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Congratulations to Jacksepticeye

I just wanna a say CONGRATULATIONS to the #1 YouTuber; @therealjacksepticeye!! Seriously though, it’s amazing how far he’s come I such a short period of time. I can’t thank you enough for all the joy that you’ve brought to me personally as well as to the world and the Jacksepticeye community. I can’t express how much of a positive impact you made on my life. You’ve inspired me, made me smile and made me just plain happy every day. My day is spent with a timer that automatically activates every morning that counts down until 5:00 p.m. And 8 p.m. Every day! To be honest, I don’t know what my life would be like without watching your videos everyday. I can’t actually picture it. You’ve made such an impact! Thank you so much for not only making my life better - but for making the world a happier and better place! You deserve every thank you @therealjacksepticeye (1 last time - thank you) :D - Sean Nagle :)

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You’re LATE! Where were you?!

I finished my first Game Grumps animation!! :D I hope you all like it and if you want to see more Game Grumps animated from me, please hit that subscribe button on my channel and like the video!

And to @gamegrumps thank you SO much for all of the laughs you bring to my life everyday. I hope this shows my gratitude and love if you ever see it. <3

Voltron Youtuber AU part 2

read part 1 here

alright ya crazy kiddos ya’ll asked for it so here we go. I’m gonna so a lil farther into each channel besides just gaming channels bc there’s more than that and lmao more ideas arose

doesnt really follow the last one but kinda I guess?? I’m kinda everywhere on this one

under the cut bc its kinda long 

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So I've heard there are types of witches, but what are they? Could you maybe please make a list of the types of witches, what they do, and traits of the witches? Thank you!

Hiya! So there are MANY types of witches, but I can explain some of them!

Cosmic Witch: A witch who mainly works with the stars, moon, sun, planets and universe.

Elemental Witch: A witch who uses the four elements in their craft. (Fire, Earth, Water, Air)

Green Witch: A witch who uses nature in their craft! This may include plants, the earth, faeries, or any natural element or herbal related things.

Kitchen Witch: A witch who mainly uses elements from their home. Not necessarily things relating to the kitchen, but a lot of the time this may be the case! They add elements of magic into their everyday life, like domestic witchcraft. They might use it while cleaning the house or cooking as well.

Eclectic Witch: A witch who uses different crafts and practices and makes it their own.

Sea Witch: A witch who uses the sea/ocean in their craft! (exactly how it sounds, I know.) They might use things related to the ocean in their craft, like sand or shells.

Tech Witch: A witch who uses technology and the modern world in their craft! (This one is also self explanatory).

Pop Culture Witch: A witch who uses pop culture in their work! They use pieces from video games, comics, or any kind of pop culture in their spells or sigils, etc.

Urban Witch: A witch who lives in the city and uses that to their advantage in their craft. They might use things they find in the urban setting as well.

There are many more kinds of witches, I just thought i’d include the ones I was most familiar with! Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about these types or types I didn’t list!

Fluffy interactions to boost relationship progress

+ They find a reason to hold hands or do it accidentally
+ They/one of them have a death grip when cuddling
+ The “let’s be friends forever” talk
+ Play fighting/teasing to annoy them coz its funny
+ making food together
+ Reassuring them when they get scared
+ the “you talk about me?” question
+ Poking each other for attention
+ “I’ll hug you first” competition
+ giving each other nicknames
+ Fighting over food
+ sharing food that the other’s taken a bite out of
+ food/pillow fights
+ board/video games
+ they get reminded of the other’s likes and dislikes in everyday life
+ they get too close when naked
+ accidentally touch or face plant into others private parts
+ “I’m looking after you because you’re ill and that’s that”
+ singing in a public place together
+ When one talks about something they love
+ When one let’s the other rant
+ Bowling/movies/dancing/fort building
+ personal question/trivia/secrets
+ playful revenge
+ “I’ll show you my secret hobby/guilty pleasure”
+ deliberately holding hands (most likely leading to a confession)
+ “is this a date?” (Leads to confession)
+ private lessons/teaching the other
+ close together in a tight space
+ knight in shining armour
+ forced to kiss
+ flirting/winking
+ lingering touches and hugs/held gazes - especially effective if the reserved one is doing this
+ the “you’re special to me” talk, without the “no homo”
+ accidental love letter/confession in found diary
+ competing with others together
+ sleeping in the same bed
+ people forcing them together/having to do activities together
+ accidentally confessing they’d kiss the other/accidentally kissing the other
+ operation jealousy
+ getting the other presents/doing stuff for the other
+ annoying the other to get their attention
+ flattery and compliments
+ getting in the others way/ preventing them from doing stuff so they won’t leave
+ calling each other cute/attractive
+ waiting in the rain for the other at the meet up point
+ helping them after a fight/ when they get drunk/ when they get upset
+ pretending to date
+ head on the other’s lap/shoulder
+ one ruffles the other’s hair
+ catching them doing something stupid/ being a dork
+ “let me read your book/ see your art/ listen to you play/sing”
+ taking photos together
+ sharing clothes
+ pinning one to the floor/wall
+ dressing the other one up/ terribly doing the other’s make up
+ you have to be close to share an umbrella
+ studying together
+ massage
+ dragging them by their wrist/clothes
+ fixing the other’s bedhead/ “there’s something on your face”
+ telling a story together about something they did
+ feeding each other
+ talking about anything from tv shows to why humans are alive
+ visiting/calling/texting because they’re bored/to wish them happy birthday/Christmas
+ getting them out of situations they predict the other will be uncomfortable in
+ telling each other about their quirks
+ going places together
+ pranking each other
+ swearing at the other affectionately/ telling them “don’t be a dick” because the other is being rude to other people
+ putting up with something one person doesn’t want to do because the other wants to do it

(Note: not all of these work for OTPs that are strangers, some have to have known each other for years to do these things!!)

Kenny the ISFP-T


These will be my own interpretations of each of the main four. Since these are gonna take a while I may as well separate them into individual posts by character. Besides they’re easier on people’s dashes this way.

Kenny… I fully expect this to be a tough one.

Introverted – “ I often prefer doing things alone or with one or two people I feel comfortable with. I take time to reflect so that I have a clear idea of what I’ll be doing when I decide to act. Ideas are almost solid things for me.”

Well this one’s easy. Kenny’s very clearly an introvert. He talks to only a handful of people and only chooses a few moments to do so, other times simply taking in information or satiating his own boredom. But socializing? Not one of his hobbies. There’s even some times where he’s silent even when people directly talk to him.

 His reactions are mostly internal, making external reactions seem very minimal.

Another thing I noticed, on the topic of that ^ Kenny doesn’t really talk to his parents. It’s more like they tell each other things and then that’s the end of it. 

There are only a handful of scenes I’ve seen where Kenny talks to his parents and they’re all short and to the point. The only exception is when he’s dressed as Mysterion. That’s actually an interesting thing to note. I could totally see Kenny using this as a way to talk to his family completely unfiltered.

The fact that Kenny doesn’t talk to his family much actually makes the depiction of his friendships even more heartwarming, since with the four boys he definitely comes out of his shell, showing a little snippet of every side of him to them.

But even then, he’s still pretty reserved. There’s very few times when Kenny will do something like go on a long winded speech or go out of his way to start a conversation. That’s got nothing to do with a comfort zone. That’s just the way Kenny is. He’s not shy, especially with his filthy mouth. He just doesn’t talk much.

Sensing – “Paying attention to physical reality, what I see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. I’m concerned with what is actual, present, current, and real. I notice facts and I remember details that are important to me.“

When I took the test I got the result of INTJ, but that was a little while ago, and looking at Kenny with the info I’m reading about the MBTI, the way he makes decisions is definitely in a Sensing approach, not an Intuitive approach.

Kenny is very much about the reality of every situation. He observes things in a very “that’s the way it is” manner, constantly weighing his options over whether or not it’s worth taking action as opposed to letting it happen. Most of the time he doesn’t interfere with most things, probably from a fear of dying if things escalate too quickly, which, they tend to do. And that of course is because of his repeated experience of dying at the drop of a hat. 

But that’s when things are already in motion. On the flip side, when nothing is happening and he is asked to do something, he often doesn’t object. Especially if it’s for the sake of an activity for his friends,

or for the sake of money.

But despite all the watching and thinking he does, he really doesn’t bother with philosophical or morally dubious questions. It’s an easy task for Kenny to accept things the way they are without much hesitation, and he can’t really be bothered with the question why. 

That’s probably how he ended up being Cartman’s best friend. A loyal friend who doesn’t ask questions makes for a good partner in crime.

Feeling –  “I believe I can make the best decisions by weighing what people care about and the points-of-view of persons involved in a situation. I am concerned with values and what is the best for the people involved. I like to do whatever will establish or maintain harmony. In my relationships, I appear caring, warm, and tactful.”

Probably the biggest misconception in the fandom is how Kenny handles relationships. Sure he talks a lot about how he wants to fuck tons of bitches to his friends and is incredibly crude about it, but that’s not how he treats his girlfriends.

Despite his frustrations with them and the fact that he actually does want to get laid with them, he treats them very sweetly and never directs any anger towards the particular girl he’s with. 

And even when it looks like he’s not going to get what he wants he still sticks around with them, even though he’s not happy with the outcome. He’ll go along with it for them. 

The fact that he changed his entire lifestyle for Tammy with no hope of a reward was a very drastic decision, but considering it was his first real life girlfriend it was probably a nice change to his usual domestic setting.

At a first glance this may not seem like a drastic decision considering it’s just settling into a dreary life, but it really is one. Kenny was consistently exposed to completely different stimulants before he went along with Tammy’s weird ring philosophy. Huffing paint, drawing tits, playing bloody video games, looking at playboys… For him to live a very opposite life, even when Tammy wasn’t around to catch him doing something different is very much an extreme. And it’s very rare for him to do.

Usually consistent in his everyday but subtly delinquent life, Kenny’s decision making rarely leads him to jumping into action. When it does, it’s purely emotion driven.

And most of the time incredibly reckless.

Those decisions aren’t logic driven. There may be logic behind it, but that isn’t what makes them happen. He feels the emotion, for maybe a few seconds he may rationalizes, but then he just does it.

Perceiving - “I use my perceiving function (whether it is Sensing or Intuition) in my outer life. Others see me staying open to new experiences and information. I like to stay open to respond to whatever happens. I appear to be loose and casual. I like to keep plans to a minimum. I work in bursts of energy.”

Kenny doesn’t give a fuck. 

I mean he does, but he certainly doesn’t think it’s worth worrying over. Kenny goes with the flow. STDs? Fuck it let’s roll the dice. Girlfriend not giving you a blowjob? Fuck it, watch some Grey’s Anatomy. Peruvian Flute Band stealing your thunder? Fuck it let’s dance.

He’s very fond of not being stressed and he definitely doesn’t like to brood. Slowing down to Kenny is the worst and he’d always rather being doing something than sitting down and moping about something not going his way.

Kenny just goes wherever life takes him, constantly being entertained by what he sees and just going with it as best he can.

Kenny isn’t negative or bored unless he’s absolutely forced to be. He’ll look for any kind of stimulant to avoid boredom and negativity. And considering he’s poor and lives in an abusive household, sometimes these wacky adventures his best friend and friend group drag him on aren’t around enough. Sometimes he needs a little substitute.

Kenny isn’t picky. He’s flexible and willing to try anything.

Overall Kenny is definitely a rare type of character. The quiet kid who will roll with anything you throw at him. An incredibly loyal friend who talks about doing the filthiest things but is also a sweetheart to women, and also a little bit of a druggie. But somehow, it all ties together. Character goals.

That’s my character analysis on Kenny. Next up is Cartman… oh boy, that’s gonna be fun.

Stan the ESFP-T
Kyle the INFJ-A

some gifs I made myself, the others you can find at @south-park-gifs

Concept: Downworlders Tube (like YouTube but only accessible to downworlders?)

~Videos consist of: Luke and the pack at Jade Wolf, doing their Wolfy thing.

~Luke cooking. Luke talking about his kids (vampire son, werewolf daughter and shadowhunter daughter)

~Maia ranting about books and videos games and not being able to eat chocolate and cute white hair ware wolf.

~Meliorn ‘gossip’ really it’s just them throwing shade.

~ The everyday life of Magnus Bane 'when I’m not being rudely interrupted by shadowhunters’

~Brot3 hang outs: Magnus, Ragnor and Raphael. Again lots of shade, lots of alcohol, lots of dancing on tables.

~The vampires of Hotel DuMort: shit ton of night time shopping tips and online shopping tips.

~Raphael Santiago: 'Stupid thing my fledgling did today’, how to style your hair in 60 seconds -“he took 60 minutes-Simon”

~Simon Lewis: Nerd rants™, singing. 'Things I did to annoy my boyfriend today’

~Camille: videos on how to be a petty bitch™

Defending Ben Tennyson - a rant by a fangirl

Ben Tennyson is many things. He’s a world-famous superhero, 1 000 912 different alien species (some of which he hasn’t even used yet), and a teenage boy who likes smoothies and video games. He is a very interesting, complex character. But he isn’t always perfect. And that’s okay.

But I don’t think that makes him “a jerk”. 

Whether it be on an alien mission, or in his everyday life, Ben always tries his best to fix what was broken. And if he doesn’t succeed, he doesn’t give up. 

“You know why I always win? Because I don’t give up.” (Ben 10 : Omniverse episode “Many Happy Returns”)

That’s what makes him a hero. Before the summer roadtrip even began for Ben, he seemed to already have…heroic traits about his character. His good heart and sense of justice. What kind of ten year olds do you know that would step in between bullying when they should be far from school since the bell had already gone and they were free to run for the hills for summer vacation? I know I probably wouldn’t have done the same. Out of fear probably. Aside from that, I am aware that this scene seems to be minor or unimportant as it is before the “actual story” begins. But really here us our first proof that Ben Tennyson is a real hero.

Ben is written as a character who is meant to be relatable, but also represent every kid’s dream of their ideal sci-fi superheroic self. He’s a kid who has been given this gift from the stars that he himself has decided to use to help others.

Look, if I can figure this thing out, maybe I can help people. I mean really help them. Not just…you know…make things worse.” (Ben 10 episode “And Then There Were 10″)

Although just like the curious fun-loving kid he is, sometimes he likes to have fun with his powers. Which is completely reasonable. 

I hear a lot of controversy about the way Ben’s character is written throughout Alien Force. I want to point out that if you’d just put yourself in his position with the events of this particular series… I feel like he’s written quite realistically. The same could be said for Ultimate Alien and Omniverse. 

At the beginning of Alien Force, Ben is shown going back to a somewhat “normal” life. He’s playing soccer, winning medals, living the life of an average teenage high school boy. He wants to show his newly won medal to his grandfather, but unfortunately Grampa Max is nowhere to be found. Bringing Ben back to his roots, he ends up putting the watch back on and becoming the leader of his team, fighting aliens on their own in search of his missing grandfather. And this is where I’d like to point out that Ben is criticized as being “too mature”. Unlike his ten year old self. I think that this is because unlike before, Ben doesn’t have Grampa Max to tell him where he’s gone wrong or what he should do. 

Now he’s the one in charge. He has to step up. He has to be the hero. And his behaviour here is quite admirable. 

Later in the show (season 3 of Alien Force), he’s criticized as being “too arrogant”. This right after Ben and his team saves the Earth from the Highbreed. I believe that he’s definitely allowed to be proud of himself. If you recall ten year old Ben, being a little cocky was part of his character and although some might find it ‘obnoxious’ it is part of his personality. Aside from that, by this time in the show Grampa Max is back and Ben seems much more comfortable with his role as a hero and leader of his team. 

He’s still a hero. He still does what is expected of him when the time comes. 

Throughout Ultimate Alien and Omniverse, Ben’s character is a mix or both of the above traits. His ambition and maturity make him an admirable superhero. His cockiness make him a fun and relatable character. He knows when to be serious about a situation, and when to be chill. He is not just a cookie-cutter inhumanly perfect superhero. 

But that is exactly what makes him so perfect. 

And that’s why Ben 10 is my hero ♡ You can tell how much I love him from this essay haha ♡♡ I could honestly go on forever and I’ll probably write more some other time since there’s much more I’d like to say, but I’ll end it here.

Have you ever been interested in finding out what astrological placements make you like a certain kind of video game?  In my studies I have found several factors can influence this.  Those include the sun in the sign, the house sun is in the birth horoscope, and the sign placement that lies on the 5th house cusp of Fun and Hobbies.

Including below is a comprehensive list of Video games and styles of games a person may enjoy by the factors listed above.

When the Sun is In Aries, Sun is in the 1st House, or Aries is on the 5th House Cusp there may be an interest in:

War Video Games.  Call of Duty.  Battlefield.  Sports Video Games. Hack and Slash Video Games.  Games with little down time.  Games where you are moving forward.  Games that include asserting the will. Games that you can pick up and play.  A constant influx of something new as you play.  Games where you have to defend or occupy.  Tower Defense style video games.  Bare knuckle fighting video games like Street fighter.

When The Sun is in Taurus, Sun is in the 2nd house, or Taurus is on the fifth House Cusp

Musical Games.  Artistic Games.  Games about dressing up.  Games that you relax too.  Games involving Resources.  Making and Spending Money. Simulation games about Business.  Games about nature.  Exploring Nature. Games involving food play.  Cooking games.  Games that include progression. Role Playing games.  Platforming games where you collect things.

When the Sun is in Gemini , Sun is in the 3rd House, or Gemini is on the 5th house Cusp

Video games that may have multiple genres and variety in them.  Games that involve learning.  Brain games. Games that include puzzles or are puzzle games.  Communication in the games.  Games that involve writing.  Games that involve Driving.  Games with a sense of humor to them.  Video games with multiple tasks to complete in them.  Games that utilize the dexterity skill of the hands.

When the Sun is in Cancer , Sun is in the 4th House, or Cancer is on the 5th house Cusp

Games that have family appeal to them.  Games that include family bonding. A family atmosphere in the actual games.  Family simulators like the Sims. Multiplayer video games.  Games that may be about nurturing and raising.

When the Sun is in Leo , Sun is in the 5th House, or Leo is on the 5th house Cusp

The Ultimate gamer.  Games where they can lead.  Sports video games. Games where they can strive to be number one and strut their stuff. Games that include being creatively self expressive. Music Games. Games you can create your own character.  A game where you can raise your character from a youthful state.  Games that are just plain fun. May have a childlike aura about the games.  Video games involving creative characters.  Video games where risks must be taken to win. Dating Simulators.  Video Games that involve raising children. Video games where the main characters themselves are children.  

When the Sun is in Virgo , Sun is in the 6th House, or Virgo is on the 5th house Cusp

Games that have an everyday appeal to them.  Games that simulate real life. Specific tasks must be accomplished.  Games where they can offer services, like own a shop or be a healer. Games that require use of the mind.  Detail oriented video games.  Puzzle games.  Building a character for a role playing game.  Video games where they can raise pets or involve animals in the plot or character build.  Role playing games, or fantasy games.  Games where the storylines may include a medical or health overtone.

When the Sun is in Libra , Sun is in the 7th House, or Libra is on the 5th house Cusp

Social games.  Multiplayer Games.  Games you need a partner to complete. Games that involve dressing or beautifying a character.  Video games where you have to negotiate.  Strategy games that require diplomacy skills to win. Games involving a heavy emphasis on Law. Lawyer Simulators.  Phoenix Wright. Games where justice is solved. Story lines with characters who believe the pen is mightier then the sword.  Games where you work to bring balance that is out of sorts in some way.

When the Sun is in Scorpio , Sun is in the 8th House, or Scorpio is on the 5th house Cusp

Intense video games.  Video Games that require commitment and loyalty. Role Playing or Adventure Video Games.  Games where you have deep emotional attachment to the characters.  Games where there are twists, turns, upheavals, or mysteries to be solved.  Games where the storylines center on taboo, occult, or metaphysical things.  Games that are psychological in nature. Silent Hill.  Horror Games.  Games that test the willpower.  Sports Games. War Games.

When the Sun is in Sagittarius , Sun is in the 9th House, or Sagittarius is on the 5th house Cusp

Another ultimate gamer position.Video games that help broaden the horizons. Video games from other cultures.  Anime inspired video games.  Lots of adventuring and exploring to do.  Role playing type of videos.  RPGS that include building a higher education and philosophy system into their character. Games that involve stories including people with many different backgrounds and cultures.  Video games with storylines that have religious overtones. Multiplayer games where they have to teach the ropes to others.  Sports video games relating to precision. Passing specialists, quarterbacks, archers. Games involving precise shooting skills; sniping.  Middle-age or medieval games that use horses as a form of transportation.

When the Sun is in Capricorn , Sun is in the 10th House, or Capricorn is on the 5th house Cusp

Video games where there are serious overtones.  Storylines in games where people deal with real life situations and issues.  A game where you have to build a reputation.  Storylines where you start from the bottom and work your way up.  character driven role playing and adventure games.  Simulation video games.  Video games that teach real life skills that help build a career or aid in real life vocation.  Games where there is a sense of accomplishment as you play them.  Accolades or notoriety are given for achieving a high score.  Playing games to be on the top 10 list. 

When the Sun is in Aquarius , Sun is in the 11th House, or Aquarius is on the 5th house Cusp

Massively Multiplayer online games.  Being involved in the world and making a different to how it shapes.  Games they can build a sense of attachment with through their own aspirations.  Having the ability to choose between working with various factions.  Being able to work at their own pace despite being in a organization.  Options for working with others or going at it alone.  Games they can drop in and out of.  Games that including a sense of inventing something. Progressive games. Games including futuristic storylines.  Complex and progressive storylines.  Sci-Fi Games.  Video games that are cutting edge. Virtual Reality.

When the Sun is in Pisces , Sun is in the 12th House, or Pisces is on the 5th house Cusp

Big gamer position.  Escape life by playing video games.  Video games may be played in isolation.  Doing things in video games they dream they can do in real life.  Saving the world.  Games that have fantasy like realms.  Role Playing Games.  Adventure Games.  Games with dragons or mythology.  Games about foreign lands and other worlds.  Video games that you can drop in and out of socially.  Video games where your character can be customized as you go. Games with storylines that deal with horror aspects, like secret enemies or the subconscious playing tricks.  Storylines where people deal with grief and sorrow

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Could you please do some Mikasa and Annie friendship headcanons?

Indeed I can, my dear!

  • Mikasa and Annie begrudgingly became friends because they realized they were better as teammates than enemies. (In canon, they learned that they could help each other be better soldiers. In modern, they’re in the same club/sport, and realized they’d be better if they worked together.) It didn’t happen over night, but over time. They slowly started to trust the other, to open up to them. And than, all of the sudden, they’re actually really close friends. 
  • Their relationship started from a very deep respect. Even though they had their problems when they first met, both Mikasa and Annie respected the other for their skills/intellect/personality/etc. 
  • Theirs is a friendship built on sarcasm. They have the exact same sense of humor and their relationship grew from there. They tease each other constantly, all in good fun of course, but teasing none the less. 
  • Annie is always cold, and her fingers and toes tend to be cold all the time, and Mikasa is her favorite victim to scare with icy fingers on the back of her neck or something. 

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mmmmmm what video games? :3c

Boi ahh there are so  many! It’s easier to just ask me about a certain video game. But I can tell you my favorites!

Okay my all time fav video games are Ace Attorney (all of them) and Danganronpa. I would die for both. I aslo played those short RPGs like Mad Father and shit. I know them all 

I also love games like The Walking Dead and Life is Strange, when you choose how you play and stuff TWD season 3 is killing me 

As for other video games I play Overwatch and League of Legends everyday. It’s a bad habit, but what can you do. I’m trying to finish Dark Souls III and Skyrim but,,, both are so hard… I’m dead 

Also Saints Row is one of my faves, but not as much as the others. Saints Row IV is the best 

Anyway feel free to ask me all about video games I have over 36 games on steam, a bunch for my PS4, a lot of shit for my Nintendo and a few for PSVita. Please please ask me about video gam e s

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I wanted to say you are so kind and I'd like to thank you for that. If Jean, Eren, Levi, Mikasa, Armin, Hange, Annie, and (living) Marco had YouTube channels or TV shows, what would they be about? Thanks again! ❤❤

Jean: NoHomoYoHomo - Make up tips for boys “who aren’t gay”
Eren: EhrenJaeger - Ranting about video games and tv shows
Levi: KeepingUpWithTheKids - Vlog about his life among children and the shit they do
Mikasa: TwoMurderedMen - Tips on self defense
Armin: Dicks_Out_for_arm_in - Discusses current political or scientific topics
Hanji: Hanjotime - Fucked up lifehacks and everyday science
Annie: Anniemals - Videos of cute animals she makes while visiting zoos all over the country
Marco: FrickFreckled - Therapy videos and how to love yourself

Infinity ; Jason Todd x Reader

Title: Infinity

Words: 1,487

Fandom: DC (BatFam)

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: One of the characters is smoking and the other tries to stop it.

Warning/s: Kinda angsty??? And a few swear words??

Legend: Y/N - Your Name ; Y/E/C - Your Eye Colour


You found him, in the balcony, leaning on the railings.

    His back was to you but you knew he’s smoking. You can see the wisps of white wafting as he shakily exhales.

    “Jason,” you said, softly but loud enough for him to hear and notice the seriousness in your voice.

    Your heels clicked on the floor as you walked towards the guy who meant a lot to you. It was the only sound that could be heard in the vicinity; everyone else was left on the ballroom, dancing and having fun.

    The moon was almost hidden in the clouds tonight. It was a starless night which made the sky looked like an expanse spreading towards infinity.

    Jason took a breath of his nicotine induced stick once more, blatantly ignoring your presence.

    You took a few steps forward until your body was pressed to the railing and were beside him. He didn’t even spare you a glance despite of your physical closeness; smoking was the only thing in his mind at this moment. It seemed like even though you were side by side, you both were far apart. So close, yet so far.

    And that worried you.

    When you met him, he was a cloud of smoke- literally and figuratively. He was with his signature black leather jacket and jeans of the same colour. Sunglasses perched on top of the bridge of his nose- the lenses hiding his piercing blue eyes -and a fag in between his long fingers. His lips blew out the smoke and it clung on the air with a desperate hope of staying longer.

    He had stood behind the convenience store your aunt owns, releasing his sorrows through the fag. You found that way several times and you were intrigued by him. He always had a leather jacket on and usually a beanie adorned his head when the weather was cold. He would buy fags at the store with some other nick nacks and head to the parking lot. You would often find yourself staring through the small window at the Manager’s office to look at the man who eventually became someone special in your life although at first glance the people already close to you disapprove of him.

    The reason you liked him at first glance was the reason they disliked him.

    It was raining when you both actually interacted with each other for the first time. No, you quite remembered it wasn’t just normal, light rain. It was a full on heavy rain that pounded on windows and roofs. You swore it could’ve been a storm but none of the news stated that.

    You had been at the mall for a few hours to help a friend out with a dilemma. You were quite sure the unnamed mystery leather jacketed person then would not be there at the store since it was raining hard as fuck and you were past the time he commonly arrives there. So, the shock that ran through you was great when you almost ran over the guy you found attractive and appealing at the parking lot.

    “Goddamnit!” Jason had yelled. The cigarette he had been smoking on fell to the ground as he unexpectedly shouted. You could say that he was surprised too.

    As you immediately got out of the car, apologies rolled off your tongue. He definitely was handsome but he looked like someone you didn’t want to fight with. Your bodily strength was only used to lift up a book or open a bag of something that is food. It was seriously a joke. You couldn’t match with him. Plus, the good side of his was something you aspired to be on because you wanted to get close to him. He had been sparking up your curiosity for days already and you wanted to crack the mysterious aura of this man with a beige beanie protecting his black hair from the rain.

    “I didn’t get resurrected to be killed again… And by a fucking car no less,” he mumbled after accepting your 99th apology. That made you more interested in him, instead of brushing off that odd remark people would typically pass for something as an irrelevant comment.

    Later, after two weeks of meeting up in the parking lot of your aunt’s store, about twenty five bags of crisps, five bottles of Jack, and 16 packs of cigs (his, obviously), you learned Jason was his name and that he’s been smoking since he was nineteen. He had an addiction that started because of his attempt to escape the desolation his life brings him due to reasons he said that were too messy to be untangled and understood.

    He told you he wanted to stop but felt like couldn’t because it was his release.

    “I smoke to forget the sadness and anger,” he had claimed which means he felt this negative emotions everyday because his smoking a daily habit.

    He stopped smoking when you both became close friends. You distracted him with your talks about Nirvana and their front man Kurt Cobain, dragging him to video game shops, discussing about a certain book that the two of you enjoyed and going restaurant hopping to buy loads of food. They were measly attempts but for some reason, it worked.

    He went from smoking a pack a day to none at all.

    Seven months and two weeks of not lighting one stick and he relapsed today. Out of all the days, the relapse happened today. Bruce would not be happy.

    He let out another shaky exhalation of smoke.

    You placed your hand on his forearm before facing him.

    “Jay, stop it.” You said to him. You received no response but only wisps of smoke.

    “Please, Jay… It’s almost eight months. Jason- you’ve been doing so well,” you pleaded. In those months where you spent time together, you developed feelings for him. It’s pathetic because he has enough burdens to carry and you did not need to add more confusion. Maybe your steady friendship was fine and perfect just the way it is. It would be something constant in the ever changing world of his.

    It’s saddening to see him stress and relapse.

    “Look, at me.”

    He turned his head to you, still leaning on the railings, finally some getting response from Jason.

    Jazz music from the party was heard even from here outside the balcony.

    “Old habits die hard, Y/N” he calmly stated before discarding his finished stick and whipping out a whole pack from his pocket.

    “Don’t do this. I thought you were happy now. I thought you were okay, Jay. Please, stop wallowing in your sorrow. I’m here. Talk to me.” You pleaded to Jason. Your whole body was turned to him and you were staring at his figure.


    His black hair framed his face so well and the little white streak added a depth of something mystifying. The blue eyes of his expressed thousands of emotions and buried secrets. Soft, pink lips that you found yourself looking at for a long period of time that is considered to be not the norm was pouted a bit at the moment as he an internal conflict with himself.

    He dipped his head down. He stared at the fags he had while you stared at him. You saw him making a move to light up one stick.

    This had to stop. You can’t let him be a slave to his emotions and what his past is doing to him. He deserves a life with no demons torturing him.

    He was an angel.

    Jason Peter Todd was a rare wingless angel that deserves goodness and happiness.

    Contemplating a minute or two on the fag or not, he decided to light it and get more nicotine in his system. He raised his hand to light the stick. You had to think quick.

    You need him to not smoke another stick or he’ll get back to finishing a pack a day. Or possibly even more than that considering what was going on with the present times.

    His fingers moved to the little wheel at the lighter to spark up a flame when you gingerly picked his fag and threw it.

    “What the-?” He started to say, fingers itching away from the tiny wheel of the thin lighter.

    You slipped your finger under his chin and forced him to look up so your eyes will meet. Blue eyes met with Y/E/C ones.

    ‘A girl shouldn’t be doing this but fuck it.’ You thought. You desperately needed him to know someone cares and loves him genuinely and wholeheartedly.

    You leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. Fearing rejection, you moved away but only to pulled back by Jason and kissed you back deeply than before.

    You heard a thud of the pack falling to the ground and smiled into the kiss knowing it wasn’t only that pack of fags falling tonight.


Note: My first reader insert!! I hope this wasn’t too blah and et cetera. This is also the first time I wrote Jason Todd so I profusely apologise if there are any out of character-ness and mistakes in him. I am hoping to write more in my blog especially about our well loved Jaybird.

-Mika the Fangirl x

I see a ton of aesthetic posts for the zodiac, personality types, Hogwarts houses, etc. I want to see people writing out their own, personal aesthetic for how they live day to day. Just small things, like small plants on a windowsill, a blanket fort set up in front of a TV with old video games on, dirty cereal bowls left out on the counter, etc. Just like. The mundane, everyday shit that’s personal to you. I want to get to know people better and see how they view themselves.

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What kind of youtubers would the paladins be? Like what kind of videos would they make of you need me to specify. Thanks! 0u0

;;sure! Ty for sending!!!

Lance -

His youtube account is pretty much a mixture of both gameplays and vlogs. The vlogs are pure gold, since he’s the most animated person when it comes to being on camera and being interesting in his everyday life. His GAMEPLAYS though, those are another story. He’s in gamemode and u can see him chugging his fifth bottle of powerade on the webcam. He posts gameplays of him and Hunk playing games together a lot, their friendship is really well known by their subscribers.

Shiro -

He loves making vlogs, truth be told he loves the camera and journaling his life for the sake of memories. Most of them consist of him doing simple things like going to try out a new food joint or going out with his friends on nighttime hangouts. His profile gets a lot of attention because of his prosthetic arm, and sometimes he gets paranoid that he’s only gaining views because of it. But whether it’s real interest or not, he has fun making his videos and he tries to post daily.

Hunk -

Hunk’s youtube account has a variety of different videos, but he’s mainly persistent with his gameplay videos with Lance. He also likes uploading cooking recipes and gadget unboxings, his enthusiasm in his videos would literally be sensed through the screen. Sometimes, he likes to promote Lance’s profile further by uploading them doing fun challenges together, like the (super old) cinnamon challenge and whatever else he finds other big youtubers doing with their friends. Hunk and Lance are bffs they might as well share an account

Keith -

Keith mainly posts sports and videos of him reacting to or reviewing movies or other Youtubers. Despite his profile being a little bland and not even heavily edited, he’s pretty damn popular. He’s not sure why, it may be because of his constant sleepy eyes and sarcastic tone that riled up a crowd (sleepy boys are the new trend). Got so many teasing comments about his mullet that he now wears it up when he’s recording

Pidge -

They post a lot of science-y content, like science experiments and even conspiracy theories. When the topic’s on technology or robots, they’re basically exploding in front of the camera and most of their viewers stay because of their down-to-earth passion for science. Sometimes, they post vlogs of them going to their friend’s houses (when they go to Lance’s house it turns into a prank vid) and they even make some appearances in Hunk’s cooking videos.

I just wanted to mention to anyone following this blog that I also have a more personal blog that I update daily. I post a lot of photos from my everyday life, a lot less artsy stuff, and a lot of random things that I like (anime, video games, hah, that sorta stuff). So it won’t be for everyone… But if you’re interested in following that please send me a message and ask me for the link. I want to retain a small modicum of privacy, which is why I’m not posting the link up for just anyone to see it.

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5 Things You’ll Find In My Bag:

  • Books
  • CDs of Ace Attorney soundtrack and Danganronpa soundtrack
  • Tissues (I’m often sick..I need those!)
  • Pencils
  • A notebook for my drawings

5 Things You’ll Find in My Bedroom:

  • A laptop
  • Binoculars
  • A xylophone
  • A Nintendo 2DS
  • A private diary

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do in Life:

  • Travel to Vienna (Okay that one came out preeeeeeetty recently I’ll admit)
  • Being more social with people
  • Managing to pass my first year in college this time! And not fail again!
  • Having a job (Being a teacher would be nice)
  • Travel to an English speaking country, Scotland or Ireland sound nice.

5 Things That make me Happy:

  • Having friends and chatting with them
  • Chatting with a certain special someone, like I do everyday!
  • Listening to video game music
  • Chatting or spending some time with my little brother (Like playing Danganronpa together…Gotta do that when V3 comes out)
  • Trying to make people laugh, and entertaining them

5 Things I’m Currently Into:

  • Danganronpa
  • Persona
  • Ace Attorney
  • Drawing stuff
  • Replaying some games on my computer

5 Things on My To-Do List:

  • Study
  • for the
  • Did I also mentionned study for the finals? I think I did…..

5 Things People May Not Know About Me:

I’ve spent the first 10 years of my life travelling around the world due to my father’s job.

I have my driving licence

I almost died two times at the operating table at 2 and 4 years old due to sickness

I opened my chin, broke my left arm, and my left foot, at 8, 11 and 13 years old respectively.

I’ve learned my mother’s old credit card number when I was 2 and I still remember the numbers to this day.

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So…Have a nice day everyone!!!

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lmao this boy. at first he’d be like no biggie i’ll just be the best and impress them the most!!11!1!1!!! and then later he’d get cut up when he sees them accepting a gift or maybe some chocolates from someone else. would have a cry about it not going to lie but he’d get over it seeing that he genuinely likes them and is prepared to wAit :’))))

Originally posted by sevixxteen

would be really salty at those who like them but only because it makes himself self-conscious. he’d doubt himself, wondering whether they’d even look at him when they have all these other people. would probably build up the courage over a couple of days and confess to them with flowers and all because he’s scared of losing them and he’d be really flustered and nervous about it :’) new side of jeonghan!

Originally posted by minghaon

poor sweetheart :’( he wouldn’t notice how popular they were at first but then when someone points it out it really disheartens him but only because he saw them accepting gifts and it’s a Critical Hit. joshua would think they like another and would try to fade out of their life so they could be happy with someone else :( but don’t worry! he would see that they are still single and it’s like when video game character repowers and he’s back to crushing on them

Originally posted by wonshi-17

he wouldn’t mind that others liked them too because he’s confident overload but when people speak rudely of them because they are jealous he would lash out. i feel like he would be uncomfortable with the way that his crush is always surrounded. he’d be very ‘lets DO THIS’ ‘ONLY GOT ONE LIFE’ would listen to eminem’s lose yourself as prep before confessing to them in old school OTT Boys Over Flowers cheesy romcom style

Originally posted by wonyeols

AAHHH this guy!! would only want!! you to be happy!! even if it meant without being with him!! and sometimes he says stupid things out of spite or even jealousy that his crush is popular like “maybe you should date them” when they show him a gift they got and he gets frustrated over this. he would do whatever it takes to stand out though because he can’t stand being 1 upped by anyone else. he would try to become really goo friends with them first!

Originally posted by mc-gyu

finds it really hard to think of ways to be noticed/liked more by his crush and ends up just avoiding them for the longest while, or at least acting very nonchalant around them almost as if they don’t like them. overtime he would gradually get over the intimidation of his crush’s popularity and resume pining after her and would ask the boys for advice :’) they give him shit advice rip Jeon Wonwoo 2kSVT but not intentionally it’s just that none of them know anything about girls either

Originally posted by satanteen17

he is king of dick moves if you haven’t noticed. at first he would be like ofc they are, my crush is amazing. but then it would hit him, slowly but hard that it means he has a lower chance of dating them. he’d be similar to wonwoo but worse because he’d literally hate on them and kind of like hoshi by saying “they’re crazy, i don’t see what they see in you” like wow woozi get ur emotions in check son. he would apologize after consulting w his father scoups and would try to heal the friendship before getting romantically involved

Originally posted by silkjins

wouldn’t mind? he’s so uneffected? because his gifts would be better? because his gifs? are? his? smILES like heck i think he would have actually given up his crush when he sees them with a shit ton of gifts and fending off jealous people. he doesn’t realise it but his crush likes spending time with him the most? when someone tells him (pray 4 svt they’re all oblivious) his crush like him he would be like oh oH OH

Originally posted by imagine-a-pocket-sized-seokmin

we have a sulker over here. always sulking tbh he gets upset whenever he’s with them and someone else tries to talk to them/flirt/give gifts/CONFEsS because he’s lowkey on the inside “noooo non o no get away from theemmemem”  he would be both in awe you’re popular but also salty. this puppy doesn’t know what to do with his emotions. probably didn’t even know he had a crush no them until he was in too deep had a wet dream bc wet dreams means you love them 10/10 gr8 logic mingyu

Originally posted by hyeoa

this literal angel cake would be so intimidated and would need encouragement from his friends. he would constantly worry that you’re out of his league like baby noooo. to be honest he’d probably start to fade because he feels like they don’t notice him with all the people surrounding them. after a while he’ll start to really miss them and go 120% out of his way to show them his love

Originally posted by wonwoosvt

he’s too sassy for that shit like he’d make a scene but it’s just taking the crack out of the situation. he’d be hanging with them and another comes and asks to go on a date and he’d just be Divaboo Mode Activated “OMO OMO OMO” but other times he’d be flustered and wouldn’t know what to do. he would use some of the gifts they get like a keychain and he’d wear loveheart socks they got lmao lowkey having his crush be popular is self esteem damaging love him

Originally posted by babooo1004

i feel like he would fidget because he’s nervous when there are lots of people Okay? he wouldn’t distance himself from them or something, he’d just take it. this boy is down to earth, he has accepted and overcome the fact that his crush is hot shit. would ask his hyungs for advice bad idea because they all tell him to confess and when he does his crush thinks he’s making fun of all the other people and proceeds to call him their brother like best friend

Originally posted by lonexsamurai

don’t lie to yourself HE IS one of those people that give his crush gifts. because he wants to feel like a Man he’d be crushing on someone a bit younger but not that younger bc remember kids our dino is 17. the boys give him good advice for once rip Hansol and Wonwoo we only genuinely care for the maknae ‘s love life because if dino starts seeing someone we can make fun of him more and i would say it’s a mututal crush? and his crush being popular is not an intimidation but an appeal? dino would feel like a Man x2 when he defends her from jealous assholes lmao

Originally posted by tekukii

this was so fun and i started taking the shit in some bc i got tired lmao

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