if he does im not going to stop crying

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Does faldur stutter at the f's or is he just really going FFFFFFFFFFHHh

i mean i see it as a stutter but ur welcome to interpret it however u like

he has a lisp too if that makes things more fun to read 

in short: he sounds dumb. who knew having a mouth filled with broken glass teeth stops u from talking right

Parent phan headcanons

1.Reading fairy tales at night and making funny and cute voices.
2. “Let’s have some of dad’s cereal. He probably doesn’t care”
Spoiler: he does
3. Quiet talking in the liveshows because the other one is trying to get the baby to sleep
4. And then he comes like He/She is finally asleep! And the other one whispers yaaay to the camera
5"stop saying bad words in front of the baby!“
“Fuck, I’m sorry”
“I’m sorry!!”
6. The first day they’re both like omg Im so clumsy I’m going to drop him/her! And Louise helps them and realizes they’re actually very good at it
7. Baby crying in the background in one of Dan’s videos and he says:
“I wonder which one of the two babies is crying.”
And you can hear Phil saying
“I hate you” from the living room.
8. The baby’s first word being light

Wow what a Day and Tell me if this makes sense.

Wow what a day. I saved some Kittens, Got into a scuffle with a douchebag bully and saved money on my car insurance. Wow just wow. For record tell me if this makes sense, Theres this “pretty boy” guy i know being a douche he’s one of those Jock types and pickin on some overweight people.  I come over, tell him to stop and he says “You’re pansy ass isnt gonna do shit” and tries to push me, and I basically judo flipped him.  He then starts saying you “idiotic brute” violence is for fuckin savages and runs away i think crying or at least very upset when he realized he was outmatched.  And im just like “You tried to Push me”? and Im a violent savage? People Always think since Im this Kind Happy go lucky Nice guy that I’m a pushover. My Kindness does not equate to weakness -_-