if he finds out i will slap someone

Fantasy Losers

  • The town of Derry is crawling with supernatural beings (not Pennywise)
  • In fact the humans that live in Derry are so unaware of the supernatural presence they walk around freely

  • Stan is a fae/fairie
  • He’s small and can fit in a humans hand but has fairy dust that lets him grow at to human size for limited time
  • His wings are whispy and curled the color of colbalt
  • Stan is usually covered in glitter much to his dislike but he’s used to it by now
  • He wears white sweaters and khakis most of the time
  • You can find him among the birds either relaxing on a branch with one or sleeping in their nests
  • Puff the Raven is his favorite she babies him like her own baby birds
  • When with the losers club he mostly goes around in his human size but if he’s tired he’ll ride on someone’s shoulders

  • Eddie is a vampire
  • Not the stereotypical vampires who can’t go out in the sun
  • He can go out in the sun but for limited time only his fanny pack is filled with sunscreen and blood filled pills for when he’s feeling light headed
  • Ms. K is always worried someone will find out Eddie is a vampire and will stake him so whenever he’s hurt he’s rushed to the hospital for blood transfusion (he steals blood packs)
  • Eddie is a rather young vampire only a little over a 100 years old
  • He’s exceptionally fast and can outrun everyone in the group
  • Richie teases him about stupid vampire jokes and Eddie just wants to slap him
  • “Hey Eds got room in your coffin for one more?”
  • “No Richie I don’t sleep in a coffin and don’t call me Eds!”

  • Richie is a shapeshifter
  • He can change into any object, animal, or creature he wants
  • This also means he can prank anyone he wants at any time
  • One time he turned into a giant spider and pretended he was going to eat Stan and Bill almost killed him right there and then
  • Whenever he’s at Eddie’s house he’ll shapeshift into something close to a vampire it’s the only way Ms. K will let him stay (she thinks he is a vampire)
  • Richie likes to fly so he’s conastanly shifting into a form with wings and flying over Derry

  • Bill is a reaper
  • He’s not the grim reaper because he’s incrediably kind and gentle
  • He can reap souls with his scythe but he mostly leaves it at home (except for that one time he very nearly killed Richie)
  • Beverly once made him a red checkered cloak and he always wears it when it’s cold out it his favorite
  • Sometimes the side of his face is covered in glitter because Stan will sit on his shoulder but Bill doesn’t mind
  • During certain months Bill’s skin will turn translucent and all his bones show he looks like death himself
  • He’s very protective of Georgie who is a cute little ghost
  • He often watches Casper the Friendly Ghost with Georgie and Georgie is all smiles
  • “Bill! I’m Georgie the friendly ghost!”

  • Mike is a forest elf (Tolkien elves)
  • He’s tall and muscular but incredibly graceful and elegant
  • He’s one of the only elves brace enough to venture out of the forest frequently
  • He likes to visit farms and take care the animals
  • If a human sees him with the animals they deem it good luck
  • He becomes an active legend in Derry
  • Mike also carries around a book full of eleven spells
  • He’s very protective of the losers because he knows how ugly humans can be
  • Many times when Mike is in the forest he is accompanied by fairie Stan going on lots of adventures

  • Ben is a warlock
  • Which is why he’s always in the library studying his spell books
  • He prefers light magic over dark magic but very rarely if he’s mad black magic will slip out
  • Sometimes he will experiment on herbal spells making potions or enchanted remedies for the group
  • He once enchanted a pink rose for Beverly so it stays as fresh and bright as the day it was picked
  • He also makes special sunscreen for Eddie because sometimes it’s hard to get ahold of
  • Stan finds and gives Ben crystals for spells and Ben just loves it

  • Beverly is a deity of the cosmos and psychic energy
  • Her powers are drawn from the stars and planets
  • Certain planet alignments increase her psychic energy
  • She has the ability to enter ones mind and manipulate it
  • Sometimes her psychic energy is too overwhelming so she smokes as a way to distract her (Richie is normally with her during these times)
  • She is fascinated by the stars and astrology
  • Eddie often goes with her stargazing and figuring out which star is which
  • Beverly is the most dangerous when she is angry because of her goddess status
  • Richie gave Beverly a stick and poke tattoo of a crown surrounded by stars (it looks nearly professional)
  • “Well look at this goddess who graced us with her presence”
  • “Thanks Rich.”

  • The losers may be supernatural beings but their friendship is the same
  • They like to watch movies and explore Derry
  • Supernatural or not the losers are always together

  • This turned into a ramble
  • But here’s fantasy losers!

~College!au Pen Pal Hoseok~PART ELEVEN

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10]

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Dorm building 3a? 

That’s were Hoseok was at the moment. After further interrogating Yoongi about his knowledge of Mark Tuan and what dorm building he stayed at, he found himself looking for any sign of Youngjae, since they shared a class or two. 

It was then Hoseok also realized, he had no clue what Mark even looked like. Should he?

“Youngjae!” Hoseok called when he spotted the familiar face.

“Hoseok? What’s up?” He asked, a friendly smile gracing his lips.

“Do you know Mark Tuan?” Hoseok asked with a raised eyebrow. 

“Oh, sure! He’s my roommate after all. A bit of an ass sometimes but he’s cool,” Youngjae confirmed with a nod of his head.

“Do you know where I can find him?”

“Uh, at the lounge? He’s usually there around this time. If he’s not, check Dorm building 2b; that’s where his girlfriend’s dorm is.”

Hoseok’s eyes widened slightly. He knows which dorm building was yours. He was getting closer and closer to knowing who you were. Should he forget Mark and just find you?

No. He had to make sure you were in good hands. Did he doubt Mark? Hell yeah. 

After thanking Youngjae, Hoseok walked into the lounge, one that looked similar to the one in his own building, with a few differences here and there. Slapping his hand to his forehead he again realized: He had no idea what Mark even looked like.

After asking around for a Mark Tuan and receiving shrugs, he turned to leave until someone called out to him. 

“Hey man, you were asking for Mark?”

Sighing in relief, Hoseok smiled, “Yes, you know him?”

“Yeah, I know him. He left about a half hour ago, though,” the guy smiled apologetically.

“Do you know where he went?”

The guy furrowed his brows in curiosity, “You a friend of his?”

“Uh, no. He’s in one of my classes and Youngjae said I could find him here,” Hoseok pursed his lips together. Lie. What if this guy was a friend of his? If he heard what he had to say, no doubt Hoseok was going to get punched. Why waste a punch if it isn’t from the one he’s trying to put in place?

“I see. Sorry, bro. He’ll be back in an hour or two. To pass the time, wanna play some pool?” The guy offered a cue stick. 

Shrugging, Hoseok accepted the cue stick, “Sure. What’s your name?” There was something about the guy he couldn’t put his finger on. He’d never seen him around but he felt like he knew him. 


Hoseok nodded and introduced himself. “Nice hair,” he also complimented. Hoseok would be crazy if he would dye his hair such a deep red as that (not that he didn’t dream to).

“Thanks, my girl picked it,” he smiled at his own sentence. Hoseok furrowed his brows, “Girlfriend?” 

“Yeah, she’s great. And there she is,” he pointed to the girl who just entered the lounge. When spotting Jackson, she squealed and ran over to hug him. Definitely new couple, Hoseok thought with a fond smile. Watching them made him think of you. Would he ever have that chance with you? To hold hands and hug for hours?

“Meet Y/F/N,” Jackson introduced them. She politely shook his hand with a polite smile. Jackson leaned down to whisper something her in her ear and she nodded with a smile. 

“I wanna play!” She grabbed the nearest cue stick and took the blue chalk for the tip. 

“You mind?” Jackson sighed with a smile. 

“No problem,” Hoseok smiled. He was just waiting for Mark. He didn’t mind company or a few games while he waited. 

“So what class are you guys in?”

“Uh, calculus. I need to ask him for some notes.”

“God, I hate that class,” Jackson grumbled, focusing his eyes on the aim of the stick to the cue ball. 

“You and me both, buddy.”

After a few games and Mark had still not shown up, Hoseok grew impatient. He should just leave. he turned to go before a stern whisper sounded behind him. He turned and saw Y/F/N muttering something to Jackson in a low voice. In response, Jackson sighed.

“Babe, I will!”

“Don’t babe me!”

“Uh, you two okay?” Hoseok asked.

“We’re fine,” Jackson waved him off and Y/F/N continued to frown. 

“What’s the point? If you keep running back to her, why should I be here in the first place? I’m not some girl that you can just have whenever you want,” she crossed her arms.

“I don’t run back! I’m just taking my time.”

“Taking your time? Just break up with her already!”

“Uh, Jackson–”

“And what’s with the Jackson calling? You didn’t even give a reason for me to go along with it! His name is Mark!” 

By then, Y/F/N wasn’t the only one fuming.


Part twelve?👀👀👀

Mobbed & Shaken

Series : Dog Mom Life

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom is in for a surprise by the reader but after getting off a flight he gets mobbed by fans who shove posters in his face making him feel uneasy.

Word Count:1,800+

A/N:Hopefully you enjoy this new fic, I talk about the situation on the post I linked. I’m really disappointed in the fans that mobbed him though. Have common decency for a human being. Tom being mobbed wtf . This fic is in relation to what happened, and of course adding stuff.

[Tom’s POV]

“Mr. Holland we can get you out of here as quickly as we can” Yawning I nod running my fingers through my hair. Walking out of the gate we make our way towards the front. Once down to the baggage claim a man was carrying mine and Harrison’s bags. Then it hits me all at once when the volume in the building rises from fans screams and excitement.

“Tom please sign this!”

“Tom I love you!”


    A poster is shoved in my face causing me to stumble backwards. Grabbing the sharpie being shoved in my hand I sign it quickly. More posters are in my face causing me to panic, I’m exhausted from the flight we just took. This was so overwhelming after the flight, I was still waking up  Sighing I sign the ones being waved in my face.

   Harrison tugs me along while the bodyguards make a pathway for us. My bag gets taken to put in the trunk. Getting into the car I close the car as a mob of fans pour out of the airport doors. Harrison gets in letting out a groan resting his head against the rest. Placing my head in my hands as my elbows rest on my knees. Harrison rubs my back causing me to look up.

“You alright mate?”

“I.. I don’t know” I mumble looking out of the window as the car starts to drive.

[Reader’s POV]

“Tom Holland is currently on his way to his hotel room, spotted at the airport just moments ago from our sources” The announcer’s voice on the radio fills the air in your car.

“Can you speed up a bit,I’m not feeling too well” you ask even though you were completely fine. Yet there was a bad feeling in your stomach about Tom getting off this flight. You don’t know if it’s this soon to be mother intuition but you just had a feeling. Placing your hand on your bump rubbing it gently. The driver changes the station to something else after they started talking about something else.

     As the car ride sped by a little quicker you pull out your phone. Smiling at the screensaver of you and Tom on your wedding day. Your screensavers always put a smile on your face when you look at them. Unlocking your phone pulling up Instagram. Clicking the search button the various posts that Instagram thinks you will like pops up. A bunch of pictures of Tom start loading up.

   Setting your phone back in your purse you decide to relax for the rest of the ride. You were bringing Tessa as a surprise to hopefully cheer up Tom. She was excited to  be going on an adventure. Unfortunately you couldn’t stay too long because of your ticket. It was all a surprise that even Harrison was involved in.


We just got to the hotel, see you and Tess soon. Tom’s definitely going to need this,he’s a bit upset.


Is everything okay? What’s going on?


It’s better to talk to Tom about it when you get to the hotel okay?


I’ll be there soon, Tessa is getting restless

“Tessa love, you excited to see Daddy?” you ask as the car pulls up to the hotel. Tessa walks by your feet perching her paws up at the window. Feeling your phone buzz again,you  look at it to see Harrison’s message.


Room 875 ,me 879

    Putting your phone back in your purse,grabbing Tessa’s leash hooking it on her. Opening the door she jumps down onto the ground, her tags jingling. Your suitcase is handed to you by your bodyguard. Tessa looks up at you waiting for you to walk. She pulls with Tom but stopped pulling since you got pregnant.

“Tessa’s here!” a voice shouts making you freeze. Looking up to see a crowd of girls that were heading over quickly.

“Fuck” I mutter walking towards the hotel doors,Tessa quickly walking beside you. Her tail wagging with a happy look on her face.

   Your guard blocking some of the girls that tried shoving their phones in your face. They were desperate heathens trying to take pictures. Feeling a tug you see a girl’s hand on Tessa’s leash. Reaching down slapping the girls hand when she tries taking Tessa’s leash from you. What in her damn mind did she think that’s okay?

Don’t touch her” You snap using a stern tone, Tessa steps in front of you letting out a little growl. The girl lets go stepping away from you and Tessa.

“What in the actual fuck” huffing out in frustration you and Tessa walk in. She lets out a bark that echoes in the hotel. Probably her own way of saying what the fuck.

“Mrs. Holland are you alright?” A man came up to you, he had a gold name tag on. He must be the manager here.

“Could be better but please get a better control of that.. one of them tried taking my husband and I’s dog” Looking back you see the group of girls that turned into a mob.

“Of course we’re terribly sorry, We hope you enjoy your stay” He gives you a small smile which you return one as well. It wasn’t his fault for what happened but knowing it will never change.

“C’mon love let’s head upstairs okay?” Giving a small tug to her leash we head over to the elevators. Clicking the button making it light up,the doors opening.Tessa’s nails click against the flooring as she walks in.The elevator dinged each time it went up a floor. Thankfully the elevators weren’t made of glass so people couldn’t see inside. Pulling out your phone opening up your messages. Sending a quick one once you reach the elevators.


Heading up to the 8th floor, is Tom in his room?


Yeah he just got settle in, how’s Tessa?


Well someone tried taking her and I slapped their hand.


Shit that’s going to be on the internet now lmao

    The elevator speaks saying the floor you’re on now. Looking up to see the doors opening. Tessa steps out looking from side to side. Seeing a sign having arrows underneath numbers. Finding the number range Tom’s room is you head in that direction. Tessa’s nose sniffing on the ground her head perks up. Making it to Tom’s room you knock three times. Tessa sits down in front of the door tail wagging fast. 

“shhh Tessa” You whisper as she looks up at you.

“Coming!” you hear your husband shout through the door, His footsteps are heard as he got closer to the door. A click sound signaling he unlocked the door opening it slowly. 

    The door opens fully to review you and Tessa. Tom’s smile making your heart melt. He pulls you into a massive hug as Tess wraps her leash around the both of you. Holding onto him so you don’t fall over.

“Shit, Tessa hold on love” Tom laughs trying to get us untangled. Once untangled he lets the both of you in. Tom cups your cheeks in his hands pressing his lips against yours. God you’ve missed him and it felt so good to be kissed by him.

“I can’t believe you’re here” his lips peppering kisses all over your face making you giggle. 

“Surprise babe, the three of us were missing you” 

“I’ve missed the three of you terribly… ‘ello love have you been treating you mum well?” Tom kneels down pressing a kiss to your bump. He wraps his arms around your bump resting his cheek against it. He looked so damn adorable as you looked down at him.

“Tom, are you alright though?” You ask running your fingers through his soft curls. He looks up at you then looks away quickly. 

“If you want the truth, I’m actually not” He stands pulling you towards the bed. Walking over to the other side I slip my sandals off then getting into the bed. Tom strips his shirt getting in and laying next to you. His face looking serious and pained,you hated seeing Tom like this.

“So I got mobbed at the airport today.. I normally don’t have a problem with my fans cause I adore them so much for all their support.. But today was the first time I felt overwhelmed.. God I don’t know what to do or how to process this..”

“Well first off you’re going to breathe, you’re alive cause thankfully they didn’t harm you physically.. Mentally this is a lot, you’re a celebrity and it never really ends but you have your family,Tessa and I to get you through it no matter what” you say placing your hand on his cheek he turns his face to kiss your palm. He then pulls you into his warm embrace. Being in his arms calmed you no matter what happened.

“I’m so blessed to have you in my life.. I love you so much darling”  His smile making your heart skip a beat like always.

“More than yesterday?” you ask batting your lashes up at him earning a laugh from Tom. 

“Yes darling, always loving you more and more each day” Tom presses a kiss to your forehead while he rubs your bump. His phone starts buzzing and ringing. Reaching into his pants he pulls out his phone.

“Uh,babe.. did you hit a fan?” he asks showing you a video. It replays showing your hand hitting the girls off of the leash. Oh God it was already on the internet.

“Well in my defense she grabbed onto Tessa’s leash.. No one try’s to take my fur baby away” Tessa jumps on the bed laying down by your legs. Her sweetness shining in her eyes, you loved her so much.

“They grabbed onto her leash?” Tom asks looking at you shocked his eyes going wide. 

“They can hate me all they want, I’m a dog mom first and no one tries to take Tess’s leash from me” 

“I can’t even imagine how you’re going to be when someone is rude to our daughter darling” his chuckle making his chest vibrate.Tessa rolls on her back waiting for a belly rub.

“Yes love, I will protect you with my mum honor if it’s the last thing I do..” leaning over to reach her belly to give it a rub. A happy bark escapes her making you smile.

“Definitely will make them rue the day if they upset our daughter or our dog child” 

“oh bloody hell did you just say rue?!” Tom’s laughter fills the air of the hotel room.

“Oh hush at my word choice but it works!” You push him making him fall out of the bed.

“Fuck! dammit babe” he groans laughing at what just happened.  You enjoyed moments with him like this. Acting silly and being madly in love with each other. Life was perfect because you get through the hardships together. 

I have this headcanon that Richie is the most irritating sleeper and this fic came from that idea.

~ 1.2k words

Richie Tozier is quite possibly more annoying in his sleep than when he is awake. Unimaginable but true. He mumbles, he drools, he snores, he kicks and shifts and clings. And worst of all, he’s a heavy sleeper so it’s nearly impossible to wake him up and stop him from committing these atrocities.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Neil talks to Andrew about his insecurities about the scars on his face. Possibly him mentioning getting cosmetic surgery? *please*

Hey :) hope you like it! 

Prompts are closed for now but will be reopened on monday, 3rd of July! Thank you<3

One morning Andrew finds Neil in the bathroom, the door half-open. He steps into the doorway, because he knows Neil doesn’t mind, and leans against the doorframe to watch Neil. 

His shoulders are rolling while he washes his face, he’s bent over forward over the sink, and Andrew drags his eyes all over Neil’s muscled back, down to his firm, currently sweatpants-clad butt and back up to the mop of auburn hair. Neil’s lean and, frankly, hot as fuck, and Andrew has learned to live with the fact that he, too, is a junkie. 

When Neil stands upright again, drying off his face and then looking into the mirror, for a split-second, he startles at the sight of someone behind him in the mirror, but then his face lights up and he smiles at Andrew in that awful, sickly cute fucking way that makes Andrew want to punch him, or maybe kiss him senseless.

“Hey.”, Neil says. 

“Hey.”, Andrew replies in the same tone of voice. Neil gives him another smile, “I’ll be ready in a minute.” Andrew just nods and waits.

Neil leans forward towards the mirror, inspecting his skin for impurities, and frowns at his own reflection. His fingers ghost over the burn mark under his eye, and the deeper scars the cuts left behind. “…you know… I’ve been thinking about getting them removed.”, he confesses and scowls, eyebrows drawn together. “Matt’s dad… he could do that.” Neil’s eyes find Andrew’s in the mirror. 

Andrew lets him talk, and steps closer when Neil is finished. Neil turns around to him, leaning against the sink, chewing on his lip with vulnerable insecurity in his eyes that’s only reserved for when he feels able to open up. 

Andrew reaches out and runs his thumb over the thickest scar, and then presses the pad of his thumb into the burn mark. Neil looks down at Andrew’s chest and grabs his wrist gently, holding on to him, and it makes Andrew’s stupid heart jump more than when he stands at the edge of the roof or punches someone in the face. 

“Would you do it for yourself or for them?” They both know who ‘they’ are; journalists, fans, possible future coaches and teams. 

Neil’s adam’s apple bobs when he swallows and then he looks up at Andrew again. “…I… I don’t know.” 

“Figure it out, and we’ll talk about it then.” Andrew’s hand runs back to find Neil’s nape, and Neil’s shoulders lose some of the tension they’ve been holding, making him slump a little and exhale in a sigh. 

“Don’t you think they’re ugly?”, he asks, and his eyes flicker up to Andrew’s.

Andrew lightly slaps the back of Neil’s head. “Don’t talk stupid shit.” 

A smile spreads on Neil’s face, and he rolls his eyes, and Andrew has to pull him into a kiss really quick because otherwise, he might smile back one of these days. 

Gas (Jason Todd x Reader)

Requested by: anon

Summary: You always had a crush on Jason, but he was in a relationship and as you meet again you still think that.
Unfortunate event make you confess to him and things not quite end as you thought they would

Warnings: fighting, fluff?

No one had told you Jason was in town. If you had known you would have probably booked a trip across the ocean or something.
The last time you’ve met you’ve been not the nicest person to him and you’d rather never see Jason again than to explain why you acted the way you did.
You had a crush on Jason since the beginning of existence itself and finding out he had a girlfriend was a slap in the face which you, by any means, didn’t see coming.

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crush // stiles stilinski

request : Hey! I saw your requests were open and I was wondering if I could get one with Stiles where your Liam’s older sister and stiles has a crush on you and Liam blurts it out to you and it’s all fluffy?? Sorry if it’s confusing thank you :)

word count : 2k (fucking long ik)

 Stiles was sweating. 

  Usually, he wouldn’t mind so much, as it is the middle of August and he lived in California. Who really cared if he was sweating in the summertime? Pretty much everyone was. However, he was now acutely aware of the fact that the sweat pouring from his body was going to stain through his white shirt that he had insisted on wearing even though his dad had adamantly advised him against it. And the reason he was so aware this time as opposed to all other times when he would have simply taken his sweaty shirt and flung it across the room at someone unsuspecting instead of worrying about it was simply because of you. He never would have thought that older sister of Liam Dunbar could make this tense or excited. 

  Or that she would be so damn pretty

   Stiles leaned toward Scott, angling himself purposely away from you even though you were seated on a different chair that was positioned nowhere near him. “Scott? Scott, how badly am I sweating right now? Be honest,” he pleaded, eyes darting around the room until he could pinpoint your exact location in regards to him. 

   “You’re not even sweating, dude, calm down,” Scott told him, patting his friend on the shoulder. “Is Miss Dunbar making you a liiiiiittle nervous, buddy?” He snickered, sneaking a peek at the girl in question before he returned to amusedly looking at Stiles- who was frantic. “Why do you look like you’re gonna vomit?” 

    “Dude, you can’t just look at her. You’re gonna blow my cover, okay?” Stiles paused, as if to say “watch and learn,” when he saw that you walking over to the him and Scott. Scott winced when Stiles offered you a half grin half grimace and awkwardly reassembled himself on the couch in what he thought was a casual stance, but was really the strangest position the boy had ever thrown himself in, in Scott’s humble opinion. You didn’t even glance at him, busy scolding your younger brother for the way he was eating. 

   “Liam, stop being unhealthy, it’s gross to put that much salt on your fries,” you frowned, shaking your head at him and yanking the salt shaker away. Liam scoffed, taking it back with a roll of his eyes. “Um, what do you think you’re doing-” 

  As the bickering between you and your brother continued, Stiles turned back to Scott. “How did I do? Casual, right? She’ll never even know how much I like her if I just act like that, it’s the perfect cover. I’m good,” he patted himself on the back proudly, grinning to himself when Liam bounded over to them. 

   He plopped himself down between Scott and Stiles, eyes squeezed shut. “Y/N is so annoying, isn’t she? She can’t tell me what I can and can’t eat. It’s ridiculous. I’m, like, almost seventeen. And she thinks that just ‘cause she’s eighteen she’s so mature and old. Like, shut up.” He groaned, rubbing a hand over his face in exhaustion. “You have no idea the torture it is having to endure having someone like her around all the time.” 

    Before he could stop himself, Stiles found the words, “Can I find out?” slipping out of his mouth. Liam’s eyes cracked open, and Scott leaned across the younger boy to slap Stiles in the back of the head. “Yeah, definitely deserved that,” he mumbled, sinking low in his seat. Liam’s face contorted into a look of disgust as he glared up at Stiles. 

    “Keep your dirty thoughts about my sister to yourself, please,” he folded his arms across his chest, appearing even unhappier than before. “What does it take to get just a little bit of respect around here? I’m mature, too! I don’t deserve this!” He exclaimed, head in his hands as Scott patted his head soothingly. 

   “Hey, I do not have dirty thoughts about-” Scott shot him a look. “Yeah, I’m not gonna finish that sentence. But, I actually like her. A lot.” 

   “You’re not just gonna use her, right?” Liam’s narrowed blue eyes locked with Stiles’ own, searching for any signs of dishonesty in his words. “’Cause I mean, she annoys the shit out of me, but that’s my sister. Even if I’m younger, I could kick your ass into another dimension. Just saying,” he added as a hasty afterthought, flashing a sort of smile at Scott when his alpha raised his eyebrows at him. 

   “I would never use her,” Stiles replied sincerely. “I try not to talk about her too much, but you guys don’t know how much I like her. She actually makes me laugh, she’s a sweetheart, she’s sarcastic, she’s always checking up on me, and she’s beautiful. Inside and out. So there,” he finished in a matter-of-fact tone, leaving no room for a discussion on whether or not his feelings were valid. Liam nodded, leaning back in his seat and switching the topic to whether or not too much salt was really that unhealthy for him.  He seemed to think that being a werewolf made him exempt from everything that could possibly be damaging to his health, since he had the ability to heal oh so quickly. 

   Y/N walked into the room having heard her name come up multiple times in the conversation the boys were having, her expression stern as she cast a look at her little brother. “Liam, stop talking shit about me. It’s rude. And they were my friends first.” 

   “They were not! I met them first!” He exclaimed, indignant. “Stop telling me what to do, you’re eighteen not twenty eight. You’re two years older!” To make a point of annoying you, he reached toward the coffee table for his plate of way too salty fries and shoved a few in his mouth, chewing loudly as he scowled at you. 

   “Exactly!” You snapped, walking toward him and taking away the food again. “All you eat is crap. And, just for the record, you met them first. You didn’t like them and they weren’t your friends first. They liked me better than they liked you!” 

  Stiles, standing up very suddenly and making everyone’s heads swivel toward him, said very loudly and awkwardly, “She’s got a point, kid!” You, slightly flattered by the way the boy was staring at you- all doe eyes and cloudy glances and soft, encouraging smiles- felt your cheeks warming up. 

   “Ha, thank you, Stiles,” you smiled warmly at him, walking over to where he was standing in front of Liam and placing a hand on his shoulder. His heart practically lit up as he felt your soft hand on his arm, pulling up the sleeve of his shirt ever so slightly. He turned his head toward where you hand was, then lifted his eyes to meet your own. And, finally, you were looking back. 

   Angrily, Liam snapped back, “Stiles doesn’t agree with you because you’re right! He’s agreeing because he’s, like, head over heels completely in love with your annoying ass, for some strange reason!” He seemed to want to take the words back as soon as they slipped out of his mouth, because his eyes went wide as if he couldn’t even believe he had spoken such things. “I- I mean, you know…” His mouth opened and closed wordlessly, Stiles frozen in shock, Scott staring from one surprised face to another before he finally gripped Liam’s elbow and led the idiot out of the room, shaking his head in exasperation all the way. You swore you heard him grumble, “This pack gives me such a headache sometimes,” under his breath before he tried to drag Liam into the kitchen. 

  Stiles, who up until this point had been practically petrified standing next to you, made a lunge for your younger brother. Liam pretty much let out a shriek, jumping away from Scott and rolling backward, scrambling away from Stiles. “You’re such a little shit!” Stiles yelled, grabbing at Liam’s foot, since that was the only body part of his within reach. “I wasn’t ready to say anything, you dumbs!” He swung his arms forward, trying to yank Liam’s hair out of his head while you stood frozen, confused as to what the hell was even going on right now. 

  “Oh my God, guys, get off each other!” Scott groaned, pushing Stiles away and swatting Liam’s hands before they could grab hold of Stiles. “Liam, come with me, Stiles stay here. Don’t even look at each other,” he instructed as an afterthought, when Stiles shot Liam another nasty glare and made a move to strangle him. 

  Then, you were alone with Stiles. Who wasn’t looking at you.  

  You walked over to him, he side stepped away. You marched in front of him, he turned around and practically fell over the couch trying to dash away. Finally, before he could run and hide in the bathroom, you rushed forward and jumped on his back, hanging onto his neck tightly without daring to let go. “Okay, Y/N, get off. You’re gonna make me feel weird.” 

   “Why would you feel weird?” You whispered it in his ear, and your voice made the hair on the back of his neck stand up and his body shiver. “This is the only way to get you to listen to me, clearly. I would prefer if you were looking me in the eyes, but…” you trailed off, waiting for Stiles to sit you on the couch next to him, which you knew he was going to do. He didn’t answer for a moment, but he did exactly what you thought he would and took a seat besides you. 

   “I-I- I would feel weird, because, well, you know,” he blustered, waving his hand dismissively with eyebrows raised slightly and those brown eyes boring into your own with a strange intensity. He had never really looked into your eyes before, not like this. “Well, you know what I mean. You- you heard your dumb brother say it… you- you know how I feel already, Y/N, so just let me down gently and don’t make me say it again. ‘Cause I know that you don’t feel the same way, you barely even look at me, let alone notice the way I look at you, a-and it’s just stupid of me to feel this way since you’re you and I’m about a six and a half on a scale of one to ten, and that’s on a good day, and you literally break the scale and I’m probably not good and-” 

   His voice stopped working when you put your face close to his, pretty eyes flickering over his face, down to his lips. He swallowed the lump in his throat, noting very quickly that his lips were chapped and probably gross looking and you were staring, staring hard at him like you were seeing him for the first time, a cliche as it is. He tilted his head to the side just a little bit, but just enough. “Are we… are we gonna kiss?” He whispered boyishly, tipping his face forward so his the edge of his somehow perfect nose was rubbing against your own. You sighed, your lips curving in a smile anyway despite Stiles sort of ruining the moment. 

  “Way to point out the obvious,” you muttered. But you took his face in your hands anyway and pulled him toward you. His mouth pushed against yours, soft and eagerly. As if he’d been waiting for this. You went to pull away for a moment, though he stopped you quickly by lightly tugging on your lower lip, drawing you back in. This time, he was slipping his hands up your waist and trailing them along your body before they came to rest in your hair as your own hands fell to his shoulders. 

  When you came up for air, his face pink and his smile ever so wide, he said, as only he would, “Does this mean you’ve been crushing on me, too?” 

  “Stiles, I’m begging you, stop with the stupid questions before I actually decide to crush you. With my foot or something.”  

  Cheekily, Stiles replied, “How about you crush my lips with yours again? Hm?” And a question like that requires only one answer, naturally.

Professor Evans (6/?)

Summary: Chris confronts Y/N on why she has been avoiding him and every single plan of his ends up going to waste

Pairings: Professor!Chris Evans x Student!Reader

Word Count: 2,112

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any

A/N: IT”S HAPPENING! That’s all I have to say. But it doesn’t fully happen. Thanks for reading, please leave some feedback, I’d very much appreciate it ❤️

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Y/N rolled to her side, wanting nothing more to sleep in and melt into the warmth of her bed. However, Chris had different plans, as he started placing soft kisses on her shoulder and neck making her giggle once his beard touched her ticklish spot. She shrugged him but it did nothing as he leaned over her continuing his trail if kisses to her face, placing the last one to the corner of her mouth. Her lips curled into a smile as she turned to face him, brushing the hair that stuck to her face. She closed her eyes as Chris leaned in, cupping her cheek with his warm hand; both sighing happily once they closed the distance between them. brushing their lips against each other.

“I should’ve known you were talking about me,” Y/N whispered once they separated prompting Chris to let out a soft chuckle before placing another kiss to her lips.  

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Taking Care Of You

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Y/N L/N (Reader)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: After finding Dean in a awkward situation, the Reader finds out that taking care of him isn’t quite so bad.

Word Count: 2kish

Warnings: Light Cursing, Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @babypieandwhiskey‘s “Cam’s Darndest Things Writing Challenge”! I had the prompt: “Let go of my boob!” I hope you guys like it! *hides face* Feedback is definitely welcomed!!

The first thing that came to mind was: “Holy fricken hell!” There was no way that this actually happened. I mean, I’d heard countless stories of it occurring but to actually witness it with my own two eyes?

“This is insane,” I muttered as I stared at Dean’s bed, my eyes wide with shock. I looked up at Sam, his expression matching mine. “This is insane, right?”

Sam nodded, his brows knitting together as he fought hard to concentrate and analyze the situation at hand.

A small noise came from Dean’s bed and we both whipped our heads to it, our eyes wary. This was absolutely ludicrous.

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You and Peter Parker being teen parents (HEADCANNONS)

A/N: ok I know peter is !!15!! but who cares its tumblr ayyyyyy no one asked for this meme shit but i did so here we go

  • ok so it seems as if someone forgot to wrAP IT BEFORE HE TAPPED IT
  • peter fainting when you tell him
  • you almost fainting with him
  • yes you may both be 15 but you were going to get through this together and raise a beautiful lil baby
  • “peter, do you know because you’re spiderman and you have spider powers and shit?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “will our baby be a hybrid?”
  • “what”
  • aunt May being happy in the end
  • oh boy when Tony finds out..
  • “Peter oh my gosh do you not have any pull out game”
  • Tony does one big facepalm
  • your parents having a heart attack on the spot
  • after all, you are both 15 which makes you kIDS YOURSELVES
  • after a few months of the news settling in… you grow a bump
  • peter adores the bump 
  • you adore the bump
  • what you do not adore is the weird cravings?
  • Peter being super protective over you and your smol bump, never letting you do anything for yourself
  • constantly needing to assure peter that you aren’t useless and could do stuff
  • peter brushes this off
  • going to find out the gender
  • “congratulations on a baby boyl!”
  • peter gets his wish for a little boy
  • fighting on baby names
  • until you finally bring up a suggestion that melts peter’s heart
  • “what about ben?”
  • peter hugs you tightly
  • practically moving in with peter and aunt may
  • when it comes to you giving birth.. peter panics 
  • however in labor, he gives soothing kisses to your temples and holds your hand tightly
  • “are you okay darling?”
  • “oksorrydarlingkeepbreathinginandout”
  • when baby ben is born, you both tear up and May takes a lot of pictures for you both
  • he is a flawless lil potato 
  • you cry with peter
  • peter looking at you with eyes full of love, knowing you two are meant to be
  • your family being beyond perfect
  • tony showing up with a bunch of condoms for the future and baby iron man merch
  • tony too asks if the baby is a hybrid
  • peter rolls his eyes
  • peter being so loving with little baby ben, always cuddling and cooing with the child
  • ben always smiling and looking exactly like peter !!
  • this warming your heart
  • BEN HAVING THE CHUBBIEST CHEEKS *eternal screaming*
  • groggy peter waking up in the middle of the night whenever ben cries
  • “i’ll go get him..”
  • “no peter, let me”
  • “no no, you stay here beautiful”
  • peter is a great dad
  • it turns out that ben isnt a hybrid
Young - Pt. 4 [G.D mini series]


Summary: Y/N had always had bad luck finding love, but it was wrong of her to feel things for the troubled young student she was supposed to be counseling.

Word Count: 2.1k

Warnings: age gap, smut, angst, mentions of death/suicide, etc.

A/N: Not edited again what’s wrong with meeeeee. I mentioned I was writing a novel (its basically a gray fanfic lmao) currently so thats a main priority. Sorry for this shitty one, I will make stuff worth it!!! I’m a slow-burn author ok!!!! It’s coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting out of the cab, I didn’t have enough strength in me to help Grayson’s heavy body out. It didn’t help that he was still half asleep - mumbling a few things to me that I couldn’t quite understand.

“Gray– Grayson, please, stop putting your face on my–” I cut myself off as I tried moving his face, which had been nuzzled against my boobs the second I moved to gather my purse and open up the car door.

I heard him hum sweetly, his lips pursed and a little too close to touching my skin. In frustration, I stood on the grass and pulled myself away from him to take a breath.

We’re going to try this again.

Immediately, I regretted it when he fell face first onto the muddy ground since I had been the one to hold him up. My face twisted as if I was the one in pain, crouching down to help him. It had rained a few hours ago before getting bright and sunny, so Gray took a face full of mud and grass. Lifting his beautiful face up to see if he was still alive, I saw that his nose was bleeding and a bruise was forming on the side of his face near his temple.

He moaned and once I was able to help him stand with my hand gripping his arm, I threw money at the cab driver who was impatiently waiting. I didn’t miss the disapproving look he sent my way before I closed the door, probably thinking so many bad things about this situation.

It was a little easier leading Grayson to the door of my house since that hit to the ground had woken him up. I could see the annoyed slash pissed off look on his face, causing me to grow nervous when I placed the key in and led him into my home. When I gently pushed him to walk in first, I looked out to make sure my neighbors weren’t spying on us because this probably wouldn’t look good to them either. It wasn’t a good thing having this 17 year-old here, but at least I knew that I wasn’t going to do anything but help him.

“Come here, you need to get cleaned up,” I said to him using my softer tone. Grayson stood near the hall, watching me as I went to turn on the lights, which helped me see how dirty he’d gotten, his hoodie drenched in wet mud along with his hair. It looked disgusting. “Okay, you’re gonna need to shower.”

Feeling guilt wash over me at the sight of him, I went to my bathroom to turn on the shower. He easily could’ve done it himself, but I felt the need to do it since I felt terrible and he was pretty much a guest. I liked to treat my guests as great as possible. While the water was warming up, I looked for a small towel and my first aid kit so that I could help with his bruises.

It took me a few seconds, but in those few seconds, Grayson had taken his hoodie off like nothing to show off his torso. I was taken aback, butterflies erupting in my stomach at the sight, and my mouth had gone dry at the view. He truly was gorgeous, and I had never seen someone with that much torn beauty before.

Thankfully he couldn’t tease me this time since he still had that pissed off look on his face, his eyes looking down at his body and his muddy hands.

Lord, snap out of it. “Just, um,” He curiously looked up at hearing the crack in my voice. I cleared my throat. “G-get in. I’ll go find something for you to wear and come back, okay?”

“Getting me booty shorts, Ms. Y/L/N?” he asked sarcastically, though I could hear the humor in his tone as he set his belt to the side. I didn’t even realize he’d taken it off, meaning I had to leave soon if he was willing to get fully naked in front of me.

“Maybe,” I tried joking back, turning around and leaving, but not before looking at his back muscles and admiring them. My hands itched to touch his shoulder blades, down to the dimples on his lower back, and then I just wanted to slap myself.

I had a few men’s clothing I often stole from exes or friends, but I seemed to only find a pair of sweatpants that belonged to someone who brought back bad memories. I was almost determined to actually give Grayson those booty shorts, but scolded myself and took the sweatpants before he got out of the shower and I had to witness his wet body in just a single towel. A shirt was easy to find, just a white one I wore to bed that was huge on me. It was fine.

I must’ve taken forever, because when I got back to the bathroom, Grayson was wrapping the towel I’d left for him to use on his lower body. I let out a tiny gasp at seeing the droplets of water cascading down the rippled skin, and almost stepped back, but he’d caught me.

“All clean,” he stated the obvious, running a finger on his lower lip and trailing his eyes down my body, making me realize I was still in my tight, exposing dress. Wearing heels all the time made me forget I had them on sometimes, so I still had those on as well.

“Here, got you these,” I said, showing him the folded clothes and placing them near the sink. He awkwardly put his hand down since he’d reached for them, but I didn’t want to get any nearer when he looked like that.

“They’re not Neil’s, are they?”

“No,” I replied with a chuckle. “Wouldn’t give you those, they wouldn’t fit. You’re really big.” I brought my palm up to slap against my mouth, slightly blushing when I realized the way it sounded.

Grayson only smirked, pushing his wet hair back. I bit my lip as I crossed my arms before shaking my head at myself and throwing my thumb back. “I’ll… um, wait in the kitchen if you’re hungry.” I gave him a smile, and once again I was awkward as I went to grab the first aid kid and towel. What if he needed them? The good in me just wanted to personally help.

He came into the kitchen, taking a bit longer than expected, and when I saw him, I felt my breathing hitch. I just saw him shirtless back there and yet I was still acting like this… ridiculous.

“Sorry, ripped the shirt trying to put it on. At least the pants fit, even though I’m quite big…”

I nodded, unable to form words for a second as I blushed all over again. “That’s fine. Are you okay?” I asked, when I noticed the bruise on the side of his face was more visible.

“Yeah, just…” He trailed off, licking his bottom lip and keeping his gaze on me.

There was so much tension in the room that it was making me go insane. I felt like I couldn’t breathe almost, especially when he slowly stepped closer to me. So close, until he was able to lean his back against the kitchen island. I tried so hard to keep my eyes from trailing down to look at his pecks and hard abdomen. The way that his hair was messy against his forehead, and his lips were a little wet, gave him further of an angelic look.

“Here, let me take care of that hideous cut,” I said to him when I noticed blood trailing down once again.

“It’s fine–”

“No, it’s not. Let me. Come here.”

I went to grab the first aid kit again and turned to him, our breaths mixing as I felt the warmth of his skin so near mine. I brought my hands up to his jaw, moving his head to the side, his skin feeling soft under my fingertips. I placed the hot wet towel to the side of his face, scrubbing as carefully as I could to not hurt him more. I could feel his eyes on me while I focused my own on his cut to try and maintain my focus on this one thing only. He really liked to stare, didn’t he.

“Stop,” I said without thinking, going for a small white bandage to place over the cut.

“Stop what?”

“Looking at me.”

“Would you rather my eyes be somewhere else?”

He slowly let his eyes trail down and I felt like smacking him, trying my best to ignore it and continue cleaning him up. However, he suddenly brought his hand up to cup my much smaller one holding the stained towel, making sure to look into my eyes until I looked into his as well.

“I can’t. Haven’t been able to since I first saw you.”

I tried letting go, even though deep down I didn’t want to. “Grayson…”

Shocking my even further, he leaned in to kiss me by pressing his lips to mine in the gentlest way. My cheeks went red as I rose my brows with closed eyes, immediately thinking about how sweet he tasted and how soft his lips truly were. What the hell are you doing?

Grayson kept holding onto my hand, now placing it flat against his bare chest, and I had to pull away once I started feeling his heartbeat.

I had to get him home somehow. “Grayson, you can’t do that–”

He cut me off, going to kiss me again, but this time by placing his arm around my waist to pull me rather roughly towards his tall, muscular body so that I wouldn’t have a way of leaving. This time, I didn’t stop him even though I should’ve. Him being so close was driving me crazy enough already, and his mouth was intoxicating, only pulling me in no matter what my conscience was telling me.

The devil in me was awakening, bringing my hands up to his stubbled jaw so that I had something to hold on to. I almost didn’t notice that he had turned us around so that he could bring a hand up my dress, touching my bare hot skin to grip my thigh and place me up on one of the stools without breaking away the rougher, deepening kiss. His hands felt hot and were riding up my skin-tight dress, making me gasp so that he had the opportunity to slip his tongue inside of my mouth.

I was the first one to let out a moan, especially when he pushed himself closer to really stay tucked in between my legs. The sweatpants I’d lent to him had already given him an obvious bulge that I tried not to look at like the rest of his body, but now I could feel it. Hard, and harder.

He was gripping my flesh in his fingertips and I was sighing into his mouth when I felt him find the side of my thong, fisting it in his hand and starting to pull it down while lifting my body up at the same time with one strong arm.

Then, he was kissing my jaw.

“I am hungry, Ms. Y/L/N, I’m so fucking hungry.”

Kissing down to my neck, my shoulder… thrusting his hips into mine, causing me to get wetter than I was already as I let out some type of whimper.

God, he was eager. And I wasn’t stopping him from pulling my underwear further down. I felt a breeze touch me as his fingers danced around my inner thigh, getting closer and closer.

Unfortunately, that’s when the doorbell started to ring ferociously. I thought maybe we could ignore it, until it grew annoying and repetitive, making me think the worst.

“I need to get that,” I whispered to him, eyelids barely being able to stay open as Grayson’s lips started trailing further down to my cleavage that was almost completely spilling out for him to touch. “Grayson–” He pulled away when the bell wouldn’t stop ringing, turning to walk the other way with his back muscles flexing as he pushed his messy hair back.

Breathing heavily with red cheeks, I rushed to my mirror and rubbed at my slightly smudged lipstick after pulling my underwear back up. The doorbell would not stop ringing and I grew nervous. “Stay there,” I called out, stepping to my door, pulling down my dress.

I opened it and who I saw almost made me throw up. Bad memories were brought back immediately.

It was my ex.

for @aarondingel and @dairxoxo

aaron finds it hard to tell robert how he feels, it took him months and months to finally say ‘i love you’ aloud - but that doesn’t mean he didn’t want to say it, he just couldn’t find the right way so whenever he wanted to aaron would write it down, do a little tally and keep reminding himself of how much he does love robert. 

the older man finds it one day, once their married and things slow down, it’s buried under the bed and at first he has no clue what it’s about but then he reads the dates, they trace all the way back to 2015 and he sees the writing underneath, all the tally lines that clutter page after page and the countless ‘i love you’s that are messily written in aaron’s writing. he has to catch his breath and smile, hands a little shaky as he understands, is reminded of how much aaron’s always loved him. always.

It starts with a fight, well a row really, over absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.

They’d been in the pub, Robert had been a bit handsy after having too many  and Aaron hadn’t been in the mood for it. But they’d caught Leyla’s attention and it didn’t take long for the teasing to begin.

“Oh look at ya both.” Leyla had said, a smile on her face as she watched Robert smile even wider, genuinely just happy to be sitting in the pub with his husband, hand firmly on the younger man’s thigh. “You look so loved up.” She said, her eyes almost softening.

Robert attempted to kiss at Aaron’s jaw but the younger man pulled away, sprouted an excuse about Robert having too many as he pulled a hand through his sweaty hair and admired the way he had rolled up his blue shirt.

Robert frowned, it made him feel weird inside but Leyla hardly noticed the dismissive way Aaron had just behaved. Instead she just smiled again, maybe tipsy herself.

“I mean - that’s love isn’t it?” She said, watching Robert look up still almost adoringly at his husband.

“Well we are aren’t we?” Robert tilted his head up towards Aaron. “In love?” He said softly, watched Aaron look down towards his pint like he hasn’t even heard.

Robert gulped, felt himself start to sober up as the silence dragged on. “I love him.” He said, almost to himself before he was getting up and practically running out the pub.

Now he is in the kitchen, attempting to twist open a bottle of whiskey or gin or anything else brown he finds in the bottom cupboard. He doesn’t know where Aaron is, didn’t look back as he stormed out feeling like someone had just slapped him round the face, like his husband had just slapped him round the face.

The door slams and Robert wills himself not to look up, not to even pay attention to him at all.

“Why’d you run off like that?” It’s Aaron’s voice, he sounds worried, almost a little confused.

Then he steps forward and comes closer towards where Robert is standing, where he is finally slamming a glass down and necking back whatever it is he opened. It’s scotch he thinks. It burns his throat, makes him shake his head involuntarily.

“Robert?” Aaron gulps hard, doesn’t want to do this, doesn’t want to have an argument.

“I’m going to bed.” Robert snaps, steps forward and attempts to swiftly pick up the bottle before moving towards the stairs. He misses and the bottle shatters across the floor making him swear.

“Let me do that.” Aaron’s voice is too kind, to gentle and Robert backs away.

“Go away.” Robert says, “Go back to the pub or -”

Aaron blinks, suddenly holds Robert’s arm and sees just how upset he is. “Rob? What’s wrong with ya?”

Robert straightens his back, “Me?” His eyes widen. “It’s you with the issue, I mean - God it’s so clear you don’t even like me let alone love me eh?”

Aaron’s eyes widen then, his heart hammers in his chest and he has to shake his head. “Robert don’t be stupid.”

Robert scoffs. “Just admit it. I mean - it’s true isn’t it? You couldn’t bare saying you loved your own husband in the pub just then?” It’s scary, how quickly his eyes become wet. “Because you don’t.”

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Aid // Jughead

Summary: Despite being Reggie’s cousin you’re bullied by Chuck and soon he takes it too far sending you to the hospital. Reggie only finds out when he sees Chuck slap you and shit goes down but someone else helps you. Someone who understands how Chuck is due to their own history of being bullied.

Characters: Reader x Jughead, Archie Andrews, Cousin!Reggie, and bully!Chuck

Words: 2606

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. Please read with caution.

Warnings: Swearing, physical abuse, bullying, and fighting

Author: Caitsy

A/N: So we haven’t been getting a lot of notes and I only recently found out that sometimes they don’t work in the tags. For that I’m sorry! Also if you’re bullied please seek help because it’s not healthy and any rumour or threats is not worth you’re pain. Tell someone please.

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Originally posted by alyciadubnamcarey

The books were slammed out of your hands with a force that left you following the textbooks on the onto the ground. You scurried back against your locked so you were out of peoples way and hurrying to pick up your textbooks with a deep frown. You already knew before you looked up who it would be.

“Freak.” Chuck’s voice announced with glee at your suffering.

The thing about Chuck Clayton was that he would torment you as long as Archie Andrews or your cousin Reggie Mantle weren’t in the area. Those two had grown protective over you even if they had began to split with Reggie’s jealously. With the threat that Chuck had uttered about spreading around how you slept with so many people you didn’t tell them.

“Please don’t.” You mumbled as you reached for one of the textbooks. He kicked the textbook further away and kicking your hand away too.

“Ow!” You cried out at the instant pain spreading through your wrist. You began to cry as the pain developed even more.

“Oops. Maybe you should tell the nurse that you were bumped causing you to smack a locker and fall.” Chuck smirked, “Or else there’s a little rumour I could spread around. Isn’t mommy and daddy breaking up and announcing they were cousins?”

“They are…ow!” You exclaimed as he nudged your aching arm.

“Are you okay?” Chuck asked crouching, “I didn’t see you there.”

You were confused until Reggie stopped beside him looking down in concern as you whimpered and sobbed. He glanced at Chuck before helping you up before gently taking your arm to look it over. With a simply glare you scrambled for an excuse.

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I’ll Fight For You - Brady Skjei #7

Originally posted by siriuslyilluminaeted

about/request: not a request but a collab!!! with @jhunterson03 basically the reader is mac truck’s little sister getting it on with brady skjei, and they fight about it

warnings: cursing, mentions of drinking and pregnancy

authors note: a part two is in the works so enjoy this nice cliffhanger while we get on it!! 

word count: 858

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Mafia Princess (6/?)

Steve x Reader
Summary You’re the well-known daughter of high-profile mob boss, Tony Stark. When Stefano “Steve” Rogers comes to town to conduct business for his father, your father insists that you spend time with him, showing him the town. You know that there’s more to it than just that and you’re determined to find out what’s going on between the families before you get in over your head with Steve but he’s certainly going out of his way to entice you. When you learn what’s in store, will you fight your fate or accept your destiny as Mafia Princess?
Warnings swearing, dry humping, slapping someone, flirting, kissing, sexual tension
AN This was supposed to be a oneshot for @whotheeffisbucky ‘s challenge but it got way out of control…. and there seems to be a slow burn happening… 
There’s Italian throughout the fic because I felt that they would speak that way (I mean, my family does so yeah…) I hope you enjoy it! There’s smut so 18+. Tags are open and feedback is always welcome!

Ciao bella, come stai?: hi sweetie, how are you?
Due arancini e una quattro stagioni, per favore: two rice balls and a quattro stagioni (pizza with artichokes, black olives, mushrooms, and proscuitto/ham)
Tesoro: darling/treasure

You found Steve waiting for you in the library; he was sitting in one of the sofa chairs reading a book. When you approached him, he looked up, his gaze taking you in.

“I’m ready.”

“I can see that.”

“What are you reading?”

He stood up and stretched, his shirt raising slightly and you caught sight of those delicious abs. He caught you staring and smirked at you, “Nothing important.”

You glanced down at the cover and chuckled, “How to Make Friends and Influence People? Really?”

He shrugged and smiled, “It was something to read.”

You took his and pulled him up, “Somehow I think that you don’t really care to make friends.”

Steve grinned at you, “That’s pretty accurate. In this line of work, friends are a liability. You know that.”

You nodded and started walking out of the library, sighing, “Unfortunately, that’s true.”

“Uh huh. Not everyone understands this lifestyle, cara, you know that.”

You sighed, “You’re telling me.” Walking to the front of the house, you turned to Steve and smiled, “Can I drive your car?”

He laughed at you, “Nope. Not today.”


When you arrived at the outdoor supply store, Steve dropped you off out front then went to park the car so you made your way towards the tent section of the store to wait for him. Looking at the different tents, a sales person approached you.

“You’ve got good taste,” he smiled at you.

Without even looking at him, you answered, “I know.”

He laughed, “It’s a great tent. Can fit up to ten people comfortably. How many people will you be going with?”

“Not that many.” You finally looked at him; he was cute but you weren’t sure if he was flirting with you.

“Well, even if you don’t have that many people, you can fit an air mattress and really stretch out.” He opened the door and made he was inside, “Come, I’ll show you.”

Holding the flap open for you, you looked around but still didn’t see Steve so letting out a small sigh, you climbed in.

The associate leaned back, putting his hands behind his head and he stretched his legs out, “See? What’d I tell you, tons of room. Here, lie down.”

You lay down next to him and looked at the ceiling, “Oh yeah, so much room. Very spacious.”

He sat up and looked down at you, “Was I right or what?”

You laughed, “Yes, yes, you were right.”

At that moment, Steve popped his head in the tent and he did not look impressed, “I thought I heard your laugh.” He looked down at the sales associate, “What were you right about, buddy?”

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anonymous asked:

hi i love your blog and literally all of your writing is godly<3 but anyways i wanted to request hcs for izuku denki and katsuki reacting to their female s/o purposely making them jealous to mess with them and get their attention

So much praise, my heart is exploding 🙈💕. Thank you so much darling, I love you! 💫

I hope I could fulfill your request and you love it as well!

It turned into one of my strange HC/scenario mixtures, I hope you don’t mind 🙈

Midoriya Izuku

It was meant to be a cute coffee date, you, Deku and lots of your favorite cake. However, as fate is not always merciful you two happened to meet another famous hero in the café and of course Midoriya couldn’t stop admiring them, striking up a conversation. After your second piece of cake and the realization that your pouting face wouldn’t gain his attention, you thought that playing a little dirty might bring you back on track.

  • Still engrossed in his conversation, it takes a little time till Izuku realizes that you are no longer sitting across from him. His green orbs are nervously wandering through the shop, until they catch a familiar figure standing at the counter
  • Obviously you are having a chirpy conversation with the staff guy across, smiling and laughing about very single word he says. This might not bother him too much, but what is catching his attention is the way you are bending forward. Your skirt is riding up a little, revealing the delicious flesh of your legs, barely covered in thigh highs
  • Taking in the whole picture, what bothers him even more are the filthy glances of those guys standing around you, gawking every time you wiggle your beautiful backside a little. Shouldn’t he be the only one seeing how you sway your exquisite booty? That skirt is a little too short anyway.
  • His boyfriend instincts kick in and jealousy is pulling on his heartstrings. Yet, he still is not sure if he should interrupt you. First, he trusts you deeply. Second, he doesn’t want to come off as a jealous asshole. Third, he would be lying to himself if he wouldn’t admit that this whole situation is leaving him a little insecure
  • His mind still conflicted, the conversation is suddenly a minor matter. Eyes fixed on your frame, Izuku watches you turning around, dropping something. As you get up, you stumble slightly against the guy behind you and he catches you, supporting you with his hands around your waist. You flash that guy a brilliant smile, but your eyes find Deku’s and you lock your gaze with his
  • Your face still holding a faint pout, provocation flares behind your glimmering orbs. Suddenly, it clicks and all the little pieces are falling together in Izuku’s mind. Sometimes he might be a little dull, especially if his excitement has gotten the better of him, but he studied you like those heroes he admires so much
  • Hesitance fading with the speed of light, he gets up, excusing himself. With quick steps he approaches you, never breaking your eye contact. Without a warning, he tugs you into his strong arms, facing the guy who just picked you up “I humbly apologize, but could you please be so kind and refrain from touching my girlfriend? Thank you!”, and without any other word he just follows his impulses, placing a gentle kiss onto your lips, marking his territory
  • Both, you and Izuku are surprised by his actions. His heart pounding like crazy, he feels a crimson dust tugging on his cheeks. He just really… oh my word…

Kaminari Denki

You never thought that accompanying your boyfriend to a bookstore would make you feel neglected, but it seems you underestimated his interest in writers a little. All you get from him is a “Hun, just gimme 5mins” and that play has been going on for the past 60 minutes. With a heavy sigh, you get up from your comfortable reading chair and make your way across the store.

  • A loud thud is demanding Denki’s attention, forcing him to look up from his novel for a second. Sprawled in between books, he spots your frame. His feet are already on the move, when he stops in his tracks. A staff guy is already by your side, helping you to pick yourself and the books up
  • The way you accidentally stumble into his arms lets Denki’s stomach turn upside down. They way this guys hand is sticking to the naked skin of your waistline sets every of his alarm bells on fire. Why the hell are you wearing this sexy crop top today?
  • This is the moment you catch his gaze, flashing him a devious smile. He cocks a brow, eyeing you warily, getting a hint of what might could be going on here. Denki’s jealousy level is rising through the top, when he sees you turning to your side in this guys arms, his hand slithering over your bare flesh. You raise your arm, pointing at a book far above your head. Your already too short shirt sliding up, almost revealing your bra.
  • The guy is gaping at you, but not with Denki. Fast as one of his shock bolts, he’s between the two of you, slamming his fist against the bookshelf. Yellow sparks are flaring around his body and words are not needed to put his opponent to flight
  • He turns on his heels, facing you directly, his hands cascading around your waits till they find their place at the small of your back. His expression softens and he almost looks like someone took a load off of his mind “Honey, next time just slap that book out of my hands, I almost energized the whole store”. A sigh escaping his mouth, he rests his head on your shoulder. A sly smile curling the edges of his lips, he lets tiny electric sparks running down your skin, a little punishment for his naughty girl

Bakugou Katsuki

It’s not every day that students from other schools visit U.A., so of course Bakugou uses this rare opportunity to spill his anger on others than the usual dimwit faces around him. Sadly, you wanted to spend your lunch break different than watching your explosive boyfriend snapping at some goddamn random people in this muggy classroom. Like the devious thing you are, you decide it would be more fun to play a little naughty. Trying to catch his attention, you don’t hesitate and place yourself on top of some unfortunate guys’ table.  

  • Katsuki realizes what’s going on the moment you sit your pretty ass on that fucking table. He saw your devilish smirk from the corner of his crimson eyes, it’s not like he’s not aware of what you are doing, he’s constantly checking up on you. Bakugou is territorial as fuck
  • Narrowing his eyes, he watches every of your slick moves. You’re having a friendly chatter with that poor soul in front of you, while you slyly adjust one of your thigh highs, accidentally brushing your skirt up a little. You shift your legs, flashing everyone around you a piece of your delicate inner thigh
  • Katsuki huffs, considering his options. Goddamn it woman. He actually had fun growling into some other smart-ass faces and usually no one is bold enough to tag along to your flirting. Usually, but not right now. The moment he sees this guy’s finger twitching in excitement, he’s on his feet. Bakugou is not having this, not today
  • “Oi, fuckface! Whaddaya think you’re doin’ here?”, he bellows, clearly directed at you. Not bothering to wait for an answer, he grabs your wrist and drags you out of the classroom into a silent corner
  • Just one word: kabedon
  • Caging you between his broad chest and the stone cold wall behind you, his crimson orbs are flaring in a salsa of anger and amusement. He is so close, you can feel his hot breath fanning against your cheeks. “You wanted my attention? There you fucking got it and I hope for you that you got a goddamn good excuse woman”
Hazy (M)

Drabble game request: Jin + “You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into.”+ Pub au | for @the95liner & anon

Character / Genre: Seokjin x reader | Pub!au, smut | 2,898 words (whoops, how did this happen?)

Warning: Smut. More graphic smut and mature contents. Please read with caution. This will be my first time writing smut for him, I’m sorry, please bear with me.

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Wiser (4/??)

ivar x blind!reader x sigurd.

honestly, i know exactly where i’m going with and at the same time i don’t and it hurts.

just to clarify, which i hope i did here, the relationship between sigurd and reader is strictly platonic, just not as strong as he wants it to be, and it upsets him.

yoyo: @nothingbuthappydays, @ivartrash, @tiyetiye i told you more sigurd was coming, @alyeska-j, @alexa040004 and i’m pretty sure that’s everyone.

here’s part 4!!! yay!!! i might put 5 up tonight unless i drown myself in the shower first!!! yayyyyyyY!!Y!Y!Y!Y!Y! these just get worse as i go on.

warnings: you’re blind.

Clicking your tongue, the tip of your ghosted along the fine string, giving it a pluck. Your face twisted as a very unpleasant noise pierced your ear. “This is stupid,” You spoke lowly, trying it again, yet earning the same result.

You could almost hear the roll in his eyes, suddenly feeling the heavy instrument taken from your hands, leaving your grasp cold. Listening to him set it down against the leg of your table, he always enjoyed pointing out the obvious to you. “You were the one that wanted to try it.”

“It is still stupid.” Came your tight reply, crossing your arms, your head turned away from him stubbornly. Ivar’s words rung in your head about how much a child you act, and your mouth twitched.

A breathless chuckle, and you were sure he was shaking his head. “Just because you cannot grasp something does not mean it is stupid,” Narrowing your eyes, your body shifted quickly, the furs under your bottom twisting with the movement. You had a feeling “Perhaps you are stupid.”

Rolling your jaw, you worked out your shoulders, turning away from him once more. “I invite you into my house–“ He began to laugh, his chair creaking and feet scuffing the floor. You tried not show a sign of weakness, but your resolve slowly broke. “–and this is how you repay my gratitude. You insult me.”

His laughter died to nothing, and for a moment your cabin felt cold despite the fire in your hearth that he had graciously chopped wood for. The prince got you enough to last a few days actually, and in return, you fed him and kept him company for a while. “You’re right,” he agreed, your brow quirked. “With the rare times you invite me here, I should be more appreciative.”

Sigurd – “

Just stop,” It felt like an actual order, and if his voice hadn’t been as soft, you wouldn’t have known better. A tick in your jaw, and you squared, your leg beginning to bounce. “I already know what you’re going to say.”

The wood continued to crack as it burned, the smell of it suddenly unsettling you, your gut tightening as a reaction. You felt uneasy. Something felt wrong. Perhaps you just felt guilty. For years the fair-haired prince had tried desperately to walk by your side, to make you smile, even going as far as trying to braid your hair one day when you were little babes. Placing your hands flat on the furs under you, your pushed yourself to your feet, cold contrasting on your feet. “I care for you.”

A sharp exhale, the sound of something tapping against the table top. You heard him swallow, and you felt the need to do so as well, your mouth running dry. “No. Not like you do for him…”

You fist clenched, some fabric of your dress curling into it, keeping your nails from leaving marks. Why you continued to let this happen, you couldn’t say. A part of you wondered if it would be healthier to cut off your companionship with Sigurd, but you were selfish, and a part cruel like the boy you had let seep into your heart. You did not want to feel alone, and there were times that Ivar could not be with you, and you were tired of slipping into a mental darkness beyond the one you saw. It was all you knew, all you understood, and perhaps you were a monster for allowing it to go on this way with Sigurd, considering you knew how much it upset him.

No,” Came your truthful reply, your fingers twitching and curling deeper. It felt like you weren’t receiving air anymore. “Not like I do for him.”

The prince tried so hard to be patient with you, and you could understand his emotions. He let out another empty laugh, his hand lightly slapping the table. His own mother, someone that was supposed to love and cherish him had chosen his younger brother to coddle him, a boy who was strong enough to hold himself up even without legs, when she had another who was crumbling. He tried so hard to find that in you, to find a safe-haven in your heart, being older than him it was like he tried to recreate the love he never got Aslaug.

Despite the fact he was so mean to Ivar, something that you had trouble tolerating, but a small part of you could see reason, you would have been grateful to give the boy the love that he deserved. But a damaged heart was hard to split in three, when the only half that’s remaining is very small. Taking care of yourself was already a task at hand that drained you, that made you want to stay under your furs and allow yourself to rot away until the mice were nibbling at your carcass.

“Is it because I am… not like you?” His voice just barely reached your ears.

You flinched, as though he had screamed at the top of his lungs, your thumb drawing mindless patterns into your palm.  “You don’t want to be like me, Sigurd…”

He would never understand

Your eyes widened, your hands flying up to grasp at him as you felt large hands cup over your skull. Forcing your step backwards, his feet moving forward, you almost tripped until your back softly met the wall. You knew he would never physically hurt you, but a part of you trusted no one else completely. “I wish you would tell me what goes through your head – tell me like you do him.”

“He is the only one crazy enough to understand.”

When you were with Ivar, you could see.