if either of you want me to delete this please say so

if you sent me an ask

1. I probably got it.
2. I have probably not deleted it.
3. I might have lost my muse for that particular prompt
4. I’m sorry.
5. I am really sorry.
6. I’m bad at my job.
7. I came here to shitpost I didn’t think ppl would actually interact with me.
8. I might get back to it at some point!! Be aware that might be a month and if you forgot that is honestly not your fault so don’t worry.
9. If you don’t have the muse for that prompt either don’t worry about dropping it, just let me know.
10. Seriously, if u want to drop something, please don’t feel like you have to avoid me like I’m that guy you didn’t like in high school in the aisle of a supermarket. Just. Tell. Me. I get it. Life is happening. You only have time for so much shitposting roleplaying. I will understand. Just be upfront.
11. I don’t have an eleventh point, I just want u to know I love u ok goodbye

anonymous asked:

I love Reylo very much. And it really hurts me that some bad people are saying bad things about you... I want you to be safe. Maybe you could delete their bad messages if you are being triggered on what they say. Or close the ask box if you like. I don't want to see you being bullied by the others. Please don't take it wrong..

Oh anon,that’s very sweet of you.

I should clarify though,I’m not being triggered.And I’m not so easily bullied either.I genuinely meant when I said,I’m the wrong reylo they want to pick on.

I pass through the crucible of Desi Mom™ upbringing every day.No anon message on this website is gonna change my opinion on myself.

All good yo.

((I just want to quickly say that when you send an ask in that if it’s a random ask like “do you like hamsters” (idk) that please include the name of whoever it is sent to. Sometimes I receive asks and I don’t know who it’s for so I either go with someone random or I delete it. If it’s a more specific ask that goes along with what is currently going on in the plot then I should hopefully be able to figure out who it’s for. This would really help me a lot, thank you! - Mod M))

i’m not okay. i pretend i am when i’m out with friends and they ask how you’re doing. i say “we broke up. but it’s okay. it’s fine.” and smile. when they want to know why, i just tell them that sometimes things aren’t meant to be. and i go on with my day. i pretend i am when my mum asks if i heard from you. i haven’t obviously. i tried to text you a few times, asking if you are okay, but i either deleted the text or only got a short reply. you don’t want to hear from me. i just miss you so bad and am so very far from fine. sometimes things aren’t meant to be, but oh boy, i just wish you’d give me another chance. i don’t know how to go on without you.
—  please, come back

THIS! Is the post you need for all your lovely questions about this event. It came out of nowhere, so I’m not surprised there’s so many questions!

How do we participate?

Easy! Simply either make a post talking about it, showing yourself off in cute formal clothes, showing your muse off, or post the outfit using a site like Polyvore! The tag I’d like you to put these in are #suggestionball2016

When is it?

It’s starting at 8 PM EST. That’s my timezone, and easiest for me to work with! It lasts all night, probably ending at 3-4 AM EST. 

Can I come??

Yes, anyone can come!! Please don’t try causing drama or anything like that, since that’s the one thing I really don’t want! Thank you! (Any asks saying that to Kingly himself will be deleted seeing as my response gets rather stale after a bit.)

Can we bring a date?

Yes, of course! Actually, I implore you to do so! Find a friend, or group of friends, and ask them via askbox or tag them in a post! Have fun with this, make new friends!

If you have any other questions, please hit up my ask box and I’ll try my best to answer them! Please reblog this so everyone knows!!

Ki Hong Lee deserves more love, support, and appreciation

so since his birthday is in a month (September 30th) I thought we - his fans - could make him a little surprise? I have some minor video editing skills, so I’m thinking to make him a fan video

and I need as many people as I can get to participate!

all you’ll need to do is either send me a picture of you holding a paper saying “Happy Birthday Ki Hong!” (please make sure to include his name in it) or post a video (which is more preferable) saying ‘happy birthday ki hong’ and whatever else you want to tell him tag me in it so I can save it and when I’m done you’re free to delete it

I’ll make sure to include your url // username in the corner of your picture // video so when he watches it, he’ll see!

This will only be possible if we work fast, I need some time to edit the video so I’m gonna need your submissions asap

Please reblog and spread this! Every single person participating is appreciated!

There was some mess about Ki Hong not being included in The Scorch Trials cast list in many official websites so I just want to let him know that he’s very very very important for us, fans

showing your face in the video // picture is PREFERABLE but not mandatory 

in case of any questions message me (@Newtporn)

Friendly reminder for ya’ll that just because Kylo’s a Skywalker does not mean that Finn or Rey are any less important because of it (and we’ve known Kylo’s a Skywalker since the beginning, so why this is being brought up now like this is beyond me). It also does not mean that Finn and Rey are not the main characters. They are a trio. Pages upon pages of meta have been written about this. We have discussed this for months with great accord (even though there’s been a few minor quibbles over the specifics). I know the salt fumes from Reygate are still in the air, but for those of you prescribing otherwise (in the manner that I’ve seen) this is my response:

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