if he doesn't look like arthur as is

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110% agree with you on russia being gryffindor. what is your opinion on england's house? everyone puts him in slytherin, but idk it just doesn't feel right to me. thoughts?

He’s Slytherin. No one in Hetalia is more of a Slytherin than England. Everyone likes to automatically associate Syltherin with evil but it’s not the case, not always but some of the time you get some Dark ones.Arthur is a neat one because he is actually a witch/wizard whatever he calls himself. Yet the only times Arthur is actually seen using magic is to cause misfortune. He never uses it to help anyone but himself. And this is the biggest reason why he can NEVER be a Gryffindor. England is always looking out for himself. Through history and current day. One of the things that make Gryffindor is their selflessness and wild ability to act without reasoning and take the consequences later. England is never seen doing this, ever. England always has a plan, in fact he over plans and refers to himself as a secret agent. Slytherins are sneaky, England is sneaky.

He’s just not even a contendered for Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw .The Sorting hat wouldn’t even look over those two. He’s a Slytherin through and through. In fact he’s like the perfect model of everything a good Slytherin should be.

How APH Ships Sleep Together:
  • <p> <b>GerIta:</b> Italy would sleep on Germany's chest and Germany would have his right arm over him<p/><b>SpaMano:</b> Both sleeping on their sides, Spain's hand would be on Romano's waist, over him, and Roma would rest his head right between Spain's collar bone and head, breathing his scent in right from his neck and Spain would sometimes kiss his head<p/><b>DenNor:</b> Denmark is a messy sleeper either way, so he sleeps like a starfish and Norway just rests his head on his chest cuddling him with both his arms and legs like a koala<p/><b>SuFin:</b> We all know how they sleep. Finland literally gets lost in Sweden's arms and he pulls his shirts collar closer to his face as he's sniffing him they look like SpaMano, but Finland curls up into a ball more than Roma<p/><b>Poliet:</b> Cuddling by their sides, their noses collide but they don't care because they like being intimate, their arms are cross and both up their shirts<p/><b>Rome x Germania:</b> They don't even sleep together but I'm pretty sure if they did, Rome would cuddle him from back<p/><b>RoChu:</b> Russia cuddles China. And that is all you need to know.<p/><b>AusHun:</b> Eventhough Austria refuses what happens, they cuddle like a pair of koalas , and its usually Austria who rests his head on Hungary's chest<p/><b>USUK:</b> He doesn't admit it, but Arthur usually falls asleep on the couch on Alfred, while watching films with him. This happens an awful lot than Arthur says. In the end Alfred has to carry him to bed and by the time he does that England is half awake murmuring something about America so when they both fall asleep they end up cuddling each other and Arthur runs his fingers through Alfred's hair every once in a while.<p/></p>
  • Russia: The point is, I don't know where my hands go or his hands or my face or his face or his lips or my lips, and I don't want it to be awkward; couldn't you just show me so I have some experience?
  • America: Don't kiss me.
  • Russia: Would you stop? I'm not gonna kiss you. Ok, so do I touch his face with my hands?
  • America: No, look, if anybody touches face, he touches your face or maybe he doesn't; I don't know.
  • Russia: *moves toward America as if to kiss him So I close my eyes and...
  • England: *enters room*
  • America: Oh Ig, this isn't what it looks like.
  • England: That's a relief.

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Hi! I absolutely love your blog, thanks so much for all the work you do! I'm looking for Merthur magic reveal fics where Arthur learns by eavesdropping or watching unseen. It'd be great if he doesn't immediately confront him about it but I realize that's pretty specific so it's just a suggestion. And preferably ones that are around 20,000+? Thank you! :)

The Weight of Words by waldorph
Arthur knows how to use words just as well as Merlin, and he knows about the magic.

Of Faith and Hope and Love by versaphile
To lose a manservant once may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose him twice looks like carelessness. When Merlin vanishes in the mines of Kemeray, Arthur’s search for him uncovers decades of secrets and betrayals. But the sudden appearance of a baby white dragon bodes well for Albion, for Merlin and Arthur, and for the land that they will build together.

Reaching Out by Lullabylily
Arthur found out about Merlin’s magic a long time ago. He kept it secret from Merlin, trying not to think about how this knowledge changes the dynamic between the two of them. After a series of events, starting off with Merlin getting himself kidnapped, feelings can no longer be ignored…

Where We Overlap by jad
Merlin must truly believe he’s an idiot if he thinks Arthur doesn’t know his secret. The trick will be getting Merlin to admit it. But Arthur has a plan, and as far as he’s concerned, Destiny can kiss his royal arse.

Hidden Light by Destina
During a winter hunting trip, Merlin finds he still has much to learn about Arthur.

House of Lies by ZairaA
All these lies, the things we think we know but do not say out loud, the misconceptions and the truth we try to bury, they are like a house of cards. If we pull one out, drag it to the light of day, the rest will crumble, lying bare what we have tried to hide in our hearts.

There’s something about you, Merlin by jyusan
Arthur starts wondering just who Merlin really is, and whether their friendship is worth fighting for.

I Can See That You’re Thinking About Having Sex With Me But I Am Not Into You by kathkin
Arthur can read minds.

He Who Has A Secret by Trojie
Arthur knows what Merlin is hiding …

Trouble of the magical kind by Tossukka
In the court of King Uther Pendragon, there were two rules concerning relationships and marriages in the royal family. The first one was that it had to happen for love. The second was to never, ever fall in love with a sorcerer or a servant. 
It was really quite unfortunate that the Crown Prince of all people had to go and fall for his magical manservant.

Drarry as part of the Weasley family: at a muggle bar
  • Ron: *is drunk and trying *and failing) to make the bartender laugh* my brother-in-law's an albino pixie *points to Draco* *giggles*
  • Bartender: *to a tipsy Draco* Oi, mate, your wife's lovely *looks at Ginny, the only red headed woman around*
  • Draco: *drunkenly throws an arm round Harry* no no no, this's m'wife.
  • Bartender: *looks at Ron* *points to harry* this is your brother? He doesn't really look like you....
  • Drunk Arthur: *excitedly pops out of the background* *pulls out muggle notepad* Do muggles not have adoption? Tell me more!

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What does Alfred think about the other countries ? ((Besides Arthur, I love the interactions you draw btw, especially the social media ones, it's so cool looking !!))

Hmm this is a pretty broad question but in general, I’d say that America likes most countries especially his allies and what American doesn't like a Canadian. 

Though when it comes to potential threats to him of the world he can be very hostile so North Korea, Russia, I sure he’s snippy with,

 Then there’s China his economic rival who he want’s to win against .While in the Middle East America plays teen mean girl  being buddy, buddy with one nation but then badmouthing them when in other company to seem like he’s all their best friends. Expect Iran he would be labeled as a potential threat. 

And  I like the idea that  he has a disgruntled/passive aggressive neighbor relationship with Mexico. Like your so nice to them when they're at the national potluck but drop subtle hints about some super petty nonsense that only the two of them know of and care of. 

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Imagine Arthur being a prince in his next reincarnation, and he doesn't remember Merlin so he gets a restraining order against him because he feels that Merlin is stalking him.

Originally posted by bradleyjizzames

By the time Merlin realizes that Arthur doesn’t remember him, it’s too late. He’s already made himself look like an idiotic creeper, and Arthur’ s already taken action. Now Merlin just has to figure out how to calmly explain everything to Arthur… without getting arrested, that is.

I was so tired, I became an easy prey for the sadness. Slowly, the feeling came, looking at me with curiosity. It didn’t look bad, it wasn’t even scary or evil. It was just there, alone, looking for company I guessed. So I sat and watched it patiently. The more I observed it, the more I got attached to it.

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Nathan is just Merlin waiting for Arthur and no one can convince me otherwise

Also i dedicate it to my wonderful babe romie, with whom i shared some great tlatd/merthur discussions ♥

  • Arthur: Baby you light up my world like nobody else
  • Alfred:
  • Arthur: The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
  • Alfred:
  • Arthur: *sees Alfred* oh shit jesus hi I was just you know singing a book why do you care it's not like I care if you heard me singing a book no what are you doing here WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME STOP JUDGING ME LEAVE ME ALONE
  • Alfred:
  • Arthur:
  • Alfred: *flips hair and looks at the ground pretending that he doesn't know he's beautiful*
  • Arthur:
  • Arthur:
  • Alfred:
  • Arthur: what
  • Alfred: k bye

I’ll do poetry for my sorcerer

To my lovely cynthiallanos, I haven’t forgotten my warlock! <3

(Lets hope Merlin’s present is as good as Arthur’s poem!)

Merlin headcanon: Arthur notices how Merlin says his name:

Aa, the first letters of the alphabet, mouth and voice open and reaching; a call to arms, a hello, a greeting, and a demand all in one

th, first letters of the article that makes one unique, tongue pressed gently against the teeth; soft like a caress, close and friendly and loyal all together

er, the sound of hesitation, tongue retreating away; almost silent, shy after the tenderness of th, more like a whisper in the dark than a name

Arthur, he says, like he’s at once intimately familiar with the feel of the word on his tongue, and at the same time like it’s a new wonder every time it passes his lips.

Arthur, he says, but it sounds more like home.

fucking roasted
  • *Alfred and Arthur walking the streets of London*
  • *Random businessman walks up, doesn't recognize Alfred*
  • Businessman: Cheerio, Arthur! good to see you! Arthur, mate, you would not believe the day i just had, hashing out a business deal with the thickest Americans i ever saw. Ugh, even thinking about it kills off a few more brain cells. Dunno why God thought making an entire country of people that bloody stupid was a good idea, but hell, they're a poor buncha suckers i'll tell you what.
  • Arthur: *Looks at him like he's lost his mind, and looks back at Alfred, who looks like he could really do with a bit of murder right now.*
  • Arthur: uh, chap, you do know who this gentleman with me is, ri-
  • Alfred: *whips out an absolutely flawless English accent* -No, love, I've got this. Oh mate, you don't need to tell us that, those poor bastards couldn't find their collective way out of a wet paper bag.
  • Businessman: I know! and they're so fucking fat!
  • Alfred: Oh of course! Living there is like being guaranteed a heart attack at twenty-two. Land of the fat, home of type two diabetes.
  • Businessman: Exactly! And not a brain cell between the lot of them.
  • America: Denser than pig shit, those poor blokes.
  • Businessman: I know, right? I pity them all, but damn they're a damn good easy source of income. Arthur, I like this friend of yours. Your name, sport?
  • Alfred: *shoots business guy a nasty evil grin, and the accent is fucking gone* Alfred F. Jones, representation of the United States of America, pleasure to meet you.
  • Businessman: ...... w-what? *Looks like he could shit himself.*
  • Arthur: .... *trying so hard not to laugh*
  • Alfred: Thanks for this insight into my stupid, fat, gullible country, man. I'll be sure to try and fix that, and to protect those poor moronic Americans, I declare that business deal of yours null and void, along with any others that might have come in the future. A man of your obviously advanced intelligence shouldn't take advantage of my wee little imbeciles, right?
  • Businessman: I-I, I didn't, I d-didn't know sir-
  • America: *another nasty smile* -Oh I know you didn't. Now you do.
  • Businessman: S-sir, I, I was just....
  • America: Kidding? That's cool. I wasn't, now get out of my face before i show you exactly what I can do with these 'stupid, fat, gullible' fists of mine. And I'd pull your business out of my country, if I were you. Just saying. Buh-bye now!
  • *Businessman scurries away, Al and Artie walk away too*
  • Alfred: Asshole...
  • Alfred: ....
  • Arthur: ...
  • Arthur: I love it when you get all devious like that, gets me all tingly inside
  • Alfred: Happy to please babe

It’s his voice when he says it. He sounds so small, so young, so lost. He doesn’t even look at Merlin when he says it, and it’s totally out of the blue. I like that it lets us know that this is what Arthur was thinking about the entire time. It’s not “you’ve betrayed me” or “what can you do with your magic exactly” or “whats all this about you being the greatest sorcerer”; it’s “Why? Why didn’t you ever tell me?” (x)

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Story time! So Doug is out eating lunch with the guys one day, when Kiel asks: "So Doug, have you and Frey tried for a baby yet?" Doug spits out what he was eating all over the table. Dylas' whole body is shaking as he tries holding back his laughter, while Leon has lost it and is struggling to breathe because of how hard he's laughing. Vishnal looks like he's seen Volkanon strip naked, Arthur's covering his face (he is tearing up, trying not to laugh), and Kiel doesn't know what he did.


Oh my god, the secondhand embarrassment is so strong with this one. I can only imagine what would happen when Doug has to come home to Frey later that day though. She asks how his day was, and he gets all flustered and Frey is like “………” and starts questioning him and… poor, poor Doug. It’d probably be on his mind for the rest of the day, like those awful embarrassments that haunt you for years afterward.

Seriously, this just added exponentially to my day. :’D  (between this and that Free! ep, I’m one happy camper right now). Thank you, storytelling anon!

In the legends Igraine was married to another man so Uther made a deal with Merlin that he make Uther look like Igraine’s husband. Uther then slept with Igraine looking like her husband whilst her actual husband was being murdered at battle. 

& That’s the sweet story of how King Arthur was conceived. 

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America participating in the independence war, human AU, and accidentally falling in love with a redcoat named Arthur. He's so torn: he wants to win the war, but he doesn't want to go against him. When they win, he forgets about him for a small period of time, but when he remembers, it's too late. Arthur hadn't actually been killed in battle: he was killed by another redcoat when they found out about him and Alfred, and left to bleed, like he was killed by the othes.(1)

According to someone who found him, his last words were “Congratulations, Jones.”, and then he started to drift away, looking at the sky. When they first met, Alfred said “Do you see all those stars up there?”. Arthur nodded. “My dream is that, someday, I’ll go up there.”. The brit laughed, “That’s impossible.” “Maybe it is, but you have to hope!” he replied. After hearing about his death, Alfred headed to where his body used to be. “Hey Artie…I guess you got there first, huh?” (2)

“Please…tell me how it is up there. Write to me, Artie.You have to promise. Okay?” Alfred said, wiping off his tears, but they kept coming. “I’ll be there. Just wait, hang on tight. I’ll be there, I promise. In a minute.”(3 and end)

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Nervous? King Arthur doesn't do nervous but then why was he so hesitant to open the door to the shop, why did he not just walk in? Surely Duet has not forgotten him, even if he did not know how he ended up in this strange land. All he did was ask around for Duet and here he is, not knowing if he should walk in or not. Slowly he gathered his wits and walked in, looking around. "uh, Duet?" he spoke quietly - all-the-kingsmen

Duet was close by, and stepped into view to greet their customer like usual—only to stop mid-sentence when they saw who was in front of them.


“..Arthur….?” They say, like they couldn’t believe that he was here–in their dimension.