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Something involving the doctor occurred to me awhile back, and others have probably thought of this previously, but here goes. The Doctor says everything and everyone is important, right? Well what's River Song's first rule? The Doctor lies. Opinions?

River’s not the only one who thinks this though! The Eleventh Doctor himself even changed his number one rule from time to time: instead of “Don’t wander off” it became “The Doctor lies”.

But I don’t necessarily think that means he’s lying specifically when he says that everyone is important! I think River is referring to when the Doctor lies for the sake of the greater good (or at least, what he perceives the greater good to be), like during the whole “my death is a fixed point in time” thing, and really the entirety of The Wedding of River Song.

So when it comes to River and her experiences with the Doctor: yeah, I don’t really blame her for associating the Doctor with lying.

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Did you draw a lil karamatsu for me? Wow!! Thank you so much! I'll always keep it with me. Hey, it's ok, I shouldn't have to bother you that time, you know? but i'm fine now! i could talk to a friend and everything goes well now. You're such a sweetheart... Please don't feel bad, it's ok, after all i'm just an anon-san, right? haha Keep being the way you are, never change, ok? Keep drawing, keep doing the things you like no matter what... No, it's not a goodbye it's just a see you later haha


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okay i have to take a trip tomorrow and i'm super anxious about it so what about josh getting really scared at the airport and ty bringing him off to the side and comforting him??

i hope everything goes well n u have a good time bby! n ty’s pull him to the side n hold his hands kissing his cheeks telling him that he’ll be okay and they’re sitting together so he’ll keep him safe and at take off j grabs t’s hand so hard n squeezes it n doesn’t let go until they tell them they can get off the plane aw

So many smol plant babies are ready for paint today 😄 if everything goes well the rest of the week, we will be starting a mandrake giveaway on Monday!
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I am getting married in a few days - could you please make dua that everything goes well on the day and that Allah grants us barakah in our marriage? Jazakallahu Khairun

Commissions & art stuff

OKAY SO I really want to go full-time with art soon, and I’ve been wondering if there’s still interest in commissions. If yes, what would you like to see from me (besides current commission categories)? Chibis? Character sheets? Tattoo/t-shirt designs? Maybe adoptable characters?

Whatever comes to your mind, let me know! It would be a huge help and I’d appreciate it very much.

Imagine comforting S.Coups when he’s particularly stressed and tired from being the leader of Seventeen.

PLEASE do not leave comments regarding the MCR thing on Gerard’s social media. It’s not his fault this happened. It’s NONE of the guys fault that this happened. This was a promotional tactic from the label (it’s also not the first time they’ve done cryptic messages for promo).

Gerard has worked incredibly hard with the team to create and bring Young Animal to life. He’s proud of his work and that’s what the focus should be on. Comment on his comics, his art, upcoming projects and things like that. Or just send love and support because he’s loved and supported us through everything. The same goes for the other guys as well. Frank has a new album coming out on the 29th with Death Spells, he has upcoming shows plus he’s been working on new music with FIATP. Mikey just performed at the APMAs which is a huge deal because his anxiety was the main factor that was holding him back from performing and he put it aside to put on a kick ass performance. Ray released a new song that’s so inspiring and I s2g that man is going to change the world.

Bottom line: just be supportive and don’t send the guys any hate or comments on how they “broke your heart” because they’ve been busting their asses to bring us new material to enjoy and so much more and they don’t deserve that kind of negativity.

Huge, Pride-themed dreamcatcher in St. John's may be world's largest
Creation currently awaiting certification from Guinness World Records

It won’t be hard to miss one special float in the St. John’s Pride Parade on Sunday — the dreamcatcher that the Native Friendship Centre built for the event might just be the world’s largest.

“We didn’t really set out to break a record, but we wanted to make something that really made a statement,” said Heidi Dixon, the centre’s community program developer.

About 10 people cobbled the rainbow-coloured dreamcatcher together from an old trampoline, rope and “a lot of spray paint.”

“When we want to do something, we want to do something big, so we went as big as we could,” said Dixon.

This year’s Pride week theme is “Stronger Together,” and Dixon said their creation naturally fit with that.

“Dreamcatchers are all about — everything is connected, everything goes well together,” she said.

“We really wanted to represent our culture, so we came together as a committee and we decided that a dreamcatcher would be the best thing we can do.”

The centre has reached out to Guinness World Records to try and verify what they believe is the world’s biggest dreamcatcher, a process Dixon said takes about 12 weeks.

In the meantime, she and her team have been hard at work making the rainbow mobile for Sunday’s parade, a feat that requires a little bit of engineering, and lot of muscle.

“We’re going to have some strong people that can push it on wheels.”

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Okay but imagine Jehan borrowing Montparnasse's clothes, and like Parnasse would be okay with it if it wasn't for the fact that Jehan somehow always manages to pair clothes that just looks awful together. Which should be impossible because literally everything Parnasse owns goes well together but yet Jehan somehow succeeds? No one knows how.

“Jehan you can’t wear velvet and leather at the same time!”

“I can and I did! It’s on my body, look!”

“Take it off! And I don’t mean that in a sexy way!”

The Plum Guy (Part 2)

Summary: A month later, just as the reader was losing hope about ever seeing this plum guy, they bump into each other for the thousandth time.

Word Count: 1,240

A/N: I had no idea the amount notes tpg would reach so thank you all! Hope you like this bit. If everything goes well, maybe it’ll be a series.

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One Month Later

It was a cold and cloudy day; your favorite kind of days. You came from a place of constant sunshine and humidity so to finally live in a place that was the exact opposite made you excited to go out everyday. But in this case, you were stuck inside working all day. It was another slow day in this bookstore so you sat at the counter staring out the window.

“You know, it’s probably slow right now because people don’t want to come into a store with someone greeting that has that look on their face.” A voice popped out from behind you. It was one of your coworkers, Pietro. Since he was related to your roommate, she hooked you up with this job.

“People come in for the books. Not the girl at the cashier.” You turned your chair around to face him. “No one even comes in at this hour.”

“But wouldn’t it be nice to be greeted by a pretty face?” He grinned.

“If that’s the case, maybe you should be where I am right now.”

“Ha!” He guffawed. “Like I’d ever sit on my ass for eight hours. I like to be up and moving, darling.” He walked away from you after slamming a small pile of books beside you.

You took one of the books from the pile and rifled through it. You stopped at a random page and started reading. Your eyes skimmed through the words but your mind wasn’t there. It was off thinking about that guy at the grocery store. It was a month after the whole thing happened but you still thought about him every now and then. It was one of those times where you fell in love with a complete stranger but the two of you will probably never see each other ever again. But something about him made you really frustrated. How you had all those opportunities to talk to him and never did.

Rolling your eyes at yourself, you put the book back in the pile and went back to staring out the window. “Pietro, turn on the music! It’s so quiet in here, I think I’m about to pull my hair out.”

Since then, a few people have came in and out of the store. No one really started a conversation with you because you weren’t the conversation type and who likes making small talk with some cashier anyway?

You took your phone out and checked the time. It was almost noon, which meant your break was about to begin. You got ready to leave before you heard the light chime of the bell, signaling someone was at the door. Turning your head, you froze.

The plum guy.

You quickly turned around and ran through the aisle of books. “Pietro!” You whispered as loud as you could.

“What? Why are you crouched down all weird?” He made a weird face at you as you tried to hide from the guy at the counter.

“Nevermind that! I’m going to go on my break, cover my spot up front. Will you?”

“Your break doesn’t start for another 20 minutes, Y/N. What’s going on?”

You sighed in defeat before you finally stood like a regular person. “It’s the plum guy.”

“That guy?! The one you met a month ago?” You nodded at every question he asked. “Well, we’ve got to go introduce yourself!”

“Hell no! Hell, motherfucking, no! You weren’t there, you have no idea how much I humiliated myself in front of him!”

Pietro paused. “Isn’t he the one that knocked down a bunch of fruit after staring at you?”

“Yes, that’s true. But he caught me staring at him! What if he knows who I am? What if he recognizes me and leaves because how odd I was acting?” Questions spewed out of your mouth and your coworker stood there in awe. This was the most he’s ever seen you talk in minutes.

“He probably forgot all about you. Just go out there and do your job.” He took you by the shoulders and turned your body toward the front. The plum guy stood in front of the counter, looking through the pile of books. He doesn’t look any different from the last time you saw him. Still attractive, basically.

“Hang on, are you saying I’m someone that you can easily forget? That’s so ru-” You tried making an excuse to start an arguement between the two of you but Pietro had already pushed your body to the front.

You made a mental note to ask his sister to kick his ass as you stood near the counter, alone, facing this man.

“Say something!” You hear Pietro whisper from behind a bookshelf.

You slowly approached the counter and kept you eyes on the person in front of you the whole time. “Uh, hi.” You cleared your throat. A snicker came from the same bookshelf and you resisted the urge to run up to him and pull Pietro’s pretty hair off his head.

The man looked up from the book and gave you a friendly smile. “Hi. Sorry, are these yours?” He put down the book in his hands. You shook your head and told him you were just skimming through them. “Do you work here?”

“Yeah, are you looking for anything in particular?” You fidgeted with your hands as you tried to maintain eye contact with him.

“I don’t really know. I was just walking around this part of town and wandered in here.” He looked around the bookstore before looking back at you and pausing. “Uh, you look really familiar. Have we met?”

Your eyes widened and your heart exploded. “I-I don’t think so, no. I guess I just have that kind of face, you know. I get that a lot. I look like a lot of people.” You continued you rambling until you noticed him smiling at you again and realized how much you were talking.

“I could’ve sworn I’ve seen you somewhere before. Well, maybe it was someone else.” He shrugged and went along walking around the store. A part of you felt a bit disappointed he didn’t remember what happened back at the grocery store. Maybe you were easy to forget.

Get your shit together, Y/N. This happened for a reason. Now is your chance to make a move. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Do it, get tough and just say something!

You looked back at Pietro, who was giving you an encouraging smile and a thumbs up. Without thinking, you followed plum guy and tapped his shoulder. “Hey, now that I think of it, you look familiar too. What’s your name?” You could feel your heart beating in your ears with this risk.

“I’m Bucky. And you are?” He turned away from the shelf to pay all of his attention to you. His name repeated in your head.

“Y/N. I don’t think we’ve actually, formally, met. But I have seen you before.” You surprised yourself at the risk you’re taking. Normally, you would never do such a thing and leave something in the past.

“Really? When?” He raised his eyebrows and his eyes scanned over you, trying to remember the last time you’d seen each other.

“Well, it had something to do with plums; if that tells you anything.”

After a brief moment, Bucky widened his eyes and took half a step back. “Oh, shit.”

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My bro & I don't get along 2 well but we're going to a convention 2gethr in March. I'm gona cosplay either Jean, Marco, or Levi. Im leaning towards Jean cuz I have a similar haircut to him and wouldnt have to buy a wig. I'm hoping evrythin goes well!

I hope everything goes well too. That sounds like it might be stressful but I’d really wish you and your brother to get along.

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Hey, I clicked on a link to the shirts you made, but the website said it was closed now. Is there somewhere I can view your merch?

Nope. My merch is offline. Had some major issues with the company and I had to completely pull everything. 

I’ll have merch available at SitC (plus if all goes well SUPER COOL LIMITED EDITION SITC MERCH) which’ll be cool. I’ll figure out what to do about online soon. There’s just like… NO good company for this. Huge vacuum for this sorta thing in the UK. I couldn’t put viewers through the district lines extortionate shipping hassle and I can’t do it myself cause Lord am I busy. 

I’ll figure it out and talk about it in a vid soon x