ‘I know what you meant,’ or ‘You’re gonna regret teasing me like that.’

As he liveshow came to a near end, Dan was getting quieter and more impatient with me. His cock was getting really hard, and I had to speak to the phandom, since he was out of this world.

After Dan ended the liveshow, he walked out of the room, leaving me by myself. I was so tempted to go after him, but I knew I should stay here. I sat down on the bed, taking his potato sack sweater off, putting it down next to me. I listened to Dan’s loud steps, coming closer to the bedroom again.

He stormed back, but he suddenly stopped right in front of me, with his crotch in my face. I decided to tease again.

“I’m sorry, do you need something, sir?”

“Don’t even fucking dare speak to me like this after teasing me on the liveshow.

Dan almost growled to himself, grabbing a chunk on my hair and pulling it. “Unzip my pants. NOW.” I did as I was told. Thank God he decided to punish me this way, and not by spanking me. I got spanked a few days ago and Dan’s hand was really rough on my ass.

I took off his black skinny jeans and stroked Dan’s sex through the material of his boxers. Dan pulled my hair again, giving me a hint to start doing my thing- quickly. I took his boxers off as well, grabbing his dick and licking it from the base to the tip, which earned me a loud moan from him. I licked around the tip again and then took him fully into my mouth, going as far as I could. “Y-You don’t have to- fuck, babygirl- you don’t have to do more than you c-can, ah shit,” Dan breathed out, losing control over himself already. I stopped, not wanting him to cum yet. He didn’t want to lose it though, so he quickly helped me undress. I laid down on my back, pushing my hips up against his crotch. “Eat me out, please?”

“Please who, baby?” Dan’s voice was suddenly lower than usual, and it turned me on so much.

“Please, Daddy. Please, I need it. I need your tongue on my horny cunt.” I almost squeeled. I was so wet at this point.

Dan did as I begged him to and got to my stomach and kissed it a few times, before brushing his tongue against my swollen clit. I inhaled sharply and tangled my fingers in his hair. He was impatient with me after a while, so he stopped, sat on the edge of the bed and commanded me to sit on his lap, and I did. He immediately pushed inside of me and started hrusting his hips into mine. Our moans filled the room and sweat covered our bodies and the only words we could form were swears. I threw my head back when he hit my g-spot.

“Fuck, Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me so good!” I began thrusting back, making him squeeze my hips and bite on my neck. I was sure his teeth were going to leave marks.

“Holy shit Y/N, I’m gonna fucking cum!” Dan’s dick started twitching and he pushed my hips down a lot faster than before. I also quickened my pace, feeling the knit in my stomach tighten. “Oh Daddy! Daddy yes! Oh please can I come? Please let me cum, oh God,” I said, holding on, waiting for Dan’s approval. Dan threw his head back, his hair sticking to his face, groaning.

“Yeah, cum all over Daddy’s cock, baby. Do it. Fucking cum-shit!” And that was all I needed to let the warm feeling spill all over my body, my pussy tightening around Dan’s cock, which made him release his hot semen inside of me. We rode off our highs, kissing passionately.

Maybe I’m going to tease Dan more often.

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Another time my instructor dragged his boyfriend onto the ice and was like, "Oh where's your nimbleness go fancy feet" as his ballet boyfriend clung onto him for dear life while I was just watching from a distance being like, why am I paying for this but it's cute. In the end ballet boyfriend fell and dragged my instructor down with him and I just slid by with my head in my hands cause I couldn't watch them any longer

im so sorry i literally took 2 weeks for this but ayO FLUFF 

  • Okay Bin doesn’t know what the hell Eunwoo is thinking 
  • After hours????? On ice????? 
  • What if they get caught??????????
  • Okay it’s one thing if Eunwoo gets caught because he’s the fricking star of the show but Bin????
  • Bin’s just an intern and if he’s caught he’s gone from the company 
  • Rip meeting Eunwoo every day and rip Bin meeting all the other amazing stars of the show 
  • But Bin is also whipped for Eunwoo and is now bundled in a company windbreaker and is being handed ice-skates by Eunwoo 
  • Bin, as he’s tugging on his skates: “what if we get caught????“ 
  • Eunwoo, tapping his feet: “hurry up you chicken let’s just get on the ice" 
  • Bin: 
  • Bin: "you didn’t answer the question but okay”
  • Eunwoo, man-handling Bin up and hauling his butt over to ice 
  • Bin, sliding slightly: woAh ok ice is slippery but he didn’t think it would be thIS SLIPPERY
  • Bin holding onto a safety railing
  • Eunwoo letting go of his hands and spinning around Bin!! 
  • Bin grasping onto the railing for dear life!!!!!! 
  • Eunwoo spinning to the middle of the ring and beckoning Bin 
  • Bin letting go of the wall and wobbling 
  • Bin wobbling 
  • Bin wobbling more 
  • Bin’s brain, worriedly: perhaps it might not be a good idea to let g-
  • Bin: o hELL-
  • Bin wobbling too much and tipping over and falling on his ass 
  • Bin: :-( 
  • Eunwoo cackling because “oh, where’d your nimbleness go now, fancy feet?" 
  • But also Eunwoo going over to help a pouting Bin because he’s a good boyfriend 
  • Bin pouting because he’s perfectly great on land, thanks, not like a certain ice skater he knows 
  • And he’s pretty sure it’s harder to spin on land than on ice 
  • Cue Eunwoo teaching Bin the basics and where to put his weight and stuff to move 
  • Bin just grabbing onto Eunwoo’s hands and smiling widely 
  • Eunwoo: "you’re literally slipping every two steps how are you still smiling" 
  • Bin: "I’m holding your hands" 
  • Bin: “hehe”
  • Bin: "hehehehehehehe" 
  • Eunwoo: "u idiot ur literally dating me I’m" 
  • And at the end of half an hour Bin can move around the ring on his own, Eunwoo swears 
  • But somehow this idiot insists on holding his hands 
  • Not that Eunwoo’s complaining because usually he has to wear gloves of some sort to keep his hands warm 
  • But Bin’s some personal space heater or something and his hands are toasty warm 
  • Also when he’s this close Eunwoo can see Bin’s ears flushing and Bin’s nose squishing up in concentration and Bin’s tongue sticking out when he’s grabbing onto Eunwoo’s hand and focussing on putting one foot in front of another 
  • Eunwoo blushing because hecKITY HECK he’d really like to press a kiss to Bin’s nose rn 
  • Do it, Eunwoo’s brain suggests 
  • Eunwoo, flustered: No, wait, 
  • Eunwoo, blurting: "buddy you can let go!! and skate!!!" 
  • Bin, pouting: 
  • Because he really likes seeing Eunwoo up close 
  • And seeing his bright eyes crinkle into a smile every time Bin looks up from his feet 
  • And hearing his soft giggle when Bin slips 
  • totally doesn’t slip on purpose
  • Also catching Eunwoo’s eyes flickering down to his lips far too often 
  • Bin, flushing a little
  • It’s cute, Eunwoo’s brain notes
  • Kiss him, Eunwoo’s brain suggests 
  • Now! Eunwoo’s brain demands 
  • But as far as Eunwoo’s romance field guide goes, you can’t just kiss someone without their permission
  • Sorry I can’t stop thinking of the time Eunwoo described himself as an FM boyfriend it’s so cute
  • also the very same interview can you imagine eunwoo watching baby bin act on screen and lowkey falling in love
  • Eunwoo, slowly letting go of Bin’s hands because wow he’s going to impulse-kiss if he doesn’t distance himself soon 
  • Bin squeaking!! 
  • Eunwoo doubling over laughing because did Bin really call himself The Moon Bea-
  • Bin topping over
  • To the front
  • Where Eunwoo is 
  • And for the second time in two weeks Binu ends up on the floor with one on top of the other 
  • Eunwoo flushing pink and his giggle dying out because wow 
  • Bin fell really well 
  • Also because Eunwoo just had the wind knocked out of him
  • But also because they’re nearly nose to nose and Eunwoo’s pretty sure Bin can track the flush going up his neck to his ears
  • And Bin’s really really close and Eunwoo can see each and every one of Bin’s eyelashes brushing against his cheek when he blinks 
  • i wrote a shitpost ending and deleted it but i don’t know how to end it now 
  • And Bin is suddenly really glad he agreed to come on ice with Eunwoo because yeah granted he cannot walk on ice or spin or do fancy things like Eunwoo can but 
  • He can do this 
  • Bin, leaning forward and pressing a kiss onto Eunwoo’s nose
  • Eunwoo wrinkling his nose and smiling a little
  • Bin, pressing kisses on Eunwoo’s cheeks and forehead until Eunwoo starts giggling and telling him to stop 
  • I love soft!Binu don’t touch me
  • I swear the next one will have more of Astro
Kim Mingyu | Highschool!AU

i might have gone overboard w/ this one but i cant help it!!! mingyu is so nice to write for, i love him. bulleted post bc i tried so hard to write a thing but it was too much for me to handle..

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Male MC: First Day “Who Hates to Work?” + Yoosung Phone Call

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With an exasperated sigh Zack closed the app and threw himself onto the bed pulling one his new books out of his bag. Without thinking he reached over to the side table searching for his water. “Ah damn.” He cursed as he felt the cool liquid run down his hands and onto the wood. Quickly he grabbed a dishrag from the kitchen gently sopping of the water to keep it from ruining the wood.

‘So how’s Leeann? I haven’t heard you talk about her lately.’

‘We broke up.

‘What!? W-with another one?’

‘It doesn’t really matter. Besides she wasn’t my type.’

‘That’s your fifth girlfriend. I really liked Leeann.’

‘Well that’s not for you to decide is it mom? Maybe I should go out with a guy next.’

‘……….ha ha….. enough teasing Zack, I really can’t understand your sense of humor.’

‘Maybe it wasn’t a joke.’

‘….Enough Zack, now hand me that rag before the wood stains.’

“There, clean.” Zack murmured as he rung out the rag over the sink. He tapped his fingers against the metal sink as he looked over the dishes piling up. “I’ll do that later.”

‘Dad? You completely missed that spot.’

‘Oh really? Whoops.’

‘I can mow the lawn you know.’

‘It’s fine! You have date with Julia right? Hurry up and get ready don’t be late.’

‘I’m not dating her anymore.’

‘What the? When did you get dumped? Ha ha ha! I’m kidding,’

‘No you’re right she broke up with me. Maybe…it’s time I gave up girls.’

‘Grab the weed eater if you’re not doing anything don’t hit the clothesline this time.’

“I gotta log in and do some work.” He mumbled as he sat in front of the computer. “Shit, government and Biology stuff due today. Guess I shouldn’t have messed around so much earlier.” He clicked onto his classes typing up responses to his classmates.

>>Reply to:

<<Jessibelle Lloyd
“I agree with you that things have been really hectic in the media. I’m out of country right now so I haven’t been paying attention to American media but” 

He froze looking over his notes to make sure he was making sense. He glanced over the name once more as he looked over some websites.

‘Look I don’t know what you’re into but it’s clearly not me.’


‘Every time I try to get you to kiss me or even just hold my damn hand you act like you’re touching something vile.’


‘God just say something!’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Again with the I’m sorry’s! You say it so often I don’t think you know the definition of it.’


‘Maybe you need to take a hard look at yourself at in mirror and ask yourself what you like.’


‘Excuse me?’

‘Don’t tell anyone. Okay? Don’t tell anyone you think I…I’m… Don’t okay?’

‘What? Why would I?’

‘Just please…don’t okay? Promise.’

“Damn this is boring.” He tapped his pen against the table in annoyance as he looked at his sloppy handwriting. “I really don’t want to do this.” As if he was pulled to it he opened the RFA app and logged in. Low and behold a perfect distraction was logged in. 

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Harry Potter AU - Chen (Jongdae)

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  • Beagle line fucking up the wizarding world fam
  • Chen is the definition of Gryffindor trash
  • He is also on the Gryffindor quidditch team(ง ͠ ͠° ل͜ °)ง
  • He is part of the most popular clique at Hogwarts (exo)
  • Him knowing that he has girls wrapped around his fingers
  • Him smirking and winking at everyone that seems to be staring at him<( ̄︶ ̄)>
  • Too many people going to Professor Pomfrey for nosebleeds (better build a second hospital wing am i right ^^)
  • He would just laugh his motherfucking ass off after Professor Pomfrey tells him that he broke his record for the “Most People sent to the Hospital Wing for Being Cheeky”༼♥ل͜♥༽

  • You were one of Professor Sprout’s favorite students and during the winter you had to see if the whomping willow was in good condition       \(;´□`)/
  • But Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun had different plans
  • THEY WERE HIGH OFF THAT GOOD SHIT OR SOMETHING and they decided that the whomping willow needed a Christmas makeover     (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
  • Chanyeol and Baekhyun were a bit level headed so they were only throwing wreaths at the tree (like wtf surprisingly they’re not doing anything stupid)
  • but Chen decided that he wanted to get closer to put “shiny ass motherfucking ornaments” on the tree because it deserved some love
  • HIS DUMB ASS WAS ABOUT TO DO IT but ur fine ass casted a spell on him so that he couldn’t move any closer to the tree
  • By the time you got there Chanyeol and Baekhyun had left to their dorms and you were checking to see if the tree was ok
  • “HEY HoW CoMe YoU’rE NoT MaKiNg SuRe I’m AlRiGhT?” (literally something from Zayn’s new album…no hate tho…he cool)
  • “Cuz ur dumbass is safe now…fucking idiot”
  • In his weird haze, he decided to do something very unfamiliar to you
  • He put one of the ornaments in your hair because “pretty things need something shiny on them so that I can find it easily” (shit fam that was smooth af)
  • You becoming a mess
  • Him just grinning like an idiot and asking you to help him back to the Gryffindor dorms  (^~^)
  • You would help him get to his room
  • He would just plop on his bed and pass out
  • You would just sadly stare at him for a while realizing that he might forget about your little encounter because of the hazy state that he was in
  • Days pass before Chen remembers what happened that day
  • He would stop his pranks to find you
  • But all he would remember would be the little shiny round object in someone’s hair
  • He would be all frustrated and shit
  • He wouldn’t even laugh with Chanbaek
  • He would be an emo lil mess
  • He would look shabbier
  • No more winks and smirks at his fans
  • Not as many people visiting the Hospital Wing((´д`))
  • He would just be really sad because he would be really proud of what he said to you but he couldn’t remember who you were
  • Even Dumbledore would start to notice that not a lot of pranks were going on
  • Dumbledore starts to get worried because the beagle line holds a special place in his loving heart
  • and so he would call Chen in to see him
  • Chen would start to explain how you were the one for him because he could feel it (some Disney shit going on here)
  • He would say how a lot of people might have taken advantage of the situation because he was rich wizard and like what can I say he is CHEN but he would start crying when he mentioned the part where you kept your distance and treated him like a human being and didn’t paw at him          (̥ ̥এ́ ̼ এ̥̀)̥̥
  • Dumbledore would use Legilimency to get into Chen’s head so that he could see who he was crying over
  • And when Chen saw who she/he/they he kinda cringed/laughed/cried
  • You were the one who tried to start the “Ban Chen’s face b/c I’m tired of making potions to stop nosebleeds” ((sadly…you’re petition never took off))
  • Ever since that day when you tried to ban his face, he was extra flirty near you
  • Chen couldn’t believe how stupid he was and thanked Dumbledore
  • Before he left…he asked Dumbledore if fireworks would get him kicked out of Hogwarts
  • But all Dumbledore did was wink✩’꒳’✩
  • After a few weeks, you realized that you were having Chen withdrawals b/c you’ve been trying to avoid his annoying(cute) ass
  • but you felt as if Chen didn’t deserve to be stuck with a boring person such as yourself
  • And so you sadly make your way to your next class
  • While you were avoiding Chen, he had been working on a way to ask you out for weeks
  • It was one of those evenings  where everything was peaceful and quiet
  • You were out in the middle of a meadow near the lake
  • And out of nowhere
  • A fucking bag is put over your damn head and two strong people are dragging you somewhere (if this happens in rl please start screaming and yelling and start punching)
  • You start to panic but soon the bag was taken off (by Sehun and Xiumin like damn who wouldn’t want to see their faces)
  • You start demanding an explanation but all they did was point to the sky
  • You look up
  • Chen appears out of nowhere and starts yelling at you
  • Then out of nowhere bright fireworks brightened up the dark sky and it spelled out “Y/N will you go out with me?”
  • You were stunned so you just stared at him
  • Chen mistook your expression as disgust
  • “Oh…I mean if you’re not interested….you can tell me…” (sad lil pupper ಥ_ಥ)
  • “You are so fucking stupid….”
  • “Oh I’m sorry…I’ll just leave”
  • “Who would say no to you?” (yeet fam like who dafuq wouldn’t say yes like fite me hoe)
  • Dumbledore starts clapping on his balcony (proud father( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )
  • You guys ride off into the sunset but then you guys come back b/c of curfew
  • Chen likes how you keep him in check
  • You whack him if he gets cheeky or if he doesn’t study
  • You guys have loads of fun (•́⌄•́๑)✧

Chen is such a cheeky lil cutie and he was requested twice ༼♥ل͜♥༽

gifs are not mine

request more fam

@chenderellastrash this is kind of dedicated to you :^)

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insp by 17s mama performance outfits,,,here’s a tad bit of new student!you x princes of the elite private boarding school!seventeen (sorry if its messy!!)

  • you’re a transfer student whose just been dropped off in front of these big, intimidating gates that lead to a beautiful campus of the boarding school you’ll be attending this year that you got a scholarship for and tbh you’re scared out of your mind because everything looks so rich and new and you’re just there with your little suitcase and in like a plain hoodie but you can already see kids walking around in pretty plaid uniforms and youre like im gonna embarrass myself,,,, i know i am,,,,
  • but u like sign and pep talk urself into sucking it up like it cant be too bad and like while you’re telling yourself its gonna b fine this boy comes up behind you and is like ‘are you lost?’ and you turn around and see the tall, handsome student with his hair slicked back professinally and he smiles a bit shyly like 
  • “hello, im joshua. im the president of the welcoming committee at the school. you must be the transfer?
  • you’re just at a lose for words for the most part because he looks like a straight up prince and he like leans over to take your luggage but you’re like ‘its fine!!!!’ and u just like cant let him carry it like not when his family can probably like buy a whole island and tbh he looks like royalty ur like i cant make a prince carry my stuff
  • but joshua insists and he just picks it up easily in one hand and youre like oh my god and he’s like ‘come with me, ill show you around’ and you’re about to walk behind him when like…..ur suitcase opens and……everything spills out
  • everything……..EVERYTHING……
  • and you’re horrified, but joshua is turning a bright red color too and just begins apologizing like crazy and you get down to try and pick everything up and he like accidentally picks up like your pajamas and hes red in the face and all of a sudden you hear 
  • ‘why are you going through this cute students stuff president josh????’ and u turn and u see like this tall, dark haired handsome boy in a different uniform and he’s smiling and has this twinkle in his eyes
  • and you’re blushing a bit because he called u cute and joshua behind you is rolling his eyes honestly he’s like ‘Seungcheol, aren’t you supposed to be in class?’ 
  • and the one named Seungcheol is looking you up and down and his smiles just getting more and more wide and he’s like ‘oh nah, i thought id come out and meet the new student for myself…..im glad i took the opportunity to.’
  • and he like winks at u
  • and ur like What Kinda Teen Adult Romance Novel move was that 
  • but its endearing he has,,, a charm and he’s just like ‘do you need help with your things?’ but before he can reach down to help joshua’s like ‘seungcheol. go to class.’ and seungcheol pouts like y u gotta ruin the fun prez but he just shrugs and turns back to you like
  • ‘my dorms in the west building so if you ever want to find m-’
  • joshua’s like ‘CLAss SeungchEol ’ and seungcheols like i get it i get it im going but he gives u like another wink and ur just like,,,,,,what just happened
  • joshua apologizes 10000000 times about seungcheol and ur stuff as u two like get it gathered back up and continue walking toward this building and hes like ‘this is our library, it’s one of the biggest out of all the private schools, feel free to use it whenever’ and youre kind of like……can we go inside
  • and joshua’s like dont you wanna drop off your things???? and ur like yes,,,but i like libraries a lot i just wanna take a sneak peek and joshua like breaks out this other smile because oh you like reading,,so does he,,,interesting but instead he just says like ‘oh well just a short look couldn’t hurt’
  • and he leads u inside and toward the desk where there’s another handsome boy buried in a book and when he looks up you catch your breath because he’s stunning like, next level and when he stands up to greet joshua ur like holy moly he’s tall tOO
  • joshua goes ‘this is wonwoo, he’s here a lot because he volunteers here on his downtime when he doesnt have class’
  • and like when he makes eye contact with you, you feel like you’re going to melt under his gaze and he gives off this cold, mysterious vibe
  • and you’re honestly a little frightened so you just bow your head and he looks back at joshua and ur like wow rude but tbH he’s just shy he like doesnt know how to act around cute new transfers
  • joshua’s like looking between u two and he’s like ‘well, ill wait here with ur luggage so u can go take a quick look around’
  • ur eyes light up and u thank him as u dash off inside and god its a private school, the library is gorgeous with a winding staircase and rows of desks to study at and just book shelves upon book shelves probably like a chandelier somewhere too 
  • and you just go into a random aisle and you like touch the books and they’re all well kept and you’re honestly in love until
  • you trip
  • over
  • someones …. feet
  • and as u turn to see who it was u see this boy, with beautiful hair tied back and angelic features but he is just…..sleeping………right there……in the bookshelf
  • he looks peaceful and all,,,,,but you’re a little concerned but suddenly as u wanna get closer to see if he’s ok he lifts his hand and is like ‘one more minute,,,,,,,,i want to sleep ,,,,,,’
  • and you’re like ????? um ok but his eyes slowly open and your face is probably becoming flustered again because his eyes are this nice deep set brown and like
  • you read his name tag and you’re like jeonghan,,,,thats so,,,,pretty 
  • and he’s just staring at you for a moment and its silent and you’re like what is it with everyone here staring but he smiles and he’s like
  • ‘you’re new?’ and you nod slowly and he’s like ‘ahhhhh, ……….’ pauses to think and then he’s like ‘welcome……’ and goes back to sleep and ur like
  • honestly 
  • this first day has been wild why r so many nice looking boys at this school and why are all of them a little on the weird side what is happening honestly
  • h o n e s t  l y