if ever there was a time i believed in miracles

we’re perfectly imperfect | 707 x MC

Saeran wonders, would their silly antics ever end? Maybe one day, when the earth swapped places with the sky.

In which MC and 707 go through something any other couple would go through: a quarrel.

1814 words.

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Warning: Some spoiler’s for Seven’s route.

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101 Futurama Sentence Starters

1. “Oh, crap! It’s a miracle!”

2. “Things don’t exist simply because you believe in them.”

3. “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

4. “Why don’t you just go to hell!”

5. “This is a cool way to die!”

6. “Every time I interfere, I only make things worse.”

7. “You’re better off solving your own problems.”

8. “Right and wrong are just words. What matters is what you do.”

9. “This is, by a wide margin, the least likely thing that has ever happened.”

10. “I feel like I just went ten rounds with Mighty Thor.”

11. “I feel like I got mauled by Jesus.”

12. “I don’t believe that story for a second.”

13. “When you were a kid, what was your biggest fantasy?”

14. “It’s very important that you never, ever tell anyone. Under any circumstances!”

15. “I usually try to keep my sadness pent up inside, where it can fester quietly as a mental illness.”

16. “As if our lives weren’t miserable enough already.”

17. “Let the punishment commence.”

18. “I think I saved us somehow.”

19. “What is going on here?”

20. “Who the hell are you?”

21. “Stop right there. I don’t want to hurt you.”

22. “Isn’t there anything else you can tell me?”

23. “Better we should die than have her learn the shameful truth of her origin.”

24. “You must despise us.”

25. “This is the happiest moment of my life!”

26. “I just hope they like me.”

27. “You’re my hero.”

28. “Don’t you know anything about girls?”

29. “Well, I don’t remember any of that. But I don’t have the wherewithal to defend myself.”

30. “What have I done?”

31. “Hey, hey, we can all fight when we’re drunk.”

32. “That was incredible!”

33. “If I could feel anything right now, it would be pride.”

34. “I feel terrible about what happened.”

35. “If you’ll accept my apology, I hope we can put this embarrassing incident behind us.”

36. “No beer until you’ve finished your tequila!”

37. “I’m not familiar with the sort of thing I’m seeing.”

38. “Why do these popular kids consider you cool all of the sudden?”

39. “I’m afraid the answer is a gritty, in-your-face, no.”

40. “I’ve been a fool. A fully-justified, prudent fool.”

41. “I forgot you could tempt me with things I want.”

42. “I’m sorry for insulting your intellect. Your tiny, tiny intellect.”

43. “I may not be clever, but I have a good heart.”

44. “I can throw up on a stripper anytime. Tonight I want to not throw up on you.”

45. “I’m so angry! But also sad. But I’m still pretty angry. But … also sad.”

46. “I could eat. And fertilize.”

47. “My whole life I’ve been mad at him. And it wasn’t his fault.”

48. “I have to admit, I was afraid you wouldn’t make it.”

49. “Wait! Can I still change my mind?”

50. “That’s the dumbest thing anyone has ever done.”

51. “Admit it! You don’t care about the inner me at all!”

52. “I don’t know what to do! Do you think I should eat more butter?”

53. “I have everything I ever wanted. Money, wealth, riches.”

54. “I’m attracted to you as I’ve ever been!”

55. “In another city, we could be anyone we want.”

56. “Go. Go now, before I beg you to stay.”

57. “I like killing brave things.”

58. “I’ll need accomplices.”

59. “Get out! It’s not fun anymore! I want to be alone!”

60. “I tried to scream, but I barfed.”

61. “I’ve never been so moved. And I see no reason to begin now.”

62. “I am partied out.”

63. “I do love a man in uniform.”

64. “So he didn’t really want to marry me?”

65. “There’s never a cop around when you need one.”

66. “Funny thing about destiny. Sometimes fate has other plans.”

67. “I have no idea what’s going to happen next.”

68. “I’m a pathetic freak. My life is over.”

69. “I’ll never have another moment of happiness.”

70. “She has issues. I’m fine.”

71. “I don’t wanna hit on anybody I already had sex with.”

72. “I’m scared and great at sex!”

73. “I wish I could go with you, pal.”

74. “There’ll never be another like him.”

75. “I refuse to believe anyone is happy!”

76. “Thank you for being my hero.”

77. “I was going to ask you to marry me!”

78. “I deserve this, and more. Keep it coming.”

79. “Oh God, what have I done?”

80. “Don’t hug me, I’ve done a horrible thing!”

81. “For God’s sake, somebody teach me a lesson!”

82. “How was your day?”

83. “I find both genders supremely disappointing.”

84. “Never bet against me being stupid.”

85. “Really, what are we missing out on by not having sex right now?

86. "Being human isn’t just about being happy.”

87. “Welll…Hello from the neck down.”

88. “Did you know there are more than two feelings?”

89. “I suppose I should know your name if I’m going to be drinking ten gallons of alcohol with you.”

90. “I guess I’m just feeling uneasy about us being so on-again off-again.”

91. “If it were up to me, we’d be on all the time.”

92. “If we were together, where would we be ten years from now.”

93. “It’s time for me to leave and make a fresh start.”

94. “It’s good to see you. Is it good to see me?”

95. “I just don’t get why you have to flirt with every bad boy in sight!”

96. “You and I are through!”

97. “Of everyone I’ve ever dated, you are probably in the top ten.”

98. “You always say just the wrong thing in just the right way.”

99. “Everything will be okay so long as my parents don’t find out.”

100. “You’re just jealous, because you’ve never known true love!”

101. “This has gone too far!”

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Kagami has Quit the Basketball Team! Reactions

Requested by Anon

Hyuga: well there goes our edge.

Kiyoshi: Hey!

Kawahara: Oh yeah, Kagami is gone!

Fukuda: Why are you happy?

Kawahara: Because now us first years can get more attention!

Furihata: Why is that a good thing?

Kagami: Look guys, I reached my goal, I bet the generation of miracles.

Kagami: If I want to quit then let me.

Kagami: Back me up on this Kuroko.

Kuroko: *sulking in the corner* This is Aomine-kun all over again.

Kagami: I didn’t mean to make you feel-

Otsubo: I can’t believe you’d waste your potential.

Kagami: Where did you come from?

Kimura: How could someone with your dunking skills just up and abandon this sport?

Kagami: When did my life choices become your concern?!

Miyaji: For the first time ever I feel the urge to throw a pineapple at someone other than Midorima.

Takao: As one of the few people whose beaten Kagami, do you have anything to say, Shin-chan

Midorima: Why should I care about him.


Kagami: Oh god, does this mean every team is gonna get involved?

Kise: Kagamicchi, how could you, leaving his sport is like leaving me!

Kasamatsu: Look I’m sure Kagami has thought of what he wants to do with his life now that he’s finished basketball, right.

Kagami: Yep, I’ve taken up cooking club and I aim to be the best chef in the world.

Hayakawa: Does this mean we’ll be doing a Shokugeki no Soma crossover too?

Kobori: No, please, we’ve done too many crossovers already.

Moriyama: Hey why is Touou in here on their hands and knees?

Imayoshi: O great Kagami Taiga, we have heard you now aspire to be a great chef and we wish to be feed by you.

Kagami: Isn’t this a little…

Kagami: Insane.

Aomine: Yeah well. When all you’ve eaten is Satsuki’s cooking than you pretty much will praise anything that tastes like actual food as a gift from God.

Momoi: HEY!

Aomine: It’s true.

Sakurai: I’m sorry, I’m not worthy to stand in the presence of the Great Kagami-Sama!

Sakurai: Please, I’m sorry!

Kagami: Okay what is even the hell.

Murasakibara: Wait you can actually stop playing basketball and do something else with your life.

Murasakibara: Thank you for opening my eyes.

Okamura: Oh great, there goes Yosen’s best player.

Himuro: Well I guess that means I have to go and be chef now.

Liu: why?

Himuro: ‘Cause now  I have to prove I’m better than Taiga at something else.

Okamura: There goes Yosen’s second best player.

Akashi: You disgust me, Kagami.

Kagami: Oh no.

Akashi: Not only have you defeated me but also you’ve taken away the opportunity of me defeating you on the court.

Akashi: How could you?

Kagami: We can still play basketball just for fun, you know!

Kagami: It doesn’t have to be in a tournament!

Akashi: Playing a sport just for fun? That is a thought that has never occured to me.

Kagami: *Slaps face* what should I have expected?

Idk maybe next episode I’ll get all excited and start believing Naomi/Drummer and Amos/Prax have a chance in hell of happening again. It’s almost terrible that now and again miracles do happen because now I can’t help getting hopeful even though I know 99% of the time we don’t get anything good

If I’m honest with myself they’re gonna keep tweeting that Amos has a ~complicated~ sexuality and then on the actual show only ever have him talking about how much he likes sex with women 

Rocket Power Starters
  • Why doesn't anyone ever believe me!?
  • What happened to you?
  • I fell down.
  • You fell down?
  • Talk to the smudges, girlfriend!
  • Did he just call me "girlfriend"?
  • These are chicken bones.
  • What was a chicken doing in a Wood Ranger's uniform?
  • I can't take it anymore!
  • This is like prison!
  • How long have you been up for?
  • I actually understood that.
  • That scares me.
  • How many rules can you break in one day?
  • What time is it?
  • You must be hallucinating.
  • It's a crime. You can't rhyme.
  • I aced the test!
  • That's a miracle!
  • Well, you've made a total believer out of me.
  • Ow.
  • It's bad for him.
  • It's bad for the team.
  • I'm not gonna tell him.
  • Just make up a story.
  • He'll be back.
  • Oh, man! I am so ticked!
  • They're re-scheduling it.
  • When's it gonna be?
  • That stinks.
  • Tell me about it.
  • I'm better than that dork.
  • I thought you were too cool for us?
  • You almost re-broke your leg.
  • I'm never gonna eat sheep's stomach again.

The fact that Genevieve actually made some photo ops with fans… I couldn’t believe it. That was my dream to ever meet her, and I thought I had 0 chance on that. That’s a complete miracle that I even had this photo op done, as they all were sold out in 10 min.

So I was almost the last one to take a picture, and I step to them thinking about everything I wanted to tell them.

Then this happens:

Gen: Oh, you got such a pretty dress!

Jared: I told her about that during a photo op some time ago, right?

*I look at them having no idea why Padalecki family is discussing my dress and giving me tons of compliments*

Me: Thank you both!

Gen to Jared: Let’s give her a sandwich hug?

Jared: Sure, let’s do this!

* I am standing in the middle so shocked I couldn’t even think of hugging Gen, though I managed to hug Jared haha*

Then I asked Genevieve to hug her, she let me do that, and I was like all jumping around her lol. I told her I loved her, and then I turned to Jared and went - well, I love you, too. It was so funny, because it seemed like I did Jared a favour giving him some attention. And Gen giggeled at it hahah)) I love her SO MUCH!

Later, during the autographs I had a chanse to chat a little with Genevieve. And I told her that they both were like a role models to me, because I had a family of my own and a kid. She asked me if I had only one, I explained to her that yeah, I had a four-year-old son. And Gen was like - Kids can be so tough, right? I was like yeah, they can, especially when you are alone at home, and your husband is somewhere working all the time. She agreed with me very enthusiastically on that point. Poor Gen) And somehow Clif appeared out of nowhere and told Genevieve that I was that girl in a yellow dress (WTF DID YOU DISCUSS ME LATER???))) Gen recognised me then and gave me some compliments AGAIN, and she also added that a couple of days ago she bought the same dress for herself. At this point my mind exploded and my life felt complete. I really doubt that Gen use the same shops that I do, though =)

The Matrix {Sentence Starters}
  • "This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back."
  • "Do you believe in fate?"
  • "What is real? How do you define 'real'?"
  • "I'm going to enjoy watching you die."
  • "That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth."
  • "You're cuter than I thought."
  • "How did I beat you?"
  • "I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here."
  • "So what do you need? Besides a miracle."
  • "Nobody has ever done this before."
  • "There is no spoon."
  • "I know my rights. I want my phone call."
  • "I know you're out there!"
  • "Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions."
  • "To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human."
  • "It doesn't matter what I believe."
  • "I thought it wasn't real!"
  • "Never send a human to do a machine's job."
  • "Welcome to the real world."
  • "This never happened. You don't exist."
  • "You've been living in a dream world..."
  • "I used to eat there. Really good noodles."
  • "I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin."


And so begins another letter. I hope you see this, Taylor ‘Pretty Little Porcelain Pixie’ Swift. I hope anyone who has ever doubted their place sees this, and knows that absolutely anything is possible. Look at me, literally anything

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Sam Wilkinson - Hello (based on the song)

Request:  Can I get a Sammy wilk imagine based off the song hello by Adele?


It’s kind of ridiculous how two entire years couldn’t vanish my feelings for my ex-boyfriend. We surely had a passionate relationship and it lasted for more than three years, but they say that time’s supposed to heel ya. I believed them and waited for a miracle that I knew would never possibly happen. I tried everything. I started off with the typical girly way when I sat in my house for days, ate everything I could find and watched tons of romantic movies while crying myself to sleep. Then came the phase when my friends tried to drag me from one party to another to make my social life a thing again. Then I slowly started to accept the fact that my first ever serious relationship was over and I wasn’t together anymore with the guy I spent the best teenage years with. He was my first real love, we shared a lot of memories and we grew up together. Maybe that’s what came between us. Growing up.

We had different plans and we could not find a way that was good for the both of us. That’s when we decided to end it. I thought it would somehow do good to me, the change, the new things, but all I felt was his lack. Without him in my life I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet.

The all time dilemma of calling or not calling him was literally killing me. It wasn’t that easy, because I practically knew a lot about him even though we hadn’t talked since the breakup. This is what you get when you date a star. Sam and I went our separate ways before his fame so I basically could read everything about it after our breakup. I’m not saying that I stalked after him all the time, but after a certain point you just can’t avoid every photo, article and post about him. I tried it, believe me.

So once upon a time, when I had a terrible day and I was about to have a mental break down I somehow ended up dialing Sam’s number, sitting on the couch curled up in a ball, because adult life sucked. It rang, rang and rang, I was about to give up, but then an all too familiar voice spoke up at the end of the line.

Hello?” he said hesitantly. I didn’t know if it was because he deleted my number and did not recognize it or because he was completely surprised that after two years his ex was calling him all of a sudden.

“Hey, i-its me,” I stuttered completely forgetting why I even called him.

“Yeah, I know, I have caller ID,” he chuckled and I felt like an idiot that this was how our first conversation started after two years. “So… How are you? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just… um…” What could have I said? Yes, sure Sam, I just called you to say hi and then not talk to you for another two years. Sure. “I just had a rough day and I was just thinking about you and then I called you and…” I couldn’t finish the thought because I had to gulp hard to hold back my tears. Hearing his voice threw me over the edge. Memories of our love rushed through my mind and I didn’t want anything else just to see you and be in his arms. All these years couldn’t change my need for him.

Like he was just reading my mind he said: “Are you at home? I’m leaving now.”

“Yeah I am,” I whispered letting a tear slip down my cheek.

“Okay, stay there, I’ll be there soon.” And he ended the call.

I didn’t even move from that damn couch until he got there. I was just lying there letting all my feelings take over me. I really had enough lately. I moved away from my parents a year ago and started my first full time job that was eating me alive. I barely had a life, I worked almost all night and day to keep myself up. And when I had time I felt the loneliness take control over me. It’s not like I didn’t have friends, I just missed that old feeling I had back when I was in high school, where the world was nothing more than just the school. I felt so little out there in the real world and I started to get lost.

Half an hour later Sam came into my apartment with a concerned look on his face when he saw me lying on the couch.

“How did you get in?” I asked sitting up and whipping my tears away.

“You have the key under the doormat just like you used to back at your parents’ house,” he shrugged walking into the room and sitting down next to me. He changed so much since I last seen him. He was definitely more mature, facial hair looked incredibly good on him and his messy hair gave me the urge to lace my fingers through it. His beautiful eyes were examining me and I wondered if he was doing the same, taking the two years older me in inch by inch. “Tell me, what has got to you?” he asked then leaning back on the couch.

“I honestly don’t know. I guess growing up is just not for me,” I laughed bitterly shaking my head.

“Don’t say that, I know it sucks, but you are stronger than that.”

“No, Sam. I don’t know what I want in my life and I just miss those days when my biggest problem was what to wear to prom.”

“You solved that problem quite well, you looked really good,” he laughed and it brought a smile to my face too.

“Thank you, it took me three days to find that dress, but that’s not the point.” I shook my head and tried to get back to where we were before. “I just feel like I’m having too much at once and I miss everything I had earlier. I miss what we had,” I admitted feeling overwhelmed by the fact that he was sitting right there and we were talking about how my life was falling apart.

“At that point I have to remind you that it was you who said that we should break up two years ago.”

“And I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done and said. I wasn’t thinking, I was drunk on the thought of doing my own shit and being an adult. I’m deeply regretting it,” I responded looking up at him with an apologetic look. I really was sorry for that, I may had come out a bit more aggressive and bitchy than I should had. I said things I didn’t mean and I even broke a plate for no fucking reason. I was surely a drama queen.

“I guess we both fucked up. We were young and free and weren’t thinking.”

“I wish we didn’t lost contact over the years, I really missed just talking to you and seeing you.”

“To be honest, me too. In my head I must have called a thousand times, but then I thought that you were better off without me.” My eyes softened as I scooted closer to him and took his hands between my palms.

“I wish we weren’t so damn stubborn.”

“At the end I’m glad you were the one who called me, because I feel more like a man now,” he laughed looking at me with bright eyes.

“Asshole,” I slapped his arm, but I couldn’t be mad at him.

“You always loved how egoistic I was, don’t try to fool yourself,” he told me with raised eyebrows.

“I don’t need to be reminded,” I sighed knowing he was right. “I was hoping you grew out of it.”

“I will never grow out of it and you know it. So you have to live with it,” he chuckled pulling me to his lap and putting his arms around me.

“Does this mean that…”

“That we are getting back together? I don’t know. But maybe we can give it a chance. To see if it works. Two years is a long time, we may have known each other since day first but we have to do some catch up.”

“I agree,” I nodded totally thinking the same as he said.

“I also want to make sure that you are okay. Because you just called me after two years and cried into the phone. I’m concerned about you,” he said looking at me seriously.

“I’m fine.”

“I don’t care. I want to ensure that everything is okay. So from now on, whatever is going to be between us I want you to know that you can always turn to me.”

There was no doubt, the old Sammy was still there. The Sammy whose priority was always to make sure that his loved ones were in a good place no matter what.

“Thank you,” I smiled at him burying my face in the crook of his neck.