if he can wait I mean that's cool

Bts reacting to their gf being a famous olympic figure skater!


He’s away on a trip but he’s still watching your performance live. Once they call you up for first place he absolutely loses it and rings you up.

“Baby you did so good! I’m so proud of you! You looked absolutely magnificent and graceful! You better teach me when I get back!”

*is actually hysterical and so into your career bc “wow thats so cool!”*

Damn what a supportive bf… where do I get one?


“How could you keep this secret from me?!”

“What do you mean?! You never asked babe…”

“Well…It would’ve been a good idea to tell me sooner, okay? Also can you show me videos of you?”

“You wanna see my bod? ;)”

“If I wanted to see anyones bod it’d be mine!… maybe yours too… No wait shh just show me your choreo!”


After you show him a video of you doing your thing on the ice he starts praising you. Like you know how in church they have a rhythm to singing “Aaaaaameeeeen” well instead of that he says “Jaaaaaagiiiiii” in that same way.


He would ask if he could watch you practice. While he was watching you he was slightly scared at the stunt you pulled but also amazed.

“Dang you might just have more swag then me…”

“So what I’m hearing is I’m cooler than you?”

“Eh don’t push it.”


*Is amazed and shook*

“H-how?… You do it so flawlessly and effortlessly…You’re so beautiful and graceful.”

Look at that. You broke him again. stop doing that.


“Bet I could do that too.” *hella cocky*

“Jimin, what?”

“You heard me! Lets have a race or something, bet ill beat your ass.”

“Shut your bubble gum dum dum looking ass up.”

“;-; I’m just kidding babe damn chill. You’re glorious.”


“So I-im not the most talented one?…”

“Jungkook its not that big of a deal love.”

“How does an over achiever become a lower than standards. Is sand called sand because its between the sea and land? If you drop soap on the floor, is the soap dirty or the floor clean? Why do noses run but feet smell?”


In reality he’d be extremely proud and would call you guys a power couple!

  • Alec: *has 0 ex's*
  • Magnus: *omg he's so innocent*
  • Alec: And you? How many ex's have you had?
  • Magnus: *stalling* What do you mean?
  • Alec: ...
  • Magnus: ...how many?
  • Alec: It's not a trick question. You can round down if you want.
  • Magnus: 17
  • Alec: *beautiful grin* 17! That's, that's!
  • Magnus: *awkwardly looks away*
  • Alec: ....wait...s-seventeen HUNDRED?!
  • Alec: *omg no way**omg actually way**starting to panic*
  • Magnus: *woah, look how cool the ceiling is!**I've never looked at this before**I should do this more often*
  • Alec: *Innocent cinnamon roll stare of disbelief*
  • Magnus: It was all in the past. * #let's stop talking about this*
  • Alec: *looks at the bar like a camera should zoom in on his face like the office*
First Day (Stiles Stilinski) *Request*

Request: Imagine for y/n about Stiles that she is new in school but she is Kira’s best friend and Stiles invites her to his house and they realize they have a lot in common and feelings for each other

In this imagine you used to live in New York with Kira and then after she moved to Beacon Hills you were able to convince your dad to move you there too because your like sisters to each other. 

Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=127903534 Your standing at your locker on your on first day of school and turn to see Kira running towards you squealing.  “Oh my gosh, I’ve missed you so much!” She says pulling you into a tight hug. “I’ve missed you too! It’s been too long!” You say as she nods in agreement. “And the best part is, we have the same classes!” Kira says. When you finally pull away from her you both start to walk to your first class. You two sit next to each other and Kira gets you caught up on what your doing. “You should come over after school and we can study and gossip,” She tells you as you nod excitedly. Right after that two boys walk up and sit behind you. “Y/N this is Scott and Stiles.”  “Hi Y/N,” Scott says. “Stiles…Stop staring.” Scott say hitting Stiles’ arm “Huh, what,” Stiles says snapping back into reality “Oh sorry.”  You blush a little. Throughout the class you can feel Stiles’ eyes on the back of your head. After the bell rings you stand up with Kira. “See you guys at lunch.” She says. You and Kira walk to your next class and after you sit down Kira looks at you with a big smile on her face. “What?” You ask. “He likessss you!” She says.  “No he doesn’t and lets just focus on school ok?” You say with a little laugh. “Ok, ok fine.” She replies. When it comes time for lunch you and Kira walk to the lunch room. You sit next to her while Stiles sits across from you. She introduces you to everyone and at the end of lunch Stiles pulls you to the side and asks you, “Hey, do you want to come over to my house after school and we could study or something? I mean, if you already have plans its totally fine or if you don’t want to it’s cool-”  “Stiles,” You say. “Yeah?” “I’d love to.” After you say that his face lights up. “Really? I mean great, thats great. Do you need a ride or do you have a car?” He asks. “Could you give me a ride?” You reply. He nods in response “Great.” You say before walking away. You tell Kira and all she says is “I told you so.” and that you two can just hang out the next day. When the final bell rings Stiles is waiting at your locker. “Hey, ready to go?” He asks you. “Yeah.” You reply. You walk out to the parking lot and get into his jeep. During the ride home you make small talk. When you pull into the driveway you notice there are no other cars there.  “My dad is still at work, he’s the sheriff. What does your dad do?” He asks you. “Oh and he does something with the MLB. To be honest I really have know clue but he meets a bunch of players.” You tell him. “Woah thats so cool I love baseball,” He says as you are walking through the door. “What does your mom do?”  “Oh, um she died when I was 2.” You say looking down feeling the tears come. Before you know it he pulls you into a hug and says,  “My mom died to, its ok.” You stand there for a while just hugging him until you pull away. “Wanna do homework now?” You ask with a small smile. He nods as he leads the way to his room. You get all your homework done in about an hour and then he asks, “Do you want to watch a movie or something?”  “Yeah that sounds nice,” You respond. “What do you want to watch?” “I don’t care, ‘Star Wars’?” He asks. You nod in approval. “Really? No one in our friend group has ever seen it!”  “Then they have never experienced a good movie.” You say smiling. “Thats what I told them!” He says. About 20 minutes into the movie you look at him and without taking his eyes off the screen he says, “Your missing the movie.”  “Sorry,” You say with a little smile. You turn your head back and then he stared staring at you. “Now your missing the movie.” You say with a smirk. “Doesn’t matter, I’m looking at something better.” He says. You start to blush and turn your head to look at him when he leans in and kisses you. When he pulls away he says, “You know Y/N, I really like you. And I know I just met you today but your amazing and beautiful and we have so much in common and I feel like we’ve known each other forever and I wanted to know if you would want to go out sometime?” He says while a huge smile appears on your face. “There’s nothing I want more.” You say as he kisses you one more time. A/N Sorry if I changed the topic a little I thought it should be pretty fluffy. I just assumed he would like baseball because most boy do. I hope you like it. Thxs for requesting :*