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The door of the boarding house slammed open and banged against the wall as Stefan stormed inside. He had a look of pure rage on his face, and a determination in his step. He went to the trunk were they kept their weapons and began pulling out the things he would need. Crossbow, wolfsbane grenades – he wouldn’t use vervain for fear of hurting Caroline in the crossfire – stakes, and a machete that he didn’t even realised they owned. Handy for cutting the heads of hybrids.

Damon had heard the bang and had come down the stairs to investigate. He saw Stefan pulling out weapons, and fear for what happened gripped him. Had something happened to Elena? “Stefan? What’s with all the weapons?” He vamped over and took Stefan’s wrist to force him to look at him, “Is it Elena? Did Klaus do something to her?”

“No!” Stefan growled as he pulled his hand out of his brother’s grip, and balled it into a fist, “Klaus took Caroline.”

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James and Lily’s House, Godric’s Hollow

(September, 1981)

The toy, while old and almost falling to pieces, did not look ancient in the hand’s of James’ one year old son. Harry had been inseparable from the thing since he had retrieved the stuffed lion toy from his parent’s Gringott’s account for Christmas. 

Giggling, Harry rolled onto his side, pulling at the lions stuffed head. Innocently, he chewed on the toy’s ear, staring up at James with wide, green eyes. 

“Dada,” Harry said sweetly, smiling with the two single teeth he owned. 

Sunset in the Quarter
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Saturday night near the midnight hour I met a straight couple in a dive bar. They walked in loaded with beer for the gentleman and blush for the lady, ready to make new friends and dance without warning. He does carpentry work in the Quarter and she cares for the elderly. He was a redneck with one eye who spoke true philosophy, and she had a quick mind and a good heart. I spent an hour with them talking about drugs and personal histories, learning how his mom owned a whore house and how she was married to a man for 18 years who beat her every weekend. That’s just the shorthand, but I enjoyed their company a great deal. Later in the evening at another dive bar I met a young elected official flush with that special brand of Louisiana crazy that I know and love so well. We partied until 2am in a near empty bar and got twisted, even posing for a number of sodomy themed photos with a plastic Santa Claus.

When I got home I ran into an artist and former resident who is crashing in the apartment above mine. She told me that the upstairs neighbors own a local music club in the quarter and that I should go over and meet them. I found them quick and had some chat. They bought me a drink and gave me free admission to the show, which was an all-night tribute to “The Last Waltz” by the music group “The Band.” It was glorious, at one point 25 musicians were on stage singing “The Weight.” I then took a piss in the Mississippi River and went home, passing what was left of the red-clad Ragin Cajun fans (my alma mater) in town for the bowl game, tuxedo wearing tuba players done with the evening’s gigs, and rum soaked tourists searching for their hotels.

It wasn’t a special night, but it was a New Orleans night. You can meet strange and wonderful people anywhere but there’s something about this place that cultivates random meetings and interactions. The lunar howl of the city draws forth those oddly placed in the world and also releases the strange from otherwise normal people free of their natural habitat. You’re always going somewhere to meet someone or waiting for them to show up, even if you don’t know who they are. Doesn’t matter really. It all hangs on good will and a sense that the rules here are somehow different. All you need to do is show up and keep your hand open for the lipstick smeared lady spirit of the city to take it.

Tom Hiddleston Dream Role of the Day

- Sir Percival Blakeney in “The Scarlet Pimpernel” by Emmuska Orczy

I hope I don’t need to offer reasons for this.  I only leave you with this excerpt from the first novel:

“Had she but turned back then, and looked out once more on to the rose-lit garden, she would have seen that which would have made her own sufferings seem but light and easy to bear–a strong man, overwhelmed with his own passion and his own despair. Pride had given way at last, obstinacy was gone: the will was powerless. He was but a man madly, blindly, passionately in love, and as soon as her light footsteps had died away within the house, he knelt down upon the terrace steps, and in the very madness of his love he kissed one by one the places where her small foot had trodden, and the stone balustrade there, where her tiny hand had rested last.”

One Brick at a Time || Drew&Chris

The house has been a painful kind of quiet since this damn truth serum bullshit. Drew had slept on the couch, or at least laid on it through the night and stared at the ceiling, and Chris has been skirting him all morning, trying to give him space. Drew feels like shit, honestly, knowing that he’s obviously upset his boyfriend. He feels so much safer, though, knowing he can keep his problems his, that he isn’t just stacking more problems on Chris and that he can handle his own bullshit. Knowing he’s strong enough to carry his own burdens is almost worth the obvious wedge this has driven between them.


He feels lower than a slug. He feels like sludge for even considering putting the comfort of his emotional constipation over Chris and how he’s feeling and being able to keep him close. 

It’s around lunchtime that he finally gives in to his guilt. Hovering in the, doorway for a moment, he watches Chris as he makes himself something to eat before mustering the willpower to take down the first brick in the walls he’s built up. Walking up behind his boyfriend, Drew gently presses his forehead between Chris’s shoulder blades. He still can’t look Chris in the face- can’t handle how those smart, sharp eyes of his can take even the smallest opening and dissect Drew until he’s entirely flayed open and on display. Drew loves when Chris understands him, but is still learning not to hate when Chris analyzes him.

“…Didn’t sleep much last night. Been having nightmares.”


I’ve been reading about Zelda Fitzgerald and I’m furious??? She was dismissed as ‘crazy’ (such an awful gendered word) when she perhaps had borderline personality disorder (I’ll have to get back to you one that one) and F. Scott, who is my favourite writer (ugh), wrote in his diary a detailed way to trigger her, plagiarised from her diary, encouraged an affair so he could write about it then placed her under house arrest (what the fuck) when she tried to leave him, was furious when a publisher wanted her diary, then heavily edited her sole novel, Save Me The Waltz. Here was this badass woman who, in her own words, rode boys’ motorcycles and bobbed her hair and chewed gum and swam with boys at midnight, was a phenomenally talented writer, and who has been reduced by the patriarchy as the 'crazy wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.’

I’m so heated. I’ll update this with sources when I’ve cooled the fuck down.

Also let me translate Onion’s weird actions to what Onion means by them.

Onion broke into Steven’s house

  • Translation: He wants Steven to notice him.

Onion ran away from Steven, running back to his house so Steven would chase him

  • Translation: He cares about Steven and wants him to come over.

Onion makes his food into the shape of Steven, and licks it.

  • Translation: He likes Steven and wants him as a friend.

Onion handed Steven a mouse and wanted him to feed his snake.

  • Translation: He wants to interact with Steven, do activities with him.

Onion showed him the video of his own birth.

  • Translation: He made Steven uncomfortable, and wanted to change the mood.

Onion had the mouse from earlier in his mouth, and showed it to Steven.

  • Translation: Onion recognized Steven was uncomfortable with killing the mouse to feed the snake earlier, and wanted to show Steven it was still alive, and that he cared about Steven’s feelings and respected them.

Writing yourself into the story is one thing but as a prophet? That’s like M Night level doucheness.

chuck shurley companion piece for the gabriel center piece!! i have an actual set color theme this time around, which is super convenient. now, if only i was better at environment and perspective…

How come Derek Hale, a man who was sexually abused at the age of 16, had his entire family murdered, had his home burned to the ground, had the pack he tried to create murdered by the alpha pack, was raped by Jennifer Blake, was reverted back to being 16 years old to be preyed on by his past sexual abuser, had his werewolf status forcibly taken from him, has been used, abused, manipulated, and tortured numerous times…never showed any sign of canon PTSD.

How come Stiles Stilinski, a seventeen year old high school student, who was possessed by a demonic spirit and forced to murder countless people, psychologically tortured and held captive in his own mind, was raped in Eichen House whilst heavily drugged, severely sleep deprived, and possessed, and had his actual body destroyed…never showed any sign of canon PTSD

But Malia Tate, a girl who overturned her family car at the age of 9 during a full moon, suddenly can’t even get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle without having violent and vivid flashbacks of that event….shows signs of PTSD?

Oh, is it because Jeff Davis wants people to feel sorry for Malia? Is it because Jeff Davis wants people to sympathize with Malia and support her as a character on the show?

Aw, the poor baby. She has life so hard. She must feel so guilty. Quick, somebody coddle her and make her feel loved. We all feel so bad for Malia and her terrible, terrible life…oh wait….


Darren Vann, a serial killer from Gary, Indiana, brutally murdered 11 people, hung their bodies on the walls and opened his insanity to the public as a “Haunted House” attraction.

Gary, Indiana is known for its surplus of abandoned houses, most of them too damaged to be sold. Vann decided to find an abandoned house to occupy and make it his own. He meticulously turned the basement of the house into a morgue to collect the bodies of his victims.

Vann said he had planned the ‘Haunted House’ for the last 8 months preparing the bodies for viewing. The house was opened on October 18 2014, and the police was called immediately by the terrified public. “When we entered the home, the smell was putrid. At first I thought the odour was like a stink bomb or something, ” said one attendee. “Then as we went through, he had bodies hanging up on crosses on the wall. It looked way too real. My husband went up close and touched it and said ‘Let’s get out of here! I think that’s real!’ At that point, the other people that were in there with us all ran out of the house screaming. It was absolute chaos!”

Another eyewitness said that Vann just sat there in a chair at the door entrance while people ran out. “As we were all running out and screaming, he sat to the left of the door with a psychotic smirk on his face. He just had this blank stare, an emptiness in his eyes. I don’t know which was scarier, him or the dead people.”

The police department reported receiving more than 50,911 calls reporting the incident. Police arrived within minutes and arrested Vann.
Source: (X)


When authorities arrived at the home of Ed Gein to question him about the disappearance of Bernice Worden, they could not have prepared themselves for what was to follow. Upon entering the home, they discovered the body of Worden, hanging up by her heels from a pully. She had been beheaded and disembowelled and then strung up and dressed like a hunted animal. After calling for backup, they explored the rest of the house of horrors and discovered soup bowls made from skulls, chairs upholstered in human flesh, lampshades made from skin, a box of noses, a belt made from nipples, a shade pull decorated with lips, a box containing preserved female genitalia, and the faces of nine women that had been dried, stuffed with paper and then mounted on the wall. They also discovered a vest made from female skin, complete with breasts. Ed later confessed that he enjoyed wearing this some nights and would dance around his home pretending to be his own deceased mother.

Some facts about Pablo Escobar

  • He made so much money, that he spent around $2,500 dollars every month on rubber bands to hold all his cash together.
  • Reportedly, a rat infestation meant that $1 Billion was ruined every year. Escobar didn’t care because that money would be replaced within days.
  • He built his own private zoo, that housed exotic birds, giraffes, hippos and herds of antelope.
  • Once when hiding out in an abandoned farm, he burned $2 Billion in a bonfire to save his daughter from freezing to death.
  • He even built his own prison. It featured a soccer field, a giant doll’s house, a bar, and a Jacuzzi.
  • At his peak, he had a personal wealth of close to $25 billion.
i got a crush (on you)

veteratorianvillainy said: actually had a decent day until I got home? Then everything came crashing down bc gd forbid I take up any space in my own house XP literally anything with Tony. Like him drunkenly confessing his crush on steve (even though theyve been dating forever)


“Yes, Tony,” Steve says and can’t quite control the way his mouth twitches as he desperately fights off a smile. He and Tony are sitting on the couch with the rest of the Avengers scattered around the common room TV and Tony has, perhaps, had more than a few drinks.

“Steeeve,” he says, voice going a little whiny.

“Shhh,” Natasha says, but she doesn’t look away from whatever it is they’re watching. Steve hadn’t really been paying attention when it was selected. He’s not really paying attention now, because Tony’s alcohol-warmed face is pressed into his shoulder.

“Steve,” Tony whispers. “I have to tell you something important.”

Steve bites his lip. “Okay, what is it?”

Tony stares at him, eyes a little glassy, his fingers flexing where they’ve come to rest on Steve’s sleeve. “Steve,” he whispers. “I don’t– I mean, I—I have. God, this is embarrassing. I have the worst crush on you.”

Steve coughs to hide his laugh. He and Tony have been dating for almost five weeks now. “Oh,” he says, “wow, Tony, that’s great.”

“Jesus, we could have ended the run around months ago if we’d just got him wasted enough?” Clint says. Natasha clips him on the back of the head.

Tony blinks a few times and then turns an adorably puzzled expression on him. “It is?”

“It is.” Steve lowers his voice conspiratorially. “I have a crush on you, too.”

Tony’s eyes go wide. “No shit.”

Steve has to choke down laughter again. He nods. “It’s true.”

“Wow,” Tony breathes. “Can I—can I kiss you?”

Steve can’t help the fond, silly smile that spreads across his face. He cards his fingers through the hair on the side of Tony’s head and draws him closer. “Yes. In fact, I insist.”

Tony makes an adorable squeak as Steve hauls him forward the rest of the way, the noise fading to a soft groan as their lips touch. His hand lands on Steve’s chest, his mouth soft and wet and tasting of the strawberry daiquiris Clint had foisted on all of them. Steve’s pretty sure they had at least double the recommended amount of alcohol.

Tony’s kisses are sloppy, all his finesse gone under the influence, but all the passion, all the interest is still there. It makes Steve feel warm all over.

“Wow,” Tony breathes when Steve pulls back and Steve smiles at him.

“You’re really cute like this, Tony,” he says and Tony’s starry-eyed expression morphs into a frown.

“’m not cute. ’m sexy. Scorchingly, mind-blowingly sexy—”

This time Steve doesn’t stifle his laugh and he hauls Tony back in for another kiss.

Two sides to A?

After posting about “how I haven’t gotten to that point where I feel bad for Charles” yet a thought occurred to me as I was writing.

In the doll house Charles had been preparing to have Ali come and treat her like his queen. He even brought her friends. When he appeared to Spencer and the girls he wasn’t at all violent, and he wasn’t violent with Spencer when they came face to face. It wasn’t obviously till later when he felt the girls broke his trust he turned on them.

During the time Ali was in jail she was being tortured. A made sure there were people beating her up, and harassing her. A even set her up to turn on her own friend but realized that she didn’t do it so A took it into their own hands and threw Hanna into prison. 

The few things we have learnt from Charles through quick brief interactions and home videos is that he isn’t actually that violent, except for the story told by Mr.D. I have been wondering if he was manipulated into some of the torture that has been inflicted onto the girls and Ali possibly by a partner. I feel like after all he has been through, maybe he is easily manipulate and someone see’s that weakness and somehow get’s him to inflict pain on these girls both emotionally and physically. 

But idk maybe i’m just tired. I just found A/Charles behaviour not to line up. He seemed to love and trust his mom so what changed? What made him want to kill Ali but also at the same time become obsessed and treat her as his doll? What made him throw Ali in jail but also prepare the doll house, what he thought was something special (but in reality it was creepy af!!!)? 

Except the difference here is that Dan had his back against the wall and instead of letting his 24 hours of isolation break him he managed to blow up his own alliance to get his biggest enemy in the house, Frank, to not only convince Jenn to use the PoV on him but to put Britney a big threat to Dan’s game on the block and backdoor her. When it comes to Danielle and Shane. He got Danielle to use the PoV on Dan when once again he was for sure going home to put up Shane, Danielle’s closest ally and then blindsided both of them by evicting Shane in order to ensure that both Ian and Danielle would take him to the final two in the event either one of them won the final HoH. As far as him manipulating Danielle, sorry that Danielle was continually gullible enough to trust the man that kept repeatedly stabbing her in the back and would just come in a say “oh my bad just kidding!” 

Then we have Vanessa who yes has blindsided Jason. But what is this doing for her game? Does it put her in a better position overall? No not really what Vanessa has successfully done is turn the entire other side of the house against her putting a massive target on her back and at this point in the game there are still enough people to create a massive power switch and end up sending her home. She not only put up nonthreatening Jason she chose to keep Austin who has Liz in his back pocket (despite what she may say in the DR she is still loyal to him) and who is blowing up their alliance and unlike Dan, Vanessa has no control over this crumbling alliance. By choosing Austin to stay she has kind of isolated the other two members of her alliance and we don’t really know where Julia’s head is at so it could be a third since she hates Austin so much! 

To sum it all up, Dan has used blindsiding and manipulation to further his game when he was for sure going home several times and to ensure himself a spot in the final two. Vanessa on the other hand was too afraid to get blood on her hands by getting out the ticking time bomb in their alliance and overall physical threat and in turn is getting far more blood on her hands than she would have if she had nominated Austin, basically ensuring that unless two Sixth Sense members are HoH then she is probably going to be on the chopping block. Now do I think that BB17 is ruined because of her? No. Do I think that the move she made was a dumb one and seriously detrimental to her game? Yes. Sorry for the rant but I don’t see why people are trying to compare the actions of a two time veteran (winner and runner-up) to the actions of the week 5 HoH. But if we want to draw comparisons let us be completely thorough in our analysis.

stoner!luke passing you a joint as you guys relaxed in the basement of his house, sprawled out on the couch. you had your legs slung over his lap as you guys wordlessly inhaled the drug. you watched luke as he held the joint in his fingers, bringing it up to wrap his lips around, inhaling. you watched as his lipring moved when he exhaled the smoke, tilting his head back to expose his neck. you couldnt help but bit your own lip at the sight of the beautiful boy in front of you. extending your hand to the side to extinguish your own joint on the ashtray, leaving it there, you lifted yourself up from leaning against the arm of the couch and moved closer to luke legs ending up on either side of his. he made no sign to move, his head still tilted back as he proped it on the back of the couch. your lips moved down to his exposed neck, wasting no time on sucking and biting on the skin. a low groan came from his lips as he his large hands moved to grab at your ass while you pressed open mouthed kisses all along his neck. clearly impatient, one of lukes hand reached to move your head up so that your lips could connect. he dropped his hand back down as your open mouths connected, lips moving slowly. you bent your knees, sitting down on his clothed crotch. luke moaned into your mouth as you slowly rolled your hips down on his. getting impatient once again, he guided you to move faster with his grip on your bum. you moved your lips to his ear, lips brushing against the skin as you spoke. “we got a long night ahead of ourselves, hemmings.”

AU-idea #17 that involves Izzy with a  kid

This idea hit me rather spontaneously … like so many did before.

Okay, Izzy got pregnant as a teenager and because she didn’t wan’t an abortion like her parents wanted her to, she left the house, started a life on her own in a small apartment with Magnus as the guy next door and Simon as the nice guy from work. 

Now Isabelle always rants to Magnus about her family, and when one day she tells him that her older brother comes over, he is totally prepared to hate him. It also happens that Magnus comes home and finds a motorcycle parked in the driveway which leads to Magnus not getting to his usual parking spot. He storms up the stairs, knocks and is ready to rant about whoever had the nerve to park their motorcycle there. He’s also very sure that it’s Isabelle’s brother who was scheduled to come over that day.

That rant however kind of gets stuck in his throat when he sees the guy leaning against the kitchen counter who is Alec with his motorcycle jacket, fingerless gloves and an undercut (I am really becoming a fan for that idea btw) and some dark jeans stuffed into old boots.

And Alec realizes that his bike is in the way and instantly offers to move it, but Magnus is like “No, no, it’s fine, I can park my car somewhere else … another state maybe, no biggie.” But of course Alec insists and they go downstairs together with the most awkward jumble of words spilling from both their lips while Isabelle just stands by and watches the whole thing happen with surprised interest. 

Alec on the other hand had been on a very long road trip and kind of missed the argument between Isabelle and her parents and he is terribly sorry and wants to make amends. He loves his sister and is determined to support her in every possible way and wants to be a part of her family, to show her that she’s not alone. Her parents at least give a bit of money, but Alec wants to be a part of her life again. (After being gone for so long.)  … something like that.

“Really, Izzy, I mean it. I can … babysit your daughter, I mean I looked after you and Max quite often and you two made it out alive, right? Then you can go on a date with that Sheldon-guy from work.”
“His name’s Simon.”
“Simon then … and I totally promise not to threaten him when I first meet him - if you ever deem me worth of meeting, I swear I’ll be nothing but a delight. And if things go bad, I won’t hunt him down, I’ll just be here for you the moment you call with ice cream … non-fat ice cream, if you prefer that.”

So, he ends up babysitting quite often with Magnus because Izzy still feels a bit nervous about leaving Alec completely alone and maybe because she has some other ideas, but that’s up for speculation.

Also when Alec leaves after that first visit, Magnus is practically glued to the window watching him getting on his motorcycle:

“Please tell me, he’s single … and gay … or interested in man in any way.”
“Well, he is gay, came out when he was, I think sixteen-”
“And he has a boyfriend for the last five years.”

(Yeah, I don’t know how to get rid of that boyfriend yet, but I like to see Alec also with other guys, with other nice guys, and I like that kind of tension.)

dave strider is so fucking pure i s2g 

please just consider him

he grew up in an abusive, neglectful household that gave him awful mental trauma before he ever had to deal with the game

he was constantly anxious and scared in his own house, in his own bed, and was forced into fights with a hyperaggressive hulk of a man

he obviously bled a lot in those fights and it made him wary of blood and swords and fighting as a whole

he repressed his sexuality and emotions as much as he could under a facade of not caring, mimicking bro because at the time he thought that was cool

it took him years of distance and being around people he loved to realize that no, its not cool and that shit was all really fucking wrong

with karkats and the rest of the crews help he managed to find a sort of peace with his sexuality and fears of society 

hes gotten so much better at expressing his emotions both verbally and facially and gosh hes even adjusted to physical affection

this is so good and so pure and i love dave so fucking much he deserves the fucking wor l d

anonymous asked:

This might be kinda a weird request cause I've never seen it, but how they would act/make up after a fight? I always see like "make up sex" but not everyone does that after every little fight, but things like how some people might insist they're right and act all mad with silent treatment, how some people might do grand extravagant gestures to get back in the good graces of their SO, some might just whisper comforting words and apologies, etc.

Luke: Even though he has the ability to write beautiful songs that millions sing along to, Luke could never seem to get it right when it came to you. In the moment, you always caused Luke’s thoughts to scramble and his tongue would get tied. His loss for words would only grow during and after a fight, no matter how small and trivial it was. So when the two of you took a break from the argument, and silence filled the house, Luke had his own way of saying “I’m sorry”. Gifts were his specialty, though they were rarely large and extravagant. His gifts would be small but thoughtful, like baking some of your favourite cookies, (after a couple of tries) and sheepishly placing the plate in front of you. “Fighting can really make you hungry, so I thought you could use a little snack.”

Ashton: Understanding that you needed time to yourself, Ashton would give you your space until things calmed down, it’d be the mature thing to do after all. Mature, but hard to keep up as Ashton found out after your first fight. After a while he began to follow you around, a slight pout on his lips as he waited for you to be ready to talk again. It would start off small, with Ashton just sitting outside the bedroom, but as time dragged on, your personal space would get smaller and smaller, until he was practically following you like a shadow. Thankfully by the time he started following you, you were ready to talk anyway, turning to him with a smile as he pulled you in for a hug.

Calum: Following you up to the bedroom after the fight, Calum wouldn’t want things to end on a negative note, wanting the tension between the two of you to disappear. Crawling into the bed behind you, Calum’s hands would be on your waist trying to pull you into his lap, pressing soft kisses to your neck. When you pushed him away, not in the mood, he’d settle for cuddling, holding you close to his chest as the two of you just talked. All the frustrations melting away as the two of you calmly worked through it. Of course once things calmed down even more, Calum’s hands would start to wander again. “Have to make sure all the tension between us is gone babe.”

Michael: While the fighting could be intense at times, the real battle came after the final words were spoken. Who could freeze out whom the longest? Michael could be stubborn on his best days, so when it came to the silent game, he’d refuse to lose, not ready to be the first to say “I’m sorry”. The silence could last for a couple of days in your house, neither of you wanting to lose. But sooner or later someone would give, missing the laughter and the cuddles, and the apologies would come rushing forward like a flood from the both of you. (And once you kissed and made up, Michael would try Calum’s technique of make-up sex).