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Regina only drinks skin milk and Emma’s not a fan of it. Established sq Asked by @sqgifs

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Emma grumbled as she still tried to button properly one of the few button-downs she owned, sleep still dancing in front of her eyes and digits refusing to work properly as she stumbled down the hall of the house, the smell of breakfast guiding her where both Henry and Regina were already ready for the day.

“I hate night-shifts” She yawned with her eyes barely opening enough for her to hiss under the bright lights of the room.

Henry looked at her as he finished his own breakfast and pushed the plate of bear claws Regina had started buying when Emma had first started to live in the mansion towards her. The sheriff grabbed one blindly and chewed on it as she rubbed her eyes. “Is grandpa’s turn now, isn’t it?”

“Yeah” The blonde replied while stretching her arms above her head. “And I would be sleeping right now if someone wouldn’t have told me that I needed to attend my magic classes this morning”

Regina, seated next to Emma, merely raised a brow at that as she sipped quietly on her coffee, another mug already prepared next to her. “You know” She said lowering the cup and picking up a messy tress of blonde hair that rested on Emma’s shoulder; placing it correctly she kissed the woman’s cheek before resuming her sentence as if nothing had happened “That you know to practice. You still mispronounce elvish words and potions are not your forte”

“Like I will need a to learn elvish” Emma grumbled while picking the mug Regina was offering her. The coffee smell made her smile before she took a sip as Henry left the table, reading the last things he needed for the day. The blonde’s satisfied smile turned into disbelief when the first taste of rich coffee reached her buds. “This…!”

“What’s the problem dear?” Regina asked as she took another sip of her own coffee, hiding her amused smile behind it.

Emma sighed and took a second sip tentatively, shaking her head as she did so. “You prepared it with skimmed milk, didn’t you?” She asked as she left the mug back on the table, her green eyes finally open wide enough for Regina to see them fully.

Placing her own mug back on the table the brunette rose a shoulder unapologetically while kissing the coffee-stained lips of the blonde, narrowing her own eyes for effect as she tasted the flavor with her tongue.

“It appears I did so”

Emma grumbled and looked almost upset for a second before chuckling quietly to herself. “You did this on purpose, didn’t you?”

Regina stepped back and picked up her own mug for a third time. “I told you is healthier; you didn’t want to believe me”

“It tastes like white water with just a little bit of flavor. You know I like my coffee with real milk Regina”

“This is real milk” The brunette pointed out solemnly. Both of them knew already the other wasn’t exactly cross but the brunette smiled when Emma let out a long suffering sigh before taking another sip from her breakfast.

“I don’t like it” She mumbled petulantly. However, as Regina finished her own mug and rose ready to ask Henry if he needed any help with his backpack Emma grabbed the former queen by her wrist and kissed her with as much tenderness as she could muster. “You are stubborn” She whispered at the still parted lips of the brunette.

“Shouldn’t that be my line dear?” The other woman asked slightly breathless before disentangling herself. “Ready yourself, classes start in an hour”

Once she was left alone Emma looked at the mug and slowly cooling liquid inside before looking at her hands with a devious look on her eyes. Regina had told her that she needed to practice, hadn’t she?

Preparing herself she channeled her magic and…

The contents of the mug exploded.


“I told you you need to practice!”

My half brother just made a threat that my parents heard that i didn’t because i told him to pick up the mess he made in the den after he left salsa and chips on the ground where Bessy and Petty could get in it.
He heard about me having written a book in highschool and not publishing it because of the publisher and his comment was mom needed to force me to do so because i was “too mentally deficient” to understand it on my own.
He didn’t understand mom saying i had a blog with 2k+ followers because he couldn’t comprehend me having anything interesting to say to interest anyone, let alone that many people. Or why i wasn’t milking each and everyone of them for money and then commented i was too stupid, obviously, to not be doing so.
He commented to mom that he and dad are the only ones in the house experiencing chronic pain. My mother literally has a condition where her immune system is devouring her spine from the inside out, arthritus, and muscle problems. I have fibro and other issues. My little brother has pain from inhereted conditions, being born with a broken arm and collar bone, having broken his leg and it healing wrong, chronic nerve pain.
I woke up and walked into the den to do my sweep for dishes and garabage and Mike had made a mess, but more importantly he was sitting there going through my old laptop that i’d used to write my book and was poking through my files and things without permission under the pretense of transferring things.
I took it after he wandered off and reformatted the whole thing so he can’t get into things.

He’s been digging through the barn, the storage shed, the closets while people aren’t watching him. I’m angry to the point of swinging. I may not fucking win, but i’ll get my pound of flesh from the bastard.

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these know it all Larries are like "OF COURSE THE TWINS KNOW ABOUT LARRY DUH". Right 🙄 As if they'd know everything Louis' family knows . I guess my point is I believe a hundred percent the twins don't know anything about Harry and Louis as a couple, Louis had his London house for years as a front for his own family like he wasn't just closeted to fans . I think they all truly believed Eleanor was his gf and they're too young, it's a liability for them to hold that kind of secret at 12 yrs old

yeah i mean there’s no way to know for sure how much they know, but i like to think they do….. idk the thought that louis is still having to keep things from his own sisters makes me really sad :/

virtual reality self-protitution

i used to play a game called Phantasy Star Universe and i would be my own pimp AND my own hoe. i had my main account (let’s call him Dudeman) and my hoe account (let’s call her Galchick). so there was like the main floor area and people would like try to sell nudes for money (in-game, not IRL) and i was like “nobody actually does that… do they?” so i made Galchick and i took off her clothes so she was in her underwear, and then i said ONE thing on the main floor and some guy took the bait right away. he invited me back to his house and i was like “omg im sorry, im new to this! how do you transfer money?” and he did it to show me how… and then he asked for my character to teabag his and moan into the mic, and i was like a 15 year old boy, so instead… i just blocked him and took the money. that’s when I realized my one, true calling. i did it for months and i’d transfer the money from Galchick to Dudeman and all my friends wondered how i had super good gear. i miss that game everyday…

Writing yourself into the story is one thing but as a prophet? That’s like M Night level doucheness.

chuck shurley companion piece for the gabriel center piece!! i have an actual set color theme this time around, which is super convenient. now, if only i was better at environment and perspective…


This scene is so important. When Izzy revealed to Alec the plans their parents have for him he didn’t believe at first, he couldn’t believe it. He followed every rule since he was a child, he’s always been the responsible one. He followed every order they gave to him. He sacrificed his will, his ideas, because he had to respect the law. The Law is hard, but it’s the Law! And he knew that and he accepted that. But here they’re asking him to sacrifice who he is, to sacrifice the way he wants to live his life and with whom share it. They’re asking him to sacrifice his own happiness. And he finally loses it! He screws the rules, his parents, everyone who wants to say to him how he should live his fucking life.

And the first thing he does it’s going to Magnus house and help him, them all. Because that’s who Alec is. That’s what his heart wants. He helps, he protects, he is a good man, he has a good heart. He cares. He wants to be finally happy, he wants to be accepted for who he is, he wants to be free to love.

Let him be who he is. He’s a beautiful soul

Can we talk about Bobby’s house?

Here’s the Singer house in Dream a Little Dream. This is the memory of his home the day Karen died. (gif credit)

It’s so bright and clean, like the sort of picturesque thing you’d see in Southern Living Magazine. And look at those flowers! It would be easy to say the flowers were all Karen, but I don’t think so. I garden in my tiny yard, and that is a team effort. (It’s also possible the house didn’t look this good, but it’s how Bobby remembers it when he thinks of her.)

Now let’s look at the house decades after Karen’s death (gif credit)

The paint is peeling, the windows boarded up. The junk yard (which he had when he was married) has crept closer to the house. We can’t see the front yard, but I bet there aren’t any flowers.

By his own confession, the only thing that kept Bobby from caving in on himself was the Winchester boys.


MIDDLE-EARTH MEME: [2/3 heroes] Glorfindel

“Glorfindel was one of the mightiest Elves of Middle-earth in the Third Age. He was distinctive because of his return to Middle-earth after death, acting as an emissary of the Valar, on a similar mission to the Istari who were to come several thousand years later. He was an elf of great beauty, power, wisdom, and moral courage. He was clearly loved by the people of Gondolin, who mourned his passing greatly. He acted most courageously during the Fall, his House being among those that suffered the greatest losses, and eventually giving his own life for the safety of Tuor and Idril, accomplishing the designs of the Valar, though it was said that he "would have defended them even had they been fugitives of any rank”. He was repentant of the rebellion of the Noldor, and took no part in the Kinslaying. His acts in the Third Age also showed great presence and authority, as did the very fact that he was sent as an emissary of the Valar.“ [x] [x]

Fun and Fangs

‘This was it’ Hiccup thought as he unloaded all of his possessions off his old beat up pick-up truck. He had finally arrived at Burgess University, a seventeen hour drive from home in Berk up North. He had arrived knowing full well this would be his home for the next four years and just prayed that his freshman year didn’t come with any problems. 

After a couple of hours dealing with housing on move in day, something he deemed was a complete and utter nightmare (and he had drank Astrid’s Yaknog), he had finally gotten his keys to his room in Guardian tower - the oldest housing block on campus. 

Hiccup brought his two carts filled with everything he pretty much owned onto the elevator and up to the 10th floor, room 10 and sighed. This was it - his new home away from home.



The entire last scene between Marinette and Adrien destroyed me in so many ways. Not because of my shipper heart, but because of Adrien as well. You have this boy who’s had a rough life being made a hermit in his own house with no mother and a neglectful father who thinks that his son is better left inside the vast and empty walls of his mansion. And you would think a kid like this would be spoiled or be brattish, but Adrien Agreste is one of the kindest, most sincere characters I have ever experienced watching on television. All he does is goodness (with a bit of mischief) and in this particular scene, my heart goes out to him so much. Yes, he’s used to having all the kids admire him and run up to him for autographs, but who wants that as friendship? His first real doses of friendship are with Nino.

And who would have thought he and Marinette would be on opposite ends of things until now. Here’s a girl who he’s never met, who was trying to get the gum off her seat, only to have been mistaken to be one of Chloe’s little minions. And in this scene, shit, look at him. How dare you ever think he is anything but pure who just wants real friends.

And even if it isn’t his fault - even though Marinette is stubborn and takes it the wrong way, when he sees the look of realization upon her face, he goes a step farther and offers her his umbrella because he knows she doesn’t have anything else to keep her from the rain.

But he can do this small gesture.

He can give her just a little bit of kindness to make her see that he isn’t so bad after all.


My parents recently lost their cat. He got out of their house somehow we think last night. My parents live in Potomac Maryland near Bethesda. We’ve had him since he was a kitten and we all love him very much. He responds to teddy and loves treats. He’s incredibly friendly and doesn’t mind being picked up. I need to find them because my parents are out of town and they can’t help me so I’m on my own. I’m terrified about his safety because my parents neighborhood has a lot of big dogs and there’s a lot of snow on the ground. Please, please reblog this and message me if you know anything! I really need the help and just getting the message out can really help him. Thank you so much.

“Come on, buddy!” Michael cheered as him and his son walked towards the tour bus. Michael was pulling his suitcase and lugging a rather large duffle bag over his shoulder while his son, Damien, was rolling his small suitcase (mostly filled with toys) and holding his stuffed unicorn, his most prized possesion. Damien started running , his suitcase bouncing against the ground as he did. You were walking slightly behind them, keeping your eye on Damien while also tugging your own suitcase.

You were Damien’s nanny. Normally, Damien would stay with you at Michael’s house when he was away but Michael wanted something different this time. He had asked you if you could go on tour with the band so Michael could finally bring his son on tour with him. The look of hope on his face when he asked you was more than enough to make you say yes to his offer. A couple months on the road with 4 men and a 5 year old wasn’t exactly how you pictured your life going but it sure sounded like it was going to be…interesting.

You left your suitcase where Michael and the rest of the guys had left theirs and picked up Damien’s suitcase, that he had abandoned at the door to the tour bus. Since it was containing 90% toys you took it inside the bus with you, setting it on one of the couches. The bus was nice; probably nicer than the apartment you lived in. As you looked around, you slung your backpack off of your shoulders and tossed it next to Damien’s suitcase.

You heard the young boy’s familar giggle and walked further into the bus, stepping into the sleeping area. Damien’s giggle sounded off again and you looked around, wondering which curtain the munchkin could be behind. A small brown haired head stuck out from the curtain in the top right bunk and a grin spread across your cheeks. “What are you doing up there, little man?” You asked playfully, walking up to him and raising your eyebrows at him.

“This is daddy’s bunk! He wanted to show me!” Damien said exictedly, pushing the curtain out of the way to reveal Michael lying in the bunk, looking up at Damien with a look of pure joy. “That’s right, buddy.” Michael commented, wrapping his hands around his son’s stomach and pulling him into his chest. Damien screamed, giggling and kicking his little legs. “Daddy, let me show Y/N her bunk!”

The young boy squirmed in his fathers arms as you watched, completely entertained. Eventually, Damien escaped Michael’s grip and he jumped into your arms. He lurched towards the bunk right across from Michael’s and ripped the curtain open. “Daddy said you could sleep here.” Damien turned to you, his mossy eyes alight with joy and a sense of adventure. You booped his nose and watched as he squeezed his eyes shut and giggled. “Sounds like a plan, D.”

Michael slid out of his bunk and fixed his newly dyed blue hair, Damien’s choice, of course. Damien slid out of your arms as soon as he heard more voices towards the front of the bunk. “I bet that’s Uncle Calum!” Michael bent down and told Damien. “And I know for a fact that he reeeeally wants to see you.” Damien gasped, eyes wide as he bolted off towards the front of the bus to greet his father’s best friend.

You shook your head at the little bundle of energy when you heard him scream “Uncle Cal!” and then an “oof!” which was Uncle Cal catching Damien, who had a habit of just throwing himself at other people. Michael straightened himself out and coughed slightly, catching your attention. You turned your head, looking at Michael as he scratched the back of his neck. “Thank you for doing this.” He said quietly, his eyes cast down at your feet. “It means the world to me to have Damien here.”

You reached out, gently resting your hand on his shoulder. Michael looked at you with the same moss green eyes as Damien and you smiled at him. “It’s my pleasure. Besides, I’m sure this is going to be tons of fun.” You reassured him and let your hand fall back to your side. You were really looking forward to the next couple months. As unexpected as it was to be going on tour with a world famous band, you were excited for the experience.

Damien burst into the bunks just as Michael opened his mouth to speak. “Daddy! Y/N!” He shouted his little fists balled up in anger and his stuffed unicorn tucked under his arm as he stomped over to the two of you. You crouched down in front of the little boy, eyebrows furrowed in confusion at his outburst. “What’s wrong, little man?” You asked, Michael joining you on the floor at eye level with his son. “Why did Uncle Luke tell Uncle Ash to make sure the two of you weren’t making me another brother in here!?”

You and Michael had grown really close over the past 5 years. When Damien’s mom found out she was pregnant and wanted nothing to do with the baby, Michael set out to find the perfect nanny. If his kid wasn’t going to have a mother that wanted to be around him, he was going to give him the next best thing. Michael had interviewed you for about 3 hours, asking you all the normal questions and even a few curveballs that you answered the best you could. (Who knew the proper answer for “best pokémon” was all of them?)

So you weren’t really, just Damien’s nanny. You were the mom he never had, without the title. And Michael told you all the time how much of a family the three of you were. He took you on vacaction with them for godssake. The boys had an ongoing joke of telling people the two of you were together. While it was hilarious to them, it was something Michael demanded they keep away from Damien.

As your jaw fell open, Michael’s eyes grew wide before they narrowed with anger. “Damien, Uncle Luke was making a very innapropriate joke.” Michael explained as your cheeks grew red and hot. “And he’s going to get in a lot of trouble for it.” Michael finished, staring his son directly in the eyes.

Damien simply shrugged and unclenched his fists. “Oh, well if anything, can you and Y/N make me a sister? I don’t want a younger brother.” Your eyes almost popped out of your eyes and Michael jumped to his feet. Luke and Ashton’s laughter silenced when Michael stepped foot into the front lounge.

You sat on the floor, stunned at what had just happened. Damien sat on the floor next to you and played with his stuffed unicorn. Michael walked back into bunk area and shook his head in anger. He shot you an apologetic look before looking down at his son who was looking up at him. They were the spitting image of each other. “Does this mean I’m not getting a little sister?” The young boy asked, pouting and slumping his shoulders in dissapointment.

“Buddy, I can’t just make you a little sister.” Michael sat next to you on the floor once more. You nodded your head in agreement. “I’d have to do a couple things first.” He told his son. You stopped nodding your head and turned to look at Michael in shock. “Like, I’d have to ask Y/N on a date first.” Your eyes widened and your breath caught in your throat. Michael’s eyes flickered to his son who was watching the two of you. “And she’d have to say..”

“Yes.” You answered him. A grin spread across his cheeks and he pulled Damien into his arms. “Step 1 complete buddy.” He told his son as you grinned at the two of them. Somewhere in the back of your mind you had been hoping for this. Just hoping those feelings you had weren’t for nothing. Damien giggled and cheered, wrapping his small arm around your shoulder, pulling you into a group hug. Michael’s arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you tight against him. You smiled and leaned your head against Michael’s shoulder. It was one thing for Michael to find a nanny, but it was another thing completely for him to find someone who could finally help him take the “single” out of “single parent.”

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Okay yes, what happened to Margaery was terrible but if you think about it, Loras had an even worse death than she did. Before his death, he was tortured in the cells of the sept and died confessing to things that he never thought were sins, calling his own lover a traitor, with a tattoo of the seven, bleeding, ashamed and afraid. But above all, he didn’t die as Loras Tyrell of Highgarden, the Knight of Flowers, he gave up all of his titles and names and died as Brother Loras. Something that he never even wanted and THAT breaks my heart.

Enjoy your "GAINZ"!

This is one that I only witnessed first hand but still felt vindicated by it.
I work out at a large fitness chain gym and they have a “bar” where you can buy drinks and shakes with various supplements. I normally just bring my own, but I had forgotten it this day due to being a little slow out of bed, and decided to give it a shot. I hopped in line behind this self-entitled suburban house mother in her head-to-toe pink name brand workout outfit and patiently waited my turn.

We slowly move up and finally it is her turn to order, but instead of ordering she just starts lecturing the employee (A huge dude) on how dangerous the use of steroids are for him and how his genitals will shrivel up and die and he will grow man tits, and etc… Essentially publicly humiliating an employee for no reason at all.

Now I have been working out at this gym for a few months, and I go at different times according to my schedule… but almost every time I go, he is there either working or working out, and the amount of dedication that he has is admirable. I’m not saying he doesn’t use them for sure, but judging by body language and how he suddenly seemed so defeated, I am almost certain he got that way through natural means and hard work.

She finally ends her unsolicited lecture and orders a protein shake with soy milk because she is trying to lose a few last pounds before the summer begins. The employee reluctantly turns and starts to make the shake and she steps to the side to take a presumably very important phone call. That’s when I catch it, the sweet sweet petty revenge. Instead of putting protein mix into the shake, he puts in mass gainer.

If you don’t know much about fitness supplements, mass gainer is essentially very dense protein and carbohydrates, so it was still a “protein” shake, but probably ~400 calories more than what the plain protein shake would have been. Judging by how small this woman was, those extra calories were just enough to burst any caloric deficit that she was trying to get, but not too much to gain much extra weight… If he keeps this up, she will sit comfortably for the remainder of the summer prep time at the exact same weight completely confused as to why her efforts just aren’t cutting it.

Just as he turned around to hand it to her he caught my eye and froze. I just gave him a wink, he smiled back and handed her the evil concoction. I was sure to give him a nice tip out of admiration for how expertly he had engineered that petty revenge.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit

Au Home

Claudius had decided that he needed to break away from his family for a while, to see beyond his little home, and to gain friends. So for months he had searched for a place to stay. Every apartment and house was just too expense, as his job did not pay that much yet. However it was very welcome when he was saw an ad for a cheap room in a house. Sure, he had to spend his time with two other people but he’d have his own room and rent wasn’t terrible, so he took up the offer.

Now was the day of coming over to see everyone. Most of their correspondence had been over the internet and so he was reasonably apprehensive about meeting these people. But of course, what other choice did he have? So he took the bus there, one suitcase in hand and first months rent in his wallet. He didn’t have much either. All of his belongings fit in his suitcase: a few outfits, a small pillow, a thin blanket and a refillable journal. Beyond that he had nothing. So it was odd as he walked up to the house and gently knocked on the door despite the soft pain in his knuckles from it.


Castiel woke up to the sound of screaming, startled awake, gasping for oxygen. It took him several deep breaths before he realized that he himself had been the one crying out in agony.

That nightmare, again. Always that same nightmare.

One moment he’d been flying, soaring, the planet below him nothing but an exciting maze of lights, and trees and cars and houses. The next, he suddenly remembered that it was physically impossible for him to still fly, because something was missing… That something being his wings.

And that was when he would crash to the earth, after falling for what felt like ages, until his own screams of terror inevitably woke him up.

With a noise that was somewhere between a hiccup and a sob, Castiel tried to calm his -now very human- racing heart. He curled up into a ball, his entire body shuddering as he stared at a crack in the wall, helplessly looking for a distraction. Burning on his back, were scars that couldn’t be seen but were very much there.

At first, Castiel winced when a gentle hand suddenly touched his shoulder, but he gradually relaxed into the offered comfort. This simple touch reminding him that he wasn’t alone. Not in this bed, not in this new life.

“Hey, shh. Cas, you’re good, I’ve got you.”

Sheets rustled behind him, and Castiel shivered even though Dean’s warm body moved closer.

A tender kiss was pressed to the bare skin of his left shoulder blade, soothing him, chasing away the burn. Another kiss, this time to his right shoulder blade, ensured that Castiel could breathe properly again.

“I’ve got you,” Dean whispered again, this time directly into Castiel’s ear, voice low.

As solid arms pulled him in completely, Castiel saw a faint ray of light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how many more times he would fall, at least nowadays he knew that he could always count on someone to catch him.