if ever a character was my spirit animal then this is she

Have Reise!  My giantess character!  She’s the spirit guardian of a giant mountainous forest!  She tries to be super fun! Super quirky! And is anything BUT violent.  She will not ever harm anyone but she will do everything in her power to keep her forest safe!  No forest fires, no animal hunting (except in nature itself) and all in all a very good person.  Not a lot of people know about her existence though because the area she is in is super mountainous which allows her to hide around easily without being noticed.

I don’t think there’s going to be any point ever where Kumin Tsuyuri is not my spirit animal? I mean look at her

She just naps anywhere, any time?

She forms a club for napping and naps at the member signups?

She holds a napping competition at one point?

Plus she’s totally down with whatever fun chunibyo stuff her friends have planned?

ANd then one time she dressed up as and started acting like their friend in an effort to fill the void left by that friend moving without telling anyone?

Bottom line, Kumin Tsuyuri is amazing and also me and I am a huge fan of her

I Realized Something Today

My SO hates Alistair.  Which sucks for me since that’s all I ever want to talk about.  

But he LOVES Morrigan.  Which is a problem because I’m not too fond of her.  Now don’t get me wrong.  She’s a brilliant character.  She’s strong and beautiful and not to mention a kick ass mage (who my Surana looks up to dearly) but I just don’t like her attitude toward the situation in DA:O

My point is… I think I know why he’s so fond of Morrigan and I’m so hooked on Alistair.  We are them.  He’s sarcastic and silly.  While I’m pessimistic and reserved.  I can relate too well to Morrigan (and he to Alistair) and I think that’s what turns me off of her.  She is my Dragon Age spirit animal.  Also I tease him endlessly just as Morrigan teases my beloved bastard.

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