if everything goes well!

I’ve got an interview on Thursday to volunteer at the library over the summer

If everything goes well, I’ve got my volunteer hours done for school over this summer and possibly a job within the next year, so wish me luck?

Random tips for vet school


  1. Pick clinics where you’ll be allowed to do the most. This’ll depend on where you are in your training. Start with clinics that have good techs who can show you the basics (blood draws, catheters, restraint techniqes) and go from there. If your school doesn’t have a place where students can review their placements, ask your seniors for recommendations.
  2. Some provinces (/states?) may not allow students to do surgery (desexings). Research where you’re allowed to and plan those for your later rotations (after you’ve had a chance to do some at school)
  3. (Small animal) dental experience is SUPER important. Clinics that let students desex animals typically let you polish and scale +/- simple extractions too
  4. Play around with different anaesthetic protocols. Now is the time to become familiar with as many drugs as possible while the prof is still there to watch and make sure everything goes well
  5. Clean up after yourself
  6. Don’t voice your opinion in front of the client unless the vet asks. You don’t have a degree so cannot give medical advice yet. If you’re worried about something, bring it up in private
  7. Respect your techs/nurses. They will save your ass
  8. Treat it like a job. If you leave a good impression the vet will remember you long enough to act as a reference for when you apply for work

Pre-vet school volunteering:

  1. Start early
  2. Treat it like a job. Establish good work ethics. The vet will probably be your reference into vet school +/- reference once you’ve graduated and start looking for work.
  3. Volunteer at multiple clinics (eg GP, emergency, specialist, small animal, large animal, etc)

(Feel free to add more!)


On the Art of Packaging :

Thorin Durin is the successful CEO of Lonely Mountain LTD, a thriving firm specialized in Energy and Mining based in Dale, Yorkshire. Everything goes well for him and his employees –fondly nicknamed “the company”. That is, until the ecology activist Thranduil Greenwood decides to spread false accusation on their pipeline network : the Lasgalenn. Now, Lonely Mountain needs to restore its reputation. And who else than Bilbo Baggins, called the “communicator extraordinaire” in the milieu, to do the job ?
Unfortunately, Durin is not exactly fond of communication in general, on a personal and on a professional level, and their working together is probably not going to run smoothly … especially seeing how Baggins doesn’t seem incline to coward in front of the CEO, a feat he would be the first in many years to accomplish.

Ok folks. This is a summary of the fic I’m currently writing for the anniversary. I added a little newspaper montage I did myself (and, really, it shouldn’t have taken so damn long seeing how bad it looks).

Feedback appreciated, of course, and I’m always happy to talk about headcanons and stuff, so feel free to contact me or react to this post.

 Bellarke Legally Blonde AU where Clarke gets to Harvard Law School to impress her boyfriend Finn, but then she discovers he’s engaged to another student, Raven Reyes.  Later Clarke gets internship with Professor Kane alongside with Raven and Finn. There she met  Bellamy Blake - associate attorney. 

Then everything goes darker, because mayor’s son Wells Jaha was killed (sorry Wells). Altogether they work to defend John Murphy, who is accused of murdering Wells.  

Clarke and Bellamy believes in his innocence, so they’re doing their best to prove it, spending hella lot of time together and falling in love. Raven helps too,  her and Clarke slowly becomes friends. Raven breaks up with Finn realising that she deservse so much better. Kane is cool dude and no hitting on Clarke stuff is required.

Murphy is excused, everybody happy.


read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1ICGCjp

by FandomLife54

A new creature in town haunts people with illusions of their worst nightmares. As the pack splits up to search, Derek gets caught in an illusion and Stiles gets hurt. Stiles needs to snap him out of it before he hurts someone else and help Derek through his guilty nightmare. With tensions high, the pack hunts down the creature. Everything goes well until Stiles gets caught by his own illusion.

Words: 6912, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1ICGCjp

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The difference is getting so much bigger, it doesn't make sense :((( Everyone is working super hard, I don't want to let bts down and the fandom down :( Thank you for all your hard work too, I hope everything goes well <3

I’m literally watching it in three different browsers now but I keep seeing the number drop… It’s so heartbreaking and I keep thinking about how the boys will feel if they don’t win first this time and that keeps me hoping that we’ll manage it for them…

its at 94.00 now ;__;

I want the boys to win so much oh my god I might cry

guys!! we got this!! we still have time!! keep your head up! we are all working very hard and i know it’s getting tiring and you’re starting to lose motivation but stay positive!! play heungtan on repeat!!

To whoever implemented that the smell of sweat is unsanitary and unacceptable in todays society - i hope you died, falling into a fiery ditch, or in some other more brutal fashion.


Zojja: So, Zojja, balance for today? Your rocket is modified and probably destroyed, You have proofs that Sixam exist, Your plumbot betrayed You, You found that accidentally found smuggler is Admiral of Your race military forces and… He left without saying a word and is absent for more than two hours now.
Zojja: …
Zojja: Well, at least he said I am pretty penguin.
Zojja: …
Zojja: For Jitu’ mercy, what I am doing? The situation is definitely not good… I need to do something for him… I need to inform my parents anonymously that he was found. They will be happy about it… And if everything goes well, he will be happy also… And this is my priority.

Next time you say you’re pro-life, imagine this:

You’re a 17 year old female college student living on campus. Your roommate is just another female student you have nothing in common with. Your school takes up 38 hours a week, next to that you have a minimum wage job of 15 hours a week. Even though you have a job, you still need to think twice about getting that $3 cup of coffee every once a week.

Your exams are nearly there. You need to focus really hard on school so you drop a sport or stop going out every Friday night. You and your boyfriend spend less time together. You make the times you do see eachother count. However, you always use protection in bed. Unfortunately, one tragic day, the condom breaks. What do you do? Your medication doesn’t allow the morning after pill. You hope everything goes well. It doesn’t.

You’re 5 weeks pregnant. Your boyfriend can’t handle the stress of being a father at the age of 17-18 so he leaves you. The fucking coward. You’re left alone, on campus, with school, a job, and pregnant. 

You have a history with depression. Due to you being pregnant, you can’t take your antidepressants anymore and, with the arrival of winter, slowely start to feel worse. You haven’t told anyone about you being pregnant yet; but your boss sees your attitude with work and fires you. You are now left without income, on a college campus, with a roommate. During the time you’re pregnant you can’t look for another job. If your parents can’t lend you any money you end up without housing.

7 weeks. You’re pro-life, right? So abortions are out of the question. In the mean time, because you lost your job, your boyfriend left you, got immense student loans and still do that 38 hours/week of school, you’re depressed. You’re seeing therapists but nothing works. You can’t pay for medication. You can’t pay for housing. You can’t pay for school anymore. You end up with your parents, but they’re poor and can’t afford to let you live with them again. You end up on the streets. You only see one way out; taking your own life. Next day, you wait near the train tracks, and once you see something coming you take your own life.

What do you rather want? Removing a few lifeless/dead cells or someone taking their own lives? Remember; abortions are simply dead cells being removed. Those cells are just as dead as hair or dead skin. Next time you get your hair done, remember ‘you just killed a baby’ because it’s not fucking alive. Fuck pro-lifers.

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Could I request some comforting Aomine?? i have to get a psychiatric evaluation soon and I'm really not looking forward to it at all (i love your blog loads~~)

I hope everything goes well /sends you lots of love/

He kissed your hand gently as the two of you sat on the couch in the living room. No words were exchanged, only the sound of Aomine kissing your fingers, each hand and arms. He was gentle and he let you know that no matter what happens or what is going on, he will always be by your side. He was never good with words, but his actions proved you wrong whenever you thought he doesn’t love you.

He leaned closer to you, his navy blue eyes looking into yours. They were filled with emotions you barely seen before and you knew each emotion that was shown. Love, care, concern and many others, but you could only recognize those three. You knew he cared more than he showed.

And then he stopped. You didn’t ask or spoke; you just let yourself be swept into his arms. You breathed in his shampoo you loved and closed your eyes. Aomine caressed your head and tightened the embrace. He didn’t want to let you go and you felt your lips turning up in a smile as the realization hit you over and over again.

You were safe and you knew everything will be fine.